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Publishers summary from an expert in self-control research for six engaging and inspirational lessons that shatter the myths about willpower and replace them with verifiable science that can make the seemingly unattainable finally possible. Packed with eye-opening studies, experiments, and exercises to strengthen your self-control when dealing with money,Publishers summary from an expert in self-control research for six engaging and inspirational lessons that shatter the myths about willpower and replace them with verifiable science that can make the seemingly unattainable finally possible. Packed with eye-opening studies, experiments, and exercises to strengthen your self-control when dealing with money, fitness, personal relationships, and more, this course will have you wondering why you ever doubted yourself.Whether you're looking for new ways to resist temptation, make a strong first impression, or better control your emotions, this is your guide to understanding—and mastering—what is a frequently misunderstood subject. In clear language, your award-winning professor introduces you to the general theories behind self-control: what it is, how it works, and how you can take steps to improve it.Among the topics you'll investigate:How researchers discovered that delayed gratification can lead to better individual well-being in everything from higher self-worth to less sensitivity to rejectionOne of the most influential theories about how self-control works - the limited resource model, which argues that self-control relies on limited energy that becomes depleted after useHow scientists discovered the link between the prefrontal cortex and aggression, and how people at risk for violent anger show abnormalities in that region of the brain.Alongside groundbreaking scientific findings and research, you'll get personal exercises, activities, and thought experiments you can use to practice strengthening your self-control skills to meet whatever specific goals you want to achieve.Disclaimer: Please note that this recording may include references to supplemental texts or print references that are not essential to the program and not supplied with your purchase.©2013 The Teaching Company, LLC (P)2013 The Great Courses...

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Scientific Secrets for Self-Control Reviews

  • Rose
    2019-03-13 14:09

    Quick review for a quick read. This isn't the first "Great Courses" audiobook I've listened to, but it was one of the ones I was most disappointed by. A shame because the topic is very fascinating in terms of how self-control is regulated by the brain. It touches on several topics with support from several studies: brain injury and how it affects self control, mental energy and fatigue, dietary influences in brain energy, making decisions, how fatigue factors into difficult topics, self control and finances, etc. I found that I wasn't really the biggest fan of the audio lecturer. His dictation didn't feel immersive/enthusiastic about the topic and the transitions between topics weren't as smooth from lecture to lecture as I would've hoped. I did have a few takeaways for the knowledge base and topics this series of lecture covered, but not enough for the time and energy that it took for me to move through this audio course (which was well over 3 hours).Overall score: 2/5 stars.

  • Amir The Fat Bookworm
    2019-02-25 11:40

    A good book to round up the most important aspects of self-control. How ever, I Can say it's just the most important 3% of the information that one can learn about self-control and it cannot be a good textbook for those who like to read an extensive and comprehensive introduction to this rather extremely important subject. I enjoyed it and I recommend it to the those who are looking for a crash-course formatted audiobook.

  • Benjamin
    2019-03-20 13:57

    This was fun, thoughtful, and inspiring and I really enjoyed listening to the audiobook while doing workouts. For the couple bucks I spent (it was on sale) I felt it was enjoyable and a great value. It brings in some interesting scientific studies but balances them well with a good narrative style.

  • Morgan Blackledge
    2019-03-15 13:01

    I couldn't get into this course because the instructor relied too heavily on Baumiester's research on willpower, which recent attempts have failed to replicate.This (and other similar failures to replicate) have thrown the entire field of research psychology into a low key (myth busters style) crisis. Although Baumiester is a much beloved and revered figure in the field of psychology, and his research is literally foundational. I think it's a good idea to pause on citing these and other un-repicated works until their validity can be re-established.Perhaps this course is good in other ways. But part of me was turned off as soon as I heard the B word, and I was never quite able to trust the rest of what the instructor had to say from then on. It's like the time I found an ant in the syrup on a stack of waffles when I was a kid. I couldn't finish my breakfast after that. I still don't look at waffles in quite the same way.

  • Jamal
    2019-03-10 10:03

    Long winded explanation that wasn't particularly insightful. Could have covered all of the topics in 30-45 minutes rather than 3 hours. After listening, my self control energy is completely drained.

  • Gavin
    2019-03-14 15:41

    These lectures are poorly written and read. The speaker seems like he is very new to public speaking, and he is talking down to the audience to a ridiculous degree. I am a nerd, so I am familiar with most of the studies already, but it would still be enjoyable if it was done better.

  • Travis Mueller
    2019-03-19 14:54

    A random choice; I was getting close to finishing my previous audiobook, so I looked to see what was available on the shelf of my library. This one caught my eye as sort of unusual. But I also am pretty bad at focusing on things I should do, so I thought it might be helpful. There was some decent advice in these lectures, but I felt the scientific studies that were cited felt a bit repetitive and tended to give results that aligned with common sense. I also took some issue with how he chose to define self-control, which included the idea of holding oneself to a standard of what is appropriate in various situations. All of the advice and hints were focused on refraining from actions (don't overeat, don't waste money, don't send texts/emails when you are tired and likely to mess things up) which aren't really issues for me. I'm more interested in developing self-control to do things I don't want to, and to break away from routines. The advice from the lectures is theoretically applicable, but to me it has a different focus and this aspect is never sufficiently addressed. Also, I have bracketed listening to this with more interesting things, so I find some of it fades from mind. It felt a bit long in listening to it because the repetition made for slow development, but it was only about 3 hours long. This is a lecture series that would have been well-served by having a course guide for some review; not sure if there should be one, but the copy I had didn't include one.

  • Andrej Kamenský
    2019-03-18 14:05

    OK, ale privela vysvetlovania experimentov a primalo principov, napadov na vyskusanie a pod. Ovela viac na tuto temu sa mi pacila kniha Willpower instinct.

  • Trung Nguyen Dang
    2019-03-27 12:54

    A short, concise and condense course (6 x 30-min lectures) on self-control. I watched the whole course in one go. It was easy to understand and well-argued and supported by many experiments.

  • Anne Hawn Smith
    2019-03-21 10:43

    This was excellent! Just about everyone knows they have self-control issues, but this series of lectures not only explains why scientifically, but also gives ways to attack the problem based on lab tests. Just one example gives an idea. Since the Internet, we can shop all day and night which can be murder on the budget. It is the purchases at night that often are most problematic. The explanation is that practicing self control can actually be stressful, so after a long day of practicing it, we are worn out so the decisions about purchases can be made when our supply is depleted. The simple answer is to wait until morning to purchase something! I can't think of the times when I've gone on a website to see what is new and put a number of things in my shopping cart. Coming upon it at some later date, I have wondered why in the world I wanted some of those items.The lectures also deal with how you can build your self-control muscles. Each time we resist something, we get better about it. The author advises "Implement Intentions – Takes your mind out of the middle of “Desire vs What you actually do.” You make a one step intention that only tackles one part of the goal. In this example, the author says to never purchase anything at night, but to wait until morning. My first intention was "When I am waiting for my coffee to warm, I will take the dishes out of the drainer." also "When I go from one room to another, I will tidy one thing." Those decisions are very easy but they help build the habit of self-control.I agree with some criticism of some that the author's delivery isn't the best, so it only gets 4 stars, but the content is great. I'm glad this is an Audible book that I purchases because I plan to listen to it a lot!

  • Innastholiel
    2019-03-11 13:57

    Interesting. Lecturer kinda sounds like he is telling a bedtime story to small children, but interesting nonetheless.

  • Deborah
    2019-03-03 09:52

    Classic new years resolution type of read. I "read" this one with my ears ( .... The content was interesting, but it was about twice as long as it needed to be because the professor delivering the content felt like he had to fully explain each experiment, including defining terms like "collaborator" each and every time. By the time the 5th, let alone 10th experiment is described the listener is likely catching on so cut to the chase! I also found that some of the information was in conflict. For example, we have less self control when our self control energy is down, but we should impose situations where we have to use self control to strengthen our self control muscles. Still - some useful theoretical ideas and a few exercises for practical application that are useful!

  • James
    2019-03-27 12:09

    This is a series of lectures from "The Great Courses". I listened to the Audible recording.The author/lecturer is incredibly long winded and slow to his points. I had to listen at double speed to keep from losing patience, which is fitting for the subject matter discussed. The lectures spent a great deal of time reviewing experiments to illustrate points about the nature of Self-Control and its place in the brain. This was informative, but doled out in exceedingly greuling terms. The entire series of lectures lasts about three hours. If the author spoke naturally it would have been one hour.

  • Jacob O'connor
    2019-03-22 08:51

    Did you eat your breakfast this morning? DeWall delivers on his promise. This is a very quick rundown of some strategies for maximizing self-control. Once we think of willpower as a finite resource, it changes everything. Notes:-Eat breakfast and get plenty of sleep. -Monitoring. Awareness is big -Standards as reference points -Use if/then agreements with yourself (takes the mental work out of the equation)-Create a plan of your activities and how much energy you expect them to take. Keep track of your tasks, your energy, and the amount of energy you'll need for them -We avoid people who cost too much energy-Stereotypes conserve energy-Change your cage-Rely on habits

  • John Martindale
    2019-03-11 12:01

    Treat yourself to "Willpower instinct" by Kelly McGonigal or "Willpower" by Roy Baumeister, they are MUCH better treatments of the subject, are more engaging and containing far more practical ways for people to practice and grow in self-control. DeWall, primarily goes and on about why we don't have self-control; how we can't resist when the self-control muscle is drained, or persist when will-power is spent. He talks about studies in a very simplistic manner, using exaggerative language which got old. Definitely not the greatest among the Great Courses

  • Winter Arcane
    2019-03-10 10:51

    This was an excellent series of lectures explaining studies done about self-control, what was learned from them, how self-control affects our lives, and how self-control can be improved. Each lecture was about half an hour long, so very digestible, and flowed very nicely so that I never found myself bored or wishing he would get to a point. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to better understand their decision making process and improve that process.

  • Naz
    2019-03-23 08:02

    Very good summary of information regarding self-control. Not too much is new if you've read other sources; not as much practical advice/exercises to implement to build your own self-control. I would recommend this as a first look to someone, but not to a person who has done more reading about self-control.

  • Jim Serger
    2019-02-25 13:50

    I listened to this audio version to and from work for 3 days--each 30 minute segment touched on a different self-control theme. What an excellent topic to lecture on, more over I really grasped what the professor was speaking on. A little humor on a big subject went a long way for me. Great job and the quality was top notch.

  • Larry
    2019-03-07 14:05

    A short lecture series on self-control. It took an interesting theoretical approach to self-control, provided a look at some fascinating scientific studies on the topic, and provided some practical tips for improving self-control. I liked it!

  • Michelle
    2019-03-19 15:39

    Good voice, well organized lectures. Hard to follow if you don't just focus on listening to the text. He also has exercises you can do that are hard to remember if you can't write them down. It'll be worth re-listening to in order to pick up on that stuff.

  • Claudio Pires
    2019-03-09 12:50

    Read it twice!

  • Jams
    2019-03-16 14:03

    I'm sure this would have been more helpful to me if I had payed a bit more attention to it. As it was, it was very useful to listen to while overcoming a years long addiction to caffeine.

  • David
    2019-03-09 14:05

    Nothing new...waste of time

  • Scarlet
    2019-03-08 07:57

    meh, its OK and about what you'd expect.

  • Charlene
    2019-03-13 08:01

    I feel like it was telling me things I already knew and not so much how. But it has its moments of motivation.

  • Asa Hurd
    2019-02-26 15:44

    Chapter 3 was interesting.

  • Sigridur Maria
    2019-03-01 08:07

    Kannski aðeins til of mikils ætlast en ég hefði viljað fá aðeins meira kjöt á beinin. Ekki margt sem ég hafði ekki lesið áður annars staðar.

  • ThomasJackson
    2019-03-18 08:44

    great way to break down a very simple yet important concept ....good read

  • Wade Anderson
    2019-03-03 15:54

    Inspiring - 4/10Educational - 2/10Entertaining - 1/10I didn't find anything special in these lectures. I had heard all of the recommendations before in other self-help type books.