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SHANE MACKADE? A GROOM? Shane MacKade loved women. But he hadn’t met one yet who had him whistling the wedding march. Until Dr. Rebecca Knight. Problem was, the pretty lady was too busy hunting legends on the MacKade land to succumb to the MacKade charm. Maybe it was time to pop the old question. ’Cause this was one woman Shane couldn’t live without. ... To Dr. Rebecca KniSHANE MACKADE? A GROOM? Shane MacKade loved women. But he hadn’t met one yet who had him whistling the wedding march. Until Dr. Rebecca Knight. Problem was, the pretty lady was too busy hunting legends on the MacKade land to succumb to the MacKade charm. Maybe it was time to pop the old question. ’Cause this was one woman Shane couldn’t live without. ... To Dr. Rebecca Knight, everything was explainable. Until she started having some very irrational thoughts about sexy Shane MacKade. She didn’t know much about men, but she knew one thing for sure: Loving Shane was dangerous—and Rebecca didn’t like to take chances... THE MACKADE BROTHERS Looking for trouble—and always finding it. Now they’re on a collision course with love....

Title : The Fall Of Shane MacKade
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The Fall Of Shane MacKade Reviews

  • valee
    2019-02-03 06:10

    OMGWhat an unbelievably fascinating ending for this marvelous and wonderful series.I still have my eyes all tear-up after reading that breathtaking epilogue. This book just gave me that perfect ending I was craving. It was such an amazing journey, each book, each story, all of them astounding and unique in their own way. I just can't pick a favorite because all 4 books were so different and amazing...Shane was, to a degree, a huge surprise. I always loved him but mostly because he was a MacKade, but not for himself. He was always the one less spoken about, the younger brother, the one who seemed to have everything in order. I thought his book was going to be just fine but not the outstanding story it turned out to be. His heroine, Rebecca, was a huge surprise as well. She baffled everything for him, even though you would have never imagined a geek scientist would do just that to him. They were perfect for each other, even if they didn't have a thing in common.What I loved the most about this book was that reading it felt exquisite, I just couldn't stop. I stayed up till 6 am. That's how obsessed I was with this story. It's weird because I don't usually get this excited about books in this genre but I was completely catch off-guard by this series. The way you relate to the characters and get to know them... I never thought I would be saying this about Nora Roberts because I have already read 2 of her series and NEVER felt this way before.I think she did magic in what this series is concerned.Now I just will be all depressed because it's over and I know I wont find a series that will appeal to me this much any time soon.I guess it just clicked extremely well with me. IMPORTANT: The books in this series should be read together IMHOI just feel like the magic of it would be lost otherwise.

  • Cristina
    2019-02-01 03:08

    This series has been so adorable! I'm so glad I read it. The hunted places and stories were my favourites. Shane and Rebecca were so funny. Somehow. I adored Rebecca's attitude. She was a master of disguise. And she tamed the last bachelor in the family (a family that became so big after all). I love it when a series is not only about romance stories, but comes with something new and captivating. This one deserves 5 stars.

  • Cyndi
    2019-02-01 04:55

    The last book in the series and just as well done as the rest. Although I think this one was funnier than the other three.You've got genius ghost hunter girl and sexy farm boy. Lots of fun and a great ending to the series, although it would be cool if the Great Nora wrote a sequel for the next generation of MacKades.

  • Marilyn Upright
    2019-02-14 09:53

    I believe this was the best of the McQuade brothers books. We already knew all the characters from the previous books and it was interestingcatch up with them. But I liked thid couple best.

  • Chitra *CJ*
    2019-01-31 05:00

    "The Fall of Shane MacKade" is the final book of the youngest of the clan.Shane is a charmer and a woman's man. Always appreciated women of all shapes, sizes and diversities. Confident in his abilities, his world is shaken when Regan's childhood friend, whiz and genius Rebecca shows up in their life to research on parapsychology.I really enjoyed this book- how all the stories came together along with the ghosts- the past and present- John and Sarah- the old and new babies- giving it a super nostalgic feel. The paranormal elements really add to the book.Loved the smokin chemistry between the farmer and the savant. It's an instant attraction that couldn't be analyzed- but was oh so hot and fun to read.The series started out average- the first two books were meh but really adored Devin and Shane's book.Safe with minor exceptions4.5/5

  • Jodster's
    2019-01-27 10:11

    WOW!! is all I can say. Loved this series... particularly the last two. Cried for them both... Awesome read... need to think more before I put anything else down in words. I loved all the MacKade Brothers... Shane was a surprise for me... the only MacKade who never thought of marriage.. the only macKade who never admitted to seeing or hearing the ghosts... the only Mackade who's middle name had meaning.. Rebecca was truly remarkable... the little girl who was never loved by the two people who should have loved her.. found love.. in the most unlikely place and with the most unlikely person. They were in deed meant to be together.... the town and the spirits that drew them together is what will keep them together.. For me personally I am upset that the series is finished... I would love to see another book for today... the relationships the kids all grown up... the ghost still there... or maybe a movie... maybe I just do no not want to let these brothers and the ghosts go... just loved them.. the books... Very happy I decided to listen to my niece and take a chance on Nora Roberts...

  • Saly
    2019-01-29 06:49

    When I started reading this book I didn't like Shane much, he is the charming MacKade, the youngest who runs the farm and has an arrogance when it comes to women but Rebecca was the perfect woman for him, who could run circles around him with her academic distance and analytical psychiatric degree, poor guy didn't stand a chance.The heroine Rebecca is Regan's friend who is interested in the paranormal, something we have seen throughout the series, about the Civil War. Rebecca's life was mapped out from the time she was born and she followed it, studying, getting more and more degrees but now she is ready for more and some change.Shane at first tries to get a rise out of her but ends up falling hard and finds that Rebecca is not typical and does not react in the manner he thinks she would, like when she sees him talking to another woman, her reaction baffles him.I think this has to be one of the most fun book in the series once the relationship gets going. Rebecca wasn't a typical virgin and was quite an awesome match for Shane.

  • Mafi
    2019-02-07 05:13

    Fiquei desiludida com este último volume! Gostei mas não me deslumbrou.

  • Pam
    2019-02-07 09:54

    The Fall of Shane MacKade by Nora Roberts is one of a series about the MacKades. Shane prides himself on his ability to keep the MacKade ranch running. Of the four MacKade brothers, he is the only one who loves the ranch and wants only to work on it the rest of his life. He is now the only one remaining single and he does like the single life. His sister-in-law, Regan asks him to pick up her visiting friend, Rebecca. She is interested in her work as a psychologist but needs a break. He is not Shane’s type but he will do it for Regan. Rebecca is now taking a sabbatical and looks forward to delving into the paranormal whick Shane scoffs at ( except at the Bed and Breakfast next door which his brother and sister-in-law are currently living until their new home is finished. Rebecca is drawn into the family as she stays here. What is really going on? Does it have to do with a scam or is it real. Are the sparks flying between Shane and Rebecca real or not?

  • Debbie
    2019-02-15 05:18

    Funny thing - I got caught up with the physical descriptions of the main characters - Shane has a stubby ponytail and a thin bony face; Rebecca has very short hair..."a practical haircut, short as a boy's"..."but this chopped-off do suited her face, with its pointy, almost foxlike features." I could go on...but this just turned me off on both characters from the very beginning. These images would flash in my mind during dialogue and other intimate scenes ...and it ruined my enjoyment of the book. I don't know why this annoyed me - but it did. The paranormal elements - ghosts, deja-vu, family history - are ok - just not anything exciting. Maybe I should have started with the first book instead of the end - did I miss something? The characters seemed a little lackluster - add this to their descriptions and a storyline that I ended up skimming - so, just an ok read for me. 2.5 stars.

  • Barb
    2019-02-22 04:05

    Shane MacKade loved women. He loved the look of them, the smell of them, the taste of them--everything about them. So the last thing he expected was to become a one-woman man. And even more surprising was that it was the Ph.D.-toting academic Rebecca McKnight that had him heading for a fall. Are Shane' s days as a bachelor over? It' s a possibility....Shane is such a fun loving guy. He may go through women, but he isn't a womanizer. He truly adores them all. He's one of 4 brothers and everyone feels the same about him. Initially, Rebecca seems to be a stuffed shirt. Then you get to know her, and you realize she is, but also the reason she is the way she is. You find a new respect for her. You are rooting for her. Want to take her under your wing. Its been a long time since i've read a book like that. 5 stars.

  • Cathy Ryan
    2019-01-23 02:49

    4.5 stars Shane, the youngest of the MacKade brothers, appeals to me as all the others have. He’s a free spirit, loves the farm, a ladies’ man who isn’t interested in settling down. He’s always tried to shut out the dreams he has and what they mean not wanting any part of the unsettling flashbacks from another time. When Dr Rebecca Knight, Reagan’s old college roommate, arrives to research the paranormal happenings for her book, Shane is thrown into turmoil on both levels. Rebecca feels an instant connection to the farm which is reinforced by her own vivid dreams. She is the link that completes the circle and Shane falls hard.‘I’ve never felt this way about anyone. I didn’t want to, but you changed everything.’‘I love you, Rebecca. Oh god, I love you. And I have to sit down’The passages going back in time to the war are haunting (forgive the pun) and described so vividly it’s heartbreaking. And the epilogue is the perfect ending. I really enjoyed this series, the characters are very believable with real feelings. The family ties and bonds are a huge part of why I love these stories and it’s so nice to have totally male men who are family orientated and obviously loving it. Nora Roberts is so good at creating moving and wonderful scenarios that just make you love the characters.The emotion Luke Daniels puts into his performances, especially so in Devin’s story, is outstanding and intensifies the drama and the feelings each has for their partners and the others in the family. I hope you keep on doing what you’re doing, Mr Daniels, it’s magic.

  • Head in the clouds
    2019-02-10 07:15

    Shane, a connoisseur of women meets Rebecca, the virgin Genius Geek. On the surface it is a cliched story: the experienced man seduces the inexperienced woman - but this was so much more! Rebecca manages to confuse and off balance Shane from the get go - and their interactions are HILARIOUS because she always says something unexpected and Shane is left fuming or irritated and his life is turned topsy-turvy. I usually have a hard time with believing that a man such as Shane, unbelievably charming, who genuinely likes women and is affectionate and caring with all of them- would be willing to settle with only one, when he could have so many, and it is mostly the fault of the writing; I realise this now because Nora Roberts made me swoon - oh god I swooned like a fucking Twilight fangirl at Robert Pattinson; and it was so damn romantic. Definitely my favourite of this series!!I didn't expect to love it so much and the only reason it is not 5 stars is because the paranormal aspect didn't engage me so I had to skip a few passages. Also - why are the covers so cheesy hahahhha

  • MountainKat
    2019-02-06 03:55

    Don'tcha just love it when a book touches you as much as you remember? When it still moves you even though you know the outcome? Yeah, that is how I felt when I finished my reread of this book!I loved all of the MacKade books when I first read them years ago, and I still love them today! But something about Rebecca and Shane's story touched me deeper than the others. I was once again moved by how well Nora Roberts writes - you feel what the characters feel, you sense what they sense. It amazes me! I was enthralled through the second half of this book and moved to tears more than once, it isn't really sad just touching. And the end - it's wonderful!I don't often find time for rereads, but I'm really glad I did this time! And I wouldn't be surprised to find myself reading this series again someday!

  • Amanda Sheila
    2019-02-12 08:59

    As much as I love Shane, this book is not my favorite. I was expecting something more. Mostly because the rest of Mackade brothers' stories are very complete and fulfilling, that's why I found this book is quite lacking in some ways. The chemistry between Shane and Rebecca isn't deep enough, in fact their 'love' is growing too fast. Shane, I understand his feeling, I can feel his heart. But Rebecca, I don't think her feeling's not strong enough. As the last book of the series, Shane's story didn't wow me. But overall I liked it, even though I still think that this book could be so much better. :)

  • Rachel
    2019-01-27 07:06

    Gah! Can Shane be a real person, and can he be mine? Please? This is the conclusion of one of my favorite NR sagas, one that I revisit every few years when the mood strikes. And the beauty is I experience the same emotional roller coaster ride of emotions every time I read it. Every single time. I am unapologetically in love with these brothers. Darn you NR for giving me unrealistic expectations of romance since I was 12 years old! *sigh*

  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    2019-02-15 09:12

    4 STARS"Shane MacKade loved women. He loved the look of them, the smell of them, the taste of them—everything about them. So the last thing he expected was to become a one-woman man. And even more surprising was that it was the Ph.D.-toting academic Rebecca McKnight that had him heading for a fall. Are Shane’ s days as a bachelor over? It’ s a possibility..." (From Amazon)A great conclusion to this contemporary romance series. Finally, we see Shane fall for a woman who is his match.

  • Gaby Franz
    2019-02-08 03:53

    Me gustó pero no lo amé. Mi libro preferido de la saga es el tercero. Shane me encanta pero Rebeca no logró atraparme. Sin embargo fue un cierre muy bueno para la saga aunque no memorable.Historias cortas y de fácil lectura que se leen de una sentada y con las que se pasan buenos momentos.

  • Paraphrodite
    2019-02-21 08:57

    I liked the way Luke Daniels brought Shane and Rebecca to life... he made them into quite fun and likeable characters.

  • Romée Wanders
    2019-01-23 06:05

    JA. JA. JAAAA. DIt verhaal ging naar mijn idee heel snel en Shane was zeer intens met Rebecca, misschien te intens. Maar al met al een mooi einde voor de familie MacKade :)

  • Suzy Black
    2019-02-11 02:10

    Well, shoot. The four-book series is over now - I've read all four and would love to find another. I love these books - I know I'm a shallow reader of sappy romantic books, (In my defense, I do read lots of other types of books) but all of Nora Roberts brother series are just my favorite cozy comfort reads. This series is the 4 MacKade brothers - all drop dead gorgeous, family oriented, sweet, strong, a little rough, and totally sensitive. Just like all real men are :o). They are pretty much clones of the brothers in the Chesapeake Bay series and the three brothers in the Boonsboro trilogy - different occupations, same types. Roberts is great at male repartee - the sweet, funny banter all of the brothers share is fun to read - I know nobody like that, but still it's fun to imagine that there are relationships like that. My other favorite writer of that type of sarcastic banter, albeit in her case male/female, is Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and I have read all of her books too. So, if you like fun, sappy romance, you'll love this series. In this last one, the ghosts got a little silly - I think Roberts usually does a little better with her ghosts, but they didn't detract enough to make me not enjoy the last book as much as the other three. Now, if I could just convince Nora Roberts to write another sweet brother series like this one, I'd be in romance heaven.

  • Cheesecake
    2019-02-11 08:15

    Shane and Rebecca. I read this a while ago and loved it, so I'm am revisiting it as an audio book. The reader, Luke Daniels, is pretty good, but sometimes confuses Shane's voices with those of his brothers and gave Rebecca an annoying voice. Still, I am enjoying it and the voices aren't too distracting from the story.The last and imho the best of the series. Shane is the youngest brother and a ladies man. He loves the ladies so much he can't imagine settling down with just one. Then along comes Rebecca, a super smart Geek who is determined to turn over a new leaf. No more Geek. No more doing what others (her snobby parents) think she should do. Rebecca is a friend of one of Shane's sister in-laws and is studying ghosts, of which Shane's farm has several. Several ghosts that Shane refuses to acknowledge and doesn't want Rebecca to either. But the ghosts have other ideas and a need to be heard before they can rest. Shane doesn't know what to make of Rebecca. On the one hand he is drawn to her like no other, but on the other hand she doesn't respond to him like he's used to women doing. It leaves him confused and unsure, two things he isn't used to being. I loved the way Rebecca leads him a merry dance without even realizing she is doing so. The ending was kinda corny and mushy but I still loved it!

  • Ale
    2019-02-04 08:05

    Oh, ¡SI! ¡SI! ¡SI! ¡SI! ¡SIIIIIIIIII!Estuve esperando por este libro desde que comencé la serie. Shane me llamó taaanto la atención.Bueno, creo que ya es evidente que los chicos guapos, rebeldes y de mala reputación sieeempre llamarán mi atención.Pero... oh.Este último libro me gustó realmente bastante porque me gustó como la autora fue uniendo a Rebecca y a Shane durante el libro. Y aunque la historia se repitió como con las demás parejas en el punto de que se enamoraron en la famosa casa Barlow y así, me pareció algo tedioso. Pero la verdad es que estuve posponiendo mucho el libro y ya quería dar por terminada la serie.¡La familia MacKade creció!¡Llegó Rebecca y dominó al rompecorazones Shane MacKade!y los niños MacKade son tan cuchi :(Connor, Emma, y Ally de Devin y Cassie.Layla, Bryan y Miranda de Jared y Savannah.Nate y Jason de Regan y Rafe.Y el bebé por venir de Rebecca y Shane... awwwY bueno, mi encuesta privada sobre quién de los hermanos MacKade me gustó más. Y la respuesta es... Rafe y Jared. No sé, pero me cautivaron y uhhh, quiero un Jared o un Rafe en mi vida.Y... no sé si leeré otro libro de Nora Roberts en un futuro pero si lo hago, espero que no sea algo repetitivo.

  • Romanticdryad
    2019-01-31 03:05

    Oh Shane, why did your story have to be so thin when it could have been so rich? Reading it, it kind of feels like an afterthought even though the subplot is supposed to tie together the history and haunting of the town.Maybe it's because the romantic arc for Devin and Cassie flowed through the previous books and wrapped up one book before this. Maybe it's because Rebecca, as the recently attractive scientific genius who is suddenly fascinated with the paranormal, and doesn't ever get hungover, seems incredibly unlikely and doesn't seem to be any sort of particular match with Shane except that she's been having dreams about his ancestors.She, like a couple of other "strong" characters degenerates into delicateness rather unevenly.All in all, it was an okay read but generally disappointing.

  • Sue
    2019-01-23 07:53

    3.25, voicing was horrible 1 Star... Rebecca had the worst voicing of all the females', switched to the book half way through couldn't take it.Anyway the book itself was a let down, the series deserved a better finish. It would have finished the series in a solid manor had they let book 3 be the series finale. Readers wanted Devlin and Cassie's story probably more than the rest.Positive note, was that they finished with MacKade Civil War family as ghosts. Which was a nice twist.I'd still have read it because heck, a series unfinished is like half baked bread... you just can't have that.

  • Tammie
    2019-01-28 02:53

    This is the first series (the MacKades) I've read by the author Nora Rorberts, and I must say, it's one of my all time favorite books I've read ever. I LOVED all four books, and this one brought tears to my eyes at the end. I LOVED the writing, the story, the characters! I even enjoyed the paranormal twist and historical angle in this series as well. I'm only sorry the series came to an end! Please start the books from the first in the series to the last to really enjoy them fully.I look forward to reading other books by Nora Roberts. I hope they are just as good. A really truly enjoyable book/series, and a must read for people who enjoy a good romance novel.

  • Jane
    2019-01-28 06:07

    I didn't expect to come to love Shane so much. But that love for his good humor, his reluctant falling-in-love, his earthy nature. Everything.I thought I love Devin, and I still do, but for Shane, it's a completely different kind of love, one that's light and happy and affectionate.A great close to the Series that's been on my TBR for ages. Luke is a great narrator, adding to the character, the story what I wouldn't have been able to imagine reading the books myself. This series, every single book in this series, will be on my re-read list forever! Love this book, love Nora Roberts' writing, completely recommend this to everyone!

  • Jonetta
    2019-01-23 06:14

    The last and youngest of the MacKade brothers to stay single, Shane was committed to staying unmarried. His philosophy was there are so many wonderful women, why settle for one. Until he met Dr. Rebecca Knight. She's a former child prodigy just learning to embrace life outside of academia. Rebecca knew Shane's history and was too inexperienced in understanding her own emotions to allow him to see her true feelings. This is what ultimately led to the fall of Shane MacKade. This final book in the series was a fitting end to the story of the MacKade brothers. While it wraps up rather neatly, there were many lighthearted and heartwarming moments throughout.

  • Mary
    2019-01-24 04:51

    This, the last of the MacKade Series, was very disappointing. Throughout the series I couldn't wait for Shane's turn. I liked Shane, I liked Rebecca but I didn't like them together.This story seemed less about romance and more about the ghosts. At times I wasn't sure if it was really Shane and Rebecca or past people, I think that is what the Author wants you to feel but I didn't like it. If this was the first book, I would not have gone on to the others.All in all, if you read the first 3, you might as well finish them out. I hope you are not as disappointed as I was.

  • Geovanna Maya
    2019-02-18 04:53

    Me gustó el libro, no esperaba algo paranormal en la historia, y creo que se acopló bien con los protagonistas.A pesar de ser una historia corta siento que no faltó nada, no se apresuró en el romance entre Shane y Rebecca, que aún siendo polos opuestos la historia me agrado hasta el final, porque realmente no tenía tantas esperanzas en un principio, y si, lo recomiendo aunque sólo leí este último de la serie y no los cuatro libros que son.