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WARNING: THIS BOOK IS TOTALLY METAL. No, it's not made of metal. It's totally metal the same way that electric guitars, ninjas, and hot naked girls riding on dinosaurs are totally metal. If you don't understand, then just put this book down and walk away. Just walk away. But if you do understand… Welcome to Graveyard – an elite private military company employed by the secrWARNING: THIS BOOK IS TOTALLY METAL. No, it's not made of metal. It's totally metal the same way that electric guitars, ninjas, and hot naked girls riding on dinosaurs are totally metal. If you don't understand, then just put this book down and walk away. Just walk away. But if you do understand… Welcome to Graveyard – an elite private military company employed by the secret society that really controls the world – this world. YOUR WORLD. Graveyard’s commander is the grizzled Walter Stedman, a former Delta Force operator battered by twenty years of secret wars, forbidden knowledge, and abominations of science. Someone has murdered one of Walter’s employers, and that means Graveyard is about to go to war. The enemy is like none Walter has ever encountered – creatures from beyond nightmares. His mission will lead him into direct confrontation with an old friend, the legendary Graveyard operator known as Kill Team One - because his exploits in combat match those of an entire squad of regular men. Now retired, Kill Team One has used a strict regimen of training, beatings, and propaganda to condition his two teenage sons into the ultimate super soldiers – ice cold killers that have known nothing but violence and destruction since birth. One of them may be almost human. Almost. Tracking their every move is the ninja, Yoshida Tanaka – a man consumed by hatred in the decade since Kill Team One needlessly tortured his young family to death. Now he lurks in the shadows, honing his skills and waiting for the perfect moment to strike. All of this has come together as a perfect storm, and by the time the rains subside, all life on Earth may have been washed away. Note: This volume collects all 101 chapters of KILL KILL KILL....

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  • Mike Leon
    2019-02-17 07:40

    This is the best book I ever wrote.

  • Stephen Brophy
    2019-02-06 03:51

    The only thing keeping me from giving this book the full five stars is that there were times when it tweaked my delicate sensibilities. As well-written, entertaining and page turning (or screen flipping) as this book is, it is no-joke hardcore to an extreme I'd be loathe to go as a writer myself. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of reasons I'd have been proud to have written this myself, but I probably couldn't because I'd likely pull way way back on the infanticide, rape, misogyny and overt racial stuff. None of this is to say that I think Mike Leon is a misogynist or a racist, as he generally gives these qualities to his most loathsome characters (which is saying something because none of his characters are in any way traditionally "likable"). So as much as I really truly enjoyed this book from start to finish, and as much as I think Leon's a smart, exciting, funny and envelope-pushing voice in the superhero subgenre, this is definitely not a book I'd recommend for everyone. You need a strong stomach and a love of dark stories about disreputable people doing terrible things to each other and assorted innocent casualties of war. There are times when Leon's serving so many masters that the story--involving privatized death squads, ancient lizard races hiding among humans, sojourns from Afghanistan all the way to Austin, Texas, and endless mayhem, murder, torture and terror--can seem a little all over the map. But it's a barnburner of a tale, and the characters he focuses on--a world-weary govt. operative, an ex-Soviet supersoldier and his trained kill-happy sons, a vengeful ninja, assorted 1%-ers and a mass of kill team soldiers who range from conventionally unkillable to completely lupine--have interesting arcs that don't always go where you expect them to. Even after some six-hundred pages, anticipated redemptions and come-uppances are hard to come by, and many characters--in particular, his one truly intriguing female potential lead, who meets her end less than halfway through the book--die suddenly and horribly. It's definitely a guys' book, in that respect, and even then, if you think you meet the criteria and are willing to take the plunge, consider yourself warned: Kill Kill Kill is tons of fun, but it definitely ain't for crybabies.

  • Christo
    2019-01-26 02:47

    This book is an addicting page turner.I wasn't able to stop reading this book. It was a full-throttle, action-packed hell ride. The characters were all badass comic-book-style villains and anti-heroes. The dark humor within had me cackling with glee. I read the sequel series first, which seems to be the preferable way to do it. It was filled with backstory which enriched the next books a great deal. I would recommend everyone read Kill Kill Kill. But I'm the kinda guy who recommends John Wick and Deadpool, which are quite comparable, to kids so...y'know.

  • Ryan O'connell
    2019-01-22 00:50

    Take out your brain, your morals and any delicate sensibilities you may have acquired over the years and just bask in the ultra-violence.Fast paced, fun and makes the top a very low down place. A fine fucking read, now get Rodriguez to make this for the screen.

  • L J Field
    2019-01-22 03:32

    This book was an absolute blast! I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it. It should be on the best-seller charts. Now, this book isn’t for everyone. It is a male-oriented story and anyone who is sensitive on subjects such as race, sex, and violence should steer well clear of this novel. But if you like a fast-paced tale of ninjas, baby-eating lizards from ancient Thule looking to rule the world, werewolves, swordplay, gunplay, femme fatales, death-dealing robots, government agencies gone rogue, nuclear devastation ... we’ll, look no further. This book is all the fun you’ve never had. And it rockets through almost 700 pages of unending action. This will one day make a stupendous movie. Six stars!

  • Marc Lawson
    2019-02-12 02:46

    I only gave it 5 stars because goodreads won't let me give it 6. This masterpiece of violence, mayhem, and twisted humor is definitely the most Metal book ever written...and is now my favorite book of all time. Mercenaries, ninjas, lizard people, super soldiers, secret societies, experiments gone awry, a living god, and a cyborg...this story has it all!!! It is not for the weak or the innocent. Enjoy the bloodbath!!

  • Ashley
    2019-02-15 08:43

    I received a copy of this from the Goodreads: First Reads giveaways. I won this book back in October of 2014. Sad to say since I have always been the type to read what I won as soon as possible. I did pop this open pretty soon after I got it in the mail but I was easily distracted and never made it pass page 20 something. Somehow, it got packed away and I forgot about it for a few months before rediscovering the novel. At this point, I started over but only made it a few pages more than the previous attempt. "Kill Kill Kill" got sat aside again. Fast forward to the now, 10 months after winning it and it remains largely unread despite several more attempts to finish it. I skimmed pages, jumped ahead and did everything I could to give a proper rating. Then, I realized that not being able to finish it, is a proper review.I'm not sure why I couldn't get sucked into the story. Th book sounds like something that I would LOVE but I could just never get into it, especially once I started college. The writing was not bad, the story wasn't bad and I hate that I can not pinpoint what prevented me from truly enjoying this novel. But I know that I can't leave this sitting on my "to-read" shelf forever.I wish I had been able to get further, or even finish it to possibly rate it higher but who knows, I might have hated the ending and gave it a 1 star after finishing it. I really believe that not being able to get to the end of this speaks more about my mind-frame and my situation than the content of the book and doesn't properly reflect on the author as I didn't hate what I did read.

  • WH
    2019-02-06 05:40

    This book was nuts both in a good and bad way. Regardless I'm hooked and have read all but one of the other books in the series.