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ONE OF LIBRARY JOURNAL'S BEST MYSTERIES OF THE YEAR In 1995, Nate Romanowski was in a Special Forces unit abroad when his commander, John Nemecek, did something terrible. Now the high-ranking government official and cold-blooded sociopath is determined to eliminate anyone who knows about it—like Nate, who’s hidden himself away in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. And he knows eONE OF LIBRARY JOURNAL'S BEST MYSTERIES OF THE YEAR In 1995, Nate Romanowski was in a Special Forces unit abroad when his commander, John Nemecek, did something terrible. Now the high-ranking government official and cold-blooded sociopath is determined to eliminate anyone who knows about it—like Nate, who’s hidden himself away in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. And he knows exactly how Nemecek will do it—by targeting Nate's friends to draw him out. That includes his friend, game warden Joe Pickett, and Pickett’s entire family. The only way to fight back is outside the law. Nate knows he can do it, but he isn't sure about his straight-arrow friend. And all their lives could depend on it. ...

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Force of Nature Reviews

  • Frances
    2019-04-29 01:10

    There is plenty of action in this dynamic well written stand-alone novel as former Special Forces soldier and master falconer Nate Romanowski hides out in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains. Nate knows all the dishonorable secrets of his former Commander, John Nemecek who is determined to hunt him down and kill anyone who stands in his way. Game Warden Joe Pickett, a loyal and trustworthy friend of Nate’s is soon caught up in all the chaos as he tries to protect his family and the community. Many interesting facts about falconry are scattered throughout the book adding fascinating detail to this skillful and exciting thriller. Recommended!

  • Kendra
    2019-05-18 09:10

    I was kind of afraid to read this. I love the Joe Pickett books so much, and I've always found Nate Romanowski's character fascinating, but did I want to read a whole book about him? Yes, yes I did. It's excellent.The plots: If you haven't read the entire Joe Pickett series, start at the beginning and linger over my other favorites, Free Fire and Nowhere to Run. Then when you get to this book you will really appreciate the characters, their history together, the complex relationships, etc. that make this such a spectacular story. Nate's been in hiding for years, and what he's been hiding from is coming for him in his WY hideaway. He's forced to take offensive action, and the story never lets down from there. Joe's still there, along with his family, although in a supporting role this time, but he never lets me down. :)My thoughts: I think I already shared those. Read all these books! Even if you don't think you are interested in a series with a MC who works as a Wyoming game warden, there is a real universal appeal to these stories because of the human element. You get to know Joe, his wife, his daughters, his mother-in-law, and his friends...and the relationships are all realistic and nuanced and complicated. I also learn things about the state of WY through these books...its landscape, its mysteries, its tendency to attract the loners and the rebels. Plus, every book contains an excellent mystery too! Highly recommended!!

  • ✨Susan✨
    2019-05-01 06:49

    I am very glad to have come across this series. This was my first book by C.J. Box and in the, Joe Picket, series. This book stood on its own and made me want to read more in this series.Even though the story is set in Wyoming and follows a game warden, it is not anything like the Walt Longmire series. I enjoyed it very much, it was original, informative and had great characters that I'm looking forward to getting to know better.David Handler did an excellent job with the narration. I have listened to him before but this is his niche, his voice fits Joe Picket perfectly.

  • Rex Fuller
    2019-04-22 05:17

    The heavy presence of Nate Romanowski makes this my favorite of the Pickett series. The pacing is fast, the action brutal, and the sense of justice perfect. There is nothing more to be said.

  • Jacob Peled
    2019-04-25 09:11

    Without a doubt C.J. Box knows how to write in a rich nice language. But why 80% of the book its main hero and his close friends are being chased without them or us knowing why.After 10% (of the book) he is still running. They still chase him and we don’t know why. 20% and he is still running, now they are after him and after the people close to him. 30% and they still chase him – We don’t know why. 40% and they still after him. He and us have no clue as of why. 50% still no change. (Almost gave up reading)Only when I reach about 80% I started to get some idea as of why the main hero is being chased, and even then it sounds so ridicules.I still do not understand the significance of the "Falcon" in this story.

  • Rick Fisher
    2019-04-22 07:11

    "Force of Nature", the newest Joe Pickett novel from author CJ Box, finally gives us the back story on series regular Nate Romanowski. This one moves at a quick pace, but leaves the reader waiting until nearly the end to hear what Nate has been running from for years. And, although this book is great, as usual, Nate's big reveal really was a little disappointing. Not the huge evil deeds I had expected. That being said, I enjoyed this one very much. Joe and his family are not the main focus here, but still in it enough for it story to retain the familiarity I have grown to enjoy with this series.

  • Jacqie
    2019-05-04 03:59

    This is the long-awaited revelation about why Nate Romanowski is hiding out in the mountains, off the grid. Which shady government agency did he belong to? Who is hunting him now?SPOILERS FOLLOW:I really like Nate, but I'm not sure he carried this book. Maybe it's because Joe Pickett is so well developed during this series. Even Marybeth comes across as a very real, shaded person, and women characters aren't always the strong point of this series. There's a very well-done, chilling scene with her in the local library. Nate functions better as a shady mysterious figure than as a protagonist, I think. When you're reading the action scenes with Nate, it's great. But I'm a bit uncomfortable with his philosophy, although I understand why he has it, and I found it hard to believe that he could ever be in danger, as dangerous as he is himself.This isn't really a mystery. Joe and Marybeth can't find out any information to help Nate, and Nate already knows what's going on. It's more of an action thriller. There is a mystery as to who the mysterious female seductress agent is, I suppose, and a pretty good job was done with that.Our incompetent sheriff is incompetent, and tragedy results. The finale is quite quick- I hardly breathed while I was reading it. I'm not sure what to think of the falconry part. Nate's link to the shady government organization via falconry felt a bit contrived, and I'm not sure an Air Force brat would ever have enough time in one place to really develop a bird. The big reveal about the horrible thing that drove Nate from the service honestly felt a bit anti-climactic, honestly. It pretty much occurred off-screen, so to speak, and I couldn't muster much horror for it. Maybe that says something bad about me, that I'm too jaded. But you never are told Nate's feelings about it, or really shown any reaction from him, so perhaps that's why my reaction was muted too. I think the best thing for the series would be for Nate to resume his shadowy, off-to-the-side role, and let Joe do what he does best- get into the middle of things that he's just got to do something about. Nate is a great foil for Joe and works best that way.

  • ~☆~Autumn♥♥
    2019-05-18 05:17

    I read this very fast as it was so exciting! I had to over look some gross stuff and bad language but was able to do so as the excitement carried me along. Four and a half stars. I would give it five stars but a couple of the things were needlessly gross and some of the bad language could have been avoided too.I was surprised that Joe survived this one. He always has close calls. I just love how C. J. Box points out how stupid some law and the security people at airports can be. They always search the old people and by pass the really dangerous people who might actually actually do some harm possibly to them! He points out so many other things that are funny too about our sick society. You have to laugh to keep from crying.

  • Maddy
    2019-05-07 09:00

    PROTAGONIST: Nate Romanowski and Joe PickettSETTING: Wyoming and IdahoSERIES: #12 of 12RATING: 4.5Joe Pickett is a game warden in Wyoming who has taken on just about every threat imaginable over the course of twelve books. He is a moral family man who has often been aided by his off-the-grid friend, Nate Romanowski. Nate has been an enigmatic character throughout the series, and FORCE OF NATURE is a book that is dedicated to telling his story.At one time, Nate was in a Special Forces unit in Central Asia. He was hand picked to join this group by the commanding lieutenant and master falconer, John Nemecek, who had heard of Nate’s falconry skills. Nate joined the secret unit, known as “The Five”. At times, Nemecek ordered them to do questionable things. To this day, Nate regrets going along with some of these orders. Nemecek is on a mission to eliminate anyone who knew about the worst of these activities and has sent a group to terminate Nate. Nemecek is not the least bit hesitant about doing whatever is necessary to catch his prey, much like the falcons that he trains, including going after the families of Nate’s friends, one of whom is Game Warden Joe Pickett.Nate goes to ground and begins to seek out some of his closest Special Forces friends, finding some of them dead or in grave danger. Meanwhile, Joe is training a new warden, Luke Brueggemann, and trying to aid Nate surreptitiously. Joe has a strong moral code and finds it difficult to cover for his friend. He does an admirable job of it, despite the fact that Nemecek has threatened his family and they are planning to vacate to California for a while. Nate Romanowski has long been an enigma, and Box does a great job of revealing Nate’s past and his motivations. It’s essential to understand the art of falconry in order to really know Nate; the fact that he is able to kill without remorse is not a sign that he is a sociopath; instead, he has a falcon’s way of looking at things. This outlook may be tough for the squeamish reader to handle. I did find it odd that Nate confided deep dark secrets to a female he met along the way; he is normally an extremely wary man and doesn’t trust anyone easily. I also had a hard time with the “big secret” part of the plot; it was an anticlimax to finally have it revealed and it wasn’t very believable. Despite that, I found FORCE OF NATURE to be an excellent read. I was pleased to see a deeper level of development of one of the major characters of the series, as well as the depth of friendship and loyalty between Nate and Joe.It hardly seems possible that FORCE OF NATURE is the twelfth book in the Joe Pickett series. The first book, OPEN SEASON, was published in 2001. I remember how much I delighted in reading it. It’s great to find that my enthusiasm for this series has failed to wane in all this time.

  • Kathy
    2019-05-06 05:56

    The 12th book in the Joe Pickett series, this book was mostly about Joe's friend Nate and what has driven him to live off the grid like he does. We finally learn his secret about what happened while he was with a special ops unit. It was really hard to put this book down.Nate is scared, and you know if Nate is scared, something really bad is going to happen. And it does. His special ops team is gunning for him, and they are not going to let any of Nate's friends get in the way. Any one reading this series knows that Nate has a different out look on life, and on how he gets by. So far, it's kept him alive, but will that continue to be the case?

  • Kevintipple
    2019-04-22 05:12

    All Nate Romanowski ever wanted was to be left alone with his secrets and his guilt. He dropped out of society, went off the grid, and vanished into the wilderness. He knew at some point there could be a reckoning. In the last month his good friend, Large Merle, died just after giving him the warning – “The Five. They’ve deployed.”Now the battle has begun and has come in an unexpected form. Lucky to survive, Nate can’t make any more mistakes. Not only does he have to convince those he loves, such as Game Warden Joe Pickett and his family, to run for their own safety he also has to take the battle to the enemy. The same enemy who trained him all those years ago.While billed as “A Joe Picket novel” this book is primarily a Nat Romanowski book. Long standing questions regarding his background and behavior are finally answered in detail. The reasons given are complex, compelling, and completely true to character.Because so much of the book is geared toward Nate Romanowski, Joe Pickett and his family become secondary characters in the work. A couple of recent ongoing storylines continue in this novel but are not developed further. What little readers see of Joe Pickett and his family is mainly geared towards Joe and Nate’s friendship and trust and repercussions of that.Force of Nature: A Joe Pickett Novel builds off of events in Cold Wind and does so very well. However, it is not necessary to have read that book before you read this one though it clearly would be best. Potential readers who are unfamiliar with the series should note that this is one of those series where characters age and evolve as life happens to them. Nothing is static here and hasn’t been since it began long ago in Open Season.Force of Nature: A Joe Pickett NovelC. J. Box G.P. Putnam’s Sons (Penguin Group USA) 2012ISBN# 978-0-399-15826-1Hardback392 Pages$25.95Material supplied by the good folks of the Plano Texas Public Library System. Again this year the summer reading challenge for adults and kids is now underway. For more information go to R. Tipple ©2012More reviews at

  • Ed
    2019-05-01 04:17

    #12 in the Joe Pickett series. Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett takes a back seat to his fugitive friend Nate Romanowski in this outing. A follow-up to the attacks on Nate in Cold Wind (2011) that took the life of his lover and that of his trusted friend. We finally get the dark secret that drives Nate as he reluctantly reveals his exploits with a covert operations team that took place while he was an Air Force officer. His rogue ex-team leader is spearheading the attack and the body count becomes quite impressive.Joe Pickett series - Set just weeks after fugitive Nate Romanowski's double loss of his lover and a trusted ally (Cold Wind), Nate realizes that his former Air Force mentor is hunting him down and systematically eliminating all his known associates. A bloody confrontation along the Twelve Sleep River injures Nate and sets the tone for a series of violent attacks stretching from Colorado into Wyoming and Idaho. Getting ever closer to Nate's best friends, game warden Joe Pickett and his wife Marybeth, the killer taunts his intended victims. Nate, up against a skilled falconer, expects only the worst outcome, but still he perseveres. And Joe, always honorable, plans to save Nate's life, no matter what it takes.

  • Deborah
    2019-05-03 04:58

    I loved it. We are finally presented with background information on Nate. We now know why he's removed himself from society. I'm also glad to see Joe's wife, Marybeth is developing into a stronger character. The foster daughter, April is still irksome. Overall I can highly recommend this book.

  • Luanne Ollivier
    2019-05-04 09:13

    Last year about this time, I picked up the latest C.J. Box novel and reminded myself how much I enjoyed Box's Joe Pickett series. Cold Wind left me wanting to know more about the mysterious Nate Romanowski.... "The secondary storyline involving Joe's friend Nate Romanowski totally grabbed me. Nate is a master falconer and fugitive. He has gone off the grid and underground in the hills of Wyoming. There are those that want him dead. More Nate please! (Fans of Joe Pike and Jack Reacher would like this character)"Well, I got my wish. Force of Nature picks up the story of Nate. Nate knows who's after him - Nemecek - his old commander and falconry mentor from his time in a clandestine special forces unit in '95. Nate has knowledge that Nemecek doesn't want revealed and he'll say and do anything he can to find and kill Nate. Nate goes underground again, but Nemecek has no compunction at 'questioning' those Nate cares about - including the Pickett clan. Recurring characters return - the incompetent local sheriff, up for re election, the one deputy that Joe does trust, Joe's wife Marybeth, a strong character on her own, and Joe's daughters. I have to say though, I am getting tired of foster daughter April's attitude, despite her personal tragedy. Joe has his hands full with a Luke, a new trainee game warden, as well.Joe Pickett is a straight talking, stick to your principles, follow the high road kind of man. "But I really do believe there's nothing wrong with doing your best and doing the right thing." But in Force of Nature, Joe is walking a thin line between honouring friendship and respecting the law.You might be saying how is a game warden involved in hunt for a killer? "We don't have a lot of law enforcement bodies around this county. When something major happens, everybody gets pressed into the effort. Highway patrol, local cops, brand inspectors. And game wardens."Box writes what he knows - he lives in Wyoming and is an avid outdoorsman. His setting descriptions paint vivid pictures. He's a family man as well and his scenes with Joe, Marybeth and his family all ring true.Force of Nature does have mystery elements that kept me guessing (who are the moles working with the killer?), but for the most part it is very much action based. I enjoyed getting Nate's back story. The only false note for me was Nate's feelings for Haley, although she was integral to the plot. I thought Box did a great job incorporating falconry and it's imagery into the story. I did find the final reveal of Nemecek's secret a bit anti-climatic, but this in no way detracted from a really good read.Settling in with the latest C.J. Box novel is like sitting down with an old friend, who has a really great story to tell you. I can't wait for the next installment with the eminently likable Joe Pickett.

  • Robin
    2019-05-21 04:50

    One character in this new thriller pulls off the ears of those who cross him. Or he shoots their knees off. Or snaps their fingers back. He doesn’t mind roughing up women too.And he’s the good guy. Meet Nate Romanowski, a man who is so hard he wasn’t just in the army, or even the special forces, but in a secret elite unit of special forces called The Five. As this rugged thriller gets under way, Nate’s former commanding officer, a badass called Lt John Nemecek, is hunting Nate with a crew of former special forces killers. That Nate fears his former mentor means Nemecek is a ferociously bad man.So bad that he is willing to kill indiscriminately to get to Nate. By my count, he kills at least 10 innocent people while closing his net.The secret fuelling Nemecek’s vendetta and the cat-and-mouse chase through the wilds of Wyoming and Colorado are the storylines that drive this muscular adventure. Nate is, of course, a friend of CJ Box’s recurring hero Joe Pickett, and the pair – along with their families – are put through the emotional and physical wringer before the end.This is the 12th novel featuring Pickett, the Wyoming game warden who has had some harrowing adventures since his debut in 2001. Pickett is the emotional heart of the story, a well-developed and multi-layered character, where Nate is the blunt instrument. Nate gets the mind-blowing action stuff, learns life lessons from the formidable hunting abilities of the falcons he trains – the novel’s recurring theme – but he is a barely believable alpha male, and his relationship with the woman Haley, with whom he forms a love-hate relationship on the run, never draws you in. Pickett is the man whose wife, Marybeth, is terrorised by Nemecek, who fears for his daughters, and he is the one we care about the most.The joy of this novel, apart from thriller element, is the setting. The snowy mountains during hunting season are vivid. 'Falling snowflakes disappeared on contact with the icy surface of the river, leaving tiny one-ring disturbances. Curls of steam rose from the flow into the even colder air and vanished like ghosts.'Force of Nature is a breathtaking escapade, and CJ Box a terrific guide.

  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    2019-05-22 06:55

    Force of Nature is an action packed thrill ride through the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado that finally reveals the secrets of Nate Romanowski's past. Picking up just a few weeks after the events of Cold Wind, Nate is in hiding after confirming the mysterious Five led by the ruthless Nemecek, his former commander and falconry mentor, are hunting him down. He barely survives the first assassination attempt that leaves three locals dead and makes him the prime suspect in a cold blooded murder. When Nemecek begins to target anyone who can be linked to him, including Joe Pickett and his family, Nate stops running and goes on the offensive, determined to end things once and for all.Force of Nature is primarily Nate's story though Box doesn't neglect Joe or the characters we have become familiar with in the series. While Nate dodges assassins that have taken apart his entire former Black Ops team, Joe wrestles with his conscience, the ever more boorish Sheriff McLanahan and an irritating trainee. There is less mystery in this novel than in previous installments, though the fast paced action makes up for it. A boat containing three bloodied bodies discovered in the first few pages sets the tone for the murder and mayhem to follow. I'm reluctant to share too many details because I think Force of Nature works best if you simply hold your breath and hang on for the ride through twisting mountain passes. I will reveal that the conclusion is quite spectacular and I really enjoyed getting to know more about the enigmatic Nate whose depths has only been hinted at previously.Force of Nature is an exciting page turner and a great addition to this terrific series. I think it works more effectively if you have read at least a few of the previous 11 titles in the series and is a must for fans. I'm looking forward to the next one already.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-06 01:53

    Next to Nevada Barr, C.J Box is my most favorite whodunit author. Joe Pickett is the quintessential game warden- he can handle himself in the great outdoors, and he believes wholeheartedly that what he is doing is the right thing, and that it makes a difference. Through the books, he's had to make some tough ethical decisions, and he's paid for some of them as well as incurred the enmity of the local sheriff. His friendship with Nate Romanowski is an ethically difficult one, and Joe does an incredibly good job at not violating his own ethical code while helping his friend.This book is more about Nate than it is about Joe, and to get the whole story you have to read all the books (a pleasure, not a chore). It's a wild story, although not wholly believable unless you are a conspiracy theorist. I enjoyed this book, but I hope that C.J is not doing with Joe Pickett and Nate Romanowski what Patricia Cornwell did with Kay Scarpetta. I enjoyed the stories while they were about solving mysteries and righting wrongs- and then the books became dark and about something altogether different- and I didn't enjoy them anymore. The man who leads the posse ("Bob White") going after Nate is just as creepy as he can possibly be, and the encounter between Bob White and Marybeth Pickett in the library will have your hair standing on edge the entire time. The book ends with a cliffhanger of sorts; the outcome will certainly have an effect on the game warden's work. I would love to see a movie made out of the Joe Pickett novels. I love the way that C.J Box evokes the Wyoming environment- I have never been there, but I can easily envision how it is from his descriptions and characterizations.

  • Jennifer Boyce
    2019-05-19 05:03

    I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed this a book. An engaging thriller that takes place in pretty country, what isn't to like?

  • Amanda
    2019-05-05 04:56

    CJ Box did it again! We finally learn the back story of Nate Romanowski. And it is big! I was a bit disappointed because it took most of the book to learn the secret and for some reason I expected to find out much sooner in the novel. I had not read reviews of the book so I was clueless as to where the story was going and was quite proud of myself when I figured out what Nate's secret was related to, only to find out that the premise of the story was revealed in editorial reviews. At any rate, I think Box did a great job of weaving the back story of a loved character into something not only believable, but in a very unique way. Next up for me to read is The Looming Tower, from which Box took the idea of Nate's story. Box is a local celebrity in WY and I certainly like the books because I can identify with a lifestyle and a place that he describes. I'm not sure if Box is in the same league as other mystery fiction writers, but his stories are so different and down to earth that perhaps he is in a league of his own. I also really like the fact that Box incorporates current topics into his books, often controverisal topics, without taking a stand on either side of an issue and give fair play to each arguement with different characters. And to answer your questions, Mr. Box, Yes, Nate can carry a book by himself and he does so quite well.

  • Brenna Hobson
    2019-04-22 01:00

    1. I decided to read this book because I was still waiting for my requested books from the library... My mum's really into thriller books, so she recommended this book to me. She said that it's a fairly easy read, with good action, crime and mystery.2. One of the categories that this book fits is a book recommended to me by a member of my family. Now, I may not use this book for that category, but I am using it as my book for that bingo box for now.3. The character that I found the most interesting in this book would probably be Nate because of his fascination with falconry. Nate feels that he has achieved spiritual relationship with his birds, and that he sees the world in a different way through his falconry. Falconry is made out to be so important in this book. Nate is also quite interesting because of the solitude in which he lives in, and how he feels hardly any emotion when he kills people. 4. My favourite quote... I have no idea. I didn't like this book. 5. I learnt from this book that if you are a hero, you can kill people without remorse or consequences. Ex-military action heroes don't need to obide by the law. Action Gods are above our mere mortal justice system.

  • Barbara
    2019-05-07 05:47

    I spend several hours last night reading this book because I couldn't (or, more specifically, didn't want) to put it down. Joe Pickett, being a Game Warden and a lawman has had an uneasy friendship with falconer and fugitive Nate Romanowski. Their friendship is tested when an elite military unit known as The Five come after Nate, leaving a trail of blood in their wake. The head of this unit is Nate's former CO, John Nemecek, himself a master falconer. Clues are dotted throughout the book like droplets of rain. In 1999, on a mission in Central Asia, Nate and John display falcons to Arabian sheiks, one of whom becomes infamous years later. Realizing the implications of what has happened, Nate goes underground. His loved ones become collateral damage as John hunts Nate throughout the west and, as usual, Box does a great job describing the landscape of Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado. I like to read the beginning of a series first, but this book is as good as any to introduce readers to Joe Pickett and his family. The entire series should have a larger readership, and here's looking forward to what Box writes next.

  • Frank
    2019-05-01 08:00

    I have read all of the Joe Pickett books prior to this one and IMO, this one is the best so far. This is no. 12 in the series and it focuses on Nate Romanowski, the rogue agent who has been hiding from the FBI for most of the series. Nate is one of my favorite characters in the books and is reminiscent of another of my favorites, Jack Reacher. In this one, Nate is on the run from his former leader in the black ops group that he was involved with during the first war in Iraq. Nate has been hiding from an incident that occurred prior to 9/11 that could have possibly changed what happened on that fateful day. His former superior is out to silence him. This was one of the most violent in the series and was full of page-turning action. In addition, there were some unexpected twists and characters who were not as they seemed. Overall, very high recommendation!

  • Ronna
    2019-04-23 03:54

    If you're a fan of the Joe Pickett novels, this is the book you've been wanting and waiting to read since the first couple of books in this series.  Finally, learn what Nate's big secret is all about.   It was worth the wait, and now I'm even more intrigues by Nate, who lives to seek a 'pure but self designated' justice, and his good friend, Wyoming Game Warden, Joe Picket, who seeks justice through honor, loyalty, and the law.Box writes his characters so realistically that they feel like good friends.  His writes great characterizations while tackling interesting and relevant issues of the day.  This is so much so that the real non-fiction book referred to in this novel is now on my to-read list!!  Great writing plus a great story is a combination that can't be beat!  Bring on the next in the series!!!!  

  • Ron
    2019-04-22 06:55

    Having won this book, I have not read any of the previous books in this series. As a stand alone book it is pretty good. However, I think if one had a deeper understanding from previous books in the series they might enjoy this book even more. The story is fairly fast paced and the characters are well written. Even without the previous books you are able to get a pretty good idea of who these people are and what drives them. Still I was left with a slight feeling of having stepped into the middle of something and realizing I am missing out on what others know about the situation. Over all though I would say it is good enough that I will consider some of the previous books and keep watch for future books as well.

  • Monnie
    2019-05-18 01:09

    A few years back when I learned about books featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett, I was interested because we share the same last name (for me, a maiden name). Finding out that the series is in my favorite mystery genre clinched the deal. Since then, I've read every one, following Joe and his wife Mary Beth from the time their daughters were small to now, when the oldest is in college.They've all been good, but I think this may be the best of the lot so far. Maybe it's because there's a bit less emphasis on family "stuff," but more likely it's because the adventure finally provides some real insight into Joe's mysterious friend, ex-Special Forces soldier, falconer and fugitive Nate Romanowski. Well done!

  • wally
    2019-05-12 05:04

    23 jun 16, the 4th from box for me i'm not reading any of them chronologically and i have enjoyed the other three so here i am again. 24 jun 16, finished. 3.5 stars call it 4. great story. if you don't spend too much time contemplating motivations of people other than the fabled bad man, those with him i mean, and maybe that's saying too much. story moved, it shaked, it baked, it flimmed, it flammed. very entertaining. i've already purchased another story from box. good reads, all, so far. onward, ever onward.

  • Harvey
    2019-05-12 06:52

    Excellent entry in this consistently interesting series.Billed as "A Joe Pickett Novel", perhaps properly should be deemed a Nate Romanowski novel (a la Robert Crais' Joe Pike tales). Essentially, this is the story of why Nate (former Special Forces, elite falconer, survivalist extraordinaire) has been hiding in the Wyoming mountains all these years. His past catches up to him. Will it steamroll him or will he exact revenge for past betrayals?Realistically fast-paced action. High body count. And an interesting take on military service and patriotism.

  • Nancy
    2019-05-21 01:01

    One of the more intriguing Joe Pickett novels, Force of Nature brings home all the reasons that Joe's buddy, Nate Romanowski, went off the grid years ago. And all those reasons seem to want Nate dead by any means necessary.Bearing for his family, Joe packs them up and sends them off to Disneyland but he can't go - his conscious won't let him. So begins the end of a long battle in a longer war. Falcons, hunters, murders and bodies all pile up until there's only one way for it to end.

  • Mike Holub
    2019-05-05 08:01

    Easily the best Joe Pickett book I've read. The pace is really quick and you learn so much about the mysterious Nate Romanowski. My only beef is Joe's grumpy attitude towards his trainee. He was all business in this book, but I suppose that's to be expected considering what was going on with Nate and the threat to his family it had. Joe played second fiddle in this one, and Nate's story did not disappoint as the lead role.

  • Mary
    2019-05-15 03:07

    Just finished this last night, could not put it down and go to sleep! Good look at the character Nate. Answered a few of our questions about him, also a good look at falconry. Very good bite you nails, while looking over your shoulder novel. I highly recommend C J Box and his Joe Pickett series, even though this was more about his friend Nate, Joe was still there big as life.