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"They say time heals all wounds, I have nothing but time"Renee is back at college after taking the first semester off. Starting her second year of year college isnt going to be easy, especially after suffering a loss that is very recent and she continues to struggle with her own demons. Lucky for her, she has a boyfriend that she can lean on during her dark days. But will"They say time heals all wounds, I have nothing but time"Renee is back at college after taking the first semester off. Starting her second year of year college isnt going to be easy, especially after suffering a loss that is very recent and she continues to struggle with her own demons. Lucky for her, she has a boyfriend that she can lean on during her dark days. But will he be enough?Layne suffers from the same loss, and she took his heart with her when she went. Back to his playboy ways he will do anything to numb the pain. Drag racing his race car is the only thing keeping him sane. How will the two cope with their loss? Does time really heal all wounds or will the unspoken truth consume them for good?...

Title : Switching Lanes
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Switching Lanes Reviews

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    2019-05-12 00:58

    Absolutely love this book. You must read book one first- you won't regret it. This is Renee and Laynes story. The heartache they go through turns this book into an emotional read. I'm not going to say very much about what happens in this book. The author did a great job of giving us a great synopsis yet not letting slip too much about the storyline. Renea is a fantastic author. She is one of a handful of authors where I have faith that every book she writes I know I will love. This book proves me right as I loved it. I highly recommend these two books.

  • L.T. Kelly
    2019-04-29 00:46

    The overall story is about the relationship between the two main characters Layne and Renee. The story is told in the first person from both characters points of view, I’m a huge fan of an author that does that. I love first person but I love an insight into what the other character is thinking at the same time.The cover is beautiful and shows what the story is all about perfectly.Both characters are struggling with the loss of their friend (Laynes girlfriend), Amber. The two main characters slowly come together though it’s not without its ups and downs.The plot is very well constructed and is further enriched with a plethora of sub-plots.The author has been brave enough to tackle a range of psychological and highly emotive issues. She has perfectly executed the struggle of two characters with eating disorders that are brought together in friendship. I feel that Renea Porter has displayed that you can survive an eating disorder by becoming united with others effected and by accessing counselling services that are available to you.The author also touched upon dealing with child abuse and the after effects, as well as dealing with greif and loss of a loved one.I connected easily with the characters, though I would have liked a better in depth physical description of Layne, as I struggled to ‘see’ him. Admittedly, I have not read the first book in the series, ‘Driving Lane’.The flow of the story was okay, though I found it to be a little slow at times. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of stories written in present tense, and I find it very difficult reading. This is just my preference and I’ve tried hard not to allow it to effect the merits that are due to this novel.I spent the entire novel rooting for Layne and Renee to get it on, all along praying that neither one of them messed up what seemed to me to be true love, and a connection worth fighting for. So, when my dreams came true and they did get it on I wanted the earth to move. My appetite had built up to a frienzy. I wanted to feel them. Unfortunately, all I got was two small sex scenes that were so brief that if I blinked I could have missed them. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all about the sex in a romance for me as a reader but I’m all or nothing…smoking hot or fade out and leave it to the readers imagaination. One or the other.I would highly recommend this read to anyone that loves reading first person, present tense with a great romantic/love storyline.Bearing all aspects in mind, I award ‘Switching Lanes’ 3.5 stars.

  • Jennifer Shiels
    2019-05-01 01:51

    This was a really good book. Layne and Renee are both trying to get over the loss of Amber. They both loved her very much. They both grew up together and were the best of friends but time and circumstances changed but Amber brought them back together. They are both trying to heal and Renee is trying to love herself and work on her eating disorder. She starts going to meetings at the college and she meets Alexis there. She also has an eating disorder and she's trying to find her way to get better. Renee and Alexis become really great friends and then they become roommates. Renee thought her love for Dylan was true but it wasn't. He cheated on her and she caught him but it seems he was cheating on her for awhile. Layne was her friend first and comes to her aid right away. There is no question that she is his first priority. They are there for one another. Renee is able to tell her darkest secrets to Layne and she can trust him to love her regardless. She doesn't have to protect herself because he will do it for her. Layne didn't let many people get close for so long for fear of getting hurt. He was best friends with Renee for years and really cared about her but they feared their friendship being ruined. Amber led Layne to realize that his feelings and love for Renee is worth risking. Worth reading.

  • Kirsten
    2019-05-02 01:47

    4 1/2 starsThis was a very good and emotional follow up to Driving Layne. I loved reading about Layne and Renee. I knew that they were best friends, but I was blown away by the tenderness that they both showed the other. I loved how both Layne and Renee gave each other time to deal with their grief. I loved when Layne punched Derek in the face, cause he sooo deserved that. What an ass. I was really glad that Renee took the time to make herself better and focused on that for a while. I was also glad that she made friends not only with Alexis, but Cole as well. Layne and Renee both were so afraid of their new feelings initally. But I loved that once Layne let his be known, Renee didn't hold back either. I loved that Layne called Renee on her crap. I really loved the end and hope for so much more for both Layne and Renee. I'd really love to read more about Alexis and Cole as well. That's got to be an interesting story! Once again Renea did a fantastic job writing about more than believable characters and what they went through together. Love this series!

  • The Pink Bookshelf
    2019-05-06 06:54

    I absolutely love this series! Switching Lanes picks up where Driving Lane ends. Oh I missed Layne so much! I love how I'm able to connect with the characters in the story. The way Renea writes is phenomenal! I'm so invested in the series that I seriously cried, several times, with the first 15%. You can feel the emotions that much. I sympathized with Renee and Layne, having been in a similar situation. I totally got it. Im so glad that Renee and Layne had each other to get through the hard times.I was blown away with some of the things that happened in this book. I would have never guessed. I was completely captivated with the storyline. I couldn't put it down!Im so excited we get to see more of Alexis and Cole in the next book. They fit into the family so well. Im very curious how their lives play out.Im a huge fan of Renea Porter's and I will continue to recommend her books to everyone. Ive never been disappointed with her writing and I don't think it would even be possible. She is amazingly talented and I cant wait to read more from her.

  • Sandra Love
    2019-05-12 22:38

    WOW, this book was amazing!!! Renea did a wonderful job on this book. I love the story line, it really felt real. Renee is back at school after losing her best friend. She catches her boyfriend cheating on her, which was heartbreaking. She then starts to hang out with Layne her best friends boyfriend. I love and adore Layne, he is a strong and lovable character. And he is hurting as well from the lost of his girlfriend. Renee has a secret of her own and she is getting help for it. She is strong and caring. I love her also. What happens with Layne and Renee relationship? Will their be a HEA? This series is a must read. This book was well written and well edited. I was in tears, numerous times and my heart broke one moment but was put back together the next. Great job Renea I wish I could give you 10 stars for this book, and like always I am a fan for life. <3

  • ReadAlong With Sue
    2019-05-09 04:49

    I was lucky to read the first book in this series and was hankering after this follow up one. I wanted to know how Layne would cope now that he lost his only love in death.He was a bit of a player, that is how he came across to me in the first book, until he got to fall in love. It was so sad.So picking up this book and finding that for him to try to cope, he would race his cars, go have meaningless sex anything it might take to try to clear his mind of his hurt. But nothing worked.Renee has always been his best friend.Her boyfriend was introduced to her by Layne.I won't give anything away, but I love the title of this book, it goes exactly with what happens within the pages of this lovely book.I stayed with this book until I had it finished.

  • Amazeballs Book Addicts
    2019-05-07 23:52

    This book picks up right where Driving Layne leaves off. Layne and Renee are back at school and are just trying to cope with the loss of their friend. Layne is seemingly back to his playboy ways and Renee is just trying to get by. Layne and Renee are back to being friends and helping each other learn it's ok to keep living. I really don't want to post spoilers so I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about the storyline other than to praise Ms. Porter on a perfect conclusion to this story!! I am a forever fan!!! Both Driving Layne and Switching Lanes are absolutely amazing!! Go one click them now! A copy was gifted in exchange of an honest review Review by Tabitha

  • Renes Getaway
    2019-04-28 04:03

    If you have not read Changing Layne then please do not read this until you do so. Switching Lanes begins a few weeks after Changing Layne leaves off.This is a story of survival. How do you find the strength tho move on after losing someone that you love. Layne struggles after losing Amber, she was his light, she was someone who saw him for the great man that he was. He stopped his bad boy ways and fell in love with a girl.To read my full review and other great reviews please visit

  • The Book Fairy Reviews
    2019-05-12 02:42

    Excellent! Brilliant! I was so happy to see the HEA I was hoping would be in this book!!! If you have read Driving Layne then you have to, I mean this a must read! Switching Lanes was beautiful because at the heart of the story Renee and Layne learned to love and be loved because they both had the opportunity to love Amber and have her in their lives. It is always hard to see what is right in front of you but because they both shared a friendship with an amazing person they are able to recognize what they have and fight for it.So I repeat Excellent and Brilliant.... I Loved it.

  • Paula Genereau
    2019-04-27 07:00

    After losing her best friend Renee catches her boyfriend cheating on her. Determined to fulfill her promise to Amber she gets help for her problem. That's where she meets Alexis. As time goes on Renee is spending more & more time with Layne. What will become of their relationship ?I just love this series

  • Genevieve Scholl
    2019-05-17 04:50

    I was a fan of Renea Porter with books one Driving Layne, but now I am a forever fan! This book really turned the pages. It's romantic, humorous, and just flat out fun. There are some things in it that are of a more sensitive subject but it all comes together to make one amazing novel.

  • L.A. Remenicky
    2019-05-01 05:38

    I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book. Renea Porter continues the story that started in Driving Payne picking up where book 1 left off. I love this story!Believable characters and a great story - what else could you ask for?

  • Becky Jones speziale
    2019-04-21 06:38

    Omg another amazing book. I finished this book in 2 days. I loved it so much. Can't wait to read Cole n Alexis story but I do hope there is more to Layne n Renee story.

  • Renea
    2019-04-21 00:50

    I absolutely LOVED writing this one. The core characters tugged at my heart and wouldnt let go til the end. I was satisified with the ending, and the journey ahead for these two. Alexis and Cole are secondary characters who I HAD to write a novella for. I felt their needed told.