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WINNER OF PEOPLES BOOK PRIZE 2015As featured on BBC Breakfast television.Grumpy Old Menopause: To be administered in one large dose for maximum effect.Have you started to write post-it notes with your kids' names on them? Do you need to change your underwear after every sneeze? Guess it's time to read this book then. It'll help you get through "that" time in your life withWINNER OF PEOPLES BOOK PRIZE 2015As featured on BBC Breakfast television.Grumpy Old Menopause: To be administered in one large dose for maximum effect.Have you started to write post-it notes with your kids' names on them? Do you need to change your underwear after every sneeze? Guess it's time to read this book then. It'll help you get through "that" time in your life with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. With numerous suggestions, sensible advice and amusing anecdotes, Grumpy Old Menopause will help you sail through that tricky part of a woman's life with ease and humour. It should prevent you from turning into Mrs Crabby or worse still, a demonic monster. "An excellent mix of humour and sound advice. This book is a must-read for all women ... I highly recommend Grumpy Old Menopause. It is the perfect blend of humour and excellent advice to help all women sail through the menopause." - Nicky Snazell, Fi STOP Consultant Physiotherapist in Spinal Pain, Fellow of Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain. International Lecturer in Pain and HealthPurchase now from a variety of outlets including Safkhet Publishing, Waterstones, Smashwords, The Book Depository and Amazon....

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Grumpy Old Menopause Reviews

  • Laurie Boris
    2019-01-10 11:00

    There simply are not enough funny, practical books about menopause. You can get serious books about herbal remedies and how the estrogen is leaching out of your bones. You can buy joke books about incontinence and hot flashes. But true to Carol Wyer’s mission to get us to lighten up about aging, Grumpy Old Menopause (the title alone makes me smile) adds humor to the facts. Because what else can you do about the indignities of forgetting your husband’s name in the middle of a sentence or waking up in a puddle of sweat every night but laugh and learn to live with it? Sometimes it’s either that or lose your mind. I like how Ms. Wyer combines practical remedies with jokes, activities to improve your mood, and for each letter in the alphabet (well, almost all the letters), lists potential weapons to keep hidden from a menopausal woman. Anyone living with a woman “of a certain age” might appreciate the reminder to keep the rocket launchers under lock and key. This short companion piece to “How Not to Murder Your Grumpy” is great fun.

  • Sheryl Browne
    2019-01-03 16:59

    Grumpy Old Menopause Whatever you do, don’t mention … the menopause!! If you do, make sure it’s preceded by the words ‘Grumpy Old…’ and followed by a demand for the book on prescription from your doctor. What a tonic! My mouth curved into a smile a few pages in. By the exercise section I was guffawing out loud. I kid you not. The fishing joke had tears streaming down my cheeks. The book takes an informative, yet easily digestible, look at the serious ‘shhhhh’ subject (sadly still labelled ‘women’s problems’, ergo a mystery to the male of the species).The author has obviously done her research on tried and tested remedies for symptoms of the menopause, including the propensity to burst into tears and do something drastic with one’s husband, supplying links to further research, along with suggestions, where appropriate, to seek medical advice before embarking on said remedies. Carol’s easy to read style of writing and razor sharp wit, however, make the reading of this intelligently written book an absolute delight. She talks about gifts you should buy (or, more importantly, shouldn’t buy on risk of being garrotted) a woman of a certain age. If you’d like a recommendation for the perfect gift, in my estimation, Grumpy Old Menopause is it. The book is insightful, informative and possibly the most uplifting tonic you could take. An absolute must-read – for Her and For Him. If you are a woman struggling with the symptoms of the Menopause, read it. If you are man living with a woman, etc, ditto. Trust me, Carol E Wyer’s book will make the whole thing much more bearable. It tells you you are NOT alone, despite the ‘menopause’ word still often being whispered in hushed tones. It allows you to laugh. More, it makes you realise it’s essential and acceptable to. My advice: buy one for each other, maybe as a stocking-filler this Christmas. Keep it on the bedside table. Men, flash it at your wife (the book, that is) when she’s having a flush. Hopefully, you’ll raise a smile even though she’s feeling distinctly wobbly. Children of MM’s (Menopausal Mum’s), this is a gift she WILL most definitely appreciate. In short, I loved it! Highly recommended!

  • Julie
    2018-12-21 16:46

    Grumpy Old Menopause by Carol E. Wyer is a 2013 Safkhat Select publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Grumpy Old Menopause is a non-fiction humorous look at menopause with some really solid advice included. Carol goes through the ABC's of Menopause suggesting there are certain things better kept from women during this phase in their lives. "Trusting a menopausal woman to control her emotions is like trusting a tornado to mow your lawn" This book is full of these jokes and one liners that will have you laughing out loud. However, there are some remedies and practical advice about how to deal with all the annoying symptoms of menopause. The author did a great job of taking a subject that could make some a bit uncomfortable and turning it into a fun way of giving advice and information. If you are currently going through menopause you will relate to all of this and find the book to be an uplifting experience that will help put it all into perpective. Carol's most important advice is to laugh and when you read this book, you will laugh, for sure. Menopause can be a challenging time in a woman's life and not only to her, but to her family and friends and co- workers as well. So, even if you aren't going through menopause yourself, this book would still be recommended reading to anyone male or female that is also experiencing menopause from the outside looking in. This book would explain a lot of the symptoms to family and friends and give them insights into menopause in a way that is not boring or pull of medical jargon. Carol is an inspiration and a really nice lady. I enjoyed getting to know her when I reviewed another one of her books and she did an interview for me. I love her outlook on life and appreciate all the information provided in this book and for all the great jokes and humor. This one is an A+

  • Melissa Bowersock
    2019-01-07 09:04

    Carol Wyer has cheerfully turned aging gracefully (or not) into a cottage industry. Her books include Mini Skirts and Laughter Lines (about coming to grips with mid-life), How Not to Murder Your Grumpy (about dealing with a newly-retired husband), and Just Add Spice (about a “mature” woman dealing with all of the above). Her latest release is Grumpy Old Menopause, a compendium of sorts that covers all the bases. GOM is at once a hilarious peek into the author’s own mid-life adjustments and an extremely thorough and useful exploration of all the joys, annoyances and treatments for menopause. Along the way, she sprinkles in great handfuls of jokes, some groaners, some laugh-out-loud funny (and fitting!). Her sense of humor is spot-on and helps to take the sting out of the annoying side effects of long life, but don’t let the humor cover up the fact that there is a lot of very useful information here. This is an excellent resource with a playful kick to it.

  • Chris James
    2019-01-13 10:39

    More help for guys whose ladies are approaching “that time of life”!One thing I enjoy about reading Carol Wyer’s books is the sense of trespassing: these are titles written by a talented author which are aimed at women, not men. All of Mini Skirts And Laughter Lines, Just Add Spice, and How Not To Murder Your Grumpy left me not only aching from laughter, but also much better informed.Grumpy Old Menopause is a sort-of companion book to How Not To Murder Your Grumpy, made up of lots of suggestions for coping with the menopause, all presented alphabetically and all lathered in Carol’s special sense of humour. And if you have a partner approaching “that time of life”, here is a book which will let you know what she (and you) can expect, and give you lots of giggles while you’re finding out.

  • D.V. Berkom
    2018-12-24 11:54

    Carol Wyer's outdone herself with Grumpy Old Menopause. Funny, helpful, insightful and endearing--this book has it all. If you're nearing the power surge stage in life, are already there, or know someone going through it, you'll want to read this book. Wyer's anecdotes are either groan-inducing (in a good way) or laugh-out-loud funny--I especially liked the headers for the chapters that list what you should hide from a woman going through menopause (under the letter 'M': machete, mace, men). Definitely my kind of book :-). If you need a good laugh, (and seriously, who doesn't if they're in the throes of a hot flash or one of those lovely mood swings?) then pick up a copy or five of Grumpy Old Menopause (one for you, one for each of your girlfriends/sisters). You'll be glad you did.

  • Diane Croad
    2018-12-23 15:46

    This is Ms Wyer's fifth book, and I confess to being a huge fan. I particularly loved her novel, 'Just Add Spice', which was such a good read. This latest book, 'Grumpy Old Menopause', could well be a companion to one of her earlier books, 'How Not To Murder Your Grumpy!'Her new book is packed full of fantastic information on how to survive the menopause and to retain your sense of humour. What I particularly liked, was that for every symptom, the Author manages to find a positive aspect.It really is a book to keep by your bedside table, so that you can keep referring to it. Being written by the waggish Ms Wyer, the book is also packed with really funny jokes. Far too many for me to mention here!This is another of Ms Wyer's books that I can highly recommend.

  • Kim Nash
    2018-12-21 12:00

    Carol E Wyer is one of the funniest authors I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her account of life is so accurate, so hilarious and so entertaining. Thus book us no exception! Full of witty and useful tips of how to cope through a time that we know is coming and from the age of around 40 we probably all wonder if daily occurrences are the start of our fateful journey! Written in a very light-hearted way, this us a book that all women of a certain age should keep in their handbag! If you know a woman, will have to come into contact with a woman or are a woman, this book could help you get through the rest of your life!

  • Barbara
    2018-12-31 08:56

    I have read all of Carol Wyer's books which are predominantly fiction and I am a huge fan. Considering that I am in full blown menopause, reading this book was a must. What a fabulous read. For every ugly symptom of the M word, Carol gives a positive suggestion to fight it. And with humor I might add!! With each turn of the page I was thinking "OMG, that's so me" and felt relief to know I am not alone. I would definitely suggest if you are in any stage of menopause, read this book! If you aren't close to it yet, read it anyway so you know what to expect and can plan ahead for the battle!! It's a sisterhood I tell you!!

  • Carol W
    2019-01-08 11:48

    It is inevitable, women in their prime cannot avoid it....the Menopause.Despite the title of her latest book, Carol E Wyer, injects her famous humour into a serious subject to try and make the Menopause easier to bear.In between the humour there is some very useful information about alternative therapies, tips to ease symptoms and facts. There are also links to blog communities and websites for further reading.The author has really done her homework of this subject and written a very informative and supportive guide the the Menopause. A keeper.

  • Cathy Speight
    2019-01-05 12:44

    Any book by Carol Wyer comes with an unwritten guarantee: it will be exceptionally good, it will be funny, it will be witty, it will be entertaining, and will always leave you wanting more. Grumpy Old Menopause delivers on all counts, naturally.Though I have been frightfully fortunate to not have become captive of the vice-like grip of the menopause (at the time, I really didn’t know what the fuss was about!), reading about all the possible symptoms was quite an eye-opener. Good grief, some women morph into something unworldly.Carol lays out, in her customary methodical manner, an alphabetical list of symptoms, chapter by chapter, some of which she herself has experienced (hilariously described). She explains clearly what to expect, provides remedies, most of them utterly sensible, some of them homeopathic/alternative. Best of all she suggests a whole boatload of activities to divert the mind and body from the alien that is menopause which invades the female of the species at a certain age. So if you’re suffering from brittle bones, bloating, or body odour, then beer, belly dancing, bungee jumping or bare back-riding might just be your succour.But more importantly, throughout, she stresses the importance of laughter. He who laughs...lasts, she says. And she is the mistress of providing merriment: her advice and anecdotes are peppered with jokes. Some of them Christmas-cracker-type jokes (but funny), some of them corny (even funnier) and some of them really clever (very, very funny).This book just doesn’t help the menopausal woman. With her wit and humour, Carol entertains and brightens up your day. She’s a tonic that should be bottled.

  • Sylvia Massara
    2018-12-31 15:01

    What can I say about “Grumpy Old Menopause”? Well, if you’re going through this often crazy, hormonal, up and down, psychotic time in your life, then it pays off to arm yourself with as much ammunition as you can in order to mitigate the damage left in your wake! In Carol E. Wyer’s humorous look at this condition, you will not only find laughter—after all, laughter is the best medicine—but you will also find practical tips on how to get relief from those “meno” nasties.Well written and a laugh a minute, this is the book for you if you’re going through meno, on the way to meno, if you’ve survived meno, or if you’re a male and your spouse is going through meno. At least men will get a better understanding as to why their partners sometimes laugh and cry at the same time.This is the third book I’ve read by Carol E. Wyer. I’ve also read her humorous romances “Mini-skirts and Laughter Lines” plus “Surfing in Stilettos”, and like her novels, Carol’s wonderful sense of humour will get you laughing whether you like it or not, no matter what she writes. I laughed so much with her novels that I borrowed one of her characters to join one of mine in one of my murder mysteries.It’s not often that I can say I highly recommend an author’s work, but with Carol I feel comfortable in doing this. I am a fan of her work, and I am sure readers will agree with me when I say her work makes an excellent read.

  • Nikki Bywater
    2018-12-28 12:00

    This book is a fun and humorous guide, to help you through the menopause. Cleverly written in alphabetical order the symptoms are matched with a unique and entertaining way of helping with the symptoms, through using hobbies and interests. Not only is this a comical and hilarious book, but author Carol E. Wyer has done her research, as included in this book is some actual good advice that would genuinely help if you are going through this time in your life. Some of the symptoms covered are, insomnia, hot flushes, mood swings, memory loss, night sweats and weight gain.I only wish all self-help books were written in the same warm and witty way that I have come to love from this author. I know if they did I would be far more intelligent than I am because for me personally this is my way of holding my interest and actually educating and learning me at the same time! So if only my teachers had been like Carol at school, I would expect now I would have some fabulous degree with an ology at the end of it.Proving that laughter is the best medicine, this book will have you laughing out loud. Author and blogger Carol E. Wyer has created another great read providing good therapy through humour and also she has learnt me some fantastic new jokes too that I will now go and try out on my family! A nice light read that once again is thoroughly good fun!

  • J.B (Debbie)
    2019-01-15 08:45

    After reading Carol's book How Not to Murder your Grumpy, I was really looking forward to Grumpy Old Menopause. The book is released on 25th November and I was kindly provided with a review copy. Carol Wyer's sense of humour is absolutely wicked! I love it! Unfortunately the Menopause comes to all us women. This book is encouraging you to tackle the problem head on. Don't lie down and die in a pool of night sweats and hot flushes/flashes! It encourages you to get off your menopausal ass and deal with the inevitable through humour and adventure! The book lists some handy tips in alphabetical order. Some of them will leave you breathless with laughter!Carol E Wyer has a skill many people do not possess. She can find humour in almost every situation - even one where you have to change your underwear every time you sneeze! I chuckled my way through the book, taking care not to laugh out loud too much for fear of underwear changes! This is a great little book that I managed to read in one sitting. The perfect book for taking a light hearted look at all life throws at the more mature lady. The main message in this book seems to be that getting older does not equate to losing your sense of humour or your zest for life! Well done Carol!

  • Janet Emson
    2018-12-22 14:57

    I received a copy of this ebook from Best Chick Lit in exchange for an honest review.Now let me start by saying I'm not yet at the age to worry about menopause. In fact I hope I have a couple of decades left before I have to deal with it. However I was told this was a light-hearted take on a sensitive subject so I thought I'd take a look.The book deals with the experiences of menopause, things you can do to alleviate symptoms and ways to help you feel better. I liked the lay out of this book. Each chapter deals with things alphabetically, so H may deal with heart palpitations and hobbies you can take up for example. There are jokes dotted about the book, some of these raised a little smile, others made me laugh out loud. Humour is one of the things that Carol keeps mentioning as a way to fight the symptoms of menopause and the way humour is dotted about the book is a good way of instilling this.I think that there are things in here that people of any age can relate to and take away. The importance of exercise, understanding and other factors to a well rounded and happy life are all mentioned here. It also gives insight into what may happen to when you go through menopause and also how you may help combat some symptoms by taking action now.

  • Anasheh Satoorian
    2018-12-30 15:54

    When BESTCHCIKLIT contacted me regarding doing a review for this book, I was spectacle. Not because I didn't think I would enjoy it, but I have never done a review on a NON-FICTION, book and as this topic is one that I will hopefully be not experiencing for the next 20 (+) years. I was worried that I would not be able to relate to it and give the book its due creditBut alas as this is a real issue in women's health and as someone who has dedicated my life to helping others, I decided to give it a try. I figured even if I could not relate to the topic currently I thought maybe I would learn something to better help future patients who may be having a difficult time dealing with menopause. But I have to admit that regardless of my initial doubts, I really enjoyed this book. They say that humor is sometimes the best way to deal with a difficult situation and this book was a great example of the healing powers of laughter. This book had me laughing from page one. It is decided in alphabetical order with different issues that arise during menopause. There are some amazing jokes and scenarios that give you a chuckle but at the same time, make you realize the real great issues that women face, that is much more than hot flashes and night sweats.

  • Al
    2018-12-23 15:00

    For women of “a certain age” (or sympathetic men who live with one and would like to understand what they’re going through a bit better), Grumpy Old Menopause is both a practical guide and a treatment − humor to induce laughter is one of the book’s recommendations for surviving this time of life.Those who have read Wyer’s prior book aimed at this same demographic, How Not to Murder Your Grumpy, will feel right at home reading this book, as it is organized in much the same way. Every chapter focuses on a letter with almost all represented (Wyer “cheated,” once). Each chapter discusses a combination of menopausal symptoms with treatments and activities to alleviate them that start with the letter for that section. I guess you could call the book “Menopause from A to Z.” Each chapter is chock full of humor with most having a joke or several midway through to keep the mood light, while also imparting plenty of practical information.

    2019-01-09 09:55

    Strictly speaking, we don’t normally review non-fiction but for Grumpy Old Menopause we had to make an exception. By my calculations, I’m roughly around 20 years away from hitting the menopause but, like most women, I know a fair bit about the subject . . . and I’m dreading it.As they say, forewarned is forearmed so I dived straight in and ended up laughing my way though most of the book. Carol has shed a completely different light on the menopause, using her witty writing to show there are many ways of tackling some of the more unpleasant symptoms that occur when a woman’s body is changing in this manner. Sensible suggestions accompany more outlandish ones, encouraging women to go and try something new or, possibly, reinvent themselves.Needless to say, I will keep hold of Grumpy Old Menopause for a long time to come and will no doubt be referring to it once mine hits.Reviewed by Charlotte Foreman on behalf of

  • Heidi
    2018-12-21 13:52

    Are you dreading going through the menopause? Don't fear. Carol E Wyer brings you a brilliant, funny and humorous A to Z guide of how to cope with this difficult time.Carol's tips are hilarious! More than once did I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.Grumpy Old Menopause is not only a must-read for every woman going through the change, but also for every man, friend, relative etc. who knows a woman who is going through the menopause. I loved Carol's description and tips and also really enjoyed the little jokes that are included during and after some of the chapters.Luckily, I am not at this stage of my life just yet, but I can look forward to sporting Acne, riding a Harley Davidson and attending Belly Dancing Classes (according to the book) :-).

  • Sherry
    2019-01-03 11:41

    Oh, those BRITS !!!! I just luve 'em. I enjoy everything about them, their accents, their sense of humor, their TV shows, their Country.Thank you so much for Grumpy Old Menopause. I got such a kick out of it. It was packed through with funny stuff but also had some real hints squeezed in there for how to get through it if the humor doesn't work.I recommend anyone to read this; be it husband, boyfriend, kids, co-worker etc. Well, anyone who has to interact with one of us ladies who are going through it. And of course, the victim herself.Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win this wonderful little book. I will pass it along to one of my Grumpy Old Friends.

  • Kit Domino
    2018-12-28 10:57

    She's done it again! You know whenever you pick up a book by Carol Wyer you are in for a fun read, even if one like this has a serious side too. With her zeal and zest for fun Carol has tackled the subject of how to cope with the menopause in a clever and fun way. If this doesn't bring a smile to your face as you cope with hot flushes and mood swings, then nothing will. The subject has been well researched and am sure with much personal experience of the subject matter. Well done, Carol, I loved every page, every suggestion. Brilliant stuff!

  • Book-shelf Shelf
    2018-12-23 12:55

    A book which takes you through the menopause with laughter and gives you ideas to keep you a bit more sane. Help in ways to keep fit, fab and flirty instead of angry, upset and flabby. With its a-z type help and humorous case studies or confessions, this is certainly the book every woman should have at some stage in her life!

  • Patricia Atkinson
    2019-01-21 15:40

    this was a funny but informative book on menopause.a goodread on a cold night.

  • Michelle Knight
    2019-01-01 08:40

    Review - Grumpy Old Menopause - 3.5 out of 5 stars OK - where to start? The book isn't burdensome, about 92 pages. I'd highly recommend taking the time to peek at the preview fully.It's a mixture of advice, giving you both a heads up on what to expect from the menopause, and some practical ways in which to cope; some of which require a braver heart than others! However, it does this while mixing in a dose of humour. I mean, who would have known that you can buy such a thing as a menopause gift hamper and that there are gift guides for what to buy the menopausal woman in your life?! Seriously!Of course, humour is subjective. My mother could never understand Peter Sellers; but there you go. If you're heading for the time of wine and whine; if the spring on your body clock is starting to run out of energy and the cuckoo is tweeting the changing of the guard... (yeah, that didn't make much sense to me when I wrote it, either)... then you could do worse than this pocket of laughs.Seriously ... I'd go for this as an advice/suggestion book first and humour second. Good advice is hard to find sometimes; but can also require courage to follow through. A number of the pre-made one-liners are creaky, but Carol's own wit is like a comedic ninja; it sneaks in there unexpectedly. Like the serious conversation around the suggestion to have a spray bottle of water in the fridge to help with hot flushes; it suddenly ends with, "Alternatively, you could remove all the shelves and food and then sit in the fridge when you get hot." There are a range of things in there; something for everybody and Carol has tried a chunk of them herself; well, maybe not the sitting-in-the-fridge part. Or maybe she has. I wouldn't put it past her!Some of the pre-made jokes sailed straight over my head. "Q. As people get older, do they sleep more soundly? A. Yes, but usually in the afternoon." Tumbleweed rolled and there was the gentle hiss of wind.The four star is for the advice; otherwise the mixed humour would have come in at a three. Carol's at her best when the humour is all hers. Check out the preview and see if this book tickles your funny bone first.

  • Jane
    2019-01-15 11:55

    You know this book was gifted but that does not alter my opinion. As a woman of a certain age I identified with pretty much most of the topics mentioned. We are all different and we all pass through this phase at varying degrees. I think I have been quite lucky really. Night sweats? Not so much. Flush/flashes - yes, but not all the time. Moods - definitely, but, my long suffering family will vouch for me here - I have come through the other side and I am 'normal' (whatever that is) again.I digress so back to the book. There is a lot of humour in there, a great aid at this time of life. The best jokes are in the chapter headed C, after that they are dare I say, cringe-worthy but will raise a smile and a 'titter'. Each chapter is headed with a letter and runs from A-Z skipping the odd letter or two. Letter A focuses on emotions and is spot on as far as I was concerned. This chapter also mentions alternative medicines and therapies which are certainly worth looking into, even my GP suggested I read up on those. Sage tea is my fall back but it isn't to everyone's taste. Health issues are mentioned under letter B such as breast pain, brittle bones. C mentions concentration or should I say lack of it. Now you get my gist, I am not going to spoil things by listing everything in Carol's book but you have an idea of where this is going. However, it isn't just about physical or psychological issues, Carol suggests some unusual and dare I say, more sensible hobbies for the middle aged menopausal woman. Now the pilates, yoga, blogging, photography suggestions suit me but for the more adventurous - skydiving, breeding alpacas and bareback riding may suit.I highly recommend this book for women entering menopause or peri-menopause. My symptoms particularly anxiety and mood swings started in that earlier stage. This is also a stage of life where you may be in a demanding role at work, a sandwich (looking after children and ageing parents), amongst other worries. No wonder this phase takes its toll. Great advice written with great humour.

  • Marina
    2018-12-22 14:04

    The original review is posted on This Chick Reads Book Blog:“Question: What can a husband do when his wife is going through menopause?Answer: Keep busy. If he’s handy with tools, he can finish the basement. Then when he’s finished, he’ll have a place to live.”I’m definitely gonna need this book when menopause hits me for about twenty years from now. Ms. Wyer writes about her menopausal experience in such a funny way, you’ll think that menopause is not such a big deal. The whole guide is written in alphabetical order, every letter stands for some of the menopausal symptoms. She offers some treatments and everything is spiced with so much humor, I laughed so hard many times. Every page is full of menopausal jokes making it really hard not to laugh. Humor is such a unique way to deal with the physical and emotional changes that women are going through the menopause.I totally enjoyed Ms.Wyer’s humorous writing, so I’ll definitely be on a search for her other books. This is not classical woman’s fiction, but a guide for surviving the menopause. My only complaint though would be it is too short. Getting old is not a bad thing but natural way of life and deserves much more pages. And much more menopausal jokes. Humor is the best way to deal every problem in life.

  • Charles Ray
    2019-01-05 16:37

    Sometimes the best way to deal with a serious issue is to make light of it. That’s exactly what Carol E. Wyer has done in Grump Old Menopause. What happens when everything from puberty to menopause is late? Why, you make a joke of it. Wyer covers the bane of a woman’s existence – menopause – from A to Z (with detours away from O, Q, and U) with her signature brand of humor. This book has puns aplenty, and jokes about the stress associated with the ‘change.’ At the same time she offers a few nuggets of advice that I, as a man, can only assume are valid. You don’t have to be a woman to appreciate this book. In fact, if you’re a married man, it could be considered a survival manual. However you approach it, it’s a thoroughly entertaining read – as are all of Wyer’s books.

  • Marie Cope
    2019-01-01 17:03

    Given I am just starting this journey and having met and had a chat with Carol at a recent literary event, I couldn't wait to get stuck in.The book is jammed packed of useful tips and ideas for coping with this change of life. It provided answers to the changes I've experienced already and put my mind at rest.The humour Carol uses throughout also helps keep this a lighthearted book and shows you that you can look at this change in a positive and opportunistic light, rather than the 'it's all down her from now' philosophy older generations have looked on it as.Highly recommend to anyone going through this change in their life.

  • Enid Otun
    2018-12-26 15:50

    A lighthearted and funny look at menopause, whilst at the same time not forgetting how uncomfortable the symptoms can be and how women can cope. When you need a break from all the serious elements and treatments, and just want to laugh and connect when you realise that you are not the only one who would like to rip heads off for the slightest infringement...!!!!

  • RYCJ
    2019-01-16 14:02

    The Good. This punchy book of short stories was quite the little treat to curl up with.The Mmeh Okay. Nothing new, but...The Best Part it did provide a few good laughs and was really inspirational in that feeling it gave off letting those of us going through this phase know we aren’t going through it alone!