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Alternate Cover Edition for B00E4WTSKI.Lieutenant Jess Grant is home from Afghanistan with a physical injury that has stripped away his confidence. Yet he hopes to reconnect with a young war widow he knew in high school. His "Operation Christmas" project is just the excuse he needs to visit her family's bakery.Madeleine Belmar struggles with Christmas, works for Scrooge, aAlternate Cover Edition for B00E4WTSKI.Lieutenant Jess Grant is home from Afghanistan with a physical injury that has stripped away his confidence. Yet he hopes to reconnect with a young war widow he knew in high school. His "Operation Christmas" project is just the excuse he needs to visit her family's bakery.Madeleine Belmar struggles with Christmas, works for Scrooge, and is nowhere near ready for a new relationship when she runs into Jess. Her rejection and his persistence create a confusing mix of attraction and fear she seems unable to navigate.When Jess sees she won't budge, he leaves their fate up to Madeleine. Between her meddling family and angelic intervention, Jess will get a helping hand. This Christmas will be one they will never forget....

Title : Operation Christmas
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ISBN : 18692287
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Operation Christmas Reviews

  • My Book Addiction and More MBA
    2019-03-17 11:13

    Madeleine a widow of two years was finding this Christmas season to be a difficult one. Losing her soldier husband in the war at age 26 was not what she thought her life would end up looking like. Jess, a soldier that lost his arm 2 years ago went in to the local bakery to buy cookies to send to soldiers that were over seas. Immediately when Jess saw Madeleine he wanted to ask her out, but he did not have the nerve. He did not feel he was whole after losing his limb. Madeleine was shocked that the smell of the stranger, Jess, would have her emotions doing flips.Madeleine doing a favor for her parents bakery, decided to help deliver cookie orders. Where was she sent, but to the handsome strangers work, where he was helping soldiers that were in the war. Was this meeting fate, or a master plan brought on by her family, or even an angel watching over them both.Operation Christmas was a wonderfully written romance/holiday read. The author wrote about the difficulties being in the war can bring. You have the widow’s at home and the soldiers coming home, some come home broken either physically or mentally. The characters were drawn to each other if by nothing at first, but an understanding of the pains of war. I found myself loving both families and enjoyed the story of Madeleine’s spunky “tell it like it is” Grandmother. This was a must read for the holidays, or when you just need a good story.Rating 4.5Heat rating: SweetReviewed By RaeCourtesy Of My Book Addiction And More

  • Cait
    2019-03-07 05:00

    Good second chance story This was a good second chance story packed with emotions, enough back and forth to pack a ship, lots of bakery and even an Angel.

  • Christi Snow
    2019-03-05 11:02

    My Review:If you are looking for a sweet little Christmas book which embraces the season, the emotions that so many deal with at this time of the year, and a touch of Christmas magic....this is the book for you. The first half of this book is pretty tough. Madeleine lost her husband while he was serving in the military two years ago. She's never really recovered from that. That same week of her husband's death, Jess had his own military that he survived (one of the few who did) with only the loss of his arm. But he's still haunted by his loss too. Both these people are having a hard time readjusting to life and that makes it really hard for them to connect for the first half of this book, no matter how hard Jess is trying to make it happen. There are other normal life complications, jobs, volunteer work, life stresses...all those things that everyone has to deal with, but also seem to become so much more difficult at this time of the year.There are some real highlights to this book...Jess's friend, Tamara (I think I have her name right, but am not sure). She was awesome. I loved how she would tell both Jess and Madeleine the honest truth and call them on stuff. Then there was Jess's little sister, Crystal...loved their straight teenage honesty. There's a quick little bit of conflict at the end, but the resolution to that story line was PERFECTION. I really, really did like that bit in the epilogue. Most of the story takes place in Madeleine's family bakery....those smells with the Christmas lights that are present in all of Jess's places provide great ambiance for this Christmas story.Like I said, just a sweet little read to make you think about the miracles that so often happen this time of year.I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • Jane
    2019-03-05 11:04

    Jess Grant was a high school sports star full of confidence, after graduation he became a Marine. He returns home leaving part of one arm in Afghanistan and stripped of his confidence. He takes over his father's business, takes on raising his younger sister; after two years he wants to move on and is attracted to a young widow that lost her husband two years ago in Iraq.Madeleine Belmar, the young widow works for a jerk that demands lots of unpaid overtime and gives no respect to his employees. Her family owns Belmar Bakery and she is sent to deliver the Christmas cookie tins that Brad ordered for Operation Christmas to be sent to troops overseas. Madeleine's desire to help with Operation Christmas, her meddling family, Jess's persistence in asking her out and a robbery make this heart warming story an adventure as these two work to overcome the mental anguish caused by the losses of war. The message in this book honors all veterans and men and women that serve in our military; Barbara Weitz wrote a wonder story in their honor.

  • Averil Reisman
    2019-03-19 05:13

    This heartwarming Christmas story is a poignant glimpse into the effects war has on both those who fight and those left behind. Madeleine Reynolds lost her husband to a Humvee bombing attack in the Iraq War and still grieves for her high school sweetheart two years after his death. Jess Grant, a former high school football star, who has always traded on his good looks and jock status, is beset with insecurities after losing most of an arm in exchange for a chest full of scars in Afghanistan. Author Barbara Weitz delves deep into their fears and anxieties as she gently weaves a story of two souls longing for a future of happiness and joy but afraid to go after it. Oh, and along the way, they bump into an angel—their guardian angel. After all, what’s a Christmas story without one? I turned the pages from beginning to end to see how these two emotionally and physically scarred people would overcome the odds to reach their happily ever after. I wasn't disappointed.

  • Jackie
    2019-02-27 08:13

    Operation Christmas is a great read to get you in the holiday spirit. It brings up what we tend to forget. Many of us, unless your married to one, forget about the soldiers during the holiday season. This story brings up how family and soldiers are effected by both the loss of a life and of a limb. Jess is the wounded soldier who has run into the one woman he has pined for since high school. Madeline is grieving the loss of her soldier. Both Jess and Madeline come together to heal each others wounds. Their love story is sweet and gentle. It really made it feel like they had that angel that they talk about in the book. Though this is a short story it is definitely a moving one that will warm your heart and have you wanting to send a tin of cookies to a soldier too. Overall, a wonderful read and definitely will put your own challenges into perspective.

  • Tonileg
    2019-03-11 10:06

    Holiday Military themed clean second chances romance.Lieutenant Jess Grant is home from battle duty permanently when he loses an arm in an attack and he is trying to integrate into his family business as well as 'real' life with only one arm. So its been two years since the big life changing event and he is ready to date again. He has in his sights his high school unrequited lust for Madeleine Belmar. Madeleine's family runs the best bakery in town and with the help of both families they get thrown together to send dessert treats to soldiers still on the war front. So with some jerky starts the two find each other ready to start a new life with lots of healing and acceptance and a crazy intervention with an angel.Well edited and clean so nothing more then a few kisses.126 pages and kindle freebie for the holidays2 stars

  • Leanne Davis
    2019-03-19 07:15

    Good writing/chemistry and storyline. Madeleine is grieving for her husband killed two years ago in Afganistan and meets Jess a soldier who lost his arm there but has always noticed Madeleine from attending the same high school. I like how the "widow" storyline was handled with respect and reality that she had such a hard time allowing herself to consider moving on from the husband she loved with another man. The last "angel" part was a little bit awkward to me but I enjoyed the overall story.

  • Lynne
    2019-03-13 12:08

    A lovely story full of longing. Nostalgia and seasonal warmth. Enjoy.

  • Tina
    2019-03-15 12:28

    good book

  • Ngdecker
    2019-03-15 12:06

    Another novella for the Christmas season! A very sweet and touching story with good insights.