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Sometimes two people fit together so well it seems their love was preordained, as if every step taken led inevitably to a happy ending. Deeply in love, Jared and Alex are such a couple, but the path to true and lasting love is rarely smooth. At fifteen, being gay isn't the best thing that ever happened to a guy. In fact, Alex Ross thinks it's down right scary. Then he meetSometimes two people fit together so well it seems their love was preordained, as if every step taken led inevitably to a happy ending. Deeply in love, Jared and Alex are such a couple, but the path to true and lasting love is rarely smooth. At fifteen, being gay isn't the best thing that ever happened to a guy. In fact, Alex Ross thinks it's down right scary. Then he meets twenty year old construction worker Jared Douglas, and Alex starts to think the gay thing might not be so bad after all.The attraction between them is intense, but -- mindful of Alex's age -- Jared is determined to keep the sparks from igniting. The stress of controlling his feelings makes it almost a relief when Alex's father ships him off to prep school. Jared expects Alex to forget him and find a boy friend his own age; he doesn't anticipate how much it will hurt. When Alex comes home for Christmas, just turned 16, with his heart on his sleeve, Jared knows he can't continue to keep everything he feels a secret....

Title : Our December
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Our December Reviews

  • Elsa Bravante
    2019-05-20 07:17

    2.5 (Update: qué leches, le pongo tres estrellas, no tengo vergüenza xD)No me preguntéis cómo he llegado a leer esto, pero aquí estoy. La redacción tiene serios problemas y el plot me ha hecho entornar los ojos unas cuantas veces. Pero..., la pareja protagonista es muy dulce, y aquí me veis, que voy a leer el segundo. El que sea tan cortito, ayuda.

  • Susan
    2019-05-06 06:25

    (Would have been 3.5 stars...but that's Tony from Life Lessons on the cover in, what looks like the same shirt. I'm not ok with this.)Hmmm…conflicted.I have a REAL problem with the underage story line. I find it hard to believe that a good-looking, responsible, successful 20-yr old would WANT to be hanging out with an immature 15 yr-old kid as friends, even with attraction. And the 16-yr-old “age of consent”…well, I’m not entirely supportive of that either (but that’s more about politics than books…)HOWEVER…it’s hard not to like Jared and Alex. Jared is, for sure, a man of integrity. And though he emotionally crosses the line, he never PHYSICALLY crosses it…and technically, I guess that’s ok. Alex is adorable. I’m not convinced that someone his age and inexperience level would be so forward in his interactions with Jared, but he’s charming and sweet. The two of them together are heartwarming and I kept wishing I could just fast-forward to when Alex turned 18 and I could breathe a sigh of relief and get over my hesitation.I can see why people LOVE this book and this series. I’m sold enough to continue reading…hopeful…

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    2019-05-11 05:23

    Overall it was a very cute and satisfying story. I loved all the characters and the writing flowed smoothly. The story starts with Jared and Alex in the Future and they have been together for 14 years. Then the story goes back to the Present when they met and continues from there back to the future time. The style worked for me because they were not a series of flashbacks but a continuous story. (I don’t like flashing back and forth between past a present). The story left me with some questions though mainly, how did Alex’s mother handle him being gay. When he is 15 they talk about how she will freak out and not accept it, 14 years later we don’t know anything about Alex’s family. I also wish there was more story between when Alex was 15 and 30 (ETA Diane let me know these will be answered as the series progresses so I just have to be patient and wait for the next one). The book has very little sex, as in no sex until the very end but I liked that. It really focused on the characters and their relationship. ETAI was a little worried about Alex only being 15 at first but he seems older and the situation and romance is completely appropriate for the age. And Jared is only 4 or 5 years older anyway.

  • SheReadsALot
    2019-05-18 10:43

    3.5 Stars - Sweet start to series between two men, Alex & Jared. Their relationship spans fourteen years, this book dealing with 15 year old Alex and 20 year old Jared. Don't worry there's no underage sex. That respectable quality of Jared's was a nice touch.And before you trash this book for being sexless, it isn't. There's ADULT sexy times, smutsters.Overall cute with a smidgen of man tears (luckily he was able to fix his face and keep it together)Will I follow the rest of the series? Sure. How soon is a different matter.:)

  • Nikyta *Miss Forgetful*
    2019-05-11 05:24

    Wow, I don't even know what to say about this one... It has to be one of the best books I've read in a while. I got sucked into this story so fast it wasn't even funny. I was laughing and crying and my heartstrings were pulling so much that I actually need the next book in the series RIGHT NOW! I loved the way Jared handled Alex's crush on him. His constant determination to stick to his integrity and be honest with Alex but then watching as Jared's heart broke when Alex was forced to leave, broke my heart. [image error]The friendship between Alex and Clark was so touching and sweet that I fell in love with Clark especially since when Alex was gone, he took it upon himself to make sure Jared didn't fall apart. I adored Alex to pieces since he was so naive on anything related to being gay but his love for Jared is what made me fall in love with him.A bit of a warning, though. Alex is 16, which is the legal age, when Jared finally allows himself to have Alex. I didn't mind this at all but some might. Plus, there is no sex in the story until you get to the end, which is 14 years after Alex and Jared get together. Just an FYI. I loved, loved, loved this story and I can't wait to read more about Alex and Jared.... Please tell me there will be more?!Definitely recommended! [image error]

  • Kaje Harper
    2019-04-28 08:34

    This is sweet and simple, about a 20-year-old guy who is wise beyond his years, and the 15 year old he is falling for but determined not to touch. I read in one sitting and immediately bought the sequel. It just was exactly what I wanted today. Two really good characters and reassurance up front that their love will last.

  • Ami
    2019-05-15 05:34

    When I read the summary of this book prior to its release, I was a bit wary; mainly because it was clearly stated that Alex was 15 years old and Jared was five years older. While five years are not a big of difference when you're in your 20s or 30s or more, but when you're still under age, that kind of relationhip just scream wrong. But I decided to give it a chance and my, I was happy that I did.Our December is actually opened with a scene of the day Alex turns 30 years old. And there is information that he and Jared have been together for 14 years. THAT makes my heart so amazingly happy. It's always great to read about established couple, who make it through the years ... Though, I do't really know that in 16 years old is a legal age (I always thought it would be 17 years old).Then, the story does "flashback" of the first time Alex and Jared meets and few other things that happen from that time until Alex turns 16 years old, right on Christmas Eve. I admire Jared and his integrity. The "life-lesson" that he tells Alex is one thing to keep in mind. It's one lovely story, and I seriously CANNOT WAIT to read what happens next in their life.PS: I also love the secondary characters: Clark (Alex's best friend) and Frank, Alex's father. Would love to read more about them and their part on Alex/Jared's life

  • Don Bradshaw
    2019-05-13 04:21

    This book was a beautifully sweet love story written mostly as a flash back between a 15 year old boy and a 20 year old man. Jared Douglas is the owner of a construction company, due to the untimely death of his father, and is struggling to learn the ropes of the business world. Alex Ross is a 15 year old just coming to terms with his sexuality who meets Jared at a construction site. There is instant chemestry between the two but also the problem of an adult and an minor. The two settle for a close friendship and a wait and see future. The story flows well and all the characters in the book are very likable. The emotional interplay between Jared and Alex pulls you into the story and keeps you reading even though the ending is no big shock. One short sex scene at the end instead of the usual hound dog hump-a- thons is a nice surprise. This is the first book in a series of seven books. I wholly recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet love story. Reviewed on HeOn Fire...

  • Deeze
    2019-05-20 07:29

    This one was practically perfect for me. A true fairy tale romance lol. The author totally nailed the feelings and emotions, not only of a 15 year old, who admittedly seems pretty mature, but also of Jared, a 20 year old forced to take on responcibilities far too early. I am so looking forward to the next book. I'm totally in love with these 2 guys, and Clarks pretty cute too, LOL.I wish I could find the words to do this fic justice, unfortunately my feeble ramblings will have to do.As heart warming and enchanting the second time as the first time.

  • Beck
    2019-05-26 12:16

    This is a review of the series.The books in this series are completely co-dependent. None of them are a stand-alone title which means that you will probably feel compelled to purchase the entire series. This is one of my pet peeves. At $4.39 per book, the price is quite steep for the word count. I can read 4 books from this series in one day.I became emotionally invested in the characters Jared and Alex. Despite the fact that the story was a bit twee and some of the supporting characters a tad cliché, I felt compelled to keep reading despite the fact that I knew the characters ultimately got their HEA. Diane Adams managed to write a beautiful romance with a prolonged build up of sexual tension. It was nice to read a story where the characters got to grow up and develop. I can't quite pin-point what it is about this series that made it such compelling reading. Nothing jumps out saying "this makes this story fabulous". Perhaps it's the Twilight-like frustrated sexual tension. Perhaps it's simply the niceness of the characters. Whatever it is, it is a story I will re-read and if another book is written, I will buy it too. I would have rated the series 5 stars if it were re-worked into one book.

  • Sheri
    2019-05-15 04:17

    Rigid rules. First love. Self-discovery.I am at odds with myself over this one. It certainly drew me in; I couldn’t put it down nor stop the continuous loop it ran in my head for days.I liked Jared.I liked Alex.I really liked them together….but it wouldn’t have felt so fragile to me if Alex had been two or even one year older. I get the importance of the age gap, but 3 years, rather than 5, would have eliminated my unease. Does this make me a prude? I’m not sure, but even though I met my husband when I was 15 and he was 2 years my senior, I know things would have been very different if my first love was of college age instead of high-school. My parents would have pitched a fit, regardless if we were sexually active or not, because a 20 year old and a 15 year old are in very different stages of their lives. It wasn’t necessarily the 5 years between them, but the particular five years that separated them. Nevertheless, I enjoyed their journey together and found myself quite fond of them and their families. I see why Alex fell for Jared, for he is lovable in every way. Honest, respectful and genuine he was an amazing role-model. Alex is astoundingly courageous, funny and so very adorable. Clark was the best friend a young man could ask for, truly the very best friend ever! I’d like a Clark for myself. Even Alex’s father was a good egg.I enjoyed the prologue setting up the story. It begins with Alex’s upcoming 30th birthday (which falls on Christmas day) and flashed back 15 years to when they first met. We experience Jared’s determination to be honorable and make the right decision no matter what his desires may be. We watch Alex discover himself, find his path and fall deeply in love with his dream man; unfortunately, he happens to be forbidden fruit. Then we are thrown back to the present for a peek at their long awaited intimacy. And sadly this is where I felt let down. For 90% of the story we anticipate their permissible relationship without rules and I was left wanting more. I couldn’t help the, ‘wait, is that all?’ feeling after reading the final page. I will probably still continue with the series, but I wasn’t left with the burning desire to need it now.*3.5 reminiscing-risky-romance stars*

  • Bev
    2019-05-14 07:37

    I loved this story, even though most of the books in the series are really short. This story is told from Jared's perspective, looking back on the start of his relationship with Alex fourteen years in the past. Jared was a lovely guy, kind, understanding and full of integrity. Alex was an impatient 15 year old, full of hormones, and pretty sure he was gay although he'd had no experience.They'd done nothing more than kiss because Jared was honourable and had made rules for their 'friendship' and Alex was below the age of consent, but when Alex's father (who I thought was a lovely guy) thought it was a good idea to send Alex away to a prep school to continue his education before going to MIT (and take temptation away from Jared and more importantly Alex), Jared reluctantly agreed with his father's decision even though Alex was furious. They kept in touch via text and voicemail, but Jared was really unhappy and Alex, well Alex, was busy with his studies but missing Jared all the time.On the night of Alex's 16th birthday which co-incidentally was Christmas Day, Clark, who was Alex's best friend, had insisted that Jared have a party, and much as Jared didn't feel up to it, he did. Unbeknown to Jared, Alex had come home and turned up at the party. As it was his 16th birthday, and he was now able to have sex, he obviously wanted Jared to do more than kiss him, but no, Jared took things steadily and kiss was all they did. The series continues, and needless to say, I've downloaded all the other books.

  • R.J.
    2019-04-28 10:17

    I am lucky enough to have a pre sale copy of this as I have been traveling the publishing path with Diane from her first, and my first, day. It is being released on Christmas Day.Diane has a beautiful and lyrical way of writing, her characters are expertly drawn - rounded and full of life. This book is the first in a series of books in the *making of a man* series. A look at the life of Jared and his Alex, the story of how they met and how they became AlexJared.Beautiful, poignant, well crafted, and highly recommended to all my GR friends.Rjxx

  • Amy
    2019-05-14 04:30

    A very strong start to this series! I enjoyed Jared and Alex’s journey so far. I loved Alex and Clark acting goofy like 15-year-old boys and highlighting how much growing up they had to do. And Jared was practically a saint keeping his feelings under control around Alex. A very sweet ending with Alex showing up on his 16th birthday. Can’t wait to read more :)

  • Ravyn
    2019-05-25 06:31

    Sweet and enjoyable little story. First in a series of books centering on the relationship between couple Jared and Alex, Our December focuses on this couple's beginnings: their first meetings and budding romantic feelings at ages 20 (Jared) and 15 (Alex). It's sweet and easy to read, and the characters are incredibly likable. On the down side, I thought the book felt a little short and underdeveloped. There were lots of aspects to the relationship that I would have liked to see expanded. For example, I would have liked to see more interaction between Jared and his mother, and I would have liked to know more about his original "coming out" which was only barely mentioned. Also, I felt like Alex's own "coming-out" was a little...underwhelming and incomplete. However, I'm hoping that the subsequent books in this series will help flesh out some more of the story between these two likable men.Bottom Line: Very sweet, short read. Recommended for something easy and heartwarming.

  • Craig Sharp
    2019-05-15 09:41

    Our December (The Making of a Man, #1) by Diane Adams is a well thought-out and written story. At the beginning of the story I thought I may be put-off, considering subject matter of the story. Diane did an excellent job developing the relationship between the characters. Not many authors would have attempted to write this story, due the complexity of the relationship of the two main characters, let alone pull it off with style and dignity. A special thanks to my friend Deeze for telling me that I would enjoy this story, otherwise I may have given up on this story early on. Diane’s enchanting skill has won me over. I’m off to read A Place To Run (The Making of a Man, #2).

  • LauraZu
    2019-05-19 08:20

    I have mixed feelings about this book. There was such a great plot going on, it completely caught me off guard when it ended, just when I was expecting this to go on it ended, I was left open mouthed and kinda disappointed. But it was pretty great. So sweet and adorable and perfect. Jared was only a 20yr old with the world on his shoulders. Then he meets Alex, who made him open his eyes to new things and possibilities. But not forgetting Alex is 5yrs him junior he's still cautious. Hopefully the next book has more takes on their lives, if not I'm giving this 2stars for making me feel like a piece of me is missing!

  • S.J.D. Peterson
    2019-04-29 06:18

    This is a very sweet story of coming of age. I too (like others) was concerned about the age difference but it was done with much thought and sensitivity. The book was a little short so it's a 4.5 instead of a 5 based on that alone. What I read, I thoroughly enjoyed but I would have loved to have explored some of the aspects of their relationship more in depth. Guess I will just have to wait for the next book :) Congrats to a talented writer on her debut novel.

  • Camille
    2019-05-23 05:15

    I liked this little story illustrating the immutability of love. It was sweet and well done with good characterisations and pacing.Teeny, tiny note: "howl" is a weird verb to use for sex play...takes one a bit out of the story. That, and one less repetition of "you don't care" at the end would have done it; the reader gets the reference and sentiment.

  • Valentina Heart
    2019-05-27 09:17

    I really liked this one. It was just perfectly sweet, funny enough and it fulfilled all the romantic points one might lack in life and loves to read about. I would have loved to read more about their past, but really, it wasn't necessary. The book is just amazing the way it is.

  • Leaundra
    2019-05-24 07:39

    It was a sweet story! I really enjoyed it. I would love to revisit them:-)

  • Lisa Arbitrary - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog
    2019-05-12 12:36

    ~~~I almost always write my reviews immediately after finishing a book. I didn't with this one. No real reason other than I guess I didn't feel that motivated. Now, a week later and I can't stop thinking about it. The premise made me feel a little uncomfortable at first. That whole, too young to touch thing just got to me. THE CHARACTERS"Are you gay?"Alex (15) is just becoming sexually aware and has no idea of his charm. He's honest, straight-forward and adorable."Hanging out with him would be about as safe as navigating a field of land mines. Jared had no idea how he would maneuver without losing a piece of himself..."Jared (20) is hard-working, dedicated and well-adjusted. He's responsible, thank goodness or else we'd be talking about a whole different kind of book.THE STORYI was taken by surprise at how quickly this story developed. Jared is instantly attracted to Alex but he knows to set rules for keeping his distance. He intends to only be a mentor to Alex but can't help his developing feelings. Alex keeps it together pretty well until his father decides it's best for him to experience more of the world...away from Jared. I was both torn by Alex and Jared separating, and, relieved that a level headed adult was stepping in to slow this evolving relationship down. THE WRITINGThis is a quick paced, easy read that drew me in and kept me reading. It started out with a lack of contractions during the dialog that just didn't feel like natural speech, but that eventually leveled out.There were some moments that surprised me, that I didn't expect from the author. I assumed that this was a very straight-forward romance but there were some heavy issues to be overcome. I have to admit, when I finished, I thought there was some unfinished business. Now I see that it is an ongoing series, so I'll hold back on what would have been criticism.A totally, gratuitous sex scene inserted at the end was completely unnecessary. Nonetheless I enjoyed it, because it was a hot scene and that's what I read this stuff for, duh! ~~~~~~~In the end, this was a sweet romance with potential to grow deeper. I was relieved that the uncomfortable nature of underage romance was addressed and not denied.~~~Take a look at my Male/Male Romance Book Blog:

  • Kassa
    2019-05-11 11:43

    This is the second book I’ve read by Diane Adams and her writing style satisfies that itch for light and romantic stories with solid happy endings. Some of the writing is jumbled and the POV jumps around a bit but the backbone of the story and characters are enough for anyone looking for an easy popcorn read. These may not be the most memorable stories but a quick, interesting read is enough sometimes and I’m curious to see where the author goes with this series. Book One reads like a standalone novel. We’re introduced to a couple, Alex and Jared, as they’re celebrating 14 years together. From there the story flashbacks to their first meeting and shows various memories of how the two men met, the conflict inherent in the age difference and how eventually that is resolved. There is quite a bit left out, in fact more left out then actually included, but still the emotion and basic plot is there. Easily enough emotion to please romance fans and a couple you can connect with. The story is mostly character driven as the couple meet when Alex is just 15 and Jared is 20. 5 years is a huge age difference considering how young and impressionable Alex is and Jared refuses to get sexually or romantically involved with the teenager. This could have been a sticky element considering the age difference and the age of consent. Not to mention I’m not sure how you show romance when the two can’t even hold hands but the story does a nice job of convincing readers that these two could fall in love without ever touching and handles the age difference with sensitivity. There is a touch of unreality given Jared’s restraint but a believable reason is given later on that should help any skeptics. Alex and Jared are interesting characters but the story is simply too short to be fully fleshed out. There is a wealth of information only hinted at – such as Jared’s relationship when he was 15, Jared’s relationship to his parents and mother specifically, Alex’s relationship to his parents and his mother, the years between Alex’s 16th and 30th birthday – and the story would have had much more impact if it was expanded to include these and other topics. Instead with focusing on certain flashbacks the readers gets an idea about the two men and their love for each other but it still remains more of an idea than a shown concept. As a light, fun read Our December is an engaging and satisfying story. It may not be the most memorable one and may leave you wanting more but like Chinese food, you’ll be back for the second installment. At least I will be.

  • L-D
    2019-05-23 11:18

    I wish I had reviewed this book right after I read it, because nearly a month later, I'm afraid I'm not going to do it justice.Jared is a 20 year old construction worker that quit school to take over his father's construction business when he unexpectedly passed away. His original plan was to finish school and go into business with his dad, but the circumstances forced him to accelerate his timeline. Unfortunately, without a degree, Jared must be twice as good as other construction companies to prove himself.Alex is a 15 year old boy that is attracted to the young business owner. They strike up a friendship, but because Jared knows that perception is reality, he is very careful to ensure that they are never alone together and all their interactions are in public places. But he really enjoys Alex's company and is aware of the mutual attraction. Jared's sense of honor is what makes him such a special person. I totally fell in love with Jared - his love, loyalty, and patience were astounding. I read the 3 books in this series one right after the other, so it's more like one book to me, but I thought this was a strong introduction to their relationship.

  • Shelby
    2019-05-04 05:25

    I was surprised going into this with the way the story started. We know these two have been together for 14 years right from the start, but most of the story is told from the start of their relationship. A start that began at a time where their age difference was actually a problem. There's only 5 years between them, but when they meet Alex is only 15. He's below the age of consent and the connection that springs between them is intense. But Jared is determined to be a responsible man and no matter how drawn to Alex he is, a friendship is all they can have.This was sweet and a wonderful beginning to their story. The two little vignettes on either side of the main story set things off well and keep this from being a straight YA story. I enjoyed this and will look for the next book in the series. 4.5 Stars

  • Mantastic
    2019-05-06 11:41

    I am such a fan of Diane Adams. Our December is another winner. By reading the synopsis, there were many ways this story could have gone wrong. Not to worry, though, because Alex and Jared's romance was handled beautifully. There are a lot of sweet and fun moments between the two. Apparently, neither one can bowl to save their lives. Alex's best friend, Clark, adds another layer of depth as he supports Alex through his crush and helps Jared during his crisis of conscience.They are both great guys and you will be pulling for them at every turn. Its a light, quick read with a lot of character. Perfect at 115 pages.

  • Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)
    2019-05-12 04:34

    This book was sweet, light, a bit sappy and short but I loved it anyway! I was a little 'weirded out' by the fact that we start this series when Alex is 15 but then I guess that's the whole point of 'The Making of a Man' series. How Jared handles Alex and their friendship is wonderful and it didn't feel at all creepy. I can't wait to finish off the books, this one has definitely left me wanting more!!

  • Rachel Emily
    2019-05-10 07:27

    I absolutely loved this book! Jared and Alex are just adorable and even though it's a very...simple romance, it's so realistic and emotional and was absolutely lovely. And Alex's friend and father are great too, very great supporting characters. I can't wait for future tales with these two and how their relationship will progress. Highly recommended for those who want a sweet, realistic romance with strong men.

  • Arzu
    2019-05-16 11:27

    What a beautiful story!! I started reading it and then, before I knew, I finished reading the book. I immediately looked for the next one, but unfortunately I have to wait for the release. This sweet romance gripped me from the beginning and I really want to know what happened in those 14 years. How did Alex' mother react? How did the young love developped? What happened with Clark?? All these questions ...

  • Candice
    2019-05-07 06:37

    This was a sweet and enjoyable little story. There are a lot of sweet and fun moments between Jared and Alex. I like how it story wasn't filled with constant flashbacks. You knew the point they were at in the beginning and from there were taken back to fill in the history. This is a nice light read.