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She shuttered her heart and walked away... Heading home always stirs up mixed emotions for Laney Calhoun. Twelve years ago she left for graduate school, broken-hearted. She's found professional success, but positive personal relationships have proved elusive. Running into her ex-boyfriend fans flames she thought long extinguished, and causes a renewed interest in love. NoShe shuttered her heart and walked away... Heading home always stirs up mixed emotions for Laney Calhoun. Twelve years ago she left for graduate school, broken-hearted. She's found professional success, but positive personal relationships have proved elusive. Running into her ex-boyfriend fans flames she thought long extinguished, and causes a renewed interest in love. Not with Kyle, of course. Never again. But as sparks fly and items of clothing disappear, she scrambles to keep her emotions in check. ...Now he has a second chance to get it right. Kyle Nixon let Laney slip away once. Their chemistry together is undeniable, but steamy sex is not enough to convince her to let him back into her heart. Even if she did trust him again, her career as a paediatric surgeon is five hundred kilometers away from the hometown that he loves, and the life he once chose over her. Come home to Wardham. Come home to love....

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What Once Was Perfect Reviews

  • Carmen
    2019-05-18 07:33

    This book is really called "Carmen reads something that she has no idea how it got on her Kindle or when." Seriously, I have no idea how this got on there.ANYWAY. This book is so full of feelings. If you are one of those readers who loves having their heart stomped into a bloody pulp underneath an author's heel, this is for you.Almost everyone has one: THE EX. Not just any ex, but The Ex who you don't know what you would do if you saw him/her again. Cry? Fall into bed with him? Not say anything, looking at the ground with a beet-red face? You pray that you never see him again, because if you saw him again your heart might explode. You know. THE EX. The one you still have feelings for on some level, the one ex you never fully got over.What happens when that person comes back into your life?Laney hasn't allowed herself to have a real relationship in 12 years, ever since her one true love, Kyle, dumped her in college. She has sex-only relationships, but has never allowed anyone in her heart. He fucked her up, and he fucked her up but GOOD. She has a hard time even saying the word "boyfriend."Now, home in Canada for Christmas, she has to face Kyle, who lives just down the road. He's still hot for her, she's still hot for him. That's typical with THE EX. You know sex with him would be SO GOOD.But I don't have to tell you, having sex with your ex (not just any ex, mind you, THE EX) is a really, really bad idea and this insanely bad idea leads to all sorts of things. Tearful conversations, people's hearts being ripped out, old hurts, new hurts, the book is fucking brutal.I know this looks like a happy little Christmas story, or something, but don't be fooled by the sweet cover.I have NO IDEA how Laney holds it together for most of the book. I would NOT be able to handle having sex with THE EX. I would just be sobbing, and having sex with him knowing it's just a weekend fling (after once being Boyfriend) would just KILL ME. At one point he gives her, as a present, his old swim team T-shirt that she liked to sleep in.Oh, low blow, man. I mean, are you TRYING to tear her heart out and feed it to her for breakfast? I mean, who the fuck would think this is a good idea?!!?!?! I would have started bawling. But then again, I would never allow myself to have sex with THE EX. I'm not that stupid. Laney is very stupid to open up this can of worms again, especially considering that he did a real number on her and basically fucked-up any chance at her having a normal relationship in the last 12 years.How's the sex, Carmen?The sex is good and well-described but I couldn't enjoy any of it because I was too anxious about the characters and too emotionally distraught.Tl;dr - Anyway, if you want a book that's going to slam you into the ground with feelings and that's what you're looking for in a romance, this is a perfect little Christmas novel for you. It's all shades of fucked-up, the kind of fucked-up that can only be reached by decided to start becoming physically and romantically involved with THE EX again.I don't know if my heart can take another book like this, OMG. Too anxiety-producing. Hopefully my other "what's in the jungles of Carmen's Kindle" discoveries will be a little less emotionally devastating.THREE REAL STARS, FOUR ROMANCE STARSP.S. Although this is self-published, it is very smooth. No spelling or grammatical errors that I could see.

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-05-27 11:22

    FREE on Amazon US today (3/10/2015)BLURB:She shuttered her heart and walked away... Heading home always stirs up mixed emotions for Laney Calhoun. Twelve years ago she left for graduate school, broken-hearted. She's found professional success, but positive personal relationships have proved elusive. Running into her ex-boyfriend fans flames she thought long extinguished, and causes a renewed interest in love. Not with Kyle, of course. Never again. But as sparks fly and items of clothing disappear, she scrambles to keep her emotions in check. ...Now he has a second chance to get it right. Kyle Nixon let Laney slip away once. Their chemistry together is undeniable, but steamy sex is not enough to convince her to let him back into her heart. Even if she did trust him again, her career as a paediatric surgeon is five hundred kilometers away from the hometown that he loves, and the life he once chose over her. Come home to Wardham. Come home to love. are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf: Kindle-freebies (currently over 370 books)

  • JewelsyGoolsy
    2019-05-17 12:41

    3.5 stars. I'm a freebie whore so I thought I'd grab this one as a trial fluffy filler in between my heavier reads. I honestly thought I'd read enough just to sample it before discarding and moving onto my next fluffy filler sample, but I guess I didn't stop reading till the end and actually enjoyed myself. From looking at the feel-good cover and blurb received via Amazon Australia, I admittedly expected a chick-lit worthy, fluffy bubble of wholesomeness where the sex scenes are faded to black. I am happy to report that this was not the case with this story and I was excitedly surprised to get me some sexy nookie for my greedy mind. It's probably also the reason why I kept reading this book, but I digress.Told in dual third person POV, there were times when I felt that the writing wasn't very clear on whether to be angsty or lighthearted thus, confusing the pace of some scenes at crucial times. Other than that; it was still a pretty easy, light, contemporary 2nd chance love story with some surprisingly hot smut. Standalone story and book #1 in a continuing series with HEA.

  • Deb Dee (autumn delaney)
    2019-05-17 12:32

    What Once Was Perfectby Zoe YorkGenre: Adult, RomanceThe author gave an ARC in exchange for an honest review. "This could be our every night. This could be our forever.""This is perfect, I'd like to stay in this moment forever.""It's not such a big risk when you know it's the real deal." H: Kyle was determined to get the girl of his dreams back, for them to share forever. He didnt let his past mistake ruin their future.h: Laney was sure of herself but guarded. She doesnt want to get hurt again but she over came her hang ups to get her happily ever after.There are oodles and oodles of hot, sexy, steamy scenes in this book. You'll surely have your fix!This is a short read but I wish the transition between their fears and doubts to moving on and conquering their uncertainty should've been smoother like a defining moment (or something), that they were better together than apart.An awesome debut by Zoe York!

  • Roberta Pearce
    2019-05-17 05:39

    4.5 mildly smutty starsThis was my first Zoe York novel and it fulfilled exactly what I want from escapist romance: steamy sex scenes, a convincing likeability for and between the H and h, and some bang-up writing [and by that, I mean some of the best structured writing I've found in a romance novel in a very long time].A little Harlequin-esque [nothing wrong with that - Harlequin wrote the book (LOL) on romance], the story is small-town-turned-big-city girl [Laney] is still heartbroken over her first and lost love, Kyle. Maybe she should be a little more over it all, but Ms. York manages to convey Laney's stalled emotions authentically, and the situation underscores just how much Laney loves Kyle still. Of course, everything works out in a well-executed HEA, just as every romance should! [My edition featured excerpts from others in the Wardham series, giving me a taste that, I imagine, I will spend some lazy winter days sampling.]

  • Trish Bedroom Bookworms
    2019-05-25 11:37

    Originally posted at Bedroom Bookworms book blog.What Once was Perfect is a book that has been on my Kindle for ages. For once in my life, I was caught up on ARCs and I needed a palate cleanser after Lick (because nothing was going to compete with it) and I thought I’d give it a try. I enjoyed it, but it was just a little bit slow-paced for me. It reads a lot like a traditional harlequin romance, but with slightly steamier smut. It worked well as the palate cleanser I needed, but I wouldn’t call it “appointment reading.”Overall Rating: 3.5 Stars: Worth a few minutes before bedtime.He was her first love...Heading home always stirs up mixed emotions for Laney Calhoun. Twelve years ago she left for graduate school, broken-hearted. Now she's determined to step outside her comfort zone, right after a week in Wardham for the Christmas holidays. But running into her first love puts the plan into overdrive, and as sparks fly and items of clothing disappear, she scrambles to keep her emotions in check....and she's always owned a piece of his heart.Kyle Nixon let Laney slip away once. Their chemistry together is undeniable, but steamy sex is not enough to convince her to let him back into her heart. Even if she did trust him again, her medical career is five hundred miles away from the hometown that he loves, and the life that he once chose over her. But giving her up again just isn't an option.Come home to Wardham. Come home to love.Laney and Kyle were college sweethearts who didn’t survive a long distance relationship. We meet them again as Laney comes back home for the holidays. It’s a completely believable tale. It’s sweet, it’s romantic, it’s even pretty hot. But something about it just didn’t grab me by the Feels and draw me in."Laney, sweetheart, that's not a good idea." It's brilliant, asshole, shut up.I liked Laney. She’s a doctor and a good person. I liked her bull-by-the-horns attitude. I respect any woman who pretty much says “screw the rules. I want him.” She’s also a good aunt, sister and daughter. She’s completely likeable.Kyle is a nice guy, too. An idiot occasionally (aren’t they all?) but a nice guy. I appreciated his ability to admit his mistakes and his willingness to risk it all for Laney. Plus he has a great dog. Who can resist?"You've got fifteen seconds to come on my hand, sweetheart." The store is also sweet. I think what the story lacks is any great conflict. Sure, Laney is a little scarred from being hurt. But she doesn’t do anything angsty or dramatic. And sure, Kyle does give us a grand gesture in the end. But none of it made me chew at my fingernails or really worry. They were just good people meant to be together. What Once was Perfect is a well-written, quick read that leaves you smiling. But it’s more like ice cream than a great steak; sweet, but not all that fulfilling.He was lost forever in a sea of Laney.Smut Factor: 3 stars - Not BadCharacter likability: 4 stars - I wish we were friends.Storytelling: 4 stars - Totally bought it.Writing and editing quality: 5 stars - Excellent!

  • Rashika (is tired)
    2019-05-10 09:28

    I am happy to announce that I am officially out of my reading slump.After finishing Leap of Faith, I was somewhat vary about reading this book because I really did not want to go back to the dark place, so I started this book with a heavy dose of skepticism and a tiny fledgling of hope.I was not disappointed. There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong with this book but the author pulled through. While there were some things that didn’t work for me, I was rather happy with the outcome.Like their relationship. It could have gone so absolutely wrong. I mean they broke up 12 years ago and the last time they saw each other was 2 years ago at her father’s funeral. Think about the amount of angst that could have ensued or the fictional amount of time they could have spent avoiding each other?Thankfully they acted like the adults they were and even though things were slightly awkward they actually sat down to talk about it. And let me just say this because I personally believe it’s a big deal, it was the chic (Laney) who took initiative NOT THE GUY! Do you know how big of a deal this is? You know what’s even bigger a deal? They actually talked through what went wrong the first time around (kind of) and came to peace with the actual break up (it’s about time anyway, 12 years is a long long time). We also had someone take the blame, while I usually hate it when one person takes the blame for a relationship gone south, I must agree that Kyle really did make it a whole lot worse.They don’t exactly agree to give it another shot but they decide to enjoy their short time together. They realize that they have grown up and matured since the last time they were together so while the chances of them having a real relationship are next to impossible the live in different countries), they can still enjoy the time they do have.The relationship was the strong point of the book for me, the characters, not so much. I liked them but they could have been a whole lot better.Laney had me vary right off the bat. She hasn’t been in a real relationship since her breakup and doesn’t believe in love. The only real relationship she had had was with Kyle, which was over 12 years ago when she was still young and somewhat naïve. That tells me that she never matured emotionally which is rather important in a character isn’t it? How do I like a character that defines all relationships by a failed one? If Kyle really had been the center of her universe she should have stayed instead of going off to Harvard right?Kyle was still better than Laney because at least he attempted other relationships. What I didn’t like about him (this contradicts what I said earlier when I was talking about their relationship but I am trying to separate the relationship and the characters here because it makes more sense to me) was the fact that he took all the blame. He spent years blaming Laney for the break up (which was obviously the wrong thing to do) and then he suddenly decides that it was his fault? He also goes as far as taking blame for Laney’s ruined idea about love/relationships. NO! It’s not your fault! She should be smart enough to realize otherwise, because, I am quoting what she said here,“Not that young. Too young to make it work, maybe, but not too young to know what it was”If she realizes that and has made peace with it, so should you dammit!I am not going to dwell into the actual cause of the breakup because it would be wrong for me to judge these characters on their past mistakes when they have obviously grown since then and realized what went wrong.All in all this was a pretty fun read. It was light and had good romance. You cannot ask for much more. This review has also been posted on my blog

  • Sugar and Spice Book Reviews
    2019-05-20 06:23

    5 STARSABSOLUTELY LOVED!!!!!! "Love is Overrated"........Laney didn't do emotional entanglements, they were banned from her life a long time ago. She barely did physical relationships, only agreeing into a sexual arrangement if interested party understood several criteria which many men ran once they heard these terms. Twelve years ago, she was left broken hearted by her first and only love, Kyle. When deciding to go to graduate school 12 years ago, Kyle decided he could not do a long distance relationship and broke up with Laney. Left totally devasted, she decided to put all her energy into school and work toward her career as a doctor. This has been her life for 12 years. Returning home for the holidays, Laney runs into Kyle. Every emotion and feeling she has buried for 12 years are suddenly in front of her. She has never forgotten or forgiven him for breaking her heart. This is why Laney makes no attempts for romantic relationships because she never wants to feel what she felt the day Kyle walked away. When Kyle shows up at her doorstep, both are speechless but Kyle attempts to make small talk and invites her to visit his house which is next door to her mom's farm. Evie, Laney's sister, trying to convince Laney to talk with Kyle in order to move on with her life. "You've got stuff there you need to work through, and it's not happening if you pretend he doesn't exist."Laney refuses to believe there is anything to work through but does admit it's awkward because it didn't "end amicably and it wasn't healthy to be tense about a college boyfriend a decade later". Then she decides maybe it would be good for them to talk about what happened and clear the air. Kyle has continued to live his life and follow his dreams of being a teacher after Laney went away to grad school. He knows the mistake of his life was letting her go and has tried everything possible to forget her. But every relationship he encounters falls apart because no one will ever be the one but Laney. After he takes a break from dating for two years, Laney is back.......and OMG! This is where all the fun, steamy hot sex comes in.....Both of them agree to enjoy the holidays with no strings attached.....but can they do that knowing how strong their feelings are for one another.........even if she wanted something more it would be impossible because after the holidays she will return to her life in Chicago as a plastic surgeon. Kyle once gave her up for his career and life in Wardham, will he make this mistake again?"There weren't any promises of a future life together, either, but he didn't need to live like a monk anymore. Two years was more than enough time for soul-searching and penance. As long as Laney was close enough to touch, to breath in, to taste like his g..damn last meal, he would take whatever she offered and not ask any questions about what it might cost him when she inevitably left."I truly fell in love with Laney's family: Claire (Laney's mom) and Evie (Laney's sister). Leave it to family to tell you like it is.........."I hate to suggest that you just have a fling, but you're a grown up. Just because Kyle lives here doesn't mean he can't make the drive to Chicago. And I'd love it if you visit more, even if your primary reason was a booty call." .....(Claire)This is one of those good ole' love stories.......but of course with lots of hot yummy sex!!!!!!!. So entertaining with all the small town gossip, family issues, and of course love hate relationship between Laney and Kyle. Awesome Job Zoe York.....Keep up the good work!*Review by Kim

  • Nadine Hook Me Up Book Blog
    2019-05-22 09:31

    4.5 Sweetest Stars EverReturning to her hometown for the holidays, after years of avoidance, isn't an easy task for Laney. Laney left and didn't return for a good reason - ex boyfriend Kyle. Kyle was her first and only love. After he broke her heart, she had sworn herself to never get hurt again and to lock her heart down. Now, being in her hometown it is inevitable to not come across Kyle. When he suddenly (thanks to her mom) knocks on her door she's dumbfounded and doesn't know right away what to do, say, react or think. Laney is still heart broken after all those years because both left things unspoken and it literally tore them apart.After Kyle made the first step and invited her to his new home for some coffee, Laney finds herself shortly knocking at his door. Kyle was facing the same struggle as Laney; he never loved someone as much as he did her and regretted his stupid decision 12 years ago. He wanted to explain so much, make things right with Laney -but will she let him? Will she open up to him again, risking to get hurt again? Or is this just going to be a vacation fling with him? Kyle knows he hurt her so deeply it will be a hard task to win her over. Is he even ready to invest again in this once cherished young love with Laney? Find out for yourself ;)Both fully enjoy Laney's short vacation back home - but are those 10 days enough? Enough for her to let him in, in her heart to consume her with his love as he used to do?"She couldn't give him forever, but she could give him an unforgettable right now."10 days fly by very fast and Laney has to head back to work and into her real world -without a Kyle in it. On their last night realization hit her as she was recalling there time together while watching a naked sleeping Kyle:Time stood still as he loved her with his mouth, then his hands, and finally with his whole body, hip to hip, chest to chest, mouth to mouth. He held his gaze as he thrust into her again and again, sure and steady, as if to say, this could be our every night. This should be our forever. Matching tremours wrecked through their bodies, as if his orgasm triggered hers and vice versa. As if they were one.This love story was by far the sweetest and most real story I've read in a very long time; if I even read such a story ever. It wasn't too long or too short. I loved this story and only put it down because I had to sleep. As you might know I'm not such a big fan of romance stories, if it isn't mixed into a paranormal,fantasy, etc story -but this, your story my dear Zoe was pure bliss to read. I was smiling and in constant awe. Why I loved this story so much, here is why: The story and characters felt real, I could totally relate to them and understood every action and thought. There was no unnecessary drama, bitching around or awkwardness. It felt real, all the time, and that's what I like in a story. Even the side characters felt real, no super perfect people -only perfect in the eye who loved them- and no extreme twists and turns; exactly how this story should be.Kyle is a dream, for real. I was smiling and yeah even giggling- he is perfect and normal to the same time. Laney, a woman standing with both feet in life, was joy to read. Another plus was that you could read from both Kyle as well as Laney's perspective. I really enjoyed it.All I say is that there is no cliffhanger and yes I loved the end. If I would recommend this story? Of course!! It's pure joy to read their love story.*I was given a copy by the author for an honest review*For more reviews visit our blog:

  • Rosanna Leo
    2019-05-16 10:36

    What Once Was Perfect by Zoe York has just pole-vaulted its way into my heart and onto my favorites list. I adored this book. When I first picked it up, I assumed it would be a sweet romance about life in a small town. It is, and it is so much more. Don't be fooled by the sweet cover- this book is hot. The chemistry and subsequent sex between Kyle and Laney is scorching, as it would be for lost loves who rediscover each other quite by accident. Ms. York took me on an emotional roller coaster ride and I hated putting this book down. Not only did Zoe York play with my heart strings, she ripped my heart out of my chest and dangled it in front of me. I apologize for the gruesome imagery, but that is how I felt. I wanted so badly for this couple to be together, especially after past trials and present logistics problems. Yes, in many ways, this was a quiet story about lovers learning what is most important. There are no big action scenes or over-the-top characters. Much of the conflict is internal, but boy, this author kept me flipping pages so quickly my Kobo almost burned out. I fell in love with Kyle, the teacher with heart, and rooted for Laney, the doctor who is devoted to her career. When it looked as if all was lost, I cried for them. And when Ms. York presented her wonderful resolution, I cheered. I will be adding any future books by Zoe York to my TBR list, and when they are released, they will automatically jump to the top of my pile. This was that good.

  • Kara
    2019-04-28 04:38

    Another book that reminded me of a sappy hallmark movie. Not a bad read.

  • Amanda (Hootie) Clark
    2019-04-26 06:39

    Young sweethearts separated by a misunderstanding find their way back to each other. What Once Was Perfect is a nice steamy romance about two people learning to trust each other again and rediscovering their love.You all know I am a huge sucker for sweetheart stories and I totally loved this book. Laney Calhoun was hurt deeply by Kyle Nixon 12 years before when he broke things off at the height of their summer fling turned serious relationship. With Kyle being her first real love the breakup has hurt her deeply and left her unable to have serious relationships therefore she chooses casual hookups to protect herself. She hasn't seen Kyle for two years, not since her father's funeral and is dreading the eventual meeting which her mom plays a hand in setting up. When he shows up at her mother's door all the old feelings for him come rushing back to her. One of the things I loved about this story was that once Kyle and Laney see each other again they agree to talk and work things out and go from there. There isn't a build up of "Will they Won't They" because once they settle everything from their past they give their relationship another chance.I found myself relating to Laney in a really big way. She was hurt deeply by someone she loved very much and has let that keep her from moving forward and finding someone else to love. Her vulnerability was endearing even though she tried to keep her walls in place she still had that inner softie that reminded me of myself. I really appreciated the fact that although she was scared to move forward and kept her emotions locked away she wasn't abrasive and off putting as some female leads tend to be in this situation. Once she and Kyle started seeing each other again she was still weary which is natural but she also remained optimistic and hopeful about everything. She had her moments though where she tried to push Kyle away and had decided for herself that she wouldn't go any farther than sex with him. I honestly didn't know how the story was going to go throughout especially when Laney has to leave and go back to Chicago for work. They agree to visit each other but that doesn't sit well with Kyle for long.Speaking of Kyle, I have to say he was fantastic. I loved him and found myself reading his parts with a tiny lump in my throat because you get to see what happened all those years ago from his point of view. He has felt hurt and almost betrayed by Laney leaving for college never thinking she would want to get out of their small town and do bigger things. He's always been a small town guy who becomes a teacher and works at the local school teaching 4-6th grade. It was hard watching him relive his hurt from all those years ago because despite how he broke things off, Kyle is a really great guy. He cherishes Laney and treats her with respect. I love reading stories from a guy's perspective because it's interesting and different to see the same events from the other side. While Laney has closed herself off Kyle has tried to find love and had a few relationships that didn't work out though. It was exciting for me to know he never stopped loving Laney which was probably the reason he never made his other relationships work. I loved watching him do whatever it took to show Laney that he wasn't going anywhere and made a real effort to understand her side of their breakup. He wasn't completely perfect though, he had a tendency to stick his foot in his mouth with Laney and say the wrong things at the wrong time.The romance in this book was well done but the main thing that caught me completely off guard was the heat factor. I had no idea this book was going to get naughty because going by the cover and synopsis I thought this was another mild romance. NOPE! The sex is intense, super hot and plentiful because let's face it, These two had a lot of time to make up for. It doesn't take long for things to go from 0 to 60 with this couple. I think I got to chapter five or six before they were in the sack. Unlike some romance novels where the sex gets a little mundane after a while, that wasn't the case with this couple. By the time they become intimate you know enough of what happened between them and become attached to them and actually want them together so when the "Oh Yes Harder" starts it's gratifying. The chemistry between Laney and Kyle was captured perfectly and knowing how intense it always was for them and how it is between them now was a nice contrast. Where it was just young lovers discovering each other for the first time before, this time it was two people who were familiar with each other but still discovered new things about themselves and the other as they explored. Laney's family was a great addition to the story with her sister's crazy workout routine, her mother's scheming and the entire town in her business. Growing up in a small town myself I understand all too well how people can get into your business without you inviting them. Laney and Kyle had enough to worry about without being bombarded with questions about their rekindled love. I may have been worried about what Laney would choose but in the end the author gives you a nice surprise to bring everything together. The love story between these two characters was endearing, funny and sweet and knowing that this is a series I am excited to see who is next in this small Canadian town to find love. What Once Was Perfect was my first Zoe York experience and I will definitely be reading more from her in the future. This was a nice quick read that had great pacing and kept me interested from start to finish. If you love sweetheart stories full of romance, steamy sex and light hearted fun then check this one out as soon as possible.

  • Derna
    2019-05-18 07:19

    ********I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review********4.5 stars I have had this book on my review pile for a while, and after reading it I’m cross with myself that I didn’t read it sooner. I’m such a sucker for a second chance romance story, and this book was a perfect read on a Saturday afternoon.Returning home to her home town of Wardham Canada for the Christmas holiday Delaney Calhoun finds herself face to face with Kyle Nixon her ex boyfriends who left her broken hearted twelve years ago when he ended their relationship. Laney now lives in Chicago and has moved on with her life, but the break up affect her emotionally she is very guarded, as she doesn’t want to get hurt again. Laney had relationships, but she never lets anyone get too close.“Laney had banned emotional entanglement from her life a long time ago. Never again would she be vulnerable and give her heart to someone. It wasn’t worth the pain”Kyle one biggest regret is letting Laney go, he too has had relationships, but deep down he always knew Laney was the only one for him. After twelve, years, sparks fly, strong intense emotions of love, but also anger return, and the chemistry is undeniable. Kyle wants Laney back, he knows he hurt her he wants to make thing right, and get her to trust him again. “I’m an idiot, so I didn’t realize it until I was twenty-two, and then I let you go, a bonehead move that I will always regret.”~ KyleI liked the storyline told in from Laney and Kyle’s POV about second chances and family. It was romantic, charming, and funny. Loved the Christmas morning Pilate’s scene. It had just the right amount angst. Laney and Kyle are likeable, and well develop characters. Two people that you know are meant to be together. The chemistry between them meant there were plenty of steamy scenes.“She once believed that love and chemistry were one and the same, and she blocked both out of her life, but today she blew that idea out of the water”. “She didn’t need to play the seductress, or any other game. They wanted each other with honest abandon, and neither of them would fight it”I like that Laney and Kyle are honest with each other about their feelings, regarding the past and possible future. Their emotions are real as they try to overcome the issues that could keep them apart for the second time around. “The agony here? I don’t like to feel that. And it’s inevitable, so this?” She pointed at her heart. “That’s off limits. To everyone.” “That’s my fault, then, and I’m sorry. To you, and all the men out there that’s probably want to love you. They’re missing out.”~ KyleLoved the secondary characters, Laney’s mum, sister, and her nephews, there was something about them. They have such a heartwarming relationship. Loved that it was set in a small town, the nosiness and the gossiping of the locals was very funny. "I hate to suggest that you just have a fling, but you're a grown up. Just because Kyle lives here doesn't mean he can't make the drive to Chicago. And I'd love it if you visit more, even if your primary reason was a booty call." Claire Laney’s mum Overall I really enjoyed this book it was a short read, but well written, and I liked the pace of the book. It had the feel of a made- for -TV Christmas movie that I loved to watch at this time of year. This was the first book I have read by Zoe York, and I will definitely be reading more. In fact, as soon as I finished this one, I added all her other books to my TBR list. I liked Zoe’s writing style. There was no cliffhanger just a sweet happy ending. If you loved second chance romance stories, that are steamy, will make you laugh and smile then What Once Was Perfect is just what you need so go one click today.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-30 11:25

    This review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland3.5 starsWhat Once Was Perfect was a good read. It was hot and continued my theme of holiday stories where the people work through whatever issues and finally get together. The difference was this time they had dated in the past. They both were in love, but they both ended up broken hearted. Laney and Kyle grew up in the same town and fell in love in college. They have obvious chemistry and they both wanted to be together forever, but Kyle messed that up. It has been twelve years since they broke up, since Laney left for graduate school broken hearted. She has not seen Kyle since then and really she has not let anyone else in. She doesn't want to fall in love again. It hurts too much. She just wants to work and coast through life. She just doesn't want to move on. Kyle didn't want to wait for Laney to finish her graduate schooling. He didn't want to spend a year apart, and that ended things between them. For a long time he considered Laney the girl who broke his heart when she did not come back after she finished school. It is not until her family sets him straight that he realizes he is not the only one suffering. He has tried to move on, tried to have a life with someone else, but it just doesn't work out. He needs closure with Laney and when she comes home for Christmas he is hoping they might be able to get that. When Laney first sees Kyle she is not ready for all that she feels. She is still attracted to him, but she can't do anything more. Their mutual attraction is hot! They still go well together, and Kyle definitely wants more. Kyles wants Laney forever if he can just find a way to convince her to give him another chance and figure out how to make it work. After all she does live a good ways away and they don't want a long distance thing. While I liked both of them together, Kyle can be a bit..he just doesn't think about what he says and how that will come off to Laney. He is not really stupid, but he makes some stupid decisions. I didn't love him, but I did want Laney to be happy so it worked. It was still a good read and I enjoyed watching the two of them work through everything that happened and start a new.

  • Aarati
    2019-05-22 12:21

    From: got a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.What Once Was Perfect by Zoe York is the first in her contemporary romance series Wardham. Delaeny Calhoun is a plastic surgeon working in Chicago. She still hasn't gotten over her first love, and her relationships are short lived arrangements. Will this Christmas at her hometown Wardham turn over a tide for Laney?Kyle Nixon made a mistake. He let the girl he loved the most slip away. And he blamed her for a long while for the end of their relationship. But is it too late to rectify what was the worst mistake of his life?This time when she returns home, Kyle has decided to clear things out with Laney, with of course a little push from her mother. Laney is finally ready to hear what he has to say after twelve years,during which she pined for him, but never let herself be vulnerable. To anyone. Kyle is not going to let her go this time. He'll take what he can get. Even if it's just an occasional romp in the sheets. But neither of them thought they'd fall in love with each other all over again. But this time Laney isn't as free with her heart as she was all those years ago. Which means, Kyle has his work cut out for him.What Once Was Perfect shows a couple who have always been in love overcome the heartbreak and mistakes of the past and start over a new clean slate. How they learn from the mistakes they made, and promise to do better this time around. It was a well written novel, bittersweet with some really hot love scenes. Actually a lot of love scenes. But if never edged over to erotic. A bittersweet romance that makes you feel good at the end of the day. The loved the characters. They were real, they were mistaken. They were just human. I was looking forward to seeing Ian and Carrie, but they just had a blink and you miss it scene.A 3.5/5 starer book. I really look forward to the next book in the series

  • Amy
    2019-05-03 10:25

    This is a sweet contemporary romance perfect for curling up on the couch on a rainy day. I say that because the time frame is Christmas, and being that it's so hot here on the East Coast lately I feel like I live on the surface of the sun-it was a great escape.Laney left home 12 years ago for med school and never looked back. She has a successful career and a few friends with benefits relationships since having her heart broken by the only man who ever really had access to it. Not wanting to take the risk of having her heart broken again, Laney has spent the past 12 years holding herself back from any real relationships. When she goes home for the holidays, she runs into Kyle, the boy who is now a man and sparks long gone fire up again in his presence, along with unwanted and unresolved feelings.Kyle hasn't stopped kicking himself for letting Laney get away so many years ago, and he hasn't ever really gotten over losing her. The characters are fun, and well developed. I really liked that they lived in a small town and everyone was giving their opinions which was cute and funny. This is the first in a series and I will look forward to reading the next one as, I really enjoyed the character of Evie, Laney's sister.This is a stand alone book however without a cliffhanger, which I appreciated- and a great HEA!

  • Linda
    2019-05-09 04:42

    OMG! Great book! Laney Calhoun had her heart broken 12 years ago and as a result she is closed off to ever having another close relationship. Laney is a successful pediatric reconstructive surgeon andi part it was working to become this successful te education to get to this place inher life is what cost her the relationship she had with Kyle Nixon!Kyle is still in Wardham , moving on with his life trying to over the past12 years hav relationships but they fail he has ajob he loves teaching , he has bought the old school house and is re doing it , into a lovely home just missing the one thing someone to share it with..Laney comes home to Wardham to visit for the holidays and thanks to a meddling mom , Kyle is thrown in her path.How to talk to the man who broke your heart ,especially when part of you hates him and the other part of you is instantly turned on. The attraction that still exists after all th years is not one sided , overthe next week the two will talk and embark on what starts out as a fling , but stirs up do much more. These two are hi and heavy and the sex is like setting fire to dry timber, it burns hot and bright. Great story line with thee two trying to resolve issues but trust is. Tricky thing and Kyle is going to have to work very hard at it!

  • Bella
    2019-05-11 05:32

    2.5 StarsI'm a huge fan of Ainsley Booth, and when I discovered she also wrote books as Zoe York, I wanted to read all of her other books. What Once Was Perfect was about a second chance for Kyle and Lanie. I must say that the narrator was a bit flat for my liking. I had to rewind the beginning a few times to get into the story. The story itself was about Lanie struggling to love someone after she and Kyle broke up so many years before. Lanie and Kyle bump into each other while Lanie is in town and they reconnect. I must say I had a hard time connecting to the characters. There is this scene when Lanie and Kyle have a talk about their break up, and Lanie is crying about it....and then they're kissing. It happened so fast, I missed the transition! Bottom line: the audio is not my favorite and the story was entertaining but predictable. **Audiobook given by author for honest review. **

  • Nancy
    2019-04-30 06:20

    Laney is so devastated by the boy who broke her heart twelve years earlier that she can't love anyone. Kyle truly believe she is the reason things didn't work out but has not quite ever moved on. He can't quite commit to anyone and it's all Laney's fault. Laney goes home for the holidays and runs in to her old love and there once and for all needs to be some closure. I liked how their story played out until the end. I felt it was rushed. The author took a lot of time with their reunion but when it was time for her to go home, it just didn't feel right. Overall, good story, steamy romance, likable characters.

  • Penni
    2019-05-04 05:35

    Loved this little second chance Christmas romance.

  • Margaret
    2019-04-29 07:20

    This is a sweet second chance romance. Laney and Kyle never should have broken up in the first place but sometimes things are said and mistakes are made. They are really good together.

  • (Eirene) Sleepless Romantics
    2019-04-28 05:30

    Rating: 4/5Steam: 4/5I have a received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review!What Once Was Perfect is Zoe York's debut novel and the start of her Wardham series. Man what a great way to start a new series and an exciting new career! This book was a delightful read about two people in dire need of a second chance with each other.Summary:Laney Calhoun is a successful Canadian doctor living in Chicago and for the last ten years, she has banned love from her life. The reason? A messy break-up with the love of her life, Kyle Nixon. Ever since, her relationship with men has been distant if not utilitarian. She's even avoided spending time at home with her family in Wardham, Ontario because of the painful memories.Unbeknownst to her, Kyle Nixon has also been having a rough time dealing with losing Laney. It's taken him a long time to realize who really was to blame for most of the breakup and now he's come to terms with it. He also wants to see Laney again.Thankfully for both of them, there are meddling mothers and a too-concerned small town-ers there to point both of them towards the right path.What I Liked:I'm glad Miss York followed her calling to write romance novels, because she is excellent at it! What Once Was Perfect is a shorter read, but the characters were introduced and fleshed out masterfully. Even the secondary characters, who only had a couple of lines and mentions in the book, stood out because they weren't your generic stock characters. I'm actually really excited to see more of the good people of Wardham in her next three books because of this.I really loved the first chapter where Lacey was remembering all the painful memories of her relationship with Kyle. I'm a big fan of angst in my romance novels and this, for me, was just the right amount. I got to see and understand where Lacey was coming from with her whole stand about banning love from her life 5ever. This made me more excited to see how she was going to be reunited with Kyle! Actually, the first chapter, despite being sad, also had its funny moments. Zoe York has given Lacey such a funny, warm and captivating voice that it made me enjoy that little trip down memory lane.If you're looking for something with a little bit more steam, What Once Was Perfect does not disappoint. Doesn't matter that this is a shorter read. Every time Lacey and Kyle got together, the air just sizzled and there was so much tension and chemistry between those two!Mentions of suicidal deer and that little exchange between Lacey and the border guard were also wonderfully funny.What I Disliked:Not a dislike, but I actually wanted to learn more about Wardham, just to get a feel for it. I have never lived in a small town (the smallest town I've set foot in for a couple of hours is Stavely, AB) so I always like to read a little bit about what the town is about.This is a funny thing to not like but I can't figure out who the next story is going to be about! I guess this means I have to stay tuned and see what Ms. York is going to publish next! Aaaah!Final Thoughts:I thought this was an excellent debut book! It showcases Ms. York's storytelling strengths and is overall a very enjoyable book. It makes me excited to see what she's going to release next. If you are a fan of small town contemporary romances about second chances with a good dose of steam, What Once Was Perfect should definitely be on your "to read" list this summer!Huge thanks to Zoe York for giving me a copy of this wonderful book!This review is a part of my Canadian Authors Review-A-Thon. Click here to see more reviews!

  • Maria Rose
    2019-04-29 12:40

    After a brief introduction to the small town of Wardham and some of its characters in her prequel novella Between Then And Now, Zoe York treats us to a story of two reunited lovers. Laney and Kyle were high school and college sweethearts, but differing life goals brought a split to the couple that devastated Laney and closed her off to deep meaningful relationships. Home for the holidays 12 years later, unresolved feelings come to the forefront and Kyle must convince Laney that this time he will stay the course. I loved this story! I liked that Laney's character was so vulnerable to Kyle even after all their years apart and that Kyle was equally vulnerable to her. Her hurt at Kyle's breakup of their relationship with her is still surprisingly close to the surface when she encounters Kyle again, as are her long dormant feelings. More sexually experienced now, she figures she can enter into a purely physical relationship with Kyle and not involve her heart. Her discovery of her long buried feelings coming to the surface was touching to read. Kyle is wonderfully portrayed as a strong dominant man who is aware of his mistakes with Laney and his desire to treat her well and be given any chance at all to spend time with her is sweet and heartwarming. The sexual chemistry between the two is explosive and the steamy love scenes are well written and convincing. Secondary characters play an important role as the backdrop of Wardham becomes more fully revealed through the interactions of all the players. I also really liked that Laney didn't have to compromise herself and her career in order to have a relationship with Kyle, and without giving away any spoilers, I found the conclusion to be perfect. In summary, this contemporary romance will make readers feel at home in the town of Wardham and ready for another romance in the series. 5 steamy stars!

  • Amy H
    2019-05-19 05:29

    This was a very quick easy read. The characters are all lovable and it is really predicable, but if you love some steamy sex scenes then it is work it. I do believe!!!Laney was heading back to Canada for her Christmas getaway. She was going to see her family. The only thing she wasn't looking forward to was the small town gossip. Yup, she was still the center of it after all these years... Laney had her heart broken by her high school sweetheart. now till this day she will never have a boyfriend. she only has sexual occasions with no strings attached. For some reason she cannot love. She just had to let her co-worker down. By down I mean break up. Their casual sex thing wasn't fair to him and she saved him a favor. Now Laney's mother and sister are trying to get Laney to see her ex boyfriend Kyle. They haven't spoken to each other since the break up. they have a lot they need to work out so they can move on. Her mother sets up a great scheme to get the ball rolling. Kyle on the other hand has had relationships, but they never last because they all say he is still not over her. Kyle has no problem trying to work things out because he wants his life back.Both will realize after one meeting that they are meant to be. Laney wants to be with him, but she lives far away and doesn't want babies and to be tied down. Kyle wants all of this and will try everything he can to convince her otherwise. these two will have great sex and also drama. this is like a true fairy tale ending!

  • Danielle
    2019-05-21 09:31

    FOUR 'YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING' STARS!This is the second story in Zoe York's Wardham series. It's a typical small town in Canada where everyone knows everyone else's business and gossip is like air. But with all of that, people care about each other, neighbors help out neighbors and people fall in love.Laney Calhoun and Kyle Nixon fell in love very young. Too young it would seem as Kyle didn't handle Laney's impending year long departure for grad school well. He broke her heart, and it wasn't until she was gone that he realized what he lost. But by then it was too late, Laney was entrenched in her new life as a surgeon in Chicago. Try as he might, he was never really able to move past his love for Laney. On the other hand, Laney has not tried to move on to another relationship. She avoids emotion, keeping all her encounters with men monogamous but casual. She believes love is a useless emotion that will inevitably lead to heartache and pain; thanks, but no thanks.Laney returns home for Christmas, and sees Kyle. She is surprised by her feelings and decides to have the long needed closure conversation with him that they both need. Only that conversation goes much better than either expected, and they embark on a very hot fling. Now it's Kyle who needs to convince Laney to take another chance with her heart.Does Kyle convince Laney to take that chance? Will Laney be able to overcome her fears to embrace love again? How will they handle the long distance? Read this well written, steamy, small town, second chance at love romance to find out!

  • Kae Trudeau
    2019-05-24 04:35

    I loved this book! It was a beautiful, sweet, heartfelt story of second chance romance. Kyle had made a mistake years ago when he let Laney go without being supportive of her decisions to pursue her own dreams of becoming a doctor. When he gets the chance to reconnect with her after years apart, he takes it, and works hard to show her he’s changed. Laney herself was heartbroken when they broke up, and is cautious with her heart. But Kyle helps her overcome that. Both Kyle and Laney were extremely likeable and wonderful characters. They were not just characters that had great chemistry together - they felt like real people that you liked and wanted to support in their journey together. Their dialogues were heartfelt with real connection. I liked that Zoe York captured the realities of relationships - that both Laney and Kyle had their own dreams for themselves that they wanted to pursue, and they both worked to make that happen. I liked that Laney didn’t give up her own opportunities just for a guy, and although Kyle took some time to realize that Laney was most important to him, he does a great job of redeeming himself. “I’m an idiot… I let you go, a bonehead move that I will always regret. You went on an amazing journey, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to support it. You didn’t need it, but damn… I wish I hadn’t missed it. I don’t want to miss anything else. I want to be your rock. Your forever.” This book is definitely on my re-read pile. Zoe York has done a wonderful job capturing beautiful romance in a realistic yet wonderful way.

  • Brittany Price
    2019-05-27 11:22

    I enjoy reading romantic reunion books like this. It’s great to see how the characters have changed over a long stretch of time. Not knowing what the main characters’ reactions to each other will be and what their first few encounters will entail keeps me on edge. It may have even been more interesting if there were little bits of the past from when they were together replayed for us readers. Once they were reunited, I didn’t care for how Layney gave in so easily to Kyle, sadly. I was hoping that she would show more resistance, considering what he had done in the past. The steamy scenes that took place made up for a lot of it, though. Super good! I think it would’ve been interesting to see more of them in a bigger city setting with more people involved, somewhere that Kyle would show more of his possessive, protective nature that we caught a glimpse of towards the end. This was a great romantic story, where I enjoyed seeing people with a past fall for each other once again. I’m glad I read it!

  • Melissa Marlow
    2019-05-07 05:27

    Laney Calhoun and Kyle Nixon once planned a future together. But when it came down to their futures Kyle had chosen his hometown over following Laney to where she could pursue her career. They both parted broken hearted and not able to move on in a positive relationship.Now that Laney has come home after 12 years she is determined to get closure, but what Kyle wants it more than that. He wants her trust and is willing to give her the space she needs, but the attention she wants.How steamy they become has never been a problem. The issue from their past is still present in their life. Her successful medical career is five hundred kilometers away from the hometown he loves; can they get past the distance and pursue any future at all?If you read this one it will give you warm fuzzy’s, especially if you read it with a glass a wine, on a couch, in front of the fireplace, and the wind whipping outside. Yes I read this in one sitting. You may enjoy it as much as I did. A true romance.

  • Sarah Jane
    2019-05-17 05:24

    When I finished this book, I was thinking it was a 4 star book and that I loved it. Upon further reflection, I realize that there was no actual conflict in the book: it was just sort of an introduction, some stuff happens with minimal angst, and a HEA (I mean, come on, there could have at least been some ex drama thrown in). That said, I really enjoyed the writing. This was my first time reading this author (it was a free BookBub). I thought the story and characters were developed well and it didn't make me bemoan the lack of editing the way I usually do with free books. Mostly, I primarily read erotica and I wanted a Christmas romance and this was perfect for me. A lot of times I feel like Christmas stories are such a small subgenre that they're either too fluffy and chaste or straight-up religious - so this was excellent.

  • Michele
    2019-05-03 04:17

    I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. I like this book! It was such a sweet story, something you could sit and read on either a rainy day or cold winter night. Laney and Kyle had a rough break up 12 years before. Each blaming the other. Finally after not really speaking to each other for 12 years, they finally start to reconnect. At first it was just supposed to be a quick Christmas break fling, but turns into more. The only issue is Kyle needs to make Laney see he made a huge mistake and he wants her back. Will she finally see things have changed? Or will she keep up her walls? You HAVE to read this book! The story line is fantastic! I'll be looking for more books by Zoe York for sure!