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Disclaimer: English translation of Eclittica, book 1 of Eclittica Saga first edition."Have you ever wondered what the signs of the Zodiac really are, and why they have influence on all human beings?" On the night of June 13, during an exceptional shower of shooting stars, mysterious signs representing Zodiac constellations appear on the shoulders of Izie De Rossi and her tDisclaimer: English translation of Eclittica, book 1 of Eclittica Saga first edition."Have you ever wondered what the signs of the Zodiac really are, and why they have influence on all human beings?" On the night of June 13, during an exceptional shower of shooting stars, mysterious signs representing Zodiac constellations appear on the shoulders of Izie De Rossi and her twin brother Sam. From that night on, their lives will never be the same. A cruel countdown begins, leading them to fight for the survival of the entire human race alongside extraordinary creatures of the Zodiac, endowed with supernatural powers. In the midst of all the dangers and sacrifices forced upon her by her mission, Izie meets the handsome and mysterious Riley. She feels immediately drawn to him in a shocking and overwhelming way... but things are not always as they seem. He hides terrible secrets from her. Will she have the strength to carry out the mission? But at what price?...

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Ecliptic Reviews

  • Sheri
    2019-05-13 13:36

    Ecliptic (Sara Lunardi)Set in the future 2035, twins Izie and Sam are teenagers. They discover strange markings on their skin, that is when their life changes. Soon they discover they have special abilities and they are about to learn more about themselves than they ever could have imagined.They are bound by an ancient contract since the beginning of time. They are the ones who must keep the future of mankind alive with the help of their guardians, each (guardian) is one of the twelve zodiac signs. These guardians have super powers and were sent to help the twins.The story is complex, it has a lot of characters, and different locations, which at times became a bit confusing. But the story line is very good, it is original and was interesting enough to keep me reading. I think that those who like futuristic/adventure/suspense along with an touch of the zodiac will enjoy this book.

  • Kristin Scearce
    2019-05-24 16:49

    Disclaimer: I received an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.A meteor shower sets us on the road to apocalypse.When the world see that largest meteor shower on record, strange things start happening to some of its residents. Namely, weird marks start appearing their skin, and all of a sudden they have all sorts of powers and skills they didn't have before. These people are known as Guardians and Keepers, and they're job is to protect Earth and mankind from utter destruction. However, things aren't going according to plan, and they'll have more to cope with than just an ancient prophecy.This book was very intriguing, and I loved the concept. Incorporating the Zodiac in such a new and interesting way made for a unique story that I didn't want to put down. I would recommend this to anyone into sci-fi, and those who support the conspiracy theories that those ancient civilizations may have been influenced by outside beings...4 stars

  • Liza
    2019-05-04 13:26

    I won this book in a good reads giveaway.Like my previous review, I just got back from vacation so there won't be fancy gifs in here. Instead, it will be a straight up review. And now, on to my review.First off, this 354 page story has a TON of characters. It's like a George R. Martin novel, complete with the killing of beloved characters(although not to the extreme). There is a helpful index in the back to keep track however I would not look at it until the book is finished because it tends to spoil things about certain characters.The characters are all pretty well defined with their own intentions and reasons for doing what they are doing. However(everyone should know by now that there is always a however with me...) certain character interactions bugged me.The main one being the relationship between Izie and Riley. Now, the back cover of the book promotes the relationship between the two of them but this said relationship doesn't really play a role until the half-way point in the book. Also, the way Izie fauns over Riley about how beautiful is makes me reminiscence the descriptions from Twilight of Edward(which I had read sadly...). As a character Riley is great. He has personality, dark past, everything awesome. When he is together with Izie though...Okay, I can understand that there is love and all but yeesh. I can't even describe it, it is something one needs to read for themselves.Besides the main couple of the story, the rest of the cast, including the villains are great and the story would have worked well even without the love subplot in it.The conflict is great too. It is your typical world going to end fare but the danger of the world ending is always in the forefront and the powers that the various characters have is awesome too.The ending though, I felt is a bit odd. Major ending spoilers here: (view spoiler)[So apparently at the end everyone is transported to a new version of Earth called Geo. The story continues on as it is apparently a saga story. I am okay with that but this new Earth and the new conflict(humans finding out about the Guardians and what not) doesn't seem as intense as what this book focused on. In fact, it just seems like a way for the author to continue on with these characters. I would have been perfectly happy with an epilogue of the characters moving on with their lives after saving the world. Instead it ends with a hook that I feel will not live up to the first book. (hide spoiler)]Other than my gripe with ending, I had some problems with the way the story was written. I don't know if it is a British way of writing or what-not, but the use of "boy" to describe characters confused me. When I think of "boy", I think of younger men, like 10-17ish but the characters in the book that are referred to as "boy" are 25. Also the back of the book describes Izie and her brother Sam as "teenagers". From what I can gather, Sam is in college and Izie is working so I think they have to be 18-19, age that I don't think of as "teenager"(I think of more 13-17). However, that's just me.Another note is the fact that there is a lot of telling and not showing. There is a lot that is restated over and over. Yes, we know Izie is shy and anit-social, yes, we know Daniel is weak and flimsy, that doesn't need to be told over and over again. Also events happen "off-screen" a lot and they are recapped by other characters. Once or twice I am okay with but the book uses this a lot. Since the book also jumps POVs, this shouldn't be as big of an issue as it is.Finally, on the same note, this is one of the books where the POVs change constantly with no warning whatsoever. I'm guessing the author wanted to have an omniscient third person POV but then some of the chapters are first person from Izie's POV and it is just odd. Also, the final chapter was focused on Izie but was from 3rd person so I don't know what is going on.Overall, this book was a nice read. I loved the concept of the zodiac and the ecliptic's involvement(turning off the science portion of my brain for this) and characters were great. My only real gripes came with the writing style and Riley/Izie's relationship and on the same note, her relationship with Daniel...

  • saad
    2019-05-01 12:46

    Thanks to Sara Lunardi I received this book for free in return for a review. My rating for the book is 2.5 STARSThe plot of the book was good and I liked the concept of zodiac, ecliptic and the guardians. The characters had enough depth in them to feel real. Each character had a different personality. But the book is let down by poor writing, bad romance and, some loopholes in the plot.I didn't like the writing style.I never felt totally immersed in the story and, it felt as if the story didn't move along smoothly.The number of mistakes in the book are unbelievable. There are countless spelling mistakes. There are a lot of grammatical mistakes too. Many sentences have words missing in them and you have to fill in the missing words to complete the sentences. In other sentences the words are jumbled around and, you have to put them in the correct order to make sense of sentences. It was like solving a puzzle and, was really frustrating because in majority of the pages there were mistakes. This completely ruined any chance of enjoying the book.From the huge number of mistakes in the book it seems as if the book hasn't undergone editing at all.(view spoiler)[The love between Riley and Izie seemed unreal and forced. The instant attraction between the two of the felt fake because, there was no reason for them to be attracted to each other so quickly. I like good romances but, the description of Riley's and Izie's feelings for each other was too much for me. When Izie said "The beast in him revealed me sensations hitherto unknown, seducing me beyond the limits of any human connection.", all I could do was cringe and shake my head in exasperation.Also, nobody nobody in their right mind would make out when their brother (or as in Rileys case, his girlfriend's brother) has been captured by the enemy and is being controlled by them. But, that's exactly what Riley and Izie do.There are some loopholes in the story and the most obvious one is the ending. The armies of heaven and earth fight but, until then there had been no mention of any armies fighting. There is no explanation how Alex got the information necessary to raise the earth's army.Towards the end, Izie says that Daniel is her spiritual half but, there is no explanation for why she says so. (hide spoiler)]The book has an unexpected ending that definitely surprised me.Despite all the drawbacks in the story, the book gets more than 2 STARS just because of the good story line.

  • April
    2019-05-26 15:38

    Ecliptic is an incredible scifi/fantasy novel that focuses on astrology (which I love). Twins Izie and Sam live ordinary lives with their friend Ben until all three begin to develop powers on the 13th of June. This date is very important because it corresponds with information given in a prophecy. The twins eventually find out that they are Guardians of the zodiac sign Libra.The novel follows two plot lines that eventually merge together. Both lines involve people who are learning and dealing with the powers that they have developed. Also, along the way the twins and some other Guardians learn that not all the Guardians of the zodiac are "good guys." They must fight against other Guardians who attempt to use the unique powers for their own gain.The ending of the novel, before the epilogue, almost gave me a heart attack and I was going to be very upset with the way it ended. If the novel had ended without the epilogue there would have been a massive cliff hanger. The story still does end in a cliff but it is nowhere near as devastating as the one before the epilogue would have been.Aside from a few grammatical errors and at one point I think the narration switches from third to first person, and back again, I think Ecliptic is a very well written novel. I loved the action scenes and the characters all felt real. Their emotions were beautifully described and I felt sympathy and anger along with them. The relationship between Izie and Riley seemed a little rushed but I guess when you're fighting for your life there isn't much time for dating. Plus there is a sequel coming so I will have to wait and see more of Izie and Riley.Overall Opinion: Altogether I enjoyed this novel. I love astrology and was excited to read a story involving the zodiac signs. Other than a few grammatical errors I think this is a very well written novel. I give Ecliptic 4 stakes and I cannot wait until the sequel.*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*Full review on

  • C.G.
    2019-05-09 14:42

    I received this book in exchange for a reviewSome mild spoilers.I really enjoyed Ecliptic. It had an interesting blend of mild sci-fi and urban fantasy. The plot centers around an upcoming date of Dec 13, 2035 when the world is fated to come to an end. In the ancient past, Celestial beings (who are really just super advanced aliens) saved Earth from destruction after receiving a gift/price of human sacrifices and placing 12 Guardian from various alien royal families that represent each of the 12 signs of the zodiac to live as humans on Earth, reincarnating and awakening to their true natures/powers and memories when they are needed. Now that the end has come, the Guardians have split into 2 factions, one that wants to save the humans and the other that despises humans and only wants to go home - something that can't happen until Earth is destroyed.The story reminds me a lot of Clamp's manga/anime series "X." They both have similar themes of 2 opposing "guardian" forces that are born/selected to their destinies to decide Earth's fate, as well as the reluctance of some of them to perform their duties as they should. I think if you enjoyed "X" then you'll definitely enjoy this novel.While there were a few typos, missing words, and punctuation problems here and there, for the most part, the writing flowed very smoothly, and the formatting was good. The story is told in both 1st person through the guardian, Izie, and in 3rd person for everyone else. As a result, I felt Izie's character was a lot more fleshed out than all the rest. There were also a few scenes throughout that I wished would've been fleshed out a bit more, but that's just a personal preference as it didn't deter the story at all. I just would've liked a little more insight to the characters' thoughts and reaction during some key scenes.As for the ending, all I can say is thank goodness for the Epilogue because the book would've ended on a very cruel cliffhanger otherwise! I'm looking forward to reading the next book.

  • Emily
    2019-05-05 19:42

    Review originally posted on Follow the Yellow Book RoadI’m so-so about this book. It has a unique concept – the zodiac idea really drew me to this book, but it didn’t really deliver. First of all the book started out challenging because we are introduced to a lot of characters and there are several different locations making it difficult to keep track. I also think the Guardian idea, the connection to the zodiac and the powers should have been better explained. Once I got through the first part of the book, the plot started to move at an OK pace. The insta-love romance was annoying, and didn’t work for me. Also there were some connections between characters that didn’t feel realistic. Towards the end of the book, the action picks up and started to really hold my interest. So, my final judgment on this one is that it has the potential to be a good book, but needs editing and adjusting to get there.Generally, I don’t dock stars for grammatical errors, however this book feels like it was thrown into Google Translate and never looked over. There were a lot of sentences with misplaced prepositions and words that really didn’t make sense in the context that they were used. It made the book somewhat difficult to read.I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Georgiann Hennelly
    2019-04-27 16:38

    In June 2035 there is an unprecedented shower of falling stars.A couple of teenagers twins Izie and her brother Sam DeRossi .Discover they are marked on there arms by a strange imprint, which represents the zodiac constellations. They discover they have some unique abilities both mental and physical. There are others like them all around the world. They are part of an ancient contract that seeks to insure the survival of the human race and those that bare the imprint must protect mankind. These are heavenly creatures and each one represents tone of the twelve signs of the zodiac, they are know as the guardians. The contract has an expiration date of Dec 13th 2035- that is when the ecliptic path will break apart leading to the destruction of earth and the death of mankind. The guardians must make a choice should they let the contract expire or should they defend mankind from its fate.This is an urban fantasy series . The book has many characters who are bound together by a common destiny. There is also a love story between Izie and Riley, there love alone could change the course of fate. Than you have the relationship between Izie and Sam her twin they carry the weight of the world on there shoulders.

  • Clare
    2019-05-09 17:30

    I'm always up for reading fantasy stories so when this entered my inbox I was intrigued. Ecliptic is set in the future and focuses on the topic of Astrology. Twins Izie and Sam are growing up and they're trying to live as normal teenagers, but noticing unusual marks on their bodies and discovering different mental abilities hinders this development. They soon discover they are not alone and there are other people like them all over the world. Each one is part of an ancient contact that bounds them to make sure the human race survives!It was a quite complex story to get your head around and with the introduction of so many characters you did get confused at times. However, they were all well thought out and my favourite had to be Daniel. I felt drawn to him and his kindness. He always thought of others before himself.As always with twins I loved how they cared for one another and helped each other a long the way. As an only child, I always wonder what it would be like to have a sibling. All in all, I was really impressed with Ecliptic and it's the perfect read for astrology fans and fantasy lovers.

  • Kristy Gillespie
    2019-05-26 14:44

    In June of 2013, "a thousand tears fall from the sky and light up the night, the signs awaken the chosen ones for the last time, and the countdown begins," (9). Izie and her twin brother Sam are two of an eclectic group of people who find mysterious marks on their arms. These marks turn out to be the signs of the zodiac and Izie and Sam are two of the Guardians of the zodiac. Izie, Sam, and the other Guardians have six months to save the world. Fortunately the Guardians are granted physical and mental abilities, unfortunately, not all of the Guardians wish to save the world. Izie is one of my favorite characters. At first she "had never focused on the zodiac. I thought that the horoscope was attractive to the gullible and ought to be seen as a stupid pastime for people who had nothing else to do with their lives," (118). (Which would include me!) However, Izie soon realizes that "We were nothing more than small wheels of a superior mechanism created by a will far stronger than ours," (118).Ecliptic is an intriguing and unusual tale of good versus evil; and I think this book would be fabulous if it had been thoroughly edited; the errors took me out of the story.

  • K.C. Finn
    2019-05-23 16:20

    If you're interested in epic fantasy, big adventure and ensemble casts, then Ecliptic is the book for you. The story follows the journey of a series of varied characters who are all related to a prophecy predicting the end of human existence. I sincerely enjoyed their discovery of the prophecy and of their own abilities and place within it, the unfolding mystery of the novel made it highly readable. I frequently found myself lost in its action and varied geographical locations, which were vivid and exciting.I would forewarn you that I found it to be more New Adult than Young Adult (although there is no graphic content within it), but the attitudes and ages of the characters would probably suit an NA readership better. If, like me, you enjoy both YA and NA then you won't have a problem. Overall it was an enjoyable read with relatable characters and a good strong plot which keep me interested all the way through.I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • J.M. Johnson
    2019-04-26 12:44

    I have to say that I was very surprised (in a good way) by this novel for many different reasons. The writing in this novel is at a level of maturity I wasn’t expecting from an author’s first work. She provides a level of detail that leaves a crisp picture in the mind, but I never felt overloaded with details. The plot sucked me in right away and by the ending I was nearly gasping for breath.The author switches points of view in the story, but she does this in such a way that I was never left confused. Each of Lunardi’s characters is essential to the plot and each character comes with their own unique personality and sometimes some interesting characteristics (I don’t want to give away too much).I love the signs of the zodiac and Lunardi incorporated these elements into her story in a way I have never seen before, providing me with a unique reading experience I haven’t felt in some time.Overall I enjoyed this book for many different reasons. I would recommend it and I plan on reading the next in the series.

  • Douglas Butler
    2019-05-23 14:28

    Knowing that I am crazy about fantasy books, some friends of mine have recommended me Sara Lunardi's 'Ecliptic' as a 'must read' title.Yes, indeed, this is my favorite genre. I have read lots of such books, therefore I think my opinion is pertinent when saying that the newest titles look like they have been built on the same template: inconsistent story line, pure intrigue, unsatisfying action.Ecliptic was, for me, like a fresh air breath. Its unique story, which is based on an unconventional motive, creates an unbelievable intrigue. The action paced passages are beautifully crafted and mixed with romance scenes. All of these characteristics, together with other ones that I would like to let you discover by yourself, will create the perfect fantasy book, that clearly deserves a 5 star rating.

  • Christopher Howard
    2019-05-12 15:28

    Most of the fantasy books with this price tag are not delivering the true characteristics of this genre: action that keeps the reader hooked, smart intrigue and fantastic elements that spices up the story.Fortunately I have been lucky to read Sara Lunardi's book: Ecliptic. It does manage to deliver an outstanding fantasy story. The Zodiac was a great idea, in my opinion, because it offers the potential of building quite an intense fantastic action.Speaking of action: it is based on the world-saving concept. But don't make the mistake of believing that it will become the common action that most of the books of this genre are delivering. No way! It builds up slowly and becomes very intense because it is mixed with the personal stories of the main characters. Romance has a great role in this book, too.The end of this story is unexpected and rewarding for the reader.

  • Laura
    2019-05-03 14:42

    Zodiac signs and future based, this novel focuses on scfy/fantasy astrology, which makes this already something new and excited to read. These three friend develop powers on a special date. The book go back and forth between two points of view which t time can be's one of my pet peeves. But once you get past figuring out which point of view your in you find yourself enjoying this well written book. These people have to deal with their new powers and figure out how to control and use them. Not everyone is good, some are evil and you have to figure that out for yourself! All the characters from this book have been developed so well, it makes you want to jump inside this novel and be apart of the action. I can't wait to read more!My rating: 5 stars

  • Lisa Caldwell
    2019-04-28 15:22

    Ecliptic starts in an unique way and it ends in the same fabulous manner.The beginning of this book brings the reader into a fantasy world that feels so unique and original. This is mainly the because Sara Lunardi does a great job when it comes to describe the excellent imaginary scenery that she has designed. I felt like being submersed into a whole new world which, in the same time, felt very realistic.The story continues with the same positive attributes but the end is even more amazing. I will not give any spoiler here but I must admit that I wasn't expecting this kind of ending...even if the whole book is written so well that it should make any reader expect something amazing to happen at every page turn.

  • Alma Wells
    2019-05-15 15:45

    Obviously, this is not the first time when i am reading a SciFi book. However, this is the first time when I feel that the story it delivers feels so real. I know it sounds a bit awkward but I shall explain.Sara Lunardi has done a great job in creating a story that makes the reader to unleash his/ her dreams at every page turn. Therefore, I felt like I am actually participating in the action of this book. I had the power to perfectly visualize the beautiful sceneries described by the author. Of course, this was possible only thanks to the great authoring skills that Sara has.Great work! Definitely a 5 star SciFi book!

  • Damon Pratt
    2019-05-22 13:47

    For me, the best books that I've ever read are the ones that I revert to them, in my thoughts, from time to time. This is a clear sign that a specific book has managed to create a good impression and its story has left a notable mark in my memory.Ecliptic is one of those books. I finished reading this book a couple of months ago but I am still thinking of its story, from time to time. This is mainly because I felt it as being extremely original and very rewarding (from the reader's point of view).I am looking forward to read the continuation of this beautiful fantasy story.

  • Marie
    2019-05-10 18:47

    I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review.And I'm being honest when I say that though the plot is interesting, the spelling and grammatical errors made reading it very difficult. I would have preferred to beta read this and give some editing help before it was published because it took me so long to piece together what was going on through horrible sentence structure and repetitive writing. I enjoyed some of the characters but it was just no fun to read.

  • Marco
    2019-05-20 18:40

    Wanting more!A lot of characters and places, and every character is so well developed: they make mistakes, they curse, their hormones push them to do things that probably aren't wise, but they're real and they act like real teenagers.The story was so mysterious that I remained utterly intrigued. Even the secondary characters have terrific three dimensional personalities. Can't wait till the next one comes out.

  • Jade
    2019-05-14 20:39

    I recived this book for an honest review last year it didnt grab me when ifirst tried to pick it but i did and once i got into it, it was an amazing book with an original plot

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