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Matica still lives in the small village of Pucara with her brother, mom and dad, who is recovering from his near-death experience. Her 11th birthday is coming up and the things she is about to encounter proves she is very brave. Events take a sudden turn when she is invited to see Elcano, the very old and frail father of the village elder Pajaro. Not once, but three timesMatica still lives in the small village of Pucara with her brother, mom and dad, who is recovering from his near-death experience. Her 11th birthday is coming up and the things she is about to encounter proves she is very brave. Events take a sudden turn when she is invited to see Elcano, the very old and frail father of the village elder Pajaro. Not once, but three times he summons her. She is afraid of him but he fascinates her. He calls her 'his daughter' Why? The amazing things he is about to tell her could be life-changing, things she had never thought about. Matica nearly jumps out of her skin at what she is told. 'Who me?' she questions herself. 'Really me?' Will Matica be able to cope with these life-changing disclosures? In the midst of all this, the poachers are back, looking for eggs and birds - and Talon. TALON, CONNECTED is far more than a kids' story. It is a story about growing up, friendship, and the challenge of moral choices and respect. Ride along during the ongoing adventures of Matica and her best friends, the condors Talon, Tamo and Tima, characters many readers already know and have learned to love. TALON, CONNECTED is the fourth book of the epic adventure series TALON....

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Talon, Connected Reviews

  • Boyko Ovcharov
    2019-05-04 11:34

    We are all connected!'When you have to walk further, wherever it might be, I beg you, never to go alone anymore. I think that as a lesson for us all. I believe it was a warning. If Dad had been alone, he surely would have died.'I was deeply moved by this narrative describing the picture of a loving family, facing the everyday challenges together. The boy who loved his birthday presents, a couple of his favorite books, together with the love of his sister and parents, as well as their animal/condor friends was also a thrilling and touching scene.Matica feels more responsible now, more mature. She learns to identiffy real and potential threats, be it poachers or speaking in front of an audience.She also encounters the perspective of getting older and passing away concerning senior members of a family or community; especially when being invited to see Elcano, the father of the village elder Pajaro (meaning 'bird' in Spanish).In a way, we should really stay connected and learn from our ancestors. Moreover, we should never neglect our friends, as we could rely only on them in difficult situations and progress or be successful together.

  • John Dizon
    2019-05-06 09:23

    Talon Connected by Gigi Sedlmayer is a heartwarming tale of family, inclusivity and environment focusing on incidents in the life of Matica, a native of an Indian village in Pucara. Her father Crayn and her mother Mira keep a watchful eye over the girl, knowing that their rugged environment can pose a challenge to a girl of her age dealing with her disability. Amos, a young boy in their tribe, is deeply attracted to the soulful girl and joins her in her mission to tend to the ailing village elder Pajaro. The shaman has an affinity for Matica and attempts to share his knowledge of their mountain world and its mystical qualities with her. Their love of the magnificent condors that abound throughout the jungles bring them closer together. Only her favorite, Talon, is the target of poachers from the low ground, and the village is joined together in dealing with this threat in Sedlmayer’s well-crafted tale.In this day and age, the author’s message resonates with countless indigenous peoples across the planet. As industrial societies continue to encroach upon their ancestral lands, we find our forests and jungles threatened with annihilation on a daily basis. Although socialists adopt environmental themes in their ‘save the world’ agenda, native tribes deal with these threats as a matter of survival. Poachers have hunted many species to the brink of extinction, including many species of condors. Think of the birds that we feed and appreciate as they bless our property and our public land. Or even more specifically, imagine if someone decided to steal the pet birds of our families, friends and relatives. When it becomes a personal issue, we become far more concerned, and Sedlmayer’s novel will make you concerned.Pick up a copy of Talon Connected by Gigi Sedlmayer. It’s something you can share with young children and older folk alike, just as its lessons are intended for audiences of all ages.

  • Robert Medak
    2019-05-25 10:28

    The Talon series shows that anyone can be a hero no matter his or her size, special needs.Matica finds courage in the jungles when her father becomes incapacitated and must rely on Matica for his life. Her birds Toma, Tima, and Talon help her find courage and determination she never knew she had.To find out how her bird friends help her find something within herself she was unaware of, you will have to read the book. The series is the story of a child small for her age that shows the people of the village that anything is possible if you only believe in yourself.The Talon series is a series recommended for all ages, and for parents to read to their children. It isn’t often that a story for all ages comes along that parents don’t have to worry about language or content for their children when reading. The Talon series rates five stars. If you enjoy reading something positive, the Talon series is one that you should get a copy of Talon, sit back and begin reading.

  • Laura
    2019-05-26 09:42

    TALON, CONNECTED is the fourth book in this on-going series. As the book begins, Matica and her father are recovering from their ordeal in the last book. Her dad's leg is beginning to heal and Matica is recovering from exhaustion. The condors visit with almost human-like characteristics. And just as you think you have the story figured out, the poachers return, and a village elder whom was assumed "departed" at the beginning of the book starts summoning Matica. Why? What does he want? You have to read the book to find out. Fans will want to read these books in order as one in a continuation of the rest. Ms. Sedlmayer is currently writing book five in the series - might make a good collection to buy for a gift for a reader.

  • Happy Booker
    2019-05-12 12:32

    Connected is the fourth book in the Talon Series. Matica and her village are getting along very long. The village elder Pajaro tells her something that changes her life on her 11th birthday. The poachers are back wanting to steal bird eggs and so the life of her beloved birds are again at risk. There are a lot more incidents happening in the fourth book for Matica and it has a much more mature take on things.The story has a strong message embedded within its tale and that is the connection we all have to one another. There is also a hint of romance between Marica and Amos, a young boy from the tribe, which was nice. I loved how the story demonstrated the reality of things we face today. The fact that our lands and nature are always threatened by people that only seek beneficial gain for themselves is another message this book provides to its reader.The literature standard and the flow of content was superbly done. The author is consistent with her style of writing and her beautiful descriptive nature in storytelling. The birds shape Matica’s personality and the love she has for these animals is wonderful to see.I recommend this book to young adult readers, bird lovers and fantasy fans.

  • Uvi Poznansky
    2019-05-24 05:19

    The Talon series, and its fourth volume in particular, is an inspiration for all ages.Talon, Connected opens with a connection to the ordeal Matica coped with in the last volume, which moves her mother to think, “You are as strong as I thought you would be. I’m so proud of you.” This sets the tone for the coming adventures, where the girl’s bravery and passion for animals drives her to overcome her handicaps. Even in weakness, she is strong-willed.Summoned to Elcano’s hut, it is with mixed feelings that Matica recalls “his look, his eye, his stare,” which make her ponder about his frail condition, “Why is his body failing? His mind is so alert, so watchful and vigilant. She experiences grief, but learns to frame it within the notion of a celebration of life.The word ‘Connected’ in the title is of great importance. Matica expressed it best, with profound simplicity: “Dad said it, Mum said it, and Elcano said it just before he passed away… We are all connected, with the condors as well.” This bond, this togetherness underlies the writing of Gigi Sedimayer, allowing her characters to soar. “Talon placed himself in from of her and Matica leaned against his back, his wings already spread out… and soon they were in the air.”Five stars.

  • Lorraine Price
    2019-05-03 12:37

    Her Dad suffers a near-death experience while having a bad reaction to the bite and the poison. Her family discusses the possibilities of what might have happened if he had been alone. The children learn how much faith their parents have in them.Matica tells her family how the journey ended and of the dangers she had to face alone. The condors show more of their personality and intelligence.Matica learns that she doesn't need money to give her brother a gift for his birthday that will make him happy. She learns that the poachers are near her home and they want revenge. She is in danger as much as the animals are.Elcano, before he dies, shares with Matica that he predicts that the Condors will be protected by all because Matica, her family, the Indians and the Condors are all connected.This book has a beautiful theme that resonates throughout the entire series. It is all about friendship, family, faith, respect, and caring for the animals.It is appropriate for many ages and for sharing with others. Give it as a gift, or make it a part of your family time. Many great questions to discuss with children to help them learn about danger, and choices they can make in all situations.

  • Kristin Kula
    2019-05-08 04:31

    When I read any of Gigi's book I know I'm gonna love them! And I sure do.I feel like they've all touched me deeply. They're so well written, the plots are great. Just everything about them is fantasticBut on to this book. I can't remember if it was the last review for the third or the second, but in one of those I stated that I liked it better than the first.And ya know what? I think this is my favorite one of the series so far. The storyline with Matica's birthday, with Pajaro and everything else. Matica is very brave. I love her and I love Gigi. Her writing always amazes me and she's a great friend.Well done,Gigi.Kristin Kula- Author of these books:

  • Michael Mardel
    2019-05-18 07:28

    Talon, connected by Sedlmayer. I received a free copy of this book and volunteered to review it. I have followed the protagonist Matica from book 1 and found a great improvement in the language. The book cover shows the majesty of the Peruvian mountains and the reader can see the condors swooping around and Matica on the back of Talon. We have conflict with Matica's father, Crayn who receives a nasty bite (or two) from an enormous spider. He is returning home with Matica and her condors find her and bring healing leaves for Crayn. We go through the roller coaster of Matica's emotions and she has some sad times in store for her. Her parents are understanding and all get the message, that we are all connected, even the condors. Suitable for young readers and to be read to them.

  • Alexia
    2019-05-01 07:25

    "Talon, Connected" by Gigi Sedlmayer is book 4 in her Talon series. It can be read alone or as part of the series. I, personally, enjoyed reading the whole series and I recommend it highly. In this story we learn more about Matica and her life in the Indian village of Pucara. Matica is growing up and we learn more about the people in the village.Perfect for an child 8 or older, and adults. Adults can read it to younger children, but the story deals with issues that some younger children may not understand.

  • Raine Raine
    2019-05-06 04:38

    Reading the third in the series of Talon has made the series more interesting as there always seems more to come. The writer is able to describe the surrounding fauna very well and you begin to feel you can see it for yourself. It is a great story of family bonding and sharing. Great story Gigi Sedlemayer, looking forward to more!

  • Laura
    2019-05-24 09:22

    Gigi Sedlmayer asked me to review her wonderful Talon series. Previously, I have reviewed Talon, Come Fly With Me, Talon, On the Wing and Talon, Flight For Life. Talon, Connected is the 4th book of the story of Matica and the condors.If you have read the previous books (which I recommend) you know that Matica lives with her family in a remote area in Northern Peru near the Andes. Her parents, Crayn and Mira, are missionaries, who came to Peru from Australia. The Indians in their village shunned Matica initially because she has a growth disability; at age 10, she was the size of a two-year-old. However, the Indians learned to respect and admire her when they saw her friendship with the condors. They were amazed when they saw her ride on Talon’s back and fly with him. By book 3, Matica had become a celebrity and her fame had spread to other villages.Book 4, Talon, Connected, continues where book 3, Talon, Flight For Life, left off. Crayn, Matica’s father, is at home recovering from a poisonous spider bite. He is in bed and cannot walk. The condors, Tamo, Tima and their son, Talon, visit him and bring him special healing leaves every day. Only the wise, elderly village leader, Elcano, has ever heard of the leaves of the “healing tree”. The leaves are to be put on the wound. Crayn must eat one of these extremely bitter leaves every day, as well. Soon Crayn is wel,l and the birds pronounce him fit to walk again. He can even resume teaching his students at the village school.If you remember from book 3, Talon, Flight For Life, Matica and her father had been on their way home from Cajamarca where they went to buy medical and food supplies and pick up the tickets for the family’s trip to Australia. They walked through fields and rain forests where they saw many exotic plants and animals. Some of these creatures were beautiful and harmless; others like the puma, snakes and spiders were dangerous. A huge, poisonous spider stalked them. Crayn was bitten and almost died. Matica’s condor friends, Tamo, Tima and Talon, saved Crayn’s life.Crayn thought the condors were ugly when Matica first befriended them. When Matica first flew on Talon, he had started to love Talon, for he had been so happy for his daughter to have a friend. Now Crayn knows the condors have saved his life, and he is overwhelmed with love for all of them. He is also very grateful for the love and attention the condors continue to give him. He feels very loved by them and tells them he loves them very much.Mira, Matica’s mother, also learns to love the condors, and the condors reciprocate. Aiken, Matica’s little brother, was afraid of them initially. However, on his sixth birthday, the condors hug and kiss him. Aiken loves them and sobs with joy. He almost feels like he has become a condor when he is in their embrace.We learn that the poachers are planning on killing Talon, so the book is not without suspense. Matica is horrified at the thought of losing Talon. The poachers are even sighted coming towards Matica’s village. However, this is a slower-paced book than book 3. This book is more about caring. There is plenty of physical affection, warmth and love. There are lots of hugs throughout the book.This book has many themes running through it: friendship, love, trust, faith in God, patience , courage and respect for those with disabilities.Primarily, however, Talon, Connected, is about connection, as the title implies. This theme is repeated throughout the book. The connection is of humans to each other as well as the connection to animals. Matica’s family becomes connected to the condors. The Indians in the village are connected to them. Matica’s brother, Aikon, is even connected to Elsa, a chicken, as well as to the condors, his family and the villagers. On his dying bed, Elcano, the wise village leader, tells Matica that “we are all connected”. The poachers will be defeated and put in prison. Matica’s friendship with the condors was God’s plan to connect the people with the condors. He asks her to watch over his people with her friend, Amos’ help. His son, Pajaro, is to work closely with them. Even Aiken will have a role to play in the future, Elcano says.Will the poachers kill Talon? Will the villagers catch the poachers? We’ll find the answers soon. Gigi has a 5th book coming out in the near future, TALON, ENCOUNTER.

  • Grady
    2019-05-02 06:31

    Matica then said to Talon, stroking him, ‘All right. Now we fly, Talon?’Australian author Gisela (Gigi) Sedlmayer, originally from Germany until the Berlin Wall was erected, moved to Munich and studied architectural drafting – her entry into the work force – until she and her husband moved to New Zealand where her artistic gifts found response in creating hand crafted parrots. Gigi‘s next relocation was to Australia with her family now having grown to include two adopted twin girls. In 1994 Gigi was diagnosed with cancer and survived surgeries and radiation, and rather than ‘giving up’, Gigi turned to writing – the result being this very highly praised and awarded series - the Talon Series – a young adult series about a family of condors and missionary Australians and a young girl adopted by the condors.TALON, CONNECTED is Book 4 in The Talon Series and for those new to this ongoing series, the story is set in Peru and is focused on a young girl Matica who is congenitally small in stature (though nine years of age she appears to be age two!) and who is frowned upon by the Andean Indians because of her strange appearance: Matica is lonely and longs for friends which she finds not in people, but in the condors – birds of threatened extinction. She is guided by the great condors Tamo and Tima and when their egg hatches Matica nurtures the young condor, Talon, who becomes her closest ally. Together they soar through adventures that celebrate the majesty of the Peruvian landscape and beyond. In this book Gigi summaries the progress – ‘Matica meets with the village eldest and wisest man, Elcano, who tells her 'we are all connected to each other, Matica's family and the Condors. Elcano also shares with Matica that he predicts that the Condors will be protected by all because Matica, her family, the Indians and the Condors are all connected.’Each book grows stronger as Gigi captures our full attention with her imaginative story.

  • Helen Wu
    2019-05-03 04:26

    The Talon series is an inspiration for all ages. Matica continues to grow stronger in spirit and heart as she and Talon have more adventures together with Tima and Tamo. Matica has amazingly overcome great obstacles in her way. The Talon series has been an enjoyable, set of adventures that all ages will enjoy.

  • Gisela (Gigi) Sedlmayer
    2019-05-22 12:40

    Too Tall said:Too Tall Gisela is one of the best writers I know, and I know many, including some famous ones. Her Talon series was intended for tweens and teens, but it exceeds the norm so far that it's a series for anyone, of any age. I'm quite old, and a professional editor, so my standards are very high. I'm not her editor, but hers is so fabulous I've recommended she keep her no matter what. You see, Gisela is unique in another way. I think it was German, she spoke before she moved to Australia, and now she speaks Australian, but is able to write in the Queens or American English, as well as German and I think Spanish too. Quite a feat for anyone. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't begin speaking and writing in Japanese or Chinese soon, she's that good. Okay I know you think I've laid it on a little thick, but you should read her work, then meet her in person if possible. Then you'll be a believer. Don't do it the other way round, I did, I couldn't believe that she could write so well, knowing how she speaks normally, but she's brilliant at turning a phrase and creating realistic characters, even when there's a bit of fantasy involved."

  • Laura Ruetz
    2019-04-28 06:19

    These books continue to pull me into the story. Set in Peru, you couldn't ask for a better setting for the Talon books. Matica, born with a disability that makes her smaller than most, feels alone and apart from the village, other than her family. She befriends two condors and then bonds with their chick, Talon. The birds are infused with such life and heart that readers will love them. They simply come to life on the page. The books deal with both happiness and sorrow, giving a good balance and carry a great message for readers of all ages. The books, while geared for younger readers, do not skimp on content. The writing is solid and flows well, with the diverse characters and heartwarming actions of Matica and her family and the interaction with the birds. Readers of all ages will fall in love with this small child and Talon, and when they fly, your heart will soar with them. Excellent reading about such an unlikely pair and there is just so much life in the way that the birds are written. I was a fan from book one and book four is no different. I love the message of how everything is connected as they all work together to solve the issue of the poachers.I was given a free copy of this book.

  • Janice Spina
    2019-05-07 05:15

    Talon, Connected is book 4 of the Talon Series. It is an enjoyable continuing tale of Matica and her condor friends. She has a physical problem that keeps her from growing normally. Many of the children her age do not accept her at first because of her handicap.She adapts to life by making friends with two condors that soon have a son which she helps to protect from poaches. She learns to ride the young condor and they have some great adventures on their flights. In this book she is now accepted by others because of her incredible ability to ride on the condor, Talon. Matica becomes so close to the condors and loves them like family. Because of this her own family begin to love the condors too. She becomes an important leader and influence in her community by showing her strength and courage in adversity. This book is inspiring and entertaining with life lessons throughout the story. I highly recommend this series.

  • Victoria Siczak
    2019-05-05 12:19

    A special little girl and her unique ability to communicate and befriend a family of Condors, continues in the fourth book of the series. "Talon, Connected," is an inspirational and remarkable adventure of tiny Matica who is only small is stature, yet immeasurable in heart and soul. Gigi Sedlmayer continues to hearten our senses and emotions in the continuing saga of life in a small village located in the mountains of Peru. The challenges, problems, and heartache of life, are balanced with love, friendship and acceptance. A special relationship between Matica and a family of Condors encourages us to know that sometimes being different, is being special. I highly recommend The Talon series for all ages who want to celebrate faith, love, and enduring friendship through the hardships and blessings of life.

  • P.S. Winn
    2019-05-10 05:42

    This is the fourth book in the continuing series. I think that young adults will love the stories of Matica and her beloved condors, feeling a connection with the young lady who loves condors. I think adults will love the stories because of the wonderful adventures. In the village of Pucara, Matica lives with her family and has a special connection with the birds who are not only her friends, but because of Matica's small stature, let her ride with them as they soar through life. Matica, the condors and her family are facing trouble, some secrets hidden and a lot of heart warming connections in this well written novel.

  • Marjorie
    2019-05-08 05:26

    Talon, Connected by Gigi Sedlmayer is the fourth book in the Talon series. In this book you'll find Matica feels more mature and responsible. She also begins to understand the idea of getting older and passing away. This is a great story of love, trust and how families and groups are connected. This would be a great addition to your bookshelf or a great gift to give anyone. It is a good book to read for any age. I gave it 5 stars but it does deserve many more. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  • AuburnEdge
    2019-05-03 11:43

    This is the second book and you can really tell the growth that has happened to Matica from the first book. There is also more information given about the land, condor's, and even the spider bite. It is very informational for younger readers and helps paint a picture you can really visualize.The idea that everything is connected and even the condor's are a part of the family just makes it feel more real.

  • Peggy
    2019-05-22 10:18

    These books are the most heart warming stories you will read! Well thought out! You will fall in love with the characters and want more as you keep going with this series! It's so easy to get lost in each book... I know I sure did! Add these to your list to read or start reading now, you'll fall in love with them!

  • Todd Simpson
    2019-05-22 06:26

    This is a great series. I’ve really enjoyed following Matica through each book on her adventures with the condors. It would be quite an amazing thing to be able to fly on their backs around the jungle, and Gigi Sedlmayer has done a wonderful job in depicting this in her stories. Matica is happy to be home after her dad was bitten by a spider in the jungle, on their return trip from Cajamarca. If it wasn’t for the Condors showing her the leaves to use to treat the bite on her father, she may have lost him. Matica makes her dad promise that he won’t make any of the trips through the jungle by himself in the future, after what happened to him. Especially since there was more than one poisonous spider the area where he was bitten. If it wasn’t for Tamo, Tima and Talon, Crayn would have certainly lost his leg. Matica finds out about the leaves that saved her dads life that Tamo brought to her in the jungle, from Pajaro dad Elcano. Being 117 years old, Elcano had been around long enough to have experienced many things. Then to Matica’s horror she hears about the poachers they are back in the area looking for the condors. She hears that they may be looking to kill Talon, so Tima will lay another egg for them to steal. She’s going to need to do everything she can to protect the condors from being harmed. I think this story would appeal to all age groups. It was certainly an entertaining and enjoyable read.

  • Nancy
    2019-05-11 11:45

    this was an excellent book and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an excellent read. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.