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Title : Never or Forever
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Never or Forever Reviews

  • Kelly
    2019-05-08 18:14

    Loved this book! I spent the weekend finishing the Year of the Chick series and just devoured the third installment, Never or Forever. This contemporary chronicle of Canadian in Paris avoids the clichés and goes straight to impactful content that will make you laugh, empathize and then not feel so bad about your own rocky love life.In Never or Forever, we follow Romi Narindra into a new chapter of her life in a magical city. The novel further develops the characters we loved in the previous books and introduces new, hilarious and likeable friends. Romi's zany adventures in the city of lights take her on a whirlwind tour through her own psyche. Much like the city full of literary ghosts, Romi's relationships past come back to her and we see how she has grown.The heroine has made a complete transition from book 1 and although we recognize her heart, we see that this Parisian adventure has given her a new perspective on life, love and friendship. Enjoy vicariously her nights out on the town and revel in the strength she has developed over the three books.Never or Forever had me laughing out loud and staying up in until 4:00 am. On weekends I usually will watch DVDs but found the Year of the Chick series to be much more fun. The books read well and you are immediately taken in by Moondi's clever, quirky and touching steadfast commitment to finding love in a day and age where chivalry is sparse and tacky come-ons abundant.Romi Moondi's Never or Forever is ahead of its time with an original style of prose that will speak to you on a personal level, as well as make you laugh out loud and often!

  • Davina
    2019-05-17 20:20

    It had been a while since I read book 2, and wasn't in a real hurry to read book 3. But then I remembered how cleverly funny Romi's writing was and how desperately I wanted to know the outcome of her relationship with Erik. Her ups and downs in this book and all the new characters/friends we're introduced to are very enjoyable. I'm so glad I didn't wait...I couldn't put it down. A wonderful journey. I can't wait for her to publish the next phase of this series.

  • Amber Larsen
    2019-05-08 19:12

    Please, please write a forth installment. I absolutely want to know how the story ends.

  • Laura
    2019-05-06 17:12

    I got through 60 percent of this story but found it was gradually grating on my nerves so I quit reading.

  • Constance Sedgwick
    2019-05-03 20:06

    I absolutely loved this book! As an aspiring writer myself, this book really gave me this honey glow feeling about me writing (despite the fact I haven't touched my novel in months). It made me want to write. it made me want to sit down and spend hours typing away until my fingers bled. it also made me open up to the possibilities of life. It opened me up to the fact that life isn't always a straight line and it will be hard. Money will be scarce, bills need to be paid but if you want something hard enough, you can find a way. Even if that way takes longer than expected. The book also touched me in very deep ways. So often, i go through life wishing i had everything together. Wishing that all my ducks were in a row. Fact is, they aren't. Romi's ducks weren't in a row. Something always came along that shot one of the ducks down. Or maybe something came along that shook all the ducks off the row. At the end of the book, she ends up stepping into the water, with out ever knowing if she will drown, or swim. If the water will be shallow, or be full of fast moving currents and rapids. And that's the thing. That's what hit me profoundly and moved me to tears. She was able to make a huge life change and move to Paris, with out ever knowing the next step. I go through life WANTING to know the next step. i WANT to know that there will be a steady stone i can step on so i don't fall in the water. up until paris, Romi wanted certainty. After paris (or at least the end of the book, since she was only 2 weeks away from leaving), she goes for uncertainty. I can't go through life with certainties. Even more so because i deal with my anxiety disorder, sometimes depression if its pms, or some new medication side effect. I also have ADHD to deal with and it's uncertain some days if my medication will work, as i am still working with my doctor to get things right.I don't know if tomorrow will be a great day and i'll have sunshine and rainbows. I could have an anxiety attack after my morning shower that ruins my day and keeps me locked away in my office. I could be having a depressing morning that makes me want to curl in a blanket and watch mindless tv. Maybe i just woke up on the wrong side of the bed and i am too grumpy and bitchy to get anything done (unless i find someone to punch in the face to feel better). Thing is, i don't know WHAT the next day will have in store. I have to go into it with the schrodinger's paradox. It's both a good day AND a bad day. At the end of the book, when Romi is asked if she could face the future despite knowing a damned thing...It really spoke to me. It really made my heart and head think about my future and realize that i COULD make big steps and no matter what, i could fall hard or keep climbing or both. And in the end, even if anxiety eats me alive, or even if my ADHD spirals into chaos...i'll still be here. Romi takes a risk at the end of the book with Erik...even though it has plenty of hurdles. If she can take big risks and still stand on her feet, then what's to stop me from taking big risks. She get's asked if she can take the risk and she honestly explains that it's a scary question.and i an honestly say the same thing. Thinking about the risks of my future, or thinking about the IS a scary thought. The whole series really spoke to me on a personal level and resonated with every aspect of my life. Culturally, Filipino's share many traits with the Indians in Romi's books. Whether that speaks for the entire culture, i cannot say, as i can only speak on behalf of filipino culture...but in the end, if Romi can do all that she did (and as scary as all of it is), know what. I can do it. Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, and maybe not next week because i wake up with anxiety one day and depression the next...but i can do it. Thank you, Romi (both Moondi and Nardina), for showing me that things are possible, hurdles will be in your way, but I can do it!

  • Saadia Ahmed
    2019-05-26 13:22

    This is the third book in the Year of the Chick series. I think the book started slow but it definitely got better and was my favorite in the series. Just like the main character, Romi, the author's writing style definitely matured even more with the final installment. It was nice to see how the story unfolded in the end. However, I would have liked to find out what happened when she got back to Toronto from Paris.

  • Judy
    2019-05-01 20:04

    Romi´s series based on her blog continues in Paris, where she manages to make friends both among the ex-pat and local community, and writes her second book about her failed romance. It´s sort of an interesting concept because she is writing about the events which happened in her second book. Meantime she finds a new young love, but the old one turns up for her book launch, and we are once again left hanging. She´s an entertaining writer, and the Paris details make this particularly enticing.

  • TJ
    2019-05-08 18:57

    Love this series very enlightening to read about an imperfect character. Although this book dragged I really enjoyed the witty humor. "Ha Ha Sucker!" was my favorite line. I liked the fact that Erik still fought for her even though he didn't in the beginning and how her asking him to never contact her again spurred him into action. I am envious of that feeling.

  • Lisa Kvam
    2019-05-22 16:05

    First book in series was ok, last two were amazing! Best chick lit series I've read, and I really hope she does a 4th in the series!

  • Nina
    2019-05-23 20:22

    Loved the ending. The character is truly an adult (for the most part). Great ending. Need to go to Europe now!

  • daniela
    2019-04-27 14:00

    Best book in the series!