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The last thing Ella Sinclair needed on her birthday was a cheating boyfriend, a broken heart, and a dead car battery in a remote beach town. At her greatest moment of need, a protective and sexy Porter Masters comes to her rescue. Ella takes a holiday week at the coast to discover herself and finds her attraction to Porter potent and undeniable. Uncertain of their future tThe last thing Ella Sinclair needed on her birthday was a cheating boyfriend, a broken heart, and a dead car battery in a remote beach town. At her greatest moment of need, a protective and sexy Porter Masters comes to her rescue. Ella takes a holiday week at the coast to discover herself and finds her attraction to Porter potent and undeniable. Uncertain of their future together, Ella struggles to open her heart to trust again. Porter Masters takes care of his own: his single mother, his company, and now he’s compelled to protect the beauty that walked into his world. Never one for relationships in his past, Porter discovers that he was waiting all along for Ella. As their time together comes to an end, will Porter fight for the woman who stole his heart? Porter will find a way to keep her, despite the obstacles....

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Never Close Enough Reviews

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-04-21 20:57

    FREE on Amazon US today (10/1/2016)Book 1 of 3. Series complete.BLURB:The last thing Ella Sinclair needed on her birthday was a cheating boyfriend, a broken heart, and a dead car battery in a remote beach town. At her greatest moment of need, a protective and sexy Porter Masters comes to her rescue. Ella takes a holiday week at the coast to discover herself and finds her attraction to Porter potent and undeniable. Uncertain of their future together, Ella struggles to open her heart to trust again. Porter Masters takes care of his own: his single mother, his company, and now he’s compelled to protect the beauty that walked into his world. Never one for relationships in his past, Porter discovers that he was waiting all along for Ella. As their time together comes to an end, will Porter fight for the woman who stole his heart? Porter will find a way to keep her, despite the obstacles.FREE: are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf: Kindle-freebies (currently over 500 books)

  • Kim
    2019-05-18 23:44

    OMG this had to be one of the major cliffhangers of the year I laughed, cried, yelled, felt pain beyond words for Ella & Porter. Fight for me Remind Me these are the words and emotions Porter is going to have to go thru to get to his Ella.

  • 0rigin3l
    2019-05-18 22:47

    Ah I'm on the fence. I'm going with 3.5. First I need to say HOLY CLIFFHANGER. I'm really frustrated with so many books that leave you hanging and waiting for months for the rest. With that being said the story is about Ella who finds her boyfriend of 4 years cheating on her (on her birthday) and she decides to take their romantic birthday getaway with out Kyle. She then meets Tilly the owner of a local bar and then her son Porter. It took me awhile to warm up to Porter but by the end I was in love. There were parts of the story that were a little too drug out for me. I thought the story was good and I wanted to know how it ended so I kept reading to see what happens only to come to the grand daddy of cliffhangers. **MILD SPOILER AHEAD** I was also a little confused about her boyfriend of 4 years suddenly becoming abusive. I just thought that was a little out of left field for me but I guess maybe we will know more in book 2? I'm definitely getting book 2 but I'm sad and frustrated I have to wait.

  • Amber
    2019-05-11 22:07

    To be honest I went to school with the author, but I had no idea she was so talented!I was brand new to this genre before I read this book and I have to say it has opened my eyes. I remember my mother being obsessed with romance novels when I was younger. I would read the descriptions on the back and they were just so...cheesy! I was pleasantly surprised to discover a whole new world of vivid characters and romantic (without being cheesy) scenes.I love how I immediately connected with Ella. Sometimes when I start a new book I find it hard to relate to what the characters are going through because I'm not connected to them yet. But the action begins on page one and I was curious as to how the story would unfold. It took me on a journey I wasn't expecting, but loved nonetheless.Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! Especially if you are already a fan of romance, love and overcoming obstacles. The second book in this series can't come out fast enough.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-22 19:47

    OMG! PRETTY SURE THIS WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CLIFFHANGERS IN A BOOK THAT IVE READ!With that being said.. I loved this book! This is my first Anie Michaels book. Once I actually sat down to read it, I couldn't put it down! "You show up out of nowhere, literally storming into my life, and all of sudden everything is different, better. Do you know how miraculous that is?"Okay here's the blurb! The last thing Ella Sinclair needed on her birthday was a cheating boyfriend, a broken heart, and a dead car battery in a remote beach town. At her greatest moment of need, a protective and sexy Porter Masters comes to her rescue. Ella takes a holiday week at the coast to discover herself and finds her attraction to Porter potent and undeniable. Uncertain of their future together, Ella struggles to open her heart to trust again. Porter Masters takes care of his own: his single mother, his company, and now he’s compelled to protect the beauty that walked into his world. Never one for relationships in his past, Porter discovers that he was waiting all along for Ella. As their time together comes to an end, will Porter fight for the woman who stole his heart? Porter will find a way to keep her, despite the obstacles.What can I say about Porter? *swoon* "That Porter guy is seriously one hot man. He seems to be the reason God invented blue jeans."From the first few pages I felt for Ella. Finding her boyfriend with another chick on her birthday! Who does that?! Anyways! She decides to go ahead with her weeklong vacation at the beach. After stopping at Tilly's (a bar) to get a drink, she goes to leave and her battery is dead. So the bars owner Tilly volunteers her son Porter to take Ella home well to her rental house...After just breaking up with her boyfriend hours ago, Ella can't believe she's attracted to Porter. She fights her feelings and its the most frustrating thing! Ella & Porters chemistry is crazy. They have this pull towards each other. Never Close Enough is such a great read!! I devoured it!I can't say enough good things about it! I did in fact buy the second and third books right after I finished this one!

  • Liv
    2019-04-25 23:02

    Overall, this was a sweet one! Ella Sinclair is the kind of girl that every woman will root for when it relates to love. Mainly, because her 4-year relationship with her boyfriend Kyle came to a devastating end as Ella caught him with another woman…UGH! How awful! So, you really feel for Ella when she goes ahead with her plans of a romantic beach getaway sans ex-boyfriend. But, then she meets this handsome man, Porter, who helped her when she found herself in a rut and in the rain.---Well, Porter and Ella's romantic entanglement ensued from there, at a nice pace, I should add. Even though one would anticipate that getting involved with another guy just a few days after you break up with your boyfriend is a bad decision, well, it just wasn't for Porter and Ella. I mean they had this "HEY I JUST MET YOU AND THIS IS CRAZY, BUT I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU-CALL ME MAYBE" chemistry…LOL Porter was very sweet and quite the hero with Ella. The issues arise when they have to figure out the logistics of a long-distance relationship. Yet, the crushing part comes at the very end with the cliffhanger that threw this book in a totally different direction than I anticipated…..WOW! Just crazy! With a cliffy like that, you just need to plow through immediately to book 2!Narrator: Romy Nordlinger's voice has an odd quality to it, that I can't really put my finger on….her voice is not my favorite, but I got used to it soon enough.

  • Siri
    2019-04-30 23:43

    I don't get why everybody liked this book. I really don't. Except for an intense need to throw my kindle into a burning firepit so I could get rid of this book, I felt nothing. I think the sad moments seems forced and I felt like the author needed to stress the fact that the happy moments were happy. The fact that they fell head over heels in love with each other after a week annoyed me more than I could possibly express. Especially considering they were in love with each other after two days and spent the rest of the week expressing their deep feelings to each other.And when they spoke to each other (everyone meaning everyone and not just the main characters) everything that came out their mouths was sincere feelings. Seriousy I've never heard speak like that in real life, and I sincerely doubt that I will ever find anyone who speaks like that likeable. It might just be me still being stuck in a book hangover from the last book I read, but I thought this book was bad in every way, and I had to struggle in order to finish it.

  • ❀ Crystal ✿ -
    2019-05-03 22:03

    Was not overly blown away by this book. The entire book takes place in like a week and so much happens it seems so unreal and lacking depth. I wasn't blown away by the characters and found certain storylines to be extremely questionable. Started this as a trilogy but at the moment have no desire to read on. May return to this later but chances are slim.

  • stephanie
    2019-04-27 20:03

    Amazing book!!!Never Close Enough is the first book I have read that I COULD NOT put down. The book makes you fall in love with the characters, not to mention make you want to find your own Porter!! I can't wait to read " Never Far Away" or any other book Anie Michaels writes!!!!

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-23 20:49

    I am amazed that this is the authors debut book! She will definitely be giving Nicholas Sparks a run for his money! I so completely fell in love with Porter. He is everything every woman wishes they had. And the things he says makes your heart melt. The love that him and Ella have is so sweet and romantic. And I don't think there is anything either of them would not do for the other. Porters mother Tilly is the best! There is an instant attraction between Porter and Ella, but they didn't immediately fall into bed together. Which is something that I so hate. There were a couple days before they were together. The end.......OMG I am speachless! Which is not an easy thing to do. If you loved 50 first dates, The Notebook, or The Vow this is a MUST READ!!!!I am impatiently awaiting the next book!

  • T.A. McKay
    2019-04-25 00:50

    I won an ARC of this book from the author.What do you do when you find your boyfriend of four years having sex with a bendy lady in your bed??? What Ella did was go on holiday without him! Ok it wasn't quite that simple but that was the original plans so she just kept to them. What a fantastic 30th birthday present....your boyfriend cheating and then travelling two hours to a holiday home by the ocean that you were both meant to spend the week at! The one thing she did that day is stop for a drink at a bar before reaching her destination....fate or was it just her bad luck had other ideas for how she should spend her birthday night! After a drink on her own and spilling her story to the friendly owner she discovers that her car battery is flat...enter Porter! Her grumpy knight in shining armour, the owners son and for the rest of the evening her taxi! What Ella didn't realise is that walking in on her boyfriend would start a chain reaction of events that would lead her straight to Porter!, sexy and a gentleman! He doesn't do relationships, well thats a lie, he just has never found anyone her wanted a relationship with...until now! Follows is a story of developing love, Porter wants more with Ella and she is scared since she JUST got out of a relationship. Can she really fall for someone so quickly after having her heart broken?? And was her heart really broken?? This is the question that worries her the most....did she really care so little for her ex that she didn't mourn the relationship? Ok so a lot more happens in this story but I am not going to tell you as you need to read it yourself! There is love and drama and hotness and an ending that leaves you like WTF??? Ok maybe that should come with a *Spoiler* but damn it!! That ending left me hating everything that happened in the last few chapters even more!! It wasn't really a cliffhanger...but it kinda was! I know I know!! Doesn't really help so you all need to read it! Even after the cliff that wasn't a cliff but kinda was I really enjoyed this book, it was well written and even though it was based on your usual story line it was also different! It had different twists to it and some drama, and Ella was resistant to the whole insta love thing! So even though I thought I knew where it was going it went somewhere else! You all need to add this to your TBR list as it was a great read!! <3

  • Joan
    2019-04-20 23:44

    This was a fairly interesting story, although the abundance of sex scenes that didn't advance the plot became humorous. The structure of the plot was loose and just didn't flow naturally. The author should have hired an editor to read the book before she published it. She often used the wrong case of pronouns, the wrong verb tense (no understanding at all of the use of the perfect tenses to indicate when actions took place)and words what were questionably appropriate for the intended meaning. She routinely misused commas as well (putting them between compounds verbs in simple sentences and not using them between independent clauses of compound sentences). "Your" is a possessive adjective. "You're" is a contraction of the words "you are." If her characters are going to frequently "smirk" at each other, the author needs to understand that the word "smirk" has negative connotations. I won't mention all the simple editing typos (repeated words or phrases, simple autocorrection misuses, etc.)

  • Jyoti Achameesing
    2019-05-07 20:44

    At times life is cruel to nice people. This is my personal observation after having read this book. Honestly Ella was betrayed by her live in boyfriend when she caught Kyle bedding another woman in her flat. She ran away to the beach house where they had planned to celebrate her 30th birthday. Fate made her connect with Porter when she had a car break. During her one week stayed she gets attracted to this simple and caring man. At first she just thinks a one night stand will help her to move on. But soon realizes that she is in love with Porter and the feeling is mutual. This book has some steamy scenes as well as love in abundance. Kyle is shameless and abuses her . Unfortunately she is gun shot and has lost her memory. This is a cliffhanger , will Porter be able to get her back. I hope so because the power of love transcend all impossible barriers. Waiting for the next book in year 2014.

  • Patricia Okereke
    2019-04-23 18:05

    Boring.I don't know what other readers saw in this book. The entire book was written over a one week period so as you can imagine scenes were painstakingly explained, descriptions of emotions were minutely itemized even the love scenes were drawn out.I skipped most of the book, scheme read the entire book and still got the gist of things. I didn't feel inspired to read in-depthly into the story as I found myself bored and gagging to get to the point.I bought book3 on the basis of the great reviews, I regret doing this now as having started book2 I'm still not inspired to read thoroughly from sheer boredom. Book2 is slow too although a wrangle has developed that I'm not even inspired to read about so book3 is looking to like a lot right now.My summary is that this book is boring and slow; don't waste your money unless you just wanna give it the benefit of the doubt and try it out which I'm sure you will agree with me.

  • Heather Senechiame
    2019-04-22 23:50

    First- I would of given this book far more than 5 stars, just saying. So many high points and so many beautifully written details, I can't even contain my excitement! When I bought the book all I saw was 5 star ratings and NOT one negative response to it book what so ever and I see why. Porter well Jesus, he's sex on sticks and his slight alpha maleness just won me over...then the swoon side fucking A! I would kill someone if I read this and book two wasn't out yet cause the ending is such a cliffhanger, and that epilogue Jesus this author is amazing and I'm sure book two will be just as addictive and insanely hot. Amazing book, a def MUST read!

  • Hollie
    2019-04-21 17:43

    Soap opera type ending Be prepared for lousy "cliffhanger" ending. I am so tired of books with no closure. Very frustrating. Plus this was an instant-love story which is another book detail I find repulsive. I definitely won't be reading any more in this series.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-23 22:40

    It was a really fast story. Took place in the span of a week, but it was amazing, I'm so glad all of the books are out so I can deal with that cliff hanger.

  • Nicole
    2019-04-22 17:46

    On the fence, leaning towards 3.5 stars. I will read the second book though to see what happens.**Spoilers ahead**I liked this book, I did, I just had a very hard time taking it all in on the timeline given to me. Can this happen in a week? No. I stand firm in my decision that it cannot. Love at first sight? Okay, but this goes WAY above and beyond that. Ella gets cheated on by her boyfriend of 4 years the day they are scheduled to go to a beachhouse for a romantic week away to reconnect. She goes alone after finding him with a gumby-slut (that was hilarious). She has a little trouble on the way and thats how we meet hottie Porter. I understand her not really feeling much after finding Kevin cheating on her. When relationships are in that much trouble, it's not uncommon to feel more "Good Riddance" than anything. Anyway, that said, she immediately is in deep with Porter. In the span of a week, there is I love you and all that jazz. After their week of bliss, they have to part because she lives two hours away, where she runs a boutique. Neither of them is in a place to up and leave their current situations to be with the other. Ella returns home to find Kevin still in her home after she tells him to leave. He is set on making them work, she tells him no go, get out. He refuses and suddenly, despite never having been physical with her, he assaults her. She leaves to her store where she calls Porter and waits for him to arrive. Someone starts banging on the door- PAUSE. Is her boutique the only one in the world that doesn't have some sort of window? She swings the door open to be asked by what appears to be a homeless man who asks for food and/or money. She doesn't have any, so she says sorry, no. Then he proceeds to shoot her, yup, shoot her. It annoys the life out of me that she opened the door. I don't get it. At all. I get opening a front door when you're waiting for someone and you think it's them. But a store after hours? Okayyyyyyy. Anyway, she is shot and in a coma for a while. Cut to the chase. She wakes up from said coma doesnt remember breaking up with the jerk or getting a new love of her life a week back. We end with him opening a letter professing her love to him (she wrote this that day she had to return home). The letter says that if he opened it, she's slipped away and to come get her. Obviously, she was not talking about her injury, but had previously told him to open it if he really, really missed her. The End. Welcome to the Cliffhanger Hotel. After writing this review, I want to take a star away. And I did. All that said, I will read the second book to figure out what the heck happens to them. I wish I didn't care that much...

  • Michelle Louise
    2019-05-18 17:04

    Great until 75% in... Then it becomes horridIf you'd asked me to rate this book up to the 75% mark it probably would have given it a solid four stars. Ella and Porter were fun characters, I liked Tilly. The sex was vanilla but well written. There was decent conflict there was even a logical endpoint. My only major problem was the ongoing slut shaming and seriously horrible and unsupportive "supportive" sister. Pro-tip supportive sisters bring ice cream and ask what someone wants after a bad break up, not call up the cheating ex and then counsel the two to get back together. Also the author blamed the single woman who the boyfriend was cheating with more than the boyfriend. Because we only ever heard a proven liars side we have no way of knowing if the woman knew he wasn't available. The guy was clearly more in the wrong. So this was never going to get 5 stars from me. But then the author went off the rails with the "drama". The ex first tries to woo the heroine back then when she refuses calls her a slut and tries to rape her. The heroine then doesn't call the cops or her family... She does call the hero who is 2 hours away... but runs to her shop where she's confronted by a "bad guy" who shoots her. If that isn't enough, when she wakes up she has amnesia! At this point I wondered what soap opera I'd wandered into. Seriously all we needed was someone back from the dead and we'd be golden. I flipped to the end knowing that in romance a happy ending is required... But nope... You have to get the next book... Which is honestly a money grab at this point. So unless you like cliffhangers don't get this book.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-04-30 20:07

    Here I am thinking YAY, a stand alone novel nope the damn book has a damn cliffhanger, everyone knows how I feel about them, but other than the damn cliffhanger the book was entertaining, let's just say Porter and Ella have no qualms of PDA, "she stared at his gorgeous body, not bothering to hide the fact that she liked what she saw, and she knew that he was enjoying the view as well." Yea, they're not bashful at all, "he pushed her back up against his truck as he took the kiss even deeper. She reached her hands around his waist and up his back. She could feel all the hard muscle she'd known was there." I mean Porter the boy obviously knows he's good looking and Ella well she get's caught ogling, "like what you see, do you?" He smiled at her and flipped his nose on the tip of hers. She blushed at his question, suddenly shy." And it may not seem like it but Porter is very gentlemanly, "he growled and then shifted up on an arm so he was leering at her. "There are no cabs here, city girl. I drove you here. I will drive you home. You're not sneaking off in the middle of the night like this was some sort of drunken college hookup." I really did love Porter and I loved being in his thoughts, "the next morning when he woke up, he found her still wrapped around him and his arms were holding her in place. He realized he was still inside of her and the thought of spending a night connected to her like that had his heart racing."

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-10 17:59

    I had never read any of Anie Michaels books before, when the other day I saw she was doing a takeover on a FB page I follow. While reading about her and watching her interactions between readers and non readers I found I really liked her. When I saw she gave an opportunity for those who had not read her books to read one for free I signed up excitedly. After receiving said book I began reading...and reading....and reading..and...well you get the picture lol. I absolutely fell in love with the characters! When Ella finds her boyfriend with the yoga slut I wanted to punch the crap out of that idiot, when she left I cheered her on. When she met Porter I think my panties melted a bit lol. Granted their first encounter was a little different than I was expecting, I really liked their banter. When things heat up and her sister starts saying she is wrong I was like.." Um excuse me? You know what now?" I was ready to dislike the sister but eventually I changed my mind.I really don't want to give away too much but I have to say if you don't like major cliff hangers don't read!!! I totally was unprepared for this one however I loved the book! I will certainly be reading more by this author and I'm super excited I got the chance to read her work! I'm rating this book in at Five Hearts!!♡♡♡♡♡

  • Stephenee
    2019-04-26 21:58

    ** I received this book in exchange for an honest review. ** With that being said, I really enjoyed this book. Some parts of the story were easily predictable, but I think that made the story fly by. The ending of the book is a major cliffhanger and I didn't predict that at all! I was hoping for a neat little tidy ending and then boom....there was a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers! Now I am on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen in the next book! I am looking forward to continuing the story of Ella and Porter and am rooting for them and for the "bad guys" to get what they deserve!! The characters make you instantly like them, even when they are doing their best to make you not want to like them! This was a great book and I highly recommend it to anyone that is looking for a quick, fun read! Just beware that there will be another coming that you will want right away!! Now I will sit and wait for the next one and make up ideas and stories about the characters in my head until it is released, but it does give me something to look forward to.....stay tuned for book 2!!*This review has been done in conjunction with A Girl Amongst Books Blog. For more information on our reviews, please visit our Facebook site:*

  • Indy
    2019-05-06 22:39

    Really enjoyed this sweet book - was well written, so easy to read and characters had such a natural response to emotions and events from start to finish. Porter is this hunky man who wears a tool belt well, almost like a purple unicorn having not had any girlfriends (no baggage!) and wonderful possessive, protective alpha male qualities. He is also super romantic. His relationship with Ella happens very quickly, is actually one of the new insta-love stories I have not minded cause they truly do seem to have a connection to one another. Not a lot of time is spent on dramatic miscommunications, instead on fears and vulnerabilities that are realistic to imagine. Also some really great dialog. I look forward to continuing the series and adding this author to my watch list!

  • H.K. Szczesiak
    2019-04-20 21:46

    Well what can I say about this book without giving away any spoilers??? I was lucky enough to read this as a Beta reader, from the first chapter I was hooked. Ella catches her boyfriend doing the dirty with some bimbo on her birthday no less. She breaks up with him and enjoys her stay at a beach house for a week, where she meets Porter. SWOON! Porter helps Ella get over her heartbreak and welcome the love of a real man. Will their love stand the test of time and obstacles that they are faced with??? I will not tell, well only because this is not a stand alone book. The cliff hanger is a dozy! Definitely a must read, you will not only fall in love with the relationship of Porter and Ella but wonder when your car will break down in the chance you will meet the love of your life.

    2019-04-23 21:46

    My Reaction After Reading The Book!I enjoyed and hated this story. I hate rebound/instant love! But I do appreciate the safe sex and always wrapping it up! But are you KIDDING ME with that major frickin cliffhanger?! I can't believe it ended like that..... WHY? After everything these "2" went through!! Smh. I'm so glad all "3" books are written. Because I would be one pissed-off reader! But then again, I'm still debating on continuing with series!

  • Amanda
    2019-05-12 23:59

    Loved the story of Ella and Porter. Her past, his past and in a few short days and all was right with the world. AGH until the end!!! WHAT the What!!! I was a crying baby. I was up reading until 1am and then of course I couldn't sleep because I couldn't breathe because Ella and Porter...and the end. UGH I just wanna give Porter a hug. When is the next book?! 2 thumbs up, I couldn't put it down.I would do a reread, definitely needs to be edited better. Nothing serious just wrong words. his/her in/is bleed/bleeding

  • Michelle
    2019-05-19 19:05

    If I had to choose which love story is my favorite out of all the romance books I've read I would have to choose the intense, sexy, romantic and beautiful story that is Porter's and Ella's. I always go back to it when I think of my favorite books to read. Thank you Anie for such amazing writing and creative characters. This is a book series I look forward to re-reading just for fun.Im excited about the spinoff. I've got it and will start it soon.

  • Anna Soracco
    2019-04-28 22:45

    This books has too many typos and grammatical errors. It seems surprising that it was not proof-read prior to publishing. It also has too much repetitive sex and little story. I am sure book 1 and book 2 could have been published as one book, if not for such much space devoted to sex.I do not intend to buy second or third book.

  • Kim Winkelmann
    2019-04-23 23:48

    OH. My. GOD. I loved this book! Holy cliffhanger is right but that's what coming back for more! I have no issue with a two part book! Maybe it's due to the fact that I can purchase the second book as soon as I finished the first!! I am intrigued by the story and I can't wait to finish it!!!!

  • JamieLeigh
    2019-05-06 17:48

    wow. what an awesome read. Ella had a horrible birthday. She found her boyfriend of four years in their bed with another woman. Her car died. But then she met Porter. and wow. there is a cliff hanger but thank goodness the next book is out so I can find out what happens next!