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The Great Recession. Reality TV. Luxury cosmetics. And a basset hound named Botox. What do all these things have in common?They’re all essential story components in BEAUTY SECRETS, a sexy romantic comedy novel, written in a style best described as “Jennifer Weiner meets E. L. James.” Amanda Brown is a high-flying cosmetics executive for Revina Corporation, the oldest and mThe Great Recession. Reality TV. Luxury cosmetics. And a basset hound named Botox. What do all these things have in common?They’re all essential story components in BEAUTY SECRETS, a sexy romantic comedy novel, written in a style best described as “Jennifer Weiner meets E. L. James.” Amanda Brown is a high-flying cosmetics executive for Revina Corporation, the oldest and most venerable cosmetics company in America. She comes from a good "old money" family, she went to Swarthmore, and she lives in a beautiful penthouse apartment in NYC’s Meatpacking District. But she's only successful on the surface----like many New Yorkers, she's also financially overextended. Her parents are dead, her trust fund is gone, and when the Great Recession hammers her company, like millions of people across America she suddenly finds her job hanging by a thread.Enter George Watson, a hedge-fund manager and self-made man from the Midwest who swoops in from Indiana to rebuild Revina Corporation from the ground up. Even if he fired everyone else at the company, he decides to keep Amanda on for her expertise. The two of them are from different worlds, and they can't stand each other. But that doesn’t stop them from having wild no-holds-barred sex on their first meeting----for reasons neither of them fully understand.But this is no ordinary corporate takeover, and the unlikely romance between George and Amanda is no ordinary love story. It involves corporate greed, undercover investigative reporters, a sleazy reality TV producer who puts George and Amanda's sexual relationship on national television, dark family secrets----and a dog named Botox....

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Beauty Secrets Reviews

  • Indy
    2019-05-20 21:42

    (*Thanks to Netgalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review.)Unfortunately, it pains me to say I did not finish this book. I tried keeping at it, even reading until 50% mark, but it was agonizingly slow. I think that happened in the way it was written, almost very clinical like, with no passion, too much focus on little stuff, and not enough to endear me to the plot or more importantly the characters. To read in the above blurb that author is a cross between Jennifer Weiner and E.L. James is really a very bad gross generalization that is a negative reflection on those two authors work. The heroine was vapid and uncharacteristically had spur of the moment sex which seemed to be over and done with in minutes and back to business as usual - with a stranger and her manager no less! Just a general lacking of feelings and likeability. Much time spent on business analogies, which me being in that world, I don't mind learning from, but it wasn't incorporated to intrigue, only to fill up space it seemed. I did skip ahead to the end, and much of the same, so think that continued past the 50% where I gave up at. Just not my cup of tea.

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-16 21:48

    4 Stars!! Beauty Secrets is the new release from author Jill Elaine Hughes. It is about a New York cosmetics executive who goes from having everything to having nothing in a day. It is light, funny, and my favorite part, it references a lot of pop culture events. The writing style that Jill use in Beauty Secrets reminds me of a Janet Evanovich stand alone. They suck you in and hold on to you all while giving you a good laugh and a great romantic story.Amanda Brown had it all; an expensive, beautifully decorated apartment, a shoe collection that would make any girl jealous and even the second largest vintage lipstick collection in North America. She was living the high life and enjoying every minute of it until that fate full day that she went from being a top executive at the Revina Corporation to a being middle management under George Watson. George Watson is one of four managing partners for REITCORP. A company that takes over failing companies and rebuilds them to make a profit. He is a no nonsense Midwestern that clawed his way to the top. He didn't grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth the way Amanda did; he shed blood, sweat, and tears to get to where he was. I loved that about his character. He was humble, down to earth, and didn't need all the fancy things that most rich people require. He may be a millionaire but you would never know it by looking at him. What I enjoyed about him was what was underneath the clothes. He had an amazing body; rippled abs and a firm chest. I loved the instant sexual tension between these two. They fought like cats and dogs but the sexual tension never went away. There was no instant relationship in this book and the build up just made it that much better. Speaking of dogs, I can't forget about Botox. Yes, you read that correctly, Botox. Amanda is the foster parent to the cutest basset hound; which she named Botox because of the wrinkle between the dog's eyes. Botox is a show stopper. She steals many scenes in this book and it just warmed my heart. There were so many pop culture references in this book and they all fit so perfectly in the story. I found myself laughing as I read them and I loved it because it helped make the story much more relate-able. There is so much more to this story than just a rich girl losing everything and fighting with her new boss. There are ups and downs and drama in between. Throw in an obsessed ex-friend with benefits, a pain in the ass douche bag reality TV director and some cheap wine and you have a great book! I loved every moment of it. If you are looking for a light, funny, stand alone then this is the book for you!

  • Books&Dreams
    2019-05-16 22:43

    I was given this book as an ARC to readI gave this book 3.5 starsI wanted to give it more, but it fell short just a little for me.It was a very sweet story, and the writer is VERY talented, but I could not stand the main character, she was a total snob, rich, stuck-up bitch, and I thought as the story went along that I might get to like her better but it never got there for me. Now kudos for the writer because for her to write someone that well that I loathed them, that is saying something.One other thing that I didn't care for was 5 minutes after her meeting her boss she is sleeping with him, up against a wall!!Amanda is so shallow, BUT I loved George, he was so down to earth, and although he was a millionaire he never acted like it, he was brought up poor and got what he had by working hard for it. He calls Amanda out on how she is but still seems to fall for her none the less.Over all this is a very sweet story, and don't get me wrong, it is a great book, it just was not for me. There is plenty of sex, backstabbing, obstacles, all the great stuff you look for in a book. Oh, and then there is Botox her dog. That def brought up the rating for me because this dog is just awesome!!!! All in all it is a very well rounded story, and has a great ending. Very light hearted and fun. And if your looking for something quick to read that is cute you should def try it.

  • A. Gorman
    2019-04-20 18:54

    I totally did not see the story going the way it did. The first line of the book is, "Eyeshadow is dead." I was like OMG I love my eyeshadow. Then, we shortly find out that "Eyeshadow" is the name of Revina Cosmetics Senior Exec. Amanda Browns dog. Right off the bat, we start out with humor. I love it. Amanda is flying high, with her $7 coffees and her dry bank account. What she didn't expect was to have her job on the line because her company is being taken over by one George Watson.Oh George. He is from my beloved Indiana. (I'm proudly wearing my IU shirt as I type this review.) George plans on completely rebuilding Reveina from the ground up. Firing everyone except Amanda. He wants her for her knowledge...However, the two of them are like oil and water. They don't mix, well... Only when shaken. They kind of do the naughty well and on their first meeting too! OMG!! Their chemistry is HOT!It's kind of funny watching a broke rich chick wade through it all with a millionaire who lives like he is poor. I had many laughs, that is for sure! Oh and Botox... Hehee MUST READ for Botox the dog! 4 Stars! The characters are loveable and the story was different.*I was provided an ARC for an honest review and these are my thoughts and opinions!

  • Ashley
    2019-04-28 18:44

    This review can also be found at So, the blurb doesn't tell you anything about this story, just that it's sexy and funny. I personally think the blurb... was wrong.At first, the story of Amanda Brown is okay. She's a high end cosmetics company executive. She then meets George, whose company is buying her company. Then, it gets weird.First of all, this book was all about telling rather than showing, which made it hard to get into the story. For instance, Amanda was arrogant. Rather than show how she was arrogant, the author simply stated that sentence. And while the book is told in third person, I felt like the author couldn't make up her mind as to whether she wanted to be in Amanda's head or the narrator. Sometimes, we'd hear what Amanda was thinking, other times the author was giving her opinion on how Amanda was. It was quite confusing.Then, she meets George, and not even two minutes later, they have sex. I'm all for instant connections and chemistry, but if I don't even know your name or business yet, I'm definitely not sleeping with you. Sorry, a definite DNF for me.

  • Janet
    2019-04-19 22:43

    I found a lot to laugh about in this novel set during the financial crisis, which I didn't expect. Ms. Hughes has written a book that contains everything I look for in a contemporary romance; a strong, fully faceted lead couple, the kind that grows and develops throughout the story, the kind that makes you emotionally involved in their happily ever after. The pacing was even, the story well-plotted, the secondary cast of characters well drawn, the dialogue appropriate to characters, setting and situations. The sex scenes were passionate and actually served a to move the story along. If you enjoy a well written romance with a touch of humor, this one's for you.*I received my copy from in exchange for an honest review.

  • Mariel Hoss
    2019-04-20 22:36

    *ARC from NetGalley and Publisher in exchange for an honest review.*This was a strange one for me. The chemistry between Amanda, a high-maintenance NYC cosmetics executive and George, a no non-sense Midwestern corporate raider is evident and in full display in their repeated, ill-timed encounters (some were cringe-worthy). Throw in unscrupulous bosses and exes and you’ve got a reality show in the making…which they actually dabble in in this story. While I enjoyed the flow, the characters (both main and supporting) and the story line, I felt that there were jarring sex scenes that were either inappropriate or just plain icky. I felt that some of those scenes got in the way of the development of emotions.

  • Christine
    2019-05-19 17:59

    Thank you Net Galley and the publisher for this book in exchange for an honest review.This was my first book from this author and it was overall enjoyable, some times more than others.The story line was unique (well to me, I have not read one with that story) with the whole reality show angle towards the end. Another uniqueness to the book was that even though the hero was a millionaire, he rarely acted like one and never dressed like one in cheap khakis and a company logo polo. one who enjoyed his .98 shampoo from Wal-Mart.The beginning at times felt redundant regarding George and his preference for one night no strings attached sex. I felt that three times of knowing that was enough.

  • Taisheena Rayne
    2019-05-17 21:40

    Ever wonder what would happen if you came back from your lunch break and your entire office was empty? Amanda never did, but she is about to find out. This book had me giggling all night long because I couldn't stop reading until the story was finished.Amanda and George have an instant chemistry, problem with that? Yes. He is her new boss. I loved the way the author develops the characters, showing their growth through the pages. Watching the way the shallow become deeper and the deeper fall in love.Great read if you need something light and wonderful to pick you up.

  • Penny Schmit
    2019-04-22 00:04

    The beauty company Amanda has worked so hard for is taken over and Amanda's livelihood is gone. George wants to keep Amanda on to help with this takeover because he knows nothing about cosmetics. Amanda and George have an attraction that can't bee explained. Amanda is a fashion girl and George wears cheap Walmart clothes. This story has it all, corporate takeover, sex tapes, reality tv, and corrupt partners. Even has a dog from the ASPCA that Amanda names Botox.

  • Wendy
    2019-05-03 18:03

    Read now on NetGalley 10/14/13

  • Literary George (For Your Literary Pleasure Blog)
    2019-04-26 22:49

    Full review at For Your Literary PleasureBooks about spoiled rich kids who end up broke and unable to cope in the real world as adults should have warning labels so I can avoid them. It's not only because I can't relate to them but also because I have not one iota of sympathy for adults who are can't function in the real world. I'm pretty sure the majority of the population have difficulty caring for a character who mishandles money and then fails to learn practical skills to work themselves out of a slump. Amanda Brown is one of these spoiled rich kids. Initially I thought she was a bitchin' executive who knew what's what and why, only to have her crumble into a spendthrift baby. Argh. It's not that I dislike her because she was rich. I dislike her because when she loses her job and has to rethink her life, she doesn't. She cries and whines and wallows in self-pity. Oh no I can't pay for my thousand dollar a month penthouse. Uh? Move out. Oh no I have no money because I spent my paycheck already. Uh? Sell some stuff. Oh no I'm the only person who still has a job at my company but I get a lower salary. DON'T FRICKEN QUIT!The amount of times I wanted to slap this woman upside the head was unbelievable. There is a reason I like strong female characters and it's because I want to admire them, I want to be them, I want their actions to motivate me into a better woman. Amanda Brown is everything I don't want. Her dynamic with George is born in a moment of complete mental instability - that's okay-ish - she wants his body so get it girl. She appears to fighting against him which should be a mark in her favor except it's because she is too proud to suck it up her decreased salary and help. Once she screws her PR consultant attempt, she tries to fix it by agreeing to a reality tv show. Yeah, any human worth their brain cells knows that reality tv shows are full of petty arguments, cameras in your face and usually not positive publicity. It didn't surprise me when the reality tv shebang blew up in her face. It wasn't a good idea to begin with. But oh, what really got my fires gunning for blood was the ending. When Amanda does the ONE SMART thing in the whole book, making me believe she might redeem herself, she reminds me why I hate spoiled rich kids. (view spoiler)[She agrees to marry George who, as a multi-millionaire, promise to look after her and fund her life.(hide spoiler)]Forgive me if I wasn't leaping for joy at the fact that Amanda Brown had just found someone else to take the burden of her financial worries. Instead of say, finding a job, making her own money and still having a relationship with George. Bah! It's a shame I hated Amanda so much because the story was beautifully written I just didn't like the Literary GeorgeFollow me on Facebook

  • Jenn Cunha
    2019-05-10 00:37

    Received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Okay, here's the thing about this book. Amanda was insanely spoiled and George was totally pompous. Neither of them bothered to even try communicating, instead just going at it like animals. Hello? This man pretty much just took away everything in your life and your first instinct is to sleep with him? No. The premise with Adam and the tv show held promise but was not well thought out at all. And Boswell kept talking about how this deal would ruin and bankrupt George and he's just like, nope, I'm still a billionaire. How does that make sense? Not really a fan.

  • Jenni
    2019-04-23 01:02

    I just couldn't continue with the story. After 43 pages (16%) in I just wanted to quit. It's boring and nothing exactly happens *sigh* Sorry.

  • Jill Hughes
    2019-05-17 16:48