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"We're dragons. We don't do the mushy friend thing." - Daniel Dragon Lore, #1 The dragon-shifter king will do anything to keep his mate alive...even if it means war. After millennia as king of the dragon-shifters, Daniel Ashborne wants a little peace and quiet, especially from the beautiful Hollywood starlet who haunts his memories. His escape tactics end abruptly when he"We're dragons. We don't do the mushy friend thing." - Daniel Dragon Lore, #1 The dragon-shifter king will do anything to keep his mate alive...even if it means war. After millennia as king of the dragon-shifters, Daniel Ashborne wants a little peace and quiet, especially from the beautiful Hollywood starlet who haunts his memories. His escape tactics end abruptly when he is called to the ER to save the one woman he wants to forget, but who now bears his mark. Shelby Kincade's life and movie career were nearly destroyed when Daniel vanished a year ago. Now he's back, claiming they have been accidentally mated. Getting over him once was hard enough, but she must choose either the life of her dreams or the man she can't live without. With peace finally on the horizon between the dragon-shifters and the Hunters, an assassination attempt on the dragon king and his mate shatters everything. Tensions rebuild as Daniel and his loyal team of shifters try to discover who put out the hit. Enemy and ally lines are crossed, but in the end--after the battle ash has settled--no one could have foreseen who has plotted for their own gain. CONTENT WARNING: Graphic fight scenes, lots of great sex, and hot, hot, hot dragon men. A Lyrical Press Urban Fantasy Romance...

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The Dragon's Heart Reviews

  • Wyrdness
    2019-05-05 22:57

    This review has been edited slightly to make it easier to read. All content and opinions are still the same. Originally posted on 10th December, 2014. This book was so painful and confusing I actually bailed on it at the 50% mark (I skimmed the ending, it didn't improve). Finishing books even when I don't like them is a point of pride for me, so to not do so pretty much shows how much I hated this one.It was a pretty standard shifter Twu-Wuv mating PNR that didn't deviate from industry standard. Bossy alpha-jerk "hero", super pretty but kind-of-a-doormat "heroine", and a bit of a "fighting evil" plot where the Evil is evil just 'cause.After the prologue it starts weirdly, with the characters of Seren, Cage and even Daniel being introduced as if we should already know them (view spoiler)[for example Seren being pregnant was pointed out to us several times as if to draw attention to it being A Big Deal. This was before the author let us know she was a dragon and her husband, Cage, a Hunter. Yet we don't know how or why they're together when the prologue seems to indicate there's been a massive Dragon-Hunter war going on since before recorded history. It's not until chapter 5 or 6 when both characters have gone elsewhere that we learn Cage is the Hunter's leader and supposedly has leeway to bone dragons and ignore all Hunter policy or something. To say I was confused was a bit of an understatement. I had to go to the author's profile to make sure this wasn't the first book of a spin-off series and I'd accidentally skipped the original explanation giving one (hide spoiler)]. We quickly get told that Shelby is Daniel's mate even though he didn't realise it because they'd only had sex twice, but... (view spoiler)[it turns out oral sex counts and Daniel didn't know that... But how could he not know that? He's the ""King" of the dragons and has been for thousands of years. If your entire species is subject to a monogamous mating-bond that is unbreakable until death, and that bond activates after any 3 sexual acts, then every dragon would have been taught that from near on birth to avoid such spectacular f**k-ups as occurs here. It just doesn't make any sense when you take it out of the "but my plot needs it" context. (hide spoiler)]We then spend the first 35% of the novel with Daniel and Shelby dancing about the massive misunderstanding that drove them apart a year before the start of the story. At first Shelby tries to ask what happened back then, which seems reasonable since it almost ruined her life, but she is repeatedly shut down by the growly arsehole-ism of Daniel because his pride got a boo-boo and that's way more important than anything else (plus if they don't talk the author can continue to stretch the artificially manufactured "tension" almost indefinitely). Despite both clinging to the idea that the other hates them, they immediately realise that one night of dinner and hot sex was enough to understand the depths of the other's soul and know they want to be together forever (though not enough to avoid misunderstandings, obviously). Naturally they both fail to mention this to the other one, therefore perpetuating more easily fixed misunderstandings. That's around 30% of the novel where nothing happens except some yelling in a massive, yet sparsely furnished, studio apartment. The other 5% is the very beginning where Daniel starts a fight in a biker bar just 'cause he's a badass an idiot.After the yelling instead of talking about the past, they start to make a little progress by yelling about how dragons are solitary beasts that don't have friends... Except that doesn't make any sense because they were designed at the dawn of time (by a goddess no less) to encourage and protect humanity, which is kind of hard to do if you don't spend time around anyone. Shortly after this new and exciting round of "why the hell do I care" Luca, a henchman fellow dragon warrior, gets word that they aren't safe where they are anymore and have to move right now (since Luca has been watching them have almost-sex and yelling all this time and isn't shown doing anything, I have no idea how he learns this). So they go to the roof, the "hot" guys turn in to invisible dragons, and they fly off to some luxury mountain cave apartment thing somewhere else in the greater L.A area.At this point I decided I'd had enough and deleted the book off my kindle. That is £1.50 and several hours of my life I am never getting back.Do I recommend this? NO! I do not recommend this to anyone. Not even die-hard PNR readers. It's a contradictory, confusing mess and I can list a dozen other PNRs I didn't like but are still infinitely better than this for you to read. Just don't do it to yourself. How on earth this has managed to get the seventeen 4 and 5 star reviews it already has is beyond me.

  • Susan Shelley
    2019-04-27 17:06

    Daniel and Shelby's story is a hot, emotional ride you will want to read again and again. Daniel is king of the dragon shifters. He wants to avoid movie-star Shelby, who he became accidentally mated with a year earlier. But an assassination attempt on her, and on him, binds them together. The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat, the chemistry between Daniel and Shelby is sizzling, and I felt like I was experiencing everything along with them. The cast of characters is awesome. I love how the guys kept insisting that "dragons don't do the friend thing" but they all had each other's backs and obviously cared for each other. I want more books in this series! Eden Ashe is a rock star at fantasy/paranormal romance!

  • Lovedless
    2019-05-01 21:44

    Overall, I wasn't happy with this book. There was too much of a bipolar behavior between the leads that, even in a modern/urban fantasy, just wasn't believable. The character Shelby was this supposedly strong, vibrant woman but was inept at the simplest of tasks and the character Daniel was unbelievably ignorant as to how mating works within the dragon realm. I can't honestly be sold on the idea that this guy has existed for as long as he has, as a leader of his dragon kin, and not known those kinds of technicalities, especially given that he insisted that having a mate would be a weakness to him. I found too many tropes in the piece, with the women being petite and the men being gargantuan. The pop culture references made left me thinking they might as well have been plugs as author favorites and could have been handled much differently. Instead of saying someone looked like character from a wildly popular movie series, just describe him. Instead of plugging in a specific TV show, describe what they are watching, like the canned laughter or the scene the actors are recreating.I had a big problem with how Shelby's care was handled in her first few scenes, in the retcon which brought up her half sister and father, and the strange fascination Shelby had with holding onto knives. I had an even bigger problem with the overuse of certain words, like snort, grunt, or snarl. I understand the need to convey the animalistic side of the dragon characters, but it was also coming from Shelby's interactions. It made the characters seem like they were capable of only two or three emotions, or that the emotions they were built to express were all or nothing.Most of the combat scenes were believable, up to the point of laying waste to the Big Boss' dungeon. I get that most organizations have layers of men (or creatures) since defense is important, but it just didn't seem practical with keeping to a modern day fantasy. The romance in this book did not feel natural in any measure. It was forced in many spots, like the idea was to make them stand around close enough to each other so that they'd get over their hatred to the other. The sex scenes were often overtly heavenly or animalistic, I just couldn't buy into those moments as anything but a trope actions.If this was a universe that will be extended into other books, I doubt I would pick up any others. As interesting as the prologue lore was, the way it was handled in this book left me feeling it was underdeveloped and would expose the same weakness as what I've already seen through Daniel's grasp of his universe. There was no drive for me to cheer on the lead pair. I was continually asking why they were choosing to not push to break the magic that bound them together, that they kept getting more passive to the idea as the book progressed. It seemed like it wasn't an important enough idea, irregardless that both were not okay with the idea of being the other's life mate to begin with, so it'd be best to just bone the pretty girl and call it a day. I believe they only explained that it would take death to break the bond, but that was as far as the concept was pushed.

  • C.D. Brennan
    2019-05-06 18:42

    Dragon's have always fascinated me, ever since I started reading the fantasy genre, believe it or not, well before romance. Their power and magic, their longevity and solitude. Their wisdom and strength. Treasures. Pack that into a dragon-shifter and you have my ideal man. Or fantasy man. :-) Minus the scales.The story starts with a prologue taken from the Chronicles of the Egregoroi that entices me immediately as a fantasy lover. Since The Dragon's Heart is Book 1 of the Dragon Lore series, the story sets up a cast of characters that are interesting and engaging. Especially Daniel's loyal team of dragons, fierce and sexy, they have stood by Daniel for millennia against another species called the Hunters.Even though Shelby, the heroine of the story, is a movie star in Los Angeles, and someone I normally couldn't identify with, at the time of the story she is just a regular gal like you and me, going through a whole heck of trouble. And sure, everyone can relate to that. And she loved Daniel before she even knew he was a dragon. I think I'd make myself fall in love (if I didn't) with all the sexiness of that man if he wanted me LOL.Shelby and Daniel's relationship is rocky to start. There are reasons and confusions for it so understandable, but can't give much more away here. But their chemistry is sexy and hot right off the bat. Layered with action and suspense, the story takes us from a modern hi-rise apartment to a high-tech weapons-infested dragon cave lair to a safe house and finally to the tunnels and underworld of LA, where the story climaxes with a massive battle scene between the shifters and the baddies. Swords and fire and hand-to-hand combat. Brilliant. Especially with the great twist at the end. Didn't see that coming.I feel almost intimate with this story. Not because I'd love a sexy dragon shifter for my very own. My gawd, would I. And not because I had an intense fascination with dragons before I even read it. No, the intimacy I found in The Dragon's Heart stems from the heart of the book, so aptly named.Favorite scene: When Shelby rides Daniel.... As a dragon. Their flying, of course!

  • Lanie (Lanies Book Thoughts)
    2019-05-08 17:04

    Dragon's Heart was a mixed read for me for a few reasons. First, I felt lost when the story began because you're just thrown into the book. You get a few pages of the overall history of dragons and hunters but otherwise the story itself just kinda pops up. When past events are mentioned and people are cited for whatever reason, I had no clue what was being talked about. That took away from the story for me. The characters themselves weren't my favorite either, because they felt too wishy washy. Daniel is suppose to be the leader of the Dragons, but he doesn't appear to be able to do much at all. He's a hot head and very suspicious to the point of being annoying. However, as the story unfolds you sorta forgive him for his idiotness because he does care about his people. The main heroine Shelby was just too perfect for me. She was just so great, yada yada an so on. Other than being a Hollywood starlet she seemed like a tart overall. She talked to people like they were children and didn't say what she really felt. What I did like about the story was the uniqueness of the concept of Dragons,Hunters and baddies all trying to fight over humanity. The backstory was interesting as well, the idea of a goddess creating humans because they were like gems to her is fascinating. I actually really liked the side characters, I'd totally read a book based on them because they felt more solid and relatable. In a way, this book vaguely reminded me of"The Black Dagger Brotherhood" by JR Ward but dragon style without all the product name dropping and gangsta slang. So, overall I liked it and can put aside some of the issues I had with it since it's a first in the series. Ill give the next book a shot, because the author does know how to create a cool story.

  • Lyndi
    2019-05-20 00:53

    Daniel thinks Shelby tried to have him killed. There's no reason for her to want him dead, but he was at her house when an assassin showed up and so obviously she's the one that hired them to kill him. Because a Hollywood starlet would know how to hire immortal assassins that target dragons. Uh okay.So Shelby and Daniel are mated. She ends up being cool with it after a little panic attack brought on by the knowledge that dragons are real. But Daniel is like "Nope. Can't have a mate. I'm the king and I can't have any weaknesses. No distractions. My people need me sane and responsible, not crazy in love." So he's going to break the mate bond. Which will kill him.Every reason he has for not having a mate is completely invalidated by the fact that his other option is death. His people need him? How's he gonna be king and lead his people when he's dead?There have been quite a few of these WTF moments while reading this. And I'm left feeling like the hero is just really fucking dumb. Daniel is thousands of years old - he's a fucking KING for god's sake - there is no excuse for this level of stupidity.It's driving me insane and I just can't really stand to put up with it anymore. This was a freebie on Kindle, so it's not surprising or much of a loss.

  • Sheri
    2019-04-21 20:38

    Once again my predilection for anything shifty brought this book to my attention. I admit I was more than a little intrigued by the fact that there were dragon shifters in this story, even as much as I was drawn to the promise of a fabulous storyline. I mean, dragon shifters…how can you go wrong? The Dragon's Heart introduces us to Daniel Ashborne, dragon-shifter king extraordinaire. Daniel is a guy's guy. He is tough as nails and doesn't take crap from anyone. He also doesn't trust anyone, with good reason. Enter Shelby Kincade, the woman who rocked his world and who he is now inadvertently mated to. How does that happen you ask? Apparently Daniel doesn't know how to count (haha). This book had all the elements of a great story, including mystery, drama, laugh out loud moments, and some incredibly sexy love scenes. Add that to the smooth but descriptive writing, and Eden Ashe has a great start to what appears to be a promising series on her hands. I really enjoyed the world of the dragon shifters she created and the detail that she put into her characters. I look forward to more from this series.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Miranda Beazley
    2019-05-12 18:44

    I received this book from the author in return for an honest review. I am a part of the review team at The Paranormal Bookshelf.Category: paranormal romance, shifters, dragons.Spoilers: NoBook 1 in the Dragon Lore SeriesI adored this book. It had me on the edge of my seat from the minute I started reading it. Shelby is an actress and Daniel is a dragon, they're from two different worlds. After Shelby is shot in the shoulder they find out Daniel has accidentally mated them together. He is angry because he thinks she tried to have him killed the night they mated and she is angry because he killed the someone in her rooms and then escaped the ambulance he was in never to be seen again.As they are forced together by the shooting they slowly come around to the idea that maybe the conclusions the both jumped to that night weren't quite correct... An awesome tale of a couple overcoming their preconceived notions about each other to try and find happiness together.But be careful there is a slight cliffhanger at the end of this book that leaves you craving the next story.

  • Ingrid Stephanie Jordan
    2019-04-25 19:05

    Title : Dragon's HeartDragon Lore Book 1 Author : Eden Ashe Reviewed by : Stephanie Jordan ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Eden Ashe had me from the second page on. I just couldn't put the book down. I had to finish it I fell in love with Daniel the Dragon King. A King who had no friends. #1 Dragon's don't have friends. #2 Dragon's put up with a solitary life. Shelby was an actress and good one at that. But someone is trying to kill her, but who. As I said before this is must read ! You won't be disappointed. I was gifted this book for a honest and truthful review.

  • Tina Williams
    2019-04-21 23:47

    Hot, Sexy and Addictive!Forget other shifter types, the dragons have it in spades in Eden Ashe’s first instalment of The Dragon Lore Series, The Dragon’s Heart! If I had to sum up this book in three words they would be HOT, SEXY and ADDICTIVE! Readers who love urban fantasy or paranormal romance are well advised to check out this novel.The Dragon’s Heart is a fast paced read which is full of emotion, action and suspense. I liked how the author brought the hero and the heroine together early on in the novel and how she portrayed the conflict arising from their past and the misunderstandings between them. Daniel is clearly a hero torn between his attraction to Shelby, whom he accidently mated (and I loved how this ‘accident’ happened!!!), and the events which prompted him to vanish from her life and his duties as Dragon King. Daniel is one sexy dragon-shifter whom I fell for straightaway. Without giving too much away this tortured alpha has a reputation for being ‘difficult’ and with good reason based on experiences throughout his long life.Shelby is not your usual kick-ass urban fantasy heroine, which I found refreshing. Instead, she is petite and has an air of vulnerability beneath her professional façade. I found her to be the perfect mate for Daniel however, as she does not shy away from putting him in his place and facing up to the shock of realising that the world of Dragon shifters exists. I loved how Daniel falls for her despite his best intentions and how Shelby adjusts to her new reality. There are many scorching scenes between the couple which I lapped up – Eden Ashe has a very active imagination when it comes to the ‘what, where and how’ and I now want my very own dragon shifter to fly with! Aside from the romantic tension in the tale, the main conflict is whether or not Daniel and his warriors can discover who is behind the assassination attempt on Shelby and who wants them both dead, as they are not giving up. There are some surprises in store and I enjoyed the action and suspense.As this is the first book in the series the author spends some time describing the creation of the guardian race of shape-shifter dragons and also the Hunters, an elite team of immortal humans set up to keep rogue dragons under control. Aside from Daniel and Shelby, whose romance is central to this novel, we are also introduced to a number of other characters, one of them a Hunter, and a swoon worthy collection of dragon warriors allied to Daniel. I am hoping that Eden Ashe will pen another tale in The Dragon Lore Series very soon, so I can get up close and personal with these warriors again!I won a copy of this novel in an author giveaway which did not in any way stipulate the requirement for a review. The opinions given in my review are my honest opinion after reading the book.

  • Trish R.
    2019-04-27 18:37

    An OK read..Seriously? Ms. Ashe thought it would be good to have the hero, Daniel, be 6’8” and the heroine, Shelby, be 5’2”? I really couldn’t wait for them to get to the sex part so she could write it like their difference in height was no problem at all. Think about this: When he’s on top of her her face is pressed against his chest, or lower. And he would break his neck bending over to kiss her, or he could just pick her up every time he wanted a kiss. Good grief, give it some thought before you write that stuff. “When you’re nose to nose your toes are in it and when you toes to toes your nose is in it.” Wait, wait, wait. There is one more thing I absolutely, positively HATE. That’s, “chin length hair” on a man. AND especially not a man 6’8”. That is the most feminine haircut imaginable.Except for a few things the book was OK. Daniel was gruff and acted like a mean basta*d when he was really just a big teddy bear, at least where she was concerned. And Shelby was so sweet and beautiful and funny and so strong she didn’t take his crap, no matter how bigger he was. I did miss some kind of reaction from her as to how he looked, but there was nothing, so I went with the feelings and description from other dragon books I’ve read. Really, for all the shifting and description of it they could all have been any shifter. It was a little disappointing. And there was a whole lot of “snorting” going on. Someone “snorted” in the book 70 times. That’s a lot.There was some excellent sexual tension and some good sex scenes, too. It was interesting trying to figure out who shot Shelby, and why. And the more time they spent together the stronger the sexual attraction was. Fortunately, they didn’t have sex until about 50% so that made the book much better.I loved the other dragons: Seren and Cage, Luca, Dallas, Broderick and Bain. I’m going to read Dallas’s story now to see if I’m willing to go on with the series, if there is one.I got this book through KindleUnlimited.

  • Debra Johnson
    2019-04-25 17:39

    The Dragon's Heart (Dragon Lore, #1) by Eden Ashe is a Paranormal Romance with a good bit of Suspense/Action. I would also classify this as New Adult. The sexual situations are just enough to need the qualification. I would NOT classify this as adult, nor erotic, etc. In my eyes, that puts this book in the 18 to 25 age bracket. My 2 stars is based on the Goodreads rating, which makes this book 'It's Okay'. I liked the premise. The beginning was awesome and got me excited about reading it. Then it began to deteriorate. It became excruciatingly repetitive. I literally found it putting me to sleep from the repetitions of the H/H thoughts. My second big problem with the story was the extensive amount of unnecessary words. This hindered the flow of the story. Ex. #1 of repetitions, "Even now, the possessiveness he felt for her scared the shit out of him, screwed up his thinking. He knew he’d kill for her. Die for her." It is repeated so often and in so many ways, it becomes meaningless and boring. The same thing happens with Shelby's character and other elements in the story. Ex. #2 of unnecessary words, "It shook him to the very core of who he was to realize he wanted to make this work with her." Should read,"It shook him to his core to realize he wanted to make this work." This was the smallest sample I could find. If all the unnecessary words were blue penciled out, then used to up the speed, action, suspense, world and character build, this story would have easily been a 4 to 5 star read! There are also various editing errors in the form of missing words, etc. I don't know who Ms. Eden Ashe's editor is. Nor do I know who she uses as review and ARC readers. But they should all be ashamed of themselves.

  • Tera Shanley
    2019-04-25 20:51

    Let it be known that I'm a sucker for shifter romance. I love it all, but never had I thought about dragon shifters. Yep, i just uttered that. Dragon. Shifters. Sexymen who change into dragons. Big, scaley, fire-breathing, treasure hoarding, cave dwelling alpha dragons. And king of them all is Daniel Ashborne. Can I just pick apart his sexy last name first off? He's been waging dragon wars for thousands of years, so I feel like we can rearrange his surname in the old ways. Ashborne. Born of Ash. I love this.What does a dragon shifter king look like who has been fighting since ancient history? He looks like a tall, sexy, scarred up, heart hardened, bull-headed man with no room in his life for love. Until Shelby. Daniel takes the words alpha male to a new level in this book. I mean, his smoldering looks are basically jumping off the page. And if Shelby is conscious, she's pissing him off in a way both funny and alluring. Anyone can see he's pushing her away because he's over the moon and around the mountains in love with her. And Shelby is no pushover. Despite misunderstandings in droves, she knows he's important to the path of her life, and she sticks with him, no matter how much he shuts down. And the reward for her standing by her man is huge.Action, adventure, fighting, mayhem, betrayal, hot sex and sexy dragons by the dozen, and I'm seriously hoping this isn't the last book of Ashe's dragon shifters. 5 stars from me!

  • Sabine Priestley
    2019-05-07 17:48

    Anyone who knows me, knows I have a thing for dragons. Make them shape shifters and I’m a goner. I really enjoyed Eden’s world and found myself wrapped up in her characters. I did want to smack Daniel, repeatedly, for waffling so much but it was a fun ride!

  • April ♥
    2019-05-18 18:54

    I would give this book 3.5 stars. Even though this was book one in the series I kept having the feeling that I was missing a book for fourth this one. They would make reference to people and events that I thought I should have already read about.

  • Stacy McKitrick
    2019-05-03 17:00

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Hooked me from the get-go and never let go. I loved it!

  • MrsJoseph
    2019-05-11 19:54, This one was awful. Really awful.

  • Delta
    2019-04-22 00:50

    Free 12-25-14 (PNR)

  • Shari
    2019-04-26 21:37

    Eden Ashe's "The Dragon's Heart" is a lengthy yet oddly satisfying read. She presents her dragon shifting males as somewhat typical alpha males; they don't talk too much, expect others to jump when they speak, are huge and muscular, and highly protective of females - especially a 'mate', no matter who she is mated to. And an awful lot of words are devoted to dragon king Daniel's inner fight about letting protagonist Shelby go to live a life without him, for her own good, even though he doesn't feel like he can let her go. At times, this grouchy, broody and moody dragon male made this reader think of Angel - portrayed by the delightful actor, David Boreanaz, from the Buffy world ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer"; Joss Whedon, Creator; TV; 1997-2003) and just like Angel, wasn't sure if she wanted to slap him or kiss him!There are a few grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in the story, but not enough to toss a reader from the tale. Ashe builds the story very slowly, almost tediously slow, at times. The plot felt a bit convoluted with all the tiny twists and turns, and with those minute details it became confusing quite often. While the world Ashe created for her dragon stories is an interesting and visually appealing place, and the settings are descriptive enough to easily imagine, at times it almost seemed like pieces of the story was missing or told in an earlier tale, but nope... this is the first book of the planned series. However, dialogue between the characters was fairly natural and moderately unique to each character. Shelby with a temper is loads more interesting than terrified Shelby, and love scenes between Shelby and Daniel were quite sensual and sexy.The battle at the end of the story was quite a let down for this reader, after the considerable buildup. Antagonist Alexi was a one dimensional character, at best. All readers are told is that power corrupted Alexi and we are never shown any aspects of his personality or his 'evilness'. Readers are also told the antagonists son, Micah, has no soul, but we are never told why or how this happened to Micah. At this point, this reader cannot positively say she will continue with the series, but will not 'not' recommend the story, either. It was a semi-entertaining way to pass the evening.

  • Birgit
    2019-05-18 23:00

    Filmstar meets Dragon Shifter, and through a series of events they are separated for a year. When they meet again because Shelby has been shot and needs her Dragon's support, the old feelings - pardon the pun - are fired up again. Daniel needs to find out who was the intended target really.A good story, well told, with likeable and - considering the story - quite realistic characters. Daniel is a bit too broody for my taste, and I would have liked to have the different types of magic (?)/abilities (?) they dragons have a bit better explained: is it something that's different for each dragon, what kinds of magics or abilities are there, etc.All in all, though, a quite enjoyable read which ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, so the reader knows there is more to come. That said, the story can be read and enjoyed on its own.Do I want more of this series? Definitely.

  • Linda Levy
    2019-05-08 00:53

    This wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. A bit simplistic and not always making sense but I did like the plot, it just needed a bit better execution.I was a bit fed up with all the negativity from Daniel and Shelby seemed to believe about dragons very easily without hundreds of questions. Improved towards the end but I was left a bit confused about everything.What happened to Cade?Not rushing to get next book.

  • Sharon Absher
    2019-04-19 19:56

    A real page turnerYou will find yourself turning the page trying to find out if Shelby can tame Daniel who turns out to be a dragon and who has mated to her by accident. After saving her from a gunshot wound Daniel has to protect her and try to figure out who would want her dead. You will have to read the book to see if love can overcome all obstacle

  • Penny
    2019-05-10 16:37

    Dragon's Heart - Dragon LoreDaniel is funny because of his moodiness and trying to fight his attraction to Shelby the actress. Shelby has her fighting spirit so I adored her. All the dragons Seren, Micah, Gabriel, Luca, Dallas, Bain and Broderick had different personality and shown real human emotions.

  • Annette Drewett
    2019-04-26 22:50

    Wow! What a great story, so much action! Shelby & Daniel strike sparks each time they meet. Together they can overcome the pasts that have shaped the way they are now. I love the interaction of these characters and would recommend this book to dragon lovers.

  • Maryann Hawkins
    2019-05-13 21:50

    Amazing Loved this book the characters flowed. I laughed held my breath and shared bits out loud a definite must read

  • Christine
    2019-05-05 20:48

    Arc review for honest review. Shelby and Daniel are mates but these two are having to find out who is out to kill them .awesome story.

  • Donna Vitarelli
    2019-05-04 20:54

    Loved it. He thought she was trying to kill him. She was drawn to this damaged man.

  • Sherry Vaughan
    2019-05-04 22:57

    This is one of those books that make you want to laugh, and cry, and shake someone until their teeth rattle.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-29 00:40

    I really enjoyed this story but their were a few moments that didn't seem to flow like the rest of the story

  • Seregon BookWorm
    2019-05-07 00:00

    *I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. May contain spoilers*Shelby Kincade is a famous actress. Daniel Ashborne was once her bodyguard. He also happens to be a dragon shifter in a world where dragons and Hunters just may be on the brink of a new war. And he just so happens to be the King. When Daniel's new mate is shot at a film premiere, he's called into the hospital by his sister dragon-who happens to be married to and pregnant by a Hunter (subplot there). Unaware that oral sex counted as the 3rd time required to be mated to someone, Daniel is now confronted with either living with his new mate or breaking the bond. At first neither is happy about the bond, and Daniel and his dragon friends (though they all deny that dragons don't do the "friend thing") go out of their way to protect Shelby who wants the bond broken as much as he initially does. This is no easy task, considering dragons mate for life and a bond cannot be broken without one partner dying. Little by little however, they do fall in love with each other and support each other in their own endeavors regarding the war and Shelby's career. I was a little annoyed that Shelby cried as much as she did. I understand it's a shock to the system being shot, healed by your new "husband" for all intents and purposes - especially since it was accidental - your father who didn't acknowledge you your whole life is trying to kill you and there's a dragon/Hunter war, but pull it together and grow a spine woman! That's honestly the only reason I gave this a 4 instead of 5. Daniel goes hot to cold often as he tries to convince himself she is better off without him, but there's that lesson. No one should presume to know what's best for someone else. You love who you love, and I really love that no matter what happened or how much she did cry, Shelby slowly got stronger and stood by Daniel. No.Matter.What.A long time rival is finally put in his place, but not before an enormous battle which quite honestly I enjoyed. Sword fighting= yeah :) ! Dragons tearing each other apart? More fun! I like that the dragons aren't perceived as evil as they often are. Sure they have tempers, but hey they're dragons ;) (Although I'd love to read about a white ice dragon).I quite liked that Seren is a doctor, a dragon and married/mated to a Hunter. She's a small little thing in human form, but she's a hellion! Do not piss this woman off, or she will put you in your place-man or woman, dragon or human. When her mate, Adrian Cage is not found at the end of the battle everyone assumes the worst. I hope there are more books after this one, as there are loose ends that need to be tied up. Cage is never accounted for at the end of the book and Seren has about a month and a half left before her baby is born. I'm curious as to where Cage is, and whether or not the baby will be treated as a "bridge" between the war.