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Lia Weaver and her friends have finally driven the Farther soldiers from the Frost, but all is not settled yet. Ann Mayor and her father have found themselves the target of violence, the villagers are fighting, and Jonn’s life hangs in the balance.When an unexpected enemy surfaces in the Frost wilderness and endangers Lia’s family, she is faced with a terrible choice, andLia Weaver and her friends have finally driven the Farther soldiers from the Frost, but all is not settled yet. Ann Mayor and her father have found themselves the target of violence, the villagers are fighting, and Jonn’s life hangs in the balance.When an unexpected enemy surfaces in the Frost wilderness and endangers Lia’s family, she is faced with a terrible choice, and against Thorns orders, she sets out to find answers in Aeralis....

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Aeralis Reviews

  • (ツ) Hache
    2019-05-14 20:59

    What a way to end a series! this book was sooo pointless! it should have ended in Bluewing but not have her brother Jonn get sick. Let me just say that I have loved this series from the very beginning and I really like this authors writing style. But with this I'm left disappointed.Some Spoilers“There’s a man in the Frost, a man from the old time of the Compound. He kidnapped Ivy and implanted her with some kind of capsule containing the Sickness. He wants a device that Borde is here to find, he said, and he wants me to find it. If I don’t do as he says, she’s going to be infected just like Jonn.”This was her mission throughout this hole book. And in the end (view spoiler)[once she gets it he ends up dead and she figures out the cure all by herself. (hide spoiler)] This hole thing was soo pointless! And the love triangle? it was more present in this, figuring out who she was going to end up with. I was team Adam all the way but in this I sort of disliked him, there was hardly any romance between them, Adam never fought for her to be with him, he was almost pushing her towards Gabe and I hated that.“I just wanted to tell you that I wish you happiness with Gabe, if that’s what you desire.”really Adam? you don't even care!So then I switched to Gabes side, he was way more affectionate towards her, you always got the feeling that he wanted her everytime he looked at her or held her hand.Gabe leaned close and put his lips to my ear. “I’ll look for you.”“I want you to come back with me,” he said.“Come back with you?”“To Aeralis. I want you to stay there for good,” Gabe said.aww Gabe.But in the end my true feelings were for Adam, she was always supposed to end up with Adam, have kids, LIVE and grow old TOGETHER. and that's what I got.... until the epilogue.This was a solid 3stars but after that ending its down to 1. I'm left in tears. Seriously author?!! you couldn't have her (view spoiler)[end up happily ever after with Adam? you had to give him pneumonia and have him die?! and then eventually get with Gabe?(hide spoiler)] Ridiculous. Ruined my hole day.She just had to have both guys in the end didn't she?This book could have been so great. I'm left in tears knowing that (view spoiler)[Adam died in the end. (hide spoiler)]I'm glad that Jonn (view spoiler)[recovered and got together with Ann (hide spoiler)] that's the only bit in the epilogue I liked.If you want to save time, read the last couple pages of the last chapter and then the epilogue, its all you need to know.

  • Susana
    2019-04-21 20:51

    Keeping it short and concise:I regret the time that i wasted on this series.This turned out to be one of the most absurd, boring, convoluted, time wasting things i've ever read! I kept hoping that this would get better, and it never did!!(view spoiler)[We're told in the end, that adam and Lia get married, and live together for about twenty years, and then he catches pneumonia, and dies. And that's it...let's bring the other contestant: HERE'S GABE!! Wait a year..okay, you can get married.... (hide spoiler)]I'm mad like...For a more concise review:http://paperbackwonderland.blogspot.p...["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Tammie
    2019-05-04 22:54

    Aeralis was mostly a good ending to the Frost Chronicles, although some of the things that happened seemed a little pointless. One thing in particular regarding someone's parent had no effect on the plot at all and was just a side thing added in. I like who Lia chooses, but I have mixed feelings about the epilogue. I didn't hate it like some people did, but didn't love it either. I liked the glimpse into what happened and how they had a family and who ended up with whom until I got to the end. That's where the mixed feeling come in. (view spoiler)[ The epilogue reminded me a lot of the one in The Clockwork Princess. Lia marries Adam at the end of the book and we are told they have a family. Then when their oldest child is 20 Adam dies from pneumonia. Gabe never married and so she ends up marrying him after Adam dies. I think I would have preferred it if Gabe would have just moved on and found someone else to love and Adam would have grown old with Lia. I did love that Jonn and Ann fall in love and marry. Throughout the whole series I wanted happiness for him.(hide spoiler)]

  • Ashleyjo
    2019-04-23 20:47

    I said in my review from book 1 that the world is what interested me in this series & prodded me to continue reading, that is the mysterious Frost, Further's land, the mysterious creatures, a land far away in a portal, etc, because the characters were simply horrid, the dialogue was frustrating, and the plot was almost nonexistent. Despite my better judgment and extreme irritation that a scattered 30% or more of each book seemed to recap its' predecessor, I read all the books expecting something, anything to redeem the fragile fondness I harbored for book 1. Sadly, the series only grew more intolerable! Two main plot points existed in this final book - the sibling's sickness (the MCs concern) and overthrowing the dictator ( everyone else's concern) & just like everything else that's ever happened in this series, somehow those two very different goals seemed to coincidently, conveniently converge for each party. Aside from the too convenient aspect, it was also boring, slow, and the 'getting there' was a big case of much ado about nothing. Then there is the romance eye roll , sigh, cough . Omg this love triangle is the most exasperating thing I've ever seen. Dear author... looks, glances, unspoken feelings, thickness in the air, hand gestures, nods, blah- blah DO NOT EQUATE TO DIALOGUE! Aside from the maybe 5 sentences the trio speak to each other the entire book r/to their love, their dialogue consist of just such nonsense as thicknesses in the air and quick nods of understanding over words never f'ing spoken. This isn't a romance... It's Chinese torture. I didn't root for either if the guys in this love triangle because I found them both unappealing for different reasons, one a near mute that valued duty over love just too many times and the other a polar opposite of the female MC, but I get that some readers will be pro one or the other. The MC made a final choice in the last of the book, but the author let her have her cake and eat it too over a 20 year epilogue ;-| that I think was a complete appeasement cop out. I ultimately feel that I cannot find a single redeeming quality upon to recommend this series.

  • Doreen
    2019-04-28 21:52

    my rating for this series decreases towards the ending. it is a good thing that this is the final book.i am not sure if i mentioned this before, but this series could have ended earlier.there are a few twists/surprises which i like but the epilogue has ruined my good feeling towards this book. if the epilogue could squeezed (view spoiler)[20 years (hide spoiler)] into it, then the series could have ended much earlier and hence my earlier point. well, in the end, i guess the one who has everything is Lia. poor (view spoiler)[Gabe (hide spoiler)] who has to play the second fiddle to.....i find myself liking Korr rather than the other guys... he turned out to be a (view spoiler)[noble (hide spoiler)] person after all.

  • Rebekah
    2019-05-05 21:39

    I spent the first half of this book feeling a little bored. I liked the story but it just wasn't exciting. The writing was good and very smooth, Ellison definitely knows how to write well.I really didn't care for the lack of development of the romance and then boom its tied into a neat bow at the end. I really really didn't like the epilogue. Talk about disgracing Adam's character. I don't believe you can cram 20 years in a epilogue. I don't mean a glimpse of 20 years later I mean 20 years of life into the stinking epilogue. Geesh!My favorite character was Korr. He was so complex and I love complex characters.Overall, it was a steady read that had some exciting parts towards the end.

  • Jayme Tate
    2019-05-18 23:42

    I was ready for this series to end, so I'm glad this was the last or perhaps I wouldn't have continued. I didn't ever really care much for the love triangle, which still dragged on through this final book. And that epilogue? Oy. I could have done without that.

  • Julianne
    2019-05-06 22:44

    Goddamn epilogue!Not that I particularly enjoyed the book in the first place but the epilogue was the straw that broke the camel's back. I was gonna give this 2.5 stars but I'm taking back my half star for the epilogue.

  • Kerryann Kauffold
    2019-05-05 00:57

    Should have stopped before the epilogue...the epilogue wrapped everything into a nice, neat package with a bow...completely ruined it for me.

  • Marisa Swift
    2019-05-10 21:34

    Awesome book, but the epilogue ruined the series. Agghh

  • Emily Rachelle
    2019-05-20 22:38

    This is a series review.(Note: there are also two novellas, Brewer and Fugitive, that take place between books four and five. I am totally buying them, but since I haven't done so yet, they're not included in this review.)I have finally found an author who measures up to the marvels of Cidney Swanson. Surprisingly - or perhaps not? - she, too, is an indie author. Other similarities between the two: their breathtaking book covers drew me in where the back cover copy left me skeptical. Both women focus more on series than standalone novels. Finally, both write in forms of the speculative genre, be that science fiction or dystopian.Of course every book has flaws. The Frost books had a few typos, and the fourth book had a couple of minor inconsistencies with the rest of the series. (Example: a book referred to as The Winter Parables in the other books was called The Snow Parables in book four. Not a huge deal.) The author kept mixing up peak/peek and, more commonly, pour/pore. The first book got a bit sensuous, but that actually faded out for the most part. (Not the romance - definitely not! - but the toeing-the-line-between-okay-and-not.) There was one random curse word in one book, which I think just missed editing. (Today's cursing didn't really fit the story world.) Other than that, though, the writing was spotless. Glorious vocabulary, a perfect blend of showing and telling, a strongly designed story world, unique and individual characters...Speaking of characters, they're basically the heart of these books, and most definitely the best part(s). Whether you like a person or not, you come to love the author's brilliant depth and voice for each unique person, no matter how small their role. Who can Lia trust? Why is he acting like that? What does she want? Everything comes down to motivation, just as it should, and the motivations here are not lacking.There is a love triangle that develops a little less than halfway into the series... but oh, how beautifully it was written. I have never seen a triangle so masterfully done - for a Hunger Games and Matched fan like me, that's saying something. This series leaves those books in the dust. Both boys are equally matched to the girl and both would be great choices, emotionally and logically. Both of them have lives outside the girl. No matter what, the triangle is neither pushed too far aside as to become pointless, nor honed in on to the point where it becomes irritating. Lia keeps her head through everything. In fact, she's probably the strongest, most sensible heroine I've met.Actually, Lia's strength of mind annoys me sometimes. It was worst in book four, if I remember correctly. In her attempt to protect those she loves and stay true to her loyalties, she doubts anyone who has ever not been on her side. At least four times she had absolutely no faith towards characters that were clearly (to me, anyway) not as evil as she made them out to be. As Gabe eventually points out, "Is there anyone you do trust, Lia?" (That might not be the exact quote.) At least the other characters were both as aware of and annoyed by this major trust issue as I was.I wish I could tell you about everyone in this book. Ann, the soft and sweet best friend. Gabe, the mysterious fugitive. Adam, the unreadable loner. Jonn, the crippled but capable twin. Ivy, the irritating younger sister who grows oh-so-much. Borde, the strange scientist. Korr and Gordon and Raine and the Mayor and Claire and Cat and Stone and Everiss...Some character-driven stories are a bit lacking in the plot department, but nobody will ever be able to accuse the Frost Chronicles of this. The twists! The turns! The development! While I sort-of agree with another Amazon reviewer - the fifth book felt like it lacked something in plot - the majority of the storyline was just stunning. I laughed, I cried, and I never knew what was coming. Seriously. As a writer, I've gotten used to finding every book I read a bit predictable. I've learned to distinguish what's coming up before the average reader. We talk about that in my writers' group a lot. But even though there was enough foreshadowing and hints laid out beforehand, I got my predictions shockingly wrong. Every. Single. Time. This person's the bad guy! That place is where they'll end up! He's going to die! She's going to turn out to be this big secret thing!I'm surprised I never got annoyed with the *BUZZZ you're wrong!* moments. I guess I was too enthralled with what actually ended up happening to care that I had no idea where it was going. Each book in the series gives enough answers for you to feel like the book ended, but leaves enough questions to pull you right along to the next book. If I had an issue with any of the books' setup, it would have to be the openings. They never picked up exactly where the last book left off, and they felt a bit abrupt. It was hard to get into the first couple of books. It got easier with each book. The last book had a prologue, which none of the others did. I liked it, but it didn't seem to quite fit the flow of the series - I'd prefer if it were just chapter one.The last book was also the only one with an epilogue, but that fit perfectly. Without that epilogue, the entire series would be left incomplete. After such a long ride with these characters, it was nice to ease out of the story world. All loose ends are tied together. The epilogue's almost entirely telling, but it works. It's like the older Grimm or Anderson fairy tale style, back before showing was a thing, or like when someone tells you a story orally. Even though it broke all the writing rules, the epilogue was probably one of the best part of the series.The Frost Chronicles, my lovely readers, are a glorious example of escape reading with morals. I may or may not be experiencing book hangover... and my expectations for modern teen literature have certainly been raised impossibly higher. Traditional publishing's got nothing on Kate Avery Ellison.I won a free copy of the first ebook of this series through LibraryThing. Upon my request, the author supplied the other four ebooks for free in exchange for a single series-wide review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

  • Sherri
    2019-04-27 00:00

    Hmmmmm...This book was really hard for me to finish. I loved the first book in this series.... The love triangle that came into play through the other four books drove me a bit crazy. It got to a point by this book I kept having to put the book down... For days.. In fact at one point I wasn't going to finish it but I'd read all of them so the need to just finish it won out. But I really enjoyed the first book, it was Great!!

  • Rita
    2019-05-19 21:57

    I really enjoyed this series and I went book to book without pause, wanting to know what would happen. However, I have lowered this last books rating because of the Epilogue. I really wish the author hadn't included that chapter AT ALL. It was like she was trying to make everyone happy and tie of all the loose ends. It wasn't necessary and it spoiled a good story, in my opinion.

  • J.
    2019-04-19 23:50

    There were a few moments that I really loved in this book, but I'm sorry to say that my favorite books were actually probably the first two--and Thorns in particular.There was a lot of fun political intrigue here, a nice interweaving of plots that I enjoyed. At the same time, Lia just got mad a lot of the time (not that it wasn't totally justifiable, but I just wished she'd stop after a while), and the love triangle drove me crazy. I didn't really see Gabe as a viable choice--not even in the first book, but especially after Thorns.Thus: some sweet moments I really enjoyed, but I even hesitate to shelve this as "sweet romance" because there were also some moments I really didn't like, and I honestly wished that Lia would stop going back and forth with Gabe so much. I mean, a few moments of regret or thought, sure. But it felt like it was just so much, and really overblown. The thing is, maybe because these books individually are shorter than the typical YA fantasy (nowadays about 400 pages), I didn't feel like Lia's relationship with Gabe especially--but even with Adam--was strong enough to merit this back and forth. (view spoiler)[I also really disliked the Epilogue. It was an Epilogue that went too far. Especially Adam dying and Lia marrying Gabe anyway at the end. Just... ugh. I admit that I didn't mind that version of the story too much in Clockwork Princess, but that was because I was rooting for the doomed character the whole time. (hide spoiler)]Phew, most of this review was about the love triangle. There was other stuff I really enjoyed, and overall, I appreciated how much we got to see of all the different characters. But the ending wasn't my favorite, and the love triangle especially wasn't.

  • Saluxstrosi
    2019-04-23 19:03

    The whole series was written in a lulling way that is great for dragging the reader into the world, but after a while the lull nearly put me to sleep. I'm all for world building and I ADORE snowy places but even I got annoyed with her constant reminders that the Frost was FREAKING COLD and that Aeralis was filthy and depressing. The biggest issue for me was that Ellison killed off all the good characters. I won't mention who they were, but seriously I would've happily killed off the whinier of the two suitors (view spoiler)[ Yes, I wanted Gabe to freaking die and instead lost my favorite character in the gala scene (hide spoiler)]. I am not a big fan of love triangles and definitely not a fan of a triangle that stretches over 4 books. Ellison made it all to clear who she was going to pick in the "end" (view spoiler)[ but she had to have it both ways because she was clearly too indecisive (explains why the triangle lasted so long). I would've adored Ellison more if she had Lia pick to marry stupid Gabe, realize it is a mistake upon arriving in Aeralis, and ran back to Adam who, being the love-hurt puppy he is, followed her the entire way to support her. Gabe ignored her like the stupid brat he has been the whole series after she turned him down and yet she ends up with him when she should supposedly be "more mature". Nice move. (hide spoiler)]Overall, read the series and see what you think. I suggest checking it out at a library or borrowing it from a friend to read it because you'll either really love it or be left with a bitter feeling of potential wasted.

  • Kim Rondinella
    2019-04-29 16:39

    SPOILER ALERT I loved this series. I still do. It's really cute and easy to read and all the books are pretty short so with continuous reading it won't take very long to finish all 5 books. However, the last book in the chronicle was a little disappointing. The story line wasn't anything like the previous books because it wasn't really anything about the thorns or her family history. It was about her brother being sick. This would have been ok if Lia didn't have to go through all that bullshit in Aeralis just to find out that a mothcat is the cure to the sickness. All that stuff was bearable because it was still written just as well as the first four books but the one thing that I really hated about the book was the ending. She says yes to Adam and I was super excited and reading the epilogue I was so happy because they grew old together and they had children, but the last two pages ruined it all for me. They killed off Adam in two sentences! He was such a main character and did everything for Lia. The fact that his death was regarded with two sentences, maybe three at most is utterly disappointing. And then there's the part where Lia and Gave her married? That infuriated me so much. It was obviously just a ploy so that the author could appeal to Gabe and Adam fans so that none would be disappointed. Over all I really liked this series and I do recommend it to people of all ages. The last book was pretty disappointing but it doesn't ruin the whole series for me.

  • Olivia ツ
    2019-05-11 19:56

    First and foremost, I’ve been a huge fan of this series. Ever since I read book 1 as an ARC I fell in love with Kate Avery Ellison’s writing. The vivid world and its characters have been great to follow. I’ve stayed loyal to them, even thru those books that lacked the usual magic. So I eagerly picked this up and… not sure what happened.Most of the story was a anticlimactic. As the title states, most of the story took place in Aeralis and not the Frost. Lia and crew are trying to decipher another mystery, uncover secrets and save those they love. I hate love triangles. I really, really hate them. In my opinion it’s a cheap way for an author to create unnecessary drama. It also seems to be a standard in YA literature. They never ever end well and this story proved it. Adam has been a favorite of mine but in this he was so aloof. But overall, what killed the story was that Epilogue. WHY?? My guess is that this was the author’s way of making everyone happy. It really cheapened the story and the series.Very sad since this is the last book in the series. Overall, it tied some loose ends. I will miss Lia, Ivy, Ann, Jonn, Adam and Gabe.

  • Michael Long
    2019-05-07 22:02

    This last novel in the Frost series sees Lia into the heart of Aeralis in order to help her sister and help the revolution.Overall it was an enjoyable read, but not a page turner for me...perhaps because the story takes place mostly in Arealis and not the Frost. It bogs down a little in the middle while Lia and Gabe search for someone although there is a nice little bit of action when they visit a prison. Lia meets someone from her past which is a big shock. Then near the end it really picks up when Korr puts his plan into action. There is a nice epilogue which talks about Lia's life after the book and there is an interesting solution to whether she picks Gabe or Adam.I think it was a nice, sweet end to the series and wrapped up all the ends nicely. There are still some lingering questions about things I have, but in the end, they really don't matter. Overall a worthy book end to the series.NOTE: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

  • sh(e)reader
    2019-04-19 18:42

    ... the end of the Frost Chronicles. I did get attached to this series and the characters in it. I may have been in an overly emotional mood (it's been that kind of week) but as I finished this up, there were tears. My first thought was 5 stars ... although while I did really like this series, I'm not sure it's as up there as some of my other 5-star ratings. And that may be more of a reflection on the series as a whole, not just this book.I glanced at some of the other reviews and I can totally understand some frustration with the story here (as I think back on it, it was a bit convoluted)and how the epilogue just wrapped everything up in a pretty bow. I can see some not liking that ... but I must admit I liked it. Just to have everything (for the next 20+ years) quickly explained, complete closure. I guess I needed that right now and was happy to have it!

  • cEe beE
    2019-04-29 17:45

    I'm not reviewing The Frost volumes 2-4 because 60% of their content was unnecessary and/or didn't add to the entire saga. This would have been more concise and gripping as a trilogy.There were too many events crammed in the last book that could have been expanded in the previous volumes. In addition, a new character was introduced that added NOTHING at all to the plot. Several existing characters have remained ciphers all throughout!The sci-fi elements felt really vague and Ellison's description of the gate, portals, compound, PLD etc, all pale in comparison to the vividness of the Frost. I like how the story was wrapped up, but the HEA epilogue was another unnecessary addition to all the filler. P.S. Can someone please tell me (I must have skipped it) but I never found out who the Trio were, and what the link was between Adam and Korr? Argh!

  • Lauren
    2019-05-01 18:59

    As things seem to be settling down in the Frost a new enemy emerges from the past and puts Lia’s family in danger. Going against the wishes of the leader of Thorn, Lia travels to Aeralis to protect and save her family.The end of the series I have to say was pretty enjoyable. Even though the pace of this book was lacking I did end up liking how everything fit together. I didn’t like Adam very much in the beginning of this book but he redeemed himself later on. Lia on the other hand just didn’t do it for me in this one, her personality seemed to be conflicting with previous books and her indecisiveness and contrary remarks annoyed me. Overall, the author put together a wonderful story and I am excited to read other stuff she has written.(view spoiler)[I could have done without the epilogue. It was so Clockwork Princess to me. (hide spoiler)]

  • Natalie
    2019-05-05 16:35

    After thoroughly enjoying the previous books in The Frost Chronicles Aeralis was disappointing to me. I'd thought the love triangle had been resolved in the last book, but it still lingered in this story. I also found the main characters anger, frustration and fury quite annoying. Aeralis was just not what I expected it to be. I was hoping for more of the feeling I got from Thorns, my favorite book in the series. I figured it would be about Lia and "her love" working together, fighting against the odds and sharing sweet, intimate moments. Oh well, I really liked the rest of the series. The author writes very well and I commend her for keeping the story free from too much physical intimacy. I will read more by her.

  • Bookphile
    2019-05-01 00:03

    Enjoyable, but some things seemed a little too convenient, especially when it came to the revolution. However, I did like Lia's choice, and the message that accompanied it, that life is a complicated picture made up of often competing needs and desires.The love triangle got old after a while, and I didn't much care for the epilogue--I don't like those things all that much in general. I very much disliked the ultimate ending of the book, though, as it felt too much like having things both ways. Still, all in all, I really liked this series.

  • Carrie
    2019-04-29 23:55

    The love triangle just gets worse. Neither one of them seems to actually make any moves on her and in the end she picks the one that pushes her away the most instead of the one that proposes. And then it's arranged so that she ends up with both of them anyway. This entire plot seems superfluous - she does so much work to try to find the cure with the scientists from the past, and then it was all futile in the end. And she found a cure anyway due to pure chance.Everything was too neat, there was no mess of real life. The first book was far and away the best of the series.

  • Jen Blackham
    2019-05-09 00:49

    I admit ... my rating (4.5 stars) is probably a bit of an emotional attachment to the series as a whole, and the conclusion (rather than the book as a whole). I really became involved in this world. I don't hate love triangles as much as many readers do, and there was definitely a shift in my feelings as toward which boy I wanted the main character to end up with. I can see that many people disliked the epilogue ... I loved it. It did wrap up everything and brought a tear to my eye. I'll remember this series fondly!

  • Pamela
    2019-04-24 16:44

    This is the end to the Frost Chronicles:( It was a superb story about a amazing group of young people who want to find solutions to some very serious problems both in their world and in the past! What will happen with the connection between Lia, Adam, and Gabe? Will Lia have enough time to save her brother Jonn, and her sister Ivy? Will the town's people get their act together and work with the outsiders? This story has an interesting ending and one that will give the reader a satisfying feeling. I love this author and can't wait to see what she will do next!

  • Bobbi
    2019-05-02 16:58

    A good read and satisfying end to the series, imo. Several readers seem very disturbed by the Epilogue and that you get to read the author's vision of what the future held for the major characters. I actually liked having the future "wrapped up in a tidy ribbon" rather than having to wonder "what ever happened to..." the players. I didn't care for the character who blackmailed Lia to do something for him or the fact that this was happening, but I just kind of go with any author's decision on what happens in his or her own world.

  • Asuka0278
    2019-05-20 17:57

    Oh the Frost chronicles comes to a close. :( I love this series and this final book does a good job in wrapping it up. Most of the loose ends are tied ( the big important ones at least.) some questions are answered while others remain. I'm sad to be finished with this series. It's soooo good and I will miss the characters. I know Mrs. Ellison has plans for a few novellas to give different POVs for some scenes so hopefully we'll see a bit more from this world. Hopefully soon because I'm not ready to let go just yet.

  • Jenna
    2019-05-01 17:34

    OOh the ending did I like this book? yes, but I did have some issues with it.The drama with who do I love and who do I choose came back and I don't know why, Lia chose Adam and I was happy with that so I was surprised it became an issue again.(view spoiler)[Was is necessary for Lia to still end up with Gabe?And Gabe get a life waiting 20 years to become someones second choice. (hide spoiler)]Great series the last book was a little less great but I still enjoyed it.

  • Gloria Hansen
    2019-05-17 23:53

    I really loved this book, I was looking forward to the last book and I liked most of Lia's decisions and a lot of the other things that when on, but like some people will agree, we like the happily ever after endings just not overdone, and going forward 30 plush years most times is more saddening then it is informative, it turns into a sad ending and we like them happy.I still loved the story til the happy ending.Thanks Avery