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I thought I liked Jeremy Rhider. And then he kissed me, shoved a briefcase in my hands, and jumped out my second story window. Now I'm under the watch of Agent Ryan Sumner, FBI. And he's about as thrilled with our arrangement as yours truly....

Title : On the Run
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On the Run Reviews

  • Marypi
    2019-04-09 02:13

    I originally read this story on Fictionpress, but I didn't remember until I saw the description of the story and thought to myself "this looks familiar". A quick Google search after and I knew I was dealing with the same story. From what I remembered it was really good, so I had to buy it.It was a wonderful story with characters that are really well written. It made me laugh a couple of times and I throughly enjoyed it. Really... what more can you ask for in a book?

  • Helen
    2019-04-10 22:32

    Ever since I got into the fictionpress world, this was a story that I was always advised to read. Now that I have finally read it, I can see why as its a fantastic, quick read that has you hooked from the beginning. Dumais has created characters in Ryan and Tori that contrast flawlessly. Ryan's a stuffy, follow the book kind of guy whereas Tori wants to have fun and live for the moment... hence getting into trouble in the first place. They mesh beautifully and have you reading it all in one go just to find out what happens. Always a plus for me when someone writes a romantic suspense novel and I do believe that Jacklyn Dumais delivered beautifully without losing her way in either genre, the crime or the romance. I can not wait to read the sequel 'On the Hunt'!

  • Colleen
    2019-04-12 23:35

    On the Run is Jacklyn Dumais's debut novel - and what a debut novel it is! The book is engaging and satisfying, not at all superfluous, and delivered with an excellent tone. Somehow the novel managed to be both serious and action-packed, while also romantic and terribly humorous. Kudos to Jacklyn for having done so effortlessly. I would say this book can be read by anyone from about 14. It is very clearly YA literature, but anyone older than that can still appreciate the plot. I'll give this 3 stars, only because I'm picky, and wouldn't consider this an extraordinary story (though it is a good read!). Even so, I'll be looking out for Jacklyn Dumais, so that when she does ultimately publish her extraordinary novel, I'll give it the 5 stars it will definitely deserve!

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-21 02:09

    Thank goodness someone knows how to write a realistic love story. So many books has this love story where the man is just smothering the woman and it's irritating to read. Yes Ryan was protective but he still let Tori have some fun instead of leaving her completely locked up. I love that Tori has a sense of humor and isn't as whiny as soooo many other female characters. I also love that the whole story is based in the lone star state!I took away one star because there's quite a few editing that still needs to be done and there are a few shifts of character change where you're in the character's head but it takes a while to figure out who's head you're in.

  • Kersten
    2019-04-17 01:08

    This was a great story. Very new direction that I normally read. I loved it was a nice change. Love Tori....gosh need more female characters like her. She was funny, caring, and strong in her own way. Not anyone could get away like she did. She was a fighter. Ryan was....Ryan. he was protective, caring, stubborn, and guarded. I thought there would be more connection or some background with her father but no. Still great read and look to read to reading abut Olivia.

  • Carmel
    2019-04-16 21:09

    I can't say enough good things about this book. The romance between the two main characters was so well-developed, and I loved that the story was a mix between funny, lighthearted, and meaningful. It's definitely the type of story that you'll want to reread!

  • A. Beloup
    2019-03-30 02:21

    MehMehpretty much sums it up.maybe I needed it for it to be hotter.definitely sweet. Ryan is a bit of an idiot. a lot of loose ends. lots of questions. it was okay. no emotional attachment

  • Sasha
    2019-03-28 19:16

    This was a cute and clean romance (fade to black). The narration changed back and forth from first person to third person, and that was a little jarring. And there were some editing issues, but it's a satisfying read when you are in the mood for an easy "quirky girl meets broody guy" type of story.

  • Jill Delcalzo
    2019-04-17 22:14

    Read it because I so thoroughly enjoyed her other book Courting Chaos. Story was not as interesting to me, coupled with the ridiculous lack of editing it was a frustrating read.