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The Devil DeVere Series- Library Journal Best E-Book Romance 2012 With the devil in charge … there could be hell to pay She needs a protector… Once seduced by whispered promises of a faithless lover, Phoebe Scott is determined to make a name on the Covent Garden stage, but after three years of bit parts, she realizes she'll never achieve her goals on her own merits. AcknowThe Devil DeVere Series- Library Journal Best E-Book Romance 2012With the devil in charge … there could be hell to payShe needs a protector… Once seduced by whispered promises of a faithless lover, Phoebe Scott is determined to make a name on the Covent Garden stage, but after three years of bit parts, she realizes she'll never achieve her goals on her own merits. Acknowledging her success is dependent on a powerful patron, Phoebe is now resolved to find a protector to secure her future. With this goal in mind, she seeks out the best prospects at London's most notorious brothel. He's avowed to celibacy…Sir Edward "Ned" Chambers has been lost and lonely since his wife’s death in childbirth. Burdened with blame, he has sworn to a life of celibacy, but after three years, he is inwardly edgy, irritable, and increasingly discontent. Perceiving the cause behind Ned’s unhappiness, as well as the obvious cure, his best friend and rake of the first order, "The Devil" DeVere, is hell-bent to return Ned to the land of the living. DeVere's machinations result in an outrageous wager that could lead Ned to a new love… or land them all in the Tower!All bets are off in in this racy Georgian romp! (romantic comedy with mature content)The Devil DeVere Series:A Wild Night's Bride #1The Virgin Huntress #2The Devil You Know #3The Devil's Match #4A Devil's Touch #4.5Jewel Of the East #5 Prequel Vignettes:Devil in the Making #1The Trouble with Sin #2Ned's Folly - coming late 2014...

Title : A Wild Night's Bride
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ISBN : 18432425
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A Wild Night's Bride Reviews

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-04-01 15:56

    A Wild Night’s Bride,the first book in the The Devil DeVere series, is a sexy historical romance and is, as I’ve come to expect from this author, filled with humor, passion, and a fun, sinfully sexy storyline. Once again I’ve been whisked away to Georgian England, this time for a comical adventure taking place in the form of a challenge! “I have a proposal.” All eyes turned to the Prince of Wales, grinning like a monkey escaped from the aforementioned Royal Menagerie. “And one that has certainly never been done before. But I fear, even you, DeVere, may not wish to risk the consequences.”“And why not?” asked DeVere.“Because failing would mean much more than the loss of your gold. It would almost certainly land you in the tower.”“Indeed?” All trace of boredom had left DeVere’s face. “I am fascinated to hear more, Your Highness. What would you lay before me?”“I challenge you this night to take a woman of pleasure into the Bed of State at St. James Palace and bring back to me the soiled monogrammed sheet as proof.”“You wish me to defile the king’s bed with a whore?” DeVere roared with unbridled mirth.The prince smiled. “A bit crudely put, but precisely.”Phoebe Alice Scott, also known as Kittie Willis, wants so desperately to be an actress that she'll do just about anything to make her dream come true. Sir Edward Chambers, Ned to his friends, is a widower of four years and such a noble fellow that he'll do just about anything to keep Phoebe from doing something stupid. And Viscount Ludovic DeVere, more commonly referred to as The Devil DeVere, a shameless rake, would love nothing more than to thwart Ned, assist Phoebe, while doing it all in the name of friendship. Together, the three of them take us on a wild ride filled with twists and turns, machinations and maneuverings that are sure to have you giggling one minute and fanning yourself the next, and most definitely enjoying yourself every step of the way!This delightfully sinful ebook was provided by Breathless Press and author Victoria Vane in exchange for an honest review.

  • Karla
    2019-04-24 15:42

    A Wild Night's Bride is a FREE download until 11/9. Just follow the link to get the ebook!! posted at: Swept Away By Romance4 1/2 Stars!!A deliciously naughty, sexy fun romp! Wild Night’s Bride is a unique, fresh, wonderfully written novella, with some truly memorable characters and a plot that left me chuckling. It’s true to the Georgian time period in setting, lifestyle and linguistics, which added to the appeal of the book. Sir Edward “Ned” Chambers has come to London to secure a house for the upcoming season. He runs into Viscount Ludovic DeVere, his best friend and godfather to his daughter Vesta. Three years prior Ned lost his beloved wife Annalee and has never sought the companionship of another woman. His loneliness is all too apparent and DeVere is appalled by Ned’s celibacy. He makes it his mission to change that. Who better than the “Devil” himself to help Ned find some “good clean quim”, allow him to release his “male essence” and re-acquaint him to the pleasures of the flesh! *snicker* Problem is, Ned wants what he had before, someone to love and DeVere’s debauched ways is not his style. Phoebe is an up and coming actress. She is looking for someone to offer her protection and help further her career. She seeks out DeVere, after he leaves a calling card when she makes her debut performance as Kitty. Phoebe is willing to offer herself in exchange for what she wants from DeVere, but what you want isn’t always what you get.She encounters both Ned and DeVere after a friend sneaks her into the brothel where DeVere is an active participant in all the sinful pleasures and Ned, well he’s just too proper to engage in such activities. Much to Phoebe’s surprise as well as Ned’s they are attracted to one another. DeVere takes note and schemes to get them together. What ensues is funny, full of witty dialogue and very, very HOT! Neddie, Neddie, Neddie…not so proper are we now?! DeVere is blunt, brash, and oh so wickedly depraved. YUM!! Ned is sweet, humble, kind and three years’ worth of abstinence ready to explode!! Double YUM!! When he finally lets loose, he has no problems letting Phoebe know how he feels and EXACTLY what he wants. RAWRRR! The writing is sensual, tasteful, with an appropriate heat level for the storyline. I had only one issue and that was the relationship between Phoebe and Ned developing into love at warped speed. However, considering the nature of the book and the time period, it didn’t detract from the story. This was a pleasure to read and I'm look forward to reading The Virgin Huntress as well as the rest of the books in the series when the “Devil” finally gets his due!!**I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Rane
    2019-04-09 17:04

    Who needs enemies when you have friends like Viscount Ludovic "Devil" DeVere. While Devere means well, he has a knack for getting everyone into some sort of trouble while enjoying the ride! Victoria Vane pens another delightful georgian and not to mention sexy romp with A Wild Night's Bride. When Devere wants to drag his best friend Ned back into the land of the living and he knows just the lady to get the job done- Phoebe Alice Scott.His gaze slid with dread to the engraved scroll beneath. ‘Dieu Et Mon Driot,' God and my right, the motto of the king. His chest seized. The room began to spin. He looked to Phoebe, aware that the blood was draining from his face, and that his voice emerged as a strangled sound. "May the same God save me…for I'm going to be hung, drawn, and quartered for spending last night rutting in the King of England's bed!" This was plain fun and very sexy, with some smoking scenes that left me reaching for the AC! The characters were filled with humor, some angst and alot of heart. The romance was just the cherry on top! A great start to this fun series, I'll be looking forward to!

  • ♡Karlyn P♡
    2019-04-08 12:11

    What a great start to a promising series of short, sexy, and hilarious historical romances! I am always amazed when an author can cram so much story into so few pages. (Only 105?!)Victoria Vane weaves a fascinating storyline that is so deliciously absurd, it made me laugh and smile despite the ridiculousness of it all! Many of my GR friends recommended it, and I am so glad for it. Book 1 of this series is about Ned and Phoebe, two highly likeable people who find love and comfort in this odd set of circumstances. Ned is a lonely widow, father to an 18 y/o about to have her come out. His best friend is Lord "Devil" DeVere (a rake if there ever was one!!), who convinces him to attend an exclusive club where sex and debauchery are the only thing on the menu. Phoebe was a gentle bred lady who found herself an outcast and now trying to survive. Hard circumstances bring her to work in the theater, but actresses are expected to perform privately as well (if you get my drift).Note: I received a copy of this book from the author, but only afterwards did I realize I already had a copy in my Kindle account! So I will give her half credit for providing me the book, and a big thanks for the nudge to read it. :-)

  • Wendy
    2019-03-28 12:01

    Delightfully sexy, witty and fun. This book had me grinning from ear to ear, with great storyline and characters, that you can't help but love.Sir Edward Chambers, or Ned as he is known by his friends. A gentleman, who likes the simple things in life. Not every man is a voluptuary like you, DeVere. I happen to enjoy quiet country living and rustic pursuits-hunting, fishing, tending my estate. Simple taste does not equate to a deficiency in or of life. One man's potion is, indeed, another man's poison and all that.NedViscount Ludovic DeVere, is a lovable wastrel and a rogue! Just my type too.I am a predatory, you see. It is a wicked quirk of my nature to take advantage of any human weakness. I simply cannot help myself.DeVereVictoria Vane you sure know how to write great steamy historicals that had me swooning. I love this book and I can't wait for the next installments in this series!Happy Reading one and all!

  • KatLynne
    2019-04-05 10:46

    A Wickedly Luscious, Mouth-Watering tale!Just finished a re-read and enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time around;-)....2/20/2013Victoria Vane gives us 105 pages packed full of everything I love! There’s romance, drama, humor, wild adventure and scorching hot, sensual, erotic love scenes! Added is the historical accuracy of that time period along with a cast of characters that I completely fell in love with. The prose is divine and the narrative is perfect! The author has that magical talent of bringing the characters to life. From the very first page I was swept back in time, captivated and enthralled.A great example of what a successful novella should be. And lucky me as this is her first installment in the Devil DeVere series and I'm looking forward to more!

  • Tammy Walton Grant
    2019-04-24 17:49

    Viscount Ludovic DeVere is bored. When his old friend "dull dog Ned" appears in London after years spent in mourning, Devil DeVere finds a project to spark his interest. Together with a Covent Garden actress named Phoebe (who has some secrets of her own), he makes a scandalous wager with the Prince of Wales - risking Ned's and Phoebe's hearts in the process. Once again, Victoria Vane has whisked me away to Georgian England, this time in the company of an indolent rake, the likes of whom aren't often seen outside of an Anne Stuart novel.No doubt about it, I LOVE Victoria Vane's writing. Her prose is GORGEOUS, her use of language is so evocative of the era it is an absolute pleasure to read. It is incredibly easy to lose oneself in her writing; it really is that good. She captures the era so completely that for those of us who love it, it's like coming home. Ms. Vane also publishes historical romantic fiction under the name Emery Lee. Anyone wanting to read more beautifully written (but not steamy) romances in a Georgian setting need look no further.This novella is the first of a series, and I must say the set up was subtle and nicely done. It will be treat to get to know Devil DeVere better; I can't wait to read The Virgin Huntress!A clever, sexy, romp with captivating characters in a delicious Georgian setting, Victoria Vane sets the bar higher with every outing.4.0 starsOnce again, thanks to Victoria Vane for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jill
    2019-03-29 13:44

    4.5 starsA Wild Night's Bride combines descriptive, historical detail with a funny, light-hearted romance and tantalising love scenes. I wish there were more romances of this calibre that engage the intellect, the heart and the senses. Highly recommended.Steam: 3.5

  • Kristen
    2019-03-26 15:51

    4 to 4 1/2 starsI finally understand why a lot of my Goodreads friends are in love with this series. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Victoria Vane is one talented writer. Review to about a month. (I'm in the middle of moving to a new home.)

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-04-08 14:41

    ******************************************************************EDIT TO ADD:Hey, all! For a limited time, this book is FREE download here on Good Reads. You can also DL it direct from the publisher at this link on Friday, Octover 26th.******************************************************************What a sexy, saucy, naughty little read. This was perfect for one night's reading. It took me between 2-3 hours to finish. I'm always on the lookout for well written erotic historicals and I'm pretty sure Ms. Vane is topping the list now. It's hard to make a historical romance feel erotic without going to far into unbelievable territory. I mean, ankles were considered sexy back then, geez!! But DeVere and his cronies are so unapologetic, debauched, and blatantly sexual that it makes it all okay. In this part of DeVere's mini-series, his friend Ned has gone the opposite way and been celibate for the three years since the death of his wife. DeVere just can't fathom why any man would do this to himself. And so begins this hilarious and lustfully delicious little series opener. I am really surprised at how instantly I was caught up in this story. DeVere and Ned are so different. DeVere is a rake to the extreme, and Ned is a romantic at heart. Though he's not past lustful thoughts when presented with a gorgeous actress and the right opportunity. My thanks to Victoria Vane for the opportunity to read this installment in return for a review. If your objective was to get me hooked...mission accomplished! I've already purchased the next two and am ready to devour!

  • Misfit
    2019-03-24 16:08

    Phoebe Scott (AKA Kitty Willis) is a struggling actress hoping for a shot at the big time, but to do that she pretty much needs to find herself a wealthy lover man to sponsor her. To make a long story short, a scantily dressed Phoebe attends a seriously decadent party where she meets Sir Edward (Ned) Chambers. Ned is still grieving the death of his beloved first wife, but his bosom buddy Viscount Ludovic DeVere is doing his darndest to get Ned to take a walk on the wild side...Anyhoo, one thing leads to another and in trying to one up each other DeVere makes this wild bet and all three find themselves in quite a pickle.“May the same God save me...for I’m going to be hung, drawn, and quartered for spending last night rutting in the King of England’s bed!”Mind you, that quote is from the prologue so I'm not spoiling. All the fun is in finding how they got there and how in the h*** they are going to get out in one piece.“You have an impressive scepter, my liege...Do you wish me to pay full and proper obeisance to my king?”“Dear God, yes.””Erotica is not a genre that I normally read, but I'm willing to go outside my comfort zone if it comes with a good story in a realistic historical setting (no wall-paper for this reader) - and A Wild Night's Bride fits the bill. I laughed my arse off the entire time, and Ned and Phoebe sure can steam up the pages. I am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the novellas centered around that devil DeVere (series order from Goodreads here). 4/5 stars.FTC? An Amazon verified purchase.

  • Karla
    2019-03-27 17:57

    Good setting, but the characters totally left me cold. On the surface, it looked great, but I didn't find much to glom onto and ended up skimming. And if I never see the word "duckie" ever again, it'll be too soon.2 1/2 stars.

  • Tara Chevrestt
    2019-04-01 11:41

    The author is giving a copy away on her blog this weekend for those of you interested. :) can't rate this because I helped edit it. But, if I was reading it as a reviewer, I would give it a five. Why?Humor: I bout fell off my stool the first time I read it. Funny!!!Sex: At one point, I had to turn the ceiling fan on. Yes, I did.Romance: It's there. Ned says some words that melt me where I sit. Beautiful stuff.So it has it all...and then some.I highly recommend it for fans of historical romance, people that like some sex with their humor and vice versa.A brief summary: Ned has been celibate for some time. He hooks up with his friend DeVere who has some plans for him...they don't call him the Devil DeVere for nothing... Enter Pheobe, a struggling actress. What goes down when these three get together will have you laughing and gasping as they defile...the King of England's bed! :o (Note: No, there is no menage. Get your minds out of the gutter!)Be watching for this one April 27th.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-29 10:55

    I have read a stretch of really good novellas lately and Victoria Vane's start to her new series, The Devil DeVere, is another winner! Phoebe Scott dreams of being an actress and when one night she is finally given some lines, she is pleased. She knows it can be the start but wishes it was something different than the tart Kitty Willis. She acts the part perfectly and attracts the attention of some men and somehow finds herself attending a bawdy party in hopes of securing a protector. While there she is drawn to Ned and is stunned to find herself drawn into an outrageous bet that involves her, Viscount Ludovic DeVere, the prince and the King of England's bed. This all to the chagrin of Sir Edward Chambers who is most attracted to her as well, especially after three years of celibacy following his wife's death. Ned is determined to protect her and hijinks ensure! What follows is a delightfully fun romp that will have you laughing and then cranking up the fan at a few places!I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a well written novella that features two 'common' people that have sparks to spare! The writing was excellent and made me feel like I was immersed in the Georgian time period. It is fun, sexy and has heart to it. We get a few glimpses into the upcoming books in this series and I am so eager to read them! A very delightful, smoldering, delicious 4 1/2 starsThanks to Victoria Vane for providing me with an eARC of this book!

  • Carol *Young at Heart Oldie*
    2019-04-17 17:03

    A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDEA delicious and sparkling cocktail created by Victoria VaneMethodAdd one measure of Sir Edward (Dull-Dog Ned) Chambers– an eminently respectable but lonely widower, celibate for the past three yearsAdd an equal measure of Miss Phoebe Scott (aka Kitty) – an aspiring actress harboring a secret, reluctantly seeking a rich and powerful protectorStir well then adda large measure of Viscount Ludovic (the devil) DeVere, Ned’s best friend – inveterate rake with a penchant for manipulating people and a fondness for embroiling himself in impossible wagersmix innefarious goings on in the notorious King’s Place brothela rather risqué wager involving the King of England’s bedsome smouldering love scenes copious amounts of witty dialoguea rich historical settingSHAKE WELLVERDICT: WICKEDLY DELIGHTFULRATING: ★★★★★

  •  ~V~
    2019-04-19 09:58

    Very cute, funny, sexy and sweet! In the beginning the historical English lingo was making my eyes cross a bit (obv. not so much a fan of that) but i pushed through and i'm glad i did because i thoroughly enjoyed this! The only thing i was a little bit bummed out about was the epilogue...(view spoiler)[it wasn't how i would have liked things to end up for Ned and Phoebe...i realize it was fast moving and came out of nowhere but i did not like Vesta and Diana's reaction, they both kind of reacted like spoiled brats..not that they outwardly expressed their feelings to Ned and Phoebe, but still...not the welcome or the happy life that i envisioned for the two of them :( Hopefully things will be resolved in the 2nd book?(hide spoiler)]

  • Jen
    2019-03-30 10:54

    I really enjoyed this book and for a short story the plot was great. Ned is a serious kind of guy who lost his wife three years before. He has come to London to secure lodging for his daughters upcoming season in the city. Lord DeVere, who is a wild no holds barred kind of character, and always out for a good time, insists Ned stay with him and come back to "the land of the living". At Ned's reluctance, he joins Lord DeVere in a night of debauchery but finds his heart just isn't into it. Then he meets an aspiring actress named Lady Phoebe Scott aka Kitty who he immediately feels attraction too. Ned is ashamed to feel this attraction and he fights it tooth and nail. Lord DeVere becomes involved when he notices the attraction between Ned and Phoebe and leads them on a night of events that could land all three of them in trouble.I laughed out loud a few times throughout this story!! Some of the antics that these three get into are just so funny! I love books that keep me entertained and this one surely did! The sex between Phoebe and Ned was sizzling hot! The ending of this book follows the new trend that authors seem to be doing and that is leaving us wanting more! I look forward to the next book in this highly entertaining, sexy series!

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-16 11:57

    Story Rating 4 StarsCharacter Rating 5 StarsRomance Rating 4 StarsHeat Level 4 StarsOverall Rating 4 StarsI REALLY enjoyed this story, while being short, it was long enough to give me just what I like most in an historical romance. The characters were absolutely fantastic. There were quite a few VERY wicked yet Deliciously done scenes in this book. It has been a while since I've read this type of scene and I LIKED THEM!! The love scenes were good and spicy between the H&h too. The only problem I had with this story is that I thought that the H&h fell in love and married too quickly. I just did not feel that they knew each other enough. Other than that it was a very good read and I went off and already read book 2. Off to write my review for it now.

  • Victoria Vane
    2019-04-12 09:55

    Book trailer at ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENES:DeVere, on the other hand, evinced no such qualms. He had already loosened his cravat and was stripping off his coat."As I said earlier, there is no need," Phoebe insisted. "A couple of buttons and a raised petticoat are all the business requires.""How delightfully unromantic you are, my dear!" He chuckled. "But while most men would be charmed to comply with your simple wishes, I have quite another game in mind. One that most definitely requires you to disrobe.""But what if I don't want to?""Oh but you will," he said with a smug smile.She glared. "You are very sure of yourself!"He studied his buffed fingernails. "I am sure of Ned. Thus, we must put on a convincing show."Her brows came together in a deep scowl. "What do you mean? What has Ned to do with this?""Everything. And at any moment, I expect him to burst through that door like a raging bull."VICTORIA'S TITILLATING TIDBITS:(view spoiler)[ While I would never presume to call A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE anything more than a diverting work of romantic fiction, there were a number of intriguing historical facts that came together to form this story:• In 1783, the Drury Lane theatre did, indeed, close for renovations• Mrs. Hannah Cowley's The Belle's Stratagem was a wildly popular play and a favorite of the Royal Family who commanded it nearly every season.• Charlotte Hayes presented a subscription only Otahetian Feast of Venus at her King's Place brothel- details of the illicit gathering can be found in Nocturnal revels: or, The history of King's-place, and other modern nunneries, M. Goadby, Pater-noster-row, 1779• George IV, as an eighteen year old Prince of Wales did, indeed, have an illicit affair with actress Mary Robinson that began with a love letter addressed to Perdita and signed Florizel. He also had a custom of taking locks of hair from his lovers. Upon his death as King George IV, over one thousand of these were discovered. For more details, see my Georgian Junkie blog George IV: An Indolent Enigma at: (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Crista
    2019-03-30 14:44

    As someone who doesn't generally prefer novella's, this one has definitely has captured my attention!This was a short story, but don't let the page count fool you! A Wild Night's Bride was jammed packed with humor, wonderful characters, sensuality, and an engaging plot. It is a book that shouldn't be missed!Phoebe is in need of a protector. An actress by trade, she understands that it is also her "job" to earn her keep not only on the stage, but also in a gentleman's bed. She goes to the notorious King's Place brothel in hopes of catching the infamous Devil Devere's eye, but instead finds herself falling for his best-friend.Ned is such an engaging leading men. He is a man so full of integrity that he has remained celibate since his wife died three years prior. He is the "angel" whereas Devere is the "devil", and I loved them both!!!!The chemistry between Ned and Phoebe is tangible, and I loved watching Ned try to resist her...and fail miserably!I read somewhere that this book was likened after the movie "The Hangover" and I can definitely see the parallel. I was laughing one moment and then completely engrossed the next moment. I can hardly wait to start the next book and I highly recommend this one!

  • Emery Lee
    2019-03-25 16:42

    **DISCLAIMER** I wrote this book under the pseudonym Victoria Vane but I stand by my rating. It's a fabulously fun and sexy adventure and currently available for only $.99!ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENES:DeVere, on the other hand, evinced no such qualms. He had already loosened his cravat and was stripping off his coat. "As I said earlier, there is no need," Phoebe insisted. "A couple of buttons and a raised petticoat are all the business requires." "How delightfully unromantic you are, my dear!" He chuckled. "But while most men would be charmed to comply with your simple wishes, I have quite another game in mind. One that most definitely requires you to disrobe." "But what if I don't want to?" "Oh but you will," he said with a smug smile. She glared. "You are very sure of yourself!" He studied his buffed fingernails. "I am sure of Ned. Thus, we must put on a convincing show." Her brows came together in a deep scowl. "What do you mean? What has Ned to do with this?" "Everything. And at any moment, I expect him to burst through that door like a raging bull."

  • Gina
    2019-04-05 14:00

    This was a short, hot historical romance. I thoroughly enjoyed this!! Only being 105 pages it was limited in story, but it was fun, steamy, funny and exhilarating. My issue with the few novella’s I have read in the past is not enough time to get emotionally invested in the characters. This fun little gem did not have this issue for me at all, I loved the characters and story and was pulled along as the story enfolded.Fun, steamy and captivating!

  • Wendy
    2019-04-01 18:00

    Sparkling, funny and witty, this smart little novella is rather like the warm, friendly author Victoria Vane herself. This is a steamy, little gem of a book, not for the prudish as the content is definitely naughty. Because it is a fun read, it is hard to take seriously, even the hot love scenes are tongue in cheek and I'm convinced that's what Ms. Vane intended. Not withstanding this Victoria has done her homework and her depiction of Georgian England, its foibles and fashions are spot on.Viscount Ludovic ( the Devil) DeVere, is an outrageously promiscuous rake, manipulative in the nicest possible way. He is determined to drag his best friend Sir Edward (Ned) Chambers, kicking and screaming back into the land of the living...and loving, after his three long, grief stricken years of mourning the death of his wife. Devil takes Ned to an up market brothel where he encounters Phoebe Scott, an impoverished actress in search of a rich protector. Ned and Phoebe are smitten with each other, Devil, astute despite his apparent lack of seriousness, intervenes to ensure his friend's happiness and the farcical romp that follows, very much in the vein of The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones, is funny, bittersweet, sexy and heartwarming. I shall look forward to the rest of this 'devilish' little series with anticipation! And I hope that shortly Devil gets his comeuppance and is hoist by his own petard. 4 stars for sheer fun and naughtiness!

  • Jerelyn
    2019-04-05 16:09

    A Wilds Night’s Bride by Victoria Vane, is a very wild night indeed, I really had fun with this book. The Players:Ned: is a widower who loved his wife after 3 years of mourning, he finds himself attracted to of all things an actress, in need of a protector. Whom he happens to meets at an Otahetian Feast of Venus, aka orgy, both Ned and Phoebe are out of place, but Devere thinks a night in the exclusive brothel is just what his friend Ned needs.Phoebe: is not who she seems, but a girls got to make a living right? She just wants to act and has been relegated to bit parts in the theater for 3 years now. Facing poverty she knows she has to make a choice she finally decides that she will play the game.Devere: this man needs a good spanking, but he probably would enjoy it so why bother. He makes a bet and needs Phoebe to win it; he offers her all the winnings if only she will spend one night with him in bed, and not just any bed.The complication; Ned, wants he for his own. Devere wants her for the night, and Phoebe wants the money.There is so much going on in 110 pages, Ms. Vane knowledge of the Georgian era, her tasteful exploration of steamy sensual subject matter, mixed with laughter is a delight. Not only is it funny but it is well written and the character development is remarkable. It is a difficult thing to pull off in short format books, but it seems that Victoria Vane is up to the challenge. The Georgian setting is perfect for this story of Phoebe, Ned, and Devere. 5 stars!I would like to thank Breathless Press for the review copy of this book, and I am looking forward to the next two books in the Devil Devere series.

  • Lady Wesley
    2019-04-02 12:42

    Lots of fun! Victoria Vane must have lived a previous life in Georgian England. She gets the setting, the people, and the clothes just right. Most of all, though, she has the dialogue down to a tee. These people sound like they've stepped out of a novel actually written in the late 18th century. Viscount Ludovic DeVere, the "Devil," is determined to pull his old friend Sir Edward Chambers out of the dumps. Ned has been mourning his late wife for years, but now Ned has come to London to prepare for his daughter's come out, and DeVere drags him to an orgy at the home of a famous courtesan. Phoebe Scott has come to London to make her fortune on the stage, but she needs a sponsor to help her get the good parts. She finagles her way into the orgy, using the name Kitty Willis, and sets her sights on DeVere. But Ned, ever the gentleman, has other ideas.Phoebe, Ned, and DeVere find themselves on an unlikely adventure that takes them literally into the George III's bed. A Wild Night's Bride is the first of a series. Next up: (view spoiler)[ Ned's daughter, less than pleased to find herself with a new, young stepmother, flounces off to London where she seeks the assistance of her godfather, the Devil DeVere, whose younger brother is on the lookout for a bride to join him in a nice, quiet life in the country. I strongly suspect that hijinks will ensue. (hide spoiler)]Many thanks to Victoria Vane for offering me an advance read of this story in return for an honest review.

  • April
    2019-04-23 15:45

    A WILD NIGHT'S BRIDE(The Devil DeVere #1)( by Victoria Vane is an exciting erotic historical romance se in the Georgian era. This is Book #1 of "The Devil DeVere} This will be four novellas. A fast paced,quick read. A sensual,steamy,sexy,witty,Georgian frolic with naughty characters and love,desire,and moving forward."A Wild Night's Bride" has authentic dialogue,characters who take you away on an erotic trip through King Jame's bedchamber. As Sir Edward "Ned" Chambers,a grief stricken widower,Viscount Ludovic DeVere,named the Devil,and Phoebe Scott, alias Kitty Willis, an actress with a secret,wade their way through a wager that could get them hanged,quartered,and be-headed if caught all for a wager.With that said read "A Wild Night's Bride" while you are transported back to the Georgian era in a quick,fun,read with delightful characters and an interesting plot. Ms. Vane not only knows her history she knows how to write a story that pulls the reader in and bring the characters to live through the pages of "A Wild Night's Bride". I can hardly wait to see what's in store next.A must read! I would highly recommend this title,for anyone who enjoy erotic,historical romance,Georgian era,great characters,and a quick,fun read.What a wild ride.Received for an honest review from the author. Details can be found at the author's website,Breathless Press,and My Book Addiction and More.RATING: 5HEAT RATING: Steamy/SizzlingREVIEWED BY: AprilR,My Book Addiction and More

  • CassandraG
    2019-04-06 16:49

    If, you like your Victorian/Georgian regency with a little steamy erotic flair (done in the nicest possible way, of course) with a little comedic flair thrown in, you’ll definitely love Victoria Vane. It’s a fun read and a very fun and witty romp.She’s a new author to me, but what she writes is an absolute treat. Characters are well thought out and have the wit, charm and even a little suspense about them, without a hint of remorse, regret or morals (Well maybe, just Devere)Sir Edward “Ned” Chambers has a bit of a moral compass and would definitely feel remorse; after all, he has been a widower with an 18 year old daughter for the pass 3 yrs., since his wife passed awayViscount Ludovic Devere, “Ned’s best friend, resident rake and all around rogue, doesn’t have a moral compass, and he’s wants to get his friend back to the “land of the living” since the passing of his wife.Phoebe Scott, alias “Kitty Willis” an actress who is just trying to survive, she has a little moral compass too.If you get a chance to read it, you’ll definitely love it, and you’ll probably want Devere to get his own book, just so you can find out, how he came to be, and why he came to be who he is.*ARC review for A Wild Night's Bride (The Devil DeVere #1)by Victoria Vane via Dawn Roberto & Reading Romances*

  • Erin
    2019-04-23 12:02

    From the start, I knew I was going to love this read for the language alone. Vane utilizes words that encapsulate the era of the story in such a humourous and promising way that I actually had to pull out the dictionary a couple of times. But isn't this part of all the fun in reading historical romance? Learning all those newly discovered phrases while at the same time enjoying that sense of coming home when a historical character or setting is intoduced can be quite thrilling in itself. "Prinny" shows up at his very best , and some of our other Whig favorites dance in and out as accents to the mood of the overall setting. Phoebe is believable as our heroine in flux , and we all love a woman torn between her moral upbringings and the passions that drive her inner and most secret yearnings; if only they can be discovered. Ah, and doesn't every woman yearn to be unlocked by a man of equal moral standings and deeply ingrained longings? You won't be disappointed as Sir Edward finds his way into her heart and her arms, into a an unlikely bed of marriage and love. A wild nights read this novella promises, and delivers without question!

  • Jenny Q
    2019-03-29 14:41

    I love the Georgian period. All of the history, fashion, vice, and drama I crave without the super strict social mores that would come later in the Regency and Victorian eras. And A Wild Night's Bride starts off promising all that and more, as Ned Chambers wakes up in a strange bed, with a strange woman, with his best friend locked in a closet...and he can't remember a thing. Blame it on the kava kava juice!The story then shifts back to the beginning of the adventure, where our heroine, Phoebe, a down-on-her-luck actress, is forced to find new means of taking care of herself, and there aren't too many options. Ashamed at what she's about to do, but determined to survive, Phoebe infiltrates the Feast of Venus at the notorious King's Place brothel in search of a protector. As the feast progresses, the party gets wild, and there are plenty of wealthy, sex-crazed men to choose from, but Phoebe's drawn to the quiet one hiding out behind a palm tree: Ned Chambers.Ned was dragged along to the feast by his best friend, the hedonistic rake Ludovic DeVere, and he's been abandoned as DeVere satisfies his desires. He's not sure if it's the strong drink or the atmosphere, but he suddenly finds himself with desires of his own: for Phoebe. But he hasn't touched a woman since his wife died three years earlier, and he is racked with feelings of guilt and doubt. Disappointed that the nice, handsome man she's attracted to has no interest in taking a mistress, Phoebe turns her attention back to the feast and her search for a protector and hones in on DeVere. But Ned knows how the story always ends with DeVere, and he can't stand the thought of that happening to Phoebe. DeVere, sharp as always, even in the middle of an orgy, senses his friend's attraction to Phoebe and accepts a dare to have sex in the King of England's bed, planning all the while to ensure that Ned and Phoebe are the ones who will carry out the deed, and hopefully find love in the process. What follows is an all-night adventure and I loved how everything came together full circle at the end.One of the reasons I am loving the digital revolution so much is that novellas like this can be published. A 110-page erotic historical romance in print? Not likely. But is there a market for it? Absolutely! This is a fun, sexy romp and you've got to take it for what it is. If you're looking for slow-building true love and fully fleshed-out characters and storylines--well, that's hard to fit into a hundred pages. But if you're in the mood for something naughty and you like your sexy dressed up in period costume, with witty dialogue and a few touching moments, you can't go wrong spending an evening with the Devil DeVere!

  • Lady Raven RAVE!
    2019-04-04 18:08

    http://www.romancenoveljunkies.comBRIEF SUMMARYPhoebe is an actress. As she is not sure about her future it seems to be on hold, then an opportunity is presented to her. Viscount Ludovic DeVere, is playfully wicked in his ways and sees a plan to give his best friend what he needs. Sir Edward Chambers aka Ned is still healing from the past but once he sees Phoebe his life in one night will change.THOUGHTSThis was an enjoyable and interesting read for me. A manipulative friend, a plan, his dearest friend and an actress all came together to give the story what it needed. Once it starts with a night Ned doesn’t remember but Phoebe remembers all too well, the story rewinds to tell us the story. Ned was ever the gentle and nice guy. With a friend like DeVere, I think it balanced out Ned’s personality. It’s like having an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. Phoebe’s character took a while for me to get into as I was still getting to know her throughout the story. The chemistry between Ned and Phoebe was intriguing as you’re seeing Ned open up more and letting his self go and not dwell on his past. Ned’s attitude did a 180 for me towards the end in his sexual torture routine with Phoebe (not BDSM). It showed a side that was sexy and has me thinking, where is Ned? And what have you done with him? The other character Devere was such a manipulative character when it came to his friend; however, it was all out of concern and love for Ned. Devere needs a real woman to distract him as his escapades are very notorious. The epilogue of the story left an insight into the other book in the series as it will include Ned’s daughter. After reading the preview for the second book in the series, I am intrigue to read more in this series.Length: NovellaStoryline: GOODEnjoyment: GOODIntimacy Level: SPICYMore reviews for this author @: