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Declan Collins never wanted to be a vampire. He certainly never wanted to be a pawn in his Maker’s games of cat and mouse. When their hunt for a rare and elusive breed of werewolf leads them straight to Declan’s mate, however, it’s game over.Lincoln Chastain never imagined the infamous Red Siren would turn out to be his intended. He can’t deny the attraction between them,Declan Collins never wanted to be a vampire. He certainly never wanted to be a pawn in his Maker’s games of cat and mouse. When their hunt for a rare and elusive breed of werewolf leads them straight to Declan’s mate, however, it’s game over.Lincoln Chastain never imagined the infamous Red Siren would turn out to be his intended. He can’t deny the attraction between them, but nor can he allow a pretty face to distract him from his quest for retribution. Sometimes, things aren’t as black and white as they seem and finding the truth will come with a price. Will the secrets they discover give the mated pair the happy ending they desire? Or will the lies and greed of others destroy them before they’ve even started?...

Title : Blood Red
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ISBN : 9781940637
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Blood Red Reviews

  •  Rosebud
    2019-04-01 14:03

    "You shouldn't be traveling alone in these woods at night." "It's not safe ....."Having traveled the shortcut home more times than he can count, Declan Collins is about to find out that it only takes once to change his life. Transformed into a vampire hybrid, Decaln becomes a puppet slave dubbed the Red Siren. His job to lure transients, drifters, and those of questionable morals to his master Cashel del Sarto. What he does with these people Decaln doesn't know but it's noticed that they are never seen or heard from again. When Declan is tasked to find a rare and powerful Loup-garou Declan is shocked to find out that the Loup-garou he meets is his fated mate. Bringing him to his master is a probable death sentence but it's impossible to fight his master's commands as he is his maker. Can love truly make all things possible? * * * This was promoted as a fairy tale retelling - Little Red Riding Hood. Personally, after the big bad wolf part (ironically a vampire in this story), I really can't see any further parallels or similarities. It goes rogue. That being said, this is for the reader looking for a m/m fantasy story to be enjoyed as it is written. In other words if you are like me and need your stories semi reality based this one will drive you nuts. Non-spoiler self thoughts as I was reading this story: does anyone have a job? how do they get from place to place? where do they hide the dead bodies? what's the difference between a werewolf shifter and a Loup-garou? if Cachel and Declan can communicate mentally, explain the difference of being 'unable to extract anything from Declan's mind'. Yes, I do have such thoughts. lolAs for the core central couple. That was the most confusing and convoluted part of this story. The actual romance has a sweet, sensual, and loving presentation. Yes, that does include teaser bedroom scenes that barely breach the erotica tag threshold for me. It just took a while to understand who loved who and how the third wheel character fit into this mix. Vague yes but I don't like to spoil the reading experience for potential readers so there you go.Overall this was an enjoyable break from reality fantasy type of story for those who appreciate fairy tale type reads. It's the sort of story that will leave you with a smile on your face when you reach 'the end' just as it's intended.

  • Ayanna
    2019-04-05 16:51

    lololol so many trope cliches. The Idiot Who Is Not and Idiot. I found the trope name for that once, but I don't remember what it is.The entire thing is rushed, though. Bam, bam, bam. It hits the points, but at a sprint. There's no lingering, no developing, no real build-up, actually. It's all lost in the speed of things. At one point, there were too many tropes floating around, too many little details that weren't allowed to set and coalesce into a character.It was boring. I didn't care for the characters. There was whiplash all over the place. In fact, it was more of a caricature than an actual story. If it's intended to be caricature, then maybe I can forgive it. If not, then it's a horrible story.

  • Tina
    2019-04-08 10:16

    This is the first book written by Ms Michaels, and I safely say she did not disappoint. Whilst there was a lot of confusion between the two men, she definitely knows how to let the characters have a lot of angst, anger and even sadness before they get their HEADeclan was introduced as a quiet man who kept to himself until he was changed because his maker was lonely. You could tell with his comments that he was sarcastic, but at the same time he did not want to be the monster his maker was and become a heartless, soulless thing bent on destroying things.When Declan first saw Lincoln, he thought he was the most gorgeous men he'd even seen. Their chemistry was spectacular and when he first bit Lincoln everything went out of his mind except the words ‘Mine’. Lincoln is portrayed as a wild man who didn't know any gentleness whilst Declan needed him to be gentle. This misunderstanding caused quite a bit of confusion for Declan, but when they do get together - oh boy just wow. The tables turned with Declan’s seduction of Lincoln that literally blew my mind away, so innocent but so controlled as he knew what he wanted and went after it, especially after realizing that Lincoln was scared of the intimacy. How protective Lincoln became once they were mated brought that hint of laughter into the story, not even allowing him the occasional toilet break made me chuckle at Ms Michaels' writing. Then the twist at the end made this story an interesting read that leaves you wanting more.4 twinkling stars

  • Crys Harris
    2019-04-10 13:59

    -1 stars!!I clearly read something different from everyone else. I must have downloaded a defective copy of this novelette. The book I read was trite, the characters wooden, the dialogue boring, and the chemistry between the 'love' interests about as exciting as dissolving salt into water.There was not one appealing element to this book. Declan was a simpering, weak, nelly. If he'd been a female character, I'd be livid that a modern author would write such a lily-livered heroine.. The only thing, however, that kept me from thinking Declan was a rehash of some 70's missish weak heroine from a bodice-ripper was the name...I wish I could get a refund for my book and get the one everyone else read.

  • Crissy Morris
    2019-03-29 10:52

    So I went into this book expecting a sweet play on an old fairy tale...what I got was much better. Blood Red is a fairy tale with teeth. Lots of teeth, those of vampires and werewolves. And sexy, sexy beasts. It's a story full of imagination and creativity that grabs hold of readers and doesn't let go. I thoroughly enjoyed the unique addition of the muse into the paranormal world. The world that Michaels creates is dark and haunting while still remaining endearing. Her characters are lovable and fun. And the story is entertaining from beginning to end. If you are a fan of the paranormal, as I am, if you grew up loving old fairy tales, then you will love Blood Red by Zayne Michaels.Highly Recommended.

  • Alexandria
    2019-03-27 10:55

    *sigh* I was disappointed. Short and rushed with so much potential wasted, a little fleshing out and patience would have gone a long way.

  • mah1
    2019-03-29 15:06

    I rarely give one star reviews, but in this case I felt I had to. The story was all over the place, and while I couldn't spot grammatical errors, the writing was very confusing. Also, though I live Red Riding Hood, in this case I thought the parallels were unecessary, as they too were inconsistent. The bare bones of the story, if explained roughly, have potential, and the ending was nice. If this were re-written with a clearer sense of the plot and all the excess shed off, there could be something there.

  • Jess Buffett
    2019-04-16 15:59

    Loved this book! A wicked spin on an old fairy tale.

  • Lizzie
    2019-04-23 16:01

    Extremely rushed, reading more like a detailed synopsis. It needed depth and details.

  • Riayl
    2019-04-02 10:52


  • Robin L
    2019-03-28 16:14

    There is such a disconnect with this book, so much so that I often couldn't tell what was going on.

  • Andrea
    2019-03-25 10:01

    A lot of potential but not there yet. Not enough depth to either the story or characters.