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Foreign to Familiar is a splendidly written, well researched work on cultures. Anyone traveling abroad should not leave home without this valuable resource! Sarah's love and sensitivity for people of all nations will touch your heart. This book creates within us a greater appreciation for our extended families around the world and an increased desire to better understand tForeign to Familiar is a splendidly written, well researched work on cultures. Anyone traveling abroad should not leave home without this valuable resource! Sarah's love and sensitivity for people of all nations will touch your heart. This book creates within us a greater appreciation for our extended families around the world and an increased desire to better understand them....

Title : Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot - And Cold - Climate Cultures
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ISBN : 9781581580723
Format Type : Hardcover
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Foreign to Familiar: A Guide to Understanding Hot - And Cold - Climate Cultures Reviews

  • Sydney Drinkwater
    2019-02-24 16:20

    I'm very much from a cold-climate culture. I'm also pregnant in a hot-climate culture (my belly now belongs to all of Ecuador to touch & rub). While this book didn't give me a magic answer to making that just go away (I'm smiling while I type that), it reinforced all I know about our culture differences and eloquently explained it in ways I hadn't heard. I now have even more tools to help make the gap smaller between us and to avoid misunderstandings that I may cause in my own behaviors. The author used examples from all over the world (not just USA vs. Latino as I am used to) which helps the reader more fully grasp the beauty alongside the complexity of this world. It's a very short, easy read I recommend to anyone traveling to a different culture or living/working near/within a different culture. If you want to avoid offending someone in ways you'd never dreamed of being an offense...if you want to be able to make friends quicker, build work relationships faster or just understand things that make your eyes bulge and your mouth go "why?!" to your fellow sympathizer, read this book's powerful advice.

  • Kim
    2019-03-23 19:07

    If you ever want to travel or just relate with people from different countries and cultures, I definitely recommend this book by Sarah A. Lanier. Miscommunication is a huge problem cross-culturally and Lanier delivers a simple, practical, clear guide to avoiding the common mistakes that foreigners make. Hot and cold climate cultures are somewhat generalized but the basic principles that guide her advice are logical and will save foreigners from a lot of miscommunication, misunderstanding, and loss of friendship. Some of the title chapters include: Hot- Versus Cold-Climate Cultures, Relationship Versus Task Orientation, Direct Versus Indirect Communication, Individualism Versus Group Identity, Inclusion Versus Privacy, Different Concepts of Hospitality, High-Context Versus Low-Context Cultures, Different Concepts of Time and Planning, and Practical Next Steps.If you ever plan on visiting another country or making friends with someone from another country, I highly recommend reading this easy-to-read book that is jam-packed full of essential information for reaching out to people cross-culturally. Be wise and read this book. You won’t regret it. You will gain understanding about how to approach your travel and develop friendship-making skills. Thank God someone wrote this book.

  • Edie
    2019-02-21 18:08

    Great book and quick read on understanding hot-climate and cold-climate cultures? Being a cold-climate culture person myself and marrying a man who grew up in a hot-climate culture family, this book helped to explain a lot with the differences we already noticed. I also often have opportunities to interact with people of other cultures. This book is a great resource for someone going overseas, interacting with foreigners in their home country or understanding the cultural differences between north and south US. I feel better equipped to understand, respect and interact with a person of a hot-climate culture. Also my eyes were opened as to how my own cold-climate culture has molded me to be task/time oriented and how that can come across as cold and impersonal. Whew, that explains a comment I received when I asked a store clerk a question during a trip to the 'south' while visiting my husbands family. The store clerk said, somewhat politely mind you, "You're from the North, aren't you?" After my affirmative reply, I was then cold shouldered. I think he felt I cold shouldered him first with my cold-climate, fact-seeking self. Thanks Ms. Lanier for so clearly helping me better understand, interact and respect people of cultures different than my own.

  • Maggie Hong
    2019-02-26 16:14

    It is a very good book to help people understand culture differences. The only thing that I'm not happy with is one of its examples of China as a nation with "hot climate culture." It says that in hot climate culture, people has less boundaries and less privacy too. It says that a Chinese international student lives in the dormitory in a nation with "cold climate culture." Since he was brought up in hot climate culture, he doesn't know about privacy, so he opens his roomate's closet and begins to use his roomate's things without asking. I read the book many years ago, and still remember the story because it's not only a bad example to illustrate hot climate culture but is also not true. Even in hot climate culture, where people has less privacy, this kind of act will still be very uncommon, and it is considered stealing as it is elsewhere in the world. Having less privacy does not mean that people will take other people's possession as their own without permission, it only means that people are more curious about eath other's business, and may ask or gossip about other people's private life more. I am not very sure if the example is still in the book, but if it is, I do think the author needs to change it. In general, it's a very good book.

  • C.G.
    2019-03-15 21:19

    As someone who has spent a lot of time overseas in both hot and cold climates, I completely identified with the ideas in Lanier's book. Although not true 100% of the time (as she points out, individuals can be different from the mass cultural stereotypes - for example, I was born and raised in the "hot south", but my personality is much more "cold northern"), she comes very close to the heart of cultural misunderstandings and issues in this book. If you're considering moving overseas or even just spending time in a culture other than your own, I would highly recommend picking up this short book. I read it in an about an hour, and laughed all the way through it as she reminded me of various situations I have personally experienced. Well written, well thought out, and a great handbook for travelers of all ages who don't want to stick out more than they have to.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-01 15:56

    A simple and quick read on a complex topic. it does not come close to explaining everything, but is a very helpful starting point for people interested in cultural differences.

  • Andrew Yong
    2019-03-07 19:09

    Great review of different cultures from an original respective. Most of all, it is written with much respect and little judgment towards other cultures.

  • Laura
    2019-03-13 22:04

    A friend gave me this book as a guide for an upcoming trip to India. My biggest concern has been my lack of knowledge regarding the culture and fear that I will do something that won't translate across cultural lines. I do not want to unknowingly do something disrespectful. This book wasn't exactly focused on India, but for anyone who will be exposed to a multiplicity of cultures this is a great guide. Lanier has a ton of experience dealing with etiquette and customs, and her experiences show her wisdom in adaptation in different countries. One thing I thought was extremely interesting is the quote by Thomas Jefferson that references hot and cold climate people groups. Although it wasn't very helpful for my upcoming trip it definitely was an easy read and extremely insightful.

  • Ashlie
    2019-03-04 19:01

    This was required reading for a course I'm taking, Introduction to Cross-Cultural studies. I have a Master's in Intercultural Communication and am taking this class for review, so the material wasn't new to me and was a simplified version of other things I have studied.This was a really easy read and gives a basic overview for someone wanting to understand how to navigate cultural differences. I'm not sure if I agree with all the concepts in the book but it serves as a good jumping off point for learning. The author has a lot of experience and peppers the story with personal anecdotes which makes this book much more interesting than a basic dry textbook.

  • Cailyn Wheatley
    2019-02-22 17:53

    As a cold-culture individual who has lived in hot-culture South America for nearly four years, I uttered so many, "Ohs," "wows," and, "Well dubs," while reading this short, phenomenal book. The chapters discussed the many aspects of hot-climate vs. cold-climate cultures, providing context for the many situations I have already encountered. The concepts discussed to not simply apply to one country or world region, but are truly universal, transcending borders. I am so thankful I have read this book and can now begin applying its concepts into my life.

  • Dabeyta
    2019-03-19 17:06

    This book was short and sweet with insightful anecdotes of cultural misunderstandings around the world. Regardless of the culture in focus, I found that each anecdote taught me more about myself and my own culture. I have often been offended by people's rude behavior and simply counted it off as rude. However, the author explains how offending or being offended can be greatly reduced if we inquired deeper into the cultural norms/values of the other. A great read, at times I could not sleep because it brought back so many memories that needed to be dealt with.

  • Jon
    2019-03-23 23:03

    Fantastic book! Excellent for anyone who travels to another culture, or who interacts with anyone from another ethnicity or cultural group. Sarah gives very helpful paradigms for the broad differences between different cultures, which helps us to understand, appreciate, and communicate much better. Highly recommended.

  • Pete van Genne
    2019-03-13 19:13

    A quick, high-level synopsis of differences between hot- and cold-climate cultures (or better put: hot/tribal- and cold/urban). I really liked the discussion on the differences between high-context an low-context cultures. A worthy read for travellers or those wanting to understand cultural differences.

  • Kim
    2019-03-04 17:14

    If I could give this book 6 starts, I would. It's such a great one to help understand different cultures, plus you can read it in about an hour. I have passed it on to many people. Anyone working with people of different cultures, and in all honesty, anyone should really read this book to help them understand different cultures in our world today!

  • Ahmad Alkouh
    2019-03-19 22:54

    I love the way the author has divided the world into hot or cold cultures. As a cold person living in a hot culture you can see the differences.I personally live most of what is mintioned in the book.

  • Shaun Liu
    2019-03-22 23:16

    A valuable and easy read on understanding general cultural difference that often causes misunderstanding (what the author calls cold vs. hot climate cultures). I particular like the various personal anecdotes.

  • Kimberly Bidwell
    2019-02-24 17:18

    Eye-opening book. Gave some great insight into dealing with different cultures. It also helped me better understand some of my own struggles as a Puerto Rican from Florida living in Ohio. Great resource!

  • Mari-liis Duglas
    2019-03-14 15:58

    This book was very interesting to read, especially before going to live in another country in less than a month. I found that it gave me a much better perspective of what awaits me and I feel much more prepared to experience and understand all the new and different things that lie ahead of me.

  • Lisa Blair
    2019-03-06 22:13

    An excellent book in helping one understand people from different regions and different cultures. Highly recommended!

  • Esther
    2019-03-01 19:08

    This is a great introduction to broad cultural differences with clear and illuminating examples. I hadn't realised how ingrained 'cold culture' values are in my mindset and I can see how my new self awareness might help me to adjust and not misunderstand or judge the culture in which I find myself when I go to Africa. I just hope I can get the hang of indirect communication... In a culture where it's impolite to say yes immediately to an offer of tea (for example) you do want, but simultaneously impolite to say no when someone suggests you join them to do something you don't really want to do... How do you navigate through that without causing any offence? How can you tell if the other person really wants or doesn't want what you are offering/suggesting?? Arrgh! I foresee some 'cold culture' brain ache but at least I'm more prepared.

  • Aimee
    2019-02-24 21:15

    Helpful cultural overviews This book presents some really good generalities for understanding other cultures. It provides good practical questions to ask yourself as you interact with another culture to be sure you are evaluating yourself and how you are interacting with a culture different from your own.

  • Ikke
    2019-02-26 19:18

    An important yet short and easy read for anyone who wants to understand and love people better. Especially if you live in a melting-pot area. I love the tables highlighting the preceding contrasting hot- versus cold-culture aspects of each chapter concept.

  • Jen
    2019-03-10 22:01

    A very helpful read for anyone going cross cultural. Gave me some good insights into myself as well and how my cold culture has shaped me.

  • Damaris Barrios
    2019-02-23 23:03

    Quick read

  • Rachel
    2019-03-24 19:12

    Some examples were pretty obvious but there were a few interesting/entertaining ones to read about for cross-cultural encounters.

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-13 20:12

    Definitely made me realize things I wouldn't have otherwise. I liked the personal stories to make it understandable

  • Jamie Lu
    2019-03-18 22:18

    I really enjoyed reading the cultural differences. It was broad and simplistic but still informative. The book actually gave me a lot to think about in terms of interactions with others

  • Ronit
    2019-03-01 16:50

    A good, basic, and succinct introduction to some cross-cultural differences.

  • Paula
    2019-03-23 20:58

    Very helpful if you are preparing to travel to a place different from your own.

  • Jeremy Randall
    2019-03-01 19:58

    simple. helpful.