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[Cover Art by Terrel O'Brien (]Claradina is a calm and collected historical scholar, that is until she stumbles upon information in a recently uncovered document that could change the world forever. With the collective Mind standing in her way, she must gain allies and bend the rules if she is ever going to expose the truth behind t[Cover Art by Terrel O'Brien (]Claradina is a calm and collected historical scholar, that is until she stumbles upon information in a recently uncovered document that could change the world forever. With the collective Mind standing in her way, she must gain allies and bend the rules if she is ever going to expose the truth behind the history.This story is the first fractional piece of lore from the Nihilian Effect universe. I started writing the overall story of Nihilian Effect at the age of twelve, and over the years, it has gone through many revisions and complete rewrites with the help of my friends and my wife, and it has expanded into something more compelling than I ever imagined. I wrote these shorter lore stories to be read standalone, but they are introductory pieces to a much larger puzzle. Expect much more to come. This universe is vast and still has plenty of room to grow.The name Nihilian Effect has multiple meanings, but mostly it refers to the effects that loneliness and longing can have on anyone directly or indirectly and on a massive scale....

Title : Branding of a Heretic
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ISBN : 18369203
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 35 Pages
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Branding of a Heretic Reviews

  • J.R.
    2019-03-20 09:08

    At 35 pages, Branding of a Heretic isn't a début novel but more of a short story giving us a glimpse into the world that Kal S. Davian has created. As such, I read this in one sitting.I was torn between giving this three stars and four, but I settled for four because of the intriguing conclusion. I won't spoil the tale, but I appreciate the resolution of the problem as it bodes well for future works.The title does exactly what it says on the tin. A scholar called Claradina uncovers a document that could change everything and is subsequently branded a heretic, but the story is careful not to reveal the exact ramifications of said document until later in the tale.Claradina is a likeable protagonist in that she's realistic. She doesn't look like a Greek goddess and she doesn't act like a fearless hero. She champions her cause but she's clearly deeply affected by all the hubbub surrounding it.There are mere glimpses into the world provided by snippets of exposition, and the author treads a fine line between info-dumping and providing context. His protagonist is far from clueless and at one point is cleverly shot down for her own lengthy speech about the world, this means that the author does have to help us along the way a little but I don't begrudge that. There's only so much he can give with the limited space that this tale provides, and I think he handled it well enough.Having said that, my one critique of the work would be that there was a lack of foreshadowing on some of the actions due to the aforementioned limitations of space.What was also refreshing to see was a man roughly my age writing fiction with a decided feminine bent. I mean that in the complimentary sense, there are few strong male roles in this short tale and most of the plot is dominated by female characters. In a genre dominated by male protagonists it's nice to see the growing prominence of female characters who haven't been sexualised or relegated to a token gesture.Now that I'm off my soapbox, I'd definitely recommend this short and will be reading the second in the series in the hopes that it eventually grows into a full-length effort. Well done, Mr. Davian.

  • Peg
    2019-03-02 09:29

    Will the truth really set you free?Claradina Ou'bosa a prestigious and respected scholar of Haiel, was researching history- the war of absolution to be exact, when she discovered a document that contradicted the Sacred Scrolls. Claradina pulled her wings tight against her body, and paced back and forth, trying to make sense of it. She knew that the "Mind" had to be advised of her findings. Something of this magnitude should never be hidden, even if exposing it, could possibly mean the end of life as she knew it. There was a statement in the document that she found particularly troubling, it indicated a following; a dark sinister following, she would imagine. Did the war kill this entire cult, or could there still be a few left...plotting? As daunting as the charge was, Claradina knew that a petition to the "Mind" had to be done. It was the responsible thing to do she thought; or the most foolish, depending on the resolution of the meeting. The "Mind" could rule her findings nothing but heresy, and then declare her a traitor. Claradina shivered at thought of being handed a traitor's punishment. She turned and rested her midnight eyes, that contained a thousand tiny stars upon her trusted, hairless maidservant. She could use a friend right now; someone to confide in, someone that would tell her everything was going to be alright, even if it wasn't.Kal Davian's short story is a meticulously crafted prequel to his up and coming novel, "Nihilism Effect". Davian creates for the reader to enjoy, an exciting world that is rich and unique, and painted in razor sharp detail. The heroine Claradina, gained my alligence from the start, and had me turning the pages to follow her story.I recommend giving this short story a read; it's well written, complex and down right fascinating.I received this story free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Brian Spindler
    2019-03-10 08:20

    Branding of a Heretic is honestly a great novelette. That being said, I did have a few issues with it initially; minor issues that didn't detract from the experience but caused a bit of confusion in the beginning. I felt that while I could picture people as they were described, there was a lot of information being fed in in the short thirty-something pages that can cause one to feel overloaded; like the amount of races, the race names, their personal names. On the other hand, I liked how the author made new races instead of using the typical gnome, fae, human, etc which are common in most fantasy novels. Instead, the author took a few known characteristics from those common fantasy races and gave them his own twist. (i.e. Shella is comparable to a gnome in stature but has wings like some fae) I felt that the more I read as I hurdled over my initial confusion, the more I could envision the characters and even imagine what they might sound like. (i.e. Joreth felt like Fuhrer Bradley from Fullmetal Alchemist and I could even start hearing Joreth's words in his voice) I'll admit, I was disappointed by the end a little bit, but I feel all that more hopeful for reading the next book, Naming the Bane.

  • Jon
    2019-03-04 03:13

    After finishing the first chapter of this short I was left indifferent and a little confused. By the conclusion I wanted more. It's clear through descriptions and terminology that the author put a lot of effort into creating his world, but it was difficult to keep up with the plethora of characters and races thrown at me in such a short read. Too many names and descriptions happening at once meant that I wasn't able to burn an image into my mind as to what any one person looked like. On the positive side there were many little tidbits of information indicating a world full of depth and creativity.I'm still not confident that I have any solid understanding of what's occurring within the Nihilian Effect world, but the ending contained such a twist that I'm intrigued to discover more. Despite the numerous nonhuman physical characteristics possessed by everyone we meet, I found the plot to be compelling with all the seemingly dark mystery shrouding the events.This short story is a well-written and promising peak into Kal Davian's creation that has me wanting to further unveil the machinations taking place.

  • Victor Davis
    2019-03-10 08:31

    I liked this story more than I expected. Although I knew it was fantasy, I read through the first couple of pages and liked the draw of the prose. Yes, characters have wings and tails and furry ears and the story is set in a made up, fantastical world. However, it is a very human story that stays true to the plot. The plot itself is a simple retelling of Galileo's downfall. The heroine makes a groundbreaking discovery, excitedly shops it around to her fellow scholars, challenges the powers that be to consider its legitimacy, and is ultimately (hope I'm not giving anything away here) branded a heretic. Having said that, I'm afraid I can't very well praise its originality, but nonetheless, the author kept the story on point and re-delivered that simple, all too human lesson: that power is an enemy of truth.I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Noël Cades
    2019-03-24 04:17

    A strange, unearthly worldMany writers create fantasy worlds, but rarely ones so haunting and intriguing as Kal S Davian has imagined in Branding of a Heretic. The characters, despite having unusual and exotic features - wings, tails - fit seamlessly into this world, rather like the daemons in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials. It seems natural that they are there.We can feel the darkness building from the start, yet the betrayals that take place are still surprising. There is a cliffhanger ending, ready for the next instalment.Lovers of fantasy, and unusual, well-written fiction, will enjoy this. I was also reminded of the Clayr in Garth Nix's Lirael.

  • K.C. Gray
    2019-03-25 09:33

    DisclaimerI have received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a pretty good read. The characters are fascinating and interesting. The biggest issue that I had with this was the plot. While the plot was simple and straightforward (a document had been found which goes against what everyone believes), I don't think there was enough set up to show this world as a dystopian, where people cannot hold their own beliefs... they have to believe what The Mind and everyone else believes. In saying this, by the end I fully understood what Claradina had at stake by bringing this document to The Mind. But, by the end is too late. I missed out of feeling the apprehension of the situation.There was also the sudden addition of a major character near the end. I'm still not sure who Sanaiya really is or what stakes she holds in this world. She did heighten the tension quite a bit, I only wish I had a better understanding of how she fits into the world.Overall, I'm glad I read it and will continue to look for other works by this author. While I had my issues with this novella, the writing and the characters really pushed me to want to know more.

  • Kal S.
    2019-03-11 04:22

  • Lukasz
    2019-03-22 08:25

    As it's just a short novella it gives no more than a glimpse in the Nihilian Effect Universe. I read it today in the motning in the commute.The story follows a calm and composed historical scholar Claradina that tries to reveal a recently uncovered document that could change the world forever. As can be guessed not everyone is happy with possible life changing reveal so she has to gain allies.We can't expect a lot to happen throughout 35 pages and we're proved right. There's some twist in the end and the novella gives us some picture of what we can expect in the future works. I'll try them.Having said that I'll have to add that the story didn't manage to engage me. I think Claradina was rather bland and flat character. The pacing wasn't as good as I would expect. The first half of the story felt slow and uninspiring. There was just too much of information - amount of races, race names, personal names being packed in this short format. It felt overloaded. On the other hand it's interesting that the author made an effort to create some new races that may turn out to be intriguing in his future works. The world is barely sketched but the glimpses we get draw interesting picture. I'll try his next works out of curiosity. Based on this novella though I frankly don't know what to expect and if I'll enjoy what awaits me.