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Dear Author,This is X. As you can see from the image, he’s a pretty bookish and calm fellow. He likes nothing better than cuddles and early morning sex and then some more cuddles.It wasn’t his choice to be dressed in dark jeans and a super tight tank top to go to a fetish club of all things. He doesn’t even own leather! BDSM is the new thing, his best girlfriend said. HaveDear Author,This is X. As you can see from the image, he’s a pretty bookish and calm fellow. He likes nothing better than cuddles and early morning sex and then some more cuddles.It wasn’t his choice to be dressed in dark jeans and a super tight tank top to go to a fetish club of all things. He doesn’t even own leather! BDSM is the new thing, his best girlfriend said. Haven’t you read that book? She asked.Now, because he owed her one, he went. And then this guy walked into his view. The Dom doesn’t seem to care about the newbies snickering at his “skirt” or his black nail polish and everyone else seems to respect him a lot.X wasn’t there to attract attention, but a little mishap and suddenly he’s on his knees next to the guy and… he feels right at home? What the hell?Photo Description: The first photo is a profile view of a young, clean-cut, dark-haired man sitting framed in a sunlit bay window, wearing only a T-shirt and boxer shorts while he reads.The second photo is faceless. Male hands— strong, with chipped black nail polish and leather-cuffed wrists— cupping himself over a black, studded, leather belt, and the fabric of his low-slung, red plaid kilt.This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love Has No Boundaries" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.Author’s Note There is hot sex in this story, but the issue of protection is left somewhat ambiguous. In real life, be safe without question....

Title : Mission: X
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ISBN : 18368452
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Mission: X Reviews

  • SheReadsALot
    2018-12-17 21:46

    Mission: X is a cute, light BDSM short story with engaging characters all the way through (main and secondary included). There's damaged, geeky, butt virgin Xander who snarky and clumsy (always a winning combo, IMO) who is a BDSM club newbie but he doesn't know that he's part of a plan. What plan? Why Mission X, of course.A sexy, kilt-wearing Dom, Mr. Forest, plans to get his man. And a cute, romantica story happens throughout. I LOVED the secondary characters. I would like to read more about Wren, Charlie, Jay and Seth in that order please.I totally enjoyed this. (Wouldn't mind more...) (Thank you for no MANTEARS! Appreciate it. ;P)

  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    2018-11-24 20:20

    First a all, THERE IS A DOM IN A KILT OFF IN HERE!A wise friend once said she didn't believe in burying the lead. ^^^^LEAD^^^^Stumbling across this tidbit of info was really quite shocking considering a certain person (view spoiler)[Baby (hide spoiler)] has a penchant for bombarding me with all sorts of recommendations. Except she "forgot" to tell me there be kilting.Never fear, I recovered my poise and went on to enjoy Mission X quite a lot.Xander is a trepidatious sub after having had a bad experience which resulted in a hospitalization and is now too mortified to meet his rescuer, Mr. Forrest aka Paul. Little does he know that the forces that be (Lara aka "wench" <---another win there) are conspiring against him ensuring he will indeed meet is destiny. He finally winds up at Paul's club and who can resist a man in a kilt?Exactly.Almost immediately he runs into a bubbly little twink named Wren, who is adorbs, and his Daddy, a ginormous bear named Charlie. Actually, I liked all of the secondary characters. Kind of amazing given the length of this short. I'm really hoping this year's story will feature Jay and Seth. *fingers crossed*There are some kinky shenanigans that go on in the club but the kink betwixt Paul and Xander is of the lite variety. Nothing wrong with a little D/s when you're talking about a novice who's also a card carrying member of the anal V-card club."The whole time you were aching for it, weren't you. You were dying to be taken." Paul thrust hard into Xander's hips, and his voice dropped more, so deep he barely sounded like himself. "To be owned by someone strong enough to control you."*quelt*Nice kinky little story to whet my appetite for this year's story and possibly this author.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Alvin
    2018-11-26 23:37

    ANOTHER HOT ONE!Another hot hit from Ms. Alan.Xander and Paul were sexy. Their scenes were hot. Also I have to say that even this is short, it doesn't feel lacking. You will get to know the MCs fully and it intros you some likable secondaries. Kudos to the author for achieving this!Wren and Charlie (from The Bigger They Are) are adorable here.The ending though was a little anti-climatic for me. I wanted a better HEA. And the scene transitions were a little convenient for me. (Ex: (view spoiler)[After Xander went back to his room to mope, suddenly his all ready (naked and showered) for Paul. (hide spoiler)])Nevertheless, it's still an enjoyable hot read.ANOTHER RECOMMENDED FREE BDSM READ.Enjoy! :D

  • MLE
    2018-11-22 21:33

    The mc has a truly shitty friend, and I'm not impressed by by the guy who sleeps with him under false pretenses. Lying is not cool. Not a way to start a relationship of trust, and honesty.

  • Serena Yates
    2018-12-14 23:24

    "Mission: X" is about as cute a story as it is sweet, hot, and funny. The focus is firmly on Xander and Paul getting to know each other, and it was clear to me, if not to them, that they're meant to be together. I loved the sense of humor that keeps appearing throughout, and the characters' emotions, wavering between fear and hope, had me rooting for them from the very beginning.Xander is a great sub who is very new to the whole BDSM scene. Fortified only with his Googled knowledge of what those four letters stand for, he proceeds to spend an evening in a BDSM club after being rejected by his ex for being boring and being beaten for being gay. Now, a year later, it still takes his best friend pushing him to even attempt going back into the dating scene.Paul is a Dom through and through, and he was the one who found Xander after his beating. But he knows Xander is embarrassed about that, and it takes his assistant (who happens to be Xander's best friend) setting him up on a date. He knows he's deceiving Xander, but hopes he can convince him they're good together before admitting who he really is. Of course, this cannot end well...If you like cute stories with characters clearly meant for each other, if you enjoy reading about shy subs finding their feet, and if you're looking for a "beginner's BDSM story" which doesn't get too harsh and is clearly all about the consensual fun, then you will probably like this free short story.

  • A Girl Has No Name
    2018-12-04 23:21

    After a row of boring and short-term boyfriends, Xander is keeping his promise to his best friend Lara and goes to a BDSM gay club in order to finally find someone. What Xander doesn’t know is that Lara has set him up to meet her boss, Mister Forrest, which Xander is reluctant to meet after an embarrassing incident in the past. In den BDSM club, Xander is quickly falling for the strong Dom in his sexy kilt. Mission: X is a very hot short story with light BDSM elements. I would have loved to read more! 4 stars!

  • Bev
    2018-11-28 02:49

    Another read from the LHNB event this year. Xander, the X of the story title, is confused as to what he wants from his love life, but he knows that there must be more than he's getting. His best friend sets him up with her boss Paul Forrest, a Dom and owner of a BDSM club who has already shown a lot of interest in Xander, but been rejected. Paul therefore makes it his mission to make Xander his 'boy', he won't take no for an answer and is not averse to a little trickery to get what he wants. Really enjoyed it. 4 stars from me.

  • Tanu Gill
    2018-11-20 01:28

    This was a sweet one!:-)

  • Furio
    2018-12-01 20:27

    This M/M BDSM short story gets at least one thing right:being a Dom (let us use the term "Master", though, it is more honest) is not a licence to hurt and inflict abuse, sexual or otherwise.A Master first and foremost takes care of his slave's needs and protects his well being. That is the purpose of getting the control the slave determines to relinquish to him.Sexual fun and power trips come much later.The rest of this work is opinable.Like most authors who choose this perilous genre, Ms. Alan entirely fails to make her reader understand WHY a perfectly normal, a little boring young man like Xander suddenly discovers he craves to submit to a stronger man.Characterization in general is this work's weakest point.The supposed best friend is unsufferable and shows a total lack of concern for him; Paul, the Dom, is hardly in control of anything and side characters are unlikeable to say the least.Plot is also rather weak with too many transitions omitted or neglected.Writing is not bad and there are paragraphs where a nice humour comes to the fore. Had the author been so wise as to write a "normal" romance the end result might have been completely different.

  • Virginia
    2018-12-17 22:49

    Nice BDSM read for the LHNB event. Very light BDSM for those who don't like d/s. Loved the kilt (which was never explained - awesome!) and the supporting cast. Wren was adorable with his Daddy, Lara was wonderful and - is there a story for Jay and Seth??? Nice banter between all and I liked that Paul had to get his dom on to win Xander. Also liked that Paul fell for Xander by hearing about him.My only ningle was (view spoiler)[I wish there had been some mention of a condom. (hide spoiler)] Overall, really nice job and appreciate the author's time.

  • Em
    2018-11-25 02:48

    Pretty perfect for me! A sexy short about a seriously hot Dom, Paul, who has finally got to meet up with Xander, a naturally submissive guy he's been lusting over for a year. Shame it was so short, I'd have liked to hear more about these guys.

  • Shelby
    2018-11-27 00:39

    I’m so tempted to knock this one down a star for being a stupid short story! It's just not fair!!! I loved this book and I wanted soooo much more. I wanted it to go on and on. Paul and Xander were just so frickin cute!Xander has had a string of bad boyfriends, really boring might be more the correct term. Yet now he’s stuck adhering to the terms he set with this best friend that she gets to pick his next time out. His only stipulation is that if she wants him to go to her boss’ BDSM club, well then her boss had better not be there. While he may not remember the particulars Xander knows he made a fool out of himself the one and only time he and Paul met. Having the man rescue him from his own stupidity and potential gay bashing does not for Xander inspire a repeat performance.Paul may have only met the boy once but he’s head over heels for Xander. Of course Xander’s refusal to meet with him again is driving him nuts. With Lara’s help though he’s got a plan. Xander has a pass to his club and is going to be there tonight under the assumption that Paul is out of town all weekend on business. He probably should be, but no way is he passing up the opportunity to meet Xander without Xander knowing it’s him. So now he’s suited up, kilt and all to see if Xander really can handle the Dom he is. He’s sure Xander has the most beautiful submissive inside him, but will he really respond to Paul and will he be ok once he finds out who Paul really is?Ok yes, this story is complete of itself, but I just wanted more and more and more. Xander is so adorable and such a sweetie pie. He just melts you. There’s such deep feeling and care in Paul for Xander you just know he’s going to take care of him forever. I mean he’s all for Sunday Smut Day!!! ☺ Paul’s seduction of Xander in the club is just so patient and loving. He is the stable force that Xander can rely on. Ms. Alan crafted a beautiful short story here with all the sexiness and feelings one could ask for. I had a big stupid grin on my face throughout, but especially at Paul’s phone call to his best friend. Oh and after that tease…Ms. Alan you better give me Jay and Sam’s story!!! All in all this was as close to perfect as you can get in a short. Now expand it and give me more. ;)

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~
    2018-11-29 02:19

    This story was delightful! It was sweet, sexy, hot (man in a kilt, oh my!) and so very humorous that I laughed until tears clouded my eyes so badly I couldn't read the page. I'm amazed at how really wonderful this story was. The author's sense of humor while describing Xander's reactions to Charlie and Wren was priceless. Xander is going to a BDSM club against his better judgment but it's because he's not been able to find a man in his own way and his BFF is the secretary to the owner of the club and is collecting on a bet she had with Xander by forcing him to go enjoy himself. In the meantime, unknown to Xander, her boss Paul will be there to take care of Xander and has been looking forward to dating him for nearly a year. It seems Paul rescued Xander from a gay bashing incident but Xander was unconscious when found and doesn't know what Paul looks like. He's been too embarrassed to meet him so the trap is set. And it's a great trap, with moments of heat and moments of misunderstanding, but ultimately a happy ending for both of these guys. I'm hoping to read more from this author as I really liked her style. I highly recommend this to all. Thank you Ms. Alan for participating in LHNB and giving us such a super story! For free! It's hard to imagine how lucky we are to have such great talent participating in this event.

  • Kristan
    2018-12-03 00:29

    From the moment that Paul helped rescue Xander from a bad experience, he's wanted another shot of being near the man. It's been over a year and he can't get Xander out of his head, but Xander is far too embarrassed, having been rescued by a man who saw him at his worst. It takes a little help from Lara, Xanders best friend and Pauls assistant, for these two men to finally meet properly, unbeknownst to Xander of who Paul really is. Paul and Xander fit so well together. From their banter to their first kiss, they are a wonderful mix of sexy and sweet that I would love to read more of. And one thing is for certain, Kim Alan can write sexual tension into a scene. Scorching would be a better word for it. It's official: I'm a huge fan.Cute, short and sexy, Mission X was a really great read. Also, Having read The Bigger They Are first, it was nice to see Charlie and Wren again. Oh, and it has a man in a kilt. Enough said.

  • ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣
    2018-11-28 23:43

    Well written humor - check. The dialogue between Jay and Paul, and between Xander and Lara was fun, familiar and added a nice layer of believability that isn't always easy to portray in a short story.Fawesome best friends - check. Yup, recognize these'ns. Gotta love ballsy teasing, I know I do. :DThis was, of course, steamy and sexy. Definitely sexy. I agree with Xander on that.It's also sweet with more than a dash of emotion. Paul is able to give Xander a part of himself no one else previously could. Xander is able to give Paul something he's never had.There is dialogue set in the club but no "scenes" are played twixt Xander and Paul. I like this choice, especially given what we learn. I definitely recommend this hot little number. Grab your kilts and have at it!

  • ~ Lei ~ Reading Is An Adventure ~
    2018-12-08 23:24

    ★★★★☆I was bad and forgot to review this quicky when I read it last month and have read a shit-ton since then so all I really remember is the kilt and the dude wearing it. So shoot me! Oh and I remember Wren and Charlie from The Bigger They Arewho make an appearance (and in fact, Paul-Mr. Kilt made an appearance in TBTA-I'm sure you remember that scene!). Read this and The Bigger They Are - both freebies from the MM Romance group, you are a member right? Won't be a waste of time. That is all!

  • Addicted2M/M
    2018-12-07 23:26

    How can you not want to read a book like this? Dammit! Even through a solid-core door, the timbre of Paul's voice penetrated Xander's chest and wound itself right on down to suck on his testicles.

  • Jilrene ♥
    2018-11-16 21:22

    Interesting. I liked it, which surprises me a little since I'm a bit squeamish about the whole D/s & BDSM thing. Well, the only scene was not by the MCs, so no real BDSM to make me cringe. I know, I'm a total wuss.

  • Diana's
    2018-12-03 21:41

    Quick fun, steamy read!

  • Angela
    2018-11-20 19:49

    Very sexy. Loved the characters. Makes you want more. Will definately read again...and again!!

  • Otila
    2018-11-30 20:38

    ****2.5****It was a'ight but I liked The Bigger They Are a lot more.

  • carol
    2018-11-18 21:32

    This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love Has No Boundaries" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.I read this after recommendations and reviews from friends in the MM Romance group.Xander is charming, confident with friends like Lisa, but shy and awkward when it comes to hooking up and romance. He's been set up to meet Paul, by Lisa, following a gay attack where Paul, local wealthy BDSM club owner saved Xander when unconscious, and Paul really, really, wants to meet Xander again...but Xander is too embarrassed to meet Paul. Paul, a Dom, is a kilt wearer, yummy, lucky X. So the story starts with their set up meeting, X's first visit to the BDSM scene, his reaction to what he sees on demonstration, and the start of what looks like a promising I want more. Hence I'm off to find the next part, despite not being a lover of mini series. Borderline 3/4 stars, so 4 shown.

  • Cadiva
    2018-12-05 01:35

    Hot novella with a kinkThis is a short, kinky but still quite sweet romance with an overly concerned young man discovering what he really wants is a man in control of him.

  • Aղցela W.
    2018-12-06 20:25

    Xander is a confident reserved , outgoing but shy guy who has a thing for bad boys. Xander gives up on bad boys and goes on a string of safe boring dates with guys that do nothing for him. His best friend Lara knows what he needs, so after losing a bet to her he finds himself stepping into a whole new world. Paul is a very successful business man who is a Dom and he owns a local BDSM club and he wants Xander. Paul along with Lara set up a plan to get Xander in the club so he can make his move. Xander doesn’t even remember what Paul looks like, just that the man saw him at his worst, so Xander never wants to see him again. Xander is a natural sub. This was a really good book that left me wanting more and I would have given it 5 stars if it was longer. This book was well written and this was my first time reading anything written by this author. This was the first book in this series and I am looking forward to reading the next book

  • Alicja
    2018-12-10 00:38

    rating: 2/5review: Obsession mistaken for love (as well as insta-love), shallow characters, and the sex wasn't even that hot. It had its moments, some humorous and a memorable scene in the D/s dungeon, but otherwise I just didn't see their interaction or their insta-relationship as realistic. At the beginning, Paul's obsession just seemed creepy. And Xander was a total dumbass to accept a "temporary" collar without actually knowing what he was getting into (warning: Kids-the over 18 type-, do not give up power in a BDSM club to any random person you don't know, it may work out in fiction but in reality it is very dangerous). Although, I do hate to admit this, but the humorous ending was endearing.

  • Sarina
    2018-12-03 22:37

    Sometimes free fiction can just be the best fiction and this one didn't disappoint. I loved both Xander and Paul; I thought the chemistry was great but how Paul had been captivated by X for so ling was even better. I do like some BDSM in my reads from time to time but if that isn't your cup of tea, don't worry about it; that part of the story is minimal, showing mostly in the setting and much less in the interactions. Either way, I thought this was well done and unlike some other shorts that have left me wanting, this one was spot on and ended well.

  • Siobhan
    2018-12-12 01:26

    Okay, so this one was much more than I expected. I wasn’t sure what I was going to be given when I started reading this, yet it ended up being a complete story that I was engaged in. I was expecting the story to be lacking, only for it to be extremely strong. I was unsure as to whether there would be much to the characters, yet they turned out to be such fun. I – for some unfathomable reason – went in expecting nothing at all, only to be given so much.It was so good that as soon as I’d finished it, I went ahead and downloaded the second part as I had to have more.

  • Elizabetta
    2018-11-18 00:30

    3.5 starsXander is a sub in need of a Dom, but can he find someone who will treat him right? Lara is his BFF who works for Paul, a Dom who has a long-time thing for Xander, he thinks he can give him just what he needs. But because of an unfortunate sequence of events, Xander wants nothing to do with Paul. So it’s up to a clever Dom to figure out how to bring around a gun-shy guy who’s lost the ability to trust. You could say he’s on a mission. This has some good UST and steamy scenes between Xander and Paul.

  • FantasyLiving
    2018-12-01 00:34

    I loved this story. It was light and funny, with plenty of heat. The backstory was nicely compacted, and clear, and didn't take up too much of the word count. (view spoiler)[ I particularly liked that Paul didn't take Xander into a scene immediately, which happens in so many other stories. This created a believable scenario of two people meeting and enjoying each other without the added pressure to perform, with no real negotiations. It was nice enough for them to watch a scene instead (hide spoiler)]

  • Deanna Against Censorship
    2018-12-13 02:48

    Man in a kilt. Do I need to say more? Good short story with characters with depth. Loved these guys, including the side characters. I would happily read more by this author and about these men. Man in a kilt. Oh I said that.