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Mary Paige is a 17-year-old genius. Her photographic memory has made her smarter than anyone else, and more alone and lonely too. Her parents do not understand her. Her peers reject her.But her life changes during her senior year of high school. Mary Paige changes schools and it changes her life. Now she attends a special Academy of the Arts in a quiet mountain village, IdMary Paige is a 17-year-old genius. Her photographic memory has made her smarter than anyone else, and more alone and lonely too. Her parents do not understand her. Her peers reject her.But her life changes during her senior year of high school. Mary Paige changes schools and it changes her life. Now she attends a special Academy of the Arts in a quiet mountain village, Idyllville.Little does anyone know: Idyllville is also the home of the Blood Vivicanti.Mary Paige’s photographic memory will make her one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet, once she becomes a part of this new breed of blood drinker who eats memories.International Bestselling Author ANNE RICE and BECKET bring you the first story of THE BLOOD VIVICANTI....

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Mary Paige Reviews

  • Sharon
    2018-11-24 03:57

    Book gifted by author for reviewMary is a young girl with a photographic memory, this has done her no favours, it has fascinated her teachers, embarrassed her parents and made her the target of her fellow students. When her music teacher notices her talent she informs her parents that she should attend a school for talented children. When they realise what it would mean for them they happily pack her off to Idyllville Academy of the Art. Mary moving away solves two problems for her parents, they get rid of a child that has been nothing but an embarrassment to them and, they see it as a way for Mary to have a career that they deem respectable.The story of Mary Paige is a great introduction to a series I have been waiting with anticipation to read. An introvert that is lost until she finds a place where she can be herself. Finally accepted by her peers and comfortable in her own skin. Just when she is settling into her new life things change when she is chased by two men that she knows are not alive but they are not dead either, a stranger Wyn comes to her rescue saving her from certain death.Becket brings us the start of what looks like it will be a fantastic series, gives enough of Mary's back story so we can get to know her and, teases us with just enough information about the Blood Vivicanti to whet our appetite and leave us wanting more.

  • Αταλάντη Ευριπίδου
    2018-12-10 11:08

    My, this was really bad. I love Anne Rice, but I can't begin to imagine what she was thinking putting her name on this novella. I'll begin by saying that the whole thing reads like an amateurish background story for a roleplaying game character. Very linear, very straightforward, very business-like, nothing like literature. The second major disappointment is the protagonist. Not only do I hate her name -reading all this stuff about names in the introduction I would have expected something better, I hate her as well. She comes off as a whiner - sob sob, I am so smart, sob sob, I am misunderstood, sob sob, I have a photographic memory, sob sob, I have perfect pitch, sob sob - and completely self-absorbed. Ok, she's 17, I'll give her that, but still, the fact that she CONSTANTLY feels the need to remind the reader of her photographic memory and perfect pitch etc really got to my nerves. Last but not least, there's no plot. Absolutely none. Nothing. Nada. It's basically a story telling us "I was born, I was raised, I became a vampire". Since we already know the last part from the very beginning of the story, the novella is completely uneventful and holds no surprises and no interest for the reader. It's basically the CV of a 17-year-old vampire brat with a superiority complex.

  • Julieanne
    2018-11-26 10:54

    I am so addicted to this series. I simply have to know what happens. So I've downloaded the next 3 parts in The Blood Vivicanti. Well written, a story so unique and bold I was glued to my Kindle. A new breed of vampire - yes, more vampires and I devoured them. But these aren't just your everyday kind of vampires, there are no sparkles or huge love romances here. No, instead what we are given are blood drinking, memory eating vampires who pose more threat than any other vampire written about.Becket weaves a tale so fascinating and with great pace that once you reach the end, you feel compelled to get straight onto the next part of the series. And that's exactly what I did. This first book is a great start to what promises to be a fantastic four parter. 5 stars all the way.

  • Victoria Trenton
    2018-12-07 04:15

    I loved it. Becket is NOT Anne Rice, and everyone needs to remember that on reading it. He has entirely his own style that needs to be appreciated. I was particularly struck with the cleverness if him breaking up each section into separate publications. It's a tantalizing taste that leaves you wishing for more. Further, Becket writes with a Haiku simplicity that I love. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

  • Candy Korman
    2018-12-17 04:53

    I downloaded this one with high hopes for a new vampire mythology, but it was such a disappointment. The Blood Vivcanti Part 1 reads like a series of bullet points from the POV of Becket's new vampire variant. What happened to SHOW not TELL? I felt like I was attending a business seminar entitled "Introducing the Blood Vicanti." If you prefer Powerpoint presentations to novel...

  • Sarah Cradit
    2018-12-17 06:11

    The Blood Vivicanti introduces readers to an entirely new and unique kind of blood-drinker; this is not your run-of-the-mill sparkly vampire, or your gothic, romantic predator. Becket's Blood Vivicanti are a refreshingly new take on an old concept, and from the very first lines of the story, I was drawn in and swept away in the world he creates.The story introduces us to Mary Paige, whose struggles with being a misunderstood introvert will resonate with all of us who have reserved thoughts or words from others for fear of not being accepted. Her experiences are relatable, painful, and often humorously familiar, as Becket weaves in references that are expertly placed, and effortlessly enjoyed by the reader.Mary Paige's voice is clear throughout. Her struggles and insights feel real. Though you know the installment will end with her induction into the Blood Vivicanti, it is, nonetheless, a moment that leaves you breathless right up until the final words.While Anne Rice's contributions to the story are clearly felt, the voice is uniquely Becket's. His writing is concice, descriptive, and sometimes hauntingly in-your-face. He does not just paint you a picture of his world, he pulls you into it with both hands.The Blood Vivicanti is expertly done, and I cannot wait for the second installment.

  • Fernanda Bacchim
    2018-11-30 09:47

    I can only say that this book promises to be very promising and wonderful for fans of the genre.I believe what the author did here was a retelling of vampires, we know that this is a topic that has been highly exploited and that their are rare cases where new stories stand out, but I believe that this is one of them.the story in itself is very well crafted, well detailed and contextualized causing us to be able to really imagine accurately the scenery, which to me is very important, another plus point to comment is the main character of the plot, she's not a simple random girl with a perfect life, she has "real" problems what makes us sympathize and identify with her, without counting the dry sense of humor of character that brings in a few laughs amid a tense reading.While reading the book we are able to identify a lot of the book's author in some passages, for example in the passage about the Klingon language, simply brilliant.This story is not so much romanticized, it seems more raw and scientifically, explaining in a totally innovative way what would the blood drinkers would be, it's like was thrown a new light on the myth of vampires. I have to confess that for me was a huge surprise and great pleasure to see it.I can't wait to be able to read more about this amazing story!

  • Kathy
    2018-11-20 05:10

    I loved this book (the whole series so far of 3, as a matter of fact)! Such a unique take on vampires! Very original and very well done! I can't wait for the last 3 parts to come out! :)

  • Debra
    2018-11-24 09:03

    I love the premise, and I see the writer that Becket will become. I am happy to be on the ride from the beginning.

  • Tracy
    2018-11-29 04:09

    a different vampire and I like it only sad the they are barely novelettes...wish there was more more more!!!!

  • Joanne Hopkins
    2018-11-18 05:59

    well I had high exceptions for this book and I wasn't disappointed.. a little slow getting into it but left the reader wanting more from part 2 ! well done Beckett!

    2018-11-19 07:05

    okay, why didn't I download all of them?

  • Carmen Z
    2018-11-21 03:55

    This book is practically speaking a pamphlet. It is one of six parts which I didn't realize when I bought it. If the six parts are ever published as a single book I might continue to read it. Otherwise, I'm done.

  • Stacy Croushorn
    2018-11-19 04:11

    Decent book for teens.

  • Sharyl Friend Pavlisko
    2018-12-15 09:02

    Truly Awesome and.....Highly Recommended!I cannot wait to download the second book.......right now!Definitely an intriguing read, if you're up for a new type of Vampire!

  • Glenease
    2018-12-09 10:59

    A new joy!I first heard of Beck's writing endeavors under the mentorship of the talented Anne Rice a while back on Ms Rice's Facebook page and I was curious but had not looked for one of his books as I had an extensive "must read list" already. But then my wonderful hubby bought me a new tablet and to my surprise this book was on it. I opened it up for a quick look and was hooked from page one. I was immediately enamored with . The rich characters and was immediately eager to learn more about them and concerned about their well being.I had some slight reservations in the beginning that his books may just be nothing more than a Anne Rice wannabee , (no offense intended to either writer. But my concerns were deftly laid to rest as I began to read. I find Mr Beck's novels to be refreshingly new , inspired and entertaining.I look forward to reading many more novels from this talented and new writer.I have to admit that I am envious of his great fortune to have such a great mentor.Every new writer should be so lucky!You serve the supernatural franchise well indeed Mr Beck!I will be happy to recommend this writer to all interested in this genre .

  • Melanie
    2018-11-26 08:15

    *This Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*When the opportunity to review this came along I just couldn't resist and I certainly wasn't disappointed.The Blood Vivicanti are a fascinating idea with a whole new mythology being introduced to vampire lore and that is always intriguing.The writing style is unique and leaves you no doubt that whilst the original ideas may have been discussed with Anne Rice the writing is 100% this authors own and it is definitely something I hope to read more of.As with many new authors I don't feel that this will represent the best of his work and I feel that as the story develops so the writing will evolve into something quite amazing. A solid 4 out of 5 stars from me. V""V***Review has been done in conjunction with Nerd Girl Official.For more information regarding our reviews please visit our Fansite: ***

  • Melissa Vicente
    2018-11-19 05:59

    I was extremely excited at the promise of this series, I'm not sure if I put my standards too high but I fell hard into disappointment and it hurts. I got as far as 10 pages and even that was forced. As much as I tried, I couldn't find a flow. The story jumps quickly into the life of 17 year old Mary Paige being a Blood Vivicanti but what exactly is that? If I had no background in knowing Becket or Anne Rice, if I hadn't read the authors beginning note or if I knew nothing or vampires I would be lost completely! The monologue is dry, almost as if each sentence had been written in bullet notes on a piece of paper, almost like "My hair is blue. My eyes are green." Though it was not my cup of tea, as always I recommend the read. You won't know if you like it until you read it, or try to read it.

  • Sarah
    2018-12-03 07:11

    A young girl goes through grade school not fitting in very well, she goes to high school and is a bit of a loner. When she goes to a new school, it is then her life changes for good. It was when they compared high school to a penis that I started to really like this book. It was at that point that I just had to finish reading it in one sitting. The blood vivicanti aren't like your usual vampire's you read about or see on TV and in movies. It's a new type of vampire and one that I can't wait to read more about. This was a great first part to what I hope will be a fantastic series.I love Anne Rice and when I heard that her and her assistant Beckett were writing a novella together, I just had to have it. I read it all very quickly. It was short, but a great read. I can't wait to read the second part when it comes out.

  • Kristen J
    2018-12-10 07:56

    I wasn't sure what to expect when I started this novella. I read a couple reviews before I began and found mixed results, so I chose to keep an open mind. Initially, I didn't really like the style of writing, but the more I read the more fluid it became. I feel that this story is written in the way I would expect a graphic novel to be written, almost serialized, with short journal-like narratives. By the end I really wanted to learn more. I wanted deeper character development and wanted to continue Mary Paige's story. I'm looking forward to reading the other novellas in the series, but I would also love to see this concept turned into either a graphic novel or a deeper and richer full-length novel. I'm intrigued!

  • Jennifer Curran
    2018-11-16 10:47

    This is NOT ANNE RICE. It was written in its entirety by Becket who happens to work for her. Enough of that. The tone, style, and pacing is very unique. I happen to like it. The style represents how the main character sees the world, how she functions within it and how she thinks. I find it entirely fresh and different. I'm not sure how this will play out in the long run, but for a first piece of a longer work, it worked. This is a new vampire breed born from science rather than supernatural beginnings. I'm struggling a bit with this only because I am so in love with the world and history created by Ms. Rice. It's a bit too soon though. I look forward to the next releases.

  • Powersamurai
    2018-12-14 07:04

    It was free for a limited time and Anne Rice was involved in the birth of this new form of vampire. Yeah, it was okay, but it something was lacking. Then came the zombie like creatures. Bing! Lost my interest. Is this cashing in on the current zombie/vampire boom? It didn't grab me enough to want to buy the next one.

  • Joshua
    2018-12-14 06:03

    This was a really interesting read. It was written exactly like I think someone with a Photographic Memory would think. I would have liked it to be longer however. I am hoping this is an experiment to see if this concept can generate enough interest for a full novel.

  • Bianca
    2018-12-08 03:07

    Short but it...has drawn me in. I got this for free on Amazon and am now wanting to buy the next one. I wasn't sure about it at first but it sucked me and. It is a little short for my taste but we shall see where it goes.

  • Kenecia
    2018-12-04 11:05

    Excellent take on vampires by someone influenced by my favorite author. It's a healthy twist that's dark but alluring. The only downside is the writing style is something to get used to, but possible if part one and two are read simultaneously.

  • Sabetha
    2018-11-29 03:58

    New take on an old storyLoved this book, great idea, well laid out. There are so many books on vampires out there its refreshing to read a new idea on how they function and came to be.

  • Shannon Snyder
    2018-11-16 03:14

    IntriguingIntriguingBecket and the lovely Anne Rice have woven a story that pulls you in, and makes you wonder what adventure lies ahead as you hope all ends well for Mary Paige.

  • Susan
    2018-11-22 11:03

    1st audio book of the year it's a short one about an hour long. I'm glad I got the whole series. I love the story of Mary Paige and all of her nuances, if you have read Anne Rice you can see where her touches to the story is. I'm already on Part 2.

  • Jaclyn
    2018-12-15 06:54

    I didn't like the style of writing (might as well have been in bullet format), and the storyline was not interesting enough to leave me wanting more. The ending piqued my interest a bit, but the writing style, a main character I didn't like all that much, and the overall story just threw me off.

  • Staceyj
    2018-12-14 03:15

    Very different and interesting. I need to read the rest to really know if I like it. In places it was hard to follow. Seemed to jump from past to present with no rhyme or reason but it was still a very interesting story that I would like to read more of.