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In this hilarious retelling of "Sleeping Beauty, " Princess Sonora, who is ten times smarter than anyone else, vows to choose for herself the best time to be pricked by the spindle. Full color....

Title : Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep
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Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep Reviews

  • Fables&Wren
    2019-05-16 08:02

    WrensReads Review:Do you like retelling of fairy-tales? Gail Carson Levine is the author for you. She is witty, and pokes fun at fairy-tales all the while making you love the story even more.“What a hideous baby, the fairy Arabella thought. She said, “my gift to Sonora is beauty.” She touched the baby’s yellow squooshed-up face with her wand.” – Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep by Gail Carson LevineJust by the first page, you can grasp the humor Levine puts in her words. Her use of run-on sentences leaves you out of breath and laughing from the repetitiveness. In Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep, a retelling of a French fairy tale called Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault (or “The Beauty Sleeping in the Wood”) or German fairy tale called Little Briar Rose by the Brothers Grimm, a little girl named Sonora is given gifts by multiple fairies. Some of those gifts include beauty, gracefulness, good health, intelligence, brilliance (same thing? Hmm) and last... but not least... pricking herself with a spindle and dying!The one-month old baby Sonora talks a fairy (yes, talks!) into making the whole town fall asleep with her when the time comes… when will that time be? Aurora decided then and there that she would pick the perfect time for it to happen.She was so smart that it bothered everyone she came in contact with. I mean, wouldn't you hate a small little girl telling you how to do your job more efficiently? I know I would. The King and Queen have arranged a marriage to a Prince! Sonora didn't think she liked him though…he was very boring. She will wait till he leaves to prick herself so she didn't have to marry him.Wait? What’s that? Her mother is running around the corner with a spindle yelling treason? What will happen? Will Sonora prick her finger just in time or time too soon or time too late? Will she marry the Prince? Will he sleep too? Will Sonora get the ending she wants?Levine has a splash of humor you will not find anyone else. Using plays on words and awkward humor, this is perfect for a story for a young girl or for a grown woman who can’t get enough of fairy-tales (cough me). I will always be a fan of Levine’s writing.WrensReads | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram

  • Liv Fisher
    2019-05-15 07:19

    A lovely, short, and delightful Sleeping Beauty retelling. :)

  • Kerry
    2019-04-25 02:17

    Gail Carson Levine is the best at taking a fairy tale and twisting it into something a little different, a little smart, and definitely funny. Her main characters are always strong, likeable characters (even if they are a bit quirky).This is the third book in The Princess Tales series, based on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. The plot is basically the same. An angry fairy curses princess Sonora, saying she will prick her finger on a spindle and die. Thankfully there is another fairy who modifies the spell, saying she will only sleep for 100 years and the curse can be broken by a prince's kiss. Sound familiar? Well, one of the fairies also gave her the gift of being ten times smarter than anybody else in the world. So as an infant, Sonora can speak and is wiser than all the adults around her. She also annoys these adults, because she is always trying to explain to them why things are the way they are (she just knows everything!). Because she is so intelligent and values curiosity and knowledge, she is devastated when she is betrothed to a handsome yet dull prince. Because she was such a smart infant, she knew about the curse and decides to prick herself with the spindle to make herself sleep for 100 least then she won't have to marry this prince.But seldom do things go as planned...A great series for girls who love fairy tales but are moving on to chapter books.

  • Grace Bittle
    2019-05-21 08:25

    The life lesson I learned from this is:don't be a know-it-all.

  • C. L.
    2019-04-26 03:27

    Short and adorable. Recommended.

  • Rosalba
    2019-04-27 02:11

    I first read The Princess Tales Collection when I was about nine--one of the first books in English I ever read. I absolutely loved them. Gail Carson Levine became one of my favorite authors. I recently reread them, ten years later, and they are still as poignant and sweet and funny as ever. This one, Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep, is my personal favorite. I loved when the fairy Adrianna made Sonora so smart and I laughed so much at the stupid Prince Melvin. I liked how Levine never makes her princesses ordinary, and this one is a misfit, a supersmart girl many of us wouldn't like to have around.Yet even she finds a perfect match.*Spoiler* My favorite part is when Prince Christopher is totally grossed out and doesn't want to kiss Sonora, until she begins to talk in her sleep.It's memorable.

  • Lauren
    2019-04-28 02:02

    It was cool reading about a baby who was gifted will Brilliance (ten times smarter than everyone else) because as a baby she could talk and she never had to sleep. I wonder what it would be like to never have to sleep and to be able to talk and do everything a average adult could at 1 month old. Kind of cool. I of course liked how (since it was a fairy tale) the prince and the princess were perfect for eachother. He wanted to know everything and had so many question, she could answer all those questions and wanted to find someone who actually cared. Sadly of course it's a fairy tale. In reality those hardly happen. Shame, that would be awesome.

  • Ceridwyn
    2019-05-20 01:26

    Oh DEAR. I hated this with a passion. The plot was a perfectly good idea and I do like subverted fairytales. But if you are going to have a princess given the gift of superior intelligence it is a good idea to have that intelligence on show - not cod folk remedies and aphorisms that MAKE NO SENSE. It made Princess Sonora completely unlikeable, a terrible thing in a fairy-tale heroine and the Prince who rescued her an idiot.

  • asdewi
    2019-04-24 03:24

    Mbok ya kalo mo plintir fairy tale tuh dibikin yang keren kayak gini sih. Yang sekaligus realistis dan logis.Jangan kayak si Claiming of Sleeping Beauty yg bikin eneg itu #masiheneg ngelanjutinsiSleepingBeautyyangitu

  • Prisca
    2019-04-24 08:27

    Bagus sekali! Ini cerita Putri Tidur yang diplesetkan. Bukunya memang sangat tipis, tapi pesan moralnya sangat jelas. Buku ini sepertinya men-challenge stereotype putri-putri dalam cerita dongeng yang kelihatan cantik tetapi tidak pintar.

  •  ☆Ruth☆
    2019-05-18 04:03

    A tongue-in-the-cheek retelling of the famous fairy story, which was enjoyable and certainly a fun read for children.

  • Rosie Adams
    2019-04-27 07:02

    For a complete review, check out my Young Adult book blog: Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep, Sonora is a princess who has it all – beauty, brains, kindness – but what she doesn’t have is friendship. No one likes to spend time with the know-it-all princess. Sonora knows she is destined to prick her finger and sleep for a hundred years, but she is still surprised when it happens. Even more surprising is the prince who awakens her, curious about this brilliant princess.Are you an avid reader of YA fiction? If so, please consider becoming a follower of my blog,, or participating by leaving comments! I love hearing from my fellow book lovers.

  • Kristine
    2019-05-18 07:02

    *Spoiler Alert*I first read this book when I was 6 or 7. I fell in love with it as well as the others Levine wrote. It made me so happy to come back and reread this so many years later! Princess Sonora is the smartest girl in the world and has no one to listen to her facts. Prince Christopher doesn't have anyone to answer his questions. The couple is beyond perfect. I intend to read this book as well as the others like it to my future children.

  • aem
    2019-05-11 05:21

    Love Gail’s stories

  • Dili
    2019-05-06 02:11

    Cute, but nothing amazing!

  • Dlyn
    2019-04-25 07:17

    2.5 rounded up.

  • Peri
    2019-04-27 06:03

    I liked how Sonora and (**SPOILER**) the prince she eventually marries (can't remember his name) fit together-- he loves asking questions, she knows all the answers!

  • M-Swag
    2019-05-20 01:17

    This book is almost like Sleeping Beauty and I really liked it.

  • Jill
    2019-05-10 03:20

    From my History of Children's Literature class: It is a short but dense book, simple to read, but complex in that there are many little story threads that all come together in the end. The story begins with a christening party for the baby princess Sonora, daughter of the King and Queen of Biddle. As is tradition in their world, the King and Queen commission beautiful place-settings for seven fairies, and invite them to the christening to bestow gifts on the princess. In a humorous twist of the original fairy tale, the gifts that the first six fairies bestow—beauty, a loving heart, gracefulness, and intelligence beyond any other human being—are as much a curse as a blessing. Sonora’s parents are a bit crestfallen when their baby’s appearance is suddenly changed, and she can talk perfectly that day. An eighth fairy—whom everyone had thought to be dead—also appears at the christening. Angered by her lack of an invitation—which the king and queen try to make up to her, but the lack of an eighth commissioned place-setting sets the fairy off again—the eighth fairy curses Sonora to prick her finger on a spindle and die. After the eighth fairy’s departure, the seventh fairy uses her gift to change the death curse to a hundred years of sleep for the entire castle, instead, which will end when a prince kisses Sonora to wake her. Sonora, who—being more intelligent and loving than any other human being—understands everything that is happening, vows to take matters into her own hands. She refuses to sleep at all until the time for the curse arises, and hides a spindle in her wardrobe, so that she may prick herself at a time of her choosing. The years pass, and Sonora becomes almost obnoxiously smart, offering long-winded lectures on the ways of the world, and leading the people of her kingdom to create the proverb, “Princess Sonora knows, but don’t ask her.” One day, a prince of a neighboring kingdom—also a bearer of dubious fairy “gifts”—visits Biddle, planning to marry Princess Sonora, who cannot stand his utter lack of intelligence. To avoid marriage, she vows to prick herself after he leaves, so that he will be dead and gone by the time the castle awakens. In an unfortunate twist of events, however, her mother finds the hidden spindle and runs down the hall with it…straight into Sonora’s accidentally-waiting palm. The curse falls, and the castle—including the dull prince—sleeps. 100 years pass, and an abnormally-curious descendant of the neighboring kingdom, longs for answers to his many questions. He has heard the proverb about Princess Sonora, and wishes there really was someone who knew all the answers. When he gets wind that perhaps there really is a Princess Sonora, asleep for 100 years in Biddle’s castle, he makes his way there to kiss her awake. His nerve nearly fails him when he sees dust-and-cobweb-covered Sonora, but just as he is about to turn away, he hears her mumbling in her sleep, giving him answers to questions he had never even thought to ask! Overcome, he kisses her, and they plan to be married and live happily ever after, asking and answering questions for one another (after they make the put-out dull prince a knight, so that he can put his fairy gifts of bravery, strength, and tallness to good use). I loved the humor and the attention to detail in this retelling. It pokes fun at conventions of the story, like the fairy gifts, and the traditional traits of fairy-tale princes and princesses. Would it really be a wonderful thing to be the smartest person alive? Is a prince who is tall, brave, and strong really that desirable? Would a princess under the Sleeping Beauty curse really just sit around and wait for the curse to take hold? I was interested to find this retelling shelved with the non-fiction. I would have expected only traditional retellings of fairy tales to be there.

  • Homegrown Reader
    2019-05-17 02:12

    My first Gail Carson Levine book was, of course, Ella Enchanted. I received it when I was about 12 and read it all in one afternoon. It was magical, it was clever, it was fantastic, and I wanted more! Lucky for me, Gail Carson Levine also does these tasty morsels. Clocking in at 107, very small pages, The Princess Tales are little petit fours for when you can’t have the full cake. They all take place in the kingdom of Biddle and have, for the most part, ridiculous rulers (usually a King Humphrey and Queen Hermione of varying numbers).Each story has some sort of twist. In Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep Sonora receives blessings from each fairy, just like in the actual story but here there are more than three fairies and they start to run out of blessings. When one fairy makes Sonora the smartest person in the world, the next fairy gets flustered and makes Sonora ten times as smart as anyone in the world. The next thing you know Sonora is a toddler carrying around encyclopedias and writing dissertations on the eating habits of scissor ants.They’re each a gem though. Cinderellis is a combination of Cinderella and the Glass Hill where Cinderellis is an inventor who makes powders and treats to try and fit in with his unloving older brothers. In The Fairy’s Mistake, a retelling of Toads and Diamonds, the sister who speaks and creates toads, snakes, and wasps uses her new power to scare the townsfolk into doing what she whatever wants and and getting whatever she wants. The sister who speaks and diamonds appear ends up being taken advantage of and being miserable. In the end, they help each other out. Then you have, The Princess Test, a version of the Princess and the Pea. Although in this version feeling a pea under a hundred mattresses is the last test. The prospective princesses, there are tons to start, also need to wade through a myriad of other ridiculous tests like finding a fleck of tuna in the frosting of a cake. I really enjoy the others but Sonora is my favorite. It must be because Sonora loves to read so much.

  • Briana
    2019-04-29 07:24

    Gail Carson Levine brings humor to another well-loved fairytale by making Sonora a princess blessed at birth with extraordinary intelligence. From that moment on she does not coo but begins reading treatises on how to improve the everyday workings of the castle. When she begins to crawl and then walk, she sets daily distance goals and travels in straight lines and perfect circles. Sonora, however, is not as boring as all her reading and talking encourages everyone to think. She is witty and often comes to conclusions that are more imaginative than they are scientific. For example, she knows yeast makes bread rise, but when she wants to know why, she decides it is because bread is supposed to feed people and risen bread will feed more people than flat bread will.The other characters are equally as wonderful. Her first would-be suitor is dreadfully dull and enjoys stating the obvious and enjoys listing the gifts he was given by the fairies at birth. He is Handsome. He is Tall. He is a Man of Action. (He used to be a Baby of Action.) Prince Christopher is much more delightful and enjoys asking questions, so readers know from the start that he and Sonora ought to be perfect for each other. But…after a hundred years, Princess Sonora is a bit dusty. Does Christopher really want to kiss her? Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep combines elements of the classic tale and creative elements that are all Levine’s own. Fairytale lovers with a sense of humor and appreciation for the random will very much like this entire series.

  • Fadhilatul
    2019-05-20 04:08

    Ini adalah kisah Putri Tidur yang lebih MASUK AKAL dari cerita aslinya. Saya memang tidak tertawa ketika membaca keseluruhan dongeng ini (hanya senyum-senyum sedikit di akhir cerita). Karena di sampul belakang, penerbit bilang begini: "...sebab akan lebih aneh lagi kalau kamu nggak cekikikan saat membacanya."Hey bung, saya memang tidak cekikikan, tetapi bukan berarti saya aneh. Toh saya tetap menganggap cerita Putri Tidur versi Gail ini lebih brilliant! Rasanya plot mengalir dengan lebih benar dan tidak pernah ada yang 'sim salabim' muncul begitu saja. Putri yang digambarkan cerdas pada akhirnya merasa kesepian karena tidak ada satu warga kerajaan pun yang menyukai sifatnya yang sok tahu. Namun keajaiban yang muncul lebih dari sekedar indah. Yang jelas bukan pangeran yang tampan luar biasa yang akan menjadi pendamping sang putri, itu jika kalian mengharapkan ksatria gagah berani sekali lagi menjadi penolong si putri tidur disini.Akhir kata, buku saku ini bukan sekedar plesetan dongeng. Ia plesetan bermakna dan mendidik daripada plesetan yang tajam menghujat hingga membuat para pembaca jatuh ikut menghujat tanpa tahu alasan yang jelas.

  • Morgan
    2019-05-07 08:21

    Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep was written my Gail Carson Levine. Mr.Levine takes you into a magical world full of queens and kings, princes and princess, fairy's and spells, and true love. Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep is about a Princess named Sonora. Sonora was granted with a curse when born.When she is 17 years old she will prick herself with a spindle. Princess Sonora will fall into a deep sleep along with everyone else in the castle for 100 years. A prince with true loves kiss with awake her and everyone else in the castle.But Princess Sonora is also granted with many gifts when first born.Like being as smart as 10 people. Or to be kind,and beautiful. What happens if no prince ever comes to find princess Sonora? Will she ever prick herself with a spinal? You will just have to read the book for yourself. I think princess Sonora and the Long Sleep is an amazing book with it's magical twist and turns. You never know what is going to happen. I fully recommend this book for mainly children or anyone who loves fantasy books. Princess Sonora and the Long Sleep is also prat of a series of books called The Princess Tales.

  • LauraW
    2019-05-03 02:04

    I normally like re-imagined fairy tales and I like a lot of Gail Carson Levine's work, but this isn't one of my favorites. Part of the reason is my own bias about especially smart people. I actually LIKE them.One of the fairies gives Sonora the gift of being 10 times as smart as everyone else. That means, according to popular imagery, that she is an obnoxious know-it-all, even as an infant. She even makes up answers to a few questions that are quite wrong, but she, and everyone else, takes them as word, since she is so much smarter than everyone else. Princess Sonora's intelligent brain makes everyone dislike her and she has no friends - not even her parents who also don't want to be around her or listen to her. Sigh. Prince Christopher, who did not get any fairy blessings, is depicted as naturally curious. He loves to ask questions and listen to the answers. So, the smart guy is OK; the smart girl is obnoxious. Sigh, again.

  • Trimble
    2019-05-19 06:23

    Gail Carson Levine provides a charming retelling of another fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty. The princess is given gifts by the fairies, as in the original story, but in this version, one of the fairies gives her a gift that makes most of the other characters have no desire to be around her. How she chooses to deal with it at one point turns out to be quite funny and she later becomes a legend due to this one particular gift. It's interesting how the gift is also a major deciding factor in who she'll marry. As always, Levine is clever in her writing, providing the reader with a few surprises and a little comedy. Anyone who likes a short fairy tale will enjoy this amusing little story and if you've enjoyed Levine's others fairy tale makeovers, you'll enjoy this one as well. For full review go to

  • Alaa Alhomaizi
    2019-05-01 05:23

    I found this children's book in my old bookshelf back home. I saw that it was by the writer of Ella Enchanted and decided to take a look inside. Before realizing it, I was engrossed in the story and reading the book. I should probably look into more books from my old bookshelf because clearly there are some wonderful books there!Book Review:Most don't know this: sometimes I will be reading a book and I will think it's really good, but not 5 star worthy (probably because it didn't impress me that much or I had a few issues with it). Then the something will happen in the story and I will be pleasantly surprised and impressed that I will bump up the rating. This was the case with this book. And the wow factor for me was the unexpected and truly endearing/cute/lovely romance. Man, I ship them hard. So perfect for each other.

  • Beth
    2019-04-27 04:27

    Levine relays the story of Sleeping Beauty with humor, styleand wit. As in her other fairy tale retellings, the heroine has bothbeauty and brains, and attempts to take charge of her own destiny. Further plot twists include a know-it-all princess, a dimwitted suitor, and an explanation for why fairies are no longer invited to naming ceremonies to bestow gifts. Charming illustrations reminiscent of Lang's fairy books add to the text and extend the story. The novel is attractively packaged in a non-standard size format with delicate scrollwork, regal gold lettering, and soft colors decorating a book jacket fit for royalty. Although the story isn't as strong as Levine's Newbery-award-winning "Ella Enchanted," fairy tale fans will enjoy both this title and her retelling of the Princess and the Pea, "The Princess Test."

  • Hannah
    2019-05-01 00:28

    This is the first really good retelling of Sleeping Beauty I've read, and I have to say it was a fun and easy read. If you like fairy tale retellings that have all the original stuff in them--magic, fairies, swords etc--and that are also brimming over with cute, Disney-style comedy, this book is for you.My favorite parts involve the Princess as a baby--reading a book while her diaper was changed--and the later areas where she meets her dull other suitor, the Prince who the fairies made a Man of Action ( at first, obviously, a Baby of Action), and who drones to her tediously about vegetables. Prince Christopher was also a plus. Firstly, because his name is Christopher--an awesome guy name, imo :P--and secondly because he was the right guy for Sonora. A guy who wants to learn everything will be perfect for a girl who happens to know everything already. ;)

  • Brynlee A
    2019-05-14 01:59

    The climax is when she pokes her finger on the spindale. When she was dead the prince kissed her and she became alive again. When she was threading the the straw on the spindale she thought that the niddle on it would be nice to touch so she did so.Counting on one another people can succsed in life. When the prince kissed Sonora. When she rlied on her stepmom to not hurt her. Also when she had thought that Sonora thought that she could trust anyone, but really she couldn't trust her stepmom.I think that this book is amazing and wonderful. I think that this series is so good. I think that this book is so maazing on how it is like Cinderella. I love that this book reliyes on have faith inn one another. I think that this can teach lots of people to trust each other.