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What happens when up is down, down is up, the powerful are weak, the weak are powerful, the visible is invisible, the invisible is visible—and even your own home isn’t safe anymore? Pop star and fashion icon, Glori Coulson Dusseault, is now CEO of Glori—the hottest brand in the world. Today dignitaries from around the globe are in Paris to attend the event of the decade—GlWhat happens when up is down, down is up, the powerful are weak, the weak are powerful, the visible is invisible, the invisible is visible—and even your own home isn’t safe anymore? Pop star and fashion icon, Glori Coulson Dusseault, is now CEO of Glori—the hottest brand in the world. Today dignitaries from around the globe are in Paris to attend the event of the decade—Glori’s charity fashion show.Agent David Lambrecht and his colleagues are charged with security, unaware their old nemesis is poised to exact revenge on their entire extended family. An attack leaves the family and General Pearson’s organization reeling.As Pearson grapples with calamity, cousin Cat’s prophecies take center stage and put her in mortal danger. Will her revelations save her family and the general’s organization? Note from Glori: Attention All Readers: Last Tangle in Paris contains Christian content (Yeah, Cat’s in rare form. Truth be told, there’s a lot to pray about.) and Strong Language (That’s our favorite secret agents. Okay. Okay, I’m no angel either.) that may not be appropriate for all readers. I say you’ll have fun with us. You be the judge....

Title : Last Tangle in Paris (The Redemption Series, #4)
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ISBN : 18364819
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Last Tangle in Paris (The Redemption Series, #4) Reviews

  • Donna Porter
    2018-12-13 09:17

    This was another great story by Maeve Christopher, although if you haven't been reading Maeve's books this one might be a little harder for you to understand whats going on. Pop star and fashion icon Glori is in Paris for a benefit fashion show. Security is high because they are expecting the first lady to be there. David Lambrecht is in charge of security. There is an explosion in the church and Glori and David are buried in the rubble. It is three days before they finally are located and rescued and taken to the hospital for treatment. During the blast their old enemies have kidnapped Debbie and Cindy. This book has so much going on that it has to be read to be appreciated. While everything is happening Cat is constantly reciting bible verses. She is the medium. This book has a lot of the previous people in it.and has to be read to be appreciated. It is a good read

  • Jennifer Gallagher
    2018-12-12 09:24

    Oh Boy where to begin without being a spoiler!!! This 4th book in the Redemption series is awesome.. but then again I am biased as Jennifer Gallagher Super model is me !!!!!.. Again Maeve Christopher has given us Adventure.. romance.. intrigue..Laughs.. heart stopping moments..Even Eduardo's bad language.. he really needs his mouth washed out with soap.. but what he said about the book of Kings was soo true !! !!And best of all Cat's wonderful Christian spirit and words.. Proving that with God all things are possible..Our Girl Debbie boy oh boy has she grown since Killer Cupid.. and what a change from being a mouse to becoming a LION !!! I now have to wait impatiently for the final book in the series !! I recommend this book.. please read and you will not be disappointed..Maeve Christopher as an Author YOU ROCK !!!!

  • Shauna Stewart Hougham
    2018-12-03 05:24

    David and Debbie are the true rock stars of this series. The book start these two..David the secret agent under cover and Debbie in hospital recovering from heart attack stemming from anorexia..They meet love at first among other things which you will have to read to understand and find out, no spoilers here.. David cousin Cat is another major player from the first book and they plays a huge part in the last book as well. These three play will be at major parts in this book. All the main characters really do..Faith will be tested, lives on line and Glori will be are her finest in her sleuth mode...romance, kidnapping, murder, suspense, you name...great read, and I can't wait for more.. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! for a great read!!

  • Dot Symons
    2018-12-08 03:27

    This was an amazing book - with lots of intrigue and twists andturns l did not expect. So looking forward to the next one - tosee what other adventures these people have.Romance - intrigue - exciting

  • Lindsay
    2018-12-12 10:40

    Enjoyable read. Didn't seem as long as others.

  • Coreen Kennedy
    2018-12-05 11:19

    I became hooked on Maeve Christopher's books when I read "Killer Cupid". I had never heard of the author, but the book was free on Amazon and the synopsis looked interesting. I loved that book so much that I immediately purchased all of Maeve's other titles. The Redemption Series did not disappoint!"Last Tangle in Paris" is her most recent book and like the others, it has something for everyone. If the reader is looking for action, there is plenty of it. There is murder and mayhem, a kidnapping and the bombing of a church. If the reader loves motor racing, there is a very exciting chase through the countryside of France. If the reader loves Science Fiction, it is there in abundance with killer drones in the form of birds and insects, as well as cloaks of invisibility. If the reader is a fan of the supernatural, there plenty of that as well; and if the reader loves a charming, romantic story, then he/she will be captivated by this book which has its fair share of strong, handsome alpha males, and beautiful, talented ladies who can improvise and cope with even the most challenging of situations."Last Tangle In Paris" is the continuing story of four elite special forces agents who are charged with the responsibility of fighting crime on an international level. This impacts on their personal lives, since they are related through marriage, family ties and friendship to the world's most successful, wealthy and philanthropic rock stars. The story begins with a glitzy, glamorous charity event in Paris, which is immediately followed by a bomb blast and burial of two of the main characters in the rubble. The story is fast paced, dramatic, exciting and entertaining. Although there is a large cast of characters, the author successfully provides each one with a personality that endears him/her to the reader. This novel is well-written, and the storyline is so fascinating, that I simply could not tear myself away from it. I strongly recommend this book, and indeed the entire Redemption Series. Five stars, without a doubt!

  • Justine Gauckler
    2018-11-30 05:40

    As always, I get a chill when I read Maeve's work. She has a way of weaving a magnificent story with characters that I love as if we were related. I love how she's adding to the families. Children always add an innocence to a book. I love the fact that family is first in this book. She takes religion and spirituality to make a fantastic read. In my minds eye I can see the Twisted Tower. Thank you Maeve for once again making reading that much more special for me.