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Jasmine got obsessed with a man and now he's obsessed with her. Steamy nights, kisses and rules being broken awaits them. She turned his whole world upside down and now he's doing it to hers. In this free fall, can they survive each others love?"...

Title : Fighting For Love
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ISBN : 9781491286319
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 113 Pages
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Fighting For Love Reviews

  • EroticaAfterDark (Lilith)
    2018-12-07 01:00

    I was looking forward to read an erotica book about a wrestler and his girl and I think that the story idea did have potential but the execution was poor. And with that I can only agree with some of the other reviewers: it seems like the author didn't have a beta-reader and editor, because both could have avoided this car-crash.The plot felt unplanned, the vocabulary repetitive, no paragraphs at all, and when there was formatting it didn't make sense. Often it seemed to me that there were misuses of words that had me re-read a sentence once or twice. Like "he" instead of "she" or worse.Don't get me started on the alternative names for the male and female organs.It seems to me that many authors feel like they have to switch POVs for some reason. Problem is, if that isn't executed professionally you end up having even more repetitions.the story itself enfolded far too quickly to be realistic, and the fact that they met before but he isn't aware of that and just remembers her from the crowd when he's wrestling collides with the insta-attraction/insta-love they have.Again: there is a strong need for an editor.So now, you probably are confused that this book has two stars: the sex scenes. I'm always very picky about those and I must say that I enjoyed how they were described, because they were not clinical but sensual.I urge the author to have this book edited if not reworked. Also the cover does not speak "wrestling at all".

  • Calatasde
    2018-11-22 00:51

    'Love can be found in anything.' ~ Kristal McKerringtonThe book started with Carl's pov. How he love wresting,how he traveler for wresting shows.Some day while he's traveling for shows, he notice a woman. While he was traveling,in every show she was there. She never missed a show of his... He also thought a geek woman who love wresting but it was like there is more. Every show he went,he always watched her. Like he went the shows to find her.He was totally obsessed her.He know her face but he never got a chance to learn her name. Everytime she disappeared after the show. Some day at the hotel Carl catchs her somewhat. Unexpecting kiss surprised him. She kissed him so passionately that her cock even react so fast. But she escaped again.. he couldn't learn her name again... Why did she escape after kissing him? Why she's always escaping even though she never missed his shows... Is she hidden something? But What? It was a fine Erotica novella. It was short.No I didn't complain this time for novellas.Somehow I was glad for novella. I can't thing myself obsessed for somebody or something and I can't understand someones obsess but I could read. I like the book. It was like a stockholm syndrome but it wasn't.It's kind of make you think that what kind of situation is this.. 4 STAR

  • VampireRomanceBooks ThatsErotica
    2018-12-10 01:47

    Jasmine is an author who has melded the sport of wrestling with her erotic writings. Unbeknownst to Carl he is the wrestler who has become her muse. In two very tough industries where you have to give your all is it possible to find love too?Both Jasmine and Carl have been burned by love, and have thrown themselves into their careers. They definitely have a chemistry that is scorching, but have walls built up that are difficult to break through. This pair radiates heat whether through passion or argument. What I liked about the two characters was they felt real. They have the insecurities and doubts most people have.Being both an avid romance reader and sports fan I was really excited to see a book that incorporated both. McKerrington gives her readers plenty of heat, but a great love story too. It was certainly a lovely way to pass a cold winter day. My main issue with the book came with the editing, and I am hoping it will be addressed in the future as I did find it a bit distracting. However, on a whole I still enjoyed the story. I rated the story three masks because of the editing; otherwise I would have given it a four. I still believe it is worth a read, because it is a passionate love story, and the character conflict keeps it very interesting!**Reviewed by Teresa D. for**

  • Authors & Readers Book Corner
    2018-11-27 22:56

    In Fighting For Love by Kristal McKerrington readers are introduced to Carl, a wrestler and Jasmine a writer. Carl has an admirer who is present at his matches. This mysterious woman holds Carl’s attention and he can’t take his mind off of her. Carl has an encounter with this woman that lingers on his lips. The kiss has Carl wanting to know more about this woman. When Carl’s friend informs him of the mysterious woman’s identity, Carl decides to confront her.Jasmine is an erotica writer who is in lust with a professional wrestler. Jasmine is researching for her next book and decides to up the stacks. Jasmine meets Carl and on an impulse kisses him. The two start an affair that gets public attention. What started as research for Jasmine soon turns into true love and Jasmine must come clean. Will Carl listen? Will they be able to merge romance and wrestling?Fighting For Love had a different twist on romance. I’m not a fan of wrestling but this author has me interested. This book picked up quickly and the erotica was not over the top. It did have some grammatical errors but did not take from the plot of the book. This book had an unsuspected ending.This book was provided by the author for review purposes.Teresa BeasleyA&RBC Reviews

  • Denise Loves-Books
    2018-12-11 02:55

    Fighting for Love is about a wrestler that feels a connection to a mysterious woman that has been coming to his matches (shows). I had a difficult time getting into this book but it picked up and I became determined to finish it to find out what would happen and who the mystery woman is. The book has both Carl's (the wrestler) POV and Jasmine's (the mystery woman) POV which helped me understand the story better but was hard to enjoy at times because of how long the thoughts went on without dialogue. This love story is a little different in how it plays out and I enjoyed the fact that it wasn't predictable at all. I was surprised at how it ended but I did like the ending. Overall if you are looking for a different type of romance with an HEA and without any of the typical events we usually see in a romance novel than give this one a try. You won't be disappointed. I received an Ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Romance Readers Retreat
    2018-11-19 19:50

    Jasmine writes erotica, she is doing research for her next book. She watches Carl wrestle, they are introduced and start an affair. Both are guarded and have been hurt before. What starts as research for her turns into something else, the chemistry between them is hot, there were sex scenes but not wall to wall erotica. It was a quick enjoyable read, do they end up together?? you will have to read and find out!!!

  • Erica
    2018-12-18 01:42

    In Fighting For Love were introduced to a wrestler named Carl, who's broken heart has kept him alone and single to prevent that from ever happening to him again.This was my first introduction into the wresting world. Carl is a strong man who just doesn't want to risk heart break again. It's a sweet story about a woman with the same history but their drawn together.I'll be reading more of Kristal's wrestling books thanks to this one intriguing me about the lifestyle!

  • JenniferDavis
    2018-12-02 19:59

    I was given an e-copy for my honest review.The story revolves around two main characters, Jasmine and Carl. Even though they don't know each other and have never really met, they feel there is something there worth looking into. Little does Carl know, he may have met her before, but didn't give the best first impression. Jasmine has decided she is going to teach Carl a lesson, but ends up giving herself a lesson. This book is an erotica. I don't read a lot of erotica, but don't mind reading it as long as it has a good story line. I felt that there was a good story line to this book. I liked the characters and the roles they played. With that being said, I am sure you are wondering why I gave it 3 stars. The copy I received had lots of editing issues, which did take away with the flow of the story. I hope that the book goes through a reedit. It would make it much easier to read. With all the editing issues, I did have to stop and reread some areas to make sure I knew what was going on. The story flip flops from the two lead characters POV. This is a little new to me, because they really never hold a conversation with each other. It is more of the character telling what happened during a conversation. This isn't a bad thing, I just need some time to get use to the way of writing. The author gives loads of descriptions, which is good in a way, but there were times where I felt that there were too much and there were a few repeats. I think that with some reediting and maybe some beta reading, I really think this would be an amazing book. I loved how the story focused around and erotic author and a wrestler. Very different, and kept me interested. I really enjoyed learning their story and watching them evolve. I look forward to reading more from this author. I have a feeling she has lots more to show us in this genre.

  • All Booked Out
    2018-12-07 18:49

    3 StarsThere are some editing issues in this which I hope will be sorted.The story is different, i have not encountered a wrestler love story before, and an insight into this world is so intriguing especially when you know parts are ghost written by an actual wrestler! Picture the muscles and tiny trunks.....mmmDrama and intrigue from the mysterious Jasmine who shows up at all Carl's events, yet is she there as a fan or something more.....Difficult to know what she wants as she is seriously attracted to him, they do kiss first in the car park of an event, but then she goes..... I can't say too much as it will give bits away, so i won't.There were a lot of imagined sex scenes when the character was alone, i didn't mind these thoughts at first, but after a while, i would have preferred more interaction between them as I wanted them to get to know each other so i could connect more, even if it was any interaction, not just physical.I felt for Carl, he was broken inside. I was hoping that Jasmine wouldn't hurt him... I am not going to say if she did or not! ;-)I liked the story, Kristal's writing style is different also, i will be reading more from Kristal & Joe.

  • Michelle Lewis
    2018-11-25 20:02

    Book Talk was given a copy of Fighting For Love by Kristal McKerrington for an honest review.I have to sadly say this book was not my cup of tea and I was not able to finish the book. The story is about a Male wrestler named Carl and his biggest fan and erotic author Jasmine. Jasmine fantasies about Carl and soon is able to play out all the hot and dirty things with him that she has always wanted.I myself am probably one of the biggest anti wrestling fans out there. It was hard for me to get into the book,i'm just not fond of men in pandex,running around a ring,it's just really unattractive to me. The only thing I liked about the book (of what I was able to read) was that the sex was nice and kinky. For those of you who find wrestling and the men attractive then i'm sure this book is right up your ally.

  • Liah B
    2018-11-24 18:55

    I received a copy of fighting for love by Kristal McKerrington in exchange an honest review. My thoughts: I don't care for very short stories (unless they are short stories in between novels but this one was good. Not altogether original but still good. It was about 132 pages on my iPad. I would have like to see more of this story. I don't give reviews where it lays out the story or teasers that spoil the whole read for you. So... This is how the story breaks down. This is the story of Carl a professional fighter and a girl jasmine. She is smitten with him. He knows her face but can't remember her name. Thus begins their story.For me it would be a great read if the story was longer. I give it a 2.5-3. Liah

  • Kaprii two ordinary girls and their books
    2018-12-15 19:45

    Fighting for love-Kristal McKerrington3***We personally couldnt get in to this story as we dont understand and have never liked wrestling, so that put us off from the start.So the book starts with a male wrestler carl who seems to have a stalker who is an erotic aurhor named jasmine, having watched him at every event and fight she finally gets to do the things to him she has wrote and fantazied about. we couldn't picture carl being sexy wearing his wrestling outfit.. and it was so hard to keep turning the pages.Although the story is wrote well and has some great sex scenes, it just wasnt our cup of tea.

  • Teresa D.
    2018-12-08 19:58

  • Kristal McKerrington
    2018-12-07 23:04