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Create beautiful accessories to enhance your home using the 35 projects and step-by-step instructions featured in this title....

Title : Sew Pretty Homestyle
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ISBN : 9780715327494
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 144 Pages
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Sew Pretty Homestyle Reviews

  • Athena
    2019-02-19 19:02

    I was underwhelmed by this book. It wasn't just the overbearing Pink-ness of everything in it, it's that the crafts are very basic, a number of sewn items had instructions for how to create your own pattern (using plates to trace curves for the bags on the cover, for example) and it was one of those craft/sewing books geared to decorating with a theme made 'feminine' by being diabetic coma-inducingly sweet.Many of the items are shown over and over again, and the instruction is bare-bones minimal. Since some of the items are so basic I'd expect better instruction-writing as that would make this book appropriate for beginning sewists, which it is not for that very reason.Overall this is a small book filled with the same several items - almost like a couple of magazine articles given lots more photos & bound up as a book.

  • Becky
    2019-02-12 15:10

    This book oooooozes pinkness!! It is one of the reasons I first loved it but I have to admit after 70 pink pages I do feel a bit overcome with cuteness! But still each page and room displayed is adorable and the book itself contains so so many projects I want to make and so much inspiration for decorating my craft area. the first thing I made were the roses and they have turned out wonderfully. However I don't think the book is aimed at a newbie sewer, it certainly does not spoon feed the instructions and leaves a lot of room open to interpretation which an experienced sewer would have no problem with. However at the same time the projects are explained enough to work your way through with mayeb a bit of help from the internet. I love the fabrics used and the large variety of projects in the book and feel I will keep returning to the book for many years.

  • Jennie
    2019-01-29 11:54

    Boy do I have a list of ideas for Christmas gifts from this one! Going to be so much fun. Really, cute stuff in here. I'm only disappointed that there aren't more patterns - clearly there are other things photographed that are homemade but the author chose not to give instructions for them. But they don't look too tough to figure out.

  • Laura
    2019-02-21 11:53

    Gorgeous and insanely cute bits and bobs to make for the home or as gifts. I've made loads of things from this book as *shhhhhh* last minute gifts and they've always gone down very well with the recipient. The style is bright, cheery and quirky. My favourites things to make include the scented stuffed strawberries and the carousel horse.

  • Joanie
    2019-02-15 16:20

    This book was a great find. The instructions are friendly and clear. The dolls are similar so the new seamstress will easily be able to make all of the items in this book. The feeling of happiness and light, love and friendship are spoken clearly in each project. A great "girlfriend get-together" book!

  • Debra
    2019-02-05 16:16

    The author presents "over 35 irresistible projects to fall in love with". Projects are very soft and modern, presenting wit lots of pink. I copied a couple of patterns from the library copy, a make-up bag and a large block quilt. Recommended.

  • Breena
    2019-02-13 17:09

    Cute bags! Use near the front door once you've filled will all the random clutter, then make yourself another one to fill. LOLI like the slippers, strawberries, and the "my house tapestry". Everything in the hobby room is perfect...sigh. Someday. :D

  • Kathryn
    2019-02-05 12:16

    This book is brimming with beautiful things to make for your home. She has done a wonderful job with her photography. It's a lovely book to browse through and come away with lots of inspiration.

  • Jenny K
    2019-02-08 18:19

    I liked several projects in this book including: slippers, bags with roses, fabric boxes, fabric tags, small wall pouches, leaf wall pouches.

  • Gen
    2019-01-26 16:16

    Very inspiring, I plan on making teddys and the slippers.

  • Amy
    2019-02-01 15:19

    Wish I was a sew-er when I look at this book! But the pictures are so pretty and inspiring anyway! If you can sew and like cute, homemade projects, you'll love it!!

  • Laura Rogers
    2019-02-14 18:11

    Very cute projects!

  • Mckinley
    2019-02-02 14:06

    Great ideas.

  • Jennifer
    2019-02-17 11:00

    VERY cute, sweet ideas; Very feminine. I really enjoyed looking through these projects.

  • Laureen
    2019-02-14 17:11

    lots of country stuff- not my style. there are a few things in here that are a good idea, however, and will attempt to do them when i have some time...