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Gunshots echo down an antebellum Charleston alley. Brack Pelton, an ex-racecar driver and Afghanistan War veteran, witnesses the murder of his uncle, Reggie Sails. Darcy Wells, the pretty Palmetto Pulse reporter, investigates Reggie's murder and targets Brack.The sole heir of his uncle's estate, Brack receives a rundown bar called the Pirate's Cove, a rotting beach house,Gunshots echo down an antebellum Charleston alley. Brack Pelton, an ex-racecar driver and Afghanistan War veteran, witnesses the murder of his uncle, Reggie Sails. Darcy Wells, the pretty Palmetto Pulse reporter, investigates Reggie's murder and targets Brack.The sole heir of his uncle's estate, Brack receives a rundown bar called the Pirate's Cove, a rotting beach house, and one hundred acres of preserved and valuable wetland along the Ashley River. A member of Charleston's wealthiest and oldest families offers Brack four million dollars for the land. All Brack wants is his uncle's killer.From the sandy beaches of Isle of Palms, through the nineteenth-century mansions lining the historic Battery, to the marshlands surrounding the county, Southern Heat is drenched in the humidity of the lowcountry....

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Southern Heat Reviews

    2019-05-17 05:01

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsI am just amazed that this was David Burnsworth first novel. He credits several people for helping him polish it for publication but let me tell you this is an author to watch!Action starts on page 1 when Brack Pelton finds his uncle shot in an alley and takes us to the best and worst parts of Charleston as he tries out who pulled the trigger and why. The story continues to be very fast paced and my Kindle’s pages were flying and then I ran out of power. I tried plugging it is to keep reading but the machine wouldn’t cooperate so I downloaded it to Mr. Dollycas’s Kindle so I could keep reading and stayed up reading until I reached the end.His characters were so vividly written. From Brack to Brother Thomas, Mutt, Darcy, Detective Wilson and even a 50 pound mixed breed Dog named Shelby, I could picture them all in my mind and was totally engaged. The bad guys as well as the good were perfectly described and Burnsworth writes in such a way that the details just naturally flow without becoming too wordy. The plot flowed easily as well. A really great balance is achieved and that can be very difficult.My favorite character was easily Brack. He has been through so much already in his life and even when he wants to give up he finds ways to keep going.It is usually hard to give a debut novel 5 stars because as a reader I have set the bar high then for their next book, but this story is definitely worth a 5 stars. It has been more than a year since this book was released so I hope the author releases a new one very soon. I am anxiously waiting!!

  • Laura Thomas
    2019-04-28 07:21

    Brack Pelton’s life changes in an instant after witnessing the murder of his uncle. The police suspect him and a beautiful, persistent reporter puts him in the spotlight.Much comes to light after his uncles death. Brack inherits his uncles ramshackle bar, Pirate’s Cove, his old beach house, and some valuable undeveloped land.I couldn’t help but compare some of this book to my neck of the woods. Pirate’s Cove sounds so much like a local bar we used to have called Judge Roy Bean’s. I spent many afternoons there, sharing good times with the other regulars. And the scenery described is such that I felt like I was home.I just loved Brack. He never took himself seriously. Some scenes had me laughing out loud. He’d claim to know about women and be so off the mark. It seemed like every few pages something he’d do or think would have me chuckling. Gotta love him.And his dog, Shelby. Brack loves that dog and does everything to make sure he’s safe and happy when things start getting dangerous. In the south, it’s not uncommon for people to have multiple dogs and they go where their owners go.As Brack digs into his uncles murder, two detectives hound his every move. Brack was such a rascal. He pulled all kinds of stuff on the two poor fellas. One I actually came to like was Wilson. He had potential to become a good guy.When the powers that be come after the land Brack inherited, goons come out of the woodwork, bullets fly, and people get hurt.Gripping and intense, David Burnsworth has written a winner. The southern atmosphere is as thick as the humidity and the mystery and suspense make the story fly.I was thrilled to receive a print copy of Southern Heat and was thrilled when I discovered that after removing the book flap, the actual book still displayed the same beautiful scene. Often a book is blank under the cover, but not this one.Living in the south, I’m always drawn to stories that have a southern setting and I had a blast with this book. I must have marked so many pages with post-its so I could tell you about something that leaped out at me, though I didn’t use most so I wouldn’t spoil the mystery.The author did everything right with this exciting mystery and I’m anxious to see what he writes next. Hopefully more about these flawed yet lovable characters.I received this book for my honest review.

  • Rhonda
    2019-05-09 06:59

    4 starsThis mystery is more gritty and violent with twists all around. Never sure where the story was going to take you. From the Wealthiest and respected families of Charleston to the red light district, to a poor neighborhood. To toxic EPA sites. It starts right off with a murder.Brack finds his Uncle right as he is shot in a alley. His Uncle tries to tell him that Ray shot him. The Police think he was the killer. It is Brack's birthday. Brack has been back in Charleston for around six months from a tour in Afghanistan, He joined after his wife died of cancer. Now his Uncle died and left him everything. Brack plans to find out who killed him and why.He finds out more about his Uncle after his death. His Uncle was trying to save some land and help some friends.Brack and a reporter are trying to get answers. Someone is trying to stop him from finding out what is really going on.There is plenty of drama, action, mystery and characters that you like and want the best from. Loveable pets too. It is a tail that has plenty of surprises along the way too.I do like the ending, I like how Brack heals and the friends he meets along the way.I was given this ebook to read and in return agreed to give honest review and be part of Southern Heat book tour.

  • Nancy McFarlane
    2019-05-21 06:21

    Brack Pelton is still grieving the death of his wife and still regretting that his three years as a Marine in Afghanastan didn’t get him killed, when he witnesses the death of his uncle in an alley in Charleston. Determined to find his uncle’s killer, Brack teams up with some unlikely help as he tries to stay alive and out of jail. I loved Brack’s attitude and his sarcasm, I loved the characters that he teamed up with, I loved the setting and I loved the story. I hope this isn’t the last we see of Brack Pelton and Pirate’s Cove.

  • Mandy Wultsch
    2019-05-18 06:13

    Southern Heat is the story of Brack Pelton investigating his beloved Uncle Reggie’s death. (I kept wanting to read his name as Barack, like our previous president.) The book opens with an action scene, and it does not stop until the very last page. This is a story that almost reads as a screenplay; the scenes are well thought out and it is easy to picture the action in your mind’s eye. The descriptions are vivid and colorful and the characters are larger than life and very memorable.Brack Pelton, the main character and narrator, is a marine who has done a few tours of duty in Afghanistan. However, he was referred to as a soldier four times (that I counted) and did not protest any of them. Some were by a drill sergeant who may have been trying to motivate him by “insulting” him, but at least one was by a civilian and he didn’t correct her or even wince. (Army=soldier, Navy=sailor, Air Force=airman, Marines=marine, Coast Guard=coastie or coast guardsman) Life tip: don’t call a marine a soldier unless you want to start a fight. Second life tip: don’t start a fight with a marine; active duty or not, male or female, skinny or fat, because you will regret it. He enlisted after his wife died. Probably not the healthiest way of dealing with grief, but it worked for him. He still thinks about her often and his love and devotion show in his words and actions. There is a new possible love interest that might become a relationship in the future; it will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens on that front. His uncle was also in the military (Vietnam era). It is hinted that there is some bad blood between Brock and the rest of his family. The phrases “fight like a girl” and “hit like a girl” were in this book. As a female this made me want to kick something. The rest of the book was very good, so I just rolled my eyes and read on.I will be looking forward for more in this series. I enjoyed this roller coaster ride. The twists were mostly unpredictable, which is great because I have read so many books and seen so many movies that I have become somewhat jaded and often able to predict who the killer will be as soon as they are introduced. Not so with this story. It is nice to be surprised for a change.There is some violence; in a book where the main plot is someone trying to solve their uncle’s murder, this should be expected, but there are more killings and other mayhem. This is not Murder She Wrote. Language and sexual scenes were pretty tame. Middle school age and up who are looking for a good action and mystery to read should pick this one up.I received this book through the Goodreads Giveaways program. Thank you to the author and/or publisher.

  • Cathy
    2019-05-15 06:09

    This is a fast paced thriller. It is full of atmosphere and likable characters. I would go back to the Pirate's Cove bar for another visit.I received a free copy of the book through the First Reads program.

  • Yohonna
    2019-05-09 00:59

    This book is explosive none stop action from the very start all the way til the end

  • Teena in Toronto
    2019-05-12 01:12

    Brack is hurrying down an alley to meet his uncle, Reggie, for supper when he hears gunshots. It turns out that Reggie was shot and just before he died in Brack's arms, the last thing Reggie said was that Ray shot him. The police assume it was a mugging and don't investigate.Brack inherits Reggie's dive bar on the beach (sounds like a fun place!), his raggedy beach house and a piece of land that is surprisingly worth millions. As Brack tries to figure out who Ray is, he joins forces with Reggie's ex-wife, Patricia, who runs a newspaper, and her star reporter, Darcy. There is lots going on ... people owning land and taking grants to conserve it but don't, a prostitution ring, a faithful congregation of the Church of Redemption led by Brother Thomas, people getting hurt or killed, cars and houses being blown up, etc.This is the debut book this author and I liked it. Written in first person perspective (from Brack's point of view), I liked the writing style and thought it flowed well. It is suspenseful with Brack trying to figure out what Reggie was involved with while trying not to get killed himself. The writing is at times funny and sarcastic too. I look forward to reading future books by this author.I found at first that I was confused as to what was going on with regards with the land issue ... maybe because it was because I'm Canadian and there was a lot of reference to American conservation laws and programs that I wouldn't know about. It became clearer after a while.There were a lot of characters. I liked Brack. He is still reeling from the sudden death of his wife, Jo, who died of cancer three years ago. To kill the pain, he drank a lot and then enlisted for action in Afghanistan. Back home, he's now lost his last family member and his best friend, his uncle Reggie. Six months ago he adopted a shelter dog named Shelby who is his constant companion (his reaction to the relationship between Shelby and Trish later on in the story are funny). He works well with spunky reporter Darcy who reminds him a lot of Jo. After Reggie's death, he becomes close with Patricia, Reggie's ex-wife who he was apparently seeing again. Brother Thomas is a hoot ... no matter what, he always sees the good in people and hopes they learn a lesson.Blog review post:

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-30 03:06

    In his debut novel, Southern Heat, author David Burnsworth transports the reader to the sultry lowcountry setting of Charleston, SC for an intriguing Southern noir / mystery that keeps the reader in suspense and turning the pages.Brack Pelton is an ex-race car driver and Afghanistan war veteran who stumbles on the murder of his uncle Reggie Sails in a Charleston alley. He had been on his way to meet his uncle for a celebratory dinner. The police determine that Reggie's murder was a random mugging. As the sole heir of his uncle's estate, Brack is furious and determined to find his uncle's killer, and he teams up with an unlikely assortment of people in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with shady land developers and corrupt politicians.Author David Burnsworth weaves a fast-paced and suspenseful tale written in the first person narrative that follows Brack's investigative journey as it takes him all over Charleston in search of his uncle's killer. The reader is easily drawn into this well written story with its richly descriptive plot and setting, it is filled with enough action and unsuspecting twists and turns that takes the reader on one hell of a thrilling roller coaster ride.As a fan of Southern fiction and a frequent visitor to Charleston and the surrounding lowcountry areas, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this thrilling mystery. I was intrigued by Brack's back story and couldn't help but feel for him. I loved his gritty nature and sarcastic attitude, and I found myself cheering for him and his crazy team of helpers as they embarked on a dangerous journey to track down his uncle's killer.With an intriguing cast of characters; witty dialogue and dramatic interactions; and a richly descriptive setting that makes a person want to visit the picturesque city of Charleston, its historic landmarks, and the surrounding lowcountry areas; Southern Heat is a classic Southern noir mystery novel that is a must read!Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Pump Up Your Book! Virtual Book Publicity Tours.http://jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot...

  • Faith
    2019-04-25 02:24

    My favorite stories are the ones where a motley crew saves the day. Especially in a mystery, it's essential that we find resolve, courage, and self sacrifice in unexpected places. When an author brings together a crazy mix of people- most of them slightly disturbed, so I can relate- that resulting book will get my attention. And if you tell me that the title of that book is Southern Heat, then I know I'll have to read it. Ever since watching eight seasons of In The Heat of The Night, Southern who-done-its have been my go to favorite stories. Southern Heat didn't disappoint. Brack Pelton is the best kind of hero, the kind with a troubled spirit. He describes himself as "A train wreck looking for a major intersection."He's still grieving his beloved Jo, the woman who made him a better man. She died too soon, and so Brack played tough. He went in the USMC at 29 and came out hard drinking, fast driving, and ill at ease without his firearms close at hand. He wouldn't admit it, but he has kept his gentle side. It's buried deep, but it's increasingly obvious throughout the book. That's what makes him so likable. That and his attitude, expressed in a sharp, dry wit. Now he's got a murder case to solve, and it's deeply personal. Uncle Reggie, the only blood family that Brack isn't estranged from, died in his arms in an alley after an inexplicable shooting. Uncle Reggie the Vietnam Vet. Uncle Reggie, owner of the Pirates Cove bar.Uncle Reggie, whom Brack knows so well. Except maybe Uncle Reggie wasn't such an open book after all. Prepare yourself for a fast, engaging ride. You'll have to hang on as tight as if you were in the passenger seat of Brack's Mustang. He's about to chase leads- and suspects- all over Charleston. And you're going with him. Into the grit of the city, the darkness of man's choices and man's appetites, the depth of man's corruption and deceit. In the words of Brother Thomas, "A man can't avoid reaping what he sows." Thank you Pump Up Your Book Tours for my copy of this book.

  • Victor Gentile
    2019-05-23 02:14

    David Burnsworth in his new book, “Southern Heat” published by Five Star brings us into the life of Brack Pelton.From the back cover: Gunshots echo down an antebellum Charleston alley. Brack Pelton, an ex-racecar driver and Afghanistan War veteran, witnesses the murder of his uncle, Reggie Sails. Darcy Wells, the pretty Palmetto Pulse reporter, investigates Reggie’s murder and targets Brack.The sole heir of his uncle’s estate, Brack receives a rundown bar called the Pirate’s Cove, a rotting beach house, and one hundred acres of preserved and valuable wetland along the Ashley River. A member of Charleston’s wealthiest and oldest families offers Brack four million dollars for the land. All Brack wants is his uncle’s killer.From the sandy beaches of Isle of Palms, through the nineteenth-century mansions lining the historic Battery, to the marshlands surrounding the county, Southern Heat is drenched in the humidity of the lowcountry.I have never visited Charleston. Well let me rephrase that I have never physically visited Charleston, after reading “Southern Heat” I feel as though I have been there and I really want to physically go there now that I have read this book. Mr. Burnsworth has given us a mystery thriller done old school–first person narrative, fists flying, guns drawn detective investigation. The cops have closed the case now it is up to him to find the murderer before the body count continues to rise. Corruption, deceit and murder are the tools of the bad guys and it will take a lot for Brack just to stay alive. “Southern Heat” is a roaring good story that will keep you highly interested in what is going to happen next. I am so looking forward to the next book by this highly talented author.Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Pump Up Your Book. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

  • S.K. Nicholls
    2019-05-12 04:25

    Southern Heat is a perfect example of what makes regional fiction so appealing. A Georgia girl transplanted to Florida, when I was reading this book, I felt right at home. The theme centers on an environmental issue close to my heart. The setting is the low country of the South Carolina coastline in Charleston. Southern Heat has all of the elements of an excellent contemporary southern crime fiction novel.What sets this book apart is Burnsworth’s unique voice and style. Southern Heat has a gritty, noir feel to it with rough, edgy characters while keeping a traditionally southern charm.The mystery begins when Brack Pelton’s Uncle Reggie dies in his arms in an alley after uttering the name of the person who shot him. Even though he’s gone from the very beginning, I felt like I knew Uncle Reggie, owner of the Pirate’s Cove bar and grill and Vietnam vet, from my hippie days. Brack, tainted by the loss of his late wife and PTSD from his own service time in Afghanistan, earned my respect early on. I fell in love with his dog, Shelby. The women in this book made me proud.Burnsworth’s cast of supporting characters are a determined, though somewhat disturbed, motley crew in keeping with that southern tradition. The string of bad guys is just as well drawn as the good. There are even a few you can’t tell are good or bad. That always makes things interesting. The descriptions provided just enough realism to set the place and mood without being overly detailed or distracting. Though the plot is well-focused, there are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing.I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to anyone who likes reading books set in the south or along the coastline, a good mystery, noir crime fiction, or a real page turner that will have you rooting for your favorites from the get-go to the end.

  • Brooke Bumgardner (Brooke Blogs)
    2019-04-22 03:59

    Full review originally posted at Brooke Blogs. Southern Heat by David Burnsworth is the first book in the Brack Pelton mystery series, set in the lowcountry of South Carolina. Brack is a struggling man. His wife passed away from cancer, and he signed up to serve in Afghanistan~in hopes that he wouldn't make it back home. However, he makes it back. He is meeting his uncle for dinner when he sees his uncle gunned down in an alley. Brack vows to find out who killed his uncle - and why.Brack is one of those flawed characters that you just really like from the beginning. He was easy to connect with, and even when he was doing things that were dangerous or stupid, you just wanted it to work out for him. The setting of this story is perfectly done~I felt like I was spending time in the lowcountry. I loved all of the quirky characters~Mutt, Brother Thomas, Brack's ex-aunt Patricia, Darcy the reporter, Paige from the Pirate's Cove bar that Brack inherited from his uncle. The mystery is well-plotted and kept me turning pages. The characters and the attention to detail for the settings made this an incredible book. This is a series I will look forward to reading for a long time to come.I originally received this book last year for review. A death in the family prevented me from reading/reviewing at the original time. I read it now in preparation for the second book, Burning Heat, which I will be featuring on February 20th.

  • Carol Evans
    2019-05-02 00:04

    Southern Heat hit all the right notes for me. I like the setting – coastal south Carolina and especially the dive Brack inherited, Pirate’s Cove. The characters are good. Brack has issues, but I like his attitude. He knows he’s a bit of a loose cannon, still grieves for his wife and knows that while revenge may not be the best option, ti’s what he’s going with. He’s a sarcastic and snarly and you’re rooting for him. He teams up with an interesting group of people, including Darcy, a pretty reporter who’s as tenacious as he is, and Brother Thomas, the leader of an African-American church who knows what’s going on in his community. I also really liked one phrase Brother Thomas used: “”A man can’t avoid reaping what he sows.” It fits the whole of the book well.The mystery’s good. You don’t know who Brack can trust. There are plenty of bad guys to fill all the spots. And they all have guns. There’s a lot violence in this one. Brack’s Charleston is a gritty, corrupt town. But it’s not just an old boys network, the women here can hold their own too. and just when you think you have it all figure out, you realize you’re wrong.I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I hope we see more of Brack.

  • Tim Niland
    2019-04-22 06:58

    Charleston native and returning Marine Brack Pelton is cutting through an alley in order to meet his uncle Reggie for a celebratory dinner only to find him bleeding to death from a gunshot wound. When the police close the case early he is enraged and vows to find the killer on his own. Striking an interesting fellowship with an African-American church leader and his congregation and with journalists that knew his Uncle, Pelton tries to undercover the truth behind shady land deals and his uncle's green environmental views that put him in the crosshairs of the ruthless killers associated with a local real estate speculator. This book worked pretty well - the main character is compelling and is doubts and fears set him apart from most grunting male thriller heroes. Gusty women that can hold their own with anyone is also a major point in the book's favor as well. Hopefully this can become a series, because the characters stand well on their own and Charleston, like James Lee Burke's Louisiana, makes for an interesting setting.

  • Michele
    2019-05-10 07:02

    When Brack Pelton finds his uncle dying in an alleyway instead of at the restaurant he is supposed to meet him he is devastated but is bound and determined to find the killer. He ultimately teams up with a reporter who happens to work at his uncles ex-wife's newspaper. It doesn't help that the police think he did it and it is going to take a whole lot of digging to get at the truth.I think my favorite character is the minister whose congregation is on the wrong side of town-The minister seems to be everywhere that trouble may start and stops it cold! UM HUM-definitely my favorite character. This small southern town is certainly a hot bed, lots of small sub-plots as in any mall town and I think you will enjoy this who dun it as much as I did! Southern Heat

  • Kathy
    2019-05-11 08:24

    Just visited Charleston and the surrounding area in October so was very much looking forward to reading this book! Southern Heat hooked my interest right from the first pages. Brack Pelton stumbles across his uncle's dying body in a Charleston alley while on his way to meet him for dinner. The police initially suspect that Brack is behind the killing but Brack works with an interesting assortment of characters to solve the crime.New author David Burnsworth has created quite the cast of characters in Southern Heat. The setting is represented beautifully and the story is well written. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the readers interest. It is a great mystery!I really enjoyed Southern Heat and I'm sure you will too. I'm looking forward to more novels from David Burnsworth.

  • Larry
    2019-05-20 03:08

    Brack Phelton—a one-time race driver, widower, self-destructive soldier, and drink—inherits his uncle's honky-tonk bar and his role as an EPA warrior following his shooting death at the hands of a pretty ugly man. Backed up by a colorful enough cast (a rich girl reporter, a newspaper owner who loved his uncle, a Black preacher, a Black bar owner, an upper-class lawyer, and his dog) Brack moves to avenge his uncle's death like he was a heat-seeking missile. He's good company, but he gets beat, shot, chased, framed, and assaulted in every way possible before he figures things out. There's a lot to like about the first of an obvious series but Phelton is slow to take a hint. I guess that's his strength.

  • Trish
    2019-05-11 05:12

    I am an avid mystery reader, and Southern Heat has several traits that I really enjoy in a mystery. It is set in the South and the descriptions of Charleston and the surrounding lowcountry areas are wonderfully atmospheric. I am originally from Savannah and know and love the coastal south, from South Carolina to NE Florida. The locales in this book were absolutely perfect.I really liked the character Brack. He is strong and sympathetic. His backstory is compelling. He even has a lovable dog, Shelby.The mystery is well written, a Southern noir with complex characters, strong dialogue, and great pacing. Just be warned -- if you start this novel at night, you may stay up past your bedtime reading! I know I did. I highly recommend this book to other mystery readers.

  • Pat
    2019-05-23 04:09

    Fun, light read for the fan of mysteries. It has all the elements – returning veteran who suffered the loss of a wife, an older veteran uncle who marches to a different drummer, corrupt developers, corrupt cops, murder, wealthy versus the less well to do.Who killed our hero’s uncle? Why are the police chalking the murder up to a random mugging? All make up an enjoyable way to while away an afternoon of reading. Minimal to no foul language, no graphic sex. This is a book I can share with my Grandmother and not have to blush about its contents. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads. Worth the readSouthern Heat

  • Dawn
    2019-04-24 03:59

    I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.Southern Heat is a good old fashioned mystery that starts immediately with Brack Pelton witnessing his uncle's murder. The story is told from Brack's perspective and is full of action.David Burnsworth's writing style is easy to read and flows well. His descriptions are full of imagery but not too wordy--just like I like it! I enjoyed his cast of characters. From the main character, Brack, who is still getting over his late wife, to Brother Thomas (mm-hmm), they're well developed and colorful.There aren't a lot of surprises in this book but it is a great mystery and I definitely recommend it.

  • Conny
    2019-04-22 05:04

    I was a First Read Winner of this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been unfortunate enough to have read some books lately that made it feel more like a chore than a joy but this was not one of those books. It started out with a bang and held my interest until the last page. I could not put it down. It had characters I could identify with, plenty of action and a great story line. It even made me want to come and visit South Caroline, something I never ever considered. I hope to read many more books by this talented Author, and maybe he will even revisit Brack, Darcy and the gang. Fingers crossed.

  • Reita Pendry
    2019-05-11 04:15

    This is a story of Charleston only a lowcountry writer could tell. He knows the city’s dark secrets and he exposes them one by one: the hopelessness of life in the inner city, the heartlessness in the city’s response, the rot at the core of the aristocracy, the way money holds the city’s machine in thrall. But he doesn’t leave us in the mire. He creates bright, shining characters in a newspaper owner to whom the truth is the bottom line, a reverend who lovi ngly tends his flock, a reporter who works for the love of the story, and his hero, a private investigator in love with his ghosts. This book is a movie waiting to happen.

  • Mary
    2019-05-17 06:15

    “Southern Heat” by David Burnsworth. This is David Burnsworth’s first novel and while reviewers say it might be a little rough around the edges they also say the characters and the story keep you reading and guessing. After Brack Pelton’s uncle Reggie is murdered, he is determined to discover who fired the fatal shots. Unfortunately Brack’s life has been spiraling downward ever since returning home from Afghanistan and trying to discover who killed his uncle could either push him over the edge or save him. Interesting first book. http://www.readamysterywithme.blogspo...

  • Kym Crawford
    2019-05-15 02:21

    Normally this is not the type of book I would pick up in the store. I am glad I read it though, it was a really good read. A fast paced page turner from page 1. David Burnsworth has created enjoyable characters that are engaging, and the setting is beautiful. I have been longing for the beach and reading this made me want it even more. I have known people like Brack who’s lives have been destroyed by war. It’s a hard thing to watch someone on a downward spiral and not be able to help them until they want to be helped.I totally reccomend this book to anyone that loves a good mystery.

  • Scott
    2019-05-13 07:28

    Southern Heat, by David Burnsworth is fun filled action thriller. The story takes place in Charleston South Carolina and he puts a lot of local flavor into the story. Mr. Burnsworth does a good job of describing the local geography and intertwining the geography into the story. However, I did feel that the protagonist, Brack Pelton becomes more of a ‘super hero’ than perhaps he sound have. One day he is walking his dog on the beach and the next day he is dodging bullets and chasing down bad guys. Mr. Burnsworth does tell a good story and I look forward to reading his next book.

  • Grey853
    2019-04-28 07:24

    Brack Pelton has a really bad birthday surprise when he witnesses the murder of his uncle in a back alley in Charleston. When the police make no progress, Brack steps in to investigate. He stirs up a hornet's nest as he finds out his uncle had a lot of secrets, secrets that might have gotten him killed.I really liked Brack, his dog, and the whole cast of characters in this debut novel. Southern Heat reminded me of early Michael Connelly's or Robert Crais's work. I'm looking forward to future books by this author.

  • Chandra
    2019-04-25 04:15

    It took me awhile to get into this book but by the second half, I sped through in one sitting. There are a lot of characters and a lot going on but it never got confusing. I enjoyed getting to know these characters and hope to read more about them. He doesn't portray Charleston as the very fake, over done Southern that some books tend to do - it's a real depiction of the Charleston area. Here's hoping this is the beginning of a new series!

  • Andra Watkins
    2019-05-17 06:13

    A fast-paced thriller with a sympathetic, likable hero. As a long-time resident of Charleston, I really liked how the author set up fact from fantasy for me right from the beginning. I wasn't distracted trying to catch fictions and mistakes in the narrative. I read this book in one sitting. An easy, enjoyable read.

  • Ann
    2019-05-12 02:58

    I downloaded this book at the recommendation of a friend and I am glad I did because and I loved it. It's a wonderful mystery that kept me reading because I didn't want to put it down. It was a great read and I hope there will be others to follow from this author.