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Lucy & Toby's BookI always thought I was going to end up marrying Lucy, the woman I loved with my entire existence. Unfortunately, the woman staring back at me, readying to say our vows wasn’t the blue-eyed woman I loved. She was the woman who was chasing after my best friend, but we somehow ended up on the damn altar in a church in Madrid. Lucy gave up on me you see.Lucy & Toby's BookI always thought I was going to end up marrying Lucy, the woman I loved with my entire existence. Unfortunately, the woman staring back at me, readying to say our vows wasn’t the blue-eyed woman I loved. She was the woman who was chasing after my best friend, but we somehow ended up on the damn altar in a church in Madrid. Lucy gave up on me you see. Love and hate were both shone in her eyes when she pleaded for me to cancel this farcical union. All I needed was for her to say it—for her to tell me that she loved me. But what did she do? She walked away…for the second time.That truly gutted me. I knew then that she would never choose me, nor would she fight for me—or for the love we once so profoundly shared. But seeing her again in Rome months later twisted me inside out, because time didn’t make my feelings ebb away. In fact, it was rotting in me, slowly poisoning everything I once cherished, loved and believed. Could I risk myself again? Or should I just let bygones be bygones and walk away just as she had done?...

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Chasing Forever Reviews

  • Ashley Suzanne
    2018-12-14 09:50

    Well ... that was a roller coaster. The angst has my stomach churning still. Lucy and Toby were always a favorite of mine and I'm so very happy that Pamela decided to give them a story of their own. Chasing Forever picks up where Chasing Paradise leaves off .... and it's heartbreakingly beautiful ... Pamela has such a way with words and stories. Including ----- an ugly cry moment from hell. She may have received a not so nice phone call ... but all in all ... it's a fantastic read and I can't wait for the next Pamela Ann book to arrive in my Kindle.Be patient friends ... Pamela will be hitting publish tonight just in time for her release on 4-15-2014!!!!This book was read as a clean read - with no intentions of providing a review - I just had to do it because it was THAT fantastic!!!

  • Sarah
    2018-11-26 07:49

    This was by far my least favorite book in the Chasing Series-and after rereading them all just before this was released I feel I can say that pretty objectively. There was definitely a major decrease in steamy scenes compared to the other books...I imagine some of that was given the circumstances the characters were in and some was a different narrator...but Lucy reflects on her and Toby's passionate relationship without really showing it. Toby's suicide attempt comes out of nowhere and is questionably sincere-maybe a topic now overplayed in this series with two attempts and one success now? I also felt as though the gang didn't join together in support of tragedies as they did in previous stories. With the ending of Chasing Paradise, clearly we had to know what happened with Toby and Lucy and although I liked the HEA, I wasn't a fan of how they got there.

  • Annmarie
    2018-12-09 09:55

    At the end I wanted Toby to tell her that she was the best he ever had when Lucy asked about him and Amelia in bed. He just said it was different and that Amelia was more experienced. Then admits to sleeping with her while Lucy was a few doors down. Ugh, I hated him in that moment. He should have said Amelia wasn't her, that she never came close. What an asshole thing to say, oh, "she was more experienced with different things". I mean omg, asshole, could you be more insensitive. Other than that Lucy irritated me at times because he begged her so many times and even when he divorced Amelia she still didn't take him back. Well, they were both assholes at one point or another but they come together at the end and its a HEA.

  • Kelly
    2018-11-22 04:05

    Five AMAZING Stars!!!!Chasing Forever is five amazing stars!!! Pamela Ann has done it again in this outstanding read. I can't put into words my feelings about this book. I went through many emotions reading about Lucy and Toby. Now the dreaded wait until August to read more about these well rounded and well written characters. I know the wait will seem like forever but Pamela Ann never disappoints in any of her books. Highly recommended.....LOVE, LOVE this book series!!!!!!!!

  • Sophia Holt
    2018-11-26 06:45

    Holy Smokes Batman, we have a winner! This has now become my favourite book in the chasing series. (It totally pains me to say it, cause i just want to get naked all the time with Mr Mighty Knightly! ) This book actually had me tearing up. What a roller coaster of emotions the two went through to get to the end. Why don't people communicate?.... This would not be a Pamela Ann story without the angst, love/ hate relationships. I could not put this book down, needed to get to the end. What a way for Toby and Lucy to get their HEA. Well done Pamela, looking forward to the next one

  • Fre06 Begum
    2018-12-09 06:13

    Def my least fave one in the series! I did not find Toby sexy or alpha and he lives Lucy so much but has sex without condom with Amelia but then also sleeps with her knowing Lucy was across the hall from him in another room so clearly he was not overcome with love for her then!! Saying that I liked Lucy better then Sienna at least she didn't sleep with an ex and stuck to having morals. This book lacked heat and I felt it was just bleh.

  • Di
    2018-12-12 08:03

    Well this one was an improvement on the first three. Not a huge improvement but certainly less irritating.Unfortunately we did have the recycling of previous storylines. I find it particularly irritating when an author adds suicide or attempted suicide to a storyline without doing proper research. This one was the final straw. in book two we had Chad's attempt and his miraculous recovery. Then in book three we had Sienna's questionable attempt. Now we have Amelia. Sorry but this is just too much and for that I have given another two star review. Suicide and attempted suicide should not be added to stories just to pad them out.

  • Kristin Campbell
    2018-12-15 08:14

    Editorial ReviewThat was intense! Drama as always in Pamela's book; however, I have to say that this felt even more heartbreaking. It was definitely my favorite in the Chasing series. I loved the flashbacks to Toby and Lucy's former relationship. All those little snippets of first dating, first I love you's, first promises of forever. It was so emotional, like looking back at someone who died. That's how emotional it felt, and in a way, something (not someone) had died. :(There was a lot of drama with Amelia, of course, but not like the readers will be thinking... That was emotional also. Another :(Drama-filled books are really hard for me to get through, the emotions swirling around between the words, but it was so worth it. I have a love/hate relationship with emotional books. With that said, have your tissues handy, people!

  • Tantalizing
    2018-11-25 06:58

    Wow, that was intense!! Then again all of Pamela Ann's books are drama-filled and emotional, and Chasing Forever does not lack either. Words cannot express how happy I was when I heard that Lucy and Toby would be getting a story of their own. It was heartbreaking, I had an absolute breakdown, a full on ugly cry moment. The flashbacks of Lucy and Toby's relationship tore at your heart. Not to mention you get lots of drama from Amelia. Okay, okay before you freak out it's not the kind of drama you are expecting. All in all, Chasing Forever will touch your heart, make you cry and in my case completely wreck you. Have your tissues handy and prepare for a drama-filled, emotional roller coaster.

  • Nicole Bensinger
    2018-12-02 10:03

    I really liked this book. That being said I also wanted to as chad would say bitch slap Toby and Lucy! The only thing that bothered me was that the ending seemed a little rushed. I didn't feel that they talked out there issues. They kind of glazed over them. I wanted them to explore and admit to more than they did. Otherwise I loved this book. I can't wait to read more about all of them!!! August can't get here fast enough. Thanks Pamela for another good book!!!!

  • Alizon
    2018-11-21 02:49

    This is, by far, my favorite in the series so far. There were places that just ripped my heart out and stomped on it, but then I got picked back up. I honestly don't know what else to say without writing huge spoilers, and I absolutely hate that. So I will leave it at, I can't wait to see what Pamela Ann does next!

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2018-12-04 10:09

    Too bad both are idiots and the guy totally ignores the contraceptive methods. He's a total dick.

  • Ashley Jasper
    2018-11-17 07:51

    This book had me in knots the whole way through. I had been anxiously waiting for some more insight into the Toby & Lucy story. This couple absolutely broke my heart in the earlier parts of the Chasing series.They both thought they were doing the right thing by walking away so that the other could find their happiness without them. Little did they know that they were only making themselves and each other more miserable. There is the whole Amelia fiasco. That woman is selfish beyond all reason. What she did to herself, the baby and in turn Toby & Lucy drove me absolutely mad. The scene with Toby and the baby wrecked me. He was so broken I just wanted to climb in my book and hug him.I enjoyed that we got glimpses into the lives of our other favorite characters from this series as well. Blake & Sienna as well as Chad and Luke. The crew is such at vital part of what makes the series so remarkable.I am so glad those two got it together and FINALLY got all of their feelings out in the open. They had both suffered so much, needlessly. To me, the ending did seem a bit abrupt. For all the hurt and anger and heartbreak, there was no big reconciliation. Just an I'm sorry, I love you and off we go.Overall, it was a great wrap up to the sweet, and heart wrenching love story that is Lucy & Toby.

  • Trinesha
    2018-11-19 04:49

    Wow, I knew that this book would include some drama because Lucy is stubborn and Toby is clueless when it comes to their broken relationship and their decisions. What I did not expect however, was such a strong and heartbreaking story. Lucy and Toby broke up because of his family. They use him and expect a lot of him. Lucy allowed the hateful comments made by his mother and grandmother get to her and she decides that she needs to let him go so he can deal with the demands of his family.I understood her choices in stepping back in her relationship with Toby the first time around, but Lucy has some communication issues. Toby has chased Lucy almost constantly, but his decisions with Amelia got him caught up and he continued to make choices I didn't agree with afterward. (I'll stop there or I'll wind up giving spoilers away)There was a lot of heartbreak and turmoil in this book. At one point I cried, I had to put the book down because my heart was beating hard and then I did a little laughing. Pamela evoked so many different emotions from me throughout the series, but this book had more of an impact on me than the others in the series. Very well written. She does include a disclaimer about the angst in the synopsis of the book. That needs to be taken to heed. If you want to go on a wild, emotional ride, this book is definitely worth the read.

  • Julie Kirby
    2018-11-29 08:51

    So I got confused and read Chasing Mrs Knightly right before reading Chasing Forever. Not that I can change that, but I don't think it detracted from Lucy and Toby's story even though I had read about their ending.I was pleased that Lucy and Toby were not as vicious towards each other unlike Sienna and Blake, for me personally I didn't think I could have taken reading another hateful/hurtful dialogue.That's not to say Lucy and Toby had it easy, goodness not at all they both were dealing badly with loosing each other.I did however, notice that they boys could go and have sex with other women, but were dreadfully horrible to the 'loves of their lives' after getting back together. It was one rule for Toby and Blake and an entirely different rule for Sienna and Lucy.I'm really glad they all managed to get their ducks in a row! being where they all needed to be.The whole series was an emotional heart wrenching, powerful story of love and second chances.Whilst I enjoyed reading about Blake, Sienna, Lucy, Toby, Chad, Luke & Kyle and the other characters, I was glad to get through all the trials and tribulations, the love and hate, the angst and the turmoil that kept me turning the pages.

  • lei
    2018-11-27 06:13

    Lucy & Toby's Book I always thought I was going to end up marrying Lucy, the woman I loved with my entire existence. Unfortunately, the woman staring back at me, readying to say our vows wasn’t the blue-eyed woman I loved. She was the woman who was chasing after my best friend, but we somehow ended up on the damn altar in a church in Madrid. Lucy gave up on me you see. Love and hate were both shone in her eyes when she pleaded for me to cancel this farcical union. All I needed was for her to say it—for her to tell me that she loved me. But what did she do? She walked away…for the second time. That truly gutted me. I knew then that she would never choose me, nor would she fight for me—or for the love we once so profoundly shared. But seeing her again in Rome months later twisted me inside out, because time didn’t make my feelings ebb away. In fact, it was rotting in me, slowly poisoning everything I once cherished, loved and believed. Could I risk myself again? Or should I just let bygones be bygones and walk away just as she had done?

  • Sherry Galloway studdard
    2018-12-04 09:46

    I'm not going to give spoilers or rewrite the book for you. All I'm going to say is Pamela Ann did another Amazing job with the story of Lucy and Toby. In full Pamela Ann Fashion she had my Emotions all over this place. This story broke my heart on so many levels. Pamela Ann draws you in to the story making you live the story with every Character. Reading this book was liking visiting family. Like going home. Hanging out with Lucy, Toby, Chad, Sienna, and The Mighty Knightly was Amazing. I Love everything Pamela Ann writes but the is my favorite series because it was the first of her work that I read ( Chasing Beautiful). Lucy's lake of self worth and acting on doubts. Toby's pain and bad reaction set a course for many mistakes and heart break. It was a long painful road for both of them. With all the angst and heart break( We know how Pam likes to kill us with the angst. LOL) the love shined through. The poetry was beautiful. I did miss her play list of music for the book. Pamela Ann I know this is not the end of this series and I can't wait to go home again. Read the book. Read the series. You will never be disappointed.

  • Heather Scott mannella
    2018-12-14 10:53

    Hmmmm what to say....first off Lucy is a selfish bitch and I hated her from the first chapter!!!! I can't believe how awful she behaved through the entire book, she totally did not deserve Toby even in the end!!! I seriously wanted to cut her!!!! Because of her I was in a horrible mood the entire book!!! The only reason I gave the book 4 stars was bc of Toby! He has seriously has to be the most unselfish person ever (the total opposite of the bitch)! The way he handled the situation with Amelia and the baby was priceless! If anybody reading this book had a dry eye then you seriously need counseling cuz your heartless!!! I'm a labor and deliver nurse and sometimes after several years on the job you learn to harden your heart so to speak and that scene was just absolutely the saddest scene I think I have ever read in a romance novel! The authors always make the miraculous happen and in a way I'm kind of glad she didn't! Lucy has to know that was all her fault and I hope she feels guilty for the rest of her life, even though it will be with Toby!

  • Everything Marie
    2018-11-23 08:51

    I've been a huge fan of this series and absolutely love, love this book. I read it in a few hours and basically held my pee so I can finish this thing!! If you haven't already, I strongly recommend you to read the first 3 novels so you know the basic history.I loved Toby and Lucy!! I actually like them better than Blake and don't beat me, please!! This was a great addition to the series, filled with angst, drama, and hot freakin will need some cooling off after reading these chapters. I was reading this at work and was like, "whoa! I feel kinky!" But then there's a few scenes that will utterly tear your heart out. So much emotion was put into this book.Anyways, this book has summed up everything you can possibly want for these two. I also thought the book was funny; I found myself laughing at times, and now my co-workers think I've lost my damn mind! Pamela Ann is such a great writer and she keeps getting better and better. I highly recommend this series as it's one you will never forget!

  • Rebecca Bassett
    2018-12-12 07:12

    Have to say I'm a massive Pamela Ann fan, have read every book she's ever written and released and this one didn't disappoint. The trials and tribulations made for fantastic reading, as we've come to expect from Pamela. I even cried a third of the way through, sad as that may sound I can not help being drawn into her books. It was a great read as I've stressed previous. I do have one small criticism though, which pains me say but it is my opinion, the book is fantastic but I felt the ending was rushed. I mean how Lucy and Toby came together in her flat. They had been through so much to be together and get to that point in their lives/relationship. There was so much detail previously in the book like for example with Toby's relationship with Amelia. I just felt it lacked a little something at the end with them, which we've seen in the other chasing series books. Sorry Pamela, I do love ALL your books but I wouldn't be a true fan if I didn't give my true feelings. Xx

  • Pamela
    2018-11-19 07:02

    I am a huge fan of Pamela Ann's books not just this series but ALL of her books! She did it once again! Wow Wow Wow this book has everything I expected and much more! As I read Lucy and Toby's story I was overcome with emotions - I chuckled, laughed out loud and cried actual sobbing is some spots thank goodness I was alone when reading this book! This is an emotional roller coaster and I even felt sorry for Amelia and I didn't even like her! My thoughts throughout this book was Toby and Lucy belong together - they are soul mates and as always Pamela Ann delivered the love story I hoped they deserved! I can not wait for the next book in this series well in any of her series for that matter! If you have not read any of her books you absolutely should you will not be disappointed and most of all you will be hooked -always wanting more! Thank you Pamela Ann for another amazing book.

  • Yve
    2018-11-24 08:48

    I had been putting off reading Toby & Lucy's story because I knew it would be gut-wrenching and I was right to hold off. Toby & Lucy are meant to be together, but are both so stubborn that all the continue to do is hurt each other. Each toxic word they spew at eachother is like a little knife cut, and considering how vicious they are towards eachother and all the nasty things they say to each other, they're slowly bleeding each other dry with millions of little knife cuts. There were countless times that I wanted to strangle them both for being so dense, for not communicating with each other, for continuing down the destructive path they're on. I was beyond thrilled when they finally laid everything out in the open and realized what they were doing to one another. I'm happy with where their book ended, but must admit that, as with all Pamela Ann's books, I was left wanting more.

  • Jyoti Achameesing
    2018-12-11 06:49

    Heartbreaking story of Toby and Luce. The pain of Toby is soul wrenching, the constant stubbornness of Luce is at times too much. She took the wrong decision and played right in the hands of Toby' mum. Unfortunately she spoiled many lives and now has to suffer too. Yet Toby is willing to do anything to resume his relationship. Amelie confession is very pitiful and her sudden death is a shock ! More terrible and touching is the baby dying in Toby's arms under the eyes of Luce. Toby's mourning of his loss of direction in life is a rude awakening for Luce. She quickly comes to her sense and is willing to seek him. More denials and tears await this torn couple. Finally they heal and gets their Forever. The author has this magic touch of churning powerful emotions . A box of tissue is highly recommended by your side.

  • Dhamiera Johnson
    2018-12-11 03:00

    Man, I didn't think Toby and Lucy's story would be as good as Blake and Sienna's, but it was damn sure close. I honestly couldn't predict anything in this book. SPOILER ALERT! I totally didn't expect for Amelia or the baby to pass away, but I thought that their passing would bring Toby and Lucy closer. NOT!!!! Although she had a good explanation, she wasn't there in the beginning, but made it in the end. I totally cried when Toby was holding his daughter while she was passing. That completely broke my heart. In the end, I was happy that they found one each other and got married, but I wish there was more about how he finally turned his back on his family. Regardless, this is definitely going on my favorites list. BTW, Chad needs a book!

  • Marianne
    2018-12-03 10:52

    I really love the Pamela Ann books and always enjoy her series but I felt this one whilst not bad was a little disappointing. I thought Lucy came across as selfish and there was not enough depth and conviction with her feelings in this book whilst Toby was a ball of mush. Whilst the HEA was great it felt rushed in the end given the drama that unfolded. I also felt a distinct lack of support from their friends in this volume which left the book feeling a bit disconnected from the series. I still highly recommended it, as let's face it, we all need closure.

  • Stephanie Erickson
    2018-11-30 10:04

    Words can not express how much I love this series, it made me want to go back and re-read the entire series again! At times I wanted to shake Lucy and Toby, there is so much hurt, heart break and anger between them at times as well as love, will they work it out?I has so happy to have the group all back together again, Blake, Sienna, Luke and Chad they are more than just friends they are family and above all else always there for each other. This book was just not long enough, and I can't wait to read more about this group.

  • Me
    2018-12-05 05:55

    Even though this is Toby's and Luce's story, it is not a standalone. Most of their history is covered in the last 2 books of the Chasing Series. This book sort of begins in the middle and for a person not having read the other books, you get a synopsis of their relationship and woes instead of being part of the action. You don't get as much of the back and forth as the first. 3 books. Luce is stubborn and unrelenting in her decision. Most of the angst in this book lies with Toby. He makes a lot of poor choices hence carries the majority of the regrets.

  • Michelle Robbins
    2018-11-29 04:46

    It is hard to put into words what this book has done to me. I cried so many ugly tears that passerby's must have thought someone I loved died. Pamela Ann, you wrote such an amazing story for Toby and Lucy that I will be unable to think of much else for a long while. This story, like all of Pamela Ann's stories really make you invest in the characters. There is so much passion, chemistry and friendship between these characters that you almost feel like you could be one of their friends too. I LOVED IT! Thank you Pamela!

  • Ivania
    2018-12-01 06:55

    If the author wants to write in other language first of all need a native in the idiom correct her errors. My first language is Spanish, and this books have several mistakes in the writing for Spanish lines, I have not doubt than in this review I have also errors, but I'm not a published author.My critic is not for the story, I like it very much, Toby is a sensitive man more tolerable than Blake, but the writing is not professional enough for my taste.

  • bookaddict22
    2018-11-21 08:50

    This was full of angst and at times a little annoyingly so. Even though it was annoying watching Lucy flip flop all over the place with her emotions, I certainly could understand what she was going through. The same goes for Toby in how he handled things with Lucy. It was just a Cluster all over the place but I really loved the story. Literally couldn't put it down and read it straight through. Always enjoy reading anything by Pamela Ann.