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Fleeing London, Thomas Newton reaches Paris full of hopes for a new life with Pierre Baptiste. The hopes are quickly shattered. There are unsettling rumors about Pierre’s past and very real threats in the present. Arrested on false charges, thrown into a dank prison, Thomas must decide whether he can trust Pierre’s help to winning back his freedom. But freedom will bring oFleeing London, Thomas Newton reaches Paris full of hopes for a new life with Pierre Baptiste. The hopes are quickly shattered. There are unsettling rumors about Pierre’s past and very real threats in the present. Arrested on false charges, thrown into a dank prison, Thomas must decide whether he can trust Pierre’s help to winning back his freedom. But freedom will bring other risks, especially if it requires a return to London and all that he fled. The men from his past whom he betrayed—and who might well want revenge. His avowed enemies, the bigots that chased him across the channel. And, worst of all, everything he doesn’t know about his family. To survive, he will have to play both sides of the life—as a thief taker....

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The Thief Taker Reviews

  • Lena♥Ribka
    2019-05-18 00:32

    DON'T READ this book if you:1) don't like/don't read/don't understand GAY EROTICA2) want a sweet mm-romance. IT. IS. NOT.3)If you haven't read Secret Societies. The Thief Taker is not a stand alone, it is a part of the series.4) If you're a NEWBIE in a genre. You'll be most likely SHOCKED. I don't have idea if it is good for your MM-addiction or vice a versa.READ IT. PLEASE, READ IT if:1) You ENJOY/APPRECIATE/UNDERSTAND GAY EROTICA2) If you enjoy historical GAY EROTICA FICTION. IMO it is one of the most complex sub-genres. 3) If you are fed up to the back teeth with a conventional romance and want just to try something different.After reading the first book in the Thomas Newton series, I couldn't miss the second book. How could I? After incredibly addictive, exciting and above all shocking and terrific adventure of Thomas Newton in London of the 18th century, I just immediately grabed the sequel. The second book,The Thief Taker begins where the first book, Secret Societies, ended. Thomas fled from London, the city that gave him not just a roof over his head but a caring and loving home that he had never known in his life and that then cruelly took it away from him. He made his way towards Paris full of hopes for a new life with Pierre Baptiste, an attractive wealthy trader from France, whom he had become acquainted with at the Mother Clap's establishment. But don't expect a sweet reunion of the both in a city of love - buckle up! William Holden stays true to his writing style. His erotica has nothing to do with clean bed linens and washed bodies. He shocks, provokes, surprises and wows readers with graphical descriptions and animalictic sex scenes. Sex made by William Holden is often dirty, unclean, rough, aggressive and reeking. You frequently find shit and seed on the same line. And there is much of this kind of sex.It is not about LOVE, it is about LUST, SEX and FUCK. (Did I mention that we're talking about GAY EROTICA here?) Of course it is also about relationships and building partnerships, though not in a candy-manner way.What I found really great in this series: Along with many sex scenes (sorry if you feel being violated by it- but it is a requirement of the genre), it has also a lot of well thought out plot and a very intriguing storyline, that kept me glued to the pages. And the language, the word building!..*sigh* What a pleasure this gentlemanly dirty talk out of 18th century! The author succeeded in creating a credible historical ambience.The Thief Taker has more twists and turns than the first book. One of the author 's specialities - you never know who is a good guy and who is an evil. It could happen that on the next page one of the most likeable characters suddenly turns into an insidious traitor. And vice versa. Totally unpredictable. I like the ending. We left our hero in good hands, full of hopes on the threshold of new beginnings. I can't talk about a cliffhanger, because it ends well and solved, but some questions remained unanswered. That also considers that a new sequel will be coming and that makes me happy!Even if I'm an addicted kindle reader, I pay many attention to the covers of my books. The second book, also like the first book, provides a very atmospheric and beautiful cover, that unfortunately also the reason for a wrong interpretation of its genre. All in all, a solid historical erotica, that just needs to be invented by the right readers. Recommended. *** This review has been crossed posted to Gay Book Reviews

  • Mel
    2019-05-14 03:39

    I knew in part that I was not supposed to be enjoying this interplay, but I could not stop myself from being swept away by the anticipation of a fuck.Starting in the same dark places SECRET SOCIETIES left off, I asked myself why I was still enjoying this book so much. And I came to the conclusion that apart from being just exceptionally well and engagingly written I love that there is always good and even pleasure be found in the darkest of places and situations.We should never take moments in our life for granted. Pleasure regardless of life obstacles should be relished and savoured.I am nevertheless glad that after the first quarter the events take a turn to the lighter. There is hope and love, there is a purpose, and a better future seems worth fighting for. I must say that this book was even better than the first. I absolutely love how so many twists and turns made this an intriguing and suspenseful reading experience. So much so that it was near impossible to put this down.I think it is amazing how many people and events from the first book were picked up and giving new and deeper meaning. Really, this way extraordinary because it didn't feel like anything was missing from the first book.Thomas really became his own person in this book and I loved seeing him grow and becoming independent yet finding friends, love, and a future.Though this book is a lot more romantic than the first one, this is still no romance but GAY EROTICA, and was nominated for the Lambda Award this year.There is a huge amount of sex in this book. It's the raw and dirty kind. I found it to be amazingly hot, although I am most grateful that smell is not transported through my kindle. If you are squicked out easily, this is not your book. There are also instances of dub-con here, though a lot less than in the first book.I love the language used in the sex scenes as it stays true to the time and characters. Even when dirty, it is still so polite."Oh, the blessings of your tongue are more than I can handle." Pierre groaned. "Please, do not make me wait a moment longer. I must have that most handsome prick shoved up my ass."Lolol OMG I love that. It may sound silly out of context, but it's just right when you're reading the book.As is usually the case with erotica, a bit of discarding believability is necessary to truly enjoy this. But this I did. I highly, highly recommend this series. Don't be scared off by the low average rating. People were expecting something else... All the stars for this amazing book.

  • Annette Gisby
    2019-04-22 00:52

    When I started this book, it felt as I had been dropped in a story that had already started and I was a bit lost. Looking on Goodreads, I realised it was a sequel, so that explained a few things.The first quarter or so of the book takes place in a horrible prison and asylum where Thomas Newton is thrown into on false charges.Now, I did realise this was an erotica story before I started, but the sex scenes in the prison squicked me completely (not because of the sex scenes, LOL!) but because all I could keep thinking of was the rats and the filth, with Thomas beaten, half-starved, dying of thirst, almost raped at the hands of a different prisoner and yet he still wanted to have sex? It just seemed off to me. Maybe it's a male thing, I don't know.The parts in the prison were so awful and depressing, angst heaped upon angst, and I wasn't sure I could keep reading, but once Thomas was freed by his friend Pierre Baptiste, things started looking up.They returned to London to try and find out who had arranged for Thomas to be sent to that awful place in Paris and discover more than they bargained for.I've never heard of the Society for the Reformation of Manners before, which appears in the book, but on further research it seems to have been set up to act as moral guardians and get people arrested who didn't fit in with their views, such as prostitutes and homosexual men. Sodomy was a capital offence then, so Thomas and his friends were rightly in fear of the noose.I liked Thomas as a character, even though he has done some things in the past to save his own skin, but he is still a sympathetic character.The book is a mix of action/mystery and erotica, with it landing heavily on the erotica side. I found myself skimming some of the sex scenes to get to the next part of the mystery :) The erotica is on the harder side than most of the M/M historicals I've read, with a lot more explicit and earthy language. I have one major quibble with the sex scenes, in nearly every one Thomas uses the word 'ass'. He's British, I don't think he would use 'ass' in that context, and it really jarred me out of the scenes altogether.It was an interesting book, well-written and true to the historical aspect as far as I could tell, but I think readers would enjoy it more by reading the previous book in the series first. There are hints as to what has happened previously, so you aren't completly lost, but I think it would have added more depth if I'd read the previous one first.If you like your m/m erotica with a bit of a harder edge, then this might be for you.

  • Denise
    2019-05-16 03:44

    I received an Advance Reader's copy of this book on Netgalley. I didn't realize until after I'd started reading that this is the second book in a series. Oops! I do not like reading books out of order, but I tried to get a fair read on this book with its "sequel" status in mind. I have edited the Goodreads record for it to make it clearly part of a series, which I hope is helpful to others.This book is a mixture of action/adventure/mystery and erotica set in the early 18th century London during the sodomy persecutions of The Society for the Reformation of Manners. And after reading this book I now wonder why more gay writers don't work with this setting, as it has so many advantages: it's reasonably easy to research and write, it's relatively familiar to most readers so you don't have to spend a lot of time on expository, and lends itself to lots of both exciting AND historically authentic plot lines for gay stories. Some big kudos must go to the author for picking a choice historical era that has been rather astonishingly overlooked.However, the plot line still needs some refinement to really work. There were several small niggling plotholes and reliance on dei-ex-machina, such as when (view spoiler)[one character was saved from hanging by a random man switching places with him - we were told that the substitute was going to his death willingly, and that it was to save his family, but there was no explanation as to how this exchange worked, (hide spoiler)] which bothered me for the rest of the book!This book is long but not slow, as the narrative jumps from sex to action to sex to more action with no patience for long conversations or romance. The erotica is harder than is customary for most m/m historicals. Armpits are licked. There is anal sex without lubricant. Casual reference is made to what I shall identify only as ye olde santorum. And I think this is great! The m/m erotica genre can sometimes be about as sexually edgy as a bag of marshmallows, and it needs shaking up from strong male voices. Not a book without faults, but well worth your time if you're looking for different erotica or an unexplored time period.

  • S.Michelle
    2019-05-16 04:27

    I stopped less than 50 pages into this book. For a "historical" novel, there is far too much use of modern words and phrases. This makes the text jarring and unusual. Also, it felt as if every page from page one onward was filled with non-consensual, forced, and/or just plain awkward "attempts" at intimacy and sex. Very awkward and extremely unbelievable... Why would you have sex with someone you just met in a prison? It boggles the mind, is what this book does.Not so sadly, I will not be finishing this book and I do not recommend anyone else read it. It is just not good at all.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-05-17 07:29

    2014 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)