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From the author of the bestselling Once Were Warriors, a powerful story of love between father and son, of contrasting ways of looking at the world and of revenge.When Johno comes out of prison, he resolves never to go back again. But his new life is not easy, especially as he soon finds himself in sole charge of his strange young son, Danny. Danny isn't the kind of son heFrom the author of the bestselling Once Were Warriors, a powerful story of love between father and son, of contrasting ways of looking at the world and of revenge.When Johno comes out of prison, he resolves never to go back again. But his new life is not easy, especially as he soon finds himself in sole charge of his strange young son, Danny. Danny isn't the kind of son he would have chosen, but, in caring for the boy, Johno finds new meaning and new direction.But what do you do when the world you've so carefully built comes crashing down? Can you ever escape your past?...

Title : Frederick's Coat
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ISBN : 9781869415662
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Frederick's Coat Reviews

  • Made
    2019-04-29 07:04

    One of the best books I've ever read.

  • Karen
    2019-05-04 01:28

    From the author of Once Were Warriors, FREDERICK'S COAT is equally as surprising, challenging, moving and profoundly affecting. It's also particularly unusual in that it looks past the crime, the investigation and jail time to a life that is being rebuilt.Johno comes from a long line of single fathers. So it's no particular surprise that his release from jail after a long sentence doesn't lead to happy ever after in his personal life. Despite trying, it's not long before his wife packs up and leaves him, taking their daughter with her. This leaves Johno responsible for the care of their son Danny. Johno vows to go straight, to set a good example, to be different from his own father and grandfather. That's not to say that anything they did was cruel, or exploitative. In their own way, this is a family of caring and loving men. Lifetime criminals who did their best, it's that habitual criminal aspect that Johno is determined to avoid for Danny. From the very start, as soon as Johno comes out of jail, it's obvious that Danny's very different. It's not just his artistic ability, there's something else. His social skills aren't good, he's instantly the target of bullies in school, he simply doesn't fit in. Johno takes each of the challenges that Danny throws at him and does the very best he can. He also works hard, builds a business, makes a lot of money, stays as straight as he possibly can, cares for Danny, encourages his artistic interests, is proud of his son. Along the way he helps out old friends, and eventually finds love of his own. All the while Danny's behaviour becomes more odd, and stretches Johno's understanding further. Although nobody could possibly predict the outcome when Danny befriends a homeless man. All Johno can do at that stage is stand by and watch the car crashing - or does he fall back on old connections from his criminal past?FREDERICK'S COAT is an unusual crime novel in that it's exploring long term consequences. It does that in a particularly moving and sobering way. There's so much here about the struggle to change your destiny, the difficulties in handling the temptations that we all brush up against every day, and the ease with which wrong decisions can be made. It's also most definitely a story about love. There's real love between these generations of men, and there is a stoic acceptance of failings, foibles and faults.There's also a touch of steel displayed. Johno is a man who is determined to get in front of his background, to make a change in his life. He's quiet about it, not flashy and not prone to emotional outbursts but there's something about him, in particular, that was so real, so raw and so beautifully drawn that it's almost impossible to get to the end of this book without a tear in the eye.Regardless of whether you believe (as this reader does) that FREDERICK'S COAT is a psychological thriller, an exploration of background, upbringing and influence, it is definitely an outstanding analysis of consequences. Regardless of how you want to classify it, FREDERICK'S COAT is different. Beautiful, moving and a difficult book to read, it was an absolute privilege to do so.

  • Jan
    2019-04-26 02:22

    Supplied by Random House New Zealand for an honest reviewJono Ryan comes from a long line of criminals, who live outside the law but by a strict code of honour. As a young man he continues the family tradition and is caught and sent to prison. After he serves his time and is released, Jono vows never to go back inside and changes his life to go straight. His new life isn’t easy though, especially when he gets sole custody of his son, Danny. A strange kid, Danny is sensitive and possesses an incredible artistic talent, viewing the world differently to others.Jono works hard over the years, building up his businesses while protecting Danny from the world and encouraging his artistic gift. Then Danny makes a friend, Frederick, a homeless man with a mental illness. Frederick teaches Danny poetry and ‘gets’ him, spending hours with each other. Then tragedy strikes and the world Jono has so carefully built come crashing down.I wouldn’t reread this book but found it compelling and liked it and m glad I read it. The characters were real, with Jono being likeable and sympathetic. This book was a pleasant surprise, as I’d pigeonholed Alan Duff as writing books about domestic violence – as in Once Were Warriors. Instead it showed how someone can change the life they were born into, and explored the effects of prison life on people.Alan Duff was the driving force behind the Duffy Books in Homes scheme which aims to break the cycle of illiteracy, poverty, ager, and violence among underprivileged children by providing books for them to own.

  • Penguin Random House NZ
    2019-05-03 07:21

    (Harriet) It is immensely pleasing to say: Duffy is back and he’s back fighting . . . fighting with words and with scenes of tender love. Love of a schoolboy for his best friend. Love of a father for his son. Love of a boy for his wino friend. Love of a man for a woman. It’s a book about loss, too, and it’s about the temptation of revenge, but to find out whether revenge will out, you simply must read this book!

  • Michelle
    2019-05-22 00:02

    I finished reading it yesterday - the main characters Johno and Danny absolutely capture your heart. Even after the book is over, I think about how their stories and how I felt when I was reading it.Duff has a very unique skill in being able to identify and show real nuances of different types of personalities in a way that is believable and relatable.I will definitely be re-reading this book when I get the chance.

  • zespri
    2019-04-24 07:20

    A great story, with interesting characters. I would call this more the story of an unusual friendship, rather than the love of a father for his son, with Frederick of the title weaving his magic throughout the book. Two people on the margins of society, Frederick and Danny, with Johno on the outside trying to make sense of the connection between the homeless man and his son.

  • Lee Wallace
    2019-05-13 07:17

    Cool story bro. Easy read, affecting, and straight up. Would this be a return to form? I'd have to check.