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Ava Troyer never really considered the possibility of life outside of the warm, protective Amish community. Even during her state-mandated schooling through the eighth grade, she would dreamily fantasize about whether any of the other Amish boys in the history class right after lunch was going to be the father of her children, or if she would meet the man of her dreams froAva Troyer never really considered the possibility of life outside of the warm, protective Amish community. Even during her state-mandated schooling through the eighth grade, she would dreamily fantasize about whether any of the other Amish boys in the history class right after lunch was going to be the father of her children, or if she would meet the man of her dreams from another state, an exciting possibility. But the wreck that killed her father and almost killed Ava, that early Sunday morning, at the hands of an all-night reveler, changed everything. The young man in military fatigues that pulled her to safety spoke Pennsylvania Dutch to her, but he wasn’t Amish. Or was he? And how could she be so powerfully attracted to a young man about to go overseas to war, something she fiercely believed was wrong? Roger Rheinheimer spent the first eighteen years of his life in northern Indiana. His father was the only doctor for a small town of 1200, and had a hitching rail on a side street by his office for the Amish patients. His father bought an eighty acre farm, and Roger and his older brother worked it, raising cattle and growing crops. While he was still in high school, Roger learned woodworking skills from Elmer Schlabach, his Amish mentor. They built houses in the old-fashioned tradition, from hand-mixing the concrete for the foundations to hand-nailing the shingles. The only phase they did not do was the electrical. To this day, Roger enjoys using his wood crafting skills, making acoustic guitars and furniture. Roger earned an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Psychology from a small private college in the Shenandoah Valley, took a Creative Writing class, loved it, and published a short story called My Brother. He was a regular contributing writer to the college newspaper. Roger has two novels in print and ebook, Amish Snow and Yield Spread: a novel. Crystal Linn is a free-lance writer and award-winning poet who teaches a variety of creative writing classes. Her third book, Poetry for Friends, is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2012. She lives in the greater Seattle area where she enjoys reading mysteries, writing poetry and sailing with friends and family....

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Amish Forever Reviews

  • Debbie
    2018-12-14 04:32

    I am giving "Amish Forever - The Complete Series" by Roger Rheinheimer and Crystal Linn five stars! This is twelve stories that was originally published as twelve short novellas, I am glad I was given the complete series for an honest review as I am not sure I would have enjoyed the novellas as much as I did the complete series as the short stories wouldn't have been long enough. The ending of this complete series left me wanting more of Ava and the young man in military fatigues! I am happy to know that I will get to know more in a new book that is in the works as I am writing this review and it will be "Amish Forever : A New Journey".The only problem I had with this book was that the storyline was repeated too much but that could have been because the story like I said was originally published as novellas and standalones but it didn't really distract me from enjoying the story!This story points out that the Amish has problems with jealously and bitterness and I really loved that LOVE WON in the end!Ava's mother died giving her birth and her Aunt Rachel moved in to help raise her and her three older brothers! The only problem is Aunt Rachel didn't like Ava's mother at all and is a bitter woman. The problems really start after Ava's father is killed in a wreck and a mystery man moves back to the community and why is one of the three brother's Aunt Rachel's favorite when he is not following the Amish way of life at all!This book is full of love, and heartache and surprises and struggles, in other words real life!

  • Shari Howe
    2018-12-16 07:22

    An Uplifting ReadThis book kept me hooked from the first page as Ava awakens from an accident between a car and her horse drawn buggy. Who is the stranger in military clothing that picks her out of the wreckage and tenderly carries her to the side of the road?As with so many Amish books, the main character is gentle, humble, and caring. Character traits most of us want to emulate in our own lives. The characters in this book are a healthy mix of realistic people from gentle and caring to feisty and mean and everything in between! You’re sure to find a favorite in this unique mix.One feature I really enjoyed in this book by Linn and Rheinheimer was the way they introduced each chapter by presenting Amish facts to enhance the readers understanding of Amish ways and traditions. I learned many things that helped me understand these simple people. Another thing I enjoyed was the use of Amish vocabulary in the writing. The authors made it easy to figure out the meanings of the words by the way they incorporated the term and the meaning in the sentence.I look forward to reading more by these authors as I found their style of writing as well as the story line to be very enjoyable. Another author who writes similar books about the Amish is J.E.B. Spredemann. If you enjoy her books, you’ll enjoy books by Crystal Linn and Roger Rheinheimer as well.

  • JudyAnn
    2018-12-09 06:08

    This book began as a series and is provides ample repetition centered around the romance between devout Amish Ava and 'on the fence' Zeke with some interesting tension throughout their familial community. I found the book is best read in short reading times. The author cstch-up content as they transition between each one of them and the next step in the romance so that you won't forget what happened the last time you read some of the book. Reading straight through doesn't give the authors a fair chance, but makes the catchup parts get in the way and the book seems like the story that never ends. Savor this book as a series which was the original presentation. I wasn't aware this was first a series. I wish I had chosen to read a chapter a day or every other day for the benefit of my reading pleasure.As you give yourself a shorter reading time, you will enjoy watching a family deal with grief, sacrifice, lost love and new loves, true friends and some rascals. Well written, but ends rather abruptly after a rather convoluted long book. Perhaps there are more stories awaiting these fine folks.

  • Lucy Nix
    2018-11-30 06:20

    Do you believe in love at first sight?This was a very enjoyable read, loved the little tidbits of Amish info at the beginning of each chapter. Was an extremely good read of love at first sight, when a young amish woman is in a buggy/auto accident where her father dies and a strange young man in army fatigues saves her by pulling her out of the rubble of the accident. He speakes to her in her own language and upon her regaining conscienceness in the hospital she wonders who he is. As time passes they meet... you must buy the book to find out more... no more spoilers. I am so glad that the authors have put all the chapters together to make it one complete story. It is a tender love story. Also loved the other characters in the story, Ava Troyer, her 3 brothers and her aunt and other community members. Makes a wonderful read for a rainy weekend. Also gave some herbal tincture recipies at the end of the book. A copy of this book was provided for this review.

  • Ann
    2018-12-15 10:09

    I really enjoyed this book. It is wonderful story of a young Amish woman surviving an accident that killed her father and of her trying to find her place in her home with an overbearing aunt while also trying to find the young man God intended for her. One of the things I did enjoy was the way each chapter started with a explanation of life in the Amish community and their beliefs. This is the first book I have read by this author and I look forward to reading the next book in the series. I was furnished with a copy of this book in return for a honest review. I do recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Amish fiction.

  • Jeanie Harper
    2018-12-02 03:26

    I enjoyed this book especially the explanation on the differences in the Amish culture.