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Colin McKinney has wanted three things since he met Caroline “Charlie” Collins when he was a junior at Texas A&M University: to make her his wife, play professional football, and have a family. In the first three books of the Infinity Series, Colin and Charlie met, fell in love, broke apart, reunited eight years later, and got married. In the years they were separated,Colin McKinney has wanted three things since he met Caroline “Charlie” Collins when he was a junior at Texas A&M University: to make her his wife, play professional football, and have a family. In the first three books of the Infinity Series, Colin and Charlie met, fell in love, broke apart, reunited eight years later, and got married. In the years they were separated, Colin became the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but was still chasing his Super Bowl dream. Charlie graduated from Harvard Medical School, fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. In “Infinity.”, Charlie and Colin are facing their toughest challenge as a couple yet—finding the balance between their personal lives and career goals. Both are still fighting to have it all. In the final installment of the Infinity Series, will Colin get everything that he’s always dreamt of? And do Colin and Charlie ultimately find their happiness? This book is part of the Infinity Series available on Amazon. The reading order is “Falling Into Infinity”, “From Now Until Infinity”, “Finding Infinity”, and "Infinity." ...

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Infinity. Reviews

  • TeriLyn
    2018-12-05 03:15

    **Infinity graciously provided by author in exchange for an honest review**5 PFM StarsLayne Harper expertly showed us two people whose need for each other bases on instinct, their love infectious and undeniable. Infinity concludes Ms. Harper’s Infinity Series by giving us an honest portrayal of the life these two signed for, remaining completely true to her characters. She’s woven their tale through the trials and tribulations of normal relationships but accelerated it to include a life of celebrity and status. The result of this journey in the words of Colin Fucking McKinney proves to be “pure fucking magic”. Colin and Charlie survived a lot of heartache in their sordid relationship. Ms. Harper writes with an angsty edge that borders on maddening. She started off this story so brightly. Then what Charlie and Colin do best happens – they analyze to the nth degree, they get way inside their own heads, and they eventually combust. And I love every anxious, gripping bit of it. These characters endeared themselves to my heart from the beginning and continued to do so throughout the series. Ms. Harper takes us on this journey where the outcome is predictable but the way in which she reaches that outcome is pleasantly unexpected. There are twists, turns, and discoveries in their relationship to intrigue us into wanting more until the very last word. Charlie and Colin both show us their vulnerabilities and their strengths. Colin especially, in my opinion, goes through some painful times in this book. He craves control. When the delicate balance in their lives starts shifting Colin begins spiraling. His mind trips and falls over questions that he can’t answer. These moments are when we see him as mere mortal and not the superman he tries to emulate. Charlie as well, she has sacrificed a lot in her life to present in this relationship. It’s a vital connection she needs in her life. Her selfishness, as Colin sees it, comes from a place she’s buried. They struggle and cope and learn. Seeing them in the new roles they’ve chosen for themselves made me so happy. It’s satisfying and peaceful to know that characters you’ve come to adore make some dreams come true for themselves. The sweetness when these two are together is definitely pure magic. The connection Ms. Harper has created with these two characters is electric, you can never deny they're meant to be together. The purity of Charlie and Colin’s love cannot ever be questioned – it’s all the outside influence that taints them. As sad as I am that this is the last of Charlie and Colin, I really enjoyed reading the conclusion to their journey together. The way it ended was peaceful and fitting for the turbulent ride they’ve endured over the course of four books. I adore these characters and their story. Ms. Harper’s writing and plots completely sucked me in from the beginning, they’ve matured greatly – the characters becoming much more and I’m so glad to have been a part of their story. I sincerely hope that Jack Collins getting the last laugh means what I think it means for the future.

  • Kristine Ruiz
    2018-11-21 21:00

    I got this as a arc copy and I got to say I loved it. The whole series was great, reading the story for the start to finish excellent. In this final installment of infinity we finally find out how things will end for Colin and Caroline, for all the years love they share. After all the years apart and finding their way back together, in this book we see the struggles of learning to live in the others world. There's love, life, death, babies, new relationships , and emotions of all kinds brought out. For Colin his life is Caroline and eventually the family they have, being with her is like breathing and the fear of losing her scares him more then anything else. With feelings and emotions surfacing ( don't want to spoils in ) he's figuring out what is most important go him and what he really wants out of his life. Learning what he can and can't live without. The sacrifices he makes and how he finds him self discovering new possibilities. Caroline goes threw ups and downs of life with the new life she is living and the family she so wants and loves when her life I torn upside down when her dad dies and she has to try to pick up the pieces. Trying to keep her family intact and her dreams two is hard when they are four hours away from each other. Feeling the loss of not being with Colin all the time and feeling like she's her self again at the same time is so hard for her to understand. Trying to save her dad's practice and do right by everyone including herself seems to be hard to figure out at first but when surprises pop up her world is thrown for another round. In the end Caroline and Colin figure out what right for them and their family and also what they are willing to give up and hold on to to make things work for infinity.

  • Tara Marie
    2018-11-30 19:00

    I was asked for an honest review by the author well here it is.... I FREAKING LOVE THIS SERIES!!! I haven't been so into a series in a while, I stumbled upon this series by accident and fell in love from book one. This book is the completion of CharCol, their life hasn't been pretty but it's been their life. This series shows you that true love can absolutely conquer all if you work at it. Neither of the Charlie nor Colin were completely at fault, they always had Heath others best interest at heart. Gut wrenching is a term I would use to describe the trials Colin went through when he felt he was losing control of his family, when he had no control over the child growing inside Charlie, or the control he didn't have over his football schedule. Coming back from "the break heard round the world" was hard for Colin but nothing prepared him for feeling like he was missing out on the family he created with Charlie. He's Colin "Fu$&ing" McKinney he should have some say over things right? It's hard writing a review without giving spoilers away when all you want to do is go on and on about the book. I will say this it is one of the best HEA books it left me feeling happy and satisfied with a book hangover like never before! If you haven't read this series please do Layne Harper did an awesome job with all the books!!

  • Linda~True Blood Diaries
    2018-12-06 22:55

    PFM!!! If you read this book then and only then will you understand why I describe the final installment in the Infinity Series as PFM.*I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this amazing book.*I first discovered this series and its author by chance. I instantly fell in love with both. Each book gets better and better.Infinity was an amazing ending to the couple I have come to adore. Charlie (The Orthopedic Surgeon) and Colin (The Brad Pitt of Football) are finally married. In this book we journey with them in the "happily" ever after part of their marriage. They battle their careers, prospective parenthood and all the losses/wins life throws at them. Layne Harper ends the series in a manner that remains true to the nature of both Colin and Charlie's characters. It is honest, hot, raw, emotional, heartbreaking and befitting of the love and passion between Colin F'n McKinney and Dr. Caroline Collins. It was most definitely PFM. Don't miss Infinity, #4 in the Infinity Series when it releases April 17, 2014.

  • Three Chicks
    2018-11-19 19:58

    This is the fourth and final installment of the Infinity series. Usually after a 3rd book I’m done with the story going on and on, but this is definitely not the case with Colin and Charlie. Each book has held my attention and I have never rushed my reading, but rather taking my time to savor every emotion, often times reciprocating it through the words I’m reading. The story definitely needed all installments to fully comprehend the complex story of Colin and Charlie and how they are able to compromise with both of them having controlling personalities.Colin is a complex man. He is a poster child for alpha male. He likes things his way, finds it very difficult to see any other way but his and is overbearing when it comes to making certain his way is carried out, but underneath his control issues he is a man who loves hard and has never forgotten what he felt like when he was away from Charlie for 8 years. His true happiness comes from loving Charlie and the indescribable feeling of being loved by her. He shows strength on the football field and is confident in anything he does, but he also has deep-rooted fears that somehow everything he loves will be taken away from him and he will not be able to save Charlie. These fears have escalated into nightmares, and in what should be one of his happiest days turns out to be him living his actual nightmare and his anger puts a damper on their special day.Caroline is faced with a family crisis and she needs to be in Houston to put her father’s medical clinic back on track. Caroline had been practicing medicine for a local charity in Dallas, but when given the opportunity to use her orthopedic specialty services she has a newfound energy and realizes how much she misses it. The distance between Houston (where the clinic is) and Dallas (where their home is), along with Colin’s active football season makes it extremely difficult for them to be together. This puts a strain on their marriage and doubt settles in Colin’s heart and mind as he recalls that she once chose medicine over him. Will this be another repeat?I don’t fully trust that she’s not going to break my heart again.My heart broke when they were struggling to find their balance. I felt both their pain, but especially Colin’s as there is more to this than just letting Charlie leave for Houston. Whenever she leaves she takes a piece of him and a chunk of his heart when she closes the car door. Something has to give and they are at an impasse until a solution is found. During this time there is a measurable amount of fake love shown for others while at home their distance is growing. The following scene has stuck with me long after I’ve finished and it still brings tears to my eyes.I carefully pick up my hand and place it over his heart, longing to feel his pulse under my palm. It only rests there for two beats before he removes my hand and places it on my hip. He doesn’t say anything as he turns onto his side, breaking our contact and presenting me with his back.Colin has probably come across as being selfish, but when it comes right down to it he makes a selfless decision to make certain that he and Charlie will forever have their happily ever after. My heart expanded at his decision and I love him even more for being able to hold onto his vision as to what pure happiness is all about. I have enjoyed being part of CharCol’s journey. Colin and Charlie have left an indelible impression on my heart. They were young lovers, separated for 8 years before reconciliation, and now they are bound together no matter what obstacle is placed before them. They know what it felt like to be apart and they will not forsake their love again. One gives, one takes, and sometimes one is “bamboozled” only to later being called the bamboozler. Out of the 4 books, I would have to say Infinity is my favorite. The ride that Ms. Harper took us on came to a close with this outstanding finish and I have no qualms giving this book a 5-star rating. It is written from dual points of view, and when it’s Colin turn to speak we see him exhibiting raw emotions. We can feel his love radiating along with his fears coming to life. This series will always remain a favorite of mine. And for those of you that have read Infinity, you will understand this when I say the Infinity Series is PFM.

  • Karrie Mellott Puskas
    2018-11-25 20:55

    Charlie and Colin are back for their Infinity. I have loved this series from the get go and so sad to see it end. But one word to describe this book: TOUCHDOWN! Colin still the hottie QB and Charlie still being Charlie! This is going to be hard to do a review without giving spoilers so I'm going to do my best! This book is my favorite of the whole series! I didn't think it would seeing this is the end but it is! Colin and Charlie are a dynamic couple who shows that couples have their ups and downs and you as a couple chose your fate. When the going gets tough the tough gets going. Even though they are a "star" couple they try to stay normal as possible and not get caught up in the glitz and glamor! This book is a must read! You need to one click this as soon as possible!!! You won't be disappointed!!

  • Lori
    2018-12-17 23:15

    So sad that this series has come to an end! I love Colin! This book was the perfect ending to their story!

  • Marie
    2018-11-29 02:18

    Great finale to this series!

  • Lost Between the Pages
    2018-12-17 02:00

    Infinity by Layne Harper -- ReviewPFMColin McKinney and his teammates have a phrase they use whenever they pull of a miraculous play. Pure F***ing Magic. In this case, PFM stands for the magic that is Infinity. Simply, Layne Harper has done it again. When I finished Finding Infinity, I was perfectly content with the ending we had for Charlie and Colin. Everyone always wants more when they are in love with the characters, but I felt we left them at a good place in their lives. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Layne was releasing a fourth book…and what a book it was. Infinity gave us the final glimpse into the McKinney’s that we didn’t know we wanted, but now that we have, we couldn’t live without it. Infinity picks up a year after we witnessed Charlie and Colin’s surprise nuptials. Colin’s team has won the Super Bowl and Charlie is pregnant. Life seems to be on the right path for these two, whom have come so far and endured more strife than most people do in a few lifetimes. Being the QB of a super bowl winning team, and first time parents is, unfortunately, not an easy feat, and we get to see Colin and Charlie struggle to maintain the balance they have fought for years to have. One of the beautiful qualities of the Infinity series is that, while a fairytale, it’s hard fought one. From the very beginning, there are obstacles on the road to lifelong happiness for Colin and Charlie. They claw and fight for every victory. Love did not come easy to them and the beauty of that is, that is real life. Too often, we read stories of couples who fall in love from across a crowded room and life is just perfect... Not the case for the McKinney’s and I think that is what drew me to this story. Colin and Charlie push to be the family and couple they WANT to be, not who people are telling them they should be. My favorite quote in the book is, “You’ll probably hear some arguing, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other. It just means that sometimes we love each other a little too loudly.“ That right there… is true life. There are plenty of ups and downs in their story, and while I don’t want to give any of them away, I can guarantee you will close the book and feel fulfilled and satisfied. That is what Layne Harper does. You are drawn so deeply into the story, that you are a part of the ride that Colin and Charlie are on. You feel their pain and their happiness as if you were experiencing it. This book, and series is a MUST READ. 5 STARS!

  • Anne OK
    2018-12-03 03:12

    Over the weekend, I read all four books in Layne Harper's "Infinity" series. The male lead is an NFL quarterback and that's about all it took to reel me in -- because I love a good sports-themed romance. And although the glaring editing errors irritated the heck out of me -- and believe me, they could easily have been corrected -- making this one a five-star reading experience for me, it's a solid well-developed story. Well, getting back on track, I loved the female lead (a medical student when the story first begins and later an orthopedic surgeon) almost as much as I did Mr. QB. This story spans a college romance, then an eight-year break up period, and then a reconnection for a mature and captivating love story -- but don't count on it being an easy run to the goal line. Nothing about this couple's relationship came easy -- but their ups and downs made for some prime storytelling for this reader. There's plenty of hot sizzling romance the author has presented realistically and emotionally satisfying. And the series ends with a quality "gotcha" Epilogue.I'm definitely going to check out other books by this new-to-me-author while hoping she finds herself a good editor/proofreader. She's got plenty of positive writing skills and it's a shame to take heat on careless editing errors.If you like sports-themed romance, this is a great series to read.

  • Bing
    2018-11-21 01:22

    Reading the Infinity series is like watching your best friend's journey through life. There are four books that chronicles the lives of Colin McKinney and Charlie Collins, better known as CharCol. One very famous Quarterback and one dedicated doctor who goes through life experiencing ups and downs, having their share of challenges & sucesses... just like everyone else. The difference is that they go through all these like a fish in an aquarium - observed by the media because of Colin's immense fame. I have to admit that I was, ( truthfully I still am!) quite obssessed with one popular football player. Reading this series made me think how difficult life can be just because you can throw a football! Of course, there are many perks, not to mention the obscene amount of money they earn, but they sacrifice a lot too - time away from family, missing a lot of "firsts" in their children's lives, and the media following their every move & making up stories about them. I enjoyed the story of Colin and Charlie because it's real; it's about family, friendships, career choices, dreams, all- consuming love, sacrifices. They may not have a normal life because of Colin's career, but the bottomline is that, it's a story about "a boy infinitely in love with a girl."

  • DivaDiane
    2018-11-25 22:20

    I have been crazed for months waiting for the end of the series, and joined GR last week in hopes of reading some reviews. Cannot even count the number of times I reread the other three books over the last few weeks. No. 4 definitely did not disappoint. The writer grew and wrote with more confidence in each installment. Loved the finale, mainly because there was such growth in both characters, even if it was enormously difficult to read. I was so delighted to read this a night early so that I did not have to sneak reading it on my phone app during work tomorrow like a closet eater or a chain smoker so thanks, Layne, for publishing early and for writing a moving and totally real part four. (Also agree that having his first wife and their ending would have been distracting and might have been a frightening and unsettling red herring.)

  • Amy
    2018-11-29 19:25

    I abso-fuckin-lutely enjoyed every word. It took me about 2 1/2 days to finish all four. This series is my favorite to date. I live 30 minutes from College Station so I related to every aspect of this book! I knew exactly the locations of every place she mentioned. This is my kinda reading. I can say that I could care less about rachael or aidens books, I want Ainsley's, like.. Yesterday! Oh yeah, did i mention my 6 yr old is named.. Anzley. I could read four more books with Colin and charley. *** A note to the author: I am loving the name Colin McKinney; as in Colin county, McKinney, tx bahahah***

  • Juany
    2018-12-09 01:23

    Harper sure didn't disappoint with the last book in her Infinity series! Unlike other series that I've read that get progressively worse with each book, it was the exact opposite with this series. Caroline and Colin face some really tough times and I was already bracing myself for the worst. I admire Harper's ability to show the reality of married couples, that it's not just good sex and fun times. And more importantly, that you don't give up. This book is an emotional roller coaster and so beautifully written. The epilogue was hands down the best I've read. I know this is a series I'll go back to again and again!

  • April Warren
    2018-11-24 03:07

    I finally caved and read this. I didnt want to because I fell in love with the characters and didnt want to say goodbye. As always, Layne Harper knocked this out of the park. she is an amazing author and this series was amazing. I laughed, I cried, I was sad, I was happy, I was anxious but most of all I felt everything the character was feeling and that made this series worthwhile. This has everything you could want in a book. I hope theres more stories to come because I will one click them! Amazing story!

  • Joan Onderko
    2018-11-23 20:04

    PFM. I loved every one of theses books. I live in Texas and started reading the first book while I was was in Bryan,College Station for work. I am a major George Strait fan and a Big Cowboys fan and I know where Buffalo TX is. Having said that Colin fing McKinney is my forever book boyfriend and Caroline is my hero. I liked how the author did not just make her eating disorder just magically go away. She showed how this was a life long struggle. I would LOVE it if Ms Harper would write Ansley and Royce's story.

  • Diane Nicoloff
    2018-12-10 03:17

    Excited and sad...Excited and sad...As the fourth and final book in the Infinity Series,I have been looking forward to this book for months. I fell in love with CFM and Charlie and couldn't wait to see how their journey ends. Layne did not disappoint, there were some twists and turns but they persevered and found peace and happiness and their HEA. Now I am sad that their story is over, when I miss my CharCol fix I will just have to read the series again and again!!!

  • Warpedmind
    2018-12-01 19:01

    I'm really going to miss Charlie and Colin! I really don't remember how I got started reading the series but I'm just glad I did! Reading this series was like watching your favorite show on TV and when it ends you can't wait until next week to see what happens next. This last book is about Charlie and Colin working through tough times in their marriage with a lot of crap thrown at them at once. Some of it was good and some was bad. But overall their love was tested and survived to infinity. I love you CharCol!!! Thanks Layne for the awesome novels!

  • Michelle Catlin
    2018-12-06 00:20

    I wasn't sure what to expect with this 4th's not often an author will write 3 REALLY good books about the same characters in a row. Often times, the 2nd or 3rd books start to lack something the first book had. I am so impressed with LH's talent...I absolutely loved all 4 Infinity books and this last one was just perfect! I am going to miss Charlie & Colin and I look forward to reading more of LH's work!

  • Twynnie
    2018-12-09 20:05

    Sure hope this is a happy book. Read all three back to back and I'm exhausted from the angsty roller coaster that is their love. I've had a hard time with Charlie up until the last half of the third book. Colin is swoon worthy and Charlie was crazy to ever let him go. Anyway, would love to read a long happy ever after for this couple. And Aiden and Rachael too. Will they get their own book?

  • Rhina
    2018-11-18 01:06

    I just finished this book, WOW!! Really love Colin and Charley. Layne Harper, Infinity is an amazing story. I hope you continue writing more books like this. Now I'm sad that it's over..

  • Eve M
    2018-11-29 03:16

    I loved it... Just add it to "Colin I don't give a fuck list" lol my favorite one all .. lol

  • Sassy Southern Book Affair
    2018-11-28 01:19

    4.5 Stars!Review: It was bittersweet for me to read this book, as I knew that it was wrapping up Colin and Charlies's story. I have enjoyed this series because I really felt like I was part of a real story, as we progressed from CharCol's college days up through them being in their 30's and a little beyond. In this final book, Charlie and Colin are still in Dallas, as he is still playing for the Cowboys. He has made it back from the "break heard 'round the world" in the season before, and he is currently wrapping up his most successful season after having won the Super Bowl. Charlie, meanwhile, is about to give birth to their first child, which was such an amazing thing to read and be part of, as you had previously seen their struggles to get pregnant. Much of the rest of the book is about the two of them learning to balance being in the spotlight due to his career, Charlie trying to find a place for herself as a mom, as a professional, and as his wife. Then, you throw in the rest of life, and these two struggle just as they have in the previous books. I have to be honest, I know that he can be a little neurotic and over-protective and just...alpha male, but Colin has always been my favorite of these two. I have really struggled with Charlie because she is not just a strong female, but she is almost just really selfish, at times. I try to give her a little bit of grace, because I know some of that is due to her own struggle with control issues, her eating disorder, abandonment issues and overcompensating, etc, but her decisions often frustrated me. These two have always struggled with compromise, and that battle just continued in this book. I'm actually not even sure that I like how the book wrapped up, in regards to Colin, but I did enjoy reading about the two of them try to figure things out. And, I think that says just as much about this author, that I can connect with these characters so much that I do feel like I should have a though they are friends of mine that I want to give a stern talking to...Anyways, I am hopeful to read more about their daughter, Ainsley, so I'm hopeful that the author has something in store for her. I would love to keep up with this family!Jessica

  • Martine
    2018-12-12 03:14

    This series is one of the best I have read this year. Love, love it! The fact that it remained to be a totally fantastic read from book 1 to 4 is an amazing achievement in its own. Not many books/author can claim that fame. I read the entire series one after another without encountering any sign of boredom and disinterest, something that happen quite a bit, usually when I get to book 3. So major kudos to Ms Harper. I will be adding her to my list of favourite new author. I love the writing style. It's crisp and tight. The characters are amazing from the beginning to the end. They are believable, not perfect and despite their status and station in life, they are faced with real issues a lot of real people faced every day. I love their love for each other. Their chemistry is out of this world. I love how they both made life changing adjustment in their life in order to accommodate each others, in order to survive. That things don't happen so easy for them simply because of who they are. Their conversation whether with each other or to/with themselves are very believable. Quite often they are some thing I would say to myself or my partner. It really is a great series, a real gem. Highly recommended.

  • Nicola
    2018-12-12 02:18

    Infinity is a fitting finale to Charlie and Colin's journey. It's been a long one, thankfully the wait between books wasn't long, but Layne Harper gave this couple the ending they deserved and I flicked the final page with a smile on my face.I've made no secret that the pair of them have irritated, frustrated and annoyed me through the series. Picking up a year down the line from when Finding Infinity ended, Charlie and Colin's lives are to change forever and due to more than one reason. As always, love, passion, jealousy, compromise, trust, hope and fear continue to play their hand and I have to confess that whilst Colin has been overbearing at times in the previous books, I found myself in his corner this time, because some of Charlie's decisions frustrated me. But on the whole it's less angsty than the rest of the series and I was expecting a little more fight between them.The way Layne Harper wrapped the book up was punchy and completely satisfying. Nothing is left unanswered which is exactly what I was hoping for and it was a great ending to a great series.

  • brandi thibodeaux
    2018-12-08 03:25

    LOVE!! LOVE!!The Infinity series is the best series I've ever read! I couldn't wait to devour the next book when finishing each of the first three. I cried, oh I had many teary-eyed moments, both happy and sad tears though. I loved how Layne Harper wrote these books, she is magnificent!! The story of CharCol is one that will not be forgotten anytime soon. I loved how the "eight years" of Charlie and Colin not being together was skipped but throughout the series we were told what happened during that time. Meaning she didn't give us "fluff" to just have words written, she gave us the most important parts of the story not just filler. I can't say which book I liked best because honestly I loved them all the same, read whole series in four days. The two most stubborn people who both cried and begged to keep their partner in their lives couldn't have been written any better than this. It's true my a series of what live, love, and happiness is all about. Anyone who reads the Infinity series will not be disappointed. :)

  • Neecy03
    2018-12-12 01:18

    5 Satisfying Stars What a beautiful ending! I'm sad to say goodbye to Colin & Charlie but I'm glad I got to experience their journey. It's been a long ride to get to this conclusion but Layne did an amazing job of giving us a perfect final chapter to their story. Definitely one of my favorite series!

  • Rochelle Spaccamonti
    2018-12-06 20:58

    Awesome ending...this story was an awesome ending to this series. there were ups and downs with the characters bit it made it feel and seen more realistic to me. great ending I totally loved the epilogue.

  • Solidà
    2018-11-17 20:14

    I have to say, I didn't want to finish the series. But, I'm a sucker and needed to know the ending. I like the author- stories, but damn Charlie/Caroline gets on my nerves!! Definitely not my favorite heroine.

  • Felicia Franklin
    2018-11-28 19:55

    4.5 stars...loved it... sad the series is over, but very happy with the ending. wish it was longer and a bit more drama. this series will be on my list of books to re-read.