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"Finding Infinity" as described by Colin..."Fine Charlie.” Colin says dropping his hands in defeat. “Here's what I want. I want everybody to back off and let me play football. I want you to go back to practicing medicine because I’m ready for you to be happy again - not this forced shit that you keep trying to sell me. I want Brad to get his house finished because I’m tire"Finding Infinity" as described by Colin..."Fine Charlie.” Colin says dropping his hands in defeat. “Here's what I want. I want everybody to back off and let me play football. I want you to go back to practicing medicine because I’m ready for you to be happy again - not this forced shit that you keep trying to sell me. I want Brad to get his house finished because I’m tired of listening to his DIY project updates. I want Jenny to decide on a hair color. I want Aiden and Rachael to either figure their shit out or leave each other alone, because Aiden’s chick drama is annoying. I want Mark to quit trying so hard to be my buddy again. I want my parents to get off my back about us living in sin. I want you to pick a date to marry me. That’s what I want. What am I going to get? None of it, because I have to do another interview to try to patch the gaping wound that is my life with a Band-Aid.” This is book three of the "Infinity Series." To read them in order, please start with "Falling Into Infinity" and then "From Now Until Infinity."...

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Finding Infinity Reviews

  • Jessica's Book Review
    2018-12-04 07:33

    Finding Infinity is the third book in the Infinity Series by Layne Harper and continues the story of Colin and Caroline. Their romance has been a decade in the making and now the two are finally back together, living in the same city, and have succeeded in their career dreams that once tore them apart. Colin and Caroline/Charlie are one of my favorite book couples of all time and I am so excited to continue with their story and where their journey, together (hopefully) takes them next.My Casting:Beware of spoilers if you have not read the first two books in the series.Finding Infinity picks up just about where book two, From Now Until Infinity left off. Colin and Charlie are together after being separated for nearly 8 years. Colin after college graduation left to become an NFL quarterback while Charlie went to Harvard to become a doctor. Now as adults they both have succeeded in their dreams but their lives are very different then they once were. Colin is “Mr. Hottie”/ NFL’s most famous quarterback. He is known for his sexy underwear ads and dating models, while Charlie was working with her father in his practice. From Now Until Infinity was about their worlds crashing together and if their love was enough for it their relationship to survive. At the end Charlie moved to Dallas for Colin and this is where Finding Infinity begins.Charlie/Caroline is having a very hard time adjusting to moving into Colin’s house in Dallas as well as leaving her established practice with her father behind in Houston. As she is struggling Colin is there for her and would do anything to make her happy. He is more swoon worthy then ever ladies! Colin is so protective and loving towards Charlie it made me fall in love with him even more. But I also was understanding of where Charlie was coming from, giving up your world for a man’s is hard and takes a lot of adjustment on both parts to make it work.“My girl is hurting, and I’m scared sh**less. My mind starts racing with ideas of how I can fix this. I have to make whatever it is better. I can’t lose her again. It’s not that I don’t want to lose her, I mean I can’t physically fu**ing let her walk away again. I will not let her. I’ll follow her.” -ColinThe gossip columns and paparazzi are still in their business not leaving them alone speculating on everything from their relationship, drugs, pregnancy, cheating, and so much more. They can never have a break and both their lives are under a microscope. I absolutely loved that even though this was the third book in the series their relationship wasn’t all hearts and flowers. They still struggled a lot, had problems they had to overcome. I am so glad their life suddenly didn’t become perfect and their story still had life left in it. Colin wants nothing more than to marry Charlie and put a baby in her belly but their life does not make it easy for them to have their dreams finally come true. “I f**king love you, Colin. You can’t leave me. You can’t give up on us. We both know what it feels like to be without each other, and we can’t do that again.” –CarolineBook three, Finding Infinity might be my favorite out of the series. I knew the characters so well by now and understood where they were coming from and what their relationship had to endure with for years and years. I knew them so well my heart was aching for them to have their HEA. Colin, what can I say about Colin because I am in love with him myself! He loves Caroline like no man has ever loved a woman before. He doesn’t care about anything or anyone else but her. He may not always do things the right way but he does them his way and it’s all because he loves her so much. Even Charlie/Caroline is one of my favorite female leads because she is smart independent, and loves Colin with all her heart. They are truly perfect for another and have loved each other for 10 years. Together or not they still loved one another.They are a famous couple, with millions of dollars but they still struggle like everyone else with everyday problems, not just with the paparazzi in their face. The ending really dealt with that and I felt so bad for them. I don’t want to say too much but I love the way this book ended with much more of their story to tell. I am so glad Charlie & Colin’s story will continue in a fourth book in the series. I need it now!!!! I really hope things work for them because if any couple in book history needs a true HEA it would be them.I give Finding Infinity (Infinity #3) 4.5 Stars.Book provided by the author in return for an honest review.Stay connected with my reviews, book news and more:Blog- Jessica’s Book Review | Facebook | Twitter

  • TeriLyn
    2018-12-11 06:33

    **ARC graciously provided by author in exchange for an honest review**Finding Infinity is my favorite of the series yet. Layne Harper has really endeared these two characters and their emotional story to my heart. Finding Infinity picks up right where book two leaves off with Charlie moving to Dallas to be with Colin. The story in book three takes on the journey of this couple adjusting to life together again. It's told from dual POV's and I love that we see firsthand from both of them their struggles, happiness, and vulnerability. Charlie and Colin have an addiction to one another, at times bordering on an unhealthy addiction. Their love is consuming. The only time each feels most safe and secure is when they are together. The book starts out with Charlie having a breakdown about her new surroundings however she quickly makes adjustments and is honest with Colin about the control issues she's having. After that, Charlie shines and she shines bright. I adored Charlie in this installment. She totally comes into her own; she finds herself and a balance with Colin. As a fiercely independent woman, Charlie's balance teeters often. Colin wants to take of her, she can take of herself. She walks a fine line, and where in the past she would have run from that, here she's finally embracing that she can be both. She believes in their love for each other. So many outside influences are trying to destroy that and she never falters in her confidence. Charlie shows so much growth in this book and I was so happy to finally read her as a confident, strong woman who still struggles with deep issues on a daily basis but can overcome that and remain a confident, strong woman. And on the flip side, we finally see Colin falter in the present. We've heard about him and issues as memories. In Finding Infinity, Colin shows some major vulnerability. And his weakness is Charlie. Colin puts her above all else, she's on an unreachable pedestal in his eyes and she doesn't even know it. His worry and angst for her is constant. This in turn leads Colin down a dangerous path of self-destruction because he feels he's doing right by Charlie. Colin in brought down from his god-like presence in Finding Infinity. His has faults and he's not indestructible. Colin wants to marry his girl and just be "a boy who's in love with a girl". He wants to play football. He has a hard time coping with that fact. When she's there to help him every step of the way is when she really shines. These two have trust issues with each other; they each have their demons to fight, and their highly dependent on each other. Their story is sweet and has really developed. Finding Infinity is just as passionate and emotional as the first two books in this series. I loved this installment because of Charlie and I'm so happy with the development of her character. She's determined and a fighter. Colin starts mapping out the future more definitively. There are many obstacles standing in their way in this book. It seems for every step forward, these two are taking two steps back. But they persevere, their love is that strong. They exchange vows here and those words are so sweet and the setting is so perfect for the two of them. Charlie isn't a typical woman and I LOVE that about her. Colin and Charlie need each other; they know what life is like without each other and don't want to experience it again. They're fighting and it's fantastic. Layne Harper draws you in to their crazy world beautifully and then makes you fall in love when it's just them alone. Her writing is concise and full of feeling. I'm so thankful to have received an ARC of this book as I've been a big fan of the series from the beginning. I look forward to reading Colin and Charlie's next chapter of their lives and am hopeful they'll find their infinity.

  • Fran
    2018-11-17 07:50

    *Now LIVE on Amazon!PPFF rating: 5/5 stars"It's just you and me, baby. That's it. I'm just a girl who loves a boy."I've probably said this a million times before but I will say it again: the best books, for me, are always the ones that can make me relate to what the characters are feeling. Sure, I also love reading those that make me escape reality and fantasize about living the good life with a hot billionaire BBF but books like Finding Infinity, which make me think and feel deeply are the most memorable.Obviously, I don't know how it feels to be with someone as famous as Colin-fucking-McKinney (yes, I've noticed that little change). I don't know how it feels to be constantly hounded by the paparazzi and how to regularly deal with crazy fans and the media's backlash. But I do know the feeling of being in a relationship and I fully understand that love isn't always enough to make it work. What more when every aspect of your love life is magnified and splashed all over the tabloids like Charlie/Caroline and Colin's?"I love Caroline Jane Collins, more than anything else in this world. When she's sad, I'm devastated."At this point of the series, I had become so invested in Charlie/Caroline and Colin's story that any little hurdle in their relationship made me so nervous and trust me, they had been through SO MUCH together and apart. I'm surprised I haven't had a full-blown anxiety attack yet but if the prologue hadn't been enough of an indication, the first two chapters had clearly given me an idea of how this was, again, going to strongly affect me emotionally."I told you I was the Brad Pitt of football."Colin-fucking-McKinney can very well be Brad Pitt and he and Charlie are pretty much the Brangelina of football, what with the CharCol moniker. But they also remind me a little bit of Giuliana and Bill Rancic (a real-life couple I love so much). Just like them, Charlie and Colin have faced a lot of problems and I can't help but root for them. In book three, they struggle with so many issues that they can't seem to catch a break in their relationship. Yet, in each roadblock, I get this feeling that somehow, someway they're both going to make it. They just seem to love each other more and more. I mean, after EVERYTHING, after FIGHTING SO HARD to get to where they are now, there's just no way that they're not going to make it. Right? Because, come on, no couple deserves a HEA more than them! "I love you more today than I loved you yesterday."As usual, I really appreciate how Layne Harper did not go for melodrama. Many books that involve famous characters and the paparazzi usually tend to get too Hollywood, in my opinion, and though it sometimes work, it can also be downright annoying. Charlie/Caroline and Colin may be public figures but this book shows us that they basically go through the same problems that regular people go through everyday (except dealing with the paparazzi that is)."I fucking love you, Colin. You can’t leave me. You can’t give up on us. We both know what it feels like to be without each other, and we can’t do that again."I've been a CharCol fan since Falling into Infinity and I can see that they've both grown so much individually and unlike in From Now Until Infinity, where their relationship was full of angst, Finding Infinity shows us how much they've grown as a couple - they've become much better at communicating, compromising and just knowing what the other wants and needs. I can't wait to see what's next for them in the fourth and final installment of the Infinity series. Actually, I'm dreading it a little bit just because it would mean no more CharCol after that. I don't want to say goodbye to one of my favorite couples. OK, I'm starting to be really sad about it. *Sigh Anyway, on a much happier note, NO CLIFFHANGER for book three and the epilogue left me with so much hope for their love story. I can sum up Finding Infinity in these following lines:This is real life. This is the backstory behind the fairytale. All fairytales that I read as a child cut off at the wedding. No one hears about how the princess dealt with the prince leaving her every weekend to slay dragons. Or what happens when the wicked stepsisters waggle their perfect little asses in his direction. Do the princess and prince have a baby? Who knows? That part of the fairytale is omitted. Does Prince Charming want to have sex with the princess to make his ego feel better?*ARC provided by the author BOOK 1: Falling Into Infinity (Infinity #1) by Layne Harper BOOK 2: From Now Until Infinity (Infinity #2) by Layne Harper ***Check out my blog: Press Pause, Fast Forward

  • Three Chicks
    2018-11-20 07:00

    4.5 StarsThis is the third book in the Infinity Series. Do not proceed further if you have not read the first two. Immediately purchase the first two and start reading. What are you waiting for? Charlie and Colin’s story deserves to be read!Charlie is trying to adapt to Colin’s lifestyle, but she just doesn’t fit in. She has packed up and moved from Houston where she was forced out of her father’s medical practice. She and Colin now live together in Dallas in his ”McMansion.” Their “home” is his work place with endorsement products strewn about the rooms, an assistant’s office takes up residence next to their bedroom, and when Charlie sees the housekeeper ironing her underwear, this is the last straw. Charlie has lost her sense of control and that is something that she needs otherwise she’ll resort back to her previous coping mechanisms. I can just do it once. Just one time and that’s it. Colin will never find out…I’ll feel normal and God, that’s all I want. I just want to feel okay again.Colin is oblivious to the inner struggles that Charlie is dealing with. He knows that she has a need to be in control, but he doesn’t realize how difficult it has become for Charlie with his world taking over hers. Colin is very attentive when it comes to Charlie so when he realizes what is happening his biggest fear hits him.“Oh my God, I’m losing her again.”Colin and Charlie have not had an easy reconciliation. The interview where his past prescription drug habit was brought to light has killed off friendships and put their lives under the intense spotlight. They are struggling to maintain animosity but that is difficult to do when you are the star quarterback of the local team. When Colin makes an abrupt decision to walk away from a situation where the joke (albeit a tasteless joke) is on him, it creates even more of a nightmare for their lives.I see everyone staring at us in shock, surprise, amazement and confusion. We’re the car accident, and everyone is rubbernecking.Even though Colin comes across as an alpha male, he is still vulnerable to the intense pressure placed on him for securing a Super Bowl spot and his fears of losing Charlie. Some of my favorite scenes are of Colin just “being” where he has his inner thoughts to himself and Charlie is captivated on the side just watching him. Colin and Charlie are both strong independent individuals who seek control. They both need to be in control of a situation. There comes a time when control is taken away from both of them and it sends Colin down a road of self- loathing.F*ck me. Put a bullet in my head and send me out to pasture. I’m fucking worthless.Might as well kick Colin when he’s down…he’s dealt another blow to his esteem.I can’t believe this. This is me. I’m broken. Why didn’t I see it before? God, why have I dragged Charlie into this mess?Colin and Charlie are faced with a lot of challenges in their third book. Colin’s past is always threatening to destroy them . How they elect to cope with these situations will decide their future. It’s hard to imagine that my cocky, self-assured, confident husband can be the sullen, mean, destructive, depressed man sitting in our bedroom. I consider the Infinity Series to be a hidden gem. It is beautifully written in dual points of view and will have you feeling warm and fuzzy when things are going well, and have you grabbing your stomach and wiping under your eyes during the rough spots. You cannot read it and not get caught up in their want for a happily ever after. Colin and Charlie’s story is not over yet. There is a fourth book due out in Spring 2014. There is no cliffhanger to this story, but there is more of their story to be told. Their story is beautiful, faced with the real-life challenges of a famous athlete and the daily struggles of a couple looking to their future.“There’s nothing in my life that I’ve wanted as much as this woman. I love her enough to give her the forever that she deserves. Charlie’s my infinity.”

  • Desiree Gorman -A Love Affair With Books
    2018-11-25 09:58

    First I have to start this review with completely bashing myself. How the heck did I not know there was going to be a fourth book?? I mean, I love Colin “Fuckin” Montgomery and Caroline “Charlie” Collins so to find out there is still another part of their story to be told was A-MAZ-ING! Yes, that means there is a slight cliffhanger but not one that should deter you from reading this amazeballs book!When Layne emailed me about reading “Finding Infinity,” I squealed. Yes, I’m a grown woman and I squealed like a little kid. But as readers I am sure you understand that feeling you get when one of your favorite authors releases another installment in one of your favorite series. For me, this is that scenario! The Infinity series is a beautifully written love story full of broken dreams and promises, heartbreaking decisions, family drama, young love, emotional and mental struggles and so much more! But in each installment, Layne has made us fall in love with these characters all over again. Not just because the love story is so beautiful but the characters themselves have so much to learn and so much to teach us.To read the rest of my review, please visit the blog at A Love Affair With Books.

  • Cleida R
    2018-12-10 04:39

    Dear Layne, i just wanna say I love your books. I read the whole series in a weekend. I couldn't put it down, what a great series. I fell in love with the characters, I've been drawn into the story, I love how Colin loves Charlie. What Beautiful love story, what great series.I have your book on TBR for long time and I didn't know what I was missing. Sorry the took me so long to read, but was worth it. It was a Beautiful love story, two people with very real issues. The best part off the book was that Colin played for the Dallas Cowboys, OMG! I could not believe my eyes. Big DC fan!!! A must read!!!

  • Amy
    2018-12-01 03:33

    Colin is so selfish (again/still) while Charlie does all the work and compromising. I hated in the beginning when everyone thought Charlie was being a "bitch" and Colin not only didn't defend her, but agreed! It was all give and no take for Charlie and all she got in return was more drama! Not sure I cam read the next book.

  • Sarah
    2018-12-02 10:43

    Mark couldn't have been more accurate when he explained to Caroline that the fans were more obsessed than ever with Colin because they wanted to see him pick himself up after falling. I felt the same way about him in this book and was so impressed by Caroline's strength! Cannot wait for book 4!

  • Toni
    2018-12-02 03:54

    Have read all three books, and have loved all three. I can NOT wait for the last one. Colin & Charley are fantastic leads, the writing is fantastic, and it's also funny. I would recommend these books to everyone! Colin loves Charley almost obsessively & I Like much!!!!

  • Viviane
    2018-11-22 04:31

    WOW!! I just love Colin and Charlie story it is so real. I was up all night reading it!

  • Katya2007
    2018-12-07 04:44

    I want a Colin and a friend like Brad!My only question is - who in the world has lavender eyes??Live this series, adore Layne Harper's writing!!5 Big Dallas Stars!!

  • K
    2018-12-15 05:45

    These books are so predictable! But it's like driving by a car accident... you know you shouldn't look, but you do anyways.I pretty much made a game of reading these three books. Whenever I sensed that something "dramatic" was going to happen soon, I guessed what it would be and then kept reading..... I haven't been wrong yet. This seems to be the formula for writing these novels:Charlie is going to throw a tantrum - CheckColin is going to go into a raging tantrum like an overgrown toddler - CheckOne of them runs away from the other - CheckColin hides something from Charlie - CheckCharlie runs entirely too long or considers purging - CheckCrazy ex messed things up for them - CheckI really had to focus at the end of this book because the words all ended up looking like, "Blah blah blah blaheddy blaheddy blah."Knowing Colin and Jenna's backstory and then hearing that he still screwed her made him look ignorant. Having Charlie complain about the lifestyle around her but not stepping up to get things done on her own made her seems whiny and lazy. I mean who can't buy storage devices or a storage unit to organize Colin's clutter/memorabilia/fan items?Charlie's father was a twatface, but I saw that coming as well. This series just fizzled out. I feel like the story could have been summed up into one novel if edited differently. Too many authors are dragging out stories to make them into a series. Not every story can be made into a series. It needs depth, detail, and different plots for each book.

  • Lisa Icard
    2018-11-29 06:54

    Writing this series as one review! This series has been Absolutely Amazing to read!!! From the first book to Finding Infinity. This series has touched me on Soooo many levels personally. I originally wanted to read this the series, because the synopsis mentioned the quarterback for Texas A&M falling for a girl who was pre-med. I wanted to read it, because I attended Texas A&M for a brief time many years ago. What I have gotten out of this series so far was much, much more!!! The author brings to light all of the wonderful traditions at Texas A&M, which make it a unique university.... From the senior class ring celebrations at the Dixie Chicken to the romantic and beautiful proposals at the Century tree. I also found myself loving the moments involving Charlie.... A practicing Orthopedic Surgeon with a practice in Smith Tower in the Texas Medical Center where I work every day!!!This series is just absolutely wonderful!!! From reading about Colin and Charlie when they first meet to their 8 year breakup to where they are as a couple in this book. They go through some really tough times, and continuously fight their inner demons, which have stemmed from their breakup; however what remains constant is their love for each other and how they protect one another. This book is real.... About a couple who have real struggles, but fight every step of the way. A must read and can't wait to read the next book in the series!!!!! I would also live to read a story on Rachel and Aiden!!!!!

  • Renee
    2018-12-02 06:33

    One of the great things about waiting to start a series is that you can read them back to back, and I'm so glad I did that with the Infinity series! I got the first book, "Falling Into Infinity", as an Amazon freebie back in November, 2013, and like most of the freebies I get, I put it aside to "read later". So when I started looking through my April releases, I noticed a book called "Infinity." coming out, and after reading the synopsis and reviews for the previous books, I had to start the series.These books are well written, the characters are well developed, and all 3 books are filled with angst, sadness, happiness, frustrations, romance and hotness, as the H and h, Colin and Charlie, deal with the ups and downs (and ups and downs, and ups and downs...) of trying to make a relationship between a med-student/doctor and a famous college/pro football player work.I think this book, "Finding Infinity", is my favorite of the series thus far. Colin and Charlie struggle so much and have to overcome many obstacles to be together and be happy together. I can't wait for the final book of the series, "Infinity.", to release on 4/17--I'll be clicking as soon as it appears on Amazon, and it may just be an all-nighter!

  • Becca Booksreview
    2018-11-20 11:41

    Layne Harper amazes me. I have loved her other books of the Infinity series, but I think this book is my favorite so far, I want to thank Layne for allowing me to ARC her books, and even if she didn't this series would still be one of my favorites!There is just so much for of Caroline coming into her own. Yes she still struggles with losing herself, but honestly I think we all do that when we are in any relationship, let alone a relationship with Colin Fuckin Montgomery. one of the HOTEST NFL QB's in the league. not only is he a QB but a business man, a model, a friend, a lover, a uncle and try's to be everyone's BF. but sometimes all those things can be way to much for not only Colin but for Caroline as well. there are a lot of up and downs for Colin in Finding Infinity, he isn't always the strong one, he isn't the one that has to carry Caroline this time. the hero in the love story doesn't always have to be the Prince. sometimes the hero can be the commoner! I am so excited that this is not the last book of the Infinity series. I can't wait for more! thank you Layne for characters that I love, and hopefully won't miss for too long!I will be updating this review once the book is released!

  • Becky
    2018-11-17 11:38

    This has been one hell of a roller coster ride!In the beginning of this series I started to fall in love with the love story of Charlie and Colin. Then my heart was broken. I came to love all of the unique differences between them and even the aspects and character traits that made them so flawed. Toward the middle of the series, I started to see a different side to the characters that I realized, I did not see before, and what I found bothered me. You see, like most readers, I REALLY want the happily ever after. I was always in the mind set of "read life" is hard enough and we escape to reading a good book to go into the happy fantasy world of books.Boy was I wrong! This third book showed me that. These beautiful, flawed characters, are real- in that they are not perfect, and we- just like in real life- must be able to overlook their flaws if we truly want to fall and stay in love with them and their story. Believe it or not, I HAD TO FORGIVE Colin a few times myself for some of his actions and for his way of thinking.

  • Lia
    2018-12-03 10:50

    So.. I loved this book. I was emotionally spent after reading From Now Until Infinity. This book definitely had redeeming qualities. It picks up right where book two leaves off. Charlie and Colin still have a lot to work out. But they've made serious progress. Their stubbornness still tends to get in the way and cause problems, as does their obsession with each other. Love is a powerful thing, but I definitely think it's possible to be too infatuated with someone. Charlie and Colin's love is all-consuming. At times, they rely to heavily on the other for their individual happiness. Various obstacles eventually result in breakdowns and trust issues. I loved that this book alternates between Charlie and Colin's POV's. It's equally as passionate as the other two. As you see in all three books, they certainly fight hard, but they love even harder. I'm kinda pissed at myself for reading the first three books back-to-back-to-back and now I have to wait until the spring to find out if all of Charlie and Colin's dreams come true. Another job well done by Layne Harper!

  • Swilliams305
    2018-12-14 09:53

    This was truly a roller coaster read. I love Colin and Caroline's story. So real on so many levels. I felt this book made Colin a bit more human. He is not the perfect man with the perfect plan. He has faults just like Caroline does. New obstacles were uncovered but their love kept on. I have mixed feelings about the fourth and final book. I am looking forward to what's next for them as I don't know how much more my heart can take. They've been through so much that I just want Colin and Caroline to have some semblance of peace and true happiness. It's long overdue now. However, I am sad that I will have to wait like four months before I get my hands on the final book and also that it's the last of them I will be reading. I really did fell in love with those characters and their story. Hopefully, (fingers crossed) Rachel and Aiden will get to tell their story and we will get just a bit more of Colin and Caroline. ;-)

  • Roxanne Smith
    2018-12-07 07:46

    Another wonderful book in the series! When I first started it, I wondered how there could be this book and then a fourth one since Colin and Charlie are back together, CharCol again. Layne Harper pulled out more plot twists and the story kept getting better! I love that Caroline, aka Charlie, doesn't give up her independence and life as a doctor just because she hooked a mega-wealthy superstar athlete. Her assistant, Brad, continues to provide comic relief. The addition of a puppy with his own Twitter account is cute! And Colin's love for not only Charlie, but life is great. He really loves Big Bertha, a big Ford truck. That is so Texas! A truck so big that you need a boost to get into it unless you are 6'5" like him! Showing her independence, Charlie's still drives a little compact! Read this after the first two and I can't wait to read the final book on April 17!

  • April Warren
    2018-12-01 04:59

    Let me start off by saying i love this author and i love this series. Each book I read I love these characters even more. i dont want this series to end and im sad that theres only 1 book left. This book was amazing as always. So much emotion, so much thought inside their heads I am able to connect and feel everything that their feeling. I love the tabloids headlines at the beginning of each chapter. This book seems very realistic because after all shes just a girl who loves a boy. this is becoming my favorite series and I cant wait to read the next book but dreading it at the same time because I dont want to say goodbye.

  • Katherine
    2018-11-27 09:59

    This book felt like a merry go around, just going in circles heading nowhere. For two 30 year old's, who are accomplished I feel like they are clueless at the same time. I feel like I have nothing positive to say about either one of them in this book, and I was hoping being the third it would be the last in the series. Charlie and Colin still have so many things unsaid between them, this lack of communication yet they are making huge choices like getting married, and trying to get pregnant while putting pretty big talks on the back burner. I loved them in the first book, but now I'm just 'eh' I'm honestly so much more interested in Rachel & Adrien now!

  • Debra Holdeman foster
    2018-12-14 05:57

    Uplifting I love Collin & Charlie more with each book! Their story just evolves so seamlessly & realistically. I love how Collin is portrayed as such a strong man but also as that little boy all real men have inside. That is something rare indeed for a writer to give her alpha & it makes him very real & human. Am looking forward so much to the final book in this series.

  • Jessi M
    2018-12-07 08:59

    You know those moments were you get so into a book you want to slap the character yourself? Yeah that just happened in Finding Infinity. Colin has the perfect life. His got the girl and the "mistress". Charlie is learning to cope with the unforeseen popularity and dealing with the "mistress". But with a relationship like this one, you have to remember the drama, but most of all true love.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-27 03:31

    Talk about first world problems! The whining about how much problems they have with their above average lives really got to me. OMG!!! I just wanted to tell Colin to shut up! The whole book was a huge pity party and I started to hate him.Not sure if I’ll read the next in the series. I thought this was the last one and now I’m kind of over it.

  • Kerrie
    2018-12-15 06:49

    oh my! i just cannot wait to read the next book i have become a bit blah and finding im reading books that seem just like the last with the same storie line,but im adding to favourites with these books !

  • Karen
    2018-12-14 07:35

    Delightful reading and such fun loving characters. I feel like I need to include them on my Christmas card list.

  • Emily
    2018-11-18 10:37

    I think I am ready for this series to be done. Kinda drawn out a bit too much!

  • Debbie
    2018-12-14 04:47

    This is the third book of the Infinity series and this one is told in alternating pov's. Its the first one with Colin's take on things. It so far is one of my favorite series and is available through Kindle Unlimited. The writing is great and the book spans about a year. This review contains mild spoilers.Colin and Charlie go through a lot in this book. Charlie has moved to Dallas to live with Colin after the whole Sasha article ended her medical practice in book 2. Its taking her a while to adapt to her new environment and the lack of control she has over it. She reaches her breaking point and changes are made in his McMansion to give them more privacy. The media is hounding them to death, secrets from his past come to light and he faces a season ending injury. We get to see them married and trying to conceive a child. At the end of the book they are no where near where they thought they would be the year prior but they are still together overcoming all the obstacles in their path to happiness.

  • Jamie Ellis
    2018-11-24 06:46

    I love you more today than I loved you yesterday......OK still loving the series. Its ticking me off though. These two need to open up the communications a little bout more. And I don't understand why they just don't set the media and fans straight. That would seem a heck of a lot more sense then letting them upset them all the time. So since I am impatient this is going to be short so I can read the final book in this amazingly frustrating couples ending.Just check it out its brilliantly written.Thanks Jamie Nibarger Ellis

  • Glynis Reads
    2018-12-08 08:39

    Enjoyed these two starcrossed lovers that really acted like real people. Hard headed , stubborn, both want control and everything their own way.True love is about compromise. Colin Mckinney may be the most true QueBee ever written in a book. Makes me glad I am not married to one. Caroline seems to have outgrown her eating disorder, which is about control. This author is impressive, enough to overlook the errors!