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Seveda ne bi nikoli in nikdar poiskali svojih bivših na Facebooku, kajne? Neeee, nikakor ne. Če pa že, pa pod nobenim pogojem ne bi kar izpustili vsega iz rok in jih odšli poiskat ter na kocko postavili svojo službo, družinoin srečo. Vi seveda ne bi bili tako neumni, Posy Fairweather pa ...Posy je navdušena, da jo je Matt končno zaprosil. Zgodilo se je nekega vetrovnega dnSeveda ne bi nikoli in nikdar poiskali svojih bivših na Facebooku, kajne? Neeee, nikakor ne. Če pa že, pa pod nobenim pogojem ne bi kar izpustili vsega iz rok in jih odšli poiskat ter na kocko postavili svojo službo, družinoin srečo. Vi seveda ne bi bili tako neumni, Posy Fairweather pa ...Posy je navdušena, da jo je Matt končno zaprosil. Zgodilo se je nekega vetrovnega dne na vrhu hriba in bilo je neskončno romantično. Nekaj dni pozneje pa se zgodi nekaj katastrofalnega: Matt prekliče zaroko. Posy, žalostna in osramočena, začne razmišljati, zakaj so se vsa njena razmerja vedno končala tako zelo bedno. Odločena je, da bo ugotovila, kako in zakaj je pristala na samem dnu, in sicer tako, da s pomočjo spleta najde vse svoje bivše fante. Se lahko kaj nauči iz preteklih napak? Morda pa je kdo od njenih bivših tisti pravi zanjo?...

Title : Vsi moji bivši
Author :
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ISBN : 18331183
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 330 Pages
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Vsi moji bivši Reviews

  • Hani Tiara
    2018-11-24 19:29

    A story about finding yourself and your true love. Beautiful and perfect ❤

  • Anja
    2018-11-26 00:48

    This book is about Posy Fairweather. Her boyfriend Matt proposes and Posy is really happy. But her family and friends don't really seem utterly ecstatic. And soon Posy starts to wonder if she's making the right decision marrying Matt. To be entirely sure, Posy tracks down her first boyfriend from college, just to see what could've been and to make sure that Matt is the perfect man for her. But when Matt gets wind of that he isn't exactly delighted and breaks off the engagement. Now, Posy starts to wonder why all of her other relationships failed and goes off in search of her two remaining ex-boyfriends to find out... Well, hm. I must say, when I just started the book I could've killed Posy. I hated everything she did. Why would she ruin her perfectly nice relationship being such a bitch? Why, for heaven's sake did she have to track down her ex-boyfriends? I mean, of course, it's interesting to see what people from the past got up to. Sure. But all of your ex-boyfriends? Personally? Go from London to Scotland without telling your loving boyfriend who just proposed? Lying to him because of that? What kind of bitch is she? Then later she wants to borrow Matt's car to drive to the last of her ex-boyfriends. And he says yes? Uhm, okay? But: Aside from Posy's silly actions and thoughts and her being a total and utter stupid bitch, I really liked the book. Especially the ending was very lovely and the epilogue was totally cool. I still kind of liked Posy and her best friend and even her stupid sister (who shared my opinion on Posy's stupidity). Also, it was nice to get to know all of Posy's different love stories and why they had ended; and how the respective boyfriends have changed and all that. So, all in all I really did like the book and, as I said, the ending was great. But Posy was so damned stupid and I hated that. I am really torn between 4 and 5 stars here. I would probably give the book 4.5 stars, but as that's not possible, it'll be 5. It's the endings' fault, really. I loved it. ♥

  • Leah
    2018-11-23 02:27

    Posy Fairweather is on top of the world – quite literally – when her boyfriend Matt proposes on top of a mountain. Posy, though, doesn’t appear to be quite as happy as you would expect when your boyfriend of three years proposes, and her friends think it may have something to do with her ex ‘Lord Voldemort’; he who shall not be named. Posy realises that before she can truly commit to Matt she must track down her previous boyfriends and find out exactly why their relationship ended and decide if the grass IS greener on the other side. Once Matt finds out what Posy is doing, though, he calls of the engagement leaving Posy more confused then ever. But if she loves Matt, why is she playing with fire by trotting all around the country to see her exes, and what exactly will come of her adventures?It’s probably fair to say that I’m not a huge fan of Jenny Colgan’s books. It took two attempts to read West End Girls and even after I finally finished it I wasn’t overly impressed. I also read Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend shortly after it’s release and again, it wasn’t anything special. However I really loved the sound of her 2010 release The Good, The Bad and The Dumped so I decided to give Jenny’s books one last chance and pre-ordered it for myself. It came into stock a few days before it’s actual release and I eventually received my copy the day of it’s actual release and decided to start it right away.My first problem with The Good, The Bad and The Dumped is the fact that the blurb on the back of the book is misleading. For starters, Posy is called Posy Sutherland on the blurb but on the first sentence of the book she’s Posy Fairweather; how an error like that slipped through the editing/proof-reading stage is mind-boggling since I picked up on it immediately. Secondly, the blurb on the back states that Matt backs out of the engagement days after proposing and then Posy goes off around the country trying to track down her exes. This isn’t true; Matt backs out of the engagement after Posy decides to start finding out why her relationships ended and Matt accidentally finds out. They are just little errors, but they irritate me. Particularly the error pertaining Posy’s second name, it’s just not acceptable when a lot of people read a book before it goes off to print.For me, I didn’t think the story itself was portrayed as interestingly as it could have been. Mainly because Posy spent the majority of her time whinging and moaning, which is never a good start. Posy says yes to getting engaged but doesn’t seem at all excited about the potential for an upcoming wedding; it comes across as if she only said yes because it was the only answer that would save her from having to possibly be single again. It kind of ruined the proposal itself for me, which was incredibly sweet. Then, of course, Posy goes off to discover if she could have been happy with her previous boyfriends. To be honest I did quite like the idea of Posy tracking down all of her exes, it sounded like it could make for a fun and interesting read and although it was interesting, it kind of felt a bit flat. There was supposed to be a bit of mystery surrounding ‘Lord Voldemort’, the man Posy couldn’t speak of but I found it tedious and just wanted to know who on Earth he was. There’s also an underlying feeling throughout the book that Posy’s mother (which I won’t even attempt to spell, never-mind pronounce) had somehow affected Posy’s views of relationships. I thought though that it was just a blatant attempt to try and justify what Posy does.Because the book is told from the third-person point of view, it’s hard to really relate to any of the characters. I think Posy might have come across much better had the book been told entirely from her point of view. As it was, it was hard to really understand why she felt she had to do everything she had to do before she could contemplate marrying Matt. There were a few other characters; Matt, who seemed OK; Fleur, Posy’s sister; Leah, Posy’s best friend (who seemed a tad wet and rather man-obsessed, making me said she had my name!); Posy’s mother with the unpronouncable name, as well as Posy’s father and new family. We also, of course, have Posy’s exes who weren’t up to much, to be honest.Jenny’s writing is fairly easy to read although as I said, it would probably have worked better told from Posy’s point of view solo rather than the third-person perspective that was used. Although it is actually Jenny’s writing that brings me back to some more irritating errors. A few pages into the book, Posy’s friend is discussing how her life might pan out and is mentioning having a baby and says “…do mass murder…”, then there’s another occasion where Posy is somewhere and the line says “…and did pillage and stuff…”, and finally, when one of Posy’s exes is talking about one of his exes he says “…and did a lot of crying”. All three sentences are phrased so badly that I just couldn’t understand how they had been left in when the book was edited. All three sentences should have been totally different – like this perhaps: “…commit mass murder…”, “…and pillaged and stuff…” and “…and cried a lot…”. I’m not a picky reader, and I don’t sit and comb through a book picking out errors purposefully, but all of those I’ve mentioned jumped out at me and I couldn’t ignore them.Overall, I think that’s it for me with Jenny’s books. A lot of people say she’s a fantastic author but of her three books I’ve read so far, they’ve all been incredibly disappointing. I had high hopes for The Good, The Bad and The Dumped as it sounded interesting but to be honest I don’t think it really worked. I wouldn’t really recommend the book – even more so if you’re particular to editing errors and wrong character names! If you’re looking for a Jenny Colgan book to read the only one I would recommend is Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend. That was the best of the three I’ve read!

  • Kirsty
    2018-12-17 23:26

    This is such an awful book. The characters are annoying. They have silly fairy tale names. The story line is very dramatic for what it is. It's more of a young teens book than an adults book. The author has a very limited vocabulary and I have never seen the word "sad" used as often as what it is in this book

  • Luise
    2018-11-28 22:32

    3.5 starsSo the general concept of Posy coming to terms with her past by tracking down her exes sounded quite tempting. My good mood sank a little when I realised that I don't like Posy. And that was right from the beginning, unfortunately :D I didn't really like her thoughts and actions. They were either tiring or not elusive somehow. And on top of that she was one of those people that tend to drop everyone else as soon as they're in a relationship (at least in the past). I love such people :) That's already a pretty weak basis for the rest of the story, right?Well, in addition, none of the guys seemed that likeable to me, so not that much enthusiasm on that aspect. Plus, the suspense built towards mysterious ex boyfriend #3 was a little clumsy and not smooth enough for my taste. So why did I finish this book/ don't give a destructive review?I guess because it was quite witty from time to time and was a really fast read. And even though I didn't like the characters, I didn't feel annoyed. If that makes sense :D

  • Juliet Rudman
    2018-12-02 19:29

    I found this book in a cupboard of a villa I am staying in, I needed a paper book to take to a water park instead of my kindle and I decided to find something light, tacky and easy to read. This was a quick read, but it was awful! I wasn't expecting much with the weird references to Facebook, but the main character was unlikeable, as were all the other characters. They have stupid names. There were a lot of typos. There was a poor attempt at making the main character relatable because she's a bit damaged, makes a couple of awkward jokes and isnt quite as good looking as her sister. Women in their 30s were described as desperate and predatory (aren't these your target readers?), and you can guess most of the story from reading the blurb.I know a lot of chick lit is like this and maybe I wouldnt have found it quite so offensive if someone had proof read it - but isn't it time this genre got a bit better? Forgetting the typos there are some other faux pas - would a staunch feminist like the mother who refuses to learn to cook name her children after flowers? And why does her dumb but hunky fiance start quoting latin at the end?I also felt that the explanations behind Posy's behaviour made little sense. She is messed up because her Dad left and all she can do is try and provide for her partners - something that is either disliked or taken advantage of by her exes, which needs to be explained for her by her most recent ex, so her life can get back on the track it was always on.

  • Hazel
    2018-11-19 20:26

    The only reason I picked up this book was to break up some classic novels with some trash...and that's exactly what I got. Trash. About 100 pages in I questioned whether I should continue - but I did. It is the kind of book you can read without thinking, with the review on the cover reading 'The perfect sun-lounger read' Heat. That is exactly the kind of read that it is. Posy is proposed to by her steady lovely boyfriend but needs to go on a voyage of self discovery and resolve some issues of the past before she can move on and become fully committed. Posy then feels the need to trace old boyfriends and deal with any unfinished issues. I identified with some of Posy's feelings but the writing style wasn't really to my taste. Nothing was explored in any depth and even the references to facebook were inaccurate. One of the reasons that I kept reading initially was to find out about the 'major' heart ache Posy experienced that was kept as a mystery for the first half of the book. Once that was revealed, fairly inadequately, there was nothing left to do but to find out how her current relationship would end. A predictable and unimaginative conclusion. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone, other than to offer some extremely light reading to fill in a lazy afternoon at the beach.

  • Rachel
    2018-12-10 18:46

    Over the last few months I have read some stellar books that I would term "chicklit" and since I read and loved both Jenny Colgan's Loveliest Chocolate shop in Paris and Rosie Hopkin's Sweet Shop of Dreams I thought I would give this one a go hoping it would more of the same.It really wasn't. I found myself questioning what the hell the main character, Posy was thinking as she went facebook-stalking her exes after her seemingly lovely boyfriend Matt proposes to her.All of her exes were unappealing for their differing reasons and Posy herself and her family (my god her mother!) are not characters I found myself really caring about or rooting for. It was a good thing that the book was short enough that I could finish it in one sitting and that I was morbidly curious to know with which of the four equally meh guys Posy would end up with. But was both confused and irked by the strange multi-possibility epilogue. Once I know who she chose I don't really care what might have been if she went with someone else.If you love Jenny's other books (Particularly the foodie ones) then I would advise giving this a miss as it'll only be a disappointment.

  • Rosie
    2018-12-03 19:25

    This book has an interesting plot to it, however I don't think it was as interesting as it could have been. There could have been more humour too (although there was some). I didn't really like any of the female characters apart from Marian. I'm not sure Posy deserved the ending she got. Her sister, Fleur, wasn't incredibly nice or supportive and her best friend Leah was... A little selfish and crazy about men (it's really no wonder why she couldn't get a boyfriend). And Posy's mother Jonquil was rather frustrating.I liked all the male characters and I felt that Matt didn't deserve what Posy did after he proposed. Adam was a fairly sweet character but she still thought bad of him. Chris was a nice character although he did push his luck sometimes. And then there was "Lord Voldemort" I was surprised at what earned him that title as I felt that it wasn't... Well, evil enough. It was pretty tame, I thought it would be something horrific.The ending was fairly obvious and I'm not sure there was any need for an epilogue although it was interesting to read.

  • Rebecca
    2018-12-07 21:27

    This was another easy holiday read; one of the ones that you read then leave on holiday, I will be donating this back to the charity shop I got it from. The main character is Posy; when her boyfriend of three years proposes to her she finds herself looking up her past boyfriends on facebook and visiting them. Then her boyfriend takes back his proposal and Posy carries on with her adventure for romantic love. She expects something epic but in the end settles.The secondary characters are mainly Matt (her fiance) and her friends. But they only really appear as her backup singers supporting her every decision. The storyine is nice and easy to read although there is not a lot of substance. And the pacing is ok but since there is not a lot happening in the book there is little need for pacing. 3 stars, instantly forgettable.

  • Rosemary Kind
    2018-11-27 01:30

    Although a satisfying ending, much of what went before contained shallow characters who were hard to warm to. I spent much of the early part of the book feeling that I would like to shake the characters into being worthwhile.That said, there are themes within the book that are horribly true to life, but in my experience they rarely manage the happy ending. If you suspend both reality and expectations of the characters long enough then it's not a bad read, but there are better by both this author and others.

  • Cheryl
    2018-12-09 00:41

    I couldn't decide if I should give this a 2 or 3 star rating. This is probably my least favorite Jenny Colgan book. I loved Amanda's Wedding, but since then the book plots have gone downhill. This is the worst of her books because not only is the plot awful, the book is not as funny as her others and there is not one likeble character. The only part I liked was the typical chase at the end. Ugh, Facebook.

  • William Freeman
    2018-11-18 22:39

    OK read well yes its classic chick lit and I'm a 57 year old male so didn't find it hilarious though there were some amusing parts. The main protagonist I found silly and annoying and the ending is predictable but after two books about the Holocaust I needed a light read.

  • Wendy
    2018-11-29 18:37


  • Paula Jayne
    2018-12-15 23:21

    Not the best Jenny Colgan book, took me a while to get into and read two different books in between, but on the whole not a bad read.

  • Patricia
    2018-11-18 19:27

    you can read my review here: https://letstalkaboutbookss.blogspot....

  • PrettyFlamingo
    2018-12-10 22:26

    Well, what a surprise! I have read a few Jenny Colgan books, and though I really liked the earliest ones and the Rules series, found some later titles to be hit and miss and too young for my tastes. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting a great deal from this book. And I was so pleasantly surprised.Insurance marketing administrator Posy - twee names for chick lit characters is one of my annoyances but this one I didn’t mind - has just accepted her nice-and-normal boyfriend Matt’s proposal. But immediately she starts to do something very out of the ordinary; look up all her exes on Facebook to find out what went wrong with her relationship with them, so she can get married without any reservations. Now straight away that is a big red flag! Bit too late, Posy! But somehow, the whole book worked. I could sort of see where she was coming from – it’s something I am curious about myself; though I would probably not do it immediately after accepting a proposal! This was very ill timed and raised doubts in Matt’s mind, quite naturally, that she was simply settling and she then fears she will lose everything. Cue a bit of a meltdown.Some of the characters are irritating, particularly her mother who is, in fact, downright nasty, and her friend and sister are bonkers. Her half brother is “the least sensitive example of humanity outside of Simon Cowell”. There are pointing-back references about one of the exes and something having happened that was so bad she couldn’t recover for a long time, but on revealing it, it was very tame indeed. Not a nice thing, but not that life-shattering. The incident is borne out of Posy’s insecurity about marriage, which has been fed by her mother’s unkind comments and lies about her father and dismissing treatment by one of her ex-boyfriends “she couldn’t ignore the nagging voice that told her that Adam was happier in company because he didn’t want to be with just her. Ever. That, in fact, she was tolerated, certainly not cherished, and even more certainly not loved.” How sad to settle for, and be grateful for, that.She does take a journey of self-discovery and for this reason, there are hidden depths within the book as she encounters her exes and learns about herself, her relationship with her family and puts to rights a lot of wrongs that she has been fed from her childhood. Some funny scenes, though the “It Should Have Been Me” encounter was too over the top as to be believable.I enjoyed the meetings with the exes – Chris, Adam and Almaric (yes, really) though I thought they were a varied set of samples – and was glad when she learned her life lessons. I could see how she had ended up with each of them at each different life stage, and so glad she got the memo about Adam, eventually. The ending was just right for all the characters.All in all, a very pleasant surprise and an enjoyable read.NB: My cover is the lovely sunny yellow one, but the write up on the back is completely misleading and even gets Posy’s surname wrong! And we know that Posy’s dad and his second wife and son live in Essex, but are later told Jason still lives at home in Welwyn Garden City. Now, I am from Sheffield, but even I know that WGC is not in Essex!

  • Deidre(Dee) ~ Official Bookworm ~
    2018-11-27 00:40

    This book was your typical chick lit read, and was my first book read by author Jenny Colgan. Overall I did enjoy it, but there were some parts on occasion that did slow to a snail's pace, and during that time, I did find it a bit hard to pick it up again.The main character Posy Sutherland, was a bit odd at times, but generally I think that she acted as any normal thirty something would. The story centres around Posy, and her engagement to boyfriend Matthew, and questions she asks herself, about whether she is ready for this big step. Bizarrely, in order to find out, she decides to look up all her ex-boyfriends on Facebook, etc, to find out if she really has closed the door, on her previous relationships, visit them, and go from there. But when Matthew finds out, and confronts Posy, the situation changes in a way that Posy would never have predicted.I gave this book three stars, I think mainly, for its eye catching cover, 'girly moments', and the interesting ex-boyfriend visits. But apart from that, I'm not so sure that this would be a re-read for me.

  • Chloe
    2018-11-18 01:49

    Before Jenny gets married to the fitness buff, Matt Farmer, she has to go explore the what might have beens with her old boyfriends. She goes to visit the 3 major "loves" before him to get some closure on those relationships. In the process, Matt calls off their wedding but then in the end she realizes Matt is the guy for her and they joyously reunite and get married :)

  • Pamela
    2018-11-26 23:41

    Sadly, I was very disappointed with this book. I have read several of this author’s books and always found them charming, sweet, and funny. This book was boring. I stuck with it to the end, hoping it would improve but it never did. :-(

  • Kat
    2018-12-08 02:48

    Reread on the 8th to 12th of march 2017I will put a review up soon First read: 20th to the 28th of may 2015

  • Julia
    2018-12-15 19:33

    After the other books by Jenny Colgan I've read and loved, this was quite a let-down. The protagonists fell a bit flat, and overall there were too many clichés.

  • Anna
    2018-12-16 21:43

    Not sure how I missed this book, as thought I'd read all of Jenny Colgan's books.

  • Lisa Carter
    2018-12-12 02:19

    My least fav of all JC books - annoying main character with stupid ideas of how to resolve her fear of commitment. I just wanted to slap her.

  • Jo Shaw
    2018-12-11 22:37

    This is the first Jenny Colgan book I have read and it definitely won't be the last.

  • Sharon
    2018-11-20 23:26

    Enjoyed this book.

  • Karen
    2018-11-19 22:45

    The Good, The Bad and the Dumped is a 2010 release from Jenny Colgan. Unfortunately, it appears that it was never published here in the U.S. Fortunately, we have the wonderful Internet that allows us to easily buy books from elsewhere.So, Posy has been proposed to by Matt and said yes. While she says that she's happy about the idea of it all, her sister Fleur and best friend Leah help her realize that maybe she isn't really so much completely over her ex from three years ago. To further complicate matters she runs into a friend of an ex from nine years ago. And then her first serious boyfriend from way back in university pops up on Facebook which leads to memories of meeting the ex from nine years ago. Posy takes all of these memories flooding in as a sign and she seems to think it's a good idea to actually see her ex-es ... without telling Matt about it.'This,' said Leah, 'is the worst idea you have ever had.''Can't you be more supportive?''I can!' said Fleur. The she took on a concentrated look. 'Oh no, hang on, I've just thought about it and it turns out I can't. Sorry. This is a stupid idea. Maybe it isn't a sign after all.' (p 68)She's a bit of a hot mess. (I'm sure her psychotherapist mother would agree with me on this.)Posy is such a fantastic trainwreck and her friends and family add to it tomake sure that you can't look away for fear of missing something hilarious. Even moreso when she kind of gets one more ex to add to the list -- Matt. I seriously couldn't blame him one bit. I likely would have kind of dumped her, too. At the same time, though, don't we all have the right to be trainwrecks once in a while? (And if I ever have the need to do so, I hope that I can do it half as fabulously as Posy!)The aftermath is sometimes hilarious and sometimes heartbreaking and incredibly believable. Watching Posy attempt to get her train back on track was definitely worthwhile and Colgan has moved up another notch on my "must read" list of authors.

  • Marie
    2018-11-25 02:40

    I was so excited to read this book as I had read a few of Jenny's books and completely fell head over heels with her witty writing style! I was so not let down, which I kinda know I wouldn't be!!!!Posy is the main character,she gets proposed to by her boyfriend Matt. But she is confused and seeks her mothers advice; which was a bad idea, because she thinks Posy isn't the marring type. Now Posy gets a crazy notion to look up her exe's; in the hope to work out whether she is doing the right thing in marring Matt and what her life would have been like if her and her past lovers had stayed together. In all this searching Matt finds out what she's been up to and calls things off. She is completely devastated as she knows she has been behaving silly; and that it was something she had to work out on her head. Posy finally works out what she wants but is it to late for her and Matt?!?!?!?!?

  • Samantha Ann
    2018-12-10 18:35

    At first I wasn't to keen on the book, it wasn't until half way through I started to enjoy the story. I think it could if been written better at the start, as it lacked action and you were easily bored but it picked up when she went of to Scotland to meet up with her first ex! By the time she'd gone of the find Adam you wanted to scream at her that she was pushing Matt away. I'm glad you on her journey to Wales, to find her last ex she finds herself and manages to leave her past alone. My opinion of Posy changed through the book at the start I thought she was abit of a bitch but as you read the last few chapters you feel sorry for- she had a tough upbringing with a mother from hell who dined her the chance of seeing her father and an over opinionated sister. I am pleased that by the closing chapters she can see passed mothers life experiences and gets her happy end before it's too late. I have to add that I loved what crazy cat lady Margie did to Sukie- wasn't expecting it

  • Minoli
    2018-12-12 20:47

    After checking the reviews, I didn't think I would end up giving this book 4/5 stars. But I found this book to be really good. The language was not high flown, it was very casual. There were no metaphors or allusions. This is just a clean cut narration.But what made me feel it was a great book was the message. Maybe it was because I could relate to this so well (and understand why and how my past relationship went down the drain, or why was I attracted to the most impossible men). I also learnt what my issues were, and learnt that I had better address them asap if I am to hold on to my Matt.This book, though no one would dare call it a classic, made me reflect, self-explore and learn. I think that is what a piece of Lit is supposed to do.