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In the small town of Bon Dieu Falls, Louisiana, Carrigan Whitfield leads a life many would love to have. As the young wife of the much sought after and wealthy Jack Whitfield, Carrigan's days revolve around having fun with her best friends, Ella Rae and Laine, playing sandlot softball and juggling an affair...or two. But on an idyllic summer day, a shocking and unexpectedIn the small town of Bon Dieu Falls, Louisiana, Carrigan Whitfield leads a life many would love to have. As the young wife of the much sought after and wealthy Jack Whitfield, Carrigan's days revolve around having fun with her best friends, Ella Rae and Laine, playing sandlot softball and juggling an affair...or two. But on an idyllic summer day, a shocking and unexpected discovery turns her 'perfect' life into a tumultuous storm and transforms a girl into a woman. Save Us a Seat is the endearing testament of a brutally honest, no holds barred and fiercely loyal friendship between three women. Ride the rollercoaster of emotions as the friends navigate the sometimes hilarious, often touching and always loyal road of friendship and the joys and trials it brings....

Title : Save Us a Seat
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Save Us a Seat Reviews

  • MK
    2018-11-30 10:42

    This beautifully crafted first novel by Fletcher McHale had me entranced from the first page to the very last sentence. McHale effortlessly weaves a story which attests to the power and necessity of sincere female friendships. The writing is flawlessly and believably delivered to the reader with style, grace and humor. The banter among the friends was so realistic that I found myself laughing out loud through my tears at times. McHale's penning genius lay in her ability to bring humor and hope to a topic that is a gloomy topic at best. When I was done reading, I found myself taking a friendship inventory and being grateful that I had at least one or two Ella Raes and Laines in my arsenal. In a world where "Pretty Little Liars" and "Gossip Girl" reign supreme and define what female relationships are suppose to look and act like, it was refreshing to read a story that is the true definition of the phrase "best friend forever".

  • Desiree Streib
    2018-11-25 06:42

    For her debut novel, Fletcher McHale did an excellent job. I started this book and could not put it down. I just recently went through the same experience as the characters in this novel, and I have to say that the emotion was spot on. This feel good story of friendship made me wish that I had a Laine and Ella Rae in my life. Bravo Ms.McHale. I look forward to reading more of your novels. I won this book in a first-reads giveaway, and I am so glad I did because I truly enjoyed it!

  • Lynn Call
    2018-12-09 03:32

    Save Us a Seat is an incredible story of love, friendship, faith, and relationships that some of us will only read or dream about. Carrigan, Laine, and Ella Rae have a friendship that I envy and a language that only they understand. These friends travel on a journay through the book that will make you evaluate your own relationships with friends, lovers, and with God. I absolutely could not put this book down after I started reading it. I LOVED IT!!

  • Jessica
    2018-11-25 05:40

    I started it yesterday morning and finished it last night (hate that a nine hour work day interrupted my reading time!)I was quickly drawn in by the story and was kept in page turning anticipation.A wonderful story of love, loss, friendship and redemption. We should all be so lucky as to have friends and family like those written about in "Save us a Seat".

  • Lisa Bradshaw
    2018-11-25 10:17

    If you think "Three's a Crowd", then you should definitely get acquainted with Carrigan, Ella Rae and Laine from Bon Dieu Falls, Louisiana. The only small thing about this story is the town. These three made the steady journey from childhood besties to adult women all the while maintaining their own unique, distinct personality. In spite of their differences and the heartache that ultimately engulfed them, they showed that their bond could not be broken or even weakened. You will crave a friendship as unwavering as these three. I laughed, I cried and I stayed up all night reading it. My only disappointment in the book was that it ended, but I'm betting on Fletcher McHale and I'm sure somewhere in Bon Dieu Falls, there are more stories, more characters in McHale's library."I'll Save YOU a Seat" Fletcher McHale and I'll be waiting for the next one and the next one and the next one. More Please!!

  • Kathy
    2018-12-01 10:39

    This book truly touched my heart! I believe all women can and will relate to this story of three friends. I have a similar story in real life! I had a group of 3 friends starting from grade school to adult hood and tragically at the age of 26 we lost a third of our circle when one perished in a house fire! I could so easily see a little or a lot of the three of us in each of the 3 main characters in this book! I believe every woman will! I laughed,cried and even got mad with them as the story unfolded! Even if you aren't a fan of reading I think any woman would live this book! Fletcher McHale please keep the books coming!!!

  • Kate
    2018-11-21 07:15

    I received a copy of this book in a Goodreads giveaway... and I'm so glad I did! It's not a long book, but it says everything it needs to and is beautifully written. I cried my way through a good 2/3 of the story and can see so much of my own friendships in the characters. I can't wait to hear more from Fletcher McHale!!

  • Kristin Hedstrom
    2018-12-09 07:32

    This was such an amazing story! I read this book in one day; I just couldn't put it down. Amazingly, this story made me laugh out loud and sob like a baby. It also made me appreciate the blessings in my life and miss my girlfriends. Thank you, Connie Whitfield, for recommending it! I will read anything this author writes!

  • Darlene Woodell
    2018-12-06 09:17

    I loved the book! It was one of those that kept you turning pages to see what happened next. It dealt with the harsh realities of life in a very real way, yet did so with honesty and humor that made it believable. I would recommend it to everyone as a must read.

  • Glynda
    2018-11-24 08:32

    This book is a look at friendship, love and loss. The characters are funny and honest. We all have questions that life has thrown us but, can't be answered. It will make you laugh out loud in one chapter and cry in the next. A must read!!

  • Laura Pharis
    2018-12-12 07:27

    This book touched my heart in many different ways, I grew up in a small town and can relate to the friendships and closeness of the towns people. I cried, I laughed, and I enjoyed this book to the very end. Hope there is another one soon.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-11-23 11:27

    I was hooked from the beginning . I couldn't put it down. One of those books that touch every emotion. I laughed through tears . I would certainly read another one of her books after I re- read this one.

  • Haven Gordon
    2018-12-08 05:17

    I won this from a goodreads giveaway and I absolutely loved it. It's exactly the kind of book I'm interested in!

  • Nancy Tubre
    2018-12-01 03:24

    Oh. My. Gosh. I love this book! Look, folks, I had tears dripping from my chin onto the pages of more than one chapter. No, it isn’t a hopelessly sappy book. How can I describe it? Real life. Crazy. Funny. Emotional. Sad. Supremely happy. Enlightening. And again, funny. The story revolves around three women, best friends for life, living in the small community of Bon Dieu Falls, Louisiana. As with most tiny communities, everybody knows everybody else’s business and nothing is off limits for discussion. Carrigan, Ella Rae, and Laine know that fact all too well. They have managed to keep their friendship solid and thriving despite all the drama that small town living brings. Then restlessness creeps in, tragedy hits hard, and life as they know it will never be the same. Written in first person, Fletcher McHale has woven together a saucy story that is captivating and wrings every ounce of every emotion from the reader. The three main characters are delightfully funny with a shot of smart-ass thrown in and a bond with each other that lasts through thick and thin, right or wrong.I highly recommend this book. Do ya’ll remember the commercial on TV that shows a little girl telling an interviewer “We want more, we want more”? Picture me on my knees saying the same thing to Fletcher McHale.

  • Tammy
    2018-11-20 04:22

    Save Us a Seat is the story of Carrigan Whitfield. Carrigan is clearly a free spirit and at the start of the book not necessarily the most likable person. She is in the midst of having an affair and feels no real guilt about it. The assumption I had at least would be that the book would focus on her struggling marriage as well as her relationship with her two best friends Ella Rae (another free spirit who if anything is even more out of control then Carrigan) and Laine the moral compass and reasonable one of the group. However, that is not what this story is about as tragedy strikes and the whole tone changes. Carrigan learns about what is truly important in life and gets her priorities in line. The book is simultaneously heartwarming and heart wrenching, and definitely worth a read.Note: I received this book for free through Goodreads first read program.

  • Allison
    2018-12-03 08:32

    I have used Goodreads for a couple of years now, but I have never signed up, just browsed. I signed up today just to write a review for this breath of fresh air I just put down, Save Us A Seat. I cannot tell you the last time a book made me cry through my laughter or laugh through my tears! I loved this book! I felt like she was sitting beside me on that beautiful porch telling me this story. How often does that happen while you're reading? I am weary of "reality" that isn't reality at all. I am weary of fantasy and vampires. I wanted to feel something and boy, did I ever. I ordered this book from iBookstore and have just ordered 10 paperbacks from Amazon for friends. I want to share this beautiful, funny story with everyone I know. PLEASE, Ms. McHale, keep them coming. SOMEONE MAKE THIS A MOVIE!

  • Betty
    2018-11-20 08:34

    Its hard to believe that this is Fletcher's McHale's debut novel. The opening totally grabs your attention and doesn't let go until "The End". Carrigan Whitfield is living the life that a lot of us dream about. She is married to a man that is about 10 years her senior, gorgeous, rich, and he seemingly adores her. She is still a bit immature and insecure as he is the "catch of the town" and women still chase him. What Carrigan is secure in is her long friendships with her best friends, Laine Landry and Ella Rae Weeks. Either one of those ladies would do, say, or be anything for Carrigan and she for them. The books focuses on those friendships. The characters are strong, the plot captures the reader and the style makes it an easy read. I loved the book and look forward to more from this author. **Good Reads Win (thank you!!)

  • Melinda Lashley
    2018-11-20 10:29

    This was one of the best books I have ever had the joy of reading! I could not put it down. This was a beautifully story of the life, love, and loss. I have never been so emotional while reading a book before. Several times I had to stop reading to wipe the tears away whether they were from laughter or sorrow. The characters were incredible; they were strong, loveable, and completely over the top hilarious. The setting captures the feel of small town life perfectly. Any of us that have grown up in a small town can totally relate. The relationships portrayed were heartwarming and described how true BFFs should be. This is definitely a MUST read! Just make sure you have your tissues within reach before you start.

  • Cindelu
    2018-12-02 06:39

    I was sent a copy of this book by the author and I would like to tell her that I really enjoyed reading it. I read it in basically one sitting, getting up at 4:30am the next day to finish it. The three main characters were delightfully real and had a lot of depth. The narrator grew up tremendously during the course of this story and it was a pleasure to see. I must warn you I cried copiously through the last few chapters. Since I grew up in a small town in Iowa I loved the small town southern atmosphere of the novel also. It was very well written in my opinion making it a joy to read. That is not an easy thing to do. I could see this being made into a movie and I look forward to reading more of her work.

  • April Jacks
    2018-12-06 09:16

    Save Us A Seat is by far the best book I've ever read!! Carrigan, the main character. Reminds me so much of me it isn't funny!! This story about true friendship is so incredibly touching!! I thought of my best friend the entire time I was reading this book (only took a couple of hours). Fletcher's writing skills and the courage to use real life happenings amazes me!! I grew up not too far from Bon Du Falls and still I feel like it's a dream land! I laughed hysterically and cried both on the same page several times. All I can say is if they make a movie out of this..I want to be in it!!! It's absolutely worth the read and if you don't read are missing out on an amazing experience!!!

  • Jill O'Toole
    2018-11-23 11:13

    I have finished this beautiful book about true friendships and difficult life tests. I will admit... I cried, I laughed, and loved every character. I highly recommend this book. The language maybe a little "rough" at times for some readers, but is needed for the authenticity of the story and to show the maturing of the characters. The author truly captures the essence of a small southern town including all the quirks and the huge hearts.This is Fletcher Mc Hale's debut novel and I am looking forward to more.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-11-17 10:32

    **I received a copy of Save Us a Seat through Goodreads First Reads**I really really enjoyed this book except for one thing (view spoiler)[Carrigan's affair(s). I feel like that aspect of the book was kind of half assed. The author should have developed that part of the story a bit more or gotten rid of it entirely. The author could have easily shown Carrigan and Will's marital issues in other, better ways, and still have had the same resolutions in the end.(hide spoiler)]Aside from that, the book was nearly perfect. I laughed in some places and I teared up in others.

  • Peggy
    2018-11-24 10:13

    "Save Us a Seat" by Fletcher Mc Hale. There are thousands of coming of age books written about and for men. (Usually read by women ) Here is a beautiful look at something we women don't have time to sit and ponder enough, because when we get there we're flying around feeding mouths and wiping up their messes and butts. Thank you, Fletcher, for taking the time to do this. Bring your crying towel. You'll need it to catch your tears of heartbreak and to stuff in your mouth to quiet the sudden, loud laughing!

  • Fletcher McHale
    2018-11-30 04:23

    Of course, I think this book is amazing...I wrote it, but it isn't amazing because I typed the manuscript. The book is based on a true story and I lived it. The story and the characters in this book made a profound change in my life. I learned more about myself in a year than I had all my life. And even though that year wasn't always fun or comfortable for me, it was in fact, quite the opposite, it remains one of the best and most cherished parts of my life. I sincerely hope I conveyed that message in the pages.

  • Michelle
    2018-11-16 07:17

    Save us a Seat by Fletcher McHale was one of the best books I have ever read. It kept me laughing most of the way. Other parts were tear jerkers. I related to this book because my mom and my aunt both had cancer. Sadly my aunt died, but my mother is in full remission. Dealing with something like this is very difficult and these women managed to find the humor in it as well. I cannot wait for the next book. Thrilled it was based on people who are from my home state Louisiana. Good job Fletcher! :)

  • Michelle Lemoine
    2018-12-10 08:32

    I Loved the way this book made me laugh out loud....really loud! It also made me cry then laugh at the same time! It's a page turner, held my attention from the first chapter all the way through to the end! I feel this will not be the last we hear of Fletcher McHale, her talent, her passion for writing and her ability to make the reader slip right into the scene is truly a gift! Don't pass up this "GOODREAD".... Be able to say you read it within weeks of it being released, soon this will hit BEST SELLERS list!!! Congratulations Fletcher on a fantastic debut novel!

  • Michelle Hunter
    2018-12-07 08:18

    I read this book thinking it was a true story.... I laughed out loud and I cried along with the narrator... such a great book that really hits home for those who have or have had a childhood/life long friend or certainly for someone who wants to understand the bond/feelings of those types of friend... would love to meet these people they seem so down to earth. (Just so that you know I got this book from my mom, who got it from the author that spoke at an is based on true events/story) makes it even better!!!

  • Cathi
    2018-12-01 04:30

    Think Steel Magnolias meets the YaYa Sisterhood, only funnier. I really liked this book. It's fun, touching and I couldn't put it down. I was immediately drawn to Carrigan Whitfield, the main character and narrator in this book. She is loving and generous but I don't think she realizes that about herself. Her best friends are the perfect compliment to her personality. I shed a few tears and I laughed a LOT. My only complaint is I wanted more but I loved the authors straight forward style. Easy read. Goodreads win.

  • Amber
    2018-11-28 11:39

    I received this book through the Goodreads First Reads program, but unfortunately I'm having a hard time reviewing it.The story is technically sound and well written. The author does a great job at creating a voice and crafting a believable setting as well as pulling you in to it. That said, I personally couldn't connect to any of the characters so I never really got into the story.Ultimately, I think this book just wasn't my style but I can see some people greatly enjoying it.

  • Lee
    2018-11-28 07:42

    Stayed up all night reading it. I laughed and cried, then laughed some more. I felt like I was in the middle of the book and living in this wonderful little town right along with them. I felt the joy, the heartache and the intense friendship these women shared. It also left me wondering if the story was true??? The emotions seemed very real. Wonderful book! Would recommend to all women, especially those who value or need to understand the true meaning of the word friendship.