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Mike and Angel are not like other teens. Born with violet eyes, highly intelligent and athletically gifted, they belong to a genetically-engineered superspecies. Though raised in ignorance in a 1980s Historical Immersion project, they escaped their prison. After months on the run, Mike and Angel have found a fragile peace, attending college, but diverging careers have drivMike and Angel are not like other teens. Born with violet eyes, highly intelligent and athletically gifted, they belong to a genetically-engineered superspecies. Though raised in ignorance in a 1980s Historical Immersion project, they escaped their prison. After months on the run, Mike and Angel have found a fragile peace, attending college, but diverging careers have driven a wedge between them.Stuck in the PastAngel is less than thrilled to find herself back in another Historical Immersion. This time around she’s the bodyguard for her old friend Maryanne—the daughter of Kenneth Jones, the multi-millionaire behind the Historical Immersion parks. Angel saves Maryanne from an attempted kidnapping, only to be framed for the felony herself.An Uncertain FutureA hate-crime organization has targeted Mike and Angel. Now they must not only dodge bullets, but match wits against their toughest opponent yet: another one of the violet-eyed....

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Angel Eyes Reviews

  • Beth
    2019-05-23 19:21

    This is - not that great, on a story level. But oh, the nostalgia!

  • Becki
    2019-05-05 17:28

    Angel Eyes. AKA, the book that nearly wasn't. As a dedicated fan waiting YEARS for this novel, I literally squealed when I saw Luiken had uploaded it for ereaders. The elusive sequel to the open-ended Silver Eyes. My holy grail of all novels since 9th grade, when my best friend handed me Violet Eyes and said, "Here. Learn about genetics."And once again, Luiken didn't disappoint. I fell headfirst into this book, grinning like a mad-lady every time a familiar character entered the cast. Overall, this novel was a thoroughly enjoyable read. The writing style is fantastic. (Although I did catch a few grammatical errors, I attribute it to the fact that it's self-published without a professional editor. And considering that, it's excellently edited.) The plot is intriguing and adventurous. The characters are just as easy to love now as they were 12 years ago. Luiken has no problem engaging the reader completely into her world of aircars, historical immersions, and virtual reality. She kept her facts consistent with the first two novels, something I appreciate considering how much time passed between books 2 and 3. She maybe didn't spend enough time recapping things like augments and historical immersions, but the die-hard readers couldn't care less. We were happy to see more of Angel and Mike at their finest. The idea of clones was a brilliant one, and perfectly incorporated into the series, thanks to Zinnia and Dahlia from Silver Eyes. And the idea that Angel and Mike have clones blew my mind. I was thrilled to see how our favorite pair reacted to seeing themselves three years younger, and it really served to show how much Mike and Angel have grown since Violet Eyes. It was fantastic to see that development. If I could fix anything with Angel Eyes, aside from perhaps the grammar mistakes, it would be to request a little more description of the VR stuff. I understood the basic gist of it, but when sub-layers were thrown into the mix, I got a little confused. It's a minor thing, but considering how important that piece of the novel is, I'd have liked to see more about it, or at least some kind of build-up to the sub-layer discovery. My biggest problem, however, isn't the VR or grammar. It's the fact that Angel and Mikestillhaven't spent a book together. As a die-hard Michaelangelo fan, this is incredibly frustrating. In Violet Eyes, Angel was coming to terms with Mike and whether or not she could trust him. We see their kickass team at the end, but not really before that. In Silver Eyes, we were waiting patiently for her torememberMike, and then for their ruse with the other contestants to finish, so again, we only really got to see them as one unit at the very end. In Angel Eyes, I thought, "Surely this is it. Surely THIS is the book where they spend the whole time together, kicking ass and taking names." No. This book separated our dynamic duo from the beginning, and while it made their reunion that much sweeter, it made me want to pull my hair out. They're awesome apart. Angel can twist anything to her benefit by thinking outside the box, and Mike can charm the pants off a straight man if he wanted to. But damn it, we read these books because we love them TOGETHER. We love how they play off each other, how they don't even have to exchange words to know the plan, how Mike can propose to one girl on live TV and Angel STILL knows it's meant for her. That's what we LOVE about these characters. It's why these novels sit firmly at the top of my list of favorites. So, the novel was Amazing (capital "A"). The fact that it was released at all warrants a HUGETHANK YOUfrom us fans. But please, Luiken. I'm on my knees here. Put them together for the fourth book. <3

  • Ashley (Bound to Love YA)
    2019-04-25 17:31

    I nearly cried tears of joy when I saw the third book to the Violet Eyes series was a real thing! I had pretty much given up hope that one of my favorite series in high school would ever feel complete. I had practically grown a beard like ol' Dumbledore here:This next book in the series was worth the wait and does not disappoint. Angel Eyes catches up to Violet and Michael in their early 20's and shows you how their lives are progressing in their scifi world. Before long, of course, they find themselves fighting for their lives - and each other - as they try to outwit clones, killers, and a hate-group bent on eradicating their kind. Part of me wishes that the three books weren't so different from each other - each one takes us to a completely different world and there are moments I just want Michael and Angel to be able to breathe and enjoy one another's company. But all in all, this book delivers up what Luiken does best - a gripping, action-packed story that allows Michael and Angel to use their killer intellects in an imaginative, futuristic world. Angel Eyes is everything I could have hoped for and then some!

  • Claire B.
    2019-05-02 22:29

    I have been waiting years, YEARS! for this book. I've been watching her website and Facebook and finally here it is. And gosh was it good. I love that Mike and Angel have grown up a bit because this third book felt a little more real, a little more dangerous and definitely more mature than its prequels. Truthfully, this series is just solid gold. I want a movie, I want 8 sequels, I want a Carl spin-off, I want it to replace the rambling mess that is the mortal instruments and become the next sensation. Alas, none of these things may ever happen but the Violet Eyes series deserves it. Luiken's writing is superb and exciting and I just about read the entire thing in one sitting. Something about the dream team keeps me wanting more - please say we can expect a fourth book!

  • JoAnne
    2019-04-28 22:26

    What a wonderful ending to the Violet Eyes Trilogy. When i found out that there was a final book coming out i was soo excited. I first read violet eyes when i was a teenager and i have probably re-read that book more than any other, which for me is a lot! It was a long wait for the finale but what a wonderful ending. Angel was just as spunky and loyal as ever and i loved seeing some old characters again. There were plenty of twists and turns, which i won't give away, but i will say that this book is definitely worth reading. Thank you so much Nicole Luiken for finishing this trilogy. It was fantastic and meant a lot!

  • Trista
    2019-05-21 15:19

    I didn't know this book (and #4) existed until a month ago. I first read the original two books as a young teen way back in 2001/2002 or so when they were published, and they've stuck with me ever since. Imagine my delight when I discovered the author had FINALLY published two more! I immediately ordered them through Amazon, and dove into this one as soon as they arrived.The same issue comes up with this one as the previous two - the main character Angel always knows way more than the reader, or is able to figure things out with nowhere near enough information, and then chooses to hide a lot of it for some time. But she is supposed to be insanely smart, so I guess I have to let the giant leaps in understanding slide, right? Luiken is extremely creative and is able to create these intricate problems and plotlines that I never fully understand until the end when all is revealed, and even then I don't always understand everything. But Angel does, so she saves the day, as usual. I just wish that there would be more detail to fill in the gaps and answer the questions I have. But hey, I'd much rather have this book and the questions remaining than not have it at all! I still flew through this book, falling right back into the lives of Angel and Mike and whatever crazy adventure/crisis they were into this time. It was just as action-packed and intense as I remember "Violet Eyes" and "Silver Eyes" to be. Worth the wait, if even just for the nostalgia. On to "Golden Eyes"!

  • Maya Chhabra
    2019-05-14 17:13

    This is the third book in the series that began with Violet Eyes and Silver Eyes. Each of the books stands alone in terms of plot (I started with Silver Eyes, book two), but not in terms of character or worldbuilding. The plots involve claustrophobic battles of wits as Angel and Mike, genetically engineered superhumans, figure out the puzzles set up by their antagonists and end up one step ahead of them by figuring out their intentions as well.The first two books were published by Simon and Schuster, but they must have dropped the series as, after a long gap, Angel Eyes was self-published. Unlike the other two books, it included Mike's point of view as well as Angel's. This allowed for some interesting effects, such as the tense gap between Mike getting the information that would let Angel figure out who the bad guy is and Angel getting that information. It also allowed Mike to have more of a character arc. However, it also lessened the intensity and tautness by comparison to previous books, where we were stuck in Angel's point of view as she tried to figure things out. While the multiple points of view worked really well with the plot of Angel Eyes, I felt that this meant it was missing something by comparison to the other two books.Another problem was that the stakes were lower- in previous books they were playing for identity, sanity, memory, and all sort of existential stakes. Here, they're fighting for their lives, and even the introduction of clones and VR doesn't bring the identity issues to the same level as the other two books. Generally, I thought it would have benefited from professional editing, but I would rather have a self-published sequel than none.There were also many positive elements. I really liked revisiting some of the secondary characters from Violet Eyes, such as Angel's rich friend Maryanne, fighting to prove herself, and Angel and Mike's rivals/fellow superhumans Leona and Vincent, who share an intense but platonic bond. The puzzles were clever and I enjoyed watching Angel beat the system and help others do the same. Also, the lower stakes made sense in that part of the plot is about Mike and Angel's relationship. Having endured serious traumas before, can they deal with the day-to-day stressors of different career choices, suspicions of cheating, and lengthy separations? It's not a surprise that they can, but it explains the different focus of the story.The pacing is fantastic- I finished it in 24 hours and was in suspense the whole time. It also ties together the two previous books, which were very different in their settings. Finally, the secondary characters had plenty of surprises and one who had seemed villainous turns out to be an interesting character dealing with a tough situation.Their were times when I got an almost Objectivist feel from some elements- Angel worries about others stealing her work, villains want to bring down the superhumans because they can't compete with them, Angel wants to be left alone to start a business, and the character who rejects the superior Angel's guidance is annoying and loses- but this is mainly from Angel's point of view, and considering both the identity of the villains -hate criminals and (view spoiler)[ a billionaire entrepreneur (hide spoiler)]-and emphasis on the unfairness of a system of debt peonage, the ultimate message is way more complicated than that. Especially since Angel shows quite a bit of altruism.Apparently there might be a fourth book and if so, I hope be get more Leona and Vincent, as they fascinate me and I was happy to see them again in this book.If you read and liked the previous books and want more Angel and Mike, read this. If you haven't read the others, try Violet Eyes, which is a suspenseful, creepy, wonderfully intense little novel.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-30 19:12

    This was fantastic. I'm so happy this is finally here. So, Mike and Angel are having some trouble. Throw in Angel's first client almost being kidnapped and her being blamed, then Mike being kidnapped and finding out Angel has a clone. Then add a huge contest and finding out Mike's clone is in trouble. I loved that in this book they worked together and I got to see both of their POVs. It was perfect. Action packed until the last word.

  • Rebecca Glover
    2019-04-26 20:42

    I am so glad she wrote another book for the Violet Eyes Series. I hope she contiunes on with the series!!