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A Forgotten Secret.A Lethal Enemy.A Deadly Race against the Odds.When a Russian prince is murdered in England, former soldier Christopher Sheppard is pulled into a lethal game of cat and mouse. He soon finds himself pitted against deadly and ruthless Soviet agents who are determined to uncover the truth about the most guarded secret of the last Czar of Russia. Sheppard strA Forgotten Secret.A Lethal Enemy.A Deadly Race against the Odds.When a Russian prince is murdered in England, former soldier Christopher Sheppard is pulled into a lethal game of cat and mouse. He soon finds himself pitted against deadly and ruthless Soviet agents who are determined to uncover the truth about the most guarded secret of the last Czar of Russia. Sheppard struggles to remain one-step ahead of people who still fighting their own private war.From England, to France, from Turkey to the vast open steppes of Mongolia, aided by a small group of Russian patriots, Christopher Sheppard races to rescue someone from the clutches of a cruel and sadistic warlord before it is too late.Take a step back in time to the late 1920s, a time of change…a time when merciless men sought to change the world....

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The Last Eagle Reviews

  • Denise
    2019-05-15 17:55

    Former soldier Christopher Sheppard is entrusted with a secret and potentially deadly mission that leads him deep into Russia on the trail of a secret of the last Czar's known to only a handful of people. Would-be assassins and other dangers cross his path before he even sets foot in the country, however, and Russia itself is still in the grip of civil war even a decade after the Bolshevik Revolution.A fast pace and plenty of action keep things interesting, but the writing style could use a bit of improvement. Especially the dialogue often seems stilted and awkward. Nevertheless, this was a fairly entertaining read.

  • Toni Osborne
    2019-05-07 16:08

    “The Last Eagle” kicks off right from the start and the action never stops, this novel is a real page-turner, an excellent adventure that takes us back to the late 1920 during the Bolshevik Revolution.The story is fast paced and exciting. I really enjoyed every moment it is such a hard book to put down. Early on we are introduced to Captain Christopher Sheppard, an experienced soldiers and your classic hero. With Harry Campbell, his trusty aid and chauffeur, they soon find themselves in a lethal cat and mouse game facing enemy agents and deadly adversary as they cross Europe, Russia and Mongolia to rescue a descendant of the tsarists dynasty.I loved this book but it needs some improvement, what is annoying is a story that flips from one character to another simply with a new paragraph, a bit confusing at times. Minor repetitive words in the same sentence should be illuminated. With a few tweaks here and there this would be an awesome story. Apart from these minor points, the novel is smooth to read and the story is captivating from start to finish.Having said my pet peeves, now I will provide more good points: no doubts this is a gripping story with fight scenes that are very visual and seem quite realistic. We find a whole raft of well- developed characters including nasty opponents and charismatics good guys and of course at the heart of this drama are two damsels in distress.“The Last Eagle” is a good novel that focuses on the plotting and is action driven. Without any doubts this is my kind of novel.

  • Teresa
    2019-05-12 16:13

    This book was a good Action/Adventure that never stopped; it's a real page-turner. The setting was Russia, Mongolia, England during the Bolshevik Revolution. Turner immerses the reader in the story, drawing them in with excellent character building. I liked Christopher Shepherd, the main character, cared about what happened to him. There were characters of every sort, and most were well developed. There was the cold, murderous agent bent on destroying his targets, not necessarily for the good of the people, but perhaps more for the pleasure he felt at doing so. There were good, there were bad, there were blind underlings who followed orders blindly, and there were people who lent a bit pf comic relief from the tension and pace of the story. The Last Eagle includes glimpses of the cruelty of war, enough to make it believable, but not so much that it changes the focus away from Christopher completing his mission. I had a hard time setting my Kindle down.The ending did feel a tad rushed. There were a few things that I deducted a star for: (in limited instances) descriptive writing that felt cliche. And, this book could benefit from a good edit: repeated words, some homonyms used in place of the correct word.In spite of the few problems it has, the sense of story that Turner unleashes it its pages makes me happily recommend The Last Eagle to anyone who likes Action/Adventure.

  • Rachel Brune
    2019-05-01 22:18

    I found this book through the GoodKindle site, read the free excerpt available on Amazon, and decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did, although not without some reservations (which I'll discuss below.) BLUF: The Last Eagle is an adventure novel in the style of Clive Cussler or Ted Bell (two of my favorite writers). The author has a great story going, with interesting characters, and has obviously done his research. Overall, I recommend it.So what was good? As mentioned before--the characters. The main character, Christopher Sheppard, enters the plot through the time-honored genre convention of being the unexpected last choice to go on a dangerous mission. With him goes his driver (and former wartime subordinate), Harry Campbell. Sheppard has grown up with the sort of Continental upbringing that all good 20th-century adventurers should have, and he takes to the mission like a natural, although not without many (realistically portrayed) reservations. Along the way, he meets people who help him, who hinder him, and still he prevails. The plot moves fast and furiously, and the reader can't help but be swept up in the ride. There are enough predictable turns to satisfy genre conventions, and enough unpredictable twists to satisfy readers who read a lot of adventure stories (such as this reader!) I don't want to give too much away, but suffice it to say, the book caught and held my attention to the very end.So what were my reservations? Well actually, there was only one, but it was a big one. This book needed another editing pass. There I would be, reading along, caught up in the story, only to be thrown right out of it by the use of "discrete" instead of "discreet," or "lose" instead of "loose," or the odd comma splice-slash-run-on sentence. This is a personal quirk, to be sure, in that I find it very difficult to sublimate noticing these sorts of mistakes, especially since I do a lot of editing outside of my reading for pleasure. It didn't make me want to stop reading, but it detracted from my enjoyment of the book. I will have to say though, there were parts that were so well-written, that I didn't notice time passing and almost missed a few time hacks because I was enjoying the story.Overall, I recommend this book. I thought it was fun, and am definitely thinking about reading the next one in the series!

  • Bev Walkling
    2019-05-15 21:15

    I downloaded this book as a freebie from Amazon and am very glad that I did. The story begins in 1919 and ends in late 1927 or early 1928 and takes place in various places ranging from England to Mongolia and the USA. I make no claim to be an expert in either this time period or the historical events which might have taken place then so I can't judge the book for it's accuracy in that regard but I can say that it is an action packed thriller that grabbed my attention and kept me reading. Early on we are introduced to Captain Christopher Sheppard (retired), a man who sent long years in the trenches of Europe fighting as part of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. He has seen more of death than he ever wants to and is in England trying to settle the affairs of his brother who has recently died. He is joined by his driver, Harry Campbell, who had also been a driver for his deceased brother. Together they find themselves in an unexpectedly dangerous situation and before they know it, both have been recruited by one of Sheppard's uncles to complete a dangerous task of rescuing the illegitimate daughter of the deceased Russian Czar, from he captor in Mongolia.The story moves along very quickly with lots of action and excitement along the way. The author's military experience no doubt serves him in good stead when it comes to military matters.There were a few small areas which I felt could be improved upon. Within chapters, the author sometimes flipped from telling one characters part of the story to another characters simply by changing paragraphs. This was a little distracting and even just using asterix to set them apart would have been helpful. Secondly, the editor missed a few things which would have made for a smoother read. For example, near the end of the story was the following sentence: "As of today, both you and Elena are both my daughters."I found the use of the word both twice in a sentence to be excessive. There were several other occasions where similar mistakes were made. Fix these up and I would happily give the book 5 stars.I would certainly recommend this to anyone who enjoys action adventure with a historical setting and will look forward to reading more adventures featuring Christopher Sheppard and friends.

  • Sarah Houldcroft
    2019-05-23 17:16

    This book was certainly full of action, not many pages went by without someone being killed or something happening. It all kicked off within the first few pages too and the first tough, gritty chapter gave me a feel for the rest of the book. It was a good introduction and I found myself wanting to read on. The whole book was pretty gripping and although it may not be my first choice of genre to read, I really wanted to get to the end to find out how the story would unfold and who would be alive at the end of it. The fight scenes were very visual and worked well and I am not surprised to read that the author served in the forces. I think he also used his experiences and knowledge of weaponry to advantage throughout the book because it had an authentic sense of reality about it. The scenes move with ease between countries as diverse as England and Mongolia taking Christopher Shepherd, our hero, with them. He comes across some particularly nasty opponents who make up a whole raft of characters throughout the book from the cold blooded villains to the frightened young girl and her grandmother.My only criticism is that the book could have benefited from another proofreading as there were a number of mistakes. However, these do not detract much and I have no reservation in recommending this book to anyone who appreciates a gripping, unflinching, action packed adventure.

  • William Scott
    2019-04-24 20:52

    I discovered this book in one of the Goodreads discussion groups and decided to give it a try. Billed as an action adventure, this book really delivers the goods. From the first chapter to the last, I was pulled into a flurry of activity that made putting the book down nearly impossible. I enjoyed the fact that it used traditional aspects of the genre without feeling stale or obvious. The main character is your classic hero thrust into adventure and intrigue, with his trusty aid by his side. They are set upon by enemy agents as they cross Europe, eventually facing a deadly adversary. The use of the Russian Revolution as a backdrop was a welcome change from the standard and I really found myself emerged in the era. I really enjoyed this self-published book and plan on reading further works by the author.