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Sono passati tre anni da quando Harry Hole è andato via. Via da Oslo, via dalla Centrale di polizia, via dalla donna che ha amato e ferito troppo, e troppe volte. Ma dai suoi fantasmi no, da quelli non è riuscito a fuggire: l'hanno inseguito a Hong Kong e ora lo reclamano, e Harry non può non rispondere, non può non tornare. Oleg, il figlio di Rakel, il ragazzo che lui haSono passati tre anni da quando Harry Hole è andato via. Via da Oslo, via dalla Centrale di polizia, via dalla donna che ha amato e ferito troppo, e troppe volte. Ma dai suoi fantasmi no, da quelli non è riuscito a fuggire: l'hanno inseguito a Hong Kong e ora lo reclamano, e Harry non può non rispondere, non può non tornare. Oleg, il figlio di Rakel, il ragazzo che lui ha cresciuto come fosse anche figlio suo, è in carcere. Accusa: l'omicidio di Gusto Hanssen, il suo migliore amico. Movente: secondo gli investigatori, un regolamento di conti nel mondo della droga. Ma Harry non ci crede. Oleg, il suo Oleg, il bambino che lo teneva per mano e lo chiamava papà, può essere diventato un tossicodipendente, ma non un assassino. E a lui non resta che correre a casa, correre contro il tempo, in cerca di una verità diversa da quella già decretata. Una verità che si nasconde tanto nelle maglie dei sentimenti più profondi che legano le persone, quanto nei quartieri dello spaccio, con l'ombra misteriosa di un nemico inafferrabile che lo vuole morto....

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Lo spettro Reviews

  • Miles
    2018-10-30 13:23

    How on earth do I do justice to a book of this magnitude, the simple and honest answer is I cannot, I’m not even going to try. Phantom is a terrific novel, one that will keep you turning the pages and on the edge of your seat from the very first moment you pick up the book right up until the powerful ending, the author placing you smack bang in the middle of a city torn by drug addiction, murder and corruption - politicians and policeman alike. Trust is at a premium and betrayal the key word of the day, believe me, you don’t want to miss this novel, it will shock and surprise. I certainly didn’t see the twist coming and I’m still reeling!Very few authors write better than Nesbo in my eyes – aided once again by a superb translation by Don Bartlett - and I am so grateful I’ve had the chance to read and review three of his novels namely The Snowman (still my favourite book), The Leopard and now Phantom, the latest in a mesmerising series featuring the damaged Harry Hole. Alcoholic. Drug Addict. Policeman. Husband. Father. I really have to make time to read his previous titles.Phantom isn’t your typical Jo Nesbo novel; this is all about drugs and the devastation they cause both directly and indirectly. Everyone is affected in one way or another but Nesbo pulls no punches as he paints a different kind of Oslo from the one politicians and the tourist boards would like to promote. The streets are full of pushers and gangs hell-bent on cornering the market no matter the cost or who gets in the way; they certainly don’t take kindly to Harry Hole’s interference. You won’t find an unhinged serial killer in Phantom but you will find murder most foul and an ex-policeman in Hole struggling to secure the release of Oleg - his son - who has been arrested for the murder of a drug addict, a supplier and someone who just happens to be his best friend. Things are never clear cut and the way Nesbo weaves his magic is incredible. Take it as read, Nesbo mentions a character for a reason, there is no dead wood in this novel.I’m not even going to mention the narrative there really is no point – you know what you’re going to get and you certainly won’t be disappointed! Suffice to say it’s both powerful and gripping and although this is a steady read without too much gore – certainly compared to The Snowman - for the first two thirds of the book, you’ll find with 120 pages to go the pace moves up a number of gears and you’ll struggle to put the book down. The way he hooks you in is sublime to say the least. This is Nesbo at his very best.Harry is back in Oslo after a three year exile living in Hong Kong. No longer a policeman, he returns wearing the only suit he owns and has cleaned up his act and as a recovering alcoholic he faces temptation on every corner. This is personal and only Harry has the determination to see it through but is he ready to meet the truth. Can he handle the truth? Only time will tell. A compelling read, Phantom is a taut and multi-layered thriller that simply deserves to be read and although a rather sombre read it will most definitely entertain. Rush out and get this one, it’s a cracker!

  • Nancy Oakes
    2018-11-02 17:19

    I'd quite forgotten how tense I get while reading one of Nesbø's Harry Hole novels; a little while into the novel upon Harry's return to Oslo and it all came back to me. Harry is a character I've become rather attached to over the years, but I've also become used to things not going so well for him over the course of the series. Phantom is the ninth installment of this series and the seventh to be translated into English; if you've been a faithful follower of Nesbø's novels, you definitely do not want to miss this one. If you are just beginning with Nesbø, do not, I repeat, do not make this your first experience.A few years have passed since Harry Hole was last in Oslo; when we last saw him he was on his way back to Hong Kong, where he retreated to clean himself up and deal with the demons plaguing his life, having to do mainly with his relationship with Rakel. Now he's back and it's personal: Rakel's son Oleg is in prison, after being incarcerated for killing a heroin addict named Gusto. Everything points to Oleg as the shooter; Harry doesn't believe it and returns to clear his name. Having been officially warned to stay away from this particular case by his former colleagues, Harry being Harry is not content to sit idly by and finds himself in the middle of his own private investigation that leads him into the murky depths of drug addiction and production, gang wars, corruption and a reclusive but powerful Russian known as Dubai. Dubai, "a kind of phantom ... like the wind, impossible to catch," has worked to corner the market on a new drug called Violin, which offers its users a prolonged euphoria, making it the newest high of choice among heroin users, a "junkie's dream," "stronger than heroin, longer effect, and little chance of OD'ing." The story is related through different viewpoints, one of which is from a dying Gusto. It is here where the reader discovers how Oleg becomes involved in events that will ultimately lead him to prison. Normally I dislike the "voice from the grave" approach, or actually in this case the "as I lay dying" device, but here it is engaged to provide necessary backstory and it works as a focal point for bringing together the various storylines as they are played out individually throughout the novel -- at least, up to a point.Phantom is an intensely bleak read -- from the sadness of the addicts on the streets doing whatever is necessary to score to the final moments of the novel, the atmosphere Nesbø creates is one of sheer darkness, alleviated here and there with some humorous moments, including a neck wound held together by duct tape, or the running gags about his one and only suit. And Harry's back with his trademark angst, this time ruminating over his shortcomings with Oleg who looked on him as a dad in years past, and the "curse" he's carried with him in which he realizes that all of those he loves eventually suffer at his hands. At the same time, it's a very compelling read; so much so that it's easy to overlook a few other standard Nesbø trademarks, including the sometimes over-the-top verbosity, sometimes clunky dialogue, scenes that could have been easily shortened with no damage to the overall story, and related plot lines that capture your interest then sort of fade out. The second half of the book is where the action really picks up and where the story becomes its most intense, with many twists and turns that I never saw coming, and writing that maintains a tightly-strung tension, literally up until the very last moment.Die-hard Harry Hole fans should consider a kleenex as a necessary accompaniment to this novel, and you'll seriously feel the need to put the book down, get up, go outside and find some sunlight as you get into the story. I'm happy to see that the Stieg Larsson comparison is gone from the cover (yay!); Nesbø has no need of putting his work up against that of anyone else -- his standing in crime fiction, Scandinavian or otherwise, needs no bolstering by setting his work against that of others. Do not miss this book if you are continuing the series, and as I noted above, you should absolutely NOT start the series with this story. To the book's naysayers I can only answer with the following: this is not great literature, but it's a hell of a ride.

  • James Thane
    2018-10-18 18:25

    At the conclusion of the last book in this series, The Leopard, Harry Hole, no longer on the Oslo police force, retreated to Hong Kong where he built a new life. But three years later, his past calls him home. Oleg, the son of his former lover, Rakel, has been arrested for allegedly killing a drug dealer who was also his friend and the foster brother of the young woman that Oleg loved. The evidence seems incontrovertible, but Harry comes back to Norway in an effort to prove that Oleg is not guilty and to find the real killer.In his absence, the boy who once called Harry "Dad," has fallen into a life of addiction and crime as a powerful new drug called Violin has swept through the city. Harry is someone who understands the power of addiction and, now clean and sober, he sets himself to the task of saving this boy that he loves.Without the power of the police force behind him, Harry faces a seriously uphill struggle and the effort takes him deep into the shadowy world of drugs, criminal gangs and the police and politicians who either attempt to resolve the problem or to capitalize upon it. It's a gripping story that leads to a shattering climax, and Nesbo teases out the story in a way that's almost as addictive as the drug at the center of it.It's a powerful novel and a great read but one cannot emphasize enough the importance of reading this series in order. The reader new to the series certainly does not want to start here. Admittedly, the first two books in the series, The Bat and Cockroaches are a bit weaker than the ones that follow, but at a minimum, one should start with the third book, The Redbreast before moving on. The principal attraction of these books is the character of Harry Hole and the world that surrounds him and no reader would want to deprive him or herself of the pleasure of watching these relationships unfold in order.

  • Phrynne
    2018-10-18 18:43

    I'm giving this one four stars because although it finished superbly it started very slowly and for the first third of the book I was thinking it was not very good. But then it got going and positively rampaged towards a shocking finale. I'm still not sure quite what to make of such an amazing cliff hanger. I may just have to dash out tomorrow and buy the next book to see what happens. I am so glad that I have read all the Harry Hole books in order because the way they have developed is so good. The characters, the authors style, the depth of the story lines have all grown along the way. This is an excellent series all round and one I recommend wholeheartedly.

  • Anna
    2018-10-18 16:33

    Really, really good. If you haven't read any Harry Hole books yet, do yourself a favor, and read them in order. The people and the places and things that happen or have happened will make much more sense that way. The first two books of the series have not yet been translated in English (hopefully soon though), so for the English language readers, this is the correct way to proceed (so far): The Redbreast -> Nemesis -> The Devil's Star -> The Redeemer -> The Snowman -> The Leopard -> Phantom.After The Leopard case, Harry returned to Hong Kong, from where he returns to Oslo to work as an ex cop to resolve a case that involves him too deeply. Rakel's son Oleg has become a drug addict, and is accused of having killed one of his friends. Oleg a killer? What happened really, and why? While Harry tries to find out, it turns out everyone wants to keep him out of Norway, everyone for a different reason. The (corrupt members of) police, the corrupted someone elses, the bad guys, the drug lords, the real killer. A(n adorably) loose cannon as always, and again with less than orthodox investigation methods. But he's set to find out the bad guy(s), and nothing will stop him. Five stars, and there were some very beautiful parts in the story. There were also of course some very shocking things (despite Harry saying that people don't change)... It's not possibly to say anything about the end or the solution without spoiling the book, so I'll leave out everything regarding the end or the fix (at least until someone comments on it). This book will be out in the US in September (I couldn't resist so I got a UK copy). And as always, Don Bartlett helps keep Harry's adventures enjoyable by being a great translator.A question is left lingering in Phantom. Perhaps to give a clue (without spoiling it), a new Harry Hole book will be out next year (in English).

  • Menia
    2018-11-04 20:40

    όχι, όχι, όχι, όχι, αρνούμαι να ακολουθήσω τι έχει γίνει, δεν παίζει αυτό, έι κύριε Nesbo γιατί το κάνεις αυτό; σε μισώ #νοτ

  • Mara
    2018-11-06 16:47

    Nesbe je jebeni genije!

  • Harry
    2018-11-11 12:39

    Here's the thing about the recent popularity of Scandinavian writers and if you're a Nordic Thriller aficionado you couldn't care less about the distinction: the novels are depressed, somber, filled with ennui, a lack of humor, with flawed characters if not suffused with a strong tendency towards determinism; in short, whether you're reading Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell, or Jo Nesbo you are likely reading Literary Naturalism. If you live in Scandinavia you might consider this par for the course, ennui is imbued into the populace (as it is also reflected in the works of prominent Russian writers - Anna Karenina comes to mind). Just as we continue to struggle here in the States with our history of slavery and the resulting racial tensions, so do Europe and Scandinavia struggle in coming to terms with Nazism and the Bolshevik revolution (More than a few reviewers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Nordic writers' pre-occupation with Nazism). And yet, the rise in popularity of these Nordic thrillers here in the States is puzzling given our strong tendency towards literary Romanticism. We like for the good guys to win, we like emotion, we like our heroes (as opposed to anti-heroes) we enjoy free will, and in general consider ourselves in control of our own lives.Having said that: there is excellence in Literary Naturalism. The above doesn't mean we can't enjoy a well written novel, an intriguing mystery, a flawed anti-hero, a well crafted story written in the style of literary Naturalism. It doesn't mean we can't enjoy the works of Jo Nesbo. I did.In Jo Nesbo's words: "I come from a family of readers and story tellers." With a librarian mother and a father who sat before the fire and told the kids stories they wanted to hear (each repetition bringing something new to the tale) Jo's foundation was carved in stone. Again, in his own life story we sense the determinism filtering into his life: he wanted to be a soccer star but an injury put a quick stop to this; with a dreadful feeling of fate guiding his life he entered the military in the hopes something would happen (what happened was "Self-Discipline"); thinking he might want to be an economist he entered the world of finance which he abandoned as well; someone told him he could play guitar (he only knew 3 chords) and he formed several bands, Di Derre being the most successful; and finally he wrote (on an airplane to begin with) and he never stopped.The Redbreast is Jo Nesbo's third Harry Hole (pronounced "Hooleh") novel (the other two not being translated for a US audience as of yet) and is Nesbo's claim to fame. So, this is where we start. Yes, the books should be read in order! For an American audience, Harry Hole can be likened to Harry Bosch; he defies authority, is an outcast within his own organization, is best left alone to do this job (his office is at the end of the hall), is more of an anti-hero than a hero, has trouble with his romantic life, lives alone, has a fierce propensity for justice (as opposed to the Law) and once let loose is like a pit bull with a bone fastened to his jaws. But perhaps the most compelling reason why Harry Hole has such a following is Nesbo's devastating characterization of what exactly comprises a flawed hero. Upon reflection, American hard-boiled writers don't come close to accomplishing the same. This is not too dissimilar to the way Nesbo sees himself.Bjarne Møller, my former boss, says people like me always choose the line of most resistance. It's in what he calls our 'accursed nature'. That's why we always end up on our own. I don't know. I like being alone. Perhaps I have grown to like my self-image of being a loner, too....I think you have to find something about yourself that you like in order to survive. Some people say being alone is unsociable and selfish. But you're independent and you don't drag others down with you, if that's the way you're heading. Many people are afraid of being alone. But it made me feel strong, free and invulnerable.And...ah, yes, there is the matter of plot! So how do we justify this decided streak of fate/determinism within the novels with Nesbo's apparent mastery of plot? The two seemingly ought to contradict each other. On the one hand, we have Nesbo's almost Shakespearean tendency to cast characters as marionette puppets on the strings of fate (the very opposite of plot), while on the other hand we are riveted by the very complex actions and reactions made by Harry Hole during his investigations (Nesbo is a master at not adding anything superfluous to his novels). Perhaps it is an unholy marriage between the two that transfixes us. His plots are intricate, very complex, the seemingly irrelevant details exposed throughout the novels become larger than life as the story closes, and they can weave through time, forward and backward, as the story unfolds. But, with a little alacrity, we can remember we are reading Naturalism and so it isn't always Harry Hole making events happen, but rather the reverse, it is the events that move Harry Hole. Again, it is a matter of preference but in Nesbo's case it is done with utter expertise as a writer.The exposition/setting is often Scandinavia: the weather is somber, the descriptions grey-like, the people absorbed with alcohol and withdrawn, if not bundled and sequestered. And yet, the dialogue and scenes are full of references to other millieus', continents, languages, and cleverly hidden philosophical references that speak to a widely cultured audience (as opposed to American writers of this genre who rarely venture beyond the borders of their land, if not their own State). And as with plot, there are no superfluous details. Everything in the novels matters and Nesbo does not forget even the tiniest detail to which he's made a seemingly furtive reference earlier on in the story. This is one of the biggest reasons why I love Jo Nesbo.I thoroughly enjoyed Jo Nesbo's The Redbreast and am currently reading the remaining Harry Hole novels. I remain intrigued by events left undone (such as the fate of our undiscovered villain in this and other stories). You'll just have to read the novels to find out more.Oh, yes, as with other series this review is likely to be repeated for all (unless there is a drastic divergence from what I have written here). So, if you've read this review, you've read 'em all. Enjoy!

  • Đorđe Bajić
    2018-10-29 19:26

    Dobra promena tempa za Nesbea i njegovog Harija Hulea. Posle niza obračuna sa serijskim ubicama, konačno jedan kamernija krimi misterija, ličnija i svedenija. Prijala mi je. Nema u ovom romanu onog epskog zamaha iz Oklopnog srca ili horor bravura iz Sneška, ali zato tu neo-noir štimung. Ja zadovoljan! Ako se svemu ponuđenom dada i istinski iznenađujuć kraj - Utvara se svakako može ubrojati među najbolje romane o Huleu. Moglo je sve to i na manje stranica, ali izgleda da Nesbe mora da popuni određenu kvotu slovnih mesta pre nego što preda rukopis.

  • Anna
    2018-11-04 16:34

    Ένατη περιπέτεια του αλκοολικού αστυνομικού (που εν τω μεταξύ δουλεύει ως … μπράβος στο Hong Kong) όπου … things get dirty και πιο προσωπικά από ποτέ…Ο Χάρι επιστρέφει εκτάκτως στο Όσλο μετά τη δολοφονία ενός από τα βαποράκια του μεγαλύτερου εμπόρου ναρκωτικών της πόλης, που ταυτόχρονα ήταν χρήστης. Ο λόγος που αυτό το κατά τα άλλα όχι υψίστης σημασίας περιστατικό από τον κόσμο των ναρκωτικών κινητοποιεί το Χάρι να αναλάβει δράση είναι ότι ο βασικός ύποπτος για τη δολοφονία είναι ο Όλεγκ, ο γιος της αιώνιας αγάπης του, της Ράκελ. Σε κάθε περίπτωση, ακόμα και αν ο Όλεγκ δεν είναι ο δολοφόνος του φίλου του, δούλευε και ο ίδιος ως βαποράκι, προκειμένου να εξασφαλίσει τη δική του δόση. Με τον Όλεγκ μπλεγμένο για τα καλά στον κόσμο των ναρκωτικών και να τον κυνηγάνε από παντού (το δολοφονημένο βαποράκι δεν ήταν όποιος κι όποιος), τη Ράκελ σε κατάσταση απόγνωσης και το Χάρι να βάζει λυτούς και δεμένους για να λύσει την υπόθεση, το βιβλίο κρατάει σε εγρήγορση τον αναγνώστη, αφήνοντάς τον με ανοιχτό το στόμα πολλές φορές, συγκλονισμένο και συνεπαρμένο από την καταιγιστική δράση. Κινηματογραφική αφήγηση, νουάρ ατμόσφαιρα, διαρκείς ανατροπές και ένα τέλος … για το οποίο δεν μπορώ να σκεφτώ λέξεις να το περιγράψω. Ευτυχώς όταν είχα διαβάσει το βιβλίο είχε μόλις βγει το δέκατο βιβλίο και ήξερα ότι το βασικό cliffhanger θα ανατραπεί. Μην διαβάσετε επίσης το δέκατο μέρος (Αστυνομία) προτού διαβάσετε το ένατο. Ένας Νέσμπο στα καλύτερά του, με το Φαντομά και την Αστυνομία να είναι τα προσωπικά αγαπημένα μου και αυτά που θα προτιμούσα να δω στον κινηματογράφο. Κατά τη γνώμη μου ο Νέσμπο με αυτά τα βιβλία έχει φτάσει στο αποκορύφωμα της συγγραφικής του τεχνικής. Επίσης, νομίζω ότι τα προηγούμενα βιβλία είναι το τίμημα που θα πρέπει να πληρώσετε ώστε να καταλάβετε καλύτερα αυτά τα δύο και να ζήσετε στο έπακρο τις στιγμές αγωνίας του Χάρι και της Ράκελ. Στο κοινωνικό μήνυμα της υπόθεσης, είναι συγκλονιστικό το πόσο εύκολα μπορεί ένα παιδί καλής οικογένειας να μπλέξει με «κακές παρέες» και πού μπορεί να φτάσει μετά. Έχω διαβάσει κι άλλα βιβλία για ναρκωτικά, αλλά νομίζω ότι αυτό ήταν από τα πιο έντονα. Ο Νέσμπο είχε ανέκαθεν έντονο κοινωνικό προβληματισμό για το πού μπορεί να οδηγήσουν απρόβλεπτες καταστάσεις και τι κίνητρα να αποκτήσει ένας νεαρός, ενώ το μέλλον του προοιωνιζόταν διαφορετικό. Με απλά λόγια: Διαβάστε το!!!

  • Mohikanos
    2018-10-14 18:21

    Εξαιρετικό βιβλίο από τον μετρ του είδους!!! Έγραφα στις κριτικές μου για τα προηγούμενα βιβλία της σειράς πως πάντα κάτι μου έλειπε, το κερασάκι στην τούρτα που θα τα απογείωνε στα μάτια μου (όχι ότι τώρα χάνουν σε αξία, αλλά, ξέρετε εσείς...). Και αυτό το κάτι το δίνει ο Nesbo απλόχερα στον "Φαντομά"! Αυτή τη φορά ο Nesbo αλλάζει μοτίβο, ο Χάρι πλέον δεν έχει να κυνηγήσει κάποιον καθεαυτού δολοφόνο (όπως στα προηγούμενα) αλλά έχει να κάνει με τον βρώμικο κόσμο των ναρκωτικών. Και είναι τόσο εθιστική και εμπεριστατωμένη η γραφή του συγγραφέα που με έκανε να απορώ αν κάποια στιγμή της ζωής του είχε υπάρξει και ο ίδιος 'τζάνκι', γιατί αλλιώς δεν γίνεται, τέτοιες γνώσεις και τέτοια λεπτομέρεια απαιτούν τρελή έρευνα και παρέα με κόσμο που χάνει τη ζωή του με αυτόν τον 'διάβολο'. Η δράση καταιγιστική, δεν σε αφήνει να πάρεις ανάσα! Ειδικά το τελευταίο τρίτο του βιβλίου διαβάζεται απνευστί, γυρνάνε οι σελίδες λες και φυσάνε 10 μποφόρ και η ιστορία εκτυλίσσεται με την ταχύτητα σφαίρας μετά την εκπυρσοκρότηση ενός όπλου! Και το τέλος - τι τέλος είναι αυτό ρε γίγαντα Nesbo!!! Γεμάτο ένταση και τόσο πλούσιο σε εικόνες, συναισθήματα και σκέψεις που σε αφήνει άφωνο να απορείς, να συλλογίζεσαι και να προβληματίζεσαι.Όσο για τον Χάρι, για άλλη μια φορά ο Nesbo δεν τον αφήνει σε χλωρό κλαρί. Μόνο που τώρα έχει να αντιμετωπίσει τους πάντες: τον υπόκοσμο των ναρκωτικών, τη βρώμικη πλευρά της αστυνομίας, τους "δικούς" του ανθρώπους, τα συναισθήματά του, τα πιστεύω του, τα ιδανικά του, τον ίδιο του τον εαυτό! Και, φυσικά, δεν θα βγει αλώβητος ούτε από αυτήν τη μάχη.Ειλικρινά πιστεύω ότι ο Χάρι θα πρέπει κάποια στιγμή να έχει το τέλος που του αξίζει: έναν ηρωικό - ή μη - θάνατο! Για να φύγει από έναν κόσμο που ούτε συμπάθησε ούτε τον συμπάθησαν...Μετά από όλα αυτά το άγχος μου είναι ένα: μπορεί ο Nesbo στο επόμενο βιβλίο του (την "Αστυνομία") να συνεχίσει στο ίδιο επίπεδο την ιστορία ή θα χαλάσει όλο το ιδιαίτερο feeling που έχει δημιουργήσει σε αυτό το βιβλίο;;; (9/10)

  • Kathy
    2018-11-06 14:48

    OMG!!! Can't really comment without spoiling the book. But it's terribly good.

  • Mark Harrison
    2018-10-23 17:41

    Nesbo is one of the giants of crime fiction. This is brilliant. Harry Hole returns from three years in Hong Kong to try and help the son of his main who is accused of murder. Working outside the police Harry battles the major new players in the Oslo drugs scene, his personal demons, police corruption and the terrible things drug addiction can lead to. Totally compelling, very dark but superb from beginning to the shocking twists at the end. Best book of the 70 read this year.

  • Elisso
    2018-10-14 16:24

    Ο Nesbo αποτελεί μεγάλη αγάπη μετά τη Λεοπάρδαλη και τον Χιονάνθρωπο. Και ναι δηλώνω nesbomaniac. Και ναι έσπευσα να πάρω τη Δίψα. Και ναι διάβασα τον Φαντομά και συνεχίζω με την Αστυνομία που τα είχα στα αδιάβαστα τόσο καιρό. Ο λόγος; Καταπιάστηκα με άλλα κι άλλα εξίσου καλά βιβλία. Τα περισσότερα αστυνομικά. Ένας από τους λόγους που ερωτεύτηκα την αστυνομική λογοτεχνία είναι ο Nesbo. Διαβάζοντας τον Φαντομά θυμήθηκα γιατί λατρεύω τα βιβλία του Nesbo. Γιατί λατρεύω τη γρήγορη πλοκή τους, τη δράση τους, την αγωνία του να μην θες να το αφήσεις από τα χέρια σου για να δεις τι γίνεται παρακάτω. Ήμουν στο γραφείο και λόγω δουλειάς δεν μπορούσα να διαβάσω και τρωγώμουν με τα ρούχα μου.Ο Φαντομάς αποτελεί άλλο ένα βιβλίο του Nesbo που έχει την απόλυτη ανατροπή στο τέλος του. Ένα βιβλίο που θίγει τη μάστιγα των ναρκωτικών, την εξάρτηση των ναρκομανών σε αυτές τις θανατηφόρες ουσίες, το καρτέλ και τους αρχηγούς/εμπόρους που το διακινούν στους χρήστες, τη διαπλοκή που κρύβεται πίσω από όλους και φτάνει σε πολύ υψηλά κλιμάκια εκείνων που υποτίθεται εργάζονται για την εξάλειψη τους. Πέρα από όλα τα παραπάνω ο Nesbo δίνει στον αναγνώστη μία ακόμα καλογραμμένη αστυνομική περιπέτεια του πρώην, πλέον, επιθεωρητή Χάρι Χόλε με πολύ ένταση, γρήγορες σκηνές δράσης, αγωνίας, φόνων, αίματος και εκδίκησης. Ορισμένοι θεωρούν τον Nesbo υπερτιμημένο αλλά δεν είναι καθόλου έτσι όπως τον χαρακτηρίζουν. Έχει πίσω του πολλά χρόνια συγγραφικής εμπειρίας και σε κάθε βιβλίο του απλά γίνεται καλύτερος.

  • Emily
    2018-10-17 18:43

    I thought this book was brilliant and couldnt't put it down. I've read all the Harry Hole books and enjoyed them all but I blasted through this one in about 48 hours! I thought that I had it all worked out, but Jo Nesbo continues to surprise and lay red herrings to trick you!I found the general story about drug users and the whole importing/exporting/selling thing very interesting and liked how some of the narrative was from a dead character! This is a book that will haunt you for a long time after you read it; the ending is powerful and totally surprised me. I can't stop thinking about the book! If you're a fan of the Harry Hole series then I can strongly recommend this book.

  • nikolaos
    2018-10-18 16:42

    Θα ξεκινήσω με μερικές γενικές παρατηρήσεις για τα βιβλία του Nesbo: -Ο τρόπος που γράφει σε κάνει να θες να μάθεις τι γίνεται στην πορεία , να μην αφήνεις εύκολα το βιβλίο, και να διαβάζεται, τελικά, εύκολα και γρήγορα.-Προσωπικά με έχει κάνει πολλές φορές να γυρνάω πίσω στο βιβλίο, σε προηγούμενες σελίδες. Όταν αναφέρει κάτι και θυμάμαι ότι το είχε αναφέρει και πριν, γυρνάω πίσω να δω πως ακριβώς το είχε γράψει , γιατί πολλές φορές σε κάτι τέτοιες μικρές λεπτομέρειες ο συγγραφέας στηρίζει πολλά συμπεράσματα και ανατροπές. -Νομίζω ότι έχει κάνει τους αναγνώστες του πολύ υποψιασμένους, με όλες αυτές τις ανατροπές στα βιβλία του. Πες λοιπόν ότι ο Χάρι περπατάει ανέμελος στο δρόμο κι έρχεται ένας τύπος και τον ρωτάει μήπως έχει αναπτήρα. Πρώτη σκέψη αναγνώστη : ξέχασε τον αναπτήρα του και δεν έχει φωτιά να ανάψει τσιγάρο . Δεύτερη σκέψη: ρε μπας και είναι ο serial killer που έχει σκοτώσει καμιά δεκαριά;;;;;;;;; Από εκεί και πέρα Ο ΦΑΝΤΟΜΑΣ είναι μια ‘’προσωπική΄΄ υπόθεση του Χάρι , καθόσον είναι πλέον εκτός σώματος και ο φερόμενος δράστης της δολοφονίας ενός πρεζάκια, του Γκουστό, είναι ότι πιο κοντινό έχει σε γιο, ο Όλεγκ , ο γιος της μεγάλης του αγάπης, της Ρακέλ. Έτσι, μετά την Λεοπάρδαλη , όπου ο Χάρι είχε το ρόλο του γιου, με τον πατέρα του ετοιμοθάνατο στο νοσοκομείο, εδώ τον βλέπουμε σε έναν ρόλο κοντινό σε πατέρα. Όλα τα στοιχεία είναι εις βάρος του Όλεγκ. Θα μπορέσει ο Χάρι να τον αποφυλακίσει;;;Το βιβλίο μας βουτάει πραγματικά στον κόσμο των ναρκωτικών. Πρεζόνια , έμποροι, διακινητές, διεφθαρμένοι, εισαγωγές, εξαγωγές, παραγωγές… τα πάντα όλα. (Σε ένα βιντεάκι που υπάρχει στο youtube ο συγγραφέας λέει για αυτό το βιβλίο, ότι έκανε την μεγαλύτερη έρευνα που έχει κάνει, σε σχέση με τα άλλα βιβλία του ).Ο Nesbo έχει επιλέξει την εξής τεχνική αφήγησης σε αυτό το βιβλίο: παράλληλα με την αφήγηση με τις ενέργειες του Χάρι να μάθει τελικά τι έγινε και ποιος είναι ο δράστης της δολοφονίας του Γκουστό, έχουμε και την αφήγηση του ίδιου του (ετοιμοθάνατου) Γκουστό, που διηγείται σιγά σιγά τη ζωή του και την πορεία του μέσα στα ναρκωτικά, ώστε να φτάσει κι αυτός τελικά στο τι ακριβώς έγινε και ποιος είναι ο δράστης της δολοφονίας.Το βιβλίο έχει (τι άλλο;;;;) ανατροπές, ενώ στο τέλος αφήνει μια εκκρεμότητα (όχι από την υπόθεση του βιβλίου, αυτή μας την εξηγεί), η οποία και προφανώς θα μας εξηγήσει στο επόμενο βιβλίο του.

  • Lukasz Pruski
    2018-10-14 17:25

    "Phantom" is the ninth novel in Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole series, and his sixth book I have read. Unfortunately, I find it a big disappointment. The usual macho, hard-boiled, and brutal style is ok. Harry being a virtual superman is not a problem. "Phantom" pushes the believability boundaries too far, though. Let me just quote a scene where Harry cuts the throat of someone who is cutting his throat.There is way too much action. Too many twists and turns. There are too many characters. Not enough thought. No depth. A paper template of Harry Hole twisting in an idiotic Hollywood-style plot.Nesbo's "Redbreast" is a great novel. Several of his other books are refreshing takes on crime noir, with the unique Norwegian twist. This is not a good novel unless one needs some pastime for a 12-hour flight. I have never expected I will regret wasting time for a Nesbo's book.Two stars (for good writing and good translation).

  • João Carlos
    2018-10-31 16:30

    Oslo Opera House - Oslo - NoruegaO escritor norueguês Jo Nesbo (n. 1960) publicou ”O Fantasma” em 2011, o nono livro da série Harry Hole.Harry Hole regressa a Oslo – após um auto-exílio temporário em Hong-Kong - para provar a inocência de Oleg, o filho de Rakel - o eterno amor da sua vida - um jovem que se encontra numa encruzilhada existencial, acusado de um homicídio. O enredo de ”O Fantasma” desenvolve-se através de três perspectivas: uma na terceira pessoa que acompanha a evolução da investigação, numa narrativa convencional; que é intercalada, na primeira pessoa, com as “memórias” de Gusto Hanssen, um jovem traficante de drogas; e a mais original (apenas no início de três capítulos e no final) – em que o narrador é uma ratazana – com cerca de “vinte e cinco centímetros de comprimento e não pesar sequer meio quilo”. Jo Nesbo confere mais uma vez a primazia na narrativa a Harry Hole – um homem que tenta sobreviver à sobriedade, que tem que lidar com os seus demónios e que procura desesperadamente “lidar” com as cicatrizes emocionais e físicas da sua personalidade tortuosa; mas apresenta uma segunda “personagem” principal, a magnífica cidade de Oslo, num roteiro detalhado e inesquecível, descrevendo com minúcia lugares emblemáticos da capital da Noruega, que oscilam entre a preservação e a relevância histórica e uma notável arquitectura moderna e contemporânea. A forma exemplar como Jo Nesbo relaciona as organizações criminais ligadas ao tráfico e consumo de drogas, a guerra dos gangues rivais, pelos negócios e pelos territórios, as novas drogas sintécticas, a corrupção nas forças policiais e nos departamentos públicos, a sua paixão pelo futebol (no caso específico pelo Arsenal), mas, essencialmente, o modo como explora e desenvolve a temática das famílias desestruturadas, de pais ausentes e filhos “perdidos”, revela uma mestria inquestionável. Adoro o Jo Nesbo - pela forma como estrutura a narrativa e como desenvolve a acção, tornando ”O Fantasma” num page-turner compulsivo, uma narrativa vertiginosa; um policial altamente recomendável com um final surpreendente… e uma ratazana que sente ”… os ténues batimentos cardíacos.” (Pág. 499)

  • Vicky Ziliaskopoulou
    2018-10-29 18:29

    Νομίζω ότι η εντύπωσή μου από το βιβλίο μπορεί άνετα να συνοψιστεί στην εξής πρόταση: Με δουλεύεις τώρα, σωστά ; Για αρχή να διευκρινίσω αμέσως και πρωτίστως ότι ανήκω στην κατηγορία των αναγνωστών που δε θεωρούν το Νέσμπο συγγραφέα- φαινόμενο. Για τα δικά μου γούστα υπάρχουν συγγραφείς που γράφουν πολύ καλύτερα αστυνομικά (συμπεριλαμβανομένων κάποιων Σκανδιναβών- όχι της Λάγκμπεργκ). Έχω διαβάσει αρκετά βιβλία του (Νέμεσις, Λυτρωτής, Λεοπάρδαλη και επίσης Αίμα στο χιόνι και Περισσότερο Αίμα), δεν ενθουσιάστηκα με κανένα από αυτά και ο μόνος λόγος που έπιασα να διαβάσω τον φαντομά είναι μια αναγνωστική πρόκληση του εκδοτικού οίκου (και ότι τον βρήκα φτηνό φυσικά). Και κοντεύω να αλλάξω γνώμη. Εξακολουθώ να μην τον θεωρώ συγγραφέα- φαινόμενο, αλλά ανέβηκε αρκετά σκαλοπάτια στην εκτίμησή μου. Το βιβλίο έχει ως κύριο θέμα τα ναρκωτικά. Χρήση και διακίνηση. Σε βάζει σταδιακά μέσα σε αυτόν τον άγνωστο (ευτυχώς για πολλούς από εμάς) κόσμο προσπαθώντας να σε οδηγήσει σταδιακά όλο και βαθύτερα μέσα του, όλο και χαμηλότερα, μέχρι το τελικό στάδιο που ο ναρκομανής σέρνεται στο βούρκο και προδίδει ότι ιερό υπάρχει για αυτόν προκειμένου να βρει τη δόση του. Ταυτόχρονα υπάρχουν και οι "βαρώνοι" των ναρκωτικών, ο πόλεμος των συμμοριών, οι διεφθαρμένοι πολίτες σε σημαντικές θέσεις που αδιαφορούν για τον απλό κόσμο προκειμένου να ανέβουν στην ιεραρχία ή να γίνουν πλούσιοι. Επιφανειακά θίγει και άλλα θέματα, αλλά η κύρια ανάπτυξη αφορά τα ναρκωτικά. Συμπάθησα μέχρι και τον Χάρυ Χόλε ο οποίος αναγκαστικά έρχεται αντιμέτωπος με καταστάσεις που δεν θα ευχόμουν σε κανέναν- ο γιος του είναι στη φυλακή κατηγορούμενος για φόνο....Τέλος πάντων, μη διαβάσετε την "Αστυνομία" αν δεν έχετε διαβάσει πρώτα τον Φαντομά, θα μάθετε όλη την υπόθεση και είναι πραγματικά κρίμα. Σας αφήνω, πάω να συνεχίσω με την Αστυνομία να δω τι άλλο θα τραβήξει αυτός ο έρμος ο Χάρις από τη διεστραμμένη φαντασία του Νέσμπο.

  • Carol
    2018-10-17 20:33

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!I'm only writing this so I can review it when the next one comes out and I need to remember a few things.Our hero, Harry Hole, was shot by Oleg, his closest thing to a son, who really was guilty of murdering Gusto Hanssen over a stolen violin stash and the enslavement of Gusto's foster sister, Irene. So we're left knowing Harry has been slashed, nearly drowned and shot, but still with a pulse.Rakel, Oleg's mom, was waiting at the airport to fly away with Harry and really make things work. Hans Christian, a lawyer, will hopefully help Rakel process through what will be a miserable time. Oleg seems to be MIA. Harry, through trying to exonerate Oleg, managed to bust up a Russian drug cartel run by the mysterious "Dubai"/Cato-the-crazy-guy-from-hotel-leon/Rudolf Asayev. Truls Bernsten, the evidence burner of Orgkrim, stumbled upon the the extreme corruption of his boss/frenemy Mikael Bellman, Oslo's next chief of police, and the attractive politician Isabelle Skoyen. They are thrilled Harry did their dirty work and think he's successfully escaped the country.

  • Tittirossa
    2018-11-08 20:40

    Ingredienti giusti. Mestiere. Tante buone letture (l’impianto morale di Marlowe, lo snobismo di Pepe, il disincanto di Wallander, la critica sociale di Beck, l’acume di Hercule, più un po’ delle botte che pigliano tutti gli investigatori ormai) ed ecco Harry Hole. Il golden boy degli investigatori: biondo, alto, sfregiato quanto basta, ex-alcolizzato (per poco) ma non tossico, il genio dell’investigazione con una morale a prima vista tetragona ma abbastanza personale. Il ragazzo perfetto in una società imperfetta. Ma soprattutto, ahimé, in un libro imperfetto. Perché la somma degli addendi non dà il totale. Dà molto di meno, facendo finta di dare di più. Come un gioco di prestigio mal riuscito. HH torna a Oslo dopo 3 anni di esilio volontario ad Hong Kong (dove fa recupero crediti) perché il figlioccio Oleg è indagato per omicidio (e già qui si capisce dove andrà a finire perché gli stilemi del giallo famigliare prevedono solo una possibilità “originale” e Nesbo non si sottrae) e lui vuole fare chiarezza sui fatti. Nel mezzo del fare chiarezza HH riesce a sgominare la più pericolosa banda di spacciatori della città guidata dal mitico e imprendibile Dubai (ma Nesbo, dovevi soccombere anche a questo topos “cerca vicino a te”?! va bene studiare i classici, ma un po’ di originalità ….), farsi una sveltina con Rakel, prendere un mucchio di botte e coltellate, scoprire la concatenazione degli eventi ma NON scoprire neanche questa volta la vera natura di Bellman (diventato capo dell’Orgkrim, cioè in teoria il capo dei buoni). Annoicchiante per la prevedibilità ma ben scritto e congegnato, fino al finale fintamente tragico (anche qui troppe buone letture, elementare mio caro Nesbo). Sono arcisicura che HH non muore, Bellmann non è stato scoperto ma soprattutto non si uccide chi ti dà da mangiare. Ps: il morto che parla è un escamotage ineguagliabile da Il Viale del Tramonto, e Gusto – pur con la meravigliosa faccia da Elvis – non regge il confronto.

  • Sarah ~
    2018-11-05 14:38

    قرأت روايات جو نيسبو المتوفرة بالعربية بإستثناء روايتي المنقذ والشرطة التي سأبدأها اليوم ..أشعر أنني بـ حاجة لكتابة مراجعة طويلة عن جميع روايات هذه السلسلة ..السلسة صدر منها حتى الآن10 أجزاء ..ترجم منها إلى العربية :تصفية الخونة الإنتقام الألماس الدموي المنقذرجل الثلج الشبح والشرطةلم تترجم الروايات الثلاث الأخرى إلى العربية .*السلسلة عن هاري هول الشرطي المتألق بسلك شرطة العاصمة النرويجية اوسلو. ساخر ، يحب العمل لوحده - لا يتماشى مع الكثير من الأفراد وليس لديه أي أصدقاء ، وأحياناً مدمن - عبر السلسلة يرتبط بصداقة مع بعض شركائه من الشرطة ، ولكنه ذكي ونزيه ويحل كل قضاياه ، مما يمنحه أفضلية لدى رؤسائه .في فترة ما يتعرف على راكيل / محامية ولديها ابن - أوليغ - من زواج سابق ، تربطهما علاقة حب معقدة عبر السنوات .ما أحبه في هاري أنه ليس بطلاً خارقاً ، هو إنسان ، قوي أحياناً ،و تعتريه لحظات ضعف ويأس وأحياناً يستسلم لكل ذلك .هاري مختلف عن كل أبطال السلاسل الأخرى .*جدير بالذكر أن السلسة تترجم من الإنجليزية وليس من النرويجية التي يكتب بها جو نيسبو ..لذا صدرت ترجمة تصفية الخونة قبل الروايات التي سبقتها (روايتين بالتحديد) ..*تصفية الخونة /تاريخ النرويج وعلاقتها بالنازيين ، وقاتل لا تعرف ماذا يريد بالضبط ؟ / إضافة لبداية قصة جانبية ممتازة .لم أعجب بـ تصفية الخونة - الفكرة كانت مدهشة ولكن الأحداث مملة وطبعاً ساهم فقدان جزء من ماضي البطل الذي لا أعرفه من قبل وعرفه القراء في روايتين سابقتين في هذا الشيء ..أحياناً يعتريني الندم على المراجعة التي كتبتها للرواية ، لأنني مع مرور الوقت أعجبت بها واعتبرها حالياً من أفضل أجزاء السلسلة ، ولكن لا أحب إعادة كتابة مراجعاتي القديمة ، فـ هذا سيعني تغيير كثير من المراجعات السابقة .*رواية الإنتقام /التي قرأتها تالياً - كانت جيدة - لولا المصادفات التي حدثت في الرواية ووصلت لدرجة غير مقبولة ..*الألماس الدموي /قاتل متسلسل أو ربما ليس هذه المرة يا هاري ، الجميل في هذا الجزء القصة الجانبية التي انتهت بطريقة جيدة ..* رجل الثلج / قاتل متسلسل ، أخيراً لقاء مع قاتل متسلسل ، في هذا الجزء الحبكة مستهلكة ومتوقعة الحل قبل حتى أن تصل لمنتصفها ..*الشبح /بعد أحداث رواية رجل الثلج يغادر هاري النرويج (وهنا جزء من القصة يكون مفقوداً هناك رواية لم تترجم إلى العربية بين روايتي رجل الثلج والشبح باسم The Leopard)يعود هاري إلى النرويج ، العاصمة أوسلو المدينة التي تغيرت كثيراً خلال غيابه ، يسيطر على المدينة الآن حفنة من المجرمين ورجال العصابات ورجال الشرطة الفاسدين. في الوسط يعلق اوليغ (ابن حبيبة هاري السابقة )..هنا الحبكة سريعة وذكية وغير متوقعة بالمرة .في الخلفية " الفساد ، المخدرات " والشخصيات الجديدة كل هذا صنع رواية استثنائية ..*جو نيسبو كاتب جيد بالمجمل وأفضل من يكتب الروايات البوليسية حالياً .مراجعتي هذه تعتمد على تقييمي لمستوى الحبكة البوليسية في الرواية - في النهاية الرواية البوليسية يجب أن تفاجيء القاريء دائماً.

  • Karen
    2018-11-04 17:37

    Such a good book but only because I've read all the previous Harry Hole books so I know the back story which is REALLY important... FUCKING CLIFFHANGER!!!!!

  • Shaun
    2018-10-18 18:26

    3.5 rounded up to 4I should start by saying that this isn't a book I would generally pick up. At the risk of sounding sexist, it has what I refer to as a high testosterone factor that doesn't normally appeal to me. I came across this particular book in the library. It was one of several by the same author, and when I used my Kindle to access some goodreads' reviews of the various books, I was impressed by the high average ratings. I decided right there and then, I should read at least one of the books if only to see why it's so popular. To summarize, bad-ass ex-cop and recovering alcoholic Harry Hole has been sobering up in Hong Kong but returns to Oslo when his ex-lover's son is convicted of killing a drug dealer. There's violence, sex, drugs, a whole cast of shady characters, and ass-kicking galore.Though this can be read as a stand-alone, it is really part of a series. Unfortunately, book 1 was not available, so I chose this one based on the reviews I read. I imagine that not having read the previous books may have detracted somewhat from the overall experience.Overall, the writing is quite good, and the characters are well-drawn. The story line as described briefly above is not necessarily my thing or at least not my favorite thing, but I still enjoyed it (even without having read any of the eight previous books.) There were a few over the top scenes that just didn't work for me. (view spoiler)[Like after Harry is attacked and wounded in a bar, he must treat his own wounds and ends up using duct tape to suture a gash in his neck. Later on, and still untreated---feverish and in pain---he and his ex-lover (who is currently involved with someone else) have sex in his hotel room...slow passionate sex, the way he likes it, and afterwards share the obligatory cigarette. Yeah...I don't know. The sex scene at that moment was simply too much. (hide spoiler)]Still, this is solid for what it is. I could see this translating well to the big screen.

  • April
    2018-11-07 14:19

    I just finished this. I don't know what to say. I'm a blown away. I want friends to hurry up and read this book so we can discuss it. Lord have mercy, that was intense!I have made no secret of my love for Nesbo, but he has outdone himself with this novel. It starts like any other of his awesome books, but by the halfway point, you realize you are in for a ride. He keeps answering the questions you thought you had.....but you still have 100 pages left. Well, that's because there are questions you never even guessed to ask. It's crazy, how absolutely brilliant this man is at crafting a story you know you should be scrutinizing from every aspect, yet have you, the reader, fall right into his plan.I won't say too much, because I don't want to risk spoiling this novel. If you have read the other Nesbo novels prior to this one, I have no doubt you'll read this one for yourself and understand my gibberish here.Now, good gracious, when is the next installment?!?!

  • Elina
    2018-11-10 19:34

    Όπως πάντα καταπληκτικός Nesbo και αρρωστημένα λατρεμένος Χάρι Χόλε!!

  • Matt
    2018-11-07 12:44

    Building on the chaos of the previous novel, Nesbø leaves readers wondering how the series will continue without Harry Hole. It's been three years since Hole left for Hong Kong, and Oslo has undergone many changes. When a tall, lanky man checks-in at the Hotel Leon, the clerk cannot help but wonder if he's come face to face with the ever-talked about Harry Hole. Propelled back into the mix when he learns that he son of a woman he's loved for ages is under arrest for murder, Hole resurfaces to get the truth and find the killer. After learning that Oleg has turned to a life of drugs, Hole must piece the story together and disprove what the authorities feel is an airtight case. Oslo is no longer the city that Hole remembers, with junkies and pushers no longer offering cheap heroin, but a new and more potent fix, Violin. Harry meets Oleg in prison and hears his side of the story, learning that he and Gusto Hanssen, the victim, have been recruited into a drug ring that has control of the city and its narcotics distribution. It becomes evident that there's been a scapegoat put in place and that someone up the drug chain is trying to keep Oleg from spilling too much, which is supported when the young man is attacked in his cell after Hole leaves him. Working with Oleg's lawyer, Hans Christian, Hole determines that there is a larger web of informants, some of whom populate the Oslo PD, with whom Hole no longer is associated. As Hole garners more information, he tries to bring the PD on board, but they choose to handle things they own way, forcing Hole to use his contacts and work on the sly. Hole is able to penetrate the core of the massive drug ring and to come face-to-face with its head, someone that no one can confirm having met, who meanders around as though he were a Phantom of sorts. By the time Hole gathers all the evidence, he comes to a crossroads, meeting the killer head on, where only one will survive. Has Hole sipped his last Jim Beam, especially now that he does not have the backing of the Oslo PD? A stunning look into Oslo's underbelly and Harry Hole's determination. Not to be missed by Hole fans, no matter the excuse.Nesbø proves his abilities yet again with this powerful novel and role in which Hole plays to keep it moving forward. Exploring not only Oslo's drug trade business, but also offering up an insight into the movement of drugs around Scandinavia and their chemical creation, Nesbø brings the reader into the heart of the matter. Also, working with a protagonist who is outside looking in proves harder in a police thriller, but Harry Hole captures the hearts of all readers and propels the story forward, doing what he does best while keeping the book from being a one-man vigilante plot. Using a variety of characters, some well-known to the reader and others new to the scene, Nesbø creates an effective story that pulls the reader in and will not let go until the true killer is revealed in ways that only Hole could do effectively. As well as touching on the issues on the streets, the story forecasts the added fallout to layers of corruption at the top, which Hole cannot ignore and about which the reader relishes to learn. Using his honed technique of alternate narratives, Nesbø offers not only the progression of the story, but a tale through the eyes of the victim (as well as one of a rat whose importance is revealed late in the novel). With one novel left in the series, it is exciting to see where Nesbø will take everyone, and how it will all tie off.Kudos Mr. Nesbø for an exciting series to date. I keep telling myself the ideas will end, but you seem to have new and exciting plots constantly on a slow boil.Like/hate the review? An ever-growing collection of others appears at:

  • Doreen
    2018-10-20 13:22

    Whew! What a roller coaster ride! For all fans of Harry Hole and Jo Nesbo, this is a must-read.Harry returns to Oslo from Hong Kong after a three-year absence. Oleg, the son of Rakel (Harry's one, true love), has been charged with the murder of Gusto Hanssen, a drug user who was also Oleg's friend. Although no longer a police officer, Harry sets out to investigate the case against his surrogate son; this investigation soon leads to the discovery of other criminal activity. In particular, Harry tries to identify a mysterious figure known as Dubai who is responsible for the sale of violin, a potent, synthetic drug. Harry is still Harry, though perhaps more cynical and less hopeful. He is a gifted detective who has been emotionally and physically scarred by all he's seen and done: "He was undoubtedly a very damaged person" (360). At one point he is compared to another man who is "totally, totally alone with his own guilt, his own ghosts, his own loneliness, his own decisions" (350). Harry may think of it as a deficiency but the reader can only admire him for his inability "to tell himself he didn't care, to forget, to clear off" (360). The plot, as one would expect from Jo Nesbo, is complex. A long list of characters makes an appearance, many involved in drug smuggling and sales and/or corrupt officialdom. There is always more than one person with a credible motive for a crime. Suspense is kept at a maximum, especially as Harry's investigation takes him into the realm of dangerous people who will stop at nothing to avoid exposure. Harry no longer has the protection of a policeman's badge and does not have easy access to police resources, although he does receive assistance from former colleagues. The use of Gusto, a voice from the grave, as a narrator in certain sections adds to the suspense. Will Harry be able to piece together the information that the reader is given by Gusto?There are numerous twists and turns to keep the reader guessing, the ending being perhaps the most shocking. Nonetheless, there is ample foreshadowing which suggests the appropriateness of what happens. The book is worthy of a second read to pick up on some of the clues that may have been overlooked on first reading.The reader should be warned that this is a sombre read. The subject matter, with its focus on the damage done by drugs, is certainly serious. The number of lives ruined by substance abuse keeps piling up, as does the number of people involved in aiding and abetting addiction.The reader would also be advised to read the Harry Hole novels in order. This is the seventh to be translated into English and, although it can be read alone, a knowledge of Harry's previous relationships and cases will add much depth to one's understanding and enjoyment of this book. This is a first-class, breathlessly fast-paced, multi-layered thriller. It is perfectly understandable why millions of Nesbo's books have sold worldwide.Please check out my blog ( and follow me on Twitter (@DCYakabuski).

  • Paulo Pires
    2018-11-05 17:25

    4.3 « Este é o nono livro da série Harry Hole.Contextualizando um pouco para quem não leu os livros anteriores, Raquel foi a namorada de Harry e o filho dela, Oleg, via Harry como uma figura paterna. No entanto, no 7º livro da série, O Boneco de Neve, ambos se viram envolvidos na investigação de Harry que procurava um serial killer, ficando mesmo em causa a vida de ambos. Harry Hole regressa de Hong Kong com o propósito de tentar provar a inocência de Oleg, o filho de Raquel, que foi preso e acusado de homicídio. Uma nova droga sintética entrou nas ruas e alterou o paradigma do comércio da droga em Olso. Dubai é quem controla este mercado com mão de fogo, mas ninguém o conhece verdadeiramente e ele é implacável com quem não segue as suas regras. Este parece-me um livro como uma forte carga emocional para Harry, em que o foco e motivação é mais a relação pessoal com Oleg do que propriamente a resolução do caso. É-nos desvendado (...)Ler mais em:Opinião: O Fantasma de Jo Nesbo |Livros e Marcadores

  • Krbo
    2018-11-05 17:41

    eh, jadni Harry, što ovaj Nesbo radi od njega nije za čitati, em ga kasapi ko prase iz knjige u knjigu - em mu dušu pojede utvarama prošlosti, ženom i cugom...kao krimić onako OK, ima više dobrih preokreta. malo neobičnija forma u kojoj nam pola radnje priča mrtvac s prve stranice.kako je support grupa očito pomogla Seanu Beanu da konačno preživi ulogu (hint = Jupiter Rising) možda je potrebna jedna tipa "Nesbo pusti ga da voli i da ga vole"ako ste ih pročitali sve, naravno da ćete i ovaj nastavak