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One bride to be, three ex-boyfriends.Izzy is engaged to Greg, who is everything a girl could want.The trouble is – all she can think about is the men she loved before she met him: sexy Ewan, the first love of her life; dependable Jason, who loved her more than she deserved; and irresistible Dexter, who broke her heart...Then there's the fact that her sister has been missinOne bride to be, three ex-boyfriends.Izzy is engaged to Greg, who is everything a girl could want.The trouble is – all she can think about is the men she loved before she met him: sexy Ewan, the first love of her life; dependable Jason, who loved her more than she deserved; and irresistible Dexter, who broke her heart...Then there's the fact that her sister has been missing since Izzy was twelve. After such a traumatic childhood, all Izzy wants is a normal, happy, settled life, but love is never simple. In the week leading up to her wedding day, Izzy is forced to ask herself who she loves the most. And, given the choice, who would she want to spend her life with?...

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Izzy's Cold Feet Reviews

  • Courtney Giardina
    2019-05-30 20:35

    The synopsis itself had me really wanting to read this book and I wasn't disappointed! I loved Sarah Louise Smith's writing style as you went through the twists and turns of not on Izzy's love life, but her family life and how she got to the point she's at today. We all have those "what if" moments in our life. Here Izzy is, just a week before her wedding and the past creeps up behind her and makes her question if she's making the right choice or not. I found my self flipping page and page wondering who she was going to pick and how it was going to end. It reminded me of the night I stayed up until 2am to read Something Borrowed, by Emily Giffin, all in one night.Well done Sarah!

  • Book-shelf Shelf
    2019-06-04 17:48

    A story with a difference where the reader is taken back in time while also in the present, but not in a confusing way. Written from Izzy's point of view, we are taken on travels of her past loves, with total humor and heartbreak. Really enjoyed this book and certainly had my fav of Izzy's men. The story made me laugh alot but also made me think.

  • Natalie TBGWP
    2019-05-27 17:35

    Izzy's Cold Feet follows Izzy and her thoughts on a daily build up on the week of her wedding. Having cold feet about marrying fiancé Greg. Bumping into two of her ex boyfriends and receiving a text from another is a reminder of what could have been with them all and the relationships she had with them. This throws her in to complete turmoil and has her analysing everything. To marry Greg or not.See the thing that gripped me when reading Sarah Louise Smiths debut novel Amy & Zach was the authenticity of the story, how frightfully real the emotions where. A few pages into Izzy's cold feet and we are met with exactly that once again. Raw emotion that grips you around the throat like a strangle. Uniquely surrounded by a buzz of anticipation. An author whose pen writes in liquid gold never ink.I love, love, loved this book. It is a warm, love story with a back take of complete and utter dismay. From the minute you pick this up you are thrown into a whirlwind of devastation, a hurricane of love and drama. It's fabulous. It has a great mixture of characters who range from Prince Charming (Jason) to the devil himself (Dexter). You will connect straight away with Izzy and her friends as they are down to earth and normal, everyday girls. The plot is thick, fast and gripping and it truly is a brilliant read. Sarah Louise Smith is climbing up my favourite author ladder step-by-step with each novel she pens. I am so excited to see what she brings out for us next. A book you will not want to miss out on.

  • Rebecca
    2019-06-10 16:33

    Original review on GotToReadThoseBooksIzzy’s cold feet is a story about Izzy who is engaged to Greg. Greg seems to be the guy every girl want’s to marry. But even though he is that great, Izzy feels like she is missing something. And on her hen night she bumps into two of her former boyfriends, all guys who she thought were ‘the one’ at some point. She starts wondering if she is making the right choice by marrying Greg, and a week before the wedding her feet start to get to a freezing point of cold feet. And then she meets of with one of her old boyfriends and finds out there still is a spark between them. That doesn’t make things easier… nor does her sister, who has been missing since she was little. No one knows where she is or what happened to her, leaving a hole in Izzy’s heart. Life isn’t easy, what will she decide?The story on itself is nice, although I don’t normally love the marriage story idea. But Sarah Louise Smith has a great writing style. It took a few chapters for me to warm to the characters, but eventually I did. I also had some trouble with the time frame in the beginning because you really have to read whether or not there is a ‘…. days until the wedding’ beneath the chapter number to see with time frame you’re in. Or maybe it was just me having trouble with that :P . But what really counts is that it all worked out for me eventually, and it really is a great story to read. I would recommend Paige Toon fans to give Sarah’s books a try.3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Laura Besley
    2019-05-21 18:50

    Having previously read Amy & Zack, Smith's first novel, my expectations of Izzy's Cold Feet were fairly high. It didn't disappoint. The main character, Izzy, is a lovable character and I really enjoyed the entire book because of her. She definitely has her flaws (who doesn't?) but this makes her a far more rounded character. As the reader, you can see where she has made mistakes, but those mistakes make her more human, more real, more like every day modern women who do unfortunately make mistakes. In Izzy's Cold Feet Smith has explored the meaning of love. Through the four men in Izzy's life, we look at four very different relationships and how love can be different with different people. Izzy doesn't know what, or more importantly who, she wants. As the book progresses she draws some very important conclusions about these different relationships and what she wants from a long-term relationship. Along with love another theme is loss, predominantly that of Izzy's missing sister. Not only does Izzy lose her sister, which leaves a hole in her soul she struggles to fill, but she loses the carefree love of her family, her security in the world and her confidence that everything is going to be okay. This, naturally, has a massive impact on the decisions she makes in life as she is looking for a relationship to make her feel whole again. Ultimately I think she makes the right decision and chooses the right man, but who will it be? You'll have to read the book to find out!

  • Zanna Mackenzie
    2019-05-30 16:38

    I loved Sarah's debut novel Amy & Zach and was keen to start on Izzy's story as soon as the book was released. I wasn't disappointed. At first I didn't warm to the character of Izzy who is about to get married but has cold feet and starts to remember her past loves. However as the story unfolds you begin to understand how Izzy has reached this point and I started to like her - and feel sorry for her because she has huge dilemmas and a lot to get sorted in her head and in her heart. Part way through the book I knew which of the men in her life I wanted Izzy to end up with and was delighted to discover Izzy agreed with me!I was excercising on the cross trainer at home when I opened this book at seven this morning, thinking I'd read another couple of chapters during my usual 30 mins of exercise. I ended up doing one hour and 15 mins of exercise because I couldn't put the book down!!!! I didn't even notice the time, I was so tied up in the story and desperate to know how it ended!I must admit I needed some tissues to hand for the end of this book - be warned!Another brilliant book from Sarah - highly recommended.

  • Nicola Smith
    2019-05-24 17:42

    Izzy is very confused as she is about to get married. She can't shake the memories of her ex boyfriends. She loved all 3 of them in different ways and is trying to decide which one she loved the most. There is Ewan who just wants to travel and not be tied to one spot, or Jason who is her best friend and is always there to ask how her day has been, or there is Dexter who is married but they have an instant spark and its like a magnet is drawing them together. They all turn up in her life the week before her wedding and she is in turmoil trying to decide if she wants to marry Greg.I enjoyed this book and it is definitely a girly book. I must admit i did find it a little repetitive at times. I just wanted to shout while i was reading choose him and i couldn't wait to find out what happened. I will be recommending this to family and friends :-).

  • Natasha Ellis
    2019-06-09 15:32

    I really enjoyed this, better than the usual chick lit, worth a read.

  • Charanya
    2019-06-05 21:29

    This book has three stars only because of the person Izzy ends up with, he deserved one whole star for himself. I had a love-hate relationship with this book. I could understand that Izzy had a difficult past, but after a point she just made me angry. Very angry. And her decision was up in the air till the last chapter and I was not sure if it was to up the ante of "who will she end up with?" question or she was just that indecisive; she got hurt and hurt others too. I couldn't relate to her, at all. That said I loved Unrequited Alice and will still look forward to more books from the author!

  • Tracy Vowles
    2019-06-19 17:32

    Page turnerVery quick paced and easy to read even with all the twists and turns! Couldn't put it down! Highly recommended.

  • Kerri Lopa
    2019-06-19 15:24

    Page turner!

  • Gemma Birkett
    2019-05-27 21:40

    This has to be one of the most ridiculous and unrealistic books I've ever read...yet I couldn't put it down!! Izzy was infuriating and I wanted to shake her constantly!! She was unbelievably cocky at times and I didn't realise how good she had things the entire way through the book. I thought the story line involving her missing sister, Helen was a complete waste of time and it never went anywhere. I really didn't see the relevance to this and became bored quickly whenever she was brought up. The fact that a week before her wedding she coincidentally bumped in to all three of her ex's was laughable - I mean come on!! Poor Greg (the guy she was marrying) was hardly mentioned throughout the book and then when he was it was right at the end, it was all just skimmed over quickly yet we spent chapters on the other three; Ewan, James and Dexter. I didn't really agree with the characters choice in constantly wanting to go over and over the past but I really enjoyed the way Sarah Louise Smith did this - in the past but yet strangely still very much in the presence. In saying all this, I still gave this book 3 stars - I couldn't put it down, no matter how much Izzy infuriated me. I wanted to know where it was going to end up and how she was going to get herself out of this hideous mess which in parts was pretty funny. Also - I was very much Team James throughout and still don't really believe Izzy knew how good she had it!

  • Miriam Drori
    2019-05-23 15:50

    I have to say: I'm not a huge fan of chick lit, but sometimes books like this are what I need. I used to think that was only when things were going badly, but now I've found another reason for reading something light: when I'm working on something difficult and I need a break.That's what this book provided me. It's very well written and so easy to read. I definitely wanted to keep going to find out how it would end.But, I didn't like the main character. I found her selfish and egocentric. I thought she didn't deserve to be surrounded by such lovely people. They should all have dumped her - men and women, friends and lovers. But I suppose they were all too nice to do that.I wasn't looking for reality in this book and wasn't disappointed when I didn't find it. And I did enjoy reading this story.

  • Cat Lavoie
    2019-06-06 18:33

    Since I loved Sarah Louise's debut novel, Amy & Zach, I was really looking forward to reading this story. I was not disappointed because Izzy's Cold Feet took me on a roller-coaster ride of emotions: at times I was cheering for Izzy, tearing up, laughing out loud... and sometimes I wanted to reach into my Kindle and shake her! Izzy is a great character because, even though I didn't always agree with what she was doing, I cared about her and wanted her to get her happily ever after. The story is beautifully written and I love how Sarah Louise is able to transition so seamlessly between the past and the present. I kept trying to figure out which guy Izzy would end up with... but I was guessing (and totally invested in the story) until the very last page.I highly recommend Izzy's Cold Feet and I cannot wait for Sarah Louise's next book!

  • Ellie
    2019-06-10 19:45

    I adored this book, in fact I've now read it twice!!The main character Izzy is engaged to Greg, who is a lovely guy but she keeping thinking about the men from her past and takes the reader on a journey from her first love - Ewan who I adored! - to Jason, such a sweetie - to Dexter (sexy but bad) - through to meeting Greg. I wasn't sure who she would end up with and the book kept me guessing and wanting different endings through-out.The story is also very sad as Izzy has a missing sister ...My favourite chick-lit book, really recommend this one. Inspiring, sad, funny, romantic and fun.

  • Natalie
    2019-05-26 20:21

    Firstly it took me a while to get into (nearly gave up as I'm an impatient reader). Just found the whole thing a bit skippy, no real 'meaty' substance to it. A bit "this happened, then she met this man, then she met another man blah blah blah"Didn't like main character, came across as very shallow and selfish. Storyline about her sister seemed a little pointless, apart from the cottage.All the pieces didn't gel together for me, and all in all I'm quite disappointed, as I've had a good run of books which I've loved so this has been a come-down...

  • Joy Norstrom
    2019-06-20 21:28

    This was the second book I read from author Sarah Louise Smith. Going in I expected romance (check) a little steam (check) relatable characters (check) and overall a pleasant escape for the weekend (double check). What I hadn't anticipated was the deeply moving story propelling Izzy through a series of relationships. It proves the point that a trauma experienced early in life has the ability to shape every decision we make afterward. I definitely enjoyed this book.

  • Lizzie Koch
    2019-06-01 15:29

    Beautifully written story about Izzy and her mixed up love life, laced with family trauma. At times I really wanted to shake some sense into her and that made liking her pretty tricky. But despite that, she is rather endearing and believable. You can't help but feel for her and support the paths she chooses. And the ending is a very emotional read. Have tissues ready. I shall now have to acquaint myself with more of Sarah's work as I thoroughly loved Izzy's Cold Feet.

  • Samantha Bailey
    2019-06-20 20:27

    This is the second novel I have read by Sarah Louise Smith, and I am now officially hooked. She has a knack for seamlessly drawing together the past and present and creating authentic, imperfect heroines you adore. "Izzy's Cold Feet" is filled with humor, drama, excellent writing and a perfect ending. Hilarious and smart, this is a book I will surely read again.

  • Natalie
    2019-05-24 21:46

    Great holiday read !

  • Wendy
    2019-06-03 18:38

    Worth every star the detail took you in laughed cried chuckled the lot well enjoyed could not put it down

  • Necole Moreau
    2019-06-01 15:30

    This book was very boring, I think Helen's story was told like it didn't matter. Many times I wanted to just not finish it. I did like that she learns she has to know who she is.