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This is a Mature Young Adult Novel and includes references to sex and adult language.Jamie Grey grew up tossed around between foster homes. At an early age he shut the world out, deciding he wouldn’t care. Whatever life had to throw at him, he would look the other way. Now his senior year is about to start and he’s been forced into yet another new home. This will be the laThis is a Mature Young Adult Novel and includes references to sex and adult language.Jamie Grey grew up tossed around between foster homes. At an early age he shut the world out, deciding he wouldn’t care. Whatever life had to throw at him, he would look the other way. Now his senior year is about to start and he’s been forced into yet another new home. This will be the last time, he assures himself. When an unexpected curveball comes his way in the form of a certain stubborn seventeen year old girl, Jamie soon finds out that life doesn’t always work out the way you plan it.Beckett Chase has been entitled her entire life. Living in the plush landscape of Palm Beach, Florida, she’s never wanted for anything. She’s always taken what and who she wants with no remorse. When she sets her sights on Jamie Grey and she’s met with rejection, her descent from the top begins.With a twist of events causing Jamie and Beckett’s worlds to collide, will they be able to put aside their differences or will fate intervene offering an entirely different option?...

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The Sound of Shooting Stars Reviews

  • Renee
    2019-04-25 15:23

    Sort of a tough subject and I am at a loss where I start so I guess first up is the character of Jamie Grey. He is pretty rich in the sense that he was with a family as a foster kid for several years and just when he was about to get adopted the father figure for him passed away. It was sad learning about all of the homes and awful parents that exist. With respect to that, the author did an amazing job of showing the mental and sometimes physical abuse suffered at the hands of a foster parent. The story picks up Jamie at his senior year. He comes to the home of Beckett Chase. She is a nasty, complex and bitchy senior too. The two clash, making for a very unique web of lies. When I say that Beckett is the most adored and hated girl at the same time I mean it. It is hard to imagine but, YES someone can be in the hated popular girl clique. What I really enjoyed was the hateful girls. I always adore angst, this one serves it up hot and fresh. Each chapter stated with another reference and quote about the constellations. Jamie is so into astronomy and Beckett just happens to have glow in the dark sparkling stars on her ceiling. They sort of bond over Jamie explaining some of the.The author did a great job with Beckett's family. Her parents David and Marla whom she refers to as David and Marla, provide the right swift kick in her ass when she needs it.Usually you would think that the parents being privileged would overlook some of Beckett's behavior, but no they don't. I like how her mom calls her out and knows when she is telling the truth. Being Beckett Chase has never wanted or needed anything, and it is not flaunted. I appreciated that there were no references to her glamour or the BMW she drives. It was a "nice and cozy" life, but nothing that screamed typical. For that I was thankful.With a twist of events causing Jamie and Beckett’s worlds to collide, will they be able to put aside their differences or will fate intervene offering an entirely different option?The addition of Samantha as the first sort of best friend Jamie has is bizarre. It is one of those small world stories. Sam is the one and only person who Jamie feels close to. So once again kudos for the mind blowing addition of Sam!

  • Allison
    2019-05-25 20:13

    ~Arc provided by Author for an honest review~4 StarsJamie Grey has been in the system most of his life going from foster home to foster home, he is counting down the months until he is 18 and can support himself. Beckett Chase lives the privileged life, being an only child and is queen bee in high school. Jamie and Beckett's lives come crashing together when Beckett's parents decide to bring a foster child into their home and Beckett is very upset because now the spoil rich girls life has been turned upside down, not only at home but school too.Little did Beckett or Jamie know they were "written in the stars." Will Jamie be forced to leave once again or will he fight for the family he has always wanted? Can Beckett come to her senses and see what is in front of her or will she continue to push Jamie out? Will Beckett and Jamie survive?This books is from both Beckett and Jamie's POV. Jamie story is heart breaking, I just wanted to jump in the book and hug him. His story is very touching, You really want him to succeed and find the happiness he is looking for. Beckett took sometime to warm up to, she is a spoiled rich girl, she uses people and doesn't seem to be bothered who she hurts along the way. Although as you get to know her, that there are two sides to Becket one she keeps hidden, and the other she shows the world. I enjoyed watching Beckett's path to self discovery. This book is well written and good read that I would recommend.

  • Lexi Buchanan
    2019-05-15 23:18

    Jamie seems to be a laid back young lad who has been dealt a bad hand. Having been in and out of foster care for most of his life, he ends up being moved from his current home into the home of Beckett Chase!Beckett is an only child and hates the fact her parents have taken him in without even asking her, which doesn't go down too well.For the first part of the book I kept thinking 'what a bitch' and when you read it, you'll know what I mean. In fact this book reminded me of the movie Clueless. The Sound of Shooting stars is a beautifully written story about young love, friendships and what it's like to be at 'rock bottom' after always being 'top dog'.I couldn't put this book down and even recommended it to my 17 year old daughter, who loves it just as much. Than you for a wonderful read.

  • ChuCha
    2019-04-30 20:28

    Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakRating: 4.5 StarsAs I start reading this book, I can feel my brows come together, one of my brow raised to its peak and I was like –What’s the deal with Beckett Chase? What’s with all the bitchiness? Geez. She’s got it all – she’s beautiful, rich and popular…If she wants something, she gets it. Doesn’t matter if she broke the rules or the sanctity of the girl code. She does things, awful things without remorse. Oh yes, she’s the mighty Queen Bee. I hated her. I wonder what would it take for her to drop from the pedestal she is now. It didn’t take long – because once Jamie Grey came into her life and rejected her, she came spiraling down from her thrown.It started with hate, then I’m suddenly confused – what is with this girl? Is she good? Is she bad? I suddenly couldn’t put a label on her character. Because one time I almost came to love her, then she will suddenly do something that would earn back my wrath. Argh!!! Oh girl, just to remind you…If Beckett has it all, Jamie has nothing growing up and went from the one foster home to another. After realizing that he wouldn’t really have a permanent home, he decided not to care anymore. Now he’s on his senior year, and he’s once again thrown into a new home. But he tells himself it would be the last time because soon, he’ll be 18, and he would be free from the system. What he didn’t expect is meeting one stubborn, confusing girl Beckett.I like Jamie, and he’s a great character. I can’t blame him if he grows frustrated with her, because honestly sometimes, I am too. She confused him - one thing she was into him, then suddenly she wasn't! He’s only human and is bound to frustration. Nevertheless, he never thought that there is more drama with the wealthy than he thought of. Suddenly, everything becomes more complicated when he realized that there is more to Beckett than what she shows. I like how the author infused not just astronomy but as well as mythology in this book. Not to mention, I swear, you won't know who's the good, the bad and the ugly until somebody finally reveal something that will have your jaws dropping in surprise. I love the title, the cover and the whirl of confusion, emotions and frustration the characters have brought me in this novel. It gave me a feeling of anticipation that had me –And finally, when I reached the final chapter, I let out a sigh…★ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.★

  • Kathy Ann
    2019-05-09 22:05

    Jamie Grey has been moved around in the foster care system from an early age. He is very close to his 18th birthday and just passing the time until he will be free to live his life on his own. Fate has something else in mind. When his current foster home becomes a problem he is moved yet again. His social worker pulls some strings to get him into the very nice home of a personal friend for the remainder of his time in the system. He is surly at best about the situation and moving again. On the outside Jamie looks and acts like a badass. He doesn't exactly believe in happily ever after with families or relationships. He certainly doesn't expect to walk in and find the new family has a daughter his age. Beckett Chase has an attitude to match Jamie's step by step. She has lived a life of privilege - private schools and the best money can buy. She certainly doesn't want Jamie coming in and disturbing her life at home or at school.... at first.This was a sweet book about two characters who each had a bad reputation that was entirely false. They were perfect examples of not judging a book by it's cover. I really felt heartbroken for Jamie who was given the rotten end of the deal in life. Yet he persevered through the adversity. He was such a noble character in many ways - I just couldn't help but love him. It's truly a miracle that he became such a knight even after everything he was put through.Beckett was quite an enigma. She kept her feelings close to her chest and it took me a little while to figure out her secrets. In some ways she had the rotten end of the deal because of the lifestyle and influences of her friends giving her a bad reputation that was not deserved. In order to find herself she had to face social alienation which was admirable.In the end I really loved these characters together and how they healed each other. The alternating points of view helped me to understand where each of the characters were coming from and connect with them. They each risked everything to be together and I absolutely loved that. It was great to see Jamie get the family and love he deserved as well as Beckett finding someone who loved her for who she was on the inside. 4 shooting stars for this book by Heather Allen!Review to be posted on Lives and Breathes Book blog

  • Hooked On Books
    2019-05-12 17:08

    Jamie Grey has spent his life going from one foster home to another. He learnt not to care, because that way you don’t get hurt. He just has one more year till he’s 18th birthday then he can go it alone. For his last year of foster care he is placed with the Chase family, where Jamie meets a hostile reception in the form of their 17 year old daughter Becket.Becket Chase has had a privileged life, nice car, big house in Palm Beach Florida, in fact everything she wants. What she didn’t want however, was for her parents to foster a boy her own age and have him sharing her home and family. She wants him gone and she was going to let him know it. Becket is complicated, she is stubborn, and because she is used to getting what she wants, she doesn’t handle it well when things start spiralling out of control, and is surprised to find help and support from an unexpected source. On his first day in his new school, Jamie has an unexpected meeting with someone from his past which brings Jamie and Beckets worlds colliding together, will Becket get her way so that Jamie has to leave or will their lives take a different course?I really felt for Jamie, his story is a touching one, you can’t imagine what he’s life must have been like. After all he went through he turned out to be a strong person who held onto his plan to start a new life, the thing he has dreamed of for so long. You really want him to succeed and find the happiness he is looking for. Becket I didn’t warm to her as easily as I did Jamie, she is a spoilt rich girl, she uses people and doesn't seem to be bothered who she hurts along the way. Although I did learn as I started to get to know her, that there are two sides to Becket one she keeps hidden, and the other she shows the world.I enjoyed reading this book, it was well written and I would recommend it. I give it 4 stars.

  • Zandalee
    2019-05-07 18:25

    Jamie Grey is a foster kid that hasn't had the best of luck finding a stable, loving home. He moves into the Chase home and though they seem like nice people, his mind is set on turning 18 so he can be on his own. Beckett Chase is beyond annoyed with the fact that this guy is invading her home and space. She decides she's just going to stay as far away from him as possible. That's a huge struggle considering they obviously live together and attend the same school. Beckett comes off as a spoiled brat right from the start. She doesn't want Jamie around her and he doesn't want to be around a shallow girl. Somehow they seem to connect and are drawn to one another. This is definitely one young adult book that stands out among all the rest. Beckett's development from bratty to loving was wonderful to see. Despite her off-putting personality, I couldn't help but like her. I could sense that there was so much more to her and it made me desperately want to figure her out. As for Jamie, his story was heartbreaking, but he was so strong and never gave up. I loved the addition of the stars and constellations to the story. They were put in perfectly and it all made sense in connection to the characters and their stories.The book jumps back and forth between Jamie and Beckett's POV. I really enjoyed having both point of views. It allowed me to really get to know their feelings and backstories. I think it was necessary for this story. This was a subtly, beautiful story with such great characters. Heather Allen's writing is flawless and consuming. I'd recommend this to any fans of YA and contemporary romance.*An eARC of this book was provided by the author for an honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion/review.

  • Mags-- Who Picked This?
    2019-05-17 18:20

    ***I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review***Jamie Grey grew up being passed from one home to another trying desperately to find a place where he would fit in. With less than a year left until his 18th birthday, Jamie finds himself with the Chase family. Wealthy and completely different than any family he has ever been placed with, the Chase family agrees to foster him until he heads off to college. The only problem with this scenario is Beckett, who is the only child the Chase’s. Beckett is a spoiled rotten brat (for lack of better words). She feels like she is entitled to whatever she wants regardless if it hurts others. She puts on a good front and people believe she is this way, but deep down she is hiding hurt and anger. There were things I really liked about this story, but there were a few things I found wrong also. I really liked the concept of having the guy being in foster care and the story forming around him. In most books the female is the lead character. Although this book is based around Jamie’s struggles and issues, Beckett truly grows in this book. She could possibly be one of my least favorite heroines before her growth. One of the things didn’t really like about the book was that everything felt like it happened extremely quickly between Beckett and Jamie. Although the author did space it out, I just felt like there wasn’t much interaction between the two. Overall, this book was pretty YA in a lot of the situations, but was not a bad book. I would suggest the author keep pushing and follow her dreams!! ~Mags

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-18 20:25

    I'm not sure what i'd classify this novel as, it isn't really a YA due to some of the situations in it such as drink spiking and a guy trying to force himself on a girl.The romance for me in this book was secondary to the story about Jamie Grey, a 17 year old boy who has been in the foster system for most of his life.He is placed in a home for the last few months until he reaches the age of 18 and can legally look after himself. Unfortunately that home is also home to Beckett Chase, a 17 year old who, in my opinion, is a self obsessed cow (what can I say it took me most of the book before I warmed to her!). However when Beckett's queen bee status at school gets reduced to the bottom of the pile Jamie and her start to bond. However will those in Jamie's past put a stop to what they could have by making him have to leave.The book is well written and although still in ARC format when I read it flowed smoothly from Beckett's POV to Jamie's. Sometimes books that contain chapters that jump from one persons POV to the other can seem disjointed but that is not the case here. The headings of each chapter referencing different stars and their stories are a lovely touch.All in all I would recommend this read but would say this may not be for younger teens due to some of the content. I am a twenty ...((cough, cough)a lady never reveals her age) year old and thoroughly enjoyed it.Please note I was provided a ARC copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • Swooning Over Books
    2019-04-25 19:19

    (I received this book from the author for an honest review.) More often than not their is more to someone than meets the eye. The profound saying people are like onion, they have many layers. OK that really came from a wise ogre named Shreik, but it is still a meaningful sentiment which Becket Chase embodies. On the outside Beckett is tough, almost ruthless. With her best friends by her side she rules the school. Little does everyone know the mean girl act is just a facade. Deep down she is a typical teenage girl, full of doubt and insecurities. Beckett has everyone fooled. That is unti she meets Jamie. Only once in his life has Jamie had a family to call his own. But all good things must come to an end and soon he is left alone in this cruel world. With his sights now set on his eightenth birthday, Jamie is counting the days until he is out of the system and on his own. Brought together by life's twist and turns Jamie and Beckett find something with each other that they have both never had before. They find "real". Real friends. Real love. Real life. I enjoyed Beckett's path to self discovery. I liked watching the trials and tribulations she had to go to in order to be herself. I found Jamie sweet even though his upbringing should have produced something else. The author did a great job with this novel. I look forward to seeing what she does next.Happy Reading!!

  • Christina
    2019-05-25 17:13

    Jamie Grey is a product of the foster system. Bounced from one home to the next. Jamie is just trying to make it to his 18th birthday so he can be free. That is until he is placed in the home of the Chase family.Beckett Chase has the spoiled rich kid act down to almost perfection. Her and her friends remind me of the mean girls from high school. When Jamie shows up at her house she puts on the works to show her disdain to having him there.Jamie's story was a sucker punch to the gut. I felt so bad for him from the beginning. Wanted to jump in the book and rescue him myself. And Beckett she was a witch! But Jamie saw something in her. Beckett has two sides, One she puts out to her friends and one she tucks away. Beckett can't hide that side from Jamie he can see right through her. Beckett stumbles from the top of the social ladder and she realizes all that she has done to her friends for years. She takes a step back and that hidden Beckett persona comes out. When emotions bubble to the surface that's when things start going wrong. Jamie's stay at the Chase home is in Jeopardy. Can Beckett and Jamie survive? I think you will enjoy reading and finding out the fate of Jamie and Beckett as much as I did. I give it 4 stars.

  • Manda Kelley
    2019-05-22 19:10

    Manda's 3 Star Review:Jamie Grey has been moved from terrible foster home to terrible foster home his whole life. Now finally almost 18 he just has to survive this last home. The only problem is their spoiled daughter obviously doesn't want him there.Beckett Chase always gets what she wants. She is popular and entitled and is completely put out when her parents take on a foster child. Who cares if he is really good looking and attracting the attention of her closest friends. The more she tries to hate him the more interested in him she find herself, but then her whole world comes crashing down around her and she has to devise a plan to make it back to the top. First, I just want to say I loved the storyline! I like that it was the guy who was in the foster care system and came to live with the spoiled rich girl. I have read so many books that were the opposite. I also loved the constellation descriptions at the beginning of each chapter. I just had some trouble getting into the story. Some parts seemed to go by too fast and other parts had trouble keeping my attention. I just never really developed a connection to the characters that would allow me to give this book a higher rating.

  • Kylie Lacovich (The Reading Cow)
    2019-05-15 18:12

    I was in the mood for something a little out of the norm for me, and The Sound of Shooting Stars was exactly what I needed. Being a Mature YA novel, it didn't have all the heavy sex scenes that I had been reading, but I really enjoyed the book none the less.I loved the characters involved in the story. Beckett being prim and proper, was to me one of those characters that you love to hate. But you grow to love and care about her as the story progresses and the 'true' Beckett emerges.I loved Jamie! I embraced his character immediately, and after finishing the story there is still a soft spot in my heart for him. He's had a very tough upbringing, and you can't help but love and feel for him.I really enjoyed Heather Allen's style of writing. It was captivating and easily held my attention. I enjoyed how the chapters alternated view points between Beckett and Jamie. It gave us deeper insight in to both of the main characters.If you are looking for something to read that has a great story line and young innocent love, you won't regret reading The Sound of Shooting Stars by Heather Allen!I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Mayas
    2019-05-25 18:06

    Reading by the BookArc Review. 4.5♥Official review will be posted during tour on 11/23.

  • Stefanie Kral
    2019-05-03 18:14

    ~3.5 ♥ 4 Stars~This is a story about two 17 year olds. Jamie Grey and Beckett Chase. We start off with Jamie Grey getting kicked out ofANOTHERfoster home. This seems to be a typical thing for Jamie. The only thing he's looking forward to is turning 18. Then, Jamie will be free!! Until then he's moving to Palm Beach. The house isHUGE, nice pool this could be the easiest year of his life.EXCEPT.... You know nothing is ever easy. What's the problem?? The problem's name is Beckett Chase!! And, she's a BIG problem. She too is 17 years old. Beckett has grown up with everything handed to her on a silver platter. Her & her 2 friends run their school. If they say "get out". People get out of whatever room they're in. They're the girls the rest of us hated with a passion. Beckett hates Jamie the minute she walks into her living room. Yet, she thinks he's gorgeous. Jamie can instantly feel the hatred coming from Beckett. She's also absolutely beautiful! He can instantly tell that this last year just might be his hardest yet! The following morning they drive to school in complete silence. Once Beckett runs into her friends they're just dying to know who the new hottie is. Beckett of course wants them to stay away. Yet, just plays it off. Jamie runs into Samantha. Her family use to be his foster family when he was younger. Sam's family almost adopted Jamie. But, when her dad died her mom put him back into the system. He's never felt like he had a family since then. He's so happy to have Sam back in his life. The minute Beckett see's them talking she's confused and mad. Beckett & Sam don't have a good past. Jamie tries his hardest to come to a truce with Beckett. But, man does she make it hard!! He has thePERFECTnickname for her. He refer's to her as Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde and it really does fit her!! I mean when she's with her friend'sBITCHisn't even the word for her. She goes out of her way to hurt people. But, when she's just around Jamie she can be herself. They LOVE to talk about stars and their constellations with the back round stories. When they were alone I really did love their chemistry.One night they go to a party. They both went with different people hoping the other one wasn't there. But, that didn't work out the way they hoped. After aMAJORmisunderstanding Beckett looses everything. Her friends hate her. Her social status at school has dropped. Beckett went from the most popular to most hated!! Jamie's confused on why she just won't tell the truth!!Over the next couple weeks Beckett hides from the people in school. Jamie continues hanging out with Samantha. While at home Beckett's parents continue trying to get Beckett & Jamie to get along. Because, they plan on not letting Jamie go anywhere. Even after he turns 18. While Beckett comes up with a plan on becoming popular again & bringing down the people who put her there. While trying to make amends with the people she hurt trying to get to the top. Jamie has his own problem. He might not have a future at the Chase's home. Someone is trying to destroy it.Beckett's parent's are trying everything to win this fight! Jamie & Beckett realize that their feelings for each other are much stronger then they'd like to admit. Now, they all must find a way to get what they want.The reason for my 3.5-4 star review was hard for me. I say that for the following. I gave it the 4 because ILOVEDthe stories. I love Jamie. My heart broke for him from page 1. He's an all around great guy. Who got dealt a crappy hand. Beckett was hard. One chapter I really loved her & the next chapter I wanted to strangle her. I really liked he parents. There was a lot about this story I liked. What I didn't like was where my 3.5 came in. The story was inBOTHJamie & Beckett's POV. Which doesn't bother me. I always love a story from the guy's POV. What drove me absolutely nuts was the repetitiveness!!! I literally thought I was reading everything twice. It got to be too much after awhile. Other then that, it was a good story, with characters. "You and Beckett, it's one of those thing you know 'written in the stars' things. It's not out of your reach. Remember that when you make your choice.""Beckett, I told you that you make me crazy but that doesn't mean I don't want anything to do with you. In fact it seems to have the opposite effect."He leans in slowly, his cheek caressing mine and whispers into my ear, "Beckett, everything happens for a reason. I have to believe that. If I would have stayed there, we never would have met.""I want to kiss you Beckett."Check out my other reviews at:http://mommyslatenightbookup.blogspot...

  • Mary Tatar
    2019-05-05 17:26

    Heather Allen has yet to write a book I don't love. The Sound Of Shooting Stars was one word amazing. Definitely in a class of it's own. If I could put it under a different genre of awesomeness. I literally couldn't put the book down. It was just that good. Favorite book of Heather's by far. Plus I have a thing for stars and constellations. It just made me love it even more. Jaime Grey is a product of foster care. He has been bounced around for so long that he just doesn't even care anymore. He is seventeen and he's just waiting till he can age out of the system. His case worker gives it one more shot at a stable home for him. He moves into the Chase house. The Chase family has a daughter named Beckett who is his age. She doesn't want Jaime around. Jaime doesn't even want to be there, but as a favor to his case worker decides to try. Beckett is determined to steer clear of Jaime. Which is easier said then done! They go to the same school and live in the same house. Jaime reconnects with Sam someone from his past that he was extremely close too. Beckett becomes jealous. Sam is the last person she want him to be friends with. If he didn't hate her before, he certainly will now after Sam tells him about their past. Jaime starts to see a different side to Beckett and realizes that there is much more to her then the self entitled and spoiled girl. They soon are faced with some tough challenges inside and outside of school. They both realize that their feelings are so much more then just hormones. What they have might just be written in the stars. What I loved about this book was how fresh and unique it was. Beckett was the spoiled rich girl who didn't really think of anyone but herself. She was all about tantrums and getting her way. There was not one moment where I didn't like her character. She was written in such a way that you just get her. She is who she is. Her parents are wonderful and for whatever reason she has just become a product of her peers. Jaime is her total opposite. He isn't rich, or spoiled. He doesn't take things for granted and he doesn't let anyone control him. It's like these two are so wrong but so right for each other at the same time. These two make a lot of mistakes. Lets face it they are teenagers. They make mistakes but the one thing they have in common is they own up to them. Actually a very strong quality to have. Jaime and Beckett don't easily back down. It's because of this that they become drawn to one another. I enjoyed watching it all unfold. Jaime has this unique knowledge of constellations. It is something that he carries with him and when he shares that with Beckett it's just beautiful.You know I loved this book to pieces. This is a definite must read from me. The characters and the story is flawless. One of those perfect books that you can't help but falling in love with.

  • MeganNicole
    2019-05-20 18:11

    This review first appeared on Books i View. I recieved an ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The Sound of Shooting Stars is told in duel point-of-view from two teens from different sides of the track as their world collides.Jamie Grey is 17 year-old boy who has been in the foster care system since he was little. Being moved from foster home to group homes to more foster homes he learned to keep his feelings out of the equation to not get hurt. When he learns that a family is willing to take him for the rest of his senior year, he is determined to get through with no problems so he can finally get out of the system.Beckett Chase is a 17 year-old rich girl. She is popular and an only child so she is used to getting her way. That is until one day she comes home to the news that her parents decided to take in a foster kid. Her world is turned upside down.From the first time they meet there is an attraction between Jamie and Beckett. However, before anything could happen both of them know it is a bad idea to pursue those feelings. Then Jamie runs into a person from his past which knocks both his and Beckett’s life off course.This book reminds me a lot of the movie Mean Girls. At first glance Beckett comes off as a typical mean girl. She is selfish, impatient and spoiled. Plus when you factor in her two best friends she even has a posse, just like in the movie Mean Girls! However once you get to know her you realize there is more than meets the eye, and Jamie sees that.Even though this book is told in a duel point of view I felt that the story centered more around Beckett. She also happens to be my favorite character because she was complex, you’d never know what side of her you’d get. Just like Jamie notes she is either Dr. Jekyl or Mr. Hyde. She had the most character growth throughout the book. While with Jamie what you see is what you get. He prides himself in his ability to not care or have feelings but it’s very apparent those feelings find a way of seeping in; It’s just a matter of admitting it to himself.I loved this book so much! It is well written, kept me entertained, emotionally involved and I didn’t put it down until I was finished! In fact I think I broke my reading speed with this book — finishing it in just a few hours. Another little tidbit that I thought was a nice touch to the book was the constellation names & descriptions at the beginning of each chapter.Would I recommend this book? YES! Go get it! Like now, right this minute!

  • Tami
    2019-04-24 23:11

    Into the Night Reviews Web: http://intothenightbookreviews.blogsp... Facebook: for great book reviews, new release updates, giveaways and more!!I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for this story, so had the opportunity to develop a really strong connection with the characters. Jamie was a firm favorite for me. Despite his challenging upbringing he still managed to retain a sense of optimism/positivity. He struggled with connecting with people and really, who could blame him given the life experiences he had, and yet there was definitely something about him that made me want to get to know him better.Beckett Chase was your typical “high school beauty queen” ... although there was the ‘real’ side to her that actually challenged all the requirements of that role. Early in the story I couldn’t stand her and I wondered if she was ever going to be able to redeem herself. As the story unfolds there is a lot to learn about Beckett, her choices and her past that help you to understand who she is much better.The story is told from both Jamie and Beckett’s point of view. I really like seeing two sides to the story, it broadens your perspective and helps to understand what is happening for the various characters. While there was also a really strong cast of other characters in the story, the focus is definitely Jamie and Beckett and I liked that that was the case. I felt immersed in their lives and not distracted by potential side stories.For me The Sound of Shooting Stars was a sweet, teenage romance with just enough high school drama to make it interesting. It wasn’t straight forward, so the twists were unpredictable and added to my engagement with the story and characters. I loved that way it all came together at the end - it left me feeling satisfied that all the characters got what they deserved and I felt like the time I’d spent reading was a good investment. I’ve read Heather’s other books and have to say that I think this one is my favorite so far!

  • Obsession Is A Book - Terrie
    2019-05-16 23:07

    (ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review)Jamie has spent most of his life in the care system and has moved from one bad home to another. When the last placement fell through he was moved to live with the Chase’s. He just has to stick it out for another 9 months, that’s all just 9 more months then he can go off and make his own life.Beckett is a spoilt rich kid who lives in the big fancy house and drives a fancy car and is one of the most popular girls in school. That is until her world comes crashing down around her.Jamie and Beckett have to learn to live with each other even when they can’t stand one another.You are sucked in to Jamie’s life through reading his POV in this book and you can’t help but feel for the life he has had and the life he had lost. The book highlights the failings within the care system for those it is meant to protect. Through the authors writing he really did touch me on a deep level. The world, lives and life events that the author has created are all valid and really do have you r mind ticking over as you read. The book flowed well, the character development was a bit slow. The book is told in both Jamie and Beckett’s POV and although through being in Jamie’s head I connected with him I couldn’t say the same for Beckett. I just couldn’t connect with the ‘good girl’ in Beckett because she didn’t display enough of that while I was reading through her mind.Although I did quite enjoy this book there was a particular part of the storyline that was kinda dismissed by the lead character and due to the seriousness of the allegations I personally feel that more should have been made of it. Maybe that’s just me but I didn’t like the way it was just brushed aside like it was, especially as this is a mature YA book and the characters are high school kids. I’m giving this a 3*. The storyline is valid and it is a good read, it was just missing that bit extra that would have allowed me to rate this higher.

  • Dion
    2019-05-25 21:27

    W.O.WLike, wow.If I was speaking right now you'd probably think I was dead because I'm like just blankly staring into space, like wow! This book is...just, wow. Oh, wait, have I told you WOW yet? Okay, let's hope my vocabulary rapidly expands because 'wow' won't get me far in life...This book is a mix of everything - suspense, mystery, drama, love, hate, feuds, family issues, destiny and everything else. It's also extremely relatable - someone and something for everyone to feel and somehow it just pulls everyone together. It almost felt like I was being pulled into a big, warm hug with every other reader in the world...and,dayum, it felt good!This book gave me the warm fuzzies, some of the blech ickies, definitely the 'ooh-tell-me-more'-sies, and what would a book be without the page turneries? To be honest, I stayed up until 1am the night before my exams to finish this...oops?The plot line was engaging, although the twists and turns came out of nowhere. Heather was really nice that way - allowing us to not fret the secrets because there wasn't much hint of them until BAM **spoiler alert**.The characters had depth, so much depth I'm currently nursing my broken heart surrounding the fact that I'm not friends with them. I'm also mourning the fact that, although I want Jamie Gray, I want him to be with Beckett Chase. WHAT DO I DO???? Jamie, do you have a twin?? *she said hopefully*In all seriousness, I don't know why you're sitting here reading my review and not reading the book! And if you've already read the book I don't know why you're not re-reading it or posting on your own site to tell all of your friends to read it!!5 stars - I'm reading this again!!

  • Alysha
    2019-05-20 15:04

    Heather Allen really put a lot of heart and soul into her book The Sound of Shooting Stars. She was able write about real life situations and the damage it can do to people. Jamie and Beckett are 17 year old teenagers who came from two completely different worlds. Jamie has been in and out of foster care his whole life, just when he thought he had a family it was abruptly taken from him. After his last home until he turns eighteen things became violent and had to leave to a new place once again. He was then placed with the Chase's as a last resort. This is when he met Beckett, as she is the daughter of Marla and David Chase. Beckett came from a privileged life and was on top when it came to high school. Beckett was very upset when Jamie came into her life and everything started to change. Jamie finally found a place where he felt he could stay until he was forced to leave at eighteen. Beckett started to fall from her top spot with her friends and she blamed Jamie, so she decided to do everything in her power to make him leave. Little did Beckett or Jamie know they were "written in the stars." Will Jamie be forced to leave once again or will he fight for the family he has always wanted? Will Beckett come to her senses and see what is in front of her or will she continue to push Jamie out? The Sound of Shooting Stars is an excellent love story that also holds a lot of turmoil, and teenage drama. An excellent read!

  • Bridger Bitches
    2019-05-03 19:24

    Jaime is almost 18 years old and will finally be out of the system. He has a wonderful social worker who wants him to have a good home but just can’t seem to find one for him. Once he has some issues with his current foster parents Michelle, Jamie’s social worker has a friend who will take him in. Hoping this one works out until he turns 18. Not knowing that the Chase family would have such a huge impact on his life.Beckett, spoiled, popular, rich girl has it all or at least that’s how she presents herself. Her whole world turns upside down in this story and we the readers watch how you can be at the top of the social poll to being at the bottom in no time.I struggled to find a great connection with the main characters. Names are a huge deal to me and I just couldn’t get used to the name Beckett. The story was a nice change to have the main focus be on the boy and not the girl. For the boy to be the one who is in foster care and not the girl. For the girl to come from money and not the boy. It was a nice change from your normal girl being the one with all of the issues. Don’t get me wrong Beckett had issues, lots of them but she wasn’t the main focus and that was nice.I give this book 3 stars!-Harper

  • Jaime Fiction Fangirls Book Review
    2019-05-18 17:17

    3.5 StarsGoing into this book I thought it was going to be a teenage love story but it ended up being more than that. I was actually drawn more to the storyline of Jamie and his life in and out of foster homes and Beckett's need to be part of the crowd that runs the school. A majority of the time I wanted to grab Beckett and shake her to make her for being so stupid in regards to Brett and Dani. At the same time I just wanted to hug Jamie for all that he had gone through. I'm not an instant-love fan and that was pretty much the case for Jamie & Beckett relationship. It didn't bother me too much though because of the other aspects of the story. I just had to keep reminding myself that it was YA and meant for a younger being an old lady and all.If you're 16-20 this is a great book for you. *I received an ARC from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Dakota Storm
    2019-05-08 16:14

    Nanee's Review: upallnightreadallday.blogsspot.comJamie oh Jamie I love that boy, I want to hug him and love him like he's always wanted and needed someone to. I thought the story was heartwarming ( well most of it) and very sad in parts but very sweet and awe inspiring. I love Beckett's mom and dad so caring and loving, now Becket on the other hand sometimes is devious, cut throat, and a liar but I felt bad for her and wanted to hug her too, bad things happened to her and she lashes out on everyone instead of just being herself. Beckett and Jamie didn't get along very well in the beginning but when they realized they cared for each other and more sometimes you have to let your guard down and be together. They are both very strong people

  • For the Love of Books
    2019-04-30 15:00

    4 Shooting Stars!!! This book was a sure tale of finding love in the most awkward places. Beckett is a popular social butterfly who has it all. When Jamie a hot mysterious foster child is placed in her perfect life. Things start to change when Jamie moves in Beckett's so perfect world is not so perfect after all. This book is filled with drama, secrets, scandal and true love.. What more do you need in a book. I started this book and finished it in one sitting this is definitely one you do not want to miss. ~Raquel~

  • Amanda
    2019-05-18 22:21

    Ok, Beckett redeemed herself somewhat, but not enough to make me want to root for her. Make no mistake, the one I was rooting for the entire book was Jamie, because he deserved the happy ending for once. I give the author credit, to illicit such a strong emotional response towards Beckett is a major credit to her writing skills because there were many times I simply loathed that girl's arrogance, smug, snooty, bratty and self pitying ways.

  • Shavana BeanieBrain Merrick
    2019-05-05 23:05

    I was given this book by author for honest review. Foster teen Jamie Grey is moved again this time to live with spoiled rich Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde Beckett Chase. Teen angst and drama galore as well as a sweet love story combined to make this book unique. I loved the star stories at each chapter start, however there was some overlapping of point of views that I found difficult to adjust to going from chapter to chapter. And at the end it all works out to most of their satisfaction.

  • Jadine
    2019-05-18 15:19

    Free book on Goodreads. Too much teenager, high school drama. I guess it is realistic though. I just find it ridiculous. The story flowed well, I like the overlap of his and her chapters, sometimes it would overlap the same time to show each of their sides of that instance. Sometimes I wished it did that more.

  • Micaela
    2019-05-10 23:18

    UUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH! Saben qué es lo peor? Que a partir de....15 páginas, ya sabía que iba a ser muy malo. Y continué leyéndolo porque tenía esperanza de que quizás iba a mejorar. Nunca sucedió. Qué gasto de mi día.

  • Rumpled Sheets Blog
    2019-05-14 17:20

    Review 24.11.