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A sexy, psychological thriller about a young man with a mysterious past.Nat Banyon, young, handsome, and rough around the edges, accidentally stumbles into the shady town of Deepwater. He takes on a painting job at a dingy hotel, and soon afterwards seduces his employer's beautiful wife. But it isn't long before dangerous things begin to happen around town, and Nat isn't sA sexy, psychological thriller about a young man with a mysterious past.Nat Banyon, young, handsome, and rough around the edges, accidentally stumbles into the shady town of Deepwater. He takes on a painting job at a dingy hotel, and soon afterwards seduces his employer's beautiful wife. But it isn't long before dangerous things begin to happen around town, and Nat isn't sure who's responsible: the desperate wife, her suspicious husband, or Nat himself. Deepwater has all you want from a thriller: sex, murder, fast cars, and a big scary dog....

Title : Deepwater
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ISBN : 9781582341095
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Deepwater Reviews

  • Rusty
    2019-06-13 06:17

    I don't know how anyone could give this book a single star. It's an unpredictable noir ride that will leave you wondering if you read what you read, and how Jones managed to keep the dreamy feel and still kick the plot along at a nice pace. This is the fourth book of his I've read, and this one is very different and a nice change. I'd recommend any of his books.

  • Philip Alexander
    2019-06-11 05:30

    Perhaps the only novel I've ever read that genuinely reminds me of James M.Cain's masterpiece The Postman Always Rings Twice. Jones delivers the dark and gritty tale of Nat Banyon, a young drifter who happens upon the town of Deepwater and finds work at a rundown hotel owned by the seemingly generous and friendly, but ultimately sociopathic, Herman Finch. Add to the mix, Finch's beautiful, flirtatious wife, and the oddball town itself, and you have a classic noir tale that manages a quiet and eerie suspense played out by well-drawn characters. A definite must for those wondering whatever happened to storytelling like Double Indemnity, Red Harvest, or Find a Victim.

  • wally
    2019-05-28 23:32

    29 jan 15, thursday afternoon, 4:36 p.m. e.s.t.#2 from jones, matthew f for me. read his A Single Shot recently, 5-star, i think i marked it as a favorite or if i didn't i should. now this one.okee dokee then, as the good doctor said (would you still love me if i entered you in the fifth at pimlico?, 2003), onward and upward.(1999) deepwater, matthew f. joneshas a prologue...could almost place the entire prologue here...but the first sentence is he finally stopped in the parking lot of an abandoned gas station in the middle of nowhere.story begins:intangibles loomed large in banyon's world. he put more stock in karma and gut feelings that he did in his five senses. one of his favorite mental pictures was of an indian medicine man staring into the earth with his eyes squeezed shut. he believed that terrains were ruled by internal rhythms, which, in varying degrees, he could tune into as he drove through an area, thereby getting a sense of its overall temperament.time place scene setting*it's hot, summer...nat drives a 70s-model pontiac lemans, so the time is after that, late 70s call it or later...the pontiac is a '79, used, so call it the 80s*highmore mountain*deepwater motel, a rural hideaway*deepwater, small mountain-enclosed town divided by a sluggish river*there is a lake*one could argue that place is in central new york state...though this being fiction, does it matter...there is an*indian casino...onodagan...and that is central new york*one of the cottages...nat is given for room*locations in and around the motel*pages into story, "thirty-six hours ago"*greenville...the pontiac's origins, a lot there*a 7-11...where you can buy porterhouse steaks...i want to find that place, maybe they're a deal*a single-lane road traversing a small mountain...50 miles from the deepwater/dog*gift shop of the deepwater*walnut's place, quality uses ones...vehicles*main street pub...banyon stops for a burger, drink*felix's hardware...sears outlet, deepwater*the newport...had been earl's banyon's*restaurant-service station bordering the reservation*main street ginmill*earl's place near a junkyard/dump*coppin river runs near earl's place...probably a fictitious river*molly's reservation grocery*"the last four weeks"...time passes and is noted as such...the painting of the motel...banyon's degeneration...all make time's passage...and time passages*the heavybag...hung on a pine near the lake* place...the mind, too for that matter, place* boat, in dialogue...where time stopscharacters major minor real-famous peripheral hypothetical all*nat banyon, our 3rd person eye-narrator, drives a pontiac lemans, not sure of the year...'77, '78 (had a '74...big boat i think the hood was eight feet long)...he is passing through...or, leaving the place he has been. he gets the itch to move. herman finch side of the road, meets him, they get together, nat will work for 5.50 an hour...later, the reader learns what finch knows, that the pontiac is a '79. nat banyon is an orphan*herman finch, owner and operator of the deepwater motel, a rural hideaway, he came to the mountain-enclosed area 25 years ago. he is married to iris, a real looker, and he drives a cadillac, has an indian motorcycle, and he packs a pistol...shot a rabid fox caused him to swerve off the road. he's a mover and a shaker. he fought for money out in missouri thirty years ago. herman finch is an orphan.*barefoot fat woman in a halter top fishing*old people down in where nat was, selling*three mexican or latino men*an old sun-wrinkled coupled*sole waitress was a fading prom queen, pam, and she has been working at the deepwater's cafe/restaurant, a trailer on a concrete block foundation, for two years*iris finch, herman's wife, she does maid service at the deepwater and iris and the rottweiler showed up at the deepwater on the same day, three years ago and iris is an orphan*a gigantic rottweiler, does not have a name, finch never gave it one, and the dog showed up on day three years ago, same day as iris showed looking for work and the essentials*god*a man on finch's indian, later, the reader learns his name, below*two others in a pickup, and i think the reader learns their name, below, too...when they all play cards at finch's place in the motel*officer...who picked up the dead fox, check for rabies*a couple of kids staying at the motel*dr. jekyll and mr. hyde...reference to the rottweiler*3 or 4 helicopter occupants...and this setting provides a sense that nat is running from the law, running from those who'd look with helicopters, but only a sense and that is all*the motorcycle rider from earlier, appears to be 10 years younger than finch, part indian or part black, earl*walnut, a muscular bald man*petersen, another card player at finch's, evening*a girl his, nat's age...the guy driving...looking for a better hotel, bike riding trails*a guy in a fifties-style fedora...asks about a reservation casino, 12 miles up the road*a drunk indian trying to snatch flying houseflies barehanded, later, the reader learns his name is joe littlefeet*the cook had gone home*a hairy little spanish guy wearing only boxer shorts*a blubbery pipe smoker in an unbuttoned bathrobe*einstein, well-known scientist*god in heaven*tanya tucker, famous singer*five or six travelers checked in for the night*two swimsuit-clad woman at the portico*waylon jennings, famous country & western singer*finch knows a fella...who would pay banyon $500 for the pontiac, a '79, though banyon figures it is worth 4,500*at least one dead man looks up from its bottom, the lake bottom, a*dealer at the casino a couple years back...and this news from pam suggests that finch placed him there*through a thin curtain the shadow of an embracing couple/ finch & iris*two cops stepped from it*an old one-armed-bandit junkie wearing gloves as white as her hair*banyon's mother*the car's two front-seat occupants, petersen & walnut, who had been at the wheel*a lesser worker than you...plenty of other peope*earl's wife or kids*owing a bunch of folks in these parts*a topless jeep crammed w/teenagers*mohammad ali, famous boxer*christ*an old huckster couple peddling vegetables*two horses, each burdened w/a teenage girl in cutoffs*a force outside of himself*walnut's wife, a mountainous woman w/her hair up in banana-shaped rollers*"your brother"...banyon's*remembering being told once by someone*a man fishing out of a rowboat*imagined himself as two people*a girl he spent a couple of days with...reno*a man wrestling an alligator/postcard*orca*no one in the store...a trim, bespectacled male clerk in a felix's red apron...tim boyer*four or five others reflected/main street pub*one was a sag-bellied woman with a glass eye*a dwarf with the shakes*huge, sweaty clerk at sears*a bikini-clad girl in a straw hat/driving a tractor*the farm's owner/tree*newly arrived guests*on-duty waitress was a hare lipped girl named lily*a guy iris was traveling with...robbie...this is the casino employee mentioned earlier, listed above...guy believed to be on the lake bottom* of the iroquois tribes, central new york, keepers of the fire...& they maintain a nearby casino*he saved some the war/finch*a tall, black-haired woman in a bridal dress/iris is #4 wife*family to a group home with a lot of others the same way*overnight guests fueling up...booth full of indians, a mini-crew of mexican laborers, and a pair of ma & pa kettle types...two lone male coffee drinkers*a pregnant lady in a purple sack dress*an old black guy with a wood leg*a humungous woman*two kids in life-jackets...pale-bodied parents*an abstract vision of a long line of people leaving*snaggletoothed stringbean...hugh muskrat, register fill-in when finch needed him and boyfriend of*carol small eagle, the weekend maid*a set of foster parents*the devil*sometimes the person who pushed them*a covey of spandex-clad bikers*a man whose house he'd lived at a few months...the mom's son/banyon*the boy's siblings & neighborhood friends/boxing*came to experience himself as two people*the the service station/reservation*the attendant's ninety-two-year-old grandmother/the newport*the diver got out/gun/shot...later, this is revealed to be petersen*her other customer, a long, bald drink of water wearing a safari suit*our local artists*a blond onondaga chieftan...his wife*an unseen man and woman argued in spanish...a bent-up old couple silently smoked*the other half...(a kind of twinner)*a long string of sorry-asses...who owned the newport*a tall, big-breasted redhead, carla, earl's wife*walnut's huge wife*a whip thin brunette...with petersen*job*his self/another self*a bone-white man dressed only in his underwear*a late-thirtyish woman...her husband...loaned from the wrong people...her husband, a man with one arm in a cast*patty cake*as if he were two people...two people/seesaw...! heh! last story i read? only teeter-tooter in that one...s*e*v*e*n from macdonald? i think it was...need to check notes, or all these condemned?*two backpackers...found the cadaver/earl*a kid maybe ten years old*two cowpoke gals who'd outlived the world/song/juke*a man in a parcel post uniform...two customers inside*ten or twelve motorcyclists on chopped harleys*a boy and a girl...earl's and carla's kids*a voice on radio...medical examiner...the announcer*the enemy he'd been hired to kill/finch/war*parents who abandoned him/finch*a pair of middle-aged, loose-skinned sissy types*a faceless man/bag*banyon is two people...another person inside of banyon...two halves of a single person...severed in two*a gangly girl*his lawyer/finch/will*love/hate, two creatures*the the gas & food mart just past the reservation...i think this instance is the same as the later...molly two trees*a woman's unaccompanied voice*their occupants/houses*drivers honked. people yelled.*an indian woman throwing a small child into a farm pond*iris cradling a dead infant*a pink-eyed, ghost-white man...the albino*some casino blackjack dealers*a graying hippy couple*the preacher/earl's*the handful of mourners*two grave diggers*small child had been drowning/dream*two young kids splashed in the pool...their parents*a man's voice demanded*a county highway worker, a lumberjack, a guy in buckskins and a raccoon hat, mean-mouthed countergirl named velma*every shit-for-brains...pint-sized indian old liver-spotted couple...rosanne cash [wife of johnny cash]*newscaster...mother of two children*patty loveless...famous singer*local fishing guides...tour-boat operators/business cards*a man's voice*a round buttery chinaman, a knife-shaped black lady*a gangly longhair*a swimsuit-clad woman, a bandy-legged little mexican guy*a beer-bellied woman...little ten-and-eleven-year-old monsters*snapshots of the boxer and the army private*molly two trees...her family for communicating with the dead*a reporter, a big porker of a guy, three other fatsos, a woman and two young boys*a husband killed, two divorced/pam/husbands*an indian with gray hair to his waist*a backpackerwooo-weeee! we!that's a lot of folk out and about!time passagesthis one is related to the repeated sense that branyon is two people, his self and another self...only with this instance, banyon, approaching earl's place, near the coppin river, where earl had strung, or was said to have strung a cross. banyon speaks to an imaginary earl and the imaginary earl answers him. this is much like...say of mice and men, the river there, the waiting...and in a number of king's stories...about a page or two long this one. but in this one, there's the sense that is it happening to banyon, rather than what has gone before on the time passages shelf, that a character is using their imagination. a twist.update, finished, 7:18 p.m. e.s.t. friday evening, 30 jan 15good read. the suspense builds and builds. banyon primes and paints. i think more than one review mentioned something funky going down in the city...or the middle. something. i believe what they mean is banyon heading further and further...south. banyon has gone south. there's some nice touches in this one...the rottweiler. you've got the stereo-type of the rottweiler, to start realize that something is going on 'tween finch and banyon...and like the relationship between man and dog, the relationship between man and man is the same...full of mystery, unknowable. the evil that may or may not reside and abide in assumed and kept by those around him...and truth be told, he probably did this, he probably did that. same with banyon. so yeah, anyway...nice how it all works...banyon on the road, stops at finch's invitation...the painting of the motel...people coming and going alla time...iris and banyon diddling. ..maybe 6-7 times on camera. maybe eight times. that we know of. maybe nine times. then, on top of all that...we get finch wanting to box banyon, see if his old self can whip his younger self...banyon already confused about who he is where he come from the two looking somewhat that age. ummm. good read.

  • Jill Bowman
    2019-06-11 05:15

    A good, atmospheric, surprise of a read! It did get a bit weird in the middle - but I really liked it!

  • Matthew
    2019-06-16 00:27

    This was a weird and fascinating book. Very atmospheric and abstract. No, I'm not the author of this novel. Yes, I did read it because I share the author's name.

  • Nate Hendrix
    2019-06-12 06:16

    I started out an interesting love triangle with a potential for chaos and death, but then it got weird and I lost interest.

  • Elise
    2019-06-16 04:28

    Just started ready this on a audio book and so far I find it very intriguing. Excited for what is to come.