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Eleanor is mystified by the woman she sees on the beach; her husband seems unable to see her, initially. As she begins to put the pieces of the jigsaw together, Eleanor is caught up in a race against time if she is to try and divert the tragic chain of events which follow. Bill is just an ordinary man but when he sees Rachel, his world is turned upside down and he loses alEleanor is mystified by the woman she sees on the beach; her husband seems unable to see her, initially. As she begins to put the pieces of the jigsaw together, Eleanor is caught up in a race against time if she is to try and divert the tragic chain of events which follow. Bill is just an ordinary man but when he sees Rachel, his world is turned upside down and he loses all sense of reality as he becomes obsessed by such a beautiful apparition. To Rachel it is a game, she has one desire and purpose: to lure men to their deaths. Following a life full of torment and cruelty the task is simple and amusing as long as no one dares to stand in her path....

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Siren Call Reviews

  • Julia
    2019-04-25 22:02

    The opening setting of "Siren Call" is a vast shoreline where the main character Eleanor is admiring the beauty and the mystery of the ocean in front of her. Eleanor seems a little lonely, or longing for something, in that first scene. After reading the first pages, I thought that the book was going to be a love story. I expected Eleanor to meet somebody, and she did. But that's where the story took an unexpected twist. It wasn't a mysterious and handsome man that she met, like I expected. In the distance, she saw a woman on the beach. And for some reason unclear to Eleanor herself, she felt mesmerized and drawn to this woman, as if she held a secret to Eleanor's life."Give him to me," Eleanor keeps hearing, and at first she is not sure if it is her imagination playing tricks on her, if it's the woman talking, or just the sounds of the sea combining themselves in this strange way.But soon, a dramatic series of events starts unfolding that gradually affect all Eleanor's loved ones: first, her dog Jasper, then her husband, then her adult son Oscar. And no matter what happens, it is somehow linked to the mysterious woman on the beach. Great plot twists and a quick read. You won't be disappointed.

  • Sheryl Seal
    2019-05-13 16:02

    Based on the Greek mythological creatures, Siren Call was a thrilling read. The author Sonya Dodd cleverly blends the marital problems of Bill and Eleanor with a ghostly woman who roams the shores at their beach home in the small town of Witcombe.Will Bill be led astray or can Eleanor save the men in her family from this mysterious woman?As the story unfolds there is much more to the mysterious woman of the sea and the reader will understand her need for revenge. There are a few surprises along the way and this reader thought this novel was a pleasant book, well written and at times I could picture it all perfectly.Thank-you Sonya Dodd for a good clean book, that I would encourage others to read. You will be gripped from the beginning until the end.

  • Eric Michael
    2019-05-23 14:11

    I read the reviews of this book before ordering it, as I love a good ghost story! After reading the book, I am even more impressed by the author's ability to weave an inventive plot line into a relatively short book.The book was unlike anything that I have read before this. I really liked the characters, and the manner in which the plot took sudden dips and dives, only to return to a great ending. I'll be looking for more of this author's books. Highly recommended.

  • Denise Kahn
    2019-05-15 20:05

    The story is beautifully written and grips you right from the start. The painful circumstances of the Siren motivates her to bait men, who are mesmerized by her stunning beauty. They become incapable of being rational, and cannot comprehend what kind of fate may lie ahead for them.The reader will find the tale intriguing, and will not be able to put it down until the very last line.Nice work. The author doesn’t disappoint!

  • Brandt
    2019-05-17 17:21

    Gripping and beautiful read. Siren Call is a beautifully written tale that makes the reader think about what beauty really is and what motivates any of us to pursue what calls us. Like the mythical siren, this story draws you in and it is difficult to let go of . . . and then suddenly it’s over, like a dream. Looking forward to more from this wonderful author!

  • Kat Miller
    2019-04-25 15:04

    I greatly enjoyed reading Sonya Dodd's "Siren Call". As a reader who is difficult to please (because novels need to be written in a very elegant, creative style for me to truly appreciate them, and because plots need to be thick, inventive and, preferably, difficult to predict, in order for me to enjoy a novel), there are many books which I dislike, or even give up reading after several chapters. Despite the fact that I am a reader whose standards are high, Sonya Dodd wrote a novel which I found thoroughly enjoyable: its plot is intricate, its style is excellent, and it is very hard to put down, if only for ten minutes with the objective of resting your eyes, because it is such a gripping read. Another reason why I loved this novel is that Sonya Dodd accomplished a complex feat: incorporating aspects of mythology (which I adore) into a plot which is set in contemporary England. It is my opinion that mythology tends to be set in stories which took place centuries ago, and I tend to think that mythological creatures are immortal and eternal, so I have often complained about the lack of authors who weave mythological elements into contemporary tales. Sonya Dodd managed to accomplish this. Well done!I highly recommend this book to young adult and to adult readers.

  • Gemma Farrow
    2019-04-25 13:56

    An unusual and intriguing story. I felt for Eleanor and her having to deal with the prickly nature of her husband. The scenery of their isolated location reflected the deepening coldness and distancing in and of their relationship. Add to this a supernatural element born of an ancient myth, there develops a story that grabs the readers attention and leaves a sense of unease in the heart. A very good read.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-24 14:21

    **ETA The new cover is beautiful! Very eye catching! Let's be honest--cover design matters. This one is muted and unrefined. There isn't anything eye-catching about it. With such a saturated e-book market, this book would benefit greatly from a re-design. Dozens of glowing reviews won't matter if no one stops to look at it.Ok, with that out of the way...Eleanor and Bill live in Smuggler's Cottage, an isolated hideaway near the sea. As empty nesters, their marriage has become routine. But, when a ghostly woman takes sinister interest in their family, ominous incidents begin to derail their tranquility.The dynamic between timid and soothing Eleanor and cantankerous and controlling Bill is the real story here. Both characters go through intense and awkward growth. They learn that in order to survive they must be willing to evolve, to take control and to let go of it. A damaged woman, the villain is a hostile and vindictive spirit bent on forcing her misery onto others. She's a complicated and fully drawn antagonist. Everyone is this story is flawed and real.Beautifully written and with charming language, this was a pleasant read. It was insightful, suspenseful and the characters were well developed and complex. Yes, it's a fun ghost story, but it's a book about family and relationships told as a ghost story--that's what makes this a unique read.

  • James Ross
    2019-05-17 19:13

    Siren Call is the first in a trilogy of novels by this author about a siren called Rachel. Whilst the book began like a ghost story with plenty of tension, it soon became obvious that the mysterious woman on the beach was no ordinary ghost.As the story unfolds, the reader is given a fascinating insight into what drives a woman to become a siren whilst we also learn about her thirst for human blood.This is an action packed novel which is filled with promise for the other two follow up stories. I look forward to reading what happens next!

  • Ginger Gelsheimer
    2019-05-03 21:04

    I thought Siren Call was a great suspense read, with colorful visuals that made me feel like I was there at the beach, watching this Siren come after her revenge. I was holding my breath along with her victim!I love stories like this one where you are brought in to empathize with the "bad guy". Is she really bad in the end? I couldn't help feel sorry for her and even cheer for her in one part BUT DON'T WANT TO SPOIL! - handcuffs and vodka!I would recommend Siren Call and look forward to reading other books by Ms. Dodd.

  • Lynn Ireson
    2019-04-25 17:17

    A really good opening to this trilogy. A novice writer who has taken the trouble to ensure their work is well written and engaging. Interested to see how the plot develops in the following two instalments.

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    2019-05-23 15:14

    This was a beautiful well written story that gripped me from the beginning.Wasn't sure what I expected when I started this book... But this book very much surprised me:)If you want a book with some mythology & some unexpected twists than read this. This was certainly a quick well written story.

  • Isobel
    2019-05-03 21:07

    This is a story that becomes more intriguing as it progresses and opens up a really interesting prospect for future stories. If you like the paranormal genre, this is a really interesting, original variation.

  • Pauline Forrester
    2019-05-16 17:22

    Chilling, whilst cleverly embracing a wide range of emotional responses, with a stinging twist in the tail.

  • Simon Okill
    2019-04-26 18:06

    Siren Call by Sonya C Dodd is a masterful mystery thriller full of supernatural suspense. The author expertly weaves a chilling tale of a marriage slowly running out of steam. The married couple are Eleanor and Bill who use their holiday cottage by the sea to get away from London and relax. Everything seems normal and calm as the couple are obviously in love and comfortable with each other, although each have their own irritating foibles that irks the other half.But the reader is soon exposed to the mystery of the woman on the beach. Who is she? Why is she there? Then the questions become more urgent. What is she? What is her purpose? Why does she want Bill?After Eleanor has an unnerving encounter with the woman while walking Jasper her dog, she rushes home and tells Bill. This is all it takes to crack the marriage wide open. Worse, Jasper goes missing.Unexplained events come thick and fast as Eleanor tries to get a handle on things, but Bill remains aloof, so much so, he leaves Eleanor and stays alone at the cottage. From there things go from bad to horrifying very fast.The chilling events are superbly written in an easy style with a unique angle to a ghost mystery thriller.This FIVE STAR supernatural thriller is a must read for all ghost fans and I highly recommend it.

  • Alan Hardy
    2019-05-20 20:03

    This is a cleverly and tightly structured story, which keeps you guessing throughout, with twists and turns continually overturning expectations. The opening section is brilliantly done, graphically sculpting scenes and themes with great skill: Eleanor and Bill, in their forties, their marriage growing somewhat stale, have a cottage by the sea; Jasper, their dog, on its walks along the shore barking at nothing, or nothing that Bill can see; a bodiless voice calling out to Eleanor, “Give him to me”; a face glimpsed by the window; a long-haired phantom-like figure standing by the sea, a beautiful shapely woman in silhouette, but an old fearsome hag up close, seen by some, invisible to others. Don’t forget that throughout history it has been claimed that sirens lure men to their deaths… This opening atmosphere of brooding darkness and shadowy menace by the sea had me gripped. I won’t reveal any more. Suffice to say the story holds one throughout, with its mix of terror, seduction, shock and suspense, until its breathless finale, as Eleanor is pitched into a life-and-death struggle to preserve her family. Or, rather, the male elements of it… One not to be missed.

  • Christoph Fischer
    2019-04-28 22:20

    "Siren Call" by Sonya C. Dodd is an excellent psychological thriller with a fantasy/ horror edge to it.It tells the story of Eleanor who encounters a strange woman, the siren of the title, on a beach in Norfolk and soon her entire life and family get drawn into the play of the mythical creature.The story really took me by surprise as it sets out with a fairly peaceful setting and turns into something so much darker. Eleanor tries to unravel the mystery of that woman who seems to be out to destroy her life. This is really well written, full of great suspense and hypnotizing just like a siren call.It is difficult to describe the story without giving too much away but the ending is very satisfactory and brings all the clarity that the mystery section kept so well under wrap.Highly recommended.

  • Chloe Thurlow
    2019-04-28 21:57

    A ghost story set by the sea offers all the tools for mist and mystery, delusion and illusion – nowhere in England is more than an hour from the sea shore and the rocky, labyrinthine coastline lends itself to drama and ambiguity. This is at the heart of Sonya Dodd’s “Siren Call” – a mysterious woman who walks the sands crying out “Give him to me...” a vision and plea only Eleanor can see and hear. At first afraid, she is also mesmerized, drawn to the apparition – and drawn into a mysterious puzzle that touches her family, even the family pet. The attraction fades to a cold haunting terror and Eleanor suddenly realizes she is fighting, not only for her life, but her sanity, her very being. As a ghost story, this book is unusual, compelling and has more twists than a spiral staircase.

  • Carolyn Bennett
    2019-05-07 15:16

    A beautifully written English ghost story. Hauntingly painful is how one feels about Rachel, the Siren. After a lifetime of abuse at the hands of men, in her death she seeks her revenge. Men would give up anything to be with her, lulled by her beauty, the beauty she wants them to see. Once in her spell they are helpless to prevent what happens next. This book was impossible to put down. It is filled with suspense from start to finish. This is a recommended read for anyone who loves a good ghost story.

  • Sheila Dool
    2019-04-29 18:13

    I really liked the story. It kept me entertained. I was sad for Eleanor. Some men can be so stubborn. Eleanor proves how strong a woman can be when she needs to protect her family. I can understand Rachel's pain and revenge but I'm glad she retained some humanity for this family. Great book :)

  • Allison Kohn
    2019-05-24 20:05

    This book is a thrilling mysterious fantasy that will make any woman, who has ever been humiliated and hurt by a, that lurks for every male, in this version of the Greek fable.

  • K.T.
    2019-05-16 22:25

    This book is haunting, not just because it deals with the self-predicating desires of a woman who died in dreadful circumstances and roves the earth seeking revenge and fulfilment, but because it sketches out the fundamental biogenic drives of men, which make their own desires more urgent than anyone else’s around them. Each of the female character studies is insightful, whether it is the predatory nature of Rachel, the siren, Eleanor the wife or her daughter, Jo. The women have one thing in common, their lives are dictated by the influence of the males around them, who are in the main, egotistical, controlling, lust driven apologies for humanity. The women are victims of male domination, in one degree or another. Rachel is bitter and twisted by her horrific, callous death at the hands of a rich, depraved pervert but by the same token, Eleanor has been moulded and shaped by Bill’s suppression of her creativity and verve for life, figuratively beating her down into an image of the docile wife and mother, keen not to rouse her husband’s disdain or ridicule and unable to pursue her own long-buried goals. Rachel’s ability to lure away the menfolk to their death, simply by masking her decaying body with an illusion of what she once was, says more about their willing participation in the promise of temporary sexual gratification, than it does about the siren. This is a novel which looks more at the motive behind a person’s actions, than the outcome of their behaviour. For men, it’s all about the lure of sex, whether they are a rich playboy, a middle aged office worker or a young student. What they see in Rachel is the opportunity to satiate themselves, regardless of morality or marriage commitments and she projects what they most want to see, portraying herself as an embodiment of all their most enticing fantasies. Rachel makes a comment, that ‘the women were always the ones who spoilt everything for her,’ and that is because she cannot hide who she is from them. They recognise in her, the Jezebel spirit which destroys marriages and steals souls for her own pleasure. Eleanor turns out not to be quite such a pushover as she ends up going into battle for her children but the archetypal stereotypes are cast and while Jo settles down into a life which mirrors her mother’s in an oh-so-happy way, Eleanor’s son shows all the traits of following in his father’s flawed footsteps.This novel drips with veiled cynicism and a sadness that is both penetrating and real. It would be a mistake to read it with detachment, because the reader would miss the subtle nuances and jaded insights which are tucked away in the character portrayals. A good author could write a novel about a ghost who preyed on men and make it work, but this is infinitely better than that. It encompasses a moral judgement on the male species in general and a study of the kind of selfishness which makes many of them tick as they lie, cheat and justify - just because they believe it’s their right to do so but also because they can.

  • Writer
    2019-05-18 22:08

    INCREDULOUS PLOT BUT AN OKAY READDo you believe in ghost? evil spirit? If you do, then this story is for you. Actually it's not as much as believing in ghost or evil spirit, for me it's as much as possessing great patience to get you through this book and finish it to the end.The first quarter of this book held a natural element of mystery, the beginning of the story piqued my interest, Eleanor and Bill are at their cottage house vacationing. The scene was at the beach with Bill and their dog Jasper taking a walk. The scene was so serene, almost like a calm before the storm. Yet somehow it holds an air of malevolence, a sense of foreboding, like great danger and impending doom is lurking around waiting to happen. What Eleanor saw at the beach and again by the window of their cottage captivated me and held me in suspense that I was holding my breath afraid of what's going to happen. Then they went home, back to London where they resume their mundane day to day living, Eleanor and Bill's life got so boring and their relationship so tedious and I'm left thinking...WTF? Where is this story going? I wasn't so sure anymore if this is really a chilling, spooky, gripping and suspenseful story as some of the reviewers captions said it would be. It just dragged on and on I had to do a lot of skimming and fast forward to the part that would convince me not to give up. I can't remember how many times I put this book down to clear my head so I can keep on reading.The pace picked up a little on the third quarter of the book, you get a sprinkling of mystery and a little suspense and you get to know a little more of the story behind the ghost, but I also got annoyed that some things didn't make sense. Even the heroine, Eleanor, had some questions to this so called "ghost" but were never answered. It was hard to connect to the characters especially not to Bill or Rachel, and the plot? was incredulous!I purchased this book based upon the 5 star reviews and strong recommendation of reviewers, I agree it has an element of a little horror, some intrigue and mystery, but I wouldn't go as far as mesmerizing, chilling or gripping and stunning like I was led to believe. As matter of fact, it got boring...funny that I just read it and I couldn't seem to recall the ending.

  • Jada Ryker
    2019-05-08 22:12

    Answer the Siren CallSiren Call, by Sonya Dodd, is an interesting and entertaining read.Isolated from the villagers, Eleanor and Bill Finch live in Smuggler's Cottage near the sea, along with their dog Jasper. After a quarter century of marriage and grown children, their marriage is as comfortable and secure as a thick, ratty bathrobe on a winter's night.Eleanor and Bill are not alone. Something else is lurking near the waves, a creature which does not cast a shadow. Eerily, the dog perceives the creature, while the humans are at first blind to its presence.During a storm, Eleanor sees the figure of a sad woman in the storm. By the time she fetches the grumpy Bill, the woman has disappeared. Later, when Jasper goes out, the dog is frightened by something in the night.As events escalate and cast a shadow on their relationship, Bill and Eleanor struggle to find their earlier contentment.In the end, Eleanor reaches deep within herself to find the courage and the strength to stop the Siren Call.If you're looking for a great book to hold your interest as you lounge in a deck chair or relax on a towel on the beach, Siren Call is there, waiting for you to answer the Call.

  • Ken Hughes
    2019-04-24 21:09

    When a seductive spirit takes an interest in a middle-aged husband by the seaside... the story's much more about the human family than the killer.Reading Siren Call is to sit back and enter the lives of Bill and Eleanor, their quiet conflicts and the stresses that the siren begins to pull into the open. The result is an easy but layered read that lets you know and care for the characters with little trouble.One of the keys to this is also the book's limitation: its storytelling relies heavily on "telling" a fact or an emotion rather than fully describing it, and also on alternating viewpoints, sometimes at every paragraph. I found these barriers to being fully drawn into the mood, but it's also a reason it's easy to understand the characters so quickly. It's a simple form of older but honored styles, and if it cuts corners, it always knows which angle to twist ahead to show.Readers wanting to be chilled or seduced by smooth description may want to refuse this Call. But if you want a more relaxed thrill, with character depth that puts you right into their lives, sit down at the beach and start reading.

  • Demelza Carlton
    2019-05-16 22:02

    This is interesting, involving the original Greek siren legend, in a quiet English coastal village. Sirens - cold, immortal women who lure men to their deaths, but definitely not mermaids. I enjoyed the story as well as the sirens.What I didn't like was the somewhat jerky nature as perspectives shifted with paragraphs - from Eleanor to Bill to the siren herself. I think all three perspectives were necessary to the story, but I found it confusing when they shifted rapidly, so I didn't enjoy the story as much as I could have.The plot seemed predictable in places, though I admit some of my predictions didn't come true. No, I don't do spoilers, so I won't elaborate on those.I also liked that Dodd's target audience definitely isn't teenagers. With empty-nesters Eleanor and Bill as main characters, this book has a steady, mature tone that contrasts nicely with the otherworldly elements the sirens bring to the story.

  • Karen Black
    2019-05-07 16:59

    The lives of a devoted wife, Eleanor; her domineering husband, Bill; and the sad, but seductive siren, Rachel, form the basis of Siren Call. The inclusion of Eleanor and Bill's son, Oscar, along with the presence of Jasper, the family dog, help to give this story a believable plot. The story is based upon a typical family touched the presence of a stranger, with a mythological background, who manifests as a ghostly participant in their lives.The author's well written prose are a pleasure to read. As the plot develops, it demands the reader's attention, which once captured, will not be relinquished until the final page. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and look forward to more from this author.

  • Shemeka Mitchell
    2019-04-28 17:25

    I've read through some of the reviews just to see what the other readers thought of the book and was surprised to see that some didn't really care for Bill. He was my favorite character. The love for his wife was evident in the beginning. At times I felt that she was acting kind of harsh and too emotional. It seemed as if communication was missing with this family. This was a decent easy read. For a little while, I was a little spooked when reading about Rachael. Now on to part 2 for me. I have to see what's next. Oh and Oscar deserved a time out.

  • C.B. Pratt
    2019-05-05 20:56

    I made the mistake of reading this on a beach and even though it was a beautiful, sunny, tropical beach, Sonya Dodd's haunting book cast its shadow. The plot grips from the first page and ratchets up with calculating deliberation to the peak of tension. Remarkably it is at the same time a story of a marriage, grown a little dull over the years, yet vital to the happiness of both main characters. If you like the Woman in Black or other modern twists on the traditional ghost story, you should definitely pick this up. However, as the warning signs say, 'Never turn your back on the ocean.'

  • United Indie Book Blog
    2019-05-10 14:12

    This was a beautiful well written story that gripped me from the beginning.Wasn't sure what I expected when I started this book... But this book very much surprised me:)If you want a book with some mythology & some unexpected twists than read this. This was certainly a quick well written story.Reviewed by Philomena