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DEAD LETTER is a fiction romance mystery destined to become one of this year's romantic suspense best sellers. It's a love story book that spans four decades from World War 2 to the 1980s. Robert and Sandra are passionately in love but their relationship is challenged by jealousy, world war and a misguided letter that Robert receives just as he's leaving for boot camp. AsDEAD LETTER is a fiction romance mystery destined to become one of this year's romantic suspense best sellers. It's a love story book that spans four decades from World War 2 to the 1980s. Robert and Sandra are passionately in love but their relationship is challenged by jealousy, world war and a misguided letter that Robert receives just as he's leaving for boot camp. As the romance drama unfolds, so devastating is the letter he received that Robert writes Sandra in distress and gives her clues to look for a treasure he has left behind for her. But his letter is nearly destroyed in the mailroom of a ship bombarded in battle. The envelope is indecipherable and it's stamped as a "Dead Letter" to be destroyed. But a mail clerk is intrigued by the treasure it speaks of so he, and years later his adult son, become obsessed with searching for the letter's destinaton-a search that becomes a race against time in this suspense thriller mystery with unexpected twists and an unbelievable surprise ending....

Title : Dead Letter
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ISBN : 9781490906737
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Number of Pages : 214 Pages
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Dead Letter Reviews

  • Naznin Azeez
    2019-05-10 18:39

    I started off with high expectations from this book because firstly, I loved The Pope’s Stone, the first book I read of the author and secondly because the summary and title seemed promising. The cover is gorgeous except for the naked lady!. I found that a teeny tiny bit disturbing particularly because I do judge books by their covers (Yep, it’s a sin, I know). However, her being naked and standing there has a significance in the book. So, once I finished reading, I actually found it apt that it made it to the cover!. Saying that, don’t think there is graphic sex or too much nudity involved in this story. It’s a simple historic fiction with some good suspense woven into it.Marc is the author who introduced me to historic fiction and made me fall in love with it. He successfully does so again with this one!. The story takes place in the year 1943. The pace of the story is relaxing and fluid. The beauty of the lake Corsica, the Chesapeake bay and the surroundings is beautifully described. What I loved the most though is the portrayal of the innocent love between two 17 year olds, Robert and Sandra, the protagonists of this story. You read about them and you simply know that they are made for each other. Their love is sweet, pure and innocent.So imagine when Robert has to leave his town and go join the Marine Armed services. Sandra is heartbroken, because in those times many were dying at the war and there was no guarantee that she will ever see him again. Many scenes in this book moved me to tears. There is such emotion in the story. I loved all the characters in this book. My favorite though is Sandra. She is so strong in testing times and her character development is very nicely described throughout the book.Then something happens that makes Robert fill with revenge and sadness. I found myself wondering why, until the very end. The suspense is very well maintained. There is a reference to a ‘treasure’, which I figured out once it was mentioned. But I had to wait till the end to find out why Robert considered ‘it’ Sandra’s treasure. Robert says in a letter that it’s a treasure that Sandra values more than Robert and seriously, those words threw me right off the track. I couldn’t think of anything that was more treasured by Sandra!. But there were certain other wordings / circumstances that lead me to understand what the treasure itself was but how it really related to Sandra, kept me hooked to the very last.I got to say, I would have liked one more chapter in the end to see how life went on in the town of Centreville after some shocking revelations. The current ending seems abrupt and you sit there wondering what the heck just happened!. Its not like you are left with a lot of questions. Not at all. It’s pretty shocking because you will never see what was coming!.. You really got to read this book to know more. I am not going to reveal any spoilers here!. Oh and the Chesapeake Bay in this story is actually Marc’s favorite place on earth!. It’s nice that he made this story revolve around real places that is close to his heart.Marc’s writing style is amazing and addictive. Even the Acknowledgement he wrote is so interesting and puts a smile on your face. There is life in his words. I have read acknowledgements of some other books before where it’s just flat, no life at all and you can immediately feel that it was written out of sheer necessity and not from the heart. But that’s not the case with Marc’s acknowledgements. It’s so heartfelt!.Overall, I give this book 5/5 which by Goodreads standards means ‘it was amazing’. Historic fiction fans, suspense fans and anyone who wants a good relaxing read would absolutely love this!.

  • Marc Kuhn
    2019-05-01 18:49

    The following comments were made by the judge who read Dead Letter in the22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards:"DEAD LETTER by Marc Kuhn is a story written by an author who seems to possess a sensitive soul that gives him the ability to craft a touching, deeply emotional and satisfying story.As for production values, I like the title but I wasn't all that crazy about the cover, not because I have an issue with nudity (I don't) but because it was dull. I think a picture of a small town or a letter would have been just as effective, if not more so. Of course, this is a personal opinion from a reader who prefers vibrant colors on book covers. However, the back cover copy was excellent and well written. I think it will spur people to read the book. Nice author bio. It encouraged me to check out the other books, and to visit the web site listed. It was nice to see a picture of the author on the site.I enjoy books set in small towns and I think other readers will enjoy the setting, too. I think the author also does an excellent job capturing the eras he writes about as well. The opening of the book was amusing, as obviously intended. The feeling the early part of the book generated reminded me of SUMMER OF '42 by Herman Raucher, which is a good thing. The writing style is superb, keeping the story moving at an excellent pace. The author is talented not only as a writer, but at evoking emotions. Readers who love romance and mystery will fall in love with this book."

  • Kristi
    2019-05-24 16:39

    This is a historical fiction book that spans some time starting with the WWII era in a small town in MD along the Chesapeake Bay; following the town teen couple: "most likely to be married when he returns from war"; life is ideal for them until he enlists in the war and until there is a dark secret that is found out, discovered, left untold, and then told in a "dead letter". Will the Dead Letter ever make it into the right hands? Who wrote it? Who is it intended for? Who finds it? How will the dead letter affect everybody who reads it, or will it affect anyone at all? Read this entertaining mystery of the Dead Letter to find out. I am glad that this wasn't too terribly long because the suspense was killing me in this one. Enjoy the read! Thank you Mr. Kuhn for the autographed book, I enjoyed the trip to the Chesapeake Bay...a great place for a great book!

  • Roxanne Sleszynski
    2019-05-15 19:55

    What a turn of events!This book kept me captivated and interested from beginning to end. Definitely did not see any of what unfolded in the story coming. A very good read!

  • Cap'n Heather.....Aarrrrrrr
    2019-04-24 21:35

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