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WARNING This book is not for the faint of hearts. Due to explicit scenes of violence and murder, it is recommended for adults only. In this riveting box set, an award-winning Canadian Author delves into the gritty, gruesome details of the most notorious spree killers, school shooters, and serial killers the world has ever seen. (Read how Edmund Kemper decapitated his motheWARNING This book is not for the faint of hearts. Due to explicit scenes of violence and murder, it is recommended for adults only. In this riveting box set, an award-winning Canadian Author delves into the gritty, gruesome details of the most notorious spree killers, school shooters, and serial killers the world has ever seen. (Read how Edmund Kemper decapitated his mother's head, used it as a dartboard, and then cut out her voice box and placed it in the garbage disposal.) "Cold Blooded Killers is a blood-curdling collection of some of the most famous and the least known multiple-murder cases. I primarily bought this book as a source file for my own writing as I find the information to be well-informed and easy to read. The very human stories in this massive collection are filled with the tragedies of the victims' encounters with the abnormal criminals who most of us thankfully avoid in our day-to-day lives. Some very eclectic selections and some well-known cases are presented to us by a writer who is always striving to advance in his True Crime expositions. The thing I like most about this author's true crime writing is that the victims are never forgotten and the murderers are not sensationalized but portrayed for what they really are, sociopathic cold-blooded killers." - William Cook They will feel that their own lives are over, and aim to take as many people with them as they can. Once their killing spree is over, they most often either commit suicide, or force the police to use deadly force against them, in other words, suicide by cop....

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Cold Blooded Killers Reviews

  • Katherine McCarthy
    2019-06-14 15:36

    I may have just found a new favourite genre...True Crime. I've always stayed well within fictional worlds as I deemed it a safer place to hang out. However for some reason, I've been in a bit of a reading funk these past months. To the rescue is author RJ Parker with his very intriguing style of writing and even more interesting subject matter. I had no expectations going in and am glad for it. Riveting, gritty and astonishing, this book was a definite 5 star read for me. Kept me up most of the night devouring every word. Some of the spree killings and school massacres were familiar to me, however, specific details were not. The author does a spectacular job at retelling the events around these tragedies. Mainly facts are relayed, however each event is told with a distinctive focus on the victims so they are not overshadowed by the horrific events. A few Authors Notes along the way were the only indication of how the author truly felt about it all. I wonder if those Author Notes were included to either lighten the reader's mood and snap us back from the depths of horrifying violence that reading these accounts brought us to. Whatever the reason, it was appreciated. Highly recommend this read to fans of True Crime and have already deeply delved into the next book on serial killers by this author.

  • Becky Palmer
    2019-06-07 14:38

    Gripping and GrittyThese books are not your typical crime books. They grabbed my attention from the beginning. I was not able to stop reading. The books give the reader a factual account inside murder. They definitely do not tone things down but come at the reader full force. I love true crime. I was given gritty details which make these books an amazing read. I recommend these be on the reading list of all true crime fans. Prepare yourself for a gripping and gritty ride!

  • Andretta Schellinger
    2019-06-09 14:35

    I know, I have been horrible about doing reviews, but I read this book in like 5 hours, I started it late last night, and when I finished I had to leave a review. I rated it a 3 and I am sure that some will be like WHA? WHY? Here is why. 4.5 stars for the book, it was interesting, it looked like some research was done, could have been from the interwebs, but at least research was done. Information was provided that wasn't easily found, like names of those killed, and exact timelines, which I appreciate. - Formatting, it was terribad, the book started off with a non section section about what terms are called and it made it sound like it was all about parents being killed, which was not what the book was titled, so I was kind of confused. - Editing, seriously, I love this information, and would gladly be an editor for the author. There were some sentences that honestly seemed just copy and pasted from somewhere as they were disjointed and strange. - Information, okay this also falls under "Editing" but on page 204 the guy kills these two couples and then starts walking away to kill others. Well on page 206 he then kills the aforementioned two couples at a different place and time. So kills 3-6 at 10am (not the exact time), then kills 7-14, then kills 3-6 again. Sometimes it would have helped to have a little more background, maybe that is me, but I would have liked to know more about the individuals in some cases. In others there is enough information to sate that interest. Oh and a portion of this book ran with the whole "violent video games" bull pucky and I almost stopped reading it. Yes, if someone is already mentally ill, then violent things may push them over the edge, but I listen to violent music, watch violent movies and tv shows, and I am not out killing people. It seems like this book jumps from being a historical account to being some psycho analysis, back to being historical. Overall I will read more of his, knowing that similar issues may present themselves.

  • Moraig
    2019-06-04 21:44

    Why did it take me so long to finish this book? Because it was simply a brief reportage of various killings. Okay as a starting point for research, but no empathy for victims or survivors and little insight into the psychology of the perpetrators.

  • bernadette jimenez
    2019-06-14 14:35

    Good ReadBook was very interesting and had me reading non-stop. Being a true crime fan, a few of these stories I are already knew and read about, but there were plenty I had never heard of too.

  • Sydney Katt
    2019-06-07 13:29

    Disappointed. I knew the case studies would be brief based on the book's length, but I found little, if any, information I couldn't have gotten from Wikipedia. There are also distinct editing issues. Apostrophes are omitted from words that clearly need them and some sections are arranged in a confusing order that requires the author to backtrack. In some paragraphs, the sentences don't have anything to do with each other. In others, paragraphs go on and on when it would make the most sense to break them up into meaningful chunks of information. Overall, this is a decent overview of serial killers, spree killers and school shooters if you'd rather not have to look for it yourself online. If you're looking for in-depth profiles or deeper insight, there are several books available from FBI profilers that will better meet your needs.

  • Lyle Appleyard
    2019-05-24 18:44

    I received a copy of this book throught the Goodreads Giveaway.I read this book in one sitting. Not often I do that. It was not a long book.This book presents several stories of those that had killed in cold blood. The author just presents the facts of what happened in the crime. There are no police investigations, open and shut cases.The book has a sampling of some of the worst murders in the last forty years. If you know nothing of these crime, this book is a good introduction. The author has done a good job of researching the crimes.If you are into real crime, at least the details, this is for you. If you are looking for a book about police investigatin, the criminal motives and the trial process, this book is not for you.

  • Bettye McKee
    2019-05-22 20:30

    Cold-blooded killers are calm and collected --- no excitement, no anger, just taking care of business.The killers in this book, especially the spree killers, have already made up their minds to kill with no intention of facing the consequences. Others have said, Okay, that's enough. I'm not taking this anymore.And the Russian school hostage situation was a complete fiasco. That story wouldn't even make a decent disaster movie. It was just an epic fail.A few of these will send me looking for more of the story while others provided just the right amount of information.

  • Bonnie Gleckler Clark
    2019-06-11 14:28

    An informative, yet macabre, analogy of numerous killers (mostly young or relatively young people). As many, after taking numerous lives with many different types of assault weapons, turned their weapon on themselves, psycologists were unable to determine their reasons. Many had difficult childhoods, were anti-social, or bitterly treated even as adults. This book is thought-provoking, but definately not the a read for everyone.

  • Lynda M. Breeze
    2019-06-09 14:24

    AgAin VERY superficialI guess if you never read a newspaper you might learn something from this very cursory report w/no insight at all into the killer or the victims. really thin coverage easily obtained in minutes on the internet & transcribed even more quickly. essentially names date & location! YUCH!

  • K.
    2019-06-13 13:18

    I was hoping for a little more analysis on the people described in this book. Honestly, many of these articles sounded as if they were lifted straight from Wikipedia - without any interesting personal tidbits.

  • Kimberly C. Winslow
    2019-05-28 14:43

    Thought Provoking!Thought Provoking!It's a little unsettling to realize you could easily find yourself in a situation you never imagined. The world is full of mentally unstable people and many never get the help they need.

  • Carl Klein
    2019-06-02 14:18

    Simplified copiedThe book to me offered no insight or any depth at all it- simply seemed to be straight copies of basic news reports easily accumulated from the web. A very disappointing read

  • Jerry
    2019-06-06 21:20

    Cold hearted This was an interesting selection of cases that shows how cold hearted these killers were. I had heard about some, others were new to me. I now have more research and books to look for.

  • Judy Foltz
    2019-05-27 16:27

    Cold Blooded Killers is a good read!!! I can't believe that people can be that mean and heartless. Children killing their parents. Women killing their partners. I read these books with an open mind and wonder how there can be people like this out there!!!!

  • Katie
    2019-06-05 20:28

    I was hoping for a little more analysis on the people described in this book. Honestly, many of these articles sounded as if they were lifted straight from Wikipedia - without any interesting personal tidbits.

  • Brian H.
    2019-05-28 18:31

    Not a bad collection of case files, with some i had heard of before and others that were new to me. Unfortunately most were very basic in nature and just described who was killed and in some cases, how. A quick read but a little lackluster overall.

  • Liza
    2019-06-10 16:37

    It is interesting.This book was very interesting. it is a short recap of various murders through out the years. It isn't very enlightening as to how the killers were caught but good overall.

  • Dixie
    2019-06-03 19:36

    This was another Free Kindle book I got long ago. Ran out of books I wanted to read so finally read this one. Interesting read, still so difficult to understand cold blooded killers. A matter of fact, this is what happened book.

  • Ellen
    2019-06-15 19:20

    An interesting collection of morbid truths. Enjoyable, but also somewhat unsettling. This book provides a peek into the darkness of human nature.There are some errors in the book, but it's majorly improved some of the author's other works.

  • Helen May
    2019-06-09 17:38

    I was a little disappointed with the lack of information presented. Very short synopsis of various cold Blooded Killers. I think the www has a lot more information than the book. It's more like a scrap book pulled from an article or two.

  • Tanya Allen
    2019-05-24 18:20

    what a waste of time. this is nothing more than a journalistic report of dozens of mass murders. if you're looking for research material this could be helpful, but there's nothing more to this book.

  • Ashleigh
    2019-06-05 19:28

    Short read. Not very well written, unfortunately.

  • Ashley Moore
    2019-05-29 17:39

    To the pointMostly a summary of facts, which is nice. Good read if you're into serial killers. Amazon requires too many words.

  • amanda miller
    2019-06-02 15:28

    great book!if you like to read about stuff that actually happened, this would definitely be a good book for you to read!