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Grace Surtees has everything carefully under control – her work life, her home life and her love life – especially her love life.But then her boss hires Tate Saunders, a brash American, to spice up the gallery tours his company provides. Messy and fond of breaking rules, Tate explodes into her tidy existence like a paintball, and Grace hates everything about him……doesn’t sGrace Surtees has everything carefully under control – her work life, her home life and her love life – especially her love life.But then her boss hires Tate Saunders, a brash American, to spice up the gallery tours his company provides. Messy and fond of breaking rules, Tate explodes into her tidy existence like a paintball, and Grace hates everything about him……doesn’t she?Because, for Grace, the alternative would be simply too terrifying to contemplate: to love Tate rather than hate him would mean leaping out of her comfort zone, and Grace’s devotion to order hides some long-kept secrets… secrets she’s sure someone like Tate Saunders could never accept or understand....

Title : Playing Grace
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ISBN : 9781780873732
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Playing Grace Reviews

  • Rea Cobb
    2019-04-25 05:33

    I absolutely loved Hazel Osmond’s two previous books, they have left a lasting impression on me and I often recommend both Who’s Afraid of Mr Wolfe and The First Time I saw Your Face to people who are looking for a fantastic read. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Playing Grace so as soon as it arrived on my door step I couldn’t wait to get started.Grace has everything in order, she likes her routines and feels settled when things are going smooth, but when her boss employs Tate who is polar opposite to Grace he comes in like a whirlwind and puts Grace on edge. With conflicting emotions her heart was falling for live wire Tate but her head was screaming at her to keep to her calm and stable ways something that doesn’t seem possible with Tate around.Grace was like a delicate wall flower and I think me and her have more in come than I would like to admit there were a couple of times during the book where her barriers began to crumble and one particular time involving the office chair did show a more fun loving side to her. Tate was an entertaining and slightly mysterious character who I loved. The supporting characters in this book were fantastic and a little quirky, and the shocking twist surrounding Alistair was unpredictable and was a great part of the book. My favourite part of the book though was when the story turned to Violet who was only a small character in this book but an intriguing character none the less and I was left wanting to know more about her story.The story is based around the art world which is not an interest of mine so when the book began I was unsure how I was going to find this book but I was determined to keep reading. I did enjoy this book but I wasn’t blown away with Playing Grace like I was with the previous two books. It was still an enjoyable read and I found myself easily flying through the pages so there was nothing bad about the book but it is just not one that has left any lasting impression on me.I would recommend reading this book as it is a light enjoyable read with some fantastic characters and some great twists and turns.

  • Zarina
    2019-05-04 04:30

    As a tour guide Grace has the opportunity to show visitors some of the finest London art institutions. Her love for the more conventional works is obvious from the way she animatedly talks about them and their creators to her charges. But when one day an obnoxious and irritating American butts into her tour and suggest that perhaps she's not quite as knowledgeable as she thinks she is it really gets under her skin.So when after this disastrous encounter her scatterbrain boss introduces her to the man and happily announces that Tate is joining their small company to lead edgier and more modern tours it feels like her worst nightmare come true. Tate is possibly even more of an arrogant nuisance after she is forced to work with him, grating on Grace's nerves every time they so much as exchange a few words. It seems there is absolutely nothing the two are able to agree on yet beneath all this tension sparks are flying back and forth. As secrets from the past are threatening to catch up with Grace, she has to decide whether Tate really is a foe or perhaps he could be a friend (or more).I am not sure how to judge this novel, as there was nothing wrong with it per se yet I didn't fell in love with it either. It was gentle, perhaps bordering on the slow side ever so slightly, but an enjoyable enough read. I suppose the main issue I had while reading is that I was unable to muster up any interest for the two main characters, nor was I able to connect to their individual stories. And because of that I felt largely uninterested in what would eventually happen to them.In her attempts to hide the past, and the unforgivable secrets hidden within them as alluded to time and time again within the novel, Grace comes across unsympathetic and unreasonable. Tate in turn often is the personification of the loud and annoying American that Grace sees him as. The two truly are like water and fire and it is difficult to understand what it is that Tate sees in Grace during that first meeting which makes him so determined to chase after her, despite Grace's obvious dislike for him and her reluctance to open up.The uninspiring story of Grace and Tate aside, I was instantly intrigued by some of the characters surrounding them. Grace's father and his eccentric obsession with police work was one of them, and Violet who is afraid of leaving her house yet is obsessed with visiting other countries through the means of scrapbooking is another. My favourite of them all was Alistair, Grace's boss who is hiding a big secret not only from his employees but also his wife. These supporting characters were all fascinating and had a unique story to tell and I really wanted to know more about them.While I didn't overly love the novel, as I felt disinterested in the main characters and the story isn't very memorable, reading it was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.Review originally posted on my blog:

  • Rhin
    2019-05-16 06:34

    **Review originally posted on my blog**The striking synopsis definitely adds to the mysterious characterization of Grace. From the moment I began reading, I would never have doubted her. Hazel Osmond’s portrayal of Grace comes out as someone who is reliable and trustworthy. Her organizational skills and control are also exceptional. Moreover, her enthusiasm towards the traditional arts is evident, but what catches my attention most is her attachment to an icon in the gallery. Everything falls right where Grace wants things to be, but here comes Tate to practically ruin everything for her. Who knew that the Grace we’ve come to know is just a façade – concealing the real person she is deep inside.With the help of Tate’s persistence, sneakiness, openness, and stubbornness, Grace slowly reveals her true self unexpectedly. The growing chemistry is something not to be ignored that easily as readers could immediately see this beyond the prevalent arguments going on between the two characters. I’m actually impressed with their characterizations and the process of how Hazel Osmond shows their real personalities in relation to the development of the storyline. The revelations toward the end are quite a surprise and catch me off guard. The questions that emerge during the span of my reading are gladly answered.But it’s not just about Grace and Tate’s stories that had me entertained. Hazel Osmond manages to capture the essence of the other characters as well. These complicated characters significantly contribute to the complex story. They are imperfect and flawed, which makes the book more realistic to read. The characters I encountered in this book are not those that I often see in other books. Plus, utilizing the switching points of views of characters helps in getting to know them better, instead of being misunderstood. What’s more surprising is the wrong impression I thought was true throughout the story.Playing Grace offers a more different narration from Hazel Osmond’s previous books. It explores the world of art ranging from traditional to modern. I may not be an avid fan of art, but as a frustrated painter, I find myself still at awe with Hazel Osmond’s expertise in that aspect. Her detailed descriptions about the arts affirm Grace’s passion towards them. Readers will be able to witness how some paintings eventually connect to Grace’s life. Overall, I enjoyed reading this book, but not as much as I expected to. Somehow, it lacks the connection I would have wanted with the characters. Story wise, Playing Grace is a unique, complicated story. Just like a painting, there’s more to it than what is being shown.

  • Megan Readinginthesunshine
    2019-04-28 10:33

    Grace is a woman who likes to have everything under control – she likes her little home life and having everything in its place. She works in an art gallery providing tours to customers, a job she is ever so passionate about, and in her spare time at work, organises her boss and all of his paperwork or daily problems. Everything is great – that is, until her boss Alistair hires Tate, a lively American man to shake things up a bit and provide a more modern and upbeat side to the tours. But Tate is messy, humorous and full of mischief – leaving Grace less than pleased about his arrival. Grace tells herself that she hates everything about him…but does she?I absolutely LOVED this book! I started it at the weekend and I could not put it down – I was completely gripped from the first page and I spent many wonderful hours engrossed in this novel.I particularly liked the setting of the novel, and especially where Grace worked. I studied Art at school and so I was very interested in Grace’s work and the tours that she does. I loved her passion for art and the items that she was surrounded by, I loved the way that she talked about everything with so much enthusiasm and it was infectious, I too became excited by what she was talking about and I felt as though I was on the tours with her.Tate was like a gust of air, he came into Grace’s life like a whirlwind and shook it up, but he had a playful way about him. I really enjoyed the jokes and the chatter between Tate and Grace, even though Grace was determined to hate him at first, I was certain that they went well together. They had me laughing, smiling and eagerly reading on to find out what would happen next to them!This was a book where I genuinely enjoyed spending time with every single character – the secondary characters were FANTASTIC. I liked how they all had their own separate side-stories and I enjoyed these just as much as the main story-line! Notable favourites are Gilbert who Grace works with, I really liked him and I looked forward to the parts where he featured. I was also very interested about his sister Violet, and I always wanted to read on to learn more about her story. Alistair was brilliant, I really warmed to him from the first page and I was thrilled that Hazel had written a character like him! He also intrigued me – Alistair appears at the beginning of the story to be hiding a secret, and I was very keen to find out what that secret was.Playing Grace is a gripping but truly wonderful novel that I was so pleased to have the pleasure of reading. I would thoroughly recommend it, and I am very much looking forward to Hazel’s future releases!

  • Keely
    2019-05-13 03:51

    The first half of the book was very slow but the pace picked up in the second half to become an enjoyable read.

  • Leah
    2019-05-03 03:32

    When Hazel Osmond asked me if I’d like to review her new novel Playing Grace, it was a definite for me. I had previously spotted the novel on Amazon, and I loved the sound of it, and I really, really liked the sepia-toned cover with the pinky purple font. As soon as it arrived, I whacked it straight to the top of my TBR pile and with a beautiful day off ahead of me, I knew Hazel’s novel was just the ticket to fill my day, and it was a brilliant read.Playing Grace is set in the art-world, something that isn’t really my forte, something that doesn’t necessarily interest me, although I do know of Van Gogh, and Monet (I actually LOVE Monet’s water-lily paintings and vividly remember copying one of his paintings in year 5 or year 6, though mine was probably awful). Thankfully, despite art not being anything that usually interests me, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Grace’s job, and learning more about the art world in general. I’m also a massive fan of novels where someone’s ordinary, organised world is thrown into chaos by the arrival of someone else; in this case, Grace’s neat life being thrown into absolute chaos by the arrival of Tate, to cater to a new audience of art lovers, who prefer the more modern stuff, at the tour place where Grace works. Grace has good reasons to be straight and ordered, she has secrets she’s never told anyone before, but could Tate be the person she finally confesses all to?I thoroughly enjoyed Playing Grace, she’s the author of two previous novels before Playing Grace, both of which are in fact on my shelf, but I haven’t yet had chance to read them, something I will rectify soon, for definite. I really enjoyed the banter between Grace and Tate, the way Tate wanted to bring Grace out of herself, as he seemed to see a Grace no one else could see, something Grace has kept hidden for so long. I was so eager to see that Grace come out, because the buttoned-up Grace was, perhaps, a bit of a snob, at times. I wished she had been more willing to give Tate a chance. I really liked Grace’s co-worker Gilbert, and her boss Alistair. I very much liked learning more about Gilbert’s sister, Violet, she has some massive issues, and I really liked how Gilbert was willing to look after her, and how Grace was happy to see her, and go and chat to her. Grace’s family, mind you, are nuts. Her mother and sisters are all quite airy-fairy, hippy-like, and I’m glad that they weren’t featured as much as they could have been because that’s definitely something I can’t get on board with.I really liked Playing Grace, I enjoyed how Tate’s playfulness drew Grace nuts, and how he was determined to break down her walls and see the real Grace. I enjoyed getting to know all of the other characters, even the clumsy, mysterious Alistair, who is hiding his own secrets, secrets that I eventually guessed! Hazel Osmond is a brilliant writer and really managed to bring the art-world to life, and I really enjoyed learning more about something that hasn’t always been top of my interests. I’d definitely recommend reading Playing Grace, I’m so looking forward to reading Hazel’s other novels, as I think she’s a really great storyteller. I can’t wait for her next book, and I really loved Tate, he really made the book sparkle!

  • Redfox5
    2019-05-18 11:22

    *Won this book from Goodreads First reads*I don't think that I've ever done such a u-turn on my feelings for a character in my whole life. I HATED Tate. HATED! I just wanted him to leave Grace alone. I was feeling how Grace was, he was bugging me just as much. When the plot started to twist and lead us down a false path, thinking that Tate was an art thief, I was like YES! Good! I don't like him and I want him to be the bad guy. I was also feeling clever because I thought I'd guessed the twist........But he wasn't the bad guy and this is where we see the real Tate, who's actually really nice. And because this we start to see the real Grace, the sightly wild one. And you know they are going to fall in love and you know it's predictable but you don't mind because by the end you just want Grace and Tate to be happy. I'd never heard of this author before but I'm glad I won this book becuase I'll be keeping an eye out for her now. This book was right up my street. A decent chick lit and no it wasn't anything new but it's like a pair of comfortable shoes that you'll wear again and again. It had some brilliant side characters. I loved Grace's dad and his love of crime solving. Gilbert was a sweetheart. My only bad point to this book was Grace's secret past, like most books who try and sell you on a 'hidden past' this one turned out to be a slight disappointment. I was expecting something a tad more dramatic.

  • Sophiebanks
    2019-04-24 10:44

    I really do not know what to think to this book... Did I like it? Did I dislike it? Did I care about the characters? Hmm. I will start off by saying that I read Hazel Osmond's first book Who's Afraid of Mr Wolfe and I would say it's among my favourites. I then read The First Time I Saw Your Face and I also enjoyed that. So I did have really high hopes for this book! However, I'm sad to say that I feel a bit deflated.Although I think the storyline was good and it was an easy read I did feel like I lost the thread of what was going on at some points- there was some secret being held back from Grace and I think as readers we need to be given a bit more insight as to what affected her so badly to make her act the way she does towards Tate. And because we don't get that I was left thinking (and not in a good way) 'why is she doing that? Why does she feel like that about him? Why is she so straightlaced and unwilling to let go of her inhibitions?'I read this book on my kindle and can say quite definitely that I didn't feel very interested in the storyline or characters until about 75% of the way through.It pains me to leave this review as, like I've said, I did thoroughly enjoy Osmond's previous books. Sorry!

  • Smelleykins
    2019-04-28 03:37

    This book drove me crazy. I liked it, then I didn’t like it. It made sense, it didn’t. It was just wonderful. Admitidly at the start, I was bored, I didn’t like some of the characters, Tate especially and the whole story idea just didn’t blow me away. But i won’t leave a book unfinished.So i ploughed on and wow, i figured i loved it. The start is slow, but once you get past that, then the middle and end are just great. It’s where everything finally starts to make sense and comes together.There were many moments that made me laugh throughtout and some that just had me so shocked as it really wasn’t what i was expecting. There are many twists in the story which help towards the reading really taking a dislike to Tate. But for me it gradually changed and he was the best character in the book, many layers and hidden depts. And because of all this, we start to see Grace, the real Grace and she’s just as awesome as Tate.The blurb does state that Grace has a secret she’s trying to hard to keep in her past, and whilst yes its nothing majorly to be proud of its, not as dramatic as you may interpret.However a wonderful book, I’ve never read anything by Hazel Osmond before and my sister picked this up for me.

  • Dessyslava Timcheva
    2019-05-16 09:35

    At first I thought i wouldnt write anything about this book because a bad review isnt worth writing but then I read the last phrase where the lady gets rid of her shoes and I told my self ''that is a load of ****''.I dont mind that type of chick lit,in my life i had read a lot of serious litrature and a lot of chick lits as well but this was just ridiculous.So many pages and very few worth being published.And yet I am giving it two stars because i cannot stand the thought of having read a book that doenst have at least two stars.Anyway...i found,though very few things in the story that were worth being read.

  • Nina Draganova
    2019-04-25 05:49

    Нямам представа защо и откъде ми попадат все по-шантави книги.И тази не прави изключение.Много трудно следвах нишката на историята,а тя е доста дълга, и през цялото време се питах : "Какъв Love bestseller е това?".Случките се случват почти накрая, в последните страници,ако някой има сили да я прочете докрай.Може би ,защото на места имаше прояви на свежо чувство за хумор,затова и я дочетох.

  • M1ku
    2019-04-25 11:51

    This book was a total surprise, I didn't expect to find a reference to my city on it. I was born and I live in San Sebastián and when I first read my town's name on the book I had to read it twice and I did underline it. The story is catchy and the reading is vey smooth. Might not be my favorite Hazel's book but it's definetly the one I have more affection for.

  • Lorraine
    2019-05-15 10:49

    Received this book as a goodreads giveaway. Really enjoyed the book, there were some very interesting characters. When I first started reading I thought Grace was older than she was as she was very staid but then found out she had a bit of a wild background. Tate came into her life and turned it upside down. Will definately read Hazel Osmond's other books.

  • June Kearns
    2019-05-20 04:51

    Playing Grace was a really great read from a new author for me.Hazel Osmond doesn't hide her intelligence, but writes with wit and great charm.Her large cast of quirky secondary characters were so well-developed, that any one of them could have taken centre stage, at any time.Very different, very enjoyable. Am going back to read her others.

  • Elephas
    2019-05-06 03:47

    I learn much about arts from this book. The characters are full of themselves and each characters are skilfully brought to live by having some sort of a disorder or issue to them...Well,I took my time on this book. Once I got passed 40% of the pages, I finished the book in two days.

  • Denitsa
    2019-05-03 04:41

    Приятна книжка с малко крайни характери. Може би най-интересното в нея е, че разисква въпроса за хората с психични проблеми и тяхната зависимост от близките им. Само не разбрах как бащата се озова вв гардероба?

  • Pat Elliott
    2019-05-01 09:44

    This is the first of Hazel's that I've read - and I really enjoyed it. The main characters were so well described they could have been real. I was interested in Grace and her story, so much so that I read some of the book each day. It definitely kept me coming back for more.

  • Nathalie
    2019-04-24 05:32

    I really liked this book, I was so intrigued with what grace's back story was that I had to keep reading. I am still thinking of the characters now! I like Hazel Osmond as an author, and look forward to her next book.

  • Rachel Lyndhurst
    2019-05-03 10:46

    I loved the intriguing characters in this book and the moments of eye-popping dark humour that appear throughout. The plot has some lovely twists,turns and surprises and it's got to be one of the best books I've read in 2014. And I bought it in Tescos! Bloody brilliant all round.

  • Marina
    2019-05-05 11:50

    4,5 stars

  • Agi
    2019-05-14 03:48

    Review to come of course but first off for holidays:)

  • Pauline
    2019-05-02 03:43

    It was a little boring at first (more like half of the book). Grace has a lot of issues with herself and her past that she couldn't just let go and let Tate in.

  • Mirela
    2019-05-11 08:47 тук може да видите тази и други предложения за летни четива. :D

  • Amber Olson
    2019-04-23 07:34

    Sweet book, a fun and easy little read. It picked up steam along the way, but got off to a bit of a slow start. Ended up really loving it though.

  • Hajira
    2019-04-27 09:27

    Ok book a bit draging would give it 2,5 stars liked wolfe a lot better