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The sun is shining in the Hundred Isles, and yet the path forward seems crowded with shadows. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have traveled across the world, seeking a set of powerful talismans in order to keep them from enemy hands. Throughout their journey the young heroes have been hounded by pursuers, who always seem to know just where to find them. Now they know why.The sun is shining in the Hundred Isles, and yet the path forward seems crowded with shadows. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have traveled across the world, seeking a set of powerful talismans in order to keep them from enemy hands. Throughout their journey the young heroes have been hounded by pursuers, who always seem to know just where to find them. Now they know why.One of them is a traitor. As they steer the crystal blue waters of this tropical paradise, the team can't help but suspect each other. There's a spy in their midst, and before this mission is over, a deadly trap will close around them....

Title : Against the Tide
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Against the Tide Reviews

  • David
    2019-02-18 20:52

    Story:In this adventure we find Conor, Abeke, Rollan, and Meilin with the Greencloaks heading towards Oceanus, which consists of the Hundred Isles. There they plan to find the Great Beast that actually wants to meet them, Mulop the Octopus. However the journey is not going to be easy as the Conquerors have already seized control of the Hundred Isles and the mysterious mole that is giving them secrets. Will they be able to find Mulop and claim his talisman, or will the Conquerors get one step closer in freeing Kovo the Ape? As the stakes continue to rise no one will be able to leave without great sacrifice.The stories, being geared for a younger audience, might appear fast paced for older audiences. However I still found myself highly entertained by the way so much can be conveyed without overdoing the details. I found myself seeing the Hundred Isles as based off locations like Polynesia and the Philippines. As we get closer to the series end we see that the story is getting a slightly darker tone, both for the characters and the locations. This may seem kind of ironic or counterintuitive as the Hundred Isles are essentially a tropical paradise that you'd would want to vacation at. These changes are definitely going to be useful for having the characters develop and grow as they continue to strive to save Erdas. All I'll say is that the ending left me shocked and scarred as the characters. There is no way I'm missing books six and seven.Caution:A boy burns to death after standing on a magic rock for too long. Sharks attack whales and blood is mentioned. There are battles between people and animals, and it might be intense for some. A boy mentions forcing an animal to do his will and we see the animal with a broken leg. A girl has a dream where she sees a ruined garden and her dead father, which might scare younger readers. A snake takes control of people.Lessons:The choices we make today can have an effect on future generations, for good or evil. It is wrong to force our wills and desires upon others. People with Christian backgrounds might want to use Gerathon and Kovo as examples of how the Devil can manipulate people. When we use harmful substances we only hurt ourselves and those around us.

  • Jessica
    2019-02-19 14:57

    What a whirlwind of adventure! Conor, Rollan, Abeke and Meilin set off for The Hundred Islands to find Molup to get the Coral Octopus talisman. This one is a little different became the four have been invited to come. In order to find Molup, the teams split up and one team goes to the Sunshine Island to find the black conch and the other team goes to the Nightshade Island to find the white conch. Once they have the two conch shells they make their way to Molup and retrieve the talisman. Unfortunately the Conquerors are right there to take it from them (they don't succeed) but we find out that Meilin was secretly given Bile at her ceremony instead of the Nectar so she is the mole!

  • Barbara
    2019-01-26 21:02

    The youngsters who are the last, best hope of Erdas--Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan--may be down, but they're not out. In this installment of the series, they sail to Oceanus in search of yet another talisman, this one from the Great Octopus. Although they receive help from several locals, including the young ruler, they still face many challenges. There are hints about the identity of the traitor among their midst, which is revealed near the book's conclusion. Despite their success in meeting their challenges, things look quite grim as the book ends. The Conquerors seem to have all the advantages. Filled with action from start to finish, the book features a daring fight with sharks who are attacking the whales who are transporting their vessel. I can't wait to see what comes next as the heroes' ranks are thinned out.

  • Samantha S.
    2019-02-14 23:05

    So according to Amazon, it is called AGAINST THE TIDE.Amazon description:The sun is shining in the Hundred Isles, and yet the path forward seems crowded with shadows. Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan have traveled across the world, seeking a set of powerful talismans in order to keep them from enemy hands. Throughout their journey the young heroes have been hounded by pursuers, who always seem to know just where to find them. Now they know why.One of them is a traitor. As they steer the crystal blue waters of this tropical paradise, the team can't help but suspect each other. There's a spy in their midst, and before this mission is over, a deadly trap will close around them.SO Excited

  • Denae Christine
    2019-02-08 21:04

    The plot is finally getting somewhere. The readers not only learn what the bile really is, but who the mole is and the Conquerors' ultimate plan. There is a quirky octopus (my favorite great animal thus far), and an ending that changes everything.I was extra annoyed with Meilin for being rude, but whatevs. She just lost her dad and wanted someone to blame.I still dislike the tones of romance, but at least those were toned down. These kids are 11! (That says eleven, not eleven factorial.)Rollan is sarcastic, but other than that these books have little humor. Too bad. I guess that just doesn't fit the tone of the series.Oh, and I dislike monkeys.

  • Bob
    2019-02-24 22:59

    This was a thrilling ride for the 5th talisman, the coral octopus. This story takes place in many difference places. There are two islands that contain items to gather this coral octopus. One was the scene of the " great battle" for Erdas turning to tragedy, what is on this island is devastating. I guess you'll have to read the book for the rest ;).

  • Katheryn
    2019-02-18 21:21

    OMG!!!!!! I can't wait for the next one!

  • Roy
    2019-02-07 20:07

    What a heart-wrenching book! Yet it is so very well written. I'm thinking I need to read more from this author. I am certainly reading more of this series!!

  • AWD
    2019-02-17 22:16

    I thought Mulop was a shark at first. When did the cover happen.

  • Lucas
    2019-02-19 23:12

    I think it was a really good book! I love it because the characters have to do all this stuff before they even get to mulup. like they have to find this guy who is the only person who knows where the konks that call the kingray are, get the konks,call the kingray, and after all of that they finally find mulup. they get his talismin. Conor has to yous the corol octopus to swim under water and wait for Meilen, Rolland,and Abeke to come and get him. then they come and have to battle the conqerers. but the kingray leaves! Conor gets pulled under the water by mulup. they're discover that Meilen is the mole and at her nectar ceremony someone snuck the bile into the nectar of ninnani she drunk and jerethon was now able to take control of her body at will. Rollan took all the talismin and enlarged Esix with the slayed ellephant and rode back to the ship to tell Terik the bad news and Conor appeared from underwater with the coroll octopus. I think that's such an amazing story!

  • Nicholai Vidanes
    2019-01-30 19:58

    This book deserves to get a five star rating because it is an exciting tale. The words in the book are powerful. This book is relatable because I am trying to have more friends and try new things. It is also very entertaining because in this adventure we find Conor, Abeke, Rollan, and Meilin with the Greencloaks heading towards Oceanus in search of Mulop the octopus,and claim his talisman before the conquerors. If this book continue to series, I would definitely read it because it would show Meilin’s adventures with jhi. It could also show Abeke’s relationship with Shane. I like how the book is explaining everything in detail. I would recommend this book because this is totally awesome and made you look forward for more.

  • Adam Bouzianis
    2019-02-23 18:15

    The Spirit Animals Series, by Brandon Mull, is a book about four kids who bonded with rare and powerful animals on their thirteenth birthday. The twist is that these animals are the animals that died trying to protect the earth hundreds of years ago….now they are back. On this Earth every person bonds with an animal that connects with their spirit, but there are ten Great Beasts who watch over all of the humans and their spirit animals. The four kids (Connor, Meilin, Abeke, and Rollan) bond with the four fallen great beasts. They end up meeting together and fighting off the Conquerors throughout the seven book series in order to save the world, and stop the leader of the Conquerors from taking over the world with his Bile (a poison used to kill people and their Spirit Animals). The kids travel the globe searching for the Great Beasts attempting to retrieve their pendants so that the Conqueror cannot make a doomsday device that would enhance the Bile and kill every spirit bond on Earth. Throughout the series the kids bound immensely with their spirit animals and use these powerful bonds to their advantage. This is a series about adventure, friendship, and sadness. Throughout the book the characters struggle with being destined for greatness because of their pasts. Rollan is an orphan, Abeke's family are poor farmers, Connor's family are Shepards, but he is a slave because of debt, and Meilin's dad is head General, always at war fighting for his country. All of the kids struggle with who they are and how they will be able to amount to such greatness until their mentor says. I would rate this series a 10/10 because of the nonstop action throughout each installment. I would recommend this book to anyone from grades 7 and up because it is filled with action to mature scenes for anyone under grade seven and its emotion is also to advance for younger minds to comprehend. I loved this book and I wish that the series never ended.

  • Kino Kino
    2019-02-22 21:20

    Series really starts to pick up, and sadly at the same time - drag on on its fifth installment. The series as a whole remains a totally harmless read. Good story, good characters, kinda like a reliable fast food chain. It's good, can even be great depending on your mood and quite consistent with the delivery. But, it is still a formulaic book. Still, as I've said. It is harmless, worth the time if you aren't reading anything else and easily better than a lot of other fantasy books.

  • Danielle R.
    2019-02-14 21:14

    This book has 192 pages in it. For me it is quite a small book however a really good one. There are 4 main characters in this book.I could connect to Abeke and Melein in the same way because they both go through troubles like Melein losing one of her closest relatives and Abeke feeling betrayed by people. However I can also connect to Rolin because he went from everything like a mother to nothing like how I was happy then my family went into hard times. Conor I can relate to because he worries so much about his family and how they are doing back at home. I gave this 4 stars because it has so much fighting to the point where you cant get out of it and the fighting is so detailed that it showed how every person felt about another. It reminded me about how everyone has troubles and sometimes people have to rise up to help when the problem gets to bad to handles. This ending is quite unexpected because of who the mole that has been helping the enemy and it is quite sad for 2 of them are lost to another.

  • Ace Balwayan
    2019-02-23 17:14

    Ok. OK. In the last book, Rollan's mother mentioned that there is a mole in their group that's why the Conquerers knew where they are or where they're going. Honestly, I thought it was Tarik. I was pretty damn sure about it. But then... oh god. That twist! I never suspected it would be Meilin. Sure she's a b*tch but hey.. she summoned Jhi and a pledged Greencloak. I know, I know. Tarik is a Greencloak too but you know.. he's the most suspicious of them all. Plus, as a senior Greencloak, he could have a lot of hidden agenda like maybe he wanted to be their leader that's why he's working with the Devourer. But NO. Meilin had to be the mole because she unknowingly drank the Bile. I hate you.The crazy Octopus should've told them. Like you know... at least tied Meilin before Gerathon took over her body or whatevs.

  • Ionia
    2019-01-27 19:05

    I thought this book stuck with the formula of the previous books (those poor kids.) The author had some tricks reserved for the end, which was rather unexpected and moved in a direction that I did not anticipate, but I still didn't see much change in this book. Nothing showstopping, leastways. Older kids will likely enjoy this book as much as the others, and I think if you have a child with an adventurous mind they will get a kick out of this. As for the adults, you will likely find your rational mind yelling at you if you read from cover to cover. Who could have this much bad luck?Overall, it was a fun way to pass the time and it would be a good gift for an imaginative child. This review is based on a complimentary copy from the publisher and provided through Netgalley. All opinions are my own.

  • Miles Pretel
    2019-01-29 20:01

    In Against the Tide, the 6th book in the New York Times bestselling series, Spirit Animals, by Tui T. Sutherland. Melin, Connor, Abeke, Rollan, and Tarik find themselves at Oceanus, at the hundred isles. They are looking for Mulop the octopus, and his talisman. But the conquerors have already set up base on a very important island, and are fighting with the natives. The only way they could have known the green cloaks were going there is with a mole... In my opinion, this is the best book in the Spirit Animals series, because there is a HUGE surprise at the end. Also one of my favorite books overall because it is exiting and unpredictable. For anyone who likes a fast paced book, I recommend this book. Although you should probably start with the first book, Wild Born.

  • Aidan
    2019-02-03 22:55

    I recommend this book to kids and maybe some adults. I recommend it to them because this book shares about friendship and cooperation. Some parts about the book that I love is when the whole group were cooperating to find the wise Mulop. It took a while but they used to teamwork to finally track him and find him. Another reason why I like it because when Connor was being attacked by a possessed seagull, Abeke used friendship and aimed her bow and arrow at the bird not to hit it, but to scare it off so it would stop attacking Connor. This book has so many examples of friendship, cooperation, and love etc. I recommend this book to everyone because you will learn lessons and you will feel good about it.

  • Matthew
    2019-02-12 17:17

    Spirit Animals: Against the Tide by Tui T. Sutherland is a book of mystery, action, and twists. I recommend this book to people who like the R.L Stine books that have twists and turns, to people who like mysteries, thrillers, and action- packed books. This book in the series, unlike the other books, is in the water instead of ground. It can contain some sad parts, funny parts, and some confusing parts. It has to do with what I've been saying, it's about kids who can summon animals that share their personalities, but, in this book there's a twist added for one of them...

  • Lena
    2019-01-25 14:59

    Literally, I will give five stars to anything Tui T. Sutherland because she wholly and completely deserves it and she is my queen.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-01-25 17:13

    Ah! I'm scared to read this book!Rumor had it that the Traitor is my favorite character, TARIK!!!But they haven't read the book...

  • Claire
    2019-02-08 16:15

    3.5Did not see that twist coming.

  • Carter Collins
    2019-02-03 23:01

    If you want to read a fantasy book I would recommend Spirit Animals by Tui T. Sutherland. In the book series spirit animals the 4 main characters Conor, Abeke, Meilin, and Rollan travel across the land trying to protect the kingdom they live in, from the conquerors. In spirit animals book 5 they fight the conquerors to protect the kingdom. The conquerors use the bile which creates a natural bond between man and animal.Personally I thought that the book was filled very good detailed and easy to understand. I also thought that spirit animal fit well in the fantasy genre. There are talking beasts in the book and some of the characters including the main characters have what I would call a super power, they can summon their spirit animal when they want and also make it disappear. I also found in the research I did the most fantasy novels and movies have or unnatural creatures. For example in the book series Harry Potter by JK rowling there are griffins and unicorns, which would make these fantasy novels. I loved the book Spirit Animals, and coming from someone who did not like to read before it would have to be pretty good book. The novel was very well thought through had lots of detail and just fun to read. I would recommend this book for people who love animals and like adventures. So if you want to read a great fantasy book I would recommend Spirit Animals by Tui T. Sutherland.

  • Lyd
    2019-02-09 18:06

    Ahhh—another beautiful book. I am surprised to be thinking this but I suppose I am even more hyper after reading this then the last one! The ending was horrible and amazing at the same time. I love how it all connects together. The fact that Meilin ended up being somebody who drank the Bile was very surprising. How I love a well-planned, deep-rooted, surprise. I can’t wait to read the next one... and the next... and probably feel empty in the end. Emptiness is something an Author should be proud of creating in a readers heart. For me it symbolizes how strongly connected I felt to it. That’s always something I (as a Wanna-be author) have always wanted to achieve.

  • Catherine ~Whatever you are, be a good one~
    2019-02-07 20:19

    Major Spoilers Let me start by saying Tui T. Sutherland is one of my favorite authors! She also wrote Wings of Fire, which I would highly recommend.Meilin having gotten the Bile instead of the Nectar is a brilliant twist! Unexpected, and it definitely makes me want to reread the series up to this point and second-guess everything I thought. Not that I'll mind rereading it.A fantastic series written by a different author for each book, I recommend it for 10+, with a fairly easy reading level but with violent scenes. It probably gets too simple as you climb up in years, but children and teenagers should enjoy it.

  • Jackson G
    2019-02-01 18:03

    I thought that this book was great. Their were some parts that I didn't like, probably my favorite one of the series so far. I thought that the author did a great job writing and describing the story. I like how they have the perspective of each character. I really hated finding out that the mole was Meilin. I also hated finding out that someone tricked Meilin. I was happy that the react of the group got away safely and with the Coral Octopus.

  • Gracie
    2019-02-01 18:59

    It was great! Not only was it by one of my favorite authors (Tui T. Sutherland, who wrote the Wings of Fire series), but it was also an amazing story, although it had a very sad part for me. Meilin is one of my favorite characters and, find out she's the mole is very sad. Nonetheless, I loved it and loved how it was written. Great work Tui! Keep it up!!

  • Sparrow Alden
    2019-02-19 23:15

    Darker, definitely people being monsters.And the puzzle is unfolding!And there's heartbreak!For the darkness of it, I'm giving a 5th or 6th grade rating. About the same as HP1 with the unicorn blood.Certainly going to immediately download the next one!Excellent adult behavior - great tween character development,definite tears.

  • Mel
    2019-02-22 21:19

    I loved reading this series with my seven year old. Great fantasy fiction. Reminiscent of Pullman’s Dark Materials Trilogy but differing enough to be enjoyable. Fascinating that the publisher went with a different author for each of the seven books! You can’t really tell.

  • Nathan
    2019-01-25 15:55

    The first 3 books ended within the great beasts fighting alongside the fallen and then giving them their talismans, but this book was different as mulop the octopus didn't really help. Maybe he could have used some of those tentacles to pull down a couple of ships or something