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***Note from the author: Due to the mature content and subject of abuse, this book is not intended for younger audiences***Jesse Dawson is a typical seventeen year old girl. She goes to school, gets good grades, and like any other kid, just wants to fit in, blend in and survive high school.She doesn’t talk about all the crap she has to deal with. Her mom in the hospital an***Note from the author: Due to the mature content and subject of abuse, this book is not intended for younger audiences***Jesse Dawson is a typical seventeen year old girl. She goes to school, gets good grades, and like any other kid, just wants to fit in, blend in and survive high school.She doesn’t talk about all the crap she has to deal with. Her mom in the hospital and a step-dad from hell.Rave Black sweeps into her life in the middle of the school year. He’s a dark loner. The quiet kid, and fascinates Jesse. She should stay away from him, but a budding friendship slips into a bond neither of them can deny.Rumors spread even as they share their secrets with each other.Can Rave help Jesse learn to open up and trust, or will his personal demons consume them both?...

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In the Heart of Yesterday Reviews

  • Anna-marie Buchner
    2019-02-13 17:29

    “I really love kissing you”In the Heart of Yesterday Jo-Anna WalkerO.M.G where do I start and not give anything away. Jo-Anna Walker is a brand new author and this is her second series. I was given an ARC for an unbiased, honest review. I have to tell you I totally loved this story. There is something about Jo-Anna’s writing style that simply captivates me. So hopefully I can do this story justice without giving a single thing away.The story takes place in a High School setting (don’t discount this book because I said High School). One of the main characters is Jesse Dawson who is walking around with a lot of guilt over what happened to her mother. (That’s all I’m saying here). Then we have the Three M’s (their nickname) Miranda, Melissa and Melanie who are the snotty HS bully’s if you will, Jake who is dubbed the Geek and happens to be Jesse’s best friend (please note I said best friend and that’s it), Allen Clow the sadistic, abusive asswipe of a stepfather to Jesse, and last but not least Rave Black, the new kid to the school who seems to have a mysterious past and has the rumor mills flying.This instant Rave lays eyes on Jesse there is an instant attraction, Jesse feels it too. Most of Jesse’s teen years have been spent trying to blend into the wood work and just go unnoticed. But she feels the pull towards Rave. The three M’s don’t miss this and bully and try to embarrass Jesse. Rave seems to go out of his way to run into or find Jesse and it’s just so beautiful and heartwarming how he comes onto to her. Still not sure of herself and a little afraid since she’s never had anyone not feel sorry for her and like her for just her Jesse starts to let her guard down. You’ll see the torment Jesse goes through mentally and the abuse she endures physically from her stepfather. You see some of the first’s Jesse and Rave share together. I imagine as she pumps out the rest of the series we’ll see a lot more firsts. My favorite line was from Rave when he said, “you calm me”. I melted when he told her “I really love kissing you”. I could go on and on but I won’t you really need to pick up this book and read for yourself.I give Jo-Anna Walker’s In the Heart of Yesterday 5* and this is one new Author I’ll be following for sure.

  • Anna-marie Buchner
    2019-02-07 18:29

    "I lowered to my knees and turned her"In the Heart of Forever Jo-Anna WalkerIn the Heart of Forever is a compilation of 4 parts or novelettes so to speak. I’ve been following this new Author ever since she released her first book “Break Me” in the Shattered Series. I follow her on FB and saw she was releasing a new series “A Heart Story.” I hadn’t realized it was being released as Part 1, Part 2 etc. So of course I grab up the first part “In the Heart of Yesterday.” I was pulled in hook, line and sinker. The way she ended these parts was like a season finale of a TV show. Literally you were left dangling at one point I was making up my own endings in my head just so I could sleep at night. Really!!Since I’ve already done reviews on all four parts it seems redundant to do it all again, so I will try to wrap up the four parts in a nut shell, which for me will be a challenge. I have a tendency to write longish (is that even a word LOL) reviews. So here goes.A Heart Story is about two kids (teenagers) who have had pretty tough lives and managed to barely survive. The story takes place in a high school setting (but don’t get put off by this just because I said high school). One of the main characters is Jesse Dawson who just tries to blend into the wood work and keep out of site. The other main character is Rave Black who is the new kid on the block, and who seems to have a mysterious past and has the rumor mills starting. Both these characters have deep emotional scars and guilt they won’t let go of. Jesse over what happened to her mother and Rave over what happened with his sister. When Rave first lays eyes on Jesse there is an instant attraction, he just knows he wants her in his life. Jesse also feels the pull towards Rave. Rave seems to go out of his way to run into or find Jesse and it’s just so beautiful and heartwarming how he comes onto to her. Still not sure of herself and a little afraid since she’s never had anyone not feel sorry for her and like her for just her Jesse starts to let her guard down. As the story progresses Rave falls more in love with Jesse but the two of them have some major obstacles thrown at them. Rave’s love and devotion helps Jesse piece back together her shattered soul but Jesse at the same time helps Rave piece his life back together. These four parts were an emotional roller coaster. I cried, I laughed, I held my breath, I gasped, I air fist pumped, trust me you are taken through the entire gamut of emotions. I bought my copy of the full novel In the Heart of Forever just so I could read straight through again with no cliff hangers. BUT I also bought it for the little surprise bonus chapter. Jo-Anna you made my day totally totally made my day. I loved the bonus and I loved how their story ended. I’m so going to read again start to finish. This is so definitely a 5* read and I love this New Authors writing and I guarantee you will too.

  • Anna-marie Buchner
    2019-01-29 16:18

    “I Love You Baby”In the Heart of Now Jo-Anna WalkerThis is book #2 of the A Heart Story and Rave Black’s and Jesse’s story continued. I’m still pretty emotional after reading this book. Without getting into too much detail Rave and Jesse seem to be getting closer. They both have inner demons and guilt they are dealing with so this puts a damper on each being able to let go. My breath caught when Rave opened up to Jesse and let a small part of his turmoil come out. I get the feeling there is a lot more with him going on that he’ll need to get past. Jesse has yet to really confide in Rave so her inner battles are still raging and this comes through after a very tender moment between the two of them.Rave has this strong urge to protect Jesse and it’s apparent after the altercation he has with her step father. Rave made some comments about how he was feeling and what he wanted to do afterwards that makes you wonder what happened when he was growing up. One of the Three M’s (Melanie) approached Rave while he was with Jesse and invited him to a party she was throwing. The invite did not extend to Jesse. After some discussion Melanie really wanted Rave and caved in and invited her. Jesse had a bad feeling about going to this party, but Rave mentioned she threatened to make their lives a living hell. Between the time of the invite and the actual party a lot happened between Rave and Jesse, a lot of emotions came out and he told Jesse he was falling in love with her. This took Jesse over the edge she didn’t feel deserving and felt he could do better. I’m not going to get into detail you need to read this.Rave took Jesse shopping for a dress for the party and they headed over to Melanie’s house. Jesse in her gut knew this was a bad idea. Things went straight downhill when Jesse was pulled out of Rave’s arms and whisked away leaving Melanie alone with Rave. Miranda and Melissa made sure they got Jesse drunk and all hell broke loose. Jake came to her rescue after she was hit in the head and fell to the floor. As they were leaving she wanted Rave and asked where he was. Jake said next to you and what she saw and what happened next will crush your soul. I give this read 5* with very heavy heart. I’m an emotional reader and the way this booked ended tore me up. I was so strung out but finally managed after ranting to calm down. It’s really a good read I just wished there was at least one or two more chapters. Guess I’m going to have to wait for Book #3 to release.

  • Anna-marie Buchner
    2019-02-04 19:09

    In the Heart of Tomorrow Part 3 of A Heart Story by Jo-Anna WalkerI think the Author felt sorry for me and I was privileged to receive an ARC of this read. And she will most definitely get an unbiased review from me.Just a side note I love the way Jo-Anna does the story in the characters POV but I’m not really sure if I should call it that. One thing the readers get to learn the insides of these two main characters and what drives them. This is most helpful when you are reading and trying to understand where certain emotions/holdbacks are coming from. With that said let the teasing begin.As I started reading (as soon as I received BTW) I had the feeling all would turn around for Rave and Jesse and maybe fences could be mended. It lightened my heart. Then as I continued on the evil devil reared its head and smacked me right in the face. I’m an emotional reader so this part of the story literally ripped out my heart and soul, and how the scene continued to play out left me an emotional wreck and numb. You will most definitely need a box of tissues. I am happy to say the way this closed with Ren and Rave’s sister Emilia left me feeling a lot better. Now maybe the healing can begin. I’m still trying to figure out if Ren approves of Jesse or if he’s being cautious for his little brother’s sake. I also would love to see Ren get his HEA with someone. I absolutely will not tell you anything about this story. The entire series so far is such an emotional and powerful read it would be ashame to spoil for those who have not read it yet. I desperately want (even though they are young) the HEA for Rave and Jesse. Jo-Anna if I could give this series 10 stars you know I would, but since I can’t you get 5 glorious Stars well deserved.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-02-01 14:12

    Argggh this was so good but too short!It's all about a high school girl who suffers abuse at the hands of her nasty stepfather and suffers bullying inside school too. She has a male bff who clearly wants to be more than that oh and a really hot but slightly dangerous new boy has just joined her school who singles her out and seems to feel her pain.As I understand it, this story is to be published in parts - not, I'm afraid my preferred story format as it can be expensive and I hate waiting for the next installment, but too late, I'm hooked. I'm straight back on Amazon after this hunting down the next part. That's the only reason this is a four instead of a five star read for me - it really was that good.My favourite part of any story is the process where the two protagonists start to fall for one another, with all of the chemistry zinging about between them. Will they, won't they...oh of course they will...but not usually before 50% I've noticed. Perhaps that's a rule? I'll have to look that up. Anyway, that's the part of the story that this first section deals with and it really does have everything I enjoy reading about. The smoldering glances, the darkening gaze, the hair being pushed back behind the ear...*sighs* The set up for the rest of the book is outstanding. I am dying to know more about the characters and their back stories, I'm intrigued and teased by what I've read so far and I can tell already that it's going to be hot and utterly compelling.I received an ARC of this in return for my honest opinion.

  • Twinsie Talk Angie J
    2019-01-30 16:12

    check out this review at[email protected] received this book from the author for an honest review......and yeah yeah yeah I kinda love this author too :)This book is an amazing set up for the next installments that will be out. Jesse is a troubled girl. Her mom is not available and her step dad doesnt really like or....or (EWWWW) does he???? She is a misfit and is teased constantly by the school bullies known and the Triple M's. they make high school awful for her. Her only friend is nerdy Jake. He has been there for her the past year. he has been her only comfort in this miserable year. Then one day in walks Rave. he is tall, dark and handsome AND he totally SEES Jessee.The two meet by accident and seem to connect thru music. They also can relax a bit in each others company. Jesse feels for Rave and that FA-REAKS her out!! She pushes but Rave wont let her push too hard. Jake is all of a sudden not a happy camper and makes waves to Jesse. Anyway, Jesse and Rave find some common ground and even a few stolen kisses. The end of the novella had me screaming...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I need more. All of a sudden I wanted Rave and Jesse to go all Heather like (the 90's movie ya know) and kill, I can't wait for more of this series.

  • Obsession Is A Book - Terrie
    2019-02-08 19:09

    **ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**This is a lot different from Jo-Anna’s debut book Break Me. In this case different is good!Jo-Anna has shown her talent with this book. I was a bit unsure how well Jo-Anna was going to manage the change from writing Break Me to writing In the Heart of Yesterday. She has flawlessly gone from writing an intense erotic romance to this emotionally charged YA book.In the Heart of Yesterday is book #1 in a series and the story continues through the series.This is a story of a young girl who is just trying to get through the next few months unnoticed. However, she is noticed by the new kid in school and a relationship of sorts develops.The book drags you in and you ride the intense emotions with Jesse. You connect with her and for me that is the most important thing when reading a book, connecting with the characters. Making them part of you, becoming part of them. I found myself crossing my fingers in hope for Jesse at some points during the book. Rave is a boy you want to unravel and Jesse is not as immune to his charms as she may want to be. He stirs things in her that she really doesn’t need stirring but at the same time can’t stop it.Jo-Anna has the ability to plan and execute a plot that just draws you in and this is one book you don’t want to leave behind.

  • Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk
    2019-02-16 18:04

    I was given this book by the author for a truthful review First off the author is a friend and I normally don't read NA books, but I have to say I loved this one. It sucked me in from the get go the description of Jesse reminded me of myself when I was in high school. I could not put this one down. It was a quick read and read it in one sitting.Jesse was living with an abusive stepfather and dealing with the bullies of the school, the 3M'sas they called themselves. She had one friend, Jake, who likes her more than friends and getsjealous when new kid, Rave, starts hanging around. My heart went out to Jesse the things she hadto put up with. Physical and mental abuse is a hard thing to deal with let alone when u r a 17 yearold without your mom around.I wanted to jump in the book and take the 3 M's out and everyone knows a set of those from theirhigh school days. There are so many rumors going around about Rave but I love that Jesse is notfazed by them and gets to learn who Rave really is. I got to the end and found myself trying toturn the page because I just need to know more about Rave and Jesse. Go hurry run get a copyand enjoy Rave and Jesse.

  • Irene ~ Ice Cold Passion
    2019-02-24 15:27

    I won a copy of this short story at a giveaway. This in no way influences my honest opinion.First thoughts: this story made my heart shatter in to a million pieces!This was a cute short story, with a lot of emotion! I loved Rave and Jesse together. And I wanted to kick Jesse's stepfathers ass for making Jesse feel so horrible all the time. And the way he treats Jesse, just horrible! Oh and then there is Rave oh he is so cute! Really great characters, can't wait to read the next it is great!Dit is een schattig kort verhaal met heel veel emoties. Ik vond Rave en Jesse echt geweldig samen! En ik kon die stiefvader van Jesse wel een paar schoppen verkopen want hij was echt zo vreselijk! Hij maakte Jesse's leven echt een hel, de manier waarop hij haar behandelt! Niet normaal. En dan is er nog Rave, die een beetje licht brengt in Jesse's duistere wereld! Geweldige personages dus, kan niet wachten tot de volgende te lezen! Also see my blog for more info on this book:

  • Kaylene Osborn
    2019-02-16 19:05

    I was given this book to review by Magic Within the Pages. In the Heart of Forever is the full novel of the “In the Heart” series of novellas by combining all the “In the Heart” novellas and a novelette at the end called In the Heart of Christmas. The In the Heart series of novellas was the gripping story of Jesse and Rave who both suffered with their own issues and private hell. The story dealt well with the abuse Jesse suffered at the hands of her step father, which was hard reading but done very well.Rave professes his love for Jesse as the story unfolds and he feels compelled, for reasons of his own to protect Jesse at all costs.The final novelette, gives them a very happy ever after which is always so good in a book such as this one. There is plenty of emotion in this book which leaves you thinking about how abuse effects people in general. I enjoyed these novellas and now that you can have them all at once plus a little extra bonus, I suggest you get one clicking immediately.

  • Magic Within the Pages
    2019-01-31 17:11

    Reviewer: Kaylene - Magic Within The PagesRating: 5 StarsIn the Heart of Forever is the full novel of the “In the Heart” series of novellas by combining all the “In the Heart” novellas and a novelette at the end called In the Heart of Christmas. The In the Heart series of novellas was the gripping story of Jesse and Rave who both suffered with their own issues and private hell. The story dealt well with the abuse Jesse suffered at the hands of her step father, which was hard reading but done very well.Rave professes his love for Jesse as the story unfolds and he feels compelled, for reasons of his own to protect Jesse at all costs.The final novelette, gives them a very happy ever after which is always so good in a book such as this one. There is plenty of emotion in this book which leaves you thinking about how abuse effects people in general. I enjoyed these novellas and now that you can have them all at once plus a little extra bonus, I suggest you get one clicking immediately.*Copy received in exchange for an honest review*

  • Brenda Wright
    2019-02-08 18:23

    Normally I am not a fan of serial novels.... mainly because it takes so long in between that I don't remember what happened before. Well Jo-Anna Walker did it perfectly!!! sure there were some moments when I wanted the next part RIGHT NOW! But I never had to wait too long. She release a part about once a month. and with Rave, there was no forgetting him!! He's a tough guy with a troubled past and people get the wrong message about him and assume too much. Jesse is in such a sad situation and you just want to hug her the whole time and a few times I wanted to shake some sense into her. But this is a great book. In the Heart of Forever, combines all of the previous "parts" AND an additional bonus chapter!!! So if you read each part and don't think you need to get this one....WRONG!! You don't want to miss out on the bonus chapter!! It's heartwarming and many things happen and get wrapped up. I am so honored to have helped with this book!! It truly was an enjoyable experience.Please read this book! It's amazing!!

  • Myra Espino
    2019-02-14 17:26

    **Given a copy in exchange for an honest review**In the Heart of Forever, loved the story of this book.From the start up to the last, it got my interest.The concept and the flow of the story are good.It also has lesson in which you can relate with.The characters, Jesse has a good character.Even though she’s not your usual popular girl type, she has an interesting personality.There may be times that I don’t like her but I can understand why though.Rave on the other hand, I love his personality.Even though he got a bit of a temper, I love the way he treats Jesse.These characters are easy to relate with and love.The story, I love the story!The concept is really good.There are unexpected things that I never saw coming.And I loved it!It has a moral where you can learn to be strong and never give up on the challenges in life.The way the story ended, is really good.

  • Spencer Lockwood
    2019-02-20 21:12

    What a pleasant surprise!! 4+ stars!! Following the relationship journey between Jesse and Rave took me on a ride!! Holy jeeze Rave is hot, sensitive, rough around the edges with a ever so sexy anger problem!! *fanning self over here* Jesse is an understandable ball of emotions and she learns her own personal freedoms through Rave's never ending hold he has on her. At times I was completely swooned and then quickly pissed-off and then swooned again!!The cover and title threw me off from the beginning but I am SO happy I one-clicked this bad boy freebe! The only reason I didn't give it a whooping 5 stars is because although I tend to look past things like typos, at times I felt like the grammatical errors tripped up the moment :(

  • Mayas
    2019-02-15 22:04

    ARC Review from Reading by the Book.....I am normally not a fan of YA but I enjoyes the heck out of this book. My heart went out to Jesse because technically she was alone until the new kid came and swept her off her feet. The friend she had was really no friend at all and stored fewlings he didn't release until he saw someone else was interested. I am happy with her being dealt a shitty hand she still stood strong. Jo-Anna killed me with the cliffhanger because I wanted to go to the next page and chapter to see what hapoenes next. I hope Rave and his brother kill the lawyer. I do however feel Rave has been through or is going through the same thing Jesse is.... I need the next installment to see what happens next.

  • Joy
    2019-01-24 15:24

    How lucky am I? Idly cruising through for my next read when I realised I'd downloaded (free) all four novels of A Heart Story and a bonus too. I feel like doing a jig cause I'm so over cliffhanger serials, I won't touch them anymore. Can't wait to get reading.Update 29/2/14Ahh young yet troubled love. Jesse is in one hell of a situation at home with no escape in sight until she meets Rave who recognises a kindred troubled soul. Their journey though dark at times (I wanted to pummel the crap out of one particular person) grabs your attention with those one too many 'oh no' moments but these moments draw them closer together and you can't help but root for them every step of the way.

  • Bookangels12
    2019-02-14 15:26

    BOOK ANGELS WAS GIVEN A COPY FOR AN HONEST REVIEW!READ AND REVIEWED BY JO ANN C.Jesse is a 17 yr. old who has to put up with abuse at home and at school. At home it is from her step dad and at school from the girls who call themselves the M's.She has one friend a guy named Jake who is a nerd according to everyone. Then a new guy comes to school and before you know it they become friends.Everyone warns her to stay away from him. Does she? Will he hurt her or rescue her? If you want to know read this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can't wait for the next one. So Jo-Anna hurry up and write it.5 starsTo learn more about Jo-Anna and to get her books click this link please.Jo-Anna

  • Penny
    2019-02-10 16:11

    oh my gosh....what to say about this book! I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book, thank God I did. I loved this book, it touched on a very touchy subject but was done with taste it wasn't overdone but it drew you in, you knew what was happening yet it wasn't overpowering. Jesse what a strong young lady, I felt for her for many reasons. Rave, well w/o doesn't want a dark night in a shining black steed!!! I know I do haha...I got mine and am pleased Jesse got hers.Loved the bonus chapter, it gave the story of Jesse and Rave closure. I would love to read more of Ren and Emilia both outstanding characters.Amazing book Jo-Anna.

  • Sue
    2019-02-24 16:28

    In this third part of Rave and Jesse's story...things heat up more between them but then her step-father shows himself to be an even bigger monster than he was already. Still dealing with mean girls from school but now Jesse and Rave have more serious issues to handle including dealing with some major problems from Rave's past. This book was a free offering by the writer which made me happy since I had to pay for the first two parts which were essentially just short stories. This one ends in another cliffhanger, so I guess that means there will be a part 4 coming at some point.

  • Alanna
    2019-01-31 19:31

    I just finished this book. Only the second published book by this author. She has grown so much in such a short amout of time. I am very happy to call her a friend and now an author. I don't know what else to say without giving the whole book away. Very intense, bringing an important issue to light. Parts were hard to read but I'm sure were harder to write. One final word....BRAVO!Now when is book 2 coming out? LOL

  • Stacey
    2019-01-31 16:05

    wow. what can I say. started and finshed it in the same day. it was amazing! yes there was some tough issues that happened and had to be dealt with. rave and jesse's connection was one that drew you in. so glad I read this. so happy with the ending. great job jo-anna! if you are debating reading this please do. you will be glad you did!

  • Lea Winkelman
    2019-02-14 18:06

    love the ending in that we get to see them married and having kids. but I would I have liked to know if rave and jesse went on to college and what kind of jobs they got, did rave continue with the drawing and tattooing? what happened with the shop? all in all a good story.

  • Lisa marie
    2019-02-17 20:26

    OMG what a great story. Loved how the content was handled and glad they got a HEA.

  • Crysti Jane
    2019-02-01 18:04

    ** Review to come **

  • Brenda Wright
    2019-02-24 22:15

    Releasing October 1. It's a serial novel with a new part releasing monthly. It's a great young adult story. You really feel the emotions of these characters!!!

  • Anna-marie Buchner
    2019-02-06 16:21

    In the Heart of Us by Jo-Anna WalkerI was so lucky to receive an ARC of part 4 of A Heart Story Series for my unbiased honest review. All I can say is THANK YOU Jo-Anna. When I started reading In the Heart of Us the first chapter knocked me on my butt. I thought OMG I’m going to be in for another emotional, heart stopping read. It opens with her in Rave’s apartment cleaning while she waited for Rave and Ren to return. Rave phoned her to let her know they were on their way home and would be there shortly. Jesse was paranoid that Allen (her stepfather) would find her at Rave’s. She had her earphones on listening to music while she was straightening up Jesse’s apartment to try and take her mind off what happened when all of a sudden she heard a loud thud at the door. She heard it again and she heard someone jiggling the door knob to the door. Then she heard his voice. Allen. The first thing Jesse did was dial 911 and said he’s going to kill me and gave the address to the dispatcher then hung up the phone just as Allen kicked in the door. Allen came after Jesse with one thing on his mind, and that was to hurt her. He told her things about her mother, and then dropped the bomb that her mother has been awake for a month. He continued to approach her until he had her in his grasp. She managed to call Rave and cry out for help. Allen punched her around and got her on the ground trying to rip her clothes, he was bigger and he was stronger but Jesse was not going down without a fight. She needed to fight for her, she needed to fight for Rave and she needed to fight for her mother. She desperately looked for anything she could use as a weapon to defend and protect herself, when she spotted something under Rave’s bed. She grabbed hold of the handle and swung it around to face Allen. Allen backed off just enough and she aimed and shot him right in the crotch. Still struggling to get away from Allen she placed her foot on his shoulder and pushed him away and shot him again in the crotch. He knocked her down and grabbed her throat. Jesse was fading in and out and things started to go black when she heard a commotion and felt someone grab and pick her up. This is all I’m giving you. You have to read In the Heart of Us.I will say the rest of the read was perfect. There were a few surprises and a totally huge twist where Jesse is concerned. Great Great Read. Jo-Anna I give In the Heart of Us 5*

  • Lustful Literature
    2019-01-27 17:17

    **KIM'S REVIEW**At school Jesse is your ordinary girl accept the Triple M aka the mean girls bully her. Her only friend is Jake who also happens to have a crush on her. One day Rave Black the new “dangerous” boy shows up to school. Jesse immediately takes a liking to him and it seems like her feelings are returned. Everyone thinks that Rave will only end up hurting her but so far he seems like the only real solid fixture in her life.Now when Jesse goes home it’s a whole other ball game. Something happened to her mother, which leaves Jesse in the care of her stepfather Allen. Allen is physically and mentally abusive to Jesse. He pretty much sucks at life. He is not sexually abusive but it seems like it’s only a matter of time. Jesse feels guilty about what happened to her mom and it’s the only reason she hasn’t left that house yet. At the time I read this story, this was the first and only installment out. I felt like just as the story was starting to get really good BAM it was done. My only complaint would be that the book was way to short and I wish all the installments would be lumped together into one. However, I am definitely interested to read the next installment and find out what happens with Jesse and Rave!I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk
    2019-02-18 16:27

    I was given this book by the author for a truthful review This story picks up where Rave and Jessie's story ended in In The Heart of Yesterday. I love this love story two 'broken soles' who both lived hard lives try to be together and help one another. Both are falling for the other but with so much 'baggage' it's so hard for one of them to admit that it's happening. Jesse is dealing with her DB of a stepfather and Rave is trying so hard to protect her from him. When Rave finally opens up to Jesse I want to jump in the book curl up in his lap and just hug him. I didn't like the 3M's before and loath them even more now. The ending Jo-Anna you had me literally yelling "no, no, no that can't be it" and trying to make more pages appear. Here are some of my favorite quotes:"And here I thought it would have been me that needed help, when really both of us were screwed up.” ~ Jessie“You never have to apologize for crying. I’m your shoulder whenever you need it.” ~Rave"I feel the need to protect you. It’s a feeling so deep, I can’t control it. It’s like it takes over my soul.” ~RaveI am waiting patiently for the next book to come out to see where this story goes. Jo-Anna you truly have me hooked on Rave and Jessie.

  • Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk
    2019-02-13 17:08

    I was given this book by the author for a truthful review.In the Heart of Us starts where In the Heart of Tomorrow leaves off. Rave and Ren are on their way back to Rave's after the meeting with their sister when Rave gets the call from Jesse that her stepdad is in the apartment. All hell is breaking loose Jesse is fighting off her stepfather from another rape and possible her life when he lets her in on a huge secret that sets here world spinning. I love the measure Jesse takes to fend off her go girl! This is a great end to a wonderful series. The twist was one I was not expecting and made for a wonderful ending. Through all the cliff hangers and trying to make more pages appear at the end of each of these books I loved the ending of this one. The love that Rave and Jesse have for one another at such a young age is inspiring. The way Rave and Ren both protect and look after Jesse warms the heart. The meeting with Rave's sister was the best. I only hope I get to see all these guys in the future. Great job Jo-Anna you had me wanting more at the end of each book and I still find myself wanting more of Jesse, Rave, Ren, and now Emilia.

  • Kaylene Osborn
    2019-01-25 16:04

    In the Heart of Us is the fourth and final story in the “A Heart Story” of books. This book continues the sad story of Jesse and her battles with her God awful step father. The story is an emotional one and you gasp as you read it and hope that things turn out for the best but you are never sure once you start the emotional rollercoaster ride that is the “In the Heart” series of books.This is a great end to the series of books which took you on many twists and turns and I guess in some ways I was not expecting a HEA type story, but the good part was that I got one.I loved Rave, he was just the most romantically gorgeous boy who wanted nothing more than to protect the love of his life Jesse and although he tried he failed a few times in achieving that goal. I hope to see perhaps a few more tales in the Jesse, Rave, Ren and Emilia storyline. I certainly think there could be more if Jo-Anna Walker decides she wants to continue the series.I enjoyed this part of the book and is well worth the read, so hurry and one-click yourself a copy. Please note this is only a partial book of approx 53 pages (part 4 of 4).