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***Note from the author: Due to the graphic nature, this book is not intended for a younger audience***Forgetting is hard to do.Tori McLeod survived the sadistic wrath of a madman at the cost of the love of her life. Always a survivor, she’s determined to move on with her life, for her sake, and the sake of her son, even if she has to leave everything and everyone behind.T***Note from the author: Due to the graphic nature, this book is not intended for a younger audience***Forgetting is hard to do.Tori McLeod survived the sadistic wrath of a madman at the cost of the love of her life. Always a survivor, she’s determined to move on with her life, for her sake, and the sake of her son, even if she has to leave everything and everyone behind.Two years have passed since she lost Sebastian Chelios. He was gone, but Tori can still feel the raw magnetism pulling her toward a ghost.Relationships change and new bonds form. Budding feelings tempt Tori, but she continues to ache for Sebastian.Whispers of danger lurk around the corner and questions regarding Jose remain unanswered.Can Tori move on with her life when a dark shadow from her past revisits her? With Jose still being out there, will Tori and her son ever be truly safe?...

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Always Me Reviews

  • Anna-marie Buchner
    2019-02-06 22:43

    Always Me by Jo-Anna Walker“Wanna become my other half”For those of you not familiar with this brand new author Jo-Anna Walker you must read the first book in this series “Break Me” before indulging in this book. Break Me ended tragically and tore the hearts out of all its readers. Sebastian Chelios was shot and supposedly killed in that book, and Tori trying to recover from the shock and her emotions very raw finds the infamous letter and then the flood gates opened.Always Me is two years later and Tori McLeod still cannot get past the loss of her love Sebastian. It was two years ago she was brutally attacked by Jose a sadistic madman obsessed with her. It was also when she and Sebastian were shot. After all the trauma she went through it was a miracle her unknown pregnancy survived. She and Sebastian created a life and little Antonio is her life and her constant reminder of the lover she lost. As much as Tori tries to move on she cannot. No one compares to Sebastian. No one brings out her passion. She tried dating Brett, Keisha’s brother who we find out is actually in love with her, but the spark is just not there. Tori’s heart is still with Sebastian and no one will or can take his place. Sebastian still controls her heart, her soul, her thought and her body from the grave. She simply can’t move on.Jose after two years of tracking Tori has caught up with her and haunts her every nightmare. He’s been watching her, taking pictures of her and even gotten into her house and left a note in the baby’s room. Tori has had guards placed at her house watching over her for the past two years by the FBI because they have not been able to capture Jose. He seems to always be one step ahead of them. He finally makes his move to get her. Then Sebastian Returns! From this part of the book forward, once you get over the initial shock (but I had an inkling he wasn’t dead) the story is non stop action. With Jose stepping up his game to get Tori, to the emotional turmoil Sebastian and Tori are going through. The emotions are on edge, the passion is electrifying, and the anger the betrayal it’s all right there. The sex is explosive with all these emotions at the surface. You need to read the book.Jose does finally gets his and I was whooping and fist pumping the entire time. What happened to him must have been gruesome but he so deserved it. Another tragedy unfolds in this story concerning Keisha and Garrith but if I know Jo-Anna the next book “Remember Me” will fix it all. Sebastian and Tori in the end get their HEA and my heart was so pounding. My favorite line in the story was Sebastian telling Tori “you melt me to the core with just one touch,’ I just so melted. And where he’s saying this to her you won’t be able to hold back the water works. Jo-Anna Walker you did it again and I so give this book 5*. You are an unbelievable story teller.

  • ~Nichole~Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    2019-01-30 19:53

    Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews Sizzling Pages @ Facebook Twitter:@Sizzlingpages4/5 Sizzling Stars5/5 Sizzling Hearts for Heat!! Wow, what a roller coaster ride! This book did keep me on the edge of my seat for sure. Jo-Anna Walker knows her way around romantic suspense. There was a unique little extra in this book. A ..special POV you'd never expect. But it really added something extra to this story. Sebastian and Tori were really drawn to each other and there wasn't anything that could keep them apart. Hot love scenes burned the pages. I loved the other characters and really want to know more about Garreth and Keisha. There were some WTH? moments but the suspense kept the story flowing and had me flipping through the pages to find out what was going to happen. Sweet epilogue and just a very hot book. Thanks Jo-Anna!

  • Lustful Literature
    2019-02-09 16:06

    **JOSIE'S REVIEW**I know we all get scared about sequels but let me tell you, this one was better than the first!! Everything I thought I knew was wrong! And let me just say HOLY MOTHER OF WOWZA's the SEX is off the CHARTS!!!“I want to make you scream my name until your throat is raw.”“I want to taste you, all of you. Spread yourself for me, baby.”“Do you want is deeper still?” It is now two years later and Tori’s determined to move on with her life. Her 18 month old son, Antonio, is the spitting image of Sebastian so it’s hard but she tries to be strong.Jose is back and he is even more perverted and demented than in the first book. That man is ONE CRAZY LATINO and his fetish is SICK!! He is still determined to have Tori one way or another. At this point he doesn’t care if she’s dead or alive. Although he’d prefer her alive so she can submit to him and his sexual fantasies. I was actually afraid to turn the page to see what the hell was going to happen next. "I missed you puta." “Did you get my note cochina?" Hmmm…I am a Latina and if my husband ever spoke to me that way he’d be in some serious trouble!!I loved that we got to read about Brett, Keisha, Garrith and even Tori's mother in this book. It was nice to see how each relationship had grown.I do not want to say too much more or it will take away from the story. Just know my heart was all over the place and the possessiveness in this book was crazy!! “When this is all said and done and we’re alone...I’m going f*** you so hard and bury my c*** so deep in that sweet p**** of yours, you’ll say ‘Brett who’?”So ask yourselves...Is Sebastian back? Did Tori move on? Well go 1-click and find out! I got my answer...

  • Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    2019-02-04 20:51

    Okay lord have mercy me when I started reading this book I was like what the eff??????? OMG to put into words how much I loved this sequel is so hard because I loved the first book but when I started reading the second one I just knew this one was going to be the icing on the cake and I knew I would not rest until I was finished reading it. To say that I loved this book is just not so I mean I really really really LOVED this book.In Break Me we get to meet Tori and Sebastian and Jose and what a story that was. I mean I was glued to my seat the entire time I was reading it and all the twists and turns Tori and Sebastian went through really had me nervous for a happy ending. Then when Jose did what he did lord he is one crazy mofo! I mean he is off his rocker crazy for Tori and he will stop at nothing to get her.So we pick up right where we left off and that is Tori is alone with her son because Sebastian is dead. Lord she is heart broken and devastated but she has move on and leave everything and everybody behind in order to move on with her son she had with Sebastian. Every time she looks at her son she sees Sebastian and it is so hard to get over what they had but she knows he is never coming back.So Tori tries and moves on and she meets a great guy but then things start to go haywire as Jose is back in the picture and he is more determined then ever to have Tori by his side. If the whole running from Jose is not crazy enough for her she finds out some news that totally rocks her world and makes her question everything she ever had with Sebastian.Will Tori be able to move on from Sebastian or will he hold her captive forever?

  • Obsession Is A Book - Terrie
    2019-02-12 20:02

    (Book purchased through Amazon UK)Always Me is the conclusion to Sebastian and Tori’s story and what a conclusion it is.The book starts 2 years after Sebastian was killed in a shoot-out and Tori was left alone and pregnant with their child. A child that Sebastian didn’t know had been conceived. Jose is back on the scene and OMG he is one scary ass, crazed lunatic! The FBI has been looking out for Tori for the past couple of years and she has tried to get over Sebastian by dating someone else. Regardless of this she doesn’t feel safe and she certainly can’t get over Sebastian. Especially when she sees him in her son every single day.What I love about Jo-Anna’s writing is her ability to bring her characters to life. Every aspect of each of the characters just ooze their features. Take Jose he’s the bad guy and he’s written that well you end up hating him and fearing him all at the same time. Jo-Anna literally drags you in kicking and screaming and has you consumed in Tori’s emotions. You feel everything she does, you see the scenes play out in front of you as the text on the page turns into images in your mind. It’s no secret that Jo-Anna is one of those authors I would drop everything for to read her newest release and so far she hasn’t disappointed me.I don’t want to say too much about the book as I don’t want to give everything away. Just make sure you’re due a manicure before reading this, that way once you’ve finished chewing your nails from page one through to the last page you won’t be cursing at the state of your nails.

  • Kristin
    2019-01-27 15:45

    I bought this book immediately after I read the first and was not disappointed. I felt so bad and couldn't believe the heartache from losing Sebastian and just when you were maybe thinking she should give Brett a shot there's a twist and fate gets in the the way. I was so happy when we found out Sebastian wasn't really dead. My emotions were all over the place with this series and I loved it. I love when I can get lost in a book and really feel in the story. Thank you Joanna for writing an amazing series and I want more :)

  • Monique Machuca-Austin
    2019-02-19 20:41

    **JUST BOOKED received an ARC for an honest review**OMG, AMAZING RAW LOVE!“I think people should give in to what they feel like doing at the time and be a raw animal.” - KeshaAlways Me is the second novel in the Shattered series and to understand the history of the characters, please read Jo-Anna Walker’s first novel in the series, Break Me, the novel will not disappoint you. In Break Me, Tori McLeod moving away from her mother to find her new beginning in the city to go to college, but her scholarship money is not enough so she starts looking for a job. Tori routinely stop in the neighborhood coffee shop to get her fill of caffeine and to check the job listings, but in the last month, she has seen a dark eyes watching and caressing her. She finds something about him that makes her feel comfortable around him that she has never experienced with other men. His eyes were a beautiful brown with long eyelashes, his hair was short and black, with kissable lips, and he radiated sex with his large power dominating tattooed body and his name is Sebastian Chelios. Sebastian was not like others men, because he had a dark demeanor and was a little scary, but Tori found she was unable to control her attraction to him. Her attraction for Sebastian has also caught the attention of two other men, Break Me will have you unravel the twist and turns of the love triangle, which will have you picking up the second novel, Always Me, immediately!Always Me occurs two years later in Idaho where Tori’s life has changed significantly, but the love for Sebastian is even greater now. Sebastian has left Tori with a token she will always cherish and love, but Tori’s love for Sebastian is not enough for the others to try to take away from Sebastian. Tori is battling with jealousy, obsession, selfishness, and heartache with the wanted and unwanted men in her life. Jose Alavarez is still the sick sadistic Latino whom has become obsessed with having Tori and will not stop until he can claim her as his own. Brett McLean has also fallen in love with Tori and has been there for her through all her tragedy, but Tori does feel the same love for Brett as she had for Sebastian. “I was drawn to him from the first dark brooding stare he had given me. From the first touch, the first kiss, the first caress. I needed him like I needed air to breathe. Like I needed food to live. He was my heart, my soul, my other half… I loved him so much.” – Tori McLeod Will Jose rape and abduct Tori by taking what is not his and possessing something that she will never give him, her heart? Will Brett understand his love alone may not be enough to remove the etching of Sebastian’s name engraved on her heart or will time be on Brett’s favor to wash away Sebastian’s name, so Tori could learn to love again? Will the memento Sebastian left Tori become so important in her life, which she will never forget nor stop loving Sebastian?“Because I love you. Not for the shit you did, but for you. You. Your past is your past and mine is mine. We all have our secret things we’ve done that we regret, but you said so yourself, you’re out of the business, so that’s kind of like redemption,” – Tori McLeodAuthor Jo-Anna Walker romance novel, Always Me, has done an AMAZING job writing a RAW LOVE STORY that will capture your attention immediately and find yourself unable to put the book down. You will also experience a roller coaster of emotions from feeling SCARED, SAD, SUSPENSEFUL, SHOCKED, TRAGEDY, SALACIOUS, and TENDERNESS. Always Me is the second novel in the Shattered series, but Jo-Anna Walker will not have us to waiting too long to find out what will happen next, because she is currently writing the third book in the series, Remember Me, the story of Keisha Lee, Tori’s best friend, and Garrith Jameson. I rate Jo-Anna Walker’s novel in the Shattered series, Always Me – 5+++ AMAZING STARS!

  • Loraine Oliver
    2019-02-12 19:53

    Always Me starts off where part 1 ends and takes place 2 years after the end of the first book. This book was every bit as good as the first book and it causes you to be very emotionally involved with the characters in this story.Tori now has a little son, who is the light of her life and she feels so much love for him it shines through the pages. A few things have changed for Tori, after book 1 ended, she went back home and moved into a home only a little way from her Mom's house. Tori and her Mom are trying to resolve their issues, and her mother is thrilled in her new role as a grandmother to her daughter's son.Brett has always liked Tori, and now that she is alone he wants to be the man in her life and take care of her and her baby boy, but Tori can't let go of the past, and doesn't want to.Keisha and Gerrit are now together and trying to make things work out between them as one look at the two of them and you know t.hey love each other but Gerrit is an alpha male, and very dominant, and Keisha takes delight in pushing Gerrit's buttonsThen there is Jose, he has gone into hiding after all the crimes he has committed and everyone is looking for him and they know Jose is looking for Tori. He is obsessed with her still, and won't stop until he claims her and sexually dominates and hurts her, and make her submit to him even if he has to kill her.About the middle of the book, something happens that blows everyone's mind, and the reader will be stunned at yet another twist in the plot of this deliciously well written book. It will cause you to cry and sniffle, get raging mad, and worry yourself sick for the fate of one of the characters.Luckily karma pays a visit, and while some things are resolved and closure happens, something else comes up, which causes another cliff hanger and will be the subject of book 3.If you like a book that has great plot twists and turns, great sex scenes, alot of angst between the characters, and passion off the charts, then this is the book for you. Do yourself a favor and read this series, you will be so glad you did, I am.I gave this book a 5***** star rating, and I would have given it more if I could have.

  • United Indie Book Blog
    2019-02-07 16:00

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This book starts about two years after Break Me leaves off. Tori is living in a little town trying to raise her son alone. Yes, that’s right. Tori had Sebastian’s son. Tori is still living with the heartbreak of losing Sebastian. She’s also hiding from Jose. The F.B.I. has been guarding her for the last two years. She’s tried to date Brett, but he’s not Sebastian and he never will be. Then one day, after almost being attacked by a dog, Tori realized Jose has found her. The dog was the same dog Jose had. If that wasn’t bad enough, Tori then catches someone in her house. That someone turns out to be Sebastian. Yep, he’s alive and faked his death to protect Tori. He stayed away even when Jose was sending him pictures of their son, Antonio. Tori is torn. She’s so angry that Sebastian let her believe he was dead, yet she’s grateful he’s alive. Now they just have to deal with crazy Jose.Again this book had me crying ugly tears. I felt Tori’s heartache when she believed Sebastian was dead. I felt her despair at never holding or seeing him again. Sebastian also pissed me off by staying away even when he knew she was pregnant. He also pissed me off by being so closed mouth about what was going on. And then when he wouldn’t tell Tori if he would stay or leave when they caught Jose, that made me just want to smack him upside the head. His trying to “do the right thing� made me want to scream. And then there’s Brett. I really hated him in this book. The way he blamed Tori for what happened to Keisha, yep, I really hated him. Again I really loved this book. It was well written and easy to follow. I only had one thing I didn’t like about it. I would have loved to have had some chapters from Sebastian’s POV, heck they had Jose’s POV why not Sebastian’s. There were so many places where I asked myself, I wonder what Sebastian’s thinking? Definitely a must read book, especially if you’ve read Break Me. I’m anxiously awaiting the third book in this series.Reviewed by Tracy 4 1/2 Stars

  • Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk
    2019-01-28 19:07

    I received this book from the author for an honest review. I am so thrilled that I have had the privilege of getting to know Jo-Anna through TwinsieTalk, not only is she a great person but an awesome writer. She left me hanging at the end of Break Me, absolutely hanging and in tears by the way (but to be honest I think she likes to hear she made me cry). OK OK back to the review. This starts off two years after Sebastian dies. With Tori still trying to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and taking care of Sebastian’s son, Antonio. Jose is still out there determined to make Tori his. Brett is trying to be patient but wants more from Tori. Keisha also wants Tori to move on but even after two years Tori’s heart still belongs to Sebastian and she just cannot do it. Keisha and Garrith relationship is blossoming and it is great to see them interacting. Although they a dealt a major blow to their relationship I am so looking forward to reading their story next to see how or if they are able to overcome this. OH and here is the best part in the last 96% of the book or so you get to met Lucas Crane *sigh* the tattoo artist. I can’t really say any more without giving anything away, but trust me if you have read Break Me you need to read Always Me you will not be disappointed. Jo-Anna I need Garrith and Keisha’s book I need to know things are going to be OK and then I really need to read more about Lucas Crane *wink wink*Some of my favorites: “Is it weird that I think two hot guys playing with a toddler is a huge turn on?” Keisha whispered.He grabbed my wrists with one hand and held them above my head, pinning me in place. I loved it. He could do whatever he wanted to me, and I would enjoy every single minute of it. I was his. “Uh, dude, you sure you want to go there?” Lucas asked, pulling on white gloves. “You know what they say about women and wrath and scorned or some shit. However the saying goes, I learned a long time ago never to get on a woman’s bad side, and I have many scars to prove it.”

  • Carrie
    2019-02-20 23:01

    Well, Omfg! I loved it!I'll admit, Tori definitely gave me a lot of "Girl, wtf are you doing?" moments in Break Me, but I have to say not so much this time around! And Sebastian...yeah, how did he manage to get hotter? Brett....I so wanted to smack him....a lot.And Jose...what a sick bastard! There was even more of him this time around and he is truly a sick man!Another great entry to a great series! This will definitely get another read...multiple, actually! I can't wait for the next instalment.

  • Angie
    2019-02-12 19:53

    I was LUCKY to be a beta for this book and LOVED it. While there were things that needed to be changed JoAnna's character and story is amazing. Of course I'll not do a full review till after released but you DO NOT want to miss this story. Just when you think you have it figured out your realize you never really did =) Thanks for keeping us on the edge of our seat JoAnna. Cant wait to read the final version. Definately recommend this book =)

  • Twinsie Talk Angie J
    2019-02-22 16:53

    Check out this review and others[email protected] received this book ARC from the author.OMG allll i can say is WOW this book was action packed from beginning to the end AND the sex was hot. I am currently beta reading book 3 and I am super stoked!!!A full review will be placed closer to blog tours time.

  • Bookangels12
    2019-02-11 15:54

    Always me What would you do to protect the one person that you love for Sebastian he would do anything for Tori even if it means faking his own death. Tori has the feeling like she's being watched by someone or something and is afraid for her and her son.5 starsCOURTNEY READ AND REVIEWEDBOOKANGELS12 WAS GIVEN A COPY TO READ AND REVIEW

  • Becki
    2019-02-09 21:46

    Always Me is the sequel to Break Me. I liked this book even better than the first one. This is the continuing story of Sebastian and Tori. With a perfect mix of romance, sex and suspense Always Me delivers. I can't wait to get to the next book in the Shattered series for Keisha and Garrith's story.

  • Christine
    2019-02-24 15:48

    I couldn't wait to read this book. I love Sebastian and all of his dominating ways. Always Me is a fantastic read, it pulls you in and you really feal the emotions of the characters , all their fears , all their love and everything in between. . Plus there are some WICKEDLY HOT SEX SCENES... I highly recommend this book..

  • Renee' Bailey-Adkins
    2019-01-27 19:47

    Always Me (Shattered, #2)OMG!! I was so drawn into Torie's world, into her heartache for Sebastian..Very suspenseful and was totally in shock about Sebastian!! Did not see that coming!! I can't wait to read more from Jo-Anna Walker!! Absolutely love her books!!

  • Karen Anderson
    2019-02-18 17:07

    Better than the 1st book

  • Jordan
    2019-02-05 21:06

    Worth the wait. What a beautifully heartbreaking story x

  • Brenda Wright
    2019-02-04 23:06

    Amazing story!!!! Can't wait til everyone can read the exclusive BONUS scene on Twinsie Talk on 11/9/13!!!!

  • Tanya Mcrae
    2019-02-18 18:07

    This book was amazing and kept me on the edge of my seat. And it left me waiting for more. It is an intense story with so much passion and naughty sex to keep you wanting more.

  • Kelly Fountain
    2019-01-25 17:01

    Just as good as the first. Two years have gone by and Tori still aches for Sebastian even though she's tried to move on. Fear still consumes her life as Jose is still tormenting her any chance he can get. Twists and turns inside these pages. Jump back in, it's a great read. I'm ready for the last book now.

  • Elaine
    2019-02-23 14:44

    This book continues with Sebastian and Tori love story! It grabs you from the very beginning to the very end with twists and turns with a psychopath on the lose!Will Tori and Sebastian have a happily ever after or will everyone lose themselves in the end?

  • Kirsty Lyon
    2019-02-13 19:46

    IntenseLife is never as simple as you want or need. Without giving spoilers, this second installment is just as intense as the first. Another book I could not put down. Off to read the next one.

  • Tami czenkus
    2019-02-05 16:57

    Oy what a story!! Sebastian and Tori's story concludes in Always me and we find out all of the secrets that have put a wedge in their relationship. When everything comes out the battle past and present demons that threaten their happiness. Loved it!!

  • Suzzy
    2019-02-18 17:56

    Good storyI had to jump in to book 2 right away because I had to know what happens. I was happy with the story. Characters are great. Was hoping for "more" depth in the story line. To much sex kinds of had me flipping pages. But I am glad I finished their story :)

  • BooksandBeyondFiftyShades
    2019-02-13 22:03

    Tori has been struggling the past two years mourning the death of Sebastian and raising the son they shared. Brett is there to help her thru and the two become closer than ever but something is continuing to hold Tori back from finding happiness again. Knowing that Jose is still out there roaming around and looking for her, she refuses to listen to her friends. Even more so after she learns Jose was in her house and near her son.Realizing that Jose has found her turns her world upside down but nothing can compare to the realization that Sebastian is still alive. He comes back into her life in an attempt to protect her from Jose but can she forgive him for leaving her? When Jose finally makes his move, first kidnapping her son Antonio and then attacking Tori again, Sebastian and crew are there to save the day but not without its casualties. Keisha and Garrith’s relationship is changed forever and Sebastian hasn’t committed fully to staying in Tori’s life.Definitely lots of twists and turns in this one! Revealing Sebastian was not dead and is just now coming back to her after two years made my heart ache for Tori and I could understood her numerous emotional shifts. Having Sebastian back I think gave her more drive and even more of a fiery side than before – Tori was now determined to save her little family and keep her man close. Clearly the two have a very intense chemistry and it showed in the sex scenes. Wowza! Can’t say enough about those scenes!Having some closure in Always Me, it seemed Tori now has what she has wanted and deserves. But she’s aching over the devastation Jose’s attack has left on Keisha and Garrith’s relationship. Feels like there could be more twists and turns for these characters. Looking forward to more awesome storytelling by J.M. Walker.

  • Djg
    2019-02-19 17:00

    4 1/2 strars.If you've read "Break Me" and any reviews for "Always Me" you'll know the basics.Two years after Sebastian's "death" Tori has his 15 month old son and Jose is still on the loose though she hasn't heard from him.Garrith and Keisha are a couple and Brett is still in her life (Brett is still a dick and I still don't like him).Her son Antonio is the light of her life, he looks like Sebastian and has given her a reason to live but she still mourns and loves Sebastian and is not ready to move on. Brett wants to be more to her but she loves him as a friend only and is pretty honest with him about it. She wishes she could love him the way he loves her but she feels nothing romantic for him at all.Sebastian returns to her just as Jose is making his presence and continued obsession for Tori known. Tori is shocked by Sebastians return and all the feelings she has for him come crashing back, they are both just as in love as ever and he loves their son as well. They know they are dealing with the threat from Jose but Sebastian doesn't promise never to leave again because he doesn't feel he is good enough for Tori.Everything I would have wished for their relationship in the last book is here. I loved that the majority of the story is about Sebastian and Tori together. They work through all the pain and their love is epic. It was emotional and tender and ultimately so satisfying.The bonus short story included was icing on the cake. I feel the author did justice to all the characters in this story and gave them life.

  • Dayreader Reviews
    2019-02-06 21:53

    I was gifted this book by the publisher (thank you) in exchange for an honest review.Always Me by Jo-Anne Walker is dark steamy romance. This is the second book in the series and shouldn't be read as a standalone novel. The story picks up two years after the first book ended. Tori's is trying the best she can to move on and get back to some kind of a normal life. Her son Antonio is 18 months old now and he looks just like his daddy, Sebastian. She is still having trouble letting people in and getting out in public.There is trouble lurking about, shadows and flashes of people seen through windows. She is still scared. Jose is back and he is just as demented and sick as ever. He if can't have Tori, he will make sure no one else will ever either. He is the most sadistic man Tori has ever known and his fetish with her sickens her. He leaves her notes in her own home while she is there, she is afraid beyond belief.There is still other things going on, things that twist and make you turn those pages and stay up all night until you read that last word on the page. Tori is in one messed up situation, Brett wanted a relationship and she just couldn't give herself fully to him. There is still something still holding her back and maybe it's not only in her dreams.In my opinion this book deserves 4 STARS!

  • melissa
    2019-01-31 14:43

    So I read Always Me (Shattered Book 2) by J.M. Walker today because I read the first and loved it so much I needed to read the next. So everything that we thought we knew from Break Me is turned upside down pretty quickly in Always Me. Tori and Brett are a little closer but do they go all the way or not. Of course we have the gang all back Keisha, Brett and Garrith as well as few others. Tori is still feisty when she is riled up but she has a vulnerability about her know that makes you fell for her. I can’t believe all the surprises and turns that Tori’s life takes you have to read this book. Of course at the end of the book the author does a really good set-up for the next book in the story. You just fall in love with these characters and you want to read about them and see them get their happy ending.