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Here are essays and poetry that touch on a broad range of subjects. Within these electronic pages lay proof that Edgar Allan Poe had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a step by step guide on how to find a mate, poetry about bare-knuckle fighting, an essay explaining the need for non-verbal communication when counseling child sex-abuse victims, and much, much more....

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Assorted Essays and Poetry Reviews

  • DJ Harris
    2019-02-18 20:00

    Assorted Essays and Poetry by Cedric NyeI have to be honest here, this is a hard book for me to accurately review. Not because it isn’t worth reading, I think it is worth reading. And, it has many parts with incredible potential, however; because the stories/essays/poems within the book don’t really "fit" together an overall rating is somewhat unfair to the author and/or the book. That is why I am going to rate the book a Five Star rating overall. I would encourage people who read this book to enjoy it for what it is, and not try to think of it as something that is supposed to be cohesive.- The Fool’s Cask"Simple minds, so base and greedy, are easy to deceive"This is a Poem based on "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe. If you are unfamiliar with the Edgar Allan Poe story I would suggest you grab it off Amazon, or somewhere else online, and get acquainted before you dive in. I’ll tell you though; I think you could enjoy it even if you had never read the Edgar Allan Poe piece.- Edgar Allan Poe; Pain’s Crucible Produces Genius"Poe, whose childhood was anything but idyllic, never knew a day of peace. Poe lived a tortured existence, like the characters in his stories."The author, Cedric Nye, does a wonderful job of sourcing this work where he explores the theory that Edgar Allan Poe suffered from PTSD. I enjoyed the analysis, but wished it was a little less clinically written.- My Friend Fear"Fear gave me a warm secret inside, a sanctuary, a place that was/is uniquely me."A sad story. This has potential to become a flushed out larger story somewhere down the line.- How to Find a Mate"Please remember that this guide is not meant to treat or diagnose any illness, and if a rash occurs, please discontinue use of this guide and consult a doctor immediately."I thought this was hilarious, but I’m not sure that the author, Cedric Nye, was going for that response. I think this could be made into a great lengthened satirical piece.- Fighting Poetry"Moon-light makes the ghetto look like paradise to me"Tremendous! I loved this.- Death, Despair, and the Dayak: A Head-Hunter Has to Grieve An Essay on Grief"I sometimes feel awkward when I see the way people around me process greif because I am a private person."It’s always interesting getting an inside view into other cultures. As always, very well sourced.- "The Black Cat," He Made His Home a Gallows"When the individual conscience is dead, the conscience of the whole must arise to keep the conscienceless from harming others, and so appears the second black cat."This is a piece that examines a theory about what the story "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe may really symbolizes. To fully understand the author’s argument’s, I recommend you be familiar with the subject of the piece.- Will the Real Hero Please Stand Up?I didn’t have a favorite quote from this section. It read like a review of the movie Ever After, which is fine, but out-of-place. It made some good points, but they seemed to get lost in the random context.- Irony and "The Black Cat;" Some Dissembling Required"Irony highlights the narrator’s desire to defy moral authority as he blames alcohol, intemperance, perverseness, and even the human soul for his actions."Another piece that explores "The Black Cat" by Edgar Allan Poe.- Communicating With Child Sex-Abuse Victims; Words Alone Are Not Enough"When I was three or four years old, I suffered a series of terrible traumas, and I did not have the words to explain my pain to myself or anyone else."I cried. My heart ached when I read this, I knew from reading the author’s work he had had a hard childhood but it is another thing to see it in black & white. I think it is very brave of Cedric Nye to share his experiences with his readers and release this guide that could help children that are suffering. I hope he makes this a small book / pamphlet of its own to make it easier to distribute to those who might best benefit from it.- Blood Upon the Holly"Through my veins, red ice is streaming, for soon I sure will die"Loved this!- The Pirate’s LifeI really enjoyed this poem.I RECOMMEND this book, especially if you’re a Cedric Nye fan!Review provided by DJ Harris (aka DJ6ual):1st Annual Zombie Fighter Jango's Zompoc Giveaway!ZFJ/Primal Punch/Jango/Cedric Nye says Hello! Oh wait! That’s you!! LOL!!!

  • Maria Kay
    2019-02-24 17:11

    This book is a collection of essays and poems with the common themes of revenge, death, abuse, insanity, and heroism. I found the opinions of the author to be provocative and unique. The facts and information about Edgar Allan Poe are fascinating.The Fool’s CaskA poem based on “The Cask of Amontillado” By Edgar Allan Poe and Edgar Allan Poe; Pain’s Crucible Produces Genius an essay on PTSD.My Friend FearAn autobiographical essay from the authorHow to Find a MateA guide to successfully finding a mateFighting PoetryTwo poems on fightingDeath, Despair, and the Daytak: A Headhunter Has to GrieveAn interesting essay on death rituals. We all grieve. Some traditions are weirder than others.“The Black Cat,” He Made His Home a GallowsAn essay on Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” which outlines the symbolism between a madman’s interpretation of a crumbling conscience and a struggle with morality.Will the Real Hero Please Stand Up?An essay on Ever After: A Cinderella StoryIrony and The Black Cat; Some Dissembling RequiredAn essay on the irony in Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat”Communicating With Child Sex-Abuse Victims: Words Alone Are Not EnoughPersonal experiences from the author and sited facts make up thisBlood Upon the HollyA haunting poem about DeathThe Pirate’s LifeA jolly-good poem

  • Cedric Nye
    2019-02-21 19:02